since this aspect is already associated with her for some reason

Tatterdemalion Dreams

This is a coda to Ragtag Heroes, not really intended to become a separate thing but my attempt to get into Sirius’s head. Excuse me while I upend my drabble bin over your heads. :D

Sirius’s little brother has always been just that—little. Regulus was a slight and slender child, and has grown into a lean and lithe man, a little too thin and rawboned from constant stress but still pretty in the way that their parents always despaired of. Sirius can admit, despite his hatred of her, that Walburga Black was an absolutely stunning woman, and Regulus takes after her very much in looks.

Not so much in personality, though, regardless of what Sirius thought as a child. Not after what he’s managed to accomplish.

Slumped in a dusty old armchair, Sirius watches his brother wander around Grimmauld Place’s library, touching covers, stroking long fingers over worn spines. This is Reggie’s element and always has been—Sirius was honestly astonished that he ended up in Slytherin rather than Ravenclaw, during the Sorting. Regulus as a child, in Sirius’s mind, was forever clutching a book, sometimes as big as himself, and wandering around with a dreamy, distant expression. He thinks of it with a bit of a pang, now, because at some point during his first year at Hogwarts that warm burst of fondness at the sight of his little brother, forever trying to please everyone, transformed into something sneering and derisive and passively loathing.

Regulus being sorted into Slytherin was the final straw, and Sirius, already immersed in being different from their parents and surrounded by Gryffindors who held the same beliefs, had turned his back on Regulus, not about to associate himself with a sniveling follower.

Never mind the fact that Regulus was eleven. Never mind that their parents had always leaned harder on Regulus, who was never nearly as willful. Never mind that Regulus adored Sirius since birth, as the only one who spent any amount of time with him outside of the house elves. Sirius had turned away, found a new brother in James who suited him so much better, and left without a backwards glance.

Their parents were never kind, even to the family favorite, and Sirius watches Regulus meander through the shelves with something like guilt roiling in his gut. Should have known, he thinks, and the vague, distant regret he’s felt since learning of his brother’s death is back in full force, because Sirius had run away from the family and left Regulus behind. It doesn’t matter that they were at odds at the time; Regulus was always a gentle soul, always tried to please their parents no matter what. Sirius could have easily taken him along to James’s, could have convinced him to abandon their parents’ ideals if only he’d remembered the sweet little boy Regulus had been, rather than looking at the distant, aloof Black prince he’d been forcibly molded into.

But he didn’t, hadn’t bothered, and something in Sirius is—

“Leo Prince,” Regulus says unexpectedly, making Sirius jump.

“What?” Sirius asks, blinking.

When he looks up, Regulus is giving him that nostalgic you’re-a-moron-Siri-and-must-I-lower-myself-to-your-level look. He’s seen it quite often—usually from the child Regulus used to be, excited about some obscure spell or ritual or potion, some little-known aspect of ancient magical theory that lost Sirius completely about twelve words into the explanation. Not that he’s an idiot, academically—Sirius has always been proud of his grades—but Regulus is something entirely different. Even their parents never quite knew what to do with him, beyond shipping him off to Voldemort in a gift-wrapped package.

“Yes, Reggie?” Sirius grins at his little brother, for the sole reason that the nickname drives him batty and nothing gets his ire up like pretending to be stupid. “What was that?”

Regulus rolls his eyes so hard Sirius wonders how he doesn’t strain something. “My name,” he explains, tone long-suffering, “for teaching at Hogwarts.”

Sirius turns it over in his head for a moment. “Leo?” he repeats dubiously, because outwardly Regulus is the perfect Slytherin, and whenever he’s not being Slytherin he gives a damned good impression of being a born Ravenclaw. Nothing leonine about him, really.

That gets him another roll of Regulus’s eyes, though it’s subtler this time. “The star Regulus is the brightest heavenly body in the constellation Leo,” he says, and his mouth quirks in a wry smile. “Also called ‘the Heart of the Lion’.”

Sirius snorts at that, wondering what twist of fate gave Regulus the one Black name that suited him exactly. ‘Heart of the Lion’ indeed. “And Prince?”

“From the literal meaning of my name.” Regulus turns back to his books again, plucking one off the shelf and adding it to the already sizeable pile he’ll be taking to Hogwarts with them. “’Little King’. It’s a name I’ve used before, in parts of the Continent. So if a particularly overprotective parent should try to trace my movements, there will be a trail. Leo Prince spent two years in Italy and then Eastern Europe, studying blood rituals from ancient times.”

Of course he did, Sirius thinks with a roll of his own eyes. He’s spent several weeks already with Hermione, and even she can’t hold a candle to his little brother. But rather than say anything—although it’s tempting, because Reggie being defensive over his rituals and spells is easily one of the more amusing things Sirius has ever encountered—he just asks, “And disguises? It’s more than likely that Peter told Voldemort about my Animagus form, and I hate to say it, Reggie, but you—”

“Yes, yes,” Regulus cuts him off, clearly annoyed. He’s always been easy for Sirius to rile. “We look very similar, I’m aware. Harry thought I was you, at first glance.”

Sirius blinks and fights a frown. Regulus is pretty, and Sirius has always considered himself—not without corroboration from other sources—to be handsome. Then he glances up, catches the tail end of Regulus’s wicked grin as the younger Black turns away, and huffs. “Oh, go on, rub it in,” he growls, chucking a cushion at his smirking brother. “At least I take after Father rather than dearest Mother in looks, pretty boy.”

That earns him a rude hand gesture and a scowl. “Anyway,” Regulus says forcefully. “I won’t use charms to change my appearance—they’re too easily detected and broken, even by the simplest of wards or spells. But…” He trails off, rummaging in a cupboard for a moment, and then, with a victorious sound, emerges holding a pair of glasses with delicate silver frames. He slips them onto his face, then pulls his hair from its loose tail and twists it into a messy braid falling over his shoulder.

They’re simple changes, but they’re able to highlight the differences between them. Sirius sits up straighter, taking in the way the glasses manage to entirely change Regulus’s face, and the hairstyle gives him a bookish, distracted, professorly air. With a change of clothes—good-quality robes, he thinks, maybe a little tattered, quiet colors, slightly too large—Regulus will be all but unrecognizable. Oh, there will be similarities, but there used to be a pureblood Prince family, and they intermarried with the Blacks enough to write off the resemblance as a result of typically tangled pureblood genealogy.

Regulus is giving Sirius the same look in return, but his is faintly distracted. “You, however,” he murmurs, “will need a charm or two, if only to keep from giving any of the more superstitious students a heart attack, looking like a Grim.” He trails off, muttering under his breath, his gaze absent, and Sirius realizes that this is his contemplative look. He’s no doubt running through every glamour charm he knows, cataloguing faults and weaknesses.

Such a Ravenclaw, really, Sirius thinks, and doesn’t even bother to fight the fond smile that rises. Good old Reggie, the walking encyclopedia of spells.

Then Regulus looks up at him and smiles that singularly angelic smile that means he’s about to show how he and Sirius really are related. He taps long fingers against his lips to hide the beginnings of a smirk, and murmurs, “Well, you’re the size of a bear, so there’s no way we’ll actually be able to pass you off as a normal dog, but…white, I think. Yes, white will do nicely. Maybe with a touch of tan?”

Sirius only has a moment to feel horrified before Regulus’s wand is out and moving.

“Well?” his little brother demands, sounding unnervingly like McGonagall. “Change already, we haven’t got all day.”

It’s going to be a very long year indeed.

It’s been a near age since Regulus last set foot on Hogwarts ground. He stands just outside the gates, staring up at the vast and imposing castle—strangely comforting, a home more than Grimmauld place could ever be, and he wonders if it’s like that for everyone. Perhaps only those from broken homes, if the Black family can count as such. Sirius, at least, had the Potters, but Regulus was always a distant, aloof child with few acquaintances and fewer friends. He had no one.

Unconsciously, his fingers curl into the thick fur of the beast standing at his side, higher than his waist and as big as a bear. White fur now, rather than black, but it’s still Sirius, still his brother brought back to him. Maybe everything isn’t entirely easy between them yet, but they’ve been strangers longer than they’ve been family, and they’re readjusting. Sirius whines softly and bumps against his hip, and Regulus musters up a smile for him.

