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coffee in the morning ;

“I could do that,” he states a minute later, and he nods his heads a few times as if it’s some sort of confirmation as he mulls it over, and you look at him like you’re confused.

“Do what?” You question, and he blinks at you.

“Be your boyfriend,” he says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and it makes your heart beat a bit faster.

“You mean fake boyfriend.”


Harry and Y/N work at a coffee shop and he’s never been a good actor

12k+, fluff, smut, ripping of panties mid-fuck, and just a dash of angst

OKAAAY SO, i’ve been dead around here because i’ve been working on this for a few days now! special shoutout to @mermaidsonships for letting me yell about apple (that’s what we named the girlie in this amongst our texts) and harry as well as bounce ideas off of u! i love u sister! i’ve got a fixation of fake bf harry + harry being rly teasing so if u combine those 2 things u get this big mess of a thing! i hope u enjoy!

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MANIA is going to by far be the longest time fob has ever spent recording an album as compared to tttyg (2 weeks, which they said was very rushed), futct (2 months), ioh (3 months, but pete talked about it in gray about how the record label wanted to get it out fast), fad (2 months, notoriously rushed as hell), srar (5 months, but they were finding their groove as a band again after the hiatus), abap (2 months, but they tried to get it out ASAP to get out of the studio because they had new kids and stuff)

and then U have MANIA.. which fob has been working on and off since the bloom tour last year.. which is like what? 15 months once its out in janurary 2018? wild. absolutely fuckin WILD dude and i am so soooo ridiculously stoked to see what fob’s gonna do with this one considering their REALLY reaaallly taking their time on it, more so than any other album theyve done before and by like a really drastic difference

Leather pt. 2

Originally posted by 7bboys

Warnings: Smut…to come ;)

Genres: Mechanic!Jungkook A/U and a bit of dirty talk

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x reader

Part 1

It had been a few weeks since you met Jeon Jungkook- and every time you saw him your stomach flopped. The words that you exchanged with him were few, sparse and dry, but that was what you wanted, or what you convinced yourself at least.

“…Jin?” you called out, eyes searching for your brother as you stepped into the shop. It was oddly bare, you didn’t see anyone, and except for a few clanking sounds, it was quiet. “…Jin,” you called again. 

Suddenly, someone rolled out from under a car that was slightly raised off the ground. 

“He’s not here,” 

“Oh…” you looked at him as he sat up, silky, black hair bouncing back, parting his bangs. The navy blue coveralls that were supposed to cover him were stripped down to his waist, revealing a clingy white shirt, grayed with oil stains, that hung onto his toned body. 

“What?” a smile played on his lips, and your cheeks flushed, realizing you had been oogling a bit too long. 

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ughh  sorry the animatic is taking forever but i just keep seeing mistakes and i just want it to be good and its a long song and brb dying


OHHSHIT, didn’t think i would upload my precious bby luke aye? hehehehe. well anyway, here’s Luke and his new friend-enemy; Alice. I thought it would be cool to upload him as a way of saying thank you to you guys?? ❤️ yay??? Alice is just a new sim I did and I thought I’ll add her in as well~ she’s a cutie no?

he’s my precious lil child. don’t reupload and whatever *sobs* His ma is gonna kill me later on but shh. here’s the CC list you’ll need for him. or them. TAG ME KKK cos I wanna see what they’re up to in your game. MOM AND PA WOULD LOVE THAT TOO. rlly.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Subaru Sakamaki (heaven 2) ~translation/traducción~

this translation was made by @vampiretsuki (THANK U!)

