since third grade

How movies with white teenage boys as the main characters always start

(Scene: home in main characters room)
*Main character’s mom yells, “JOSH GET UP YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL”*
Main character Josh reluctantly get ready for another dreadful day of school as an outcast and neglects to comb his greasy hair.
(Scene: hallway)
Hi I’m Josh, I’m your average dorky white boy with loose fitting jeans and an over sized shirt. This is my best friend Will (an even shorter, more nerdier white kid and usually with red hair for some reason)
Best friend Will: “did you catch the game last night it was so…”
*An attractive, likable, popular white girl who has all A’s (yet has a douchebag, fuckboy boyfriend named Brad or some shