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It Wasn’t Real (part four)

Summary: You’re part of the infamous Loser’s Club, and often asked, what are you afraid of? You reply, nothing, but what your friends don’t know is that your biggest fear is them.

prologue - one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - nine - ten - eleven - finale

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, slight Henry x Reader (you’ll see) Stan x Reader and slight Richie x Reader

Warnings: force, bullying, depressing and sad tones, mentions of sex, and sexual abuse (mild)

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It was only five in the evening, yet the sun was setting and the sky was black instead of a peaceful blue hue. Being the month of January, it made the days shorter and the nights longer, something of which you hated. Night was the worst, it reminded you of all the worst things. The dark was a treacherous thing and you despised it.

But yet, as you ran, one foot in front of the other in the quickest motion you could muster, no part of you seemed to care. For the past few days, hell for the past month, you’d been trying to deny what you knew you saw. Tried to tell yourself it was only your nightmares, bleeding into the day and your mind playing tricks on yourself. The images, the memories and the mis-haps, you’d tried to ignore it.

But tonight you were sure, sure that it was IT. It had to be…

When you’d run out of the room and out of the school, you weren’t exactly sure where your feet were leading you. Who could you tell? Who could you tell that wouldn’t think you were a complete mental idiot? Certainly not Henry or any of his friends, and your mother wasn’t an option. 

The option was quite clear, and you knew it deep down that it was the right one. But you didn’t know what they’d think, any of them. They’d left you the minute IT was no longer a threat, and from what you’d seen no one even seemed to remember that clown that taunted you all. Wouldn’t they think you were insane as well? The thought pained you, made you feel isolated in your fear… but you reminded yourself that they had been there. You remembered it clearly, they saw IT then, so why couldn’t they now?

You had to tell someone… but your options were limited. Bill? Beverly? You didn’t even know where they were nowadays. Ben? No… MIke? No. Stan? Hadn’t spoken one word to him in months. That only left Eddie and Richie… neither of which you wanted to confront, after the whole episode in the hall. Eddie seemed like the better option, seeing as Richie hated you from what you’d seen… but you knew his mother and knew he’d be home by now. You weren’t getting into that house no matter how hard you tried.

That only left Richie… and you knew exactly where he’d be.

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Selections from Tatsu’s spam on Zakki’s Twitter Account (lol)

[ for the original tweets, visit zakki’s twitter ]

Hey guys~! This is Shi-ma-za-ki No-bu-na-ga (all in katakana) speaking~

My icon is a girl, but I’m actually a guy! Sorry for keeping that a secret until now~

We just finished Free!’s stage greeting~

It was so much fun! Ahahahahahaha!

– Well, or something like that I guess. I haven’t played with other people’s phone for a long time.

Hello, I am a certain somebody who was there on stage (with Zakki).

This must be a shocking amount of tweets to Nobunaga’s followers.

Sry guys ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

I’m just gonna keep tweeting like this!

I mean, there’re only 140 characters to write, how bad could it get?

Ah, beer for me please.

Nobunaga will go with Highball.

Ah, I’ll pay the bill.


The two of us haven’t sat together like this for such a long time!

It feels so gooood to have a drink after work!!

The typhoon hit us today. Is everybody all right?

Both-of-us-are-fine. (all in katakana)

Nobunaga is talking to my manager.

He already drank five times from his Highball.

It looks delicious (。-`ω´-)

Beer is delicious after all!

Nobunaga has a weird habit of sighing after he laughs.

The people who know this are Nobunaga freaks.

How did my last tweet make people feel?

I’m scared.

But, this is not my (account) so I guess it’s fine.

Hey! Nobunaga! Your battery has only 15% left!

You need to charge it!

‘Kay, I’m gonna keep going until the phone shuts off.

Nobunaga took out his charger stylishly.

He’s hesitating.

Btw, don’t try to hold back your burp!

Let it out.

Phew. All thanks to the charger.

Feel like I can keep on living.

We can even walk around with a cell phone charger nowadays.

Could’ve never imagined that back in the flip phone times.