“I’m fine, Siri,” he murmurs, although his fingers stay buried in pale fur. “Just…overwhelmed, a little.”

Normally he’d never admit to such a thing, but this is Hogwarts and he’s coming back and there’s absolutely nothing in the world he’s dreamed of more than destroying the Dark Lord with his brother at his side and the Light at this back. This is a step closer, the fifth out of seven, and then there’s only the snake left to find. Regulus has thrown out his net already; there are many people who owe him favors by now, with his knowledge base and skill set and Slytherin cunning, and Nagini will be found soon enough.

Just Ravenclaw’s artefact now, and then Harry. Their goal is so close, so achingly close that Regulus can almost taste it, and after sixteen unwavering years, he’s ready. Ready for a normal life, a death not at the hands of his former master, days not spent running from even the vaguest chance that Voldemort could discover him or his plans. It’s been too long.

With a huff of very un-canine impatience, Sirius shoves at him again and then heads up the road, strides sure and confident. Regulus only hesitates for a moment longer before hurrying to catch up with him, careful of his baggy robes. He hates them, if only for Sirius’s teasing at how he looks like a waifish scholar who thinks too much to eat. Not that Sirius is one to talk, really—he’s changed from looking like a Grim to looking like something out of Norse myth that’s about to devour the sun.

But Sirius is happy to be out of that dreary and rundown house, and Regulus can’t blame him. About the only good thing remaining there is Kreacher, and the elf is getting on in years. He’d been overjoyed that Regulus returned, but as much as Regulus missed him he hadn’t been able to bring himself to stay. He’d packed everything he needed in a day and headed out to Hogwarts and his new post, Sirius in tow. They’re quite a pair, really.

McGonagall meets them at the main doors, still regal and authoritative in a way Blacks can only dream of being, but she smiles faintly at Regulus. “Professor Prince,” she says. “How good to have you back. If you’ll follow me, I will show you to your chambers.”

This is happening, Regulus thinks suddenly, as his heart stutters and leaps forward into a gallop. This is real.

Professor, she called him, and that’s what he is now. No longer a nameless, fleeing face but a person, a figure of some standing, with a name and a past even if it isn’t his own.


McElstuck Classpects (So Far)

I don’t have all of them because I’m simply not familiar with some of the players. Also just went over possible players, not all of em have to be there. Anyways, here’s what I got.

  • Grifin
    • Bard of Light: He needs the codpiece it’s the only way. His story-weaving prevalent in many different pieces of content could fit with the vibes of a traditional fantasy bard, but fuck it, I’ll admit it, the outfit is just really funny. He needs it. He needs the goof. Now for the light part: look, a bard “invites destruction through aspect/allows for destruction of aspect.” Light is about fortune and knowledge. I think that fits pretty damn well, most prevalent in TAZ but honestly? I get that vibe from him in a lot of things. He has the knowledge of games (especially Bethesda) that allows (invites) him to destroy them even more thoroughly.
  • Travis
    • Knight of Hope: He is an optimistic, friendly boy whom I love, and I trust. Did you see his mentorship with the Teens? He is supportive and believes in them and a knight takes advantage and fights with their aspect. A valiant, noble agent of hope, of belief. A good man. He does a hit sometimes, yes, but he apologizes. That’s just the knight-y tendencies coming through a little more. And everyone learns from the experience. Don’t do a hit! (Addendum: All HS knights “hide their innermost selves.” Travis may be hiding his true strength, his true power, his capacity for destruction since he does not want to hurt anyone.)
  • Justin
    • Heir of Blood: Blood’s all about camaraderie, and in this case with his bros it’s very literal. There isn’t much solid lore behind heirs, but they seem to be surrounded by their aspect in some way, speculated to “protect themselves with,” “become,” or “receive” the aspect. In Justin’s case, his relationship to his brothers is an essential part of his life, not just because of blood relation but also because of their bonds of friendship. As the oldest bro, it makes sense for him to embody such values.
  • Clint
    • Rogue of Life: He literally, in a way, gave the boys life. Life also pertains to his role in TAZ, or at least the role he’s SUPPOSED to have, and the safety he contributed to his town through Peace on the Playground. I was struggling with the class and settled on Rogue, but that’s still up for debate. And I’m not saying he’s going to kill anyone (that’d be more thief-y), but there was that story of him POSSIBLY killing that guy in college and selling (redistributing) all his stuff, or whatever. He also “distributes” country music via radio, which I’m sure some people see as life.
  • Nick
    • Seer of Space: Originally I felt strongly about him being a Breath player, but after going over descriptions again, Space is undeniably fitting of his role in Car Boys; they’re concerned with “the size of things and their velocity, and their existence in relation to physics” which is basically Car Boys? Dimension, creation. The whole deal with frogs, and Nick DOES greatly enjoy Kero Blaster, starring a frog. Seers “use knowledge to coordinate their team,” which I feel he does since he’s established that the workings of playing beamNG.Drive are VERY finicky and require a depth of experience. He coordinates the show quite well, and certainly uses all the little intricacies to his advantage. TTS is based around him identifying mods, which are quite obvious at times, but still humors seer tendencies. In a fairly literal sense.
  • Porter
    • Mage of Time: Okay, I’ll admit, I originally landed on time because of the thought process that went this boy->music/DJ->Dave Strider. But that’s okay, because it works, especially with Nick as space. The boy’s aesthetic caters more to space or maybe void, but works with time because of the theme of reality-bending and alternate universes. Time players are shown to have interests in death and destruction in some way, which this boy has DEFINITELY got with his prominent obsession with worlds ending in unique ways. Especially game worlds, and a huge part of time players is….the responsibility of destroying a game world. A mage possibly “gives up their aspect to gain knowledge of it,” which also just kinda Feels Right for a buncha reasons. Plus, mages are regarded as the counterparts to seers, so there’s even more connection between him and his bro.
  • Russ
    • Page of Mind: I’m mostly going off of his LAC-persona, but that makes it all the more fun. Mind is concerned with decisions and their consequences, which Russ has some…interesting history with. A page’s untapped potential ties into his development in decision-making over time. Given, a lot of his decisions were based off of Doug (and the plot of LAC definitely has to play a part in this AU with the whole patron troll thing because uhhh how could it not it’s too good) but that could just be the push he needed to become his true self.
  • Tara
    • Witch of Void: Remember Basketball Ignoring Simulator? She turned their game into a game about nothing, about doing nothing, a void, and despite the efforts of the boys and it being THEIR podcast they couldn’t stop it. They couldn’t. She was simply too powerful. Witches “manipulate” or “unlock,” which is certainly what she did here. She was one of the last members of Rev3 before it died out (became a void?) but she was there til the end, both trying to keep it from its void-y fate (“manipulate”) while also finally deciding when to let go (“unlock”). And I’m not sure how to tie in her appearance on PoolGames, Inc. in which she sat in a hot tub drinking various types of alcohol, but it feels like it fits with the classpect, in some way. Witches may break the rules of their aspect, and while I’m not sure exactly how, I do feel like she’s breaking some void rules and choosing what parts of the aspect she wants (also a witch thing). Maybe my inability to pinpoint these reasons is part of why she’s a void player. Who knows.
  • Simone
    • Knight of Heart: Heart encompasses soul, motivations, emotions, and possibly attraction. Let’s focus on the last two. Two of Simone’s videos focus on her asking strangers on the street about a) which Joy-con is Sexier, and b) which Pokemon they would date. (Kinda horny things that are also definitely a theme with her.) Very, very focused on emotion and attraction. She brings motivation into it, too, by asking why. A knight “exploits their aspect as a weapon,” and honestly? She really drilled into those people. I wouldn’t say attacking, but it’s got that Vibe, and honestly a lot of these are based on Vibe. She’s also just a funny and honest/open girl in ways that strike me as a heart player. She is, of course, quite jumpy and scared of spooky games, and is quite controlled by her uhhh Feelings during them and voices such. But, she is shown to enjoy them nonetheless, the kind of courage one might associate with a knight. She could grow into it even more; room for character development. Knights also conceal their true selves; she’s suggested that despite her fear of horror games, she absolutely loses it in the moment when playing it. Gets buckwild. Maybe that’s it.
  • Rileigh
    • Maid of Heart: I haven’t listened to Still Buffering, but from what I know, she is a Teen and a sweet, sweet girl. Maids may be connected to sylphs, drawing a connection between her and her older sister; they’re also speculated as “made of,” “provider of,” or “protects with” aspect. Heart is the soul or essence of being, and her podcast is all about Being a Teen, something that everyone struggles, struggled, or WILL struggle with at some point in time, and is arguably essential to not only one phase of life but the entirety of one’s life itself. The time in which they learn who they are and find their essence, their soul. The definition of the word “maid” is either a server or an heiress; the former could be a metaphor for how Teens are often controlled by emotions in some way, and the latter could connect to her younger-sisterhood. Thanks, Teen.
  • Sydnee
    • Sylph of Breath: She’s a doctor. It’s a given. Making her life just seemed too obvious, and we already got that one heal-y thing going, but breath is also kind of important to living? I haven’t heard her podcasts, so a lot of this is just based on the Vibe I get. Please help.

