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rucas meme [½] seasons 

season one ▹ “what’s your name?” “riley” “what’s his name?” “lucas” “you like a good story riley? then start at the beginning.” 

i found someones ipod in a parking lot a few months ago and i just now plugged it in and it has the whole hamilton soundtrack and the whole heathers soundtrack on it and a bunch of vocaloid……. omg 

if ur name is sarah and u lost a silver ipod shuffle at WWU hmu lmao


Slash: If this falls apart tomorrow, you’re history and no one gives a shit about you anymore.

Axl: I’ll be your friend. I’ll still be your friend.

*in the middle of his transaction*

customer: I don’t want this now, I’ll go put it back

me: I can put it back for you ^_^

customer screams: WHAT?! I’M NOT GOING TO FUCKING STEAL IT! WHAT’S THE FUCKING PROBLEM? *other yelled obscenities*

me: I just wanted to help u….

since you decided to walk all the way up here with an item you didn’t want, just to waste everyones time, leave all your other items here in the goddamm way and make me and everyone waiting wait even longer for this stubborn old fuck to turn around and take it all the way back (and 99% likely to put it in the wrong place) I was going to do it for you!! you fucking idiot!! no one said you were a thief. please trip on the rug and get closed in the sliding doors on your way out and hit a fuckin tree on your way home. thanks for screaming at me, you piece of literal shit!!


iconic mingyu moments of 2015

🌷🍉 hi mis amores!! surprisingly, this is my first ever follow forever but most importantly it’s my first ff as a part of army! thank u all for making me feel so welcome and letting me express my love for jin! it’s been a year since i started stanning these kings but only a few months since transforming into a kpop blog so thank u (again) for helping me get to know the guys even better! through y'all, i’ve learned to love them all more and more each day! 🍉🌷

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m!a lemon has to wear open toed crock uggs for 4 asks

                   He literally falls on his butt—

            He’d been wearing slippers just a second ago, hadn’t he? How the hell did his pair of slippers turn into this horrifying monstrosity? Letting out a groan, the teen sits up and tries to tug the shoes of–to no avail. Chewing his lip, he proceeds to outright pull them out–and to his dismay, this does not work out well, either; for no matter how much he tries, the shoe (?) refuses to move and inch. The hell? Were these things supposed to stick on skin like this?

               . . . well, time to grab the knives.


it’s been mentioned before that there’s a ‘hidden’ track on the NieR drama cds where Emil is humming/singing to himself, but what you might not know is it comes with its own lyrics sheet!

they are as follows:

フフーフフン フンフーフフンー

フフーンフフン フンフーフフンー

ほんとにいい匂いです  Δ  It’s a really nice smell
お菓子の甘い匂いなんですよ  Δ  And a really sweet smell

やだな, お菓子の話ですよ  Δ  Yeah, it looks like it’s a song of candy!

大好きなんですよ  全部   Δ  I really really completely love it!
全部食べちゃいたいくらい,   Δ  I wish I could eat it all!
好きです!  Δ  I LOVE IT!

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Regarding the post you reblogged about life after high school getting better, do you have any tips for that? How to get into a good college even if your high school grades were just average? What degree did you take- and then what job did you end up getting? Was that hard? It's completely fine if you don't want to answer- thank you thank you for your help if u do, and blessings from a very stressed out high school student

For people whose grades are kind of average/not great, I honestly suggest community college. It’s not just the grade thing, but like…cost-wise it lets you try college classes on for size for a much more affordable price than most four-year universities. 

There’s this pressure to go to college at X age and then to like…live “the college life” and lemme just tell you that…from most people I know who did it? It wasn’t great. Or even good. It just…was. It’s definitely not worth paying 4x the money for. The media kind of hypes it up to an extreme degree but for the love of God don’t buy into college as an experience. It’s education.

Community college not only lets you try college for cheaper but it can help you figure out what you want to do for cheaper–and it can help you figure out if college is even for you for a price that won’t make you weep. They tend to have a pretty wide variety of classes and you can try something in an applicable field to see if it suits you/if you’d like to continue.

Don’t rule out trade schools, either. Or apprenticeships. Electricians, Heating/AC people, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters: they can make good money because everyone went to university and nobody went to trade school to get certifications. If any of those things are Potentially Interesting, look up some youtube videos/look for blogs on the subject. Seriously. If I could do it over again I’d have taken advantage of a background around remodeling/building and I would have done like my grandfather and been a master carpenter. Lost opportunities my guy.

Anyway, I started getting an English Education degree, then switched it to Creative Writing and finally to Literature and then with like a year left of school I dropped out: $44,000 in debt. Now I work in the billing department of a construction/concrete company doing a mix of billing and intercompany inventory work–something completely unrelated to the degree I was getting. I mostly use my degree knowledge to talk big about anime. Yikes.

Anyway working has always been easier for me than school. I like getting a paycheck. College was hard but mostly because of the commute (an hour each way every day), plus there was a lot of awful financial pressure on my entire family. (When gas was over $4/gallon I was Suffering.)

I enjoyed my college classes most of the time. My initial goal was to get a PhD in English Literature and teach college classes. It wasn’t even really a pipe dream, either: I somehow wormed my way into the good graces of all of the people in charge of the English department and was told I ought to consider pursuing a master’s or PhD. 

But in the end I quit to move to another state to be with my now-husband, so I don’t regret it (and honestly feel it was the best choice for me, though it wasn’t easy moving 10hrs away from my family to a place where I knew nobody).

Like, long story short: college isn’t for everyone. Higher education isn’t for everyone. It wasn’t even really for me, though if I’d have stayed in Ohio I’d probably be working on that PhD still. Like, I went to college at 26 because I was crippled and couldn’t get a job because I didn’t have a degree. If I hadn’t gotten hurt in the first place, I’d have never gone. 