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So first it was twilight that caused YA to explode into a frenzy of vampire/werewolf/fairy/ supernatural-type love stories. Then the hunger games came out and there was a flood of dystopian novels. What’s the “thing” now? I haven’t read a lot of YA recently since I didn’t have a lot of time in college. Is there a new trend or theme in YA right now?

It’s less obvious right now, but I feel like the “new” thing is Fae, especially if they are morally grey. And they are no longer one species of many, like paired with vampires and werewolves. It’s just Fae and humans. Also, fairy tale retellings have been around for a while, but there seem to be a lot more lately, especially ones that aren’t based on European ones. And high fantasy novels in YA fiction are becoming more common, which is cool as well. I think this is largely based on the popularity of Sarah J Maas’ books, which combines all of them.

What do you guys think? 

All Star Hipster

Buckle up kids, today on the humans are weird tag I’m going to get into, you guessed it: Hipsters.

Okay, so while I was writing some other stuff for the humans are weird about how we enjoy things more if they’re popular I was thinking about why we do that. The best answer my brain could supply was that we, as a species enjoy something more if we know that loads of other people are enjoying it with us. It’s similar to when you go to a concert and there are loads of people there, all there because they love music and want to see this thing and it just enhances your experience. It is very different to say if you were in a huge hall listening to someone sing, but you were the only one there. It just wouldn’t be as fun, because we as a species, are made to be part of a pack. [I mean it might be kinda cool, like that one day everyone thought it was a snow day when it wasn’t and so only one kid showed up in my class.] but my point is that you would enjoy the music more with loads of people, but on your own you might just feel kind of awkward and start picking out all the flaws in the singers voice [he might just be upset that only one person showed up for his performance though, so let’s give the guy a break]

So what this all leads onto is set up for the fact that I think the reason we enjoy say a certain type of clothes more when they’re popular is because we know that there are other people enjoying those clothes with us [tht sounds kinda weird but you know what I mean] and its like the concert example but on a much wider scale, rather than just one comparatively small room.

So now it’s time for me to finally get around to the point that I’ve been setting up for since the beginning: hipsters. They have no regard for the system we have in place of enjoying things more as a group. Imagine how much that would confuse aliens:

Alien: Ah, human!fred, I see that fashion has once more advanced since I last saw your kind, it does not seem long ago, but how quickly you humans move on has to stop surprising me at some point.

Human: no, don’t worry, everyone else is still stuck on those stupid jumpsuit outfits you were right.

Alien: But you are not wearing this trend?

Human: ugh, it’s way too popular for me to be into

Alien: But I though your species enjoyed things more as a group?

Human: Ew, maybe the losers and the sheep

Alien: So you are not into this trend?

Human: Well I liked it fine like three months ago, but then everyone else got so into it, and that totally ruined it for me.

Alien: I do not understand

So yeah, just a thought. When I brought this to my sister she said that she thought it might be some kind of alpha status thing, like hipsters are trying to be above everyone else. Which makes sense. It also rather reminds me of the fact that rich people started using the british accent to distinguish themselves from the poor, so you know. It’s not like we haven’t done that kind of thing to try and make ourselves more important, so anyway, as usual, just food for thought, kinda late but oh well, see you tomorrow!

so i’ve been on a big depression-fueled horror movie marathon and i’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that in a lot of movies the evil things, whether they’re ghosts or demons or other kind of invaders, seem to originate either from the basement or the attic 

and like, i was thinking a lot about where this trend might have originated, from a purely rational point of view: it seems likely that people would find these spaces kinda creepy, since they’re often dark, less habitable and contain a lot of broken or old or otherwise discarded junk. seeing things in there just seems… very likely, you know? 

and my partner pointed out that from a monster’s point of view, these places are excellent for hiding and still being close to humans 

and like, overall it made me wonder what kind of strange subconscious herd-mentality we all have and where it could’ve started - and then i realized that it’s because, and i know tumblr loves this term, basements and attics are in fact liminal spaces within your home - they’re part of the house but not quite - they’re home but they’re strange and, for the most part, abandoned. 

this is why they feel like portals to something ominous, this is why horror movies utilize them so much, and this is why we get the heebie-jeebies no matter how rational we might feel, when we go into these spaces 

The “Kawaii” Principle

As I eagerly await the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, one thing has been bothering me since the first teasers were unleashed: the character design of Baby Groot.