I still need help figuring out Dwight, Rachel, and Teresa, plus more depth with Sydnee, since as I said, I’m not as familiar with them and their content and don’t have enough to go off of (like I did with some others here that idk as well).

I’ll update this as it happens!

LET'S ANALYSE : Yellow Diamond's song

The new Steven Bomb is crazy story-wise. So much is revealed, especially on the Diamonds, and we get an inside look at some of the aspects of Homeworld’s society. The last episode is particularly rich in terms of background and character development.

Let’s focus on the core scene from That Will Be All : Yellow Diamond’s long-awaited song.

Rebecca Sugar said she wanted to explore how different individuals deal with grief. Blue grieves by constantly remembering Pink through the Zoo which she keeps active as a reminder of her presence.

Yellow tries to use her song as a way to bring Blue back to her duties and make her leave the old memories behind. But the entire song defeats that purpose. Yellow is equally affected by Pink’s absence even though she expresses it very differently.
Their difference of personality is actually first conveyed through their outer appearances. Blue is tear-shaped, even her eyes look like they are falling, making her personality lean towards melancholy and lingering feelings.
Yellow is much more guided by actions hence her neatly squared shape. Their ships’ form capture this difference quite well.

The first part of the song is devoted to Yellow’s refusal of feeling because it is an obstacle to action : her song is mainly constituted of questions leading to the most important one : What’s the use of feeling, Blue ?

Remember : in Homeworld’s vision, what you are and what you are to do in society are the same thing.
The « use » is at the core of the Diamonds’ society. The idea of having a purpose in the gems’ society has been addressed several times, especially by Rose : “When a gem is made, it’s for a reason, they burst out of the ground already knowing what they’re supposed to be and… that’s what they are forever” (Greg the babysitter).

This is also the issue Amethyst deals with back in Steven VS Amethyst  “Hah…I know what’s wrong with me. I’m not supposed to be small”.

Hence everything needs to do something, if there is no result then there is no use. The equivalence between the use and the being is quite explicited in the song :

A army as a use, they can go and fight a war
A Sapphire has a use, she can tell you what it’s for
A Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms
: here the link is even stronger because of the direct association of the type of gem and the verb of action which qualifies them.

It shows just how enclosed the society is in its very foundations. But it also means that the Diamonds are not free. They could have been tyrants doing whatever they please. But no, the Diamonds are bound by the exact same rule :

Where’s their Diamond when they need her, Blue ? : this is a clear reproach.
You’ve got to be a leader Blue !

We clearly see the similarity between an Agate terrifies and you’ve got to BE a leader, Blue. This casts a slightly different light on the Diamonds.
Of course they are still tyranical villains and Ruby is there to remind us for that (”I can’t believe all that stuff about Blue Diamond being merciful! She’s a shatterer!”, Gem Heist.)
Nonetheless we can’t ignore the fact that the burden of their own society system still weights on their shoulders. This allows a possibility for the future. Now the Diamonds do not know they are being seen by Steven and Greg, and through them, by the viewer. This is the perfect configuration to expose their flaws and weaknesses. This is where Yellow’s purpose is defeated. By pondering on feeling, she herself remembers Pink and grieves even though she hides better than Blue. The central rupture is here :

Yes of course we still love her and we’re always thinking of her…

The we means she identifies with Blue, she shares her grief. This first recognition is immediatly followed by a return of action and how feeling blocks action :

But now there’s nothing we can do so tell me what’s the use of feeling Blue ?

Yellow finally admits her feelings at the end of the song :

Oh yes of course we still her and we’re always thinking of her
Don’t you know
I miss her too ?

We clearly see the shift from the we to the I, allowing Yellow to sing in her own name. This progressive acceptance of feeling is very well emphasized by the music : the sudden speeding up at the end reflects how Yellow is trapped in her own song and overwhelming grief. Yellow is not only expressing her pain through her words, she also feels it physically, through her voice and posture.

She then repeats what’s the use of feeling for herself, trying to convince herself.

The disposition of the lyrics shows that Yellow is not quite ready to leave the past behind despite what she says :

Start looking forward and stop looking back !

If Yellow really didn’t understand feeling, the two segments would have been reversed. The fact that she ends on looking back precisely triggers her pain.
While she tells Blue that feeling is basically useless for their role, she herself expresses feelings. This is already quite apparent from the chorus and title : what’s the use of feeling, Blue ? If you understand it with the comma, it’s about the refusal of feeling but since it is sung, you hear at the same time what’s the use of feeling blue ? which accepts the very concept of feeling in the first place.

What is actually quite paradoxical is that Diamonds are actually capable of feeling when the humans from the Zoo don’t even know “what hurt is” (The Zoo). Diamonds seem more human than the humans. This « flaw », when a Diamond is supposed to be perfect, may allow assomptions on a possible way to treat with the Diamonds other than fighting, since shattering them is out of the question in the Steven era.

Another thing this song stages is the role of the Pearls. It has been mentioned a few times now that Pearls act as servants in Homeworld and our Pearl’s poor treatment by Holly Blue during the episodes reflects it. Now the Diamonds’ Pearls seem quite different. They act like some kind of confidantes as you may find them in old plays. This type of character usually is the servant of the noble or royal person and allows them to relieve their inner thoughts. It is quite apparent in this scene because of Yellow taking them in her hand and them actually singing together : they support the song and accompagny it with their dancing.

So, nice try Yellow but don’t we all know that singing is always about feeling in SU ?

PS : The lack of any mention of White Diamond is unsettling…

bobosmith01  asked:

Wait a minute, unless I'm forgetting something, all Shadows have an Arcana. In Persona 3, they make it clear it's only of the first 13 Arcana, as far as I can remember. I don't recall any shadows outside of the 13 Arcana except Teddie (Does he even count?) in Persona 4, either. So why isn't that true for Persona 5?

Okay, time to get out our old friend, P3 Club Book.


World Q&A; Page 177:

Q: What is the meaning of the Shadows’ different Arcana?

Aigis “I understand that the Shadows are classified in Tarot Cards, beginning with Number 0, “The Fool” and ranging to Number 12, “The Hanged Man”.” [Translator’s Note: I originally thought that this was an error in the book, since there are no Fool Arcana Shadows, however, now I think this is referring to Pharos, implying that his Arcana as a Shadow was “Fool”, which would actually make a lot of sense.]

Ikutsuki: “If I remember right, you were taught in class that the Tarot Cards can be used to represent the spiritual growth of an individual, correct? It is similar with the classification of Shadows; their Arcana indicates the tendencies and content of the psychological complexes they entail.”

A: “And the higher the number of their Arcana, the stronger their power?”

I: “Hm, no, not exactly. The Arcana’s number indicates the grade of maturity the Shadow has reached, but all grades are quite necessary to compose Nyx. You need Shadows which tend to all different Arcana meanings, from 0 to 12. When you fuse all of these Shadows, they will mutate into the 13th Arcana, Death. This Arcana is special and, accordingly with its role as the “Appraiser of the Fall”, indicates that the preparations for Nyx’s revival have been completed.”

A: “And that was Ryoji-san. It is sad… He may have been a ‘lech’, but that he had to meet such an end…”

Ryoji: “You called for me?”

A: “Target Located! FIRE!”

R: “Ouch-Ouch-OUCH! That hurt! Ah… What a temperament! I generally prefer my ladies without heavy firearms, though.”

A: “Be silent and die.”