Heaven 1, heaven 2, heaven 3

Place: Subaru’s room

Subaru: …Hey
Yui: What is it Subaru-kun?
Subaru: Well…. play with me a game.
Yui: A game you say, what type of game is it?
Subaru: It’s a competition where the one who spends the most time without looking away wins.
Yui: Eh…?
Subaru: I-It’s not like I wanted to play it!
Subaru: Raito said it was a popular game, and he wanted me to look like an idiot since i don’t know it…

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hey hi hello um so i had this idea and i kinda wanna write it but i really wanna share it so uh – mchanzo soulmate au where u get a soulmate mark at 18 yadda yadda but mccree gets his left arm&shoulder&chest blown off when he's in deadlock or w/e, so it's before he gets his mark. then they meet somehow and hanzo's highkey crushing so he's completely distraught when mccree says he doesn't know if he has a soulmate (all broken-like bc he's a sentimental hoe, that mccree) 1/?

but hanzo doesn’t know that jesse lost literally all of his arm that hanzo’s mark covers (maybe smth abt the dragons,,,,, bein like “this is what our Boi needs from us” but idk) and it’s a lot of pining and ust n stuff until one day mccree goes shirtless and hanzo just,,,,,, jumps him and starts observing the hell outta his arm bc it’s been so long since he’s wanted mccree and his fam is super traditional abt “u have to b w ur soulmate” n whatever so he spends like an hour 2/? observing mccrees arm (mccree is kind of just like ‘mccree.exe has stopped working’ bc hanzo’s kind of reallyfucking hot and he has this intense look on his face and he’s looking at /mccree/ w that intense look and his hands are hot and calloused and mccree Wants) and hanzo just kind of starts crying when he sees the tiniest tendrils of blue over the scar tissue on mccrees back and then they work it out and stuff and things and uhhhh Yeah thank u for listening i love u n ur blog 3/3 

 PARTNER L I S TE N YOU SHOULD WRITE IT OH MY McGOSH I WOULD EAT THAT SHIT UUUUUPPPP (although i hope that “jumping him” involves consent, but i know that’s probably not what you meant by that hahaha)
AAWWwww man this sounds so deliciously angsty and pining-y and fluffy and all that McAwesome sauce. If ya decide you want to write it be sure to send the link this way so i can share it!

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i'm so in love with your space shuuneki au... could i request shuu and kaneki maybe just staring at the stars together? i feel like kaneki might like shuu best when they both just sit and look quietly outside together, enjoying each other's company... maybe he even manages to catch a glimpse of earth? do you think he'd miss home, or want to stay on the ship where he can get away from his problems and explore space with shuu? or maybe both?

ohh thank u! :’D yeah that’s probably be good esp when they’re first getting 2 know each other. I think it’d be a little bit of both, where he misses home but he’d also feel myb some relief. plus it’d probably be a sense of wonder to see all sorts of new things/feeling small. and then some sadness, wondering if anyone rly waiting/misses him (hide does)

he’d def miss/worry abt hide :P since they’d still be friends. and i feel like he’d be worrying abt his apt and all his books at home lol.

I feel lke he’d also say to himself like “welp, …on an up side…being stuck w a beautiful alien isn’t really the worst thing in the world to happen ;;; …even if he’s a bit strange sometimes” lmaoooo

anyways, here’s a lil dodle! (so many stars!!)

“hey girl it’s totes cool ur a lesbian!!! that’s not my thing though n romance n sex rlly make me uncomfortable :/ so could u just like….be a lesbian…not in the hunt? like i don’t have a problem with lesbians i’m not a homofobe lmao XD!!!!!! i just rlly love my girls n want them 2 stay safe from alla that gay sex and romance!!! and since ur like :///// ”“”“in love”“”“ could u just not be in love around us? we don’t have a problem with it it just makes us all super uncomfortable to see that!!!!!!! u can be gay i support u but just don’t rub it in my face :/ lololol thx sm!!!! totes glad u understand ttyl!!!!”



Ok so me and my best friend were talking about what might happen in Trolls 2 and found some clips from the first trailer and found Poppy on one of those bugs that r used as skateboards (There is a word for them but I just can’t rmbr 😖) . Anyways, I also noticed there was a figure of Branch riding on the same bug with a helmet and knee pads.
So it got me wondering, what if Branch decided to take an interest in this sport and does it with Poppy for a fun thing they do together? I mean, it can be possible! And this is both canon (the doll and scene itself).