It looks like they tried to apply the “kawaii” or “chibi” trend, but did not understand the fundamentals of HOW that works.

This seems to be the case with a lot of Western animation/character design aiming for “cuteness” that don’t quite hit the mark. I believe some part of it has to do with a cultural background of the media needing people/characters/objects to be “sexy” rather than being “adorable” or “infantile” as it is in Asia. (The term “kawaii (可愛い)” directly translated means “possible to love”, and is used towards ‘adorable’ things that stimulate a maternal/paternal instinct)
I personally feel there is this subconscious need in Western character design to retain realistic facial feature size and distance ratios of mature adults compared to Japanese character design that exaggerates the facial features ratios of infants.

Did you feel a sense of affection and a need to nurture after seeing these pictures? It’s because we’re programmed to.

We, as human beings, have been programmed to recognize a cluster of juvenile features in infants, other animals, and sometimes inanimate (or animated) objects as something that needs to be protected.

So what is this cluster of juvenile features?
After looking at many pictures of human babies, animal babies, and animated characters that evoke a nurturing response, you will start to see a pattern: larger head-to-body ratio, bulging cranium, large eyes set wider apart, dilated pupils, shorter snout, ears being farther back and set lower on the skull than in adulthood, smaller jaw, and smaller, pudgier legs and feet. This is what the “kawaii” and “chibi” styles are rooted in.
Not ALL criteria have to be present in the cluster to elicit feelings of affection.


The placement and sizes of facial features for Baby Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (“GotG2 Groot”) resemble something closer to an adult than a baby, compared to how he was at the end of the first film.

Dancing Baby Groot from the first film (Dancing Groot) has more infantile features that stimulates our subconscious maternal/paternal instinct programming: larger head, bulging cranium, large eyes set wider apart, larger mouth which visually translates to meaning a smaller jaw, and facial features all placed lower in the face than the design of GotG2 Groot:

GotG2 Groot was given a look of more constricted pupils, eyes closer together, longer distance between the eyes and mouth, and a much smaller mouth. Even with his body, although they gave GotG2 Groot a larger head compared the length of his body than Dancing Groot, GotG2 Groot has wider shoulders and enlarged hands/feet which point to later stages of human development:

If they purposely did this to show that time had passed between the upcoming film and the last film, I can kind of buy that, but this design still doesn’t strike me as “adorable”.
If they were aiming to be a hit with kids from just character design and not the whole character as I suspect they were (because c'mon, Groot was precious even when he was as tall as a tree), they went a little too realistic for “kawaii” and ended up borderline “creepy”.

Rough sketch of GotG2 Groot with a few more of the juvenile features thrown in.
Despite everything I said so far, I LOVE Groot and I am very excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.

Now, let’s apply this “Kawaii Principle” to humans.
Ever wonder why you think a 42-year-old man aka Misha Collins is “adorable”?
See how many traits mentioned in my list of “juvenile features” you can spot, especially when he’s lined up against Jared and Jensen:

Misha has more juvenile features which up the “adorable” factor compared to J2, who have more “adult” features.

See how Misha’s bone structure is a bit rounder than Jared and Jensen’s?
Misha also has large eyes that are set wider apart, a shorter distance between his eyes and mouth, and ears set a little lower than J2.  Misha’s eyebrows also start a little farther from the bridge of his nose, accentuating the distance between his eyes.

Think I cheated by using a picture where Misha is making a cute face?
Do you know WHY you feel he’s making a “cute” face? As in, what it is about this facial expression or “body language cues” that make you interpret it that way?
Misha, consciously or not, is using a cluster of body language cues like the Eyebrow Flash, Eye Widening, and ‘Looking Up’ Cluster that all translates to “I acknowledge you, and I am non-threatening”.
Misha’s unique understanding and use of body language, especially for Castiel, was what made the character seem unsettling and otherworldly… but that is a whole different post about body language waiting to be written.

I hope this post was comprehensive enough to help you understand WHY you find things adorable, and that knowing this will help you when you are making your own “kawaii” designs. 

You unconsciously recognize the similarities of the distinguishing traits of human babies in clusters and apply them to other things you see because it is hardwired in our brains to protect and nurture our babies.