R: Hey, hey, calm down. I was just going to try and explain a few things myself. The “Death” Arcana is special in that I am capable of carrying the true weight of Nyx’s psyche, allowing her consciousness and power to be transferred into me. This turns me into her incarnation - The Nyx Avatar. In this state, I am a bringer of death, comparable to the grim reaper. The Nyx Avatar will then call to its body in the moon and proceed to become one with it. Nyx would then return to being an existence capable of destroying whole planets, only befitting the name “Star Eater”. It’s making me sad just to think of it. But my friend was able to use a trick called the “Universe” Arcana and let me sink into the depths of the Collective Unconscious once more. He’s amazing, isn’t he?”

A: “You seem surprisingly happy that The Fall was averted.”

R: “Well, you see- Ah, on the other hand, some things are better left unsaid. I will be taking my leave now. Farewell!”

A: “…! …He’s gone… I have to admit, he is actually a surprisingly kind person. What are you doing, Ikutsuki-san?”

I: “*sob* *sniffle* He explained all the best parts before I could.”

I take this to mean, that Archetypes befitting the cards from Fool to Hanged Man are all aspects of Nyx, with Nyx herself represented by Death, so Shadows’ Arcana don’t generally go beyond Death, since then they’d represent concepts not inherent to Nyx… However, that only applies to Shadows in their base form. The Shadows in P5 generally take the form of demons, which are imbued with archetypes given to them by humanity, so they have another layer of “meaning” added on top of what they are in their base “goop” form, hence why they can be related to more Arcana than what is representative of Nyx.

I would like to point out that, yes, Persona 4 already DID have a Shadow that fell outside of the 0-12 range, and no, I don’t mean Teddie - at least not directly. I am talking about Shadow Teddie, who was of the Moon Arcana (Yes, Moon, not Star. Moon.) For the longest time, I was quite baffled as to how Teddie’s Shadow, of all the ones shown in P4, fell outside the range of what was common in P3 and P4, but now I think it has to do with what Teddie himself is; his own soul. Despite being a Shadow, he’s already transcended being just an aspect of Nyx’ presence on earth, since he actively tore himself away from that, forging a new identity. So it actually would make sense that this wouldn’t be reflected in only him, but also his own Shadow. 

Back to Persona 5; it is worth mentioning here that the Arcana shown in mook battles aren’t actually the Arcana of the Shadows per se, but the Arcana of the gods and demons they appear as, which additionally makes sense of why they fall out of the usual range. If these Shadows appeared in their more abstract forms from P3 and P4, you can be sure that they’d also have slightly different Arcana shown upon analyzed, however, in P5, their Arcana “as Shadows” are not of interest to us, while their “Arcana as Demons” are. I mean, the Demon Arcana are useful, since they tell us what kind of Persona we’ll get out of them, while the Shadow Arcana were never really useful per se. However, in P3 and P4, the Shadow Arcana were relevant for story reasons, since the maturity of the complexes Shadows represented were still important symbolism due to the themes of the game.

However, this isn’t true anymore, which is why displaying Shadow Arcana has been dropped as a feature as early as Persona Q. The boss enemies in P5 generally don’t have an Arcana associated to them either. That’s because it simply isn’t relevant to what these Shadows mean in the context of PQ or P5. The importance lies elsewhere: In PQ, the importance is with how the Shadows relate to Rei’s state of mind, while in P5, the importance is with the vices and desires Shadows represent much more than their Shadow archetypes. Hence, why all boss enemies have a deadly sin related to them, but we never learn their Arcana.

It’s all a matter of narrative efficiency. Whatever isn’t relevant to what’s happening doesn’t need to be shown.

Or, to quote Anton Chekhov:

“If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”


Prompt 44 of @oqpromptparty: Regina picks up the newest book by her favorite writer. Another best  seller that she can’t get enough of. What she doesn’t realize is that  the heroine from those books is inspired by her and the books were  written by her sweet, handsome but oh so shy (at least in RL) neighbor  Robin.

The package arrives around noon, delivered to the stables along with her afternoon charges all fitted out in their riding helmets and little boot Grace is among them, and baby Neal, who’s only just started to toddle but had been riding like a champ (with ample assistance, of course) for two weeks now. Rarely do Regina’s thoughts ever stray from the job she adores—but today is definitely one of those days.

 Another in a long line of Huntingdon’s masterpieces, Unwritten has all the trademark flair we’ve come to associate with him—yet in many ways it’s unlike any of his novels before. 10/10 would recommend!

 Fantastic—in all senses of the word!

 An epic battle played out in one remarkable woman’s heart. Huntingdon’s heroine is stunning in every way.

 Oh, she can’t wait to rip the paper off of this one, pour herself a glass of wine, and read through the night.

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Better Together (SPN Speculation)

This took longer than I anticipated. I’m still not sure if I’ve covered everything I wanted to cover and I had to add some stuff since 12.21, but I’m posting it so it gets posted before the finale. It is a massive info dump, and I’m sorry for all the technical stuff, I promise it gets explained in there. I couldn’t figure out how to truncate it without outlining it like a novel. I wish I had time for that, but I barely have time to outline my specs atm. I lso don’t want to say that everything I say here is absolutely definitive, it’s just based on what I’ve observed and the patterns I’ve noticed. There are a lot of other factors that feed into this one that are also worth exploring but I don’t really know how to include them without over complicating everything, so this is the main set that I’m personally focusing on.

I dunno if anyone remembers this, but back when I metad about 12.12, I said I wished I could have done it in video form because the information better lent itself to a visual medium. Yeah, this is another one of those times. Someday I may modify this into a script and do that, but the season finale is basically today, so here goes.

Some of you may have seen a post go around where @k-vichan, @drsilverfish and @angelswatchingover​ discuss what Alicia is and the questions surrounding her current state. (I can’t get it to route to one of their blogs, but check them out)

@k-vichan​ mentioned something that this series has reminded me of since S5, and had themes which have prevailed through the show for a long time.(S7 on, especially.) I went back to watch it after I saw the post, to confirm with myself what I remembered. It had been a long time since I saw the movie, and I wanted to be sure before I wrote about it.

Of all the other works that exist, no other that I know of more closely seems to resemble the themes and message of Supernatural more than the 1995 film Ghost in the Shell.

I have no idea if this is on purpose or if they just both came across the same progression on their own (inspired by the Hegel dialectic) but they both share some common philosophies that have shaped my view of SPN since I’ve watched it, and especially this season. Even without having seen the movie in a long time, these thought processes and progressions seemed to prevail. If there is some real influence between them, what would it mean?

The below place contains spoilers for the ending of Ghost in the Shell, They’re further down though. I’ll mark them. Sadly, they’re kind of important for my speculation, but you can skip them if you want.

But first, let’s talk about (a vastly simplified version of) Hegel (in relation to narrative mostly), theming and message.

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anonymous asked:

How about a spiderbyte fic where Widowmaker realizes she does genuinely care for Sombra? (Pre-Overwatch)

Ahhhh it’s been way too long since I’ve written Spiderbyte! Thanks for your patience, everyone!

This one takes place shortly after the “Symmetra Joins the Team” Symmarah fic and also references the Pining fic. I title this, “Man there are definitely some plot gaps between Volskaya and the defection that I need to fill and also I like Doomfist let’s bring in Doomfist I like him.”

Widowmaker put her hand on the panel next to the door and it slid open, where the sound of metal crushing metal and the faint crackle of electricity could be heard. She stepped into a state-of-the art observation room where a handful of Talon doctors and scientists, as well as a handful of specialists from Ogundimu Prosthetics were poring through lines of data, while some looked down into the training center below as Doomfist seemingly effortlessly smashed a training drone into a wall with his gauntlet before pumping a round from his hand cannon point blank into the visual receptor panel of another drone, which collapsed in a heap as a loud buzzer sounded. One of the Talon scientists pressed an intercom and spoke over the training center’s speakers. “That marks the end of round 23. Do you want us to reset the exercise, sir?”

Doomfist rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck, “Has Lacroix arrived?”

The talon scientist gave a glance over his shoulder to Widowmaker before responding, “Yes sir.”

“Then that will be all for today.”

“Your observations on the updates—?” The scientist questioned.

