since this tour is like 7 years long

The Many Unexplained Shady Instances in 1D History

1. Zayn leaving the band

He wants to be a normal 22 year old, but he posts topless Instagram photos to millions of followers. Or it’s that he doesnt like the music 1D makes. Or he left because he cheated on Perrie and has to repair his relationship, hes homesick, hes going solo…which is it?! 

Maybe it’s just me, but based on the guys’ interview responses I can’t get a clear read on what the ‘official’ 1D position is, regarding Zayn leaving. Their reactions are all over the place. Harry says they’re stronger without him, the paperwork was the hardest part, Liam rambles on about all kinds of things while clearly lying about his feelings on the situation. It seems absurd to have such a lack of clarity when the band has been together 5 years and is obviously close to one another.

 2. Cancelling last night’s Belfast show

Liam was ill and in the hospital. But it was not serious. And it just happened last-minute. But he was healthy enough to perform tonight and will at the rest of the shows. Soo that leaves what medical conditions exactly? Anxiety? Depression? Am I reaching here, just because of how absolutely *thrilled* Liam is looking these days? It seems shocking that One Direction would cancel their first show ever and give hardly any explanation.

3. Louis is going to be a father 

 Just to recap, Louis has only confirmed this major news through a nodding, barely enthused reply to the question posed on an American morning television programme and the occasional interview question. That young woman may be pregnant, but one thing’s for sure, Louis is not the father. 

 4. Management changes 

They hang out with Azoff for years, but are still not yet managed by him? I find that bizarre and this whole situation perplexing, but perhaps it’s because trying to understand One Direction’s management and contracts is like entering an endless wormhole maze into a parallel quasi-Alice-in-Wonderland universe where every turn leads to more Simon Cowell and then more stupid publicity stunts. That and the fact that my main source of legal knowledge is Tumblr. (But you guys are very thorough!) 

5. Harry and Louis not talking to each other in interviews nor onstage for the past 3 years 

Because it’s totally normal for people’s relationship or friendship to change so drastically out of nowhere, especially for two best friends who work and travel together, used to be inseparable and yet have had no apparent fallout with each other. This is so clearly staged, it’s insulting. 

6. Bus train plane accommodations 

I understand their management wants to keep their travel plans under wrap for the band’s safety, but why try to make fans believe the boys travel separately? Not to mention the weird rumour of Louis sleeping on the bus, which he apparently takes everywhere and does everything in. 

7. What the eff happened to Paul!??!! 

Some major drama must have gone down behind the scenes last year. I suspect Paul and Zayn’s leave are related, but I haven’t a clue how. I find it sad that One Direction’s long-term tour manager just quit with no explanation why, since he seemed to get on so well with the boys and really be a big part of the band since the beginning. 

BONUS - to the fact that Zayn was engaged to be married to Perrie and everyone let that breakup go within a week, like they had been casual acquaintances - not two people who were going to be husband and wife. 

BONUS BONUS - to how affectionate and homoerotic One Direction behaves towards each other. But they’re straight. With girlfriends. Who they dont seem all that affectionate with. But they’re each super affectionate individuals in general. But only in interviews with their bandmates. Or on stage with their bandmates. Or - yeah, you get the gist. 

LAST BONUS ITEM - How is it that no interviewer has ever asked Louis and Harry about the many matching tattoos they have?? Oh right, their management gives the interviewers a list of about 100 questions they are not allowed to ask One Direction. 

This list turned a little Larry Stylinson-y towards the end there, but I think most of it’s relevant. 

In conclusion, there is no transparency with One Direction. Who the hell knows what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Here’s a few OT5 gifs/photos to make this kind of depressing post a little happier! (hashtag ZAYN REJOIN 1D IN 2016!!!)

Shimmy those shoulders, boys

The best 1D interviews are dancing interviews

Pretty much everyone’s stance in this photo is hilarious

So many weird hugs

Things can go awry in a hug when there’s that much enthusiasm


Shit I just noticed how Ryden “The Good, The Bad And The Dirty” is.

Look at this shit;

Truth is that it was always going to end [the split]
This symphony buzzing in my head [Northern Downpour, I know this because Ryan wrote Northern Downpour for Brendon]
Took a market of filth
And sold like summer [touring, that summer with Ryan, Myrtle Beach, and Cape Town]

I know what it’s like to have to trade
The ones that you love for the ones you hate [isn’t this pretty self explanatory?]

And you’ve been gone so long
I forgot what you feel like [it’s been 7 years since the split]
But I’m not gonna think about that right now
I’m gonna keep getting underneath you
I’m gonna keep getting underneath you [a lot of people say that Ryan had better lyrics and was more talented than Brendon]
And all our friends want us to fall in love [again, it’s pretty self explanatory.]