Stelliums in the signs

*Note: A stellium is four or more planets in any sign, for example: Venus, sun, mercury & mars are in libra then that is considered a stellium*

Aries stellium: amplified characteristics of being more aggressive, tempted to get things done, go getters, will be very bold and non hesitant to get what they want, will debate and argue with someone if that person deems them to be wrong.

Taurus stellium: amplified characteristics of indulgement, will be quite outdoorsy, take on talents that evokes a creative outlet for them such as acting, singing etc, something to do with the throat since they are ruled by the planet Venus.

Cancer stellium:amplified characteristics of being more in tune with their emotions, will be very intuitive, will be more emotionally connected with people, will enjoy activities that expresses their emotional outlets and create strong bonds with people on an emotional level.

Leo stellium: amplified characteristics of being more melodramatic, reacting to things around their environments more vividly, doing things that may express themselves such as theatre and other creative aspects that leads to leader position roles hence the sun rules leo.

Virgo stellium: amplified characteristics of being more intellectual, more focused on the bigger picture and of fine detail, they can easily “read between the lines”, will also be quite a perfectionist and may want to change up their appearance a bit to make themselves look more appealing.

Libra stellium: amplified characteristics of being more sociable, will be more charming and graceful, will want to make minor changes in their images to be appealing to the opposite sex.

Scorpio stellium: amplified characteristics of being more secretive and distant, will not want to share much about themselves, will have many close friends, will be into some disturbing things which people would not consider normal.

Sagittarius stellium: amplified characteristics of being more friendly and outgoing, will want to go on raids of adventures with their close friends, will be interested in traveling and venturing the world.

Capricorn stellium: amplified characteristics of being more aloof, they will try to be more to themselves or with their close friends, will have a “resting bitch face” as their default just so that people won’t approach them because they feel awkward in certain situations.

Aquarius stellium: amplified characteristics of being more eccentric, will do strange and taunting things, will create and set forth new trends, these people will be epitome of “weird” since Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Pisces stellium: amplified characteristics of being more passive, they will seem as if they are day dreaming, will be more prone to their environments but will easily blend in with their surroundings they will also be interested in creative outlets such as art and poetry.

For Taylor Swift, the Future of Music Is a Love Story

The Singer-Songwriter Says Artists and Fans Will Still Form Deep Bonds, but They Will Do It in New Ways

By Taylor Swift;  July 7, 2014 - The Wall Street Journal

Where will the music industry be in 20 years, 30 years, 50 years?

Before I tell you my thoughts on the matter, you should know that you’re reading the opinion of an enthusiastic optimist: one of the few living souls in the music industry who still believes that the music industry is not dying… it’s just coming alive.

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I wrote out what it is I’m actually looking for in a guy since they don’t seem to exist. I think it’s a long shot???


Thick dark eyebrows

Not too skinny

Hairy butt

Good teeth


Sarcastic and comfortable with being critical of things, irreverent and laid back and doesn’t take offense easily.

Can’t care too much about what people think of them and doesn’t do things just to please other people. (Fall victim to brand name clothing, Instagram influencer culture or other petty superficial crap)

Strong sense of self and a uniqueness that doesn’t feel like a repetition of current cultural norms and trends.

Distaste for generic poor quality pop culture things like Big Bang theory, Taylor Swift, real housewives etc.

Understands my sense of humor and tone of voice. Possibly even find it endearing? (Too hopeful?)

Nice to haves:

Muscles or at least an attempt at being active

Similar taste in music (inclination towards drama and cheese)

A career/passion they’re working towards

Haaaairy +++

My mum seems to get a bit embarrassed when I buy Pride merch, for whatever reason. 

So I’ve made it a trend to get Pride merch as a souvenir every time I go to a new country! I got a rainbow badge from a Pride shop in Amsterdam the other week, and I just came back with some badges and magnets from a Pride shop in Rome this week! I have a lot from London of course (since I live here :’D) got some things from Chicago last December…

It shall continue, mother. It shall continue. The collection GROWS.

{ Mun speaking!
I’ve gotten into visual RP lately since I’m easily overwhelmed by private written RP. And I want to keep up doing visual RPs! 