“Confirmed,” said Doomfist, walking to an elevator that would lead up to the observation room. There were a few brief seconds of silence before the elevator in the observation room opened and Doomfist stepped out. “Handcannon is definitely handling easier—there are some delays in building up a charge for the gauntlet now, however 23 rounds should give you sufficient biometric data to re-calibrate accordingly.” 

The scientist adjusted his goggles, “Yes there were some… anomalies in the data, but we didn’t think they would be observable in the aspect of overall performance.” 

“It’s observable,” said Akande flatly, and despite having most of his face covered, the scientist looked horrified that his work was not up to standard.

“Yes–Understood–we’ll get on that right away,” said the scientist as Doomfist casually took off his gauntlet and rolled his shoulder in its socket. An Omnic assistant quickly came up with a large, neatly folded zip-up hoodie and Doomfist took it and put it on.

“Walk with me, Lacroix,” he said, stepping toward the exit of the observation room. Widowmaker followed.

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anon asks:

Hi! I really enjoy your asoiaf m/eta - I was wondering, do you think that Jaime is on his best way to become Tywins “true heir”, a scenario in which Brienne has a role similar to Joanna’s? I.e. Jaime’s genuine affection for her becomes his only sympathetic quality in the end, much like Tywin’s genuine love for his wife appears to have been is only truly likable trait? Not to reduce Brienne (or Joanna) to that alone, but it would emphasize Jaime’s doom and her rise nicely.

Hi, thank you! A couple things first, before I sink my teeth into the rest:

a) this is in no way an objective statement, but no matter how his arc ends, even if it goes the darkest way possible, Jaime has plenty of sympathetic traits (not necessarily qualities, mind) that allow me to find him relatable, and this makes him ALREADY incomparable with Tywin;

b) I don’t believe in love being a sympathetic quality or a mitigating factor per se, and I don’t think people who love are necessarily one step closer to *goodness* than people who don’t. For example, while I don’t see Stannis as necessarily incapable of love—I quite like the idea that under his stern facade there’s a lot of feelings, for his child, for Jon, for Davos, and maybe even for Melisandre, on top of his complex issues with his own brothers—even if we stick to the interpretation of Stannis as a loveless character, I don’t think this diminishes his fundamental goodness. On the other hand, there are the Lannisters, who are fifty shades of questionable, but they ALLL love so much!

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anonymous asked:

So you really think it's necessary for someone to understand astrology more to read books (not just Internet) do you have recommendations? which books have you read/do you own? sorry if too many questions thank you

tbh currently, yes. we’re always learning when it comes to something as big as astrology but I don’t know anyone who has a well rounded (? Idk, I can’t think of the right word…) knowledge of astrology that has only used Internet resources. the knowledge available to us on the Internet is ever expanding so maybe this statement will be irrelevant in a few years once more and more people add to the information available but I definitely think people should borrow/buy astrology books when they can if they’re serious about it.

I’m completely going on a tangent here but on tumblr there seems to be this belief almost that astrology is a subjective study, which is just isn’t. there are many facts and straight forward answers and sometimes I’ll see fantastic blogs who obviously know a great deal still get basic things wrong? and i always find that they say things like “oh I actually haven’t read any astro books” or something similar etc. I mean there’s a reason astrologers write thousands of pages and sell them - the information is just so much richer in books than blogposts or forums, you know what I mean? that being said, there is some subjectivity to astrology. like if you asked an astrologer what sun sign would make the best actor it would completely depend on what the astrologer associated with good acting. some might say pisces because they’re chameleons, but then another might say scorpio because they have great natural psychological understanding etc…

if I was going to suggest only a few books for someone to buy they would probably be: astrology for dummies, the only astrology book you’ll ever need, depth astrology & llewllyns complete book of astrology. they’re not overly descriptive (except for maybe depth astrology) but they’re all encompassing.

this ask is already so long and I get asked all the time which books I actually own so I might as well just say now lol, (although I have read more than I own since I’ve borrowed some ((like for example, a lot of liz greene because her are so expensive) but these are the ones I own)):

astrology for dummies by rae orion
the secret language of astrology by roy gillett
the secret language of birthdays by gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the secret language of relationships by gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the secret language of destiny but gary goldschneider and joost elffers
the everything astrology book by trish macgregor
the inner planets by liz greene and howard sasporatas
aspects in astrology by sue tompkins
alan oken’s complete astrology
depth astrology vol. 1-4 by gargatholil
astrology for the soul by jan spiller
sun sign, moon sign by charles and suzi harvey
karmic astrology by martin schulman
sun sign secrets by amy zerner and monte farber
planets in play by laurence hillman
llewlleyns complete book of astrology by kris brandt riske
linda goodman’s sun signs
the element encyclopaedia is birthdays by theresa cheung
the only astrology book you’ll ever need by joanna martine woolf
moon signs by donna cunningham
an astrological guide to self-awareness by donna cunningham
moon signs by donna cunningham
house of the horoscope by alan oken
aspect pattern astrology by bruno huber
essential astrology by amy herringr
astrology and the authentic self by demetra george
astrological insights into personality by betty lundsted
the twelve houses by howard sasporatas

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What are Dick Grayson's flaws?

Ooo boy!

Okay so, on Tumblr people largely focus a lot on his more amicable side and tend to base a lot of ideas around that and solely that, where it gets to the point that one can really only assume that he’s just the nice guy who can do no wrong - the golden boy. I’m gonna write down a few of his flaws. It’s under the cut because it got a bit long. I hope these will satisfy you. :)

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(tw for incest, incest apologism, stalking, death threats, systemfaking/ableism, abuse apologism)

first callout:

It seems we’re back again with calling out tumblr user Appearify. Leon, or Lane, Chase, Miles- or whatever name he has chosen to use to try and separate himself from the monstrous things he did, has been up to more things as of late, more or less warranting a follow up callout to the last. If you haven’t read the last callout, you should (link, in case you couldn’t grab it before you started reading), and if you were swayed by his excuses on that one, here’s a post debunking that.

Leon has “apologized” numerous times for his actions, and has made claims about changing and being a better person, yet this has apparently been a statement ongoing for years, which is why I am writing this callout. I have no intention of bringing harm to Leon or his friendgroup, but instead I’m trying to warn others away from their actions. Anything involving Leon after this I will not take part in, as I am choosing to drop the situation lest something comes up again.

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kenix27  asked:

I just realised when watched again the first prolog from DRV3. Seems when The Monokumarz introduced themself to the others, Kaede seems pretty shocked and say something liked "You're Monokumarz? Then that means--" before being interruped by one of the Monokumarz. What could this mean?

That’s something a lot of other people have wondered! There are so many things about the prologue that really do stand out on another reread.

Not only do Kaede and the others seem definitely familiar with the Monokumerz, but there’s also the matter of Miu’s line about talent at Amami (“Why’re you talkin’ like someone who’s got talent!?”) and Amami’s line to the Monokumerz where he asks “Why are you doing this ridiculous copycat routine—” before they interrupt him as well.

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Destiny | WMatsui - Chapter 29

Jurina took her earphones out as she entered the rehearsal room of the SKE theater, waving at the few members already present. In less than ten minutes, the fifteen girls that composed SKE’s senbatsu were expected to work on their next important event. Indeed, the idol group was supposed to do a mini showcase in Nagoya in two days, the performance being broadcast live on TV for the occasion. Jurina dropped her sports bag in a corner of the room and nonchalantly sat on the floor, her attention caught by the two girls dancing in front of the large mirrors.

Nao Furuhata and Ayuka Kamimura.

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“Substitute Guardian” (a Morgan Lives AU) Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Chapter is after the Read More, so as not to clutter folks’ dashboards.

A year ago, I wrote the first chapter of an AU fic about Morgan surviving the events of Turn Coat. Well, I know it’s been a long time in coming, but here is Chapter Two of that AU, the title of which has been settled on. I only hope you will find this entertaining, and that it might help some of you stave off the boredom of having to continue to wait for Jim to finish Peace Talks. Enjoy. ^_^

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Publicly Acknowledging Your Wrongdoings: The Kirbopher 2016 Edition

I met Chris Niosi over the internet in 2004. That is, as of 2016, twelve years ago for those who are counting. In 2005 I attended Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland, and got to meet Niosi in person, as well as abusive pedophile Bryon Beaubien, the living cupcake Christina Warren, and several others. Between 2004 and 2008 I had near-daily experiences with Chris Niosi through Skype calls that lasted hours upon hours. Many of our conversations are documented in the audio podcast ‘Wha-Chow’. Did you know that back in those days, you could only have around 4-5 people in a Skype call before the program wouldn’t allow any more to join? It was Chris Niosi, to my knowledge, who found out a way to hack an unlimited number of people in.