The best thing college did for me was teach me that I wasn’t stupid. I always felt like maybe I was. I’m kind of a know-it-all and I’ve always been one, but in my family we had the Creative People (one brother and I) and the Smart People (youngest brother and sister). The youngest two graduated valedictorian and got full-tuition scholarships to universities. My other brother and I did manual labor and then when we both went to school we ended up in the liberal and fine arts (instead of getting degrees in Math and Science like the other two). Hell, my sister’s in optometry school right now. I always worried I’d go to college and it’d be too hard for me. But…it wasn’t? It was so different from high school. I didn’t feel like I belonged there (I was older than most grad students and was mistaken more than once for the professor of a class lmfao) but once I got into my lit classes, man… God, it felt good to have professors tell me that they wanted to hear from me because I “always have something good to add” and shit. What the fuck? 

Anyway as it turns out, college helped me find my talent of literary bullshit ramblings and it flung off this bitterness I had on my shoulders that just wouldn’t go away that made me think I was bad at doing anything that wasn’t monotonous physical labor. I don’t think college is for everybody, but I do think it’s worth trying out. My dad went back to college after his factory packed up and moved to Mexico and like, he graduated with an associate’s degree at 60. He thought he was stupid, too, and he struggled with some things, but he was in there getting straight As…! 

So check into community college and see about what kinds of programs they offer. If you hate it: you can bail with very little loss. If you love it, you can get a lot of gen-ed credits in and move onto/transfer to a 4-year school. You can also try working part-time and taking a couple of classes at a community college to see how you feel about it (if you enjoy working and aren’t very confident in how much you’ll like college). 

Take a deep breath, anon!! You’ll get there!

       WOW!!!!!  it’s only been a short couple of months and we’ve already hit 300+ followers dudes!  even tho we all know a majority of those follows came from my impressive charm   ;))))   i obviously couldn’t have done it without u guys!!

        SO, to commemorate the occasion, here are some honorable mentions!!    ★

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I recently made a new friend who lives quite close to me and is also into cosplay and she invited me to a local convention I didn’t even know existed! I’m planning to attend with her next year :D

It’ll be my first convention too since I always thought con tickets were super expensive for some reason!!

im goin by ken now and he/him pronouns btw


it’s like this:

you’re seven years old. inexperienced. a child. you catch glimpses of tv couples kissing, pay attention to the way their lips noisily move together and hands grasp at shirts and backs slam into walls and counters and doors and suddenly your father’s hand rapidly covers your eyes and you realise your mouth is hanging open. dad! what is that?! what was that? nothing, it’s an adult thing. a clearing of the throat. the click of the remote as he changes the channel. do grown-ups really do that? you think, gross.

it’s like this:

you’re twelve years old and when you’re with your boys by the swings and tabitha corrigan approaches you with a smirk, you can’t remember why you ever thought kissing was gross, because suddenly that’s all you want to do with her. for the rest of your life. and who cares if she’s a little weird, and she shares a name with her cat, and her older brother will definitely give you a beating when he catches you in the playground staring after her the next day? maybe it’s love. maybe he’ll understand. you signal to your boys so they clear off on their bikes and you’re there, together, and you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing but if you open your mouth and tilt your head to the side only slightly, it looks and feels real.

it’s like this:

it’s unexpected. you’re fifteen and there’s less teeth, spit and desperation because finally it matters. he teaches you how to kiss. properly. slowly. his hands on your hips and yours in his hair, around his neck, sliding down his back, and now it’s you with your back to the wall and your legs around his waist and holy shit you didn’t even know it was possible for human beings to make that noise. your breath catches in your throat and he’s your first everything. almost. no strings attached. you’re a little confused.

it’s like this:

it’s been a week and you date her for less than a year and it’s blissful. until three months in when you’re tired, sad, and your confusion only grows as she sings the 1975 songs in the shower because she thought that you were straight, but now she’s wondering. you fall in love for the first time and convince yourself that anything before this moment is a lie, a game, irrelevant. you do your best work beneath tall, well-built guys with messy hair and holes in their jeans but this here is who you really are and who you’re gonna be and who you’ve always been. right?

it’s like this:

the strings come two years later when you’re clad in a suit and surrounded by beautiful people and you’re awkward, confident and nervous all at once. he comes bounding up to you and his arm slides around your body, eyes narrowing at the person in front of you. they’re rude and sneering and he leans forward with his voice low and fingers digging into your side and announces himself as your boyfriend. you take him in and he’s like the boys you would never commit to – with rips in his clothing and chuck taylors on his feet, and a navy pullover hoodie he’s going to throw on over his button-down as soon as he steps foot out of the room. you decide then and there that he can be whatever he wants to you, for however long, and maybe you’re not who you’ve always thought you were. maybe you don’t know yourself yet.

                                               AND IT’S LIKE THIS: 

                                         THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NOT KNOWING.

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I read ur theory on Schneeplestein and ANTI and omigosh it's so good! BUT - where is Chase mentioned to be killed off/got rid of/etc. Is he mentioned by Schneeplestein in Bio Inc #4? Has ANTI shown up at all since Epidemic? Can u help me catch up???

Anti hasn’t showed up at all since then but Jack has been leaving cryptic ‘messages’ in the tags of the posts he reblogs (also a link). Especially on Anti/Dr. Schneeplestein posts and he’s been liking some theories. In the Bio-inc video where Dr. Schneeplestein appeared he named one of the patients Chase Brody (which is Chase from Bro Average) and Dr. Schneeplestein killed him. (Jack also liked a post here where someone mentioned him killing Chase)

Hope this helps :P (Also thanks but I don’t think my theory is that good compare to what other people can come up with XD)