I can imagine them like-
B: Poppy, I told you that we need to be more safe around here! Especially when we’re doing this! *Wears Helmet*
P: and I told you to have a good time.
B: *sighs* okay.
P: Y A Y! *claps hands*

Then they start to do it and at first Branch is like “POPPY THIS ISN’T SAFE U LIED TO ME!” And Poppy’s like “O CMON BRANCH! YOU JUST GOTTA LOOSEN UP A LITTLE AND HAVE SOME FUN!” So then Branch tried to do it and HE NAILED IT and THEN THESE TWO JUST GO THROUGH THESE OBSTACLES AND STUFF AS CSTF IS PLAYING OR SOME OTHER SONG AND THEY FELL ON THE GRASS AND BRANCH IS LIKE “Now THAT, was fun!” And Poppy’s like “*Laughs* See? What’d I tell ya?”

@dreamworksanimation I swear I’m normal-

(I also want Branch to do hair stunts since it’s canon in the game
- My best friend)

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and then he proceeds to say “ever since our fights” not break up LIKE HE WAS HOLDING ONTO THEIR RELATIONSHIP I WANT 2 JUMP

Nothing Compares to You- Jakob Chychrun

Originally posted by ryanhartman

Ok so this one starts angsty but I like it! So enjoy guys!

Warning: angsty, cussing, bitchiness

Anon Request: hey this is a little strange I guess but could you do an imagine with Jakob Chychrun based off the song Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O'Connor (or if you don’t want to then just one where you break up but really miss each other) thank you so much


              You really shouldn’t be watching the game.

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Reunited: Part One - Fred Weasley x Reader

Good ^insert whatever time of the day it is^! I got a request from an anon that I absolutely loved! I’m sorry this part got to be a little more angsty, but I don’t really know how to make a death fluffy? Anyways, I hope this turned out how you wanted it to. But I will be doing a part two!! Enjoy! -Emma.xx

Hiii ! Can u do an imagine (maybe in 2 parts ) where the reader and Fred are together since their 5th year, and she died during the events at the ministry of magic (the order of the Phoenix) and when Fred die during the battle of hogwarts they’re reunited, and she tells him she was waiting for him? Fluff and all ? :) thx and I love your blog btw 💕😊

WARNINGS: Character Death

Never in a million years did Y/N ever think she’d ride on a thestral. Especially when she couldn’t even see what she was riding. Luna and Harry seemed to know they were there and where they were, even though Harry still seemed a little put off by them. Luna looked perfectly in her element, helping Y/N and the others who couldn’t see the creatures climb up onto their backs. If only Fred were here, maybe she wouldn’t be so nervous.

They’d been together since the fifth year, but they’ve known each other since before their first year even started. Fred had lost control of his luggage cart, ramming into Y/N’s and sending their things flying everywhere. In a hurry, they had scrambled to sort their belongings back out, but some of her things had ended up in his suitcase. He’d come up to her in the Great Hall one morning, passing along the few t-shirts that had somehow gotten shoved into his things.

Y/N had been best friends with the Weasley twins ever since. She’d always been a little closer with Fred, having known him longer, while not by much, than George, and those feelings just developed into something more. George had figured it out pretty quickly that Y/N had fallen head over heels for his twin, but Fred… He wasn’t as keen to picking up on all of the signals.

Fifth year rolled around and Y/N was tired of waiting. She loved Fred Weasley with everything she had, but if after all these years he still couldn’t tell she had feelings for him, she couldn’t wait for him any longer. She’d had a long, tearful conversation with George about his, him begging her to please wait just a little bit longer, but she couldn’t.

Y/N had began a little fling with Lee Jordan, another good friend of the twins, needing something to get her mind off of Fred instead of looking for something serious. When Y/N and Lee had walked into the Great Hall holding hands for the first time, she’d never seen Fred look so angry. She didn’t even think angry was a good word to describe what Fred looked to be feeling at that exact moment. In front of everyone, Fred had stood up from the table so quickly the silverware around him clattered to the floor, storming across the hall and dragging Y/N out into the hallway.