What I’m getting at is that I’ve known Kirbopher for a good long while, and I am well versed in Chris Niosi circa 2005-2010. 

The Fallout Shelter forums were where I met a lot of people back then, and among the masses Kirbopher was a star. His original run of TOME was a huge hit on he site due to Kirb’s constant inclusion of well known forum goers as guest stars or voice actors. It was a good way to earn a following and I’ll admit, the pull was strong when you were 18 and first starting to make friends online as I was. I entered a fanart contest and had my character appear in a tournament. I got to voice one of the characters. All fun and games.

Then Fireball20xl happened. The Wha-Chows happened. And suddenly every day there was a Skype call with Kirb and I began to KNOW Kirb. I saw inside his life, his mind, and I began to understand.

The people that the ‘Kirb Defenders’ have been attacking and harassing have all been right, and all these victims and witnesses of character have a RIGHT to speak up and warn others, especially if it could bring closure. If I chime in I HOPE it makes a lick of difference but there’s a reason that the saying ‘Don’t Meet Your Heroes’ exists, kids. What you see of Chris Niosi online is the tip of the iceberg that he WANTS you to see. You are only privy to the 1% that Niosi has full control of.

You will never meet someone more self-absorbed and selfish as Chris Niosi. 

It’s the long and short of it. The bagel story, the constant abuse he engaged in of various people, the horrifying petty and disgusting actions? That’s who Chris Niosi is. That’s the other 99%. A screamy, self absorbed ass who used his Aspergers as an excuse to act out while condemning those who also had autism. A jerkoff whose sole purpose in life is to get ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, with his PR stunts and his word warping he’s VERY good at putting on a mask for the public. He WAS Psyguy’s ‘best friend’ for the longest time, thus he was able to learn from the best. (Granted every day was spent with both Psy and Kirb shit talking each other to ME PERSONALLY, but I digress. The two of them fed off of each other for attention constantly). I remember he’d corner every guest star Psy had on Wha-Chow in order to coerce them into doing a voice he’d shoe-horn into his animations. Then Kirb would go and EDIT WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES to include HIS work on other people’s articles (Don’t think I didn’t notice you putting your name into JonTron’s Wiki page, Kirb. You little leech you). Each step Kirb takes is to step on one person to get into the spotlight of someone higher up. 

Kirb has an interesting backstory where his education is concerned. Kirb entered college alongside four other young gentlemen, all of them going to college for art in one way or another. All of them graduated and one by one they all traveled out West save for Kirb who was the LAST to go because out of all of them, only ONE person had in no way improved despite many years of art college and that was Kirb. He went into it thinking that his style was perfect and he left, all on his parents dime, without having improved in the slightest.

(Oh, and I have to mention that it was on his parents dime because they DID pay for his tuition (along with everything else he’s ever wanted in life) during that time, because Kirb was asking people to help FUND his college efforts (the efforts he put no effort into). This spawned the joke in Spazzkid’s Street Fighter Chode of Kirb screaming “Pay for my college”.)

What is interesting is that these four gentlemen I spoke of all DESPISE Kirb. He’s been a black spot in their lives and a leech off their success and talents for god knows how long. One of them in particular found love in New York with a girl that Kirb was fancying and the two artists moved west and Kirb lost his damn MIND over this girl falling for his friend and rejecting him. When it came to Kirb and women, he would stop at nothing to invade every aspect of a girl’s life, stalking them and obsessing over them. I saw it with this girl, I saw it with Liz, and I saw it with tumblr user Audioerf who I remember would come into calls with complete strangers (such as me) just to hide from Kirb.

Despite these artists HATING Kirb’s guts they have always been lax on speaking out against him, as if KNOWING Kirb in person somehow gave them reason to clam up. Really, they have the bigger voices than most since they experienced Kirb’s nonsense firsthand for YEARS in college and beyond. It’s not like it would be a damning move in their animation industry to openly criticize someone like Kirb who already blacklists HIMSELF from every major studio thanks to how self centered he is. There’s very little talk I see going around about the Deviantart page dedicated to venting about Niosi’s constant bullshit in school. I see very little talk about the Niosi puppet. It exists, somewhere, a monument to mock Niosi for being such an asshole.

Kirb being a self centered and boisterous asshat has been a public thing for ages. Newgrounds was Kirb’s home for the longest time, and even THERE he earned the hatred of a very famous GRUMPY person who Kirb leeched off of for years. Who remembers the ‘Brawl Taunts’ days back on Newgrounds? Where, utilizing Rina-Chan’s horrible voice acting and garbage writing paired with Kirb’s garbage animation skills, the dynamic duo shat out video after video that constantly made the front page of Newgrounds? Tom Fulp was basically held hostage by the views that the videos garnered despite their awful quality. That, coupled with Kirb’s TOME episodes and the god awful Parody Rangers episodes getting tons of traffic thanks to Fireball20xl, Kirb was a big name on Newgrounds and his bolstering and public jerking that he engaged in earned him the ire of basically every major Newgrounds animator at the time. (Kirb would later on try to claim that he didn’t enjoy making Brawl Taunts but he certainly made THREE of them and suckled that sweet teat of popularity the whole time without a complaint).

In fact, I went and checked before writing this. Go to Newgrounds. Look up Brawl Funnies. A large group of animators got together to mock how awful Brawl Taunts was and to shit all over how much of a shitter Kirbopher is. The scene that sums up EXACTLY who Kirbopher is not exemplified better than Kirb in a hot air balloon, dumping bags of self-respect out of the basket in order to reach a cloud that says ‘popularity’. 

Listen. I understand people wanting to stand up for their heores, and if you like TOME, well then you’re free to like what you want in life. But don’t…..don’t sit there and assume that just because you LIKE this one thing that the creator can’t be a raging douchebag on top of it. You DON’T know the guy. You can’t make that type of judgement logically. And thus you have no right to try and jump down the throats of those who HAVE had the balls to speak out.

You think that Kirb owning up publicly to what he’s done, FOR ONCE validating the claims of abuse that people have kept receipts of over the years, FINALLY dropping the facade and admitting that he’s done some pretty fucked up things and treated people badly….you think that him owning up publicly to that is going to make things WORSE? That’s SQUARE ONE of how things start to get BETTER.

I was a part of Kirb’s friend group. I was a yes-man to Bryon Beaubien just like Kirb was. I watched ten girls in two years get abused, shat on, and I did and said nothing that would have stopped it. I even flirted with a girl several years my minor during and after Psy had been courting her. I said crude things, THOUGHT in a toxic way that was not even my own. I was a huge asshole and I was guilty by association and guilty thanks to inaction, just like Kirb.

But I owned up to it.

I PUT myself out there for ridicule, so that the poor girl who I wasn’t even AWARE I had hurt could hopefully find some closure. So that the brave person who called me out publicly could have the satisfaction of knowing that I took responsibility and did what I could to make things right. So that I could try and make a difference for the people I had witnessed get abused.

I witnessed Kirb mock these women in his flash cartoons. I witnessed Kirb mock these girls in Skype calls. I witnessed Kirb obsess and foam at the mouth over women he was stalking. I witnessed Kirb make a mad grab at fame no matter the cost over and over and over again. Nothing makes me more furious than knowing that Kirb looked these victims in the eyes and called what he KNEW had happened to them ‘Gossip’, all to cover his tail, just for him to turn around and take the high road in a vague and non-confessional manner weeks later when the creator of Clarence was called out for sexual abuse because he knew it would make him seem more popular.

Nothing is as far greater an insult to me than for me to extend my hand to him to have us both stand tall and open ourselves up about the sordid hands we played in such abuse only to have him turn his back on me, his deeds, and the people he had hurt. 