This trend seemed to be a big thing in the BATIM fandom so I thought I’d give it a try. So here’s a BATIM AU in which Bendy was created in the Splatoon-Universe. 

If you’re a BATIM RP blog/any RP blog in general, you are more than welcome to interact with me! }

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So if they do continue the trend of at least partial flashbacks into the Yang short, what do you expect/want to see? I would like to see maybe something with Summer and how she shaped Yang into who she is now, but since that involves creating a model for Summer and young Yang & Ruby along with casting them that might be something they would save for the main show, idk.

That’s the thing with Yang, so many of her stories seem too big for a short. Raven/Summer or any of the reunions. My money is on a flashback with Taiyang. They established her relationship with him in V4 and I could see them building on that. Maybe going back to when he first trained her to fight, compared to when he was “re-training” her in V4. 

Just a guess though, but I’m damned excited to see it. 


Another morning run in the books and non stop moving since I got to work!

Yesterday was a bear! I didn’t get a chance to take a break till around 4:15 in the evening. Every time I was gonna leave something else happened and I couldn’t get away! I hope today is better, I really need to get in a solid leg session aside from the furniture moving!

Ketonix update: I think I am getting the hang of this thing and am noticing some interesting trends! My peak point for testing seems to be mid afternoon and my low point is in the morning right after I wake up. My keytones also seem to be more concentrated when the last meal I ate was a more hearty protein. Even though high or low I am in ketosis it is cool to see peak keytones and such. I am not sure what to do with the data yet!

Hope y'all are having an awesome week and an awesome day! I can’t wait to be a little less crazy so I can post to y'all more frequently! (At the same time gotta get while the gettin is good! 😊)

The Dolan Twins

(Based on Ethan and Grayson Dolan)

Ethan and Grayson Dolan were obsessed over by girls; their rock hard abs and sculpted bodies left them weak in the knees. Crowds of girls would hoard around them, leaving the twins no escape. It was the case of teen heartthrobs, if ever there were one. They could have any girl they wanted; with the point of a finger, the girl would be theirs. There was just one thing that prevented Ethan and Grayson from fully committing to a girl; their sexuality. They were both gay, and the best part, for each other. They knew that this relationship could never materialise so the secret was kept between just the two of them. Despite this, their love grew continually and before long, some changes occurred.

They were both in love with one another, but admittedly, Grayson was somewhat more devoted to this hidden relationship; he would do anything that Ethan told him to. It was 1:32 am, Grayson was asleep next to Ethan, but Ethan was awake, scrolling through tumblr before he fully fell asleep. He had been aimlessly searching when he came across a gainer page. For the oncoming hours, he watched feeder and feedee videos, in which the feeder would force food in the feedee’s mouth until he could take no more. Ethan was left in awe by these videos; this what a new concept to him, one that he quickly fell obsessed with. He skimmed Grayson’s body, his finger tracing his abs, knowing that Grayson had some gaining potential.

The following morning, Grayson awoke to a full American breakfast in bed; pancakes, waffles with maple syrup, bacon, eggs and home fried potatoes, along with a chocolate milkshake of course.
“What’s all this? Surprising me in bed like this”
“Just something to say “good morning babe.”
“You’re such a babe, Ethan. What did I do to deserve all of this?”
“Don’t worry about it…eat up now, wouldn’t want your food to get cold!”
Grayson sat there and ate every single piece of food on his plate and by the end, the lay on the bed, bloated and full. Ethan jumped on top of him, one leg either side and starting rubbing his hands over his expanded belly.
“Oh Gray, your belly’s beautiful. Didn’t know you had it in you…”
“I’m just a little bit bloated, that’s all. It will have gone down in a few hours. But thanks anyways. I love when you lie on top of me Ethan…”
Within the next thirty minutes, Gray was greeted with another plate of food, filled to the brim.
“Already? I only ate like a half hour ago. Anyone would think you’re trying to make me fat or something haha”
“Nope. Just showing my man how much I love him…”
“Well I appreciate all of it…”
“Eat up! It’d be a shame to waste all this food. Here, I’ll feed it to you!”
“There’s really no need for that Ethan, I’m not that hungry anyways…”
“Come on…”
Ethan sat against the headboard, with Grayson between his legs. As he continued to feed Grayson, Ethan’s hand roamed Grayson’s bloated belly. He would rub and squeeze his fat occasionally and became obsessed with it. Grayson’s stomach now overhung his adidas track bottoms now, just enough to notice, and his chest had become softer.
“Babe, I love you like this, you know, with a few extra lbs on you…”
“You do, really? I don’t know, don’t I look…kinda fat?”
“Fat? Absolutely not. If anything, you look more muscular…”
“If you say so”