Not knowing what was happening, she had reluctantly gone along with him, following him as he eventually led her into one of the secret passageways that riddled the castle. Suddenly, he had her backed up against the wall, pressing his mouth to hers. And that was the end of any fling she ever thought of having with Lee. Or anyone else for that matter.

All of this ran through Y/N’s mind as the group raced across the sky towards London. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, and Y/N were all on their way towards the Ministry of Magic on the claim that Sirius was in trouble. Only Hermione had put up a bit of protest, claiming that this might be the work of the Dark Lord, but Harry was sure of himself. So no one else even batted an eyelash, and away on the thestrals they went.

Y/N never wished for Fred to be with her more. The only reason she was here now was because she couldn’t let them go off by themselves, too young to be heading to whatever they were going to face in the bowels of the Ministry. She’d never forgive herself if she let Ron leave without her, he’d become like a younger brother to her over the years, and something to happen to him because she wasn’t there to protect him. She was sure none of the Weasleys would ever forgive her either, she didn’t think she could even let them if they wanted to.

Getting into the Ministry through the phone booth - quite cramped, to be honest - and sneaking through the halls down to the room that Harry said he’d been dreaming of for months now passed by Y/N in a blur. She couldn’t help herself from thinking about Fred, thinking about how she didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye.

No need to worry about that, she thought to herself. You’ll see him again in a few hours. Everything will be fine. We’ll get Sirius and then we’ll get out of here. You’ll be in his arms again in no time.

Ron noticed Y/N’s visible discomfort, pulling her off to the side while Harry and the others figured out which door they had to go through. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied, running a hand up and down her forearm, “I’m alright. Just… I just wish I could’ve at least said goodbye.”

He just pulled her into a hug, rubbing her back in small, soothing circles. “Don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. We’ll see him in a bit, yeah?”

All she could do was nod her head. Ron grabbed her hand, pulling her through the door the others had chosen. To say the least, it was not the right door. Trying a few more, they finally found the right room, Harry saying that this was the one he’d dreamed of.

They all filed in and followed Harry, passing aisle after aisle until they found the right one. But Sirius was nowhere to be found. Harry frantically looked around, saying, “This is where I saw him, this is where he’s supposed to be!”

And then a figure formed and glided out of the shadows. Lucius Malfoy. With a large group of other Death Eaters, including Bellatrix Lestrange. This was a trap. Hermione had called it from the beginning, but they had all walked blindly - and quite stupidly - into a trap.

Y/N and the rest of her friends all pulled their wands out, readying themselves for any kind of attack. Once more, everything began to blur around Y/N. Shouting, running, spells being cast all around her. She felt a hand wrap around hers, dragging her away from the main throe of things. It crossed her mind that it was Ron pulling her along, maybe Ginny. But the hand seemed too big to be hers. It reminded her almost of Fred.

The thought of him still back at Hogwarts broke her heart, tears springing to the corners of her eyes. Just let me go, she wanted to say to whoever was dragging her. Leave me here, I’m not coming home. I’m not going to make it. Please tell Fred I love him. But her mouth stayed shut, continuing to blindly stumble after the person in front of her.

They ended up in a large room, a black curtain suspended in the center. It had been Ron guided her away from the fight, but unfortunately, the fight had followed after. Y/N looked around the room, watching as the people she would call her closest friends battling Death Eaters. It was almost too much for her to bear.

Movement behind Ron caught Y/N’s eye. A Death Eater whose name she’d never find out was raising his wand, ready to cast a spell at the young Weasley. Green light shot from the wand, speeding across the room towards them. A scream ripped from her mouth as she shoved Ron out of the way just in time, taking the spell directly to the chest.

A single word fell from her lips as she fell to the floor, already dead as Ron watched in utter horror, his face contorted into what most would mistake for physical pain. Something hurt alright, his beating heart stopped once he saw his older brother’s girlfriend, the girl he’d come to accept as an older sister, lying dead and wide-eyed on the floor.