I did my best to change my outlook on life and change myself so I could be a better person to my then-girlfriend. Now we’ve been married for over two years here in 2016. Kirb has never changed, not in twelve years. I called him out back in 2014 but it seems that it needs to be said again. There is nothing stopping you from trying to become a better person. When you are as a guilty of so many shitty things as Niosi is, I know that it seems daunting to even make an ATTEMPT. But that’s the first step, and the first step is ALWAYS the hardest. Change who you are. Admit to your transgressions, ACKNOWLEDGE your victims of abuse, own up to your bad behavior, and DO something about it.

It’s far better to face consequences than it is to live as a guilty coward.

I cannot remember who it was (and I apologize for forgetting) who made the post saying ‘Name ONE Thing Kirbopher has done that wasn’t for himself that wasn’t a PR stunt’, but oh my god. You’re absolutely right. Kirb has NEVER done anything that didn’t further his own social goals. If you “Can’t Accept” that this Chris Niosi is the TRUE Chris Niosi, then I’m sorry for how short sighted you are. I implore you to go seek out Brawl Funnies and do your own digging. Listen to old Wha-Chows where Kirb HAD to dominate every conversation and make it about him or else he’d get angry and snappy and begin insulting others or cutting them off. Actually READ what the other people who have stepped forward have to say. It’s all there. If Kirb is still a raging and unapologetic douche then I simply wish that, if he won’t change, hopefully those who blindly follow him will. 

SERIOUSLY. It’s okay to like someone’s work and still acknowledge that the creator is NOT a good person. Skyler Page sexually abused a female coworker and was kicked off Clarence, his own show, but people still watch it and sometimes even enjoy it. I adore Ren & Stimpy and it is public knowledge that John K, it’s creator, is a huge asshole. HECK, I enjoy the artwork of Andrew Dickman and he’s a sexually abusive rage monster. Will I publicly endorse the artwork from this writhing waste of space through likes and reblogs? No, he does not that deserve that. But I can still enjoy, from time to time, a piece of artwork that he creates. 

So if you love TOME, I IMPLORE you to distinguish the person from the product. I get that TOME can be something someone might like. I myself enjoyed it back in the day ten years ago. But do not throw yourself against the rocks to defend someone you know nothing about. NEVER do that. The victims that speak out are not at fault, only Kirb is. And even then, don’t let Niosi being a huge assface turn you away from something you enjoy. If him being a waste of oxygen is enough to make you give up TOME then so be it, but the victims here aren’t ASKING for you to give up TOME. They’re not asking anything. They simply want people to be informed. 

If you need any base proof of Kirb’s true character, note how he’s not at all called for his fans to NOT attack those who have come forward and how he’s not condemned the actions of those who have gone after these victims. But he SURE WILL take time to speak to the ‘little people’ that he normally ignores when they pop up to dump praise on him.

As for those who DO hate Kirb who have known him the most intimate through school and such, I DO hope you can find it in you to at least…be more public about Niosi. You know better than anyone else how much of an unapologetic leech he is. If he can’t bring himself to change, you have every bit of power in you to help get him blacklisted further and further. I know that, sometimes in the animation industry, shit talking someone can lead to you having trouble getting employed but in this instance, with Kirb, I don’t think you’ll lose ANY face. You’re only adding more testimonies to the pile. You would do far less harm than good. Your voice is important when people who share your opinion on how shitty Kirb is come under attack for that very opinion.


@geckomaster25852 expressed interest in having me make cards based on Egyptian divinities. These aren’t really meant to be balanced but, I sorta tried. It’s also like 2am so I am so tired. There’s the five children of Nut and Seb, plus Amon-Re and Apep. I’ve given each a keyword, a limitation, and a way to turn them on- all in line with the Amonkhet god template. Explanations under cut.

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So You Want to Work With Lilith?

Note: This post is in many ways inspired by my UPG. This is not intended to speak for all those who want to work with her, nor is this a ‘comprehensive’ post.

This is (hopefully) a primer for people who are brand-new to Lilith like I once was, who want some insight. This is not intended to define Lilith as a Goddess/succubus/demon/etc, and I will not be calling her any of those things. If you want to have that debate, go take it to SoloOnTheRocks. I’m sure she’ll have a thing or two to say about that.

That’s not what this conversation is about. In some ways, this is a primer. In many ways, this is a warning.

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Fantaghiro: A Quality Feminist/Egalitarian Film Series

So I mentioned in a previous post about how updating fairy tales with a modern, feminist spin is kind of a hot topic right now and that such adaptations are sometimes, well, lacking.  While I appreciate the thought behind them, they’re often not very well thought out because they’re put together by Hollywood hacks with the intent of making something that will keep kids quiet for an hour and make critics who don’t think very deeply praise it for its “hip, modern interpretation.” So most of these adaptations are really just GIRL ENJOYS VIOLENCE,PATRIARCHY COLLAPSES FOR SOME REASON stories.  I mentioned that, for a truly feminist fairy tale, the Fantaghiro series delivers in spades. Now my American readers might not be familiar with Fantaghiro.   Fantaghiro, sometimes called “The Cave of the Golden Rose” in English translations, was a series of Italian made-for-TV childrens’ fantasy movies in the early 90s. In all honesty, they’re pretty corny since they’re intended for children and the special effects, which were already pretty cheap by the standards of the time, did not age well.  But still, I think these films hold up really well as fun little fantasy adventures. Even more so, these films have some really interesting, progressive things to say about gender politics, to the point that I would call them feminist and most of my anti-feminist readers would probably describe them as “egalitarian.”

First, a little background. Our protagonist in these films is Princess Fantaghiro (Alessandra Martines), your archetypical tomboy princess who likes to punch things and doesn’t want to have nice quiet tea parties like a good girl should.  As the first film opens, her father’s kingdom has been at war with its neighbor for generations, to the point that no one remembers why they were originally fighting.  When the neighboring king dies and his son Prince Romualdo (Kim Rossi Stuart) takes the throne, he issues a challenge to Fantaghiro’s father, saying that Romualdo will face off against his best champion in man-to-man combat to settle this war once and for all. Naturally, Fantaghiro ends up being the champion. She and Romualdo fight, but end up falling in love, blah blah blah, you know how this sort of thing goes. The remaining films follow other, unrelated adventures of Fantaghiro and Romualdo as they face other villains. In Fantaghiro 2, Romualdo is kidnapped and turned into a love slave of the evil Dark Witch (Brigitte Nielsen!); Fantaghiro rescues him. In Fantaghiro 3, Fantaghiro rescues kidnapped children from the wizard Tarabas (Nicholas Rogers) and his mother Xellesia (Ursula Andress!). In Fantaghiro 4, Fantaghiro faces a plague-bearing stormcloud sent by the world’s most evil wizard, Darken (Horst Buchholz!). Fantaghiro 5 is some nonsense about a wooden giant; I’m not even going to bother with that one, because everyone agrees it’s lame.

So here’s what makes this series interesting:

1)      Fantaghiro:  Our main protagonist Fantaghiro kind of a masculinized woman, in that she displays a lot of traits more commonly associated with men. She is head-strong, brave, and unafraid to speak her mind. She loves to fight and is an expert archer, swordsperson and equestrian. Her greatest dream is to be a knight, but, living in her patriarchal quasi-medieval society, that’s an avenue closed off to her unless she pretends to be a man. However, while a lot of supposedly feminist fairy tales will present these masculine traits as uniformly positive in a woman, Fantaghiro also displays some less desirable manly traits. She has a streak of senseless cruelty that she needs to learn to control; as a child, she torments her sisters and smashes up their sisters dolls for no reason. I find her refreshing because her character avoids the LET’S MAKE A WOMAN WHO’S JUST PERFECT AND GOOD AT EVERYTHING trap that so many feminist yarns seem to fall into. She’s a flawed, well-rounded character and her masculinity has both positive and negative aspects.

Fantaghiro is almost definitely just intended to be a tomboy, but given the metatext of the series you could make a plausible argument that she’s actually supposed to be a transman. One of the recurring motifs of the series is Fantaghiro disguising herself as a man, something that she does often and with obvious relish. Interestingly, in the earlier films, she switches hairstyles, between long flowing locks when she’s in her normal appearance and a rather unflattering pageboy haircut when she’s in disguise. In later entries, Fantaghiro abandons long hair completely and is only seen in the pageboy cut. While early entries in the franchise often involve Fantaghiro proving herself against sexist adversaries, villains in the later movies take it as a given that Fantaghiro is a legitimate challenger to their plans.  Is it because she’s permanently adopted a look that reads as more male? Or is the male haircut a reflection of her finding her place in the world? I don’t know how to read it, but I find it fascinating.