Grayson remained entranced by Ethan and continued to eat whenever he was told to. It was becoming excessive now however; Grayson was gaining upwards of 5-10 lbs a day and within a week, it was noticeable that he’d lost his once perfected physique. "Ethan, I think you might be taking this *pant pant* a little too far now. I can’t go anywhere without feeling short-breathed…” “That’s the point, silly. You don’t need to go anywhere, I’ll do anything you need me to! I’m always free to go to the grocery store to get you more food…” “I appreciated it more in the beginning…but now, I don’t know, I feel kinda embarrassed by how I look. You’ve stayed this muscular guy and now I’m seen as the fat one. We were always on par, you know?” “I understand you, Grayson, really, but honestly, you look much more attractive this way. And besides, it’s good to have some differences between us, besides, we are twins!” “Haha, you’re right, Ethan. Just maybe slow down…” “If that’s what you want babe…” Despite his requests, Ethan did not slow down but only speed up. Grayson was consuming more than 6,000 calories a day and this figure continually increased. Before neither Ethan nor Grayson knew it, Grayson was nearing 275 lbs; a sight that neither thought they’d see. Grayson loved this weight in Grayson; he was too heavy to resist food but still able to respond when Ethan stroked his plump belly and ass. This was Ethan’s ideal weight for him, and he loved it. Since Ethan now saw Grayson as in his prime, he became more flirtatious and arousing towards Grayson. This made Grayson so much happier; he’d always loved Ethan no matter how either of them looked and now he could fully immerse himself back into the relationship. Ethan could only do the same once Grayson was of a substantial weight; and 275 lbs seemed sufficient. One evening, after devouring 2 meat lovers pizzas and a chocolate milkshake, Grayson felt stuffed. Ethan had optimistically ordered 5 pizzas for Grayson but subconsciously knew he wouldn’t be able to finish them. If there was anything Ethan hated more than anything, it was wasting things; food, money, anything. Once Grayson had passed out in bed, Ethan couldn’t help but ignore his strict diet plan and divulge into the remaining three pizzas. He hadn’t eaten pizzas since he began feed Grayson, and God did it feel good. This trend spiralled out of control for Ethan, just not as quickly as for Grayson. Grayson was laying down on his bed, fully in the nude (this was how Ethan preferred him, with all his body on display) with Ethan laying on top; might I add, also naked. This felt erotic for the both of them, especially Grayson. But before either fully immersed themselves into the oncoming night of arousal and erotica, Ethan felt a pike on his stomach. “Hey, E, what’s this?” “What’s what? My stomach? I’d don’t know what you mean babe…” “This, this here. Is…is this a belly?” “What? No…I’ve never had a belly?” “Well let me be the first to tell you that you do now, and boy is it sexy. I never realised why you found me more attractive with a few extra lbs on me, but God do I now…” “I don’t know what you’re talking about Gray…” Only when looking down could Ethan understand what Grayson had been going on about. A small mound of pudge formed around Ethan’s belly button, creating the beginning formation of a belly. Ethan began sucking in, hoping it would disappear, knowing that it wouldn’t. Grayson lay there, poking Ethan’s newly-formed fat and before ethos knew it, Grayson was saying “babe, this is just the beginning. Soon, we’ll be fat together…”
The U.S. cities that gained the most workers over the last 12 months

One of the great things about social media is that it gives us access to data that previously didn’t exist or was difficult to collect.

Take, for example, LinkedIn’s monthly report on employment trends called the Workforce Report. They look at which industries are hiring, where people are moving for jobs, and so on. Click here for the June 2017 edition. 