Members of the Order of the Phoenix showed up not long after Y/N had been killed, effectively defeating the remaining Death Eaters but not before Sirius - the one they’d come to rescue - had fallen as well at the hands of his cousin, Bellatrix.

Y/N and Sirius were taken back to Grimmauld Place to await a proper burial. Molly Weasley had gone herself to Hogwarts to pick her up twins, unable to tell them what happened, only bursting into tears when Fred mentioned Y/N’s name. It was at that point that he knew something was horribly wrong. The world seemed a little less brighter now.

Upon arriving at the headquarters for the Order, Fred and George were met at the doorway by a sobbing Ron. Trying to explain what happened through the tears, he was only able to get out a strangled, “She saved me.”

Fred pushed his way upstairs towards the bedroom that Y/N had stayed in before, throwing open the door to find someone lying in bed with the sheets pulled over their head. Fred didn’t have to pull the blankets back to know that Y/N was lying underneath them.

George was suddenly beside him, trying to hold himself and his brother up. They crossed the room in almost silence, tears had begun to stream down Fred’s face, and upon reaching the bed, the pair collapsed on the floor. Fred’s sobs filled the house for the rest of the night and the days following, mourning the loss of his love. He never left the bedside, refusing to not be by her side again.

“I wasn’t there for her before, I’m not leaving her alone again.”

Boyfriend! au - Seungkwan

So this is requested… and I’m gonna be completely honest i never thought about writing for him before just cuz every time he talks its like the office moments where it pans in on their stoic faces (in a loving way ofc). He’s just a lil shit but thats ok. So here’s whatever this is, enjoy :)

Originally posted by mvpgyu

(used this gif purely for that glow gd k bye)

  • Ok so little seungkwan was as passionate about singing as seungkwan now
  • Almost to the extent where he annoyed everyone in his neighborhood
  • Buuutttt the catch was that he was actually good so just imagine a bunch of old people sitting around with fake ass smiles and half hearted clapping lmao
  • He soon realizes their expressions and decides to take all that passion to the karaoke
  • He kills it in there literally the employees start filming him to promote their karaoke lmao
  • Which is how he meets friends like seokmin & woozi who are bit older but theyre like damn boy i see u
  • So they form a lil group for themselves & begin to hang out at school
  • Ofc seokmin & seungkwan are the loud ass jokesters while woozi is like wtf?? Yall lucky im still here
  • Tru tho
  • anyWAYS so seokmin and woozi want the best for their younger friend which means tutoring him & setting up a group dates to try to get seungkwan to socialize more instead of singing 24/7
  • And i know how this sounds, no seungkwan isnt anti-social, hes friends with everyone basically, but theyre not as important to him as singing
  • So he kinda separates himself from people esp in his free time so seokmin and woozi are there to give him at least some normalcy
  • So seokmin is always the ones setting up these group dates cuz he has a close girl friend which means they always focus on seungkwan and trying to find someone he can really connect with
  • Which is how u get dragged along on this next group date
  • Ur kinda confused as this upperclassman girl youve never seen invites you to hang out with her and another friend and you try to stammer out a no but shes being so nice u get looped into going lmao
  • She tells u like 5 minutes before arriving at the karaoke that you guys are going on a group date & to not freak out
  • Which makes u freak out ofc but lowkey
  • You decide to just get through this night by not embarrassing yourself and maybe having a good time
  • After a while u notice that theyre all actually really good when theyre not trying to be funny
  • And its fully proved when seungkwan stands up and begins to sing a ballad and everyone is hooting and hollering
  • And hes of course used to this and the clapping that proceeds after hes done
  • But what he doesnt expect to hear is,
  • “Damn beyonce”
  • Of course coming from you even tho you guys havent directly talked the whole night
  • And of course hes shocked and something clicked in his head he has like an instant connection to you after that