2) Catherine and Caroline

Fantaghiro has two older sisters, Catherine and Caroline, who present more traditionally feminine foils to our heroine: Caroline is the beautiful ditzy sister who’s mostly interested in fashion and hairstyles, while Catherine is the more level-headed, nurturing sister who dispenses matronly wisdom. Now many ostensible feminist narratives would characterize the feminine sisters as spoiled brats whose love for tea parties and dolls would somehow mark them as inferior to Fantaghiro and her love of slingshots. And while the sisters are kind of helpless and prissy, both are also shown to be forgiving and kind-hearted (When her father forces Fantaghiro to spend a night at the bottom of a well as punishment for disobeying him, Caroline and Catherine sneak food to her – even though she broke their dolls earlier that same day). Again, where Fantaghiro shows both positive and negative male traits, the sisters show both positive and negative female traits.  

When a prophecy says that one of the king’s daughters must defeat Romulado in combat, the king pretends that it’s not completely friggin’ obvious that it refers to Fantaghiro and instead sends all three of his daughters disguised as knights. Fantaghiro absolutely loves this, savoring the opportunity to ride around on a horse and shout at people like a man, but her sisters are less enamored. (Caroline is horrified that a helmet might ruin her hair) Fantaghiro keeps berating her sisters for their incompetence at riding and fighting, until they finally blow up at her. This scene is important because this is where the three sisters come to an understanding: Caroline and Catherine, who have never understood Fantaghiro’s tomboyish ways, realize that they shouldn’t stand in the way of how Fantaghiro wants to live her life even if they don’t understand it. At the same time, Fantaghiro realizes that Caroline and Catherine don’t want the same things that she does, and that she shouldn’t judge them for that.  This again continues the series’ emphasis on the idea that everyone should make their own choices and live the lives they choose.

3) Romualdo

While Fantaghiro represents a masculinized woman, Romualdo represents a feminized man – not just because he’s played by bishonen actor Kim Rossi Stuart but also because he displays many traits that are more often associated with women than men, like, for example, compassion and nurturing. When he first becomes king, Romualdo eschews the heavy, spiked armor traditionally worn by the kings of his country because he thinks it would be cruel to force his horse to carry such a load. When there’s not enough food for the common people in his kingdom, he gives up his own luxurious lifestyle and cuts his military budget to better provide for them.  Finally, realizing that the endless war is hurting his people and bankrupting his kingdom, he takes steps to end it. However, despite his essential feminity, Romualdo is not portrayed as a weakling.  He’s an expert equestrian, swordsman and swimmer as well as a very competent ruler.  This is important because a lot of narratives that purport to be feminist don’t have a good idea of how to present a strong female character without contrasting her against a weak male character.  Romualdo is always portrayed as Fantaghiro’s equal and, while he frequently ends up playing the damsel in distress that Fantaghiro has to rescue injust about every installment, he’s also had to rescue her on quite a few occasions. (For example, in Fantaghiro 2, Romualdo is bewitched by the Dark Witch. Fantaghiro breaks the spell at enormous cost – it backfires and turns her into a frog, after which the now free Romulado must rescue her.)

Incidentally, just as Fantaghiro is paired with two more traditionally feminine sisters, Romulado is paired with two more traditionally masculine friends: Catualdo, who is brash and impulsive, and Ivaldo, who’s more of a cool-headed tactician. However, both Catualdo and Ivaldo are shown to have many positive qualities: They’re fiercely loyal to their friends and have a strong innate sense of justice. Once again, both positive and negative traits.

This is important because, as you can see, we have a series that features feminine women, masculine women, feminine men, and masculine men and none of them are ever shamed for their behaviors.

4) Tarabas

Beyond our core group, we also have Tarabas, an initially evil wizard with a surprizing resemblance to Jack Sparrow-era Johnny Depp and who first appears in Fantaghiro 3. Tarabas’ mother has raised him to be the world’s most evil wizard, but, after interacting with Fantaghiro and growing to love her, he decides to give up his evil ways and devote his life to making up for his past cruelties. He has been raised to believe that it is his destiny and his right to dominate and destroy.  He falls in love with Fantaghiro, but Fantaghiro only has eyes for her love Romualdo. Knowing that the only way that he will be able to possess Fantaghiro would be through force, Tarabas instead decides NOT to do this. I want to point this out, because so many rape apologists don’t get this ostensibly easy-to-understand point. HE KNOWS SHE WON’T COME TO HIM OF HER FREE WILL AND HE ACCEPTS HER DECISION. A lot of fairy tales feature an evil character reforming to win the love of a woman, but Tarabas has given up all his awesome, phenomenal powers and technically gained nothing – something that I think makes his conversion a little more powerful. Tarabas returns in Fantaghiro 4, still pining for our titular princess, but, when Romualdo is again kidnapped by evil forces, he puts aside his feelings and joins Fantaghiro as a friend to help her find her beloved. Tarabas is an important character because he demonstrates the series’ continuing theme of self-determination and, like The Iron Giant, BEING WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE.

5) The White Witch/ The White Knight

Also kind of interesting is that, during the first two miniseries, Fantaghiro is mentored by a genderfluid nature spirit that alternatively appears to her as a male knight or a female witch. (Both parts are played by the same actress.)  The knight teaches Fantaghiro how to fight effectively, while the witch teaches her self-control and restraint, showing the importance of both male and female aspects in her training.

6) The Dark Witch

Nothing much to say about gender dynamics here, but I really wanted to point out that the hyper-voluptuous, oversexed villainess the Dark Witch is played with hamtasic zeal by the very lovely Bridgette Nielson. If I could abandon by academic analysis briefly to go into drooling fanboy mode, OH MY GOD SHE SO PRETTY C:

That’s enough writing for now. I hope this extremely long post has helped explain some of the reasons that I enjoy these films so much.

anonymous asked:

This is gonna sound dumb but what is the Concubine Wars? Like if you explained it before link me to it please or if you haven't can you explain? Even if you don't want to send me to someone who can cause I really wanna know. Why is everyone dying?

It’s okay to ask, although I’m flattered you’re asking me of all people to try and explain this, but I’ll try my best. For the most part, ’ll try to stick closely to canonical information for the most part. And please feel free to contribute to this discussion if you want!

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NOtp: Hel/Baldr.

@edderkopper Any reason you’re so against Baldr/Hel? I don’t ship them myself; I’m just curious, since their relationship isn’t really laid out either way in the lore. (No need to share if it’s a sensitive topic.)

I have a lot of ~feelings about this. I’ll do my best to put on my critical thematic hat. So, speaking for myself, and thematically, a defense in 3 mini parts:


The primary thing comes down to a very important niche Hel offers in world religions: independent female sovereignty, particularly of the Underworld/death. Predominantly, death gods are just that: male aspect deities. They have no trouble ruling alone. Sometimes they have consorts or queens, sometimes not. However, every female death queen I know of has a male counterpart except Hel. Yes, you could split some hairs to find another, but in that same pantheon are also male death deities. In Norse, there is only Hel. 

We have people associated with death: Odinn, Freyja, and Freyr obviously come to mind. Odinn, who performs necromancy and collects his dead, but is not the god of death part and parcel—his reign is different and important as King of the Aesir and a god of war. Freyja’s similarities are obvious, having taught Odinn seidr and collecting her dead. Freyr is associated with the dead through the alfar and burial mounds and the dying king symbolism through his Yngvi aspect. But death is not who these gods are, it’s part of what they do, it’s skills they learn and are associated by. I don’t mean to diminish them: I’m not. I’m trying to place emphasis on the facet versus entirety. 

I said I’d be splitting hairs, but I think this is important. It is only Hel who accepts all the dead; the sick, the old, the killed-outside-of-battle, even the warriors Freyja and Odinn passed over. Hel who herself is half-dead. She is death. And she rules independently. A female ruling a ‘male’ coded (cross-culturally) space alone is incredibly important representation. The fact that she has no counterpart is also important to many people, and many people who work with her have UPG of her being demisexual and/or on the asexual spectrum. I also think this reinforces her independence and sovereignty.


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