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Guy s there’s a guy who keeps checkign me outHe so cut e should I go home with hIMy z

(or that fic where 7 guys go out and get fUCKED UP)

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boyslikebands  asked:

So my parents never let me go to concerts... But this year they are letting me go to the A Love Like Tour opening show! I've never been to an atl concert... Any tips on what to expect?

Tips on what to expect at an ATL show starting from right when you get there:
• Depending on what time you arrive will determine how long you wait and how LONG of a line it will be. Be prepared for lines to wrap around the block and kids sprawled out everywhere while they wait.

•Kids will be waiting since 6-7 that morning.

•Expect to get hungry if you don’t bring snacks. You’re going to be waiting for a little while.

•There will be different groups of kids around the venue, broken up in their friend groups. Some are nice, others are awfully rude.

•Fans at ATL shows can be some of the sweetest people you meet or some of the worst. Pick who you talk to wisely.

•Expect a lot of smoke. Fans like to smoke in line.

•If someone offers you something or talks to you, politely accept or decline it or talk back to them. They’re being nice.

•There will be tons of unnecessary squealing just to be done, and A LOT of sing alongs.

•If the buses are parked near the venue, be aware that so many will run back and forth to try and see band members walk by. It can get annoying after a while of constant running.

•Some kids will pull their car up and blare the band’s music just to pump everyone up. It gets fun.

•Scalpers will come around- so will guys selling illegal Merch. Don’t buy anything from anyone.

•Expect tons of sitting or standing.

•There are tons of opinions that float around out in the lines, more are louder than others. Don’t speak up on something unless it’s civilly and mature. Don’t be one of those that get their panties in a wad over someone’s words.

•Line cutters. There will be a few. Don’t let them run all over you. They will if you don’t say anything to them.

•Weather changes. Be prepared for rain or shine.

•Tons of band stories. You’ll either hear kids talking about other concerts or band member experiences they’ve had, or you’ll be talking about yours with someone else. I think that’s mandatory in concert lines? Ha

•Complaining. SO MUCH complaining.

•Everyone always starts rapping or bringing up something Disney or 1D related. I swear to you, this is always accurate. Haha


•Lines will become tight with everyone trying to squeeze into a spot to get their tickets scanned. (This is where line cutters come in)

•Expect rudeness at this point because no one cares if you’re being pushed around as long as they get in the venue. Just go with the flow. Some people around you might be nicer about it. I’ve only been surrounded by rude line goers a couple of times.

•A lot of chatter and unnecessary yelling right in your ear.

•Hiding water bottles. Most will try and hide water in their bag. This takes time but if you get through with the bottles in your bag, you will be relieved.

•Once the ticket is scanned, it’s like an apocalypse in the concert hall. There’s running in all directions- to the stage, to Merch, to food. Most are running to the stage to get good views for the whole show. Id recommend trying to focus on the stage and food and Merch last if it’s your first show.

•Once in your spot, expect heat. Heat heat and MORE heat. It’s going to get to be a furnace in there.

•PUT hair on top of your head. Most girls are going to look like Bam Bam from the Flintstones.

•The person in front of you, the person behind you, and the two people beside you on either side are going to be your ride or dies. You think you have a best friend already? Nope, not that night. Those four people are your best friends. Take care of them and they’ll reciprocate.

•Bunch of small talk between sets and before the show.

•Fucking dance parties with the music they blare as the crew sets up the stage. “Niggas in Paris” is a personal classic for an ATL show.


•People might pass out or need to be taken out of the pit. You’ll see this. Help these people.

•Pushy pushy people. The crowd will push you every which way. Lock your leg and keep your position. There’s gonna be plenty trying to take your spot.

•Puking. There might be puking.

•If someone offers you water, you take it.

•Of course expect the band!! They’ll come out and the whole world stops for a moment and everyone explodes.

•Expect jumping. Jack does not slack off with telling people to jump. You do it even if you don’t want to.

•Sweat. You’re all going to be a sweaty, slippery mess by the end of it. Your skin is going to be connected to so many other peoples skin.

•A lot of hooping and hollering. Do it yourself! But not during inappropriate moments.

•Hair in your mouth. There’s always that one person who doesn’t put their hair up or doesn’t put it high enough and you’re eating hair.

•A full Zumba work out by the time you leave. It’ll feel that way.

•Expect smiling. You’re cheeks are going to hurt from so much laughing and smiling.

•You’re gonna go deaf. That is mighty fine.

•Crying. Kids will cry. It’s normal. If you want to, do it. No one is gonna judge you.

•Crowd surfing. You will be kicked in the head at least once.


•If you wait by the buses for possible meetings, expect a crowd.

•You could be waiting for more than an hour for just one musician to come out.

•If a musician comes out, expect screaming and a bunch of pushing.

•Have something ready to be signed. (Pictures might not be allowed)

•Expect everyone looking like they just got done swimming. You’ll all look dripping wet. It’s okay.

•Expect consideration but also inconsideration.

•Expect happiness.