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Omg this is the anon who wanted to get into exo, pls do rec me sum fun vids :o tbh just from looks alone my fave is xiumin(??) aksncjck like I dunno anything about exo but whenever he's on my dash I'm like Yeth

omggggg im u !! xiumin is so sweet and beautiful hes my #2 rn i lov him so much hes changed so much since debut in the sense that hes more sure of himself and more confident in older videos u can see how shy and reserved he used to be im proud of him :( exo is not only super funny but all their music is amazing u shud download all of their music and jus listen to all of it i cant even give u like i list of specific songs u shud listen to cus …. all their songs r good asdfghjkjhgf anyways i think theres some staple videos that u shud watch if u wnna get into exo here r the links !! 

knowing brothers (this is one of the most recent things theyve been in i recommend watching this first)

exomentary (theres alot if u cant watch all of them just watch the bowling episode)

star show 360

exordium in japan (this was iconic and changed my entire life !!!)

weekly idol (ep1) (ep2)

nature republic fan festival

one summer night

strongest group

japan fan meeting

happy camp (ep 1) (ep 2)

line tv surplines (ep 1) (ep 2) (ep 3)

hey lovelies! so since I haven’t really done one of these before and since I’m p close to 1.3k I decided to hold a little blogrates/compliments!

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  • send a 🌸 for a blograte
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  • format is under the cut 

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Close Call

Prompt can be found here

You hadn’t seen Liam for 2 months since you’d been away on a holiday, but you were finally home, in Beacon Hills. You told him to come around that night so you could spend time with each other and catch up on all the pack gossip and watch movies. You’d just finished overfilling bowls with various chips and lollies, ready for the night ahead.

Liam: I’m so excited to see u.

Me: Well hurry up, I’ve missed u :(

As you were waiting for your boyfriend to arrive, you wanted to surprise him a little, so you quickly ran upstairs to change into Liam’s favourite lace underwear and bra. When you got into your room you heard the front door open.

Me: Don’t come upstairs yet, I’m changing.

Liam: I’m not there yet, 15 mins :)

Me: Wait what…

Liam: (Y/N)? Is everything okay?

Me: …

Liam: What’s happening (Y/N), you’re scaring me.

Me: Someone’s in the house Liam.

Liam: Don’t go downstairs (Y/N). Stay where you are, try and hide.

Me: …

Liam: (Y/N)?

Liam: Please respond so I know you’re okay.

Liam: I’m coming now.

You left your phone upstairs so the vibrations from Liam’s text wouldn’t be heard by whoever, or whatever, just came through your front door. You crept down the staircase, making sure to avoid the spots that you remember creaked. Your feet quietly glided along the floorboards, and you peered your head around the entrance to the living room. You saw the intruder absent-mindedly looking through the cabinet which, to him, appeared to hold valuables. He’s unarmed, you thought to yourself as you tip toed to the kitchen with a plan. You grabbed the largest knife from the drawer and proceeded back to the living room, but the intruder wasn’t there anymore. Crap, these thoughts were interrupted by the firm grasp from around your neck, and the gun pointed at your back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The intruder abruptly spoke to you.

“N…nothing I swear,” you gulped, fear filling you up.

“That knife doesn’t look like nothing huh?” His grasp around your neck tightening, making each breath harder.

The front door swung open and Liam barged through. The intruder, being alarmed by an unexpected entrance from Liam, was too slow, and Liam got to him first, knocking the gun out of his grip and slamming him to the floor.

“GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE,” Liam yelled at the intruder.

With nothing to defend him, the tall man scrambled out the front door and ran down the street, his footsteps echoing in the quiet of the night. Liam stood up and fled over to where you were, grabbing your face in between his hands, his face showing concern.

“Are you okay, please tell me he didn’t hurt you?” Liam asked worriedly.

“That was a close call,” you said smirking, including humour into the situation.

“This isn’t funny, you could’ve been shot,” Liam placed his hands by his side.

“But I didn’t, I’m fine,” you reassured him smiling.

“Do you find this funny?” Liam was starting to get defensive.

“No Liam, I just don’t know why you’re so freaked out, it’s over now,” you replied to him, grabbing his arm and forcing him to look at you.

“You don’t know why I’m freaked out? Maybe because I haven’t seen you in 2 months, and if something happened to you tonight I don’t think I…I…” you cut him off, placing your lips on his, wrapping your arms around his neck, standing on your tippy toes to reach. He reacted by snaking his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him. His familiar scent filling you up, reminding you how much you missed him, you pulled away, still on your tippy toes.

“I love you, you know that?” You told him, running your hands through his hair.

“Of course I do, I love you too,” he replied.

“So…that was a close call,” you laughed. Liam smiled and pulled you in for a short kiss before leading you to the couch.

“God I missed you.”

25 jan 16’back 2 school advice

hiiiiiii it’s jess, and this is my first masterpost/advice post!! since i’m going back to school and starting 10th grade (sophomore year??) very soon, i have decided to share some of my tips + advice for the new school year :]


p.s; in australia, high school is from grade 7-12.

001; be nice  —

  • omg be a nice person please!! treat others like how you would want to be.
  • smile @ students/teachers when you see them, even if you don’t know them & who cares if they don’t smile back??
  • popularity doesn’t matter. popularity doesn’t matter.
  • i know it can be a bit daunting, but talk to people and be genuine !!!

002; organisation —

  • stay organised so you can meet your deadlines and remember important events!! 
  • use a binder and label different sections with tabs
  • invest on a planner, start a bullet journal, download an app or use a calendar or even printables!! trust me, any of these will make your life so much easier!
  • make sure you have spare pens/pencils !!!
  • clean out folders once a month
  • make to do or assignments list
  • make sure you always have a clean study space

003; change your mindset —

  • changing your perspective on things can make a huge difference
  • change your study habits and see how you can improve in different things, because there is always room for improvement!!

004; set goals —

  • setting goals gives you long term vision and short term motivation
  • goals are the fuel that will drive you forward 
  • if you want something, don’t just wait for it. go out and make a change
  • if you want to get an A? thEN GET AN A!! WORK HARD & PROVE OTHERS WRONG.
  • reward achievements !

005; friendships —

  • trust me when i say this, your friend group from the first year of hs will change. you will learn who your true friends are throughout the years.
  • let go of toxic people!! they will only make you feel bad about yourself 
  • be friends with people who support & care about you; choose wisely.

006; get involved —

  • join clubs or your school sports team!! you can meet new people and spend time with them, doing what you love!
  • you will meet a diverse group of people
  • extra curricular activities look good on your resume
  • go to school sport games and have fun w friends!!

007; homework —

  • do it asap !!! 
  • don’t procrastinate, the longer you put off work, the harder it will get
  • procrastination leads you to rush tasks, so you’ll have less time to do it and it might not be to the best of your ability

008; teachers + classes —

  • please respect + be nice to your teachers !!!
  • if you don’t understand something, ask them
  • don’t be afraid to ask!! its their job to teach you
  • be punctual!
  • be an active student! participate in class discussions- ask or answer questions

009; exams / studying —

  • stay disciplined.
  • review and revise.
  • use different study methods e.g. practice tests, flash cards, mind maps
  • take breaks, stay hydrated and have small snacks!!
  • over learn the material !! never underestimate a test
  • once you’ve finished exams, treat yo self!!! maybe buy cute lil stationery that you’ve had your eye on
  • be gentle with yourself, don’t get to stressed and don’t overload yourself w work
  • choose a working environment that is tidy and quiet. make sure you have no distractions!
  • hard work pays off!!!!

010; GOOD LUCK !!!

i really hope you guys enjoy this! feel free to message me or request anything here, i love u all 💖✨

anonymous asked:

Kiawe fluff please!!!!!!

- did u kno most of his marowaks were raised from level 1? hes had them since there were real young and still unevolved
- both his salazzle and his turtanator are rather affectionate, which sometimes leaves him a bit roughed up since they’re a tad bit dangerous
- his family will absolutely tell u embarrassing stories while he protests in the background
- whenever he needs 2 travel, he always tips the ride charazards heavily with plenty of pokebeans
- proud of his eyebrows? they’re so on point tbh
- kind of wants a kantonian marowak to see if it can dance just as well as alolan marowak