Note that architecture/engineering hiring appears to be up nationally, which is usually a positive leading indicator.

I’ll leave you all to go through the report, but I did want to pull out a few of their maps and one of their takeaways. Below are maps of the cities that lost the most workers and gained the most workers over the last 12 months.

The established trend of people moving from colder northern cities to warmer amenity-rich cities seem to play out here.

That said, one of their “key insights” is that fewer workers today are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Since February 2017, there has been a 17% decline in the net number of workers.

They blame housing affordability (ahem, lack of supply). People are simply turning to other great cities like Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Austin. They’re growing and cheaper.

One of the other cool things about the report is that you can drill down into individual cities to see where people are moving from. I looked up Miami and Chicago just to do a quick comparison. 

Not surprisingly, Miami is seeing a significant contingent from South America. What’s interesting about this random comparison is how international Miami is and how regional Chicago is in terms of their draws.

I would love to see similar data for Canada. This is valuable stuff.

CK, you talking about SNS wanking antis wanting to be NH makes me think. 

Actually they want Sasuke to be Shikamaru AND Hinata, since these too are much alike in relations to Nardo. Not just because HInata and him are the one who gets to be with Nardo, but it seems Shikamaru/ShikaTema’s dynamics and personality seems to be a trend, i’ve noticed. Everybody wants to be them, and every fan wants their fave to be them, even when they don’t realize it. 

Everyone loves Shikamaru. Everyone wants to be Temari, to the point they says things like “ShikaTema are the ONLY pair who makes sense!” and “if Hinata  (or Sakura) was more like Temari we would like her more!” and “The ST family is the best family”. This trend is pretty present i think, coz i don’t remember it before 2014. 

NH antis want Naruto to be Shikamaru or Temari. They want him to change the shinobi system right away PRACTICALLY and EFFECTIVELY on his own, which is not his character at all. They want his child Boruto to be more obedient and (since i’m Asian and more familiar with the ASian Eastern side of the fandom) traditionally good (see Neji) They want HInata to “get over the man”, wants her to be more about her clan and father who they forgot abused her, consider her life revolving around Naruto “bad writting” and want her to change the Hyuuga clan and shinobi system at 15 year old (which only Temari being directly related to a village leader could probably do) 

NS want Sakura to be more gentle, patience with Naruto like HInata AND smart and be this VERY understanding and reliable friend to Nardo like Shikamaru, which she really never was. They call SS pathetic not just because it’s unhealthy but because Sakura is “all about a man” , similar to Hinata’s case. 

And SNS/SAsuke stans are the best of all since they just want SAsuke to be EVERYTHING. They write Shikamaru’s personality and motivations into him and call SNS “canon bros/soulmates”, downplaying his negative development with Nardo (since NH and NaruShika’s are all positive)  

On one side, they pity Sasuke, saying he has never a life of his own, only do things to please Naruto, Itachi. Yet, he is the most powerful Shinobi, protects the whole world faraway AND be by Naruto’s side at the same freaking time, working SO closely with him to fix things. In more romantic fanfics, he is Naruto’s gentle lover (who is also from a powerful clan, is abused, the brother being the abuser) who saves Nardo and dedicates his life to him.  They also can’t decide who Sasuke is : he is this brilliant, arrogant badass who does what he wants, but also sacrifices so damn much, humbling himself in the darkness, never wanting regconition,  unlike a certain blonde idiot. 

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Doesn't Marvel understand that people are getting tired of all this focus on Tony Stark?

unfortunately for us and the growing amount of others that feel like this, rdj is a big enough audience draw that marvel seems to want to milk him for all he’s worth. it does seem like after cap 3 there’s been more of a trend of criticizing marvel’s focus on him (not to mention the multiple anti-tony articles published in the past year or so), but i’m not sure how much that might influence things. it’s all about profits after all

since rdj is getting older and has talked about retiring and the mcu is entering a new phase, i wouldn’t be too surprised if his character ends up taking a backseat after avengers 4… the biggest problem i have is that it’s possible that av4 will be the last movie for multiple avengers, and i’m pretty damn worried that they’ll end up getting shafted for the sake of putting tony more in the spotlight, since he seems to sort of take over the movies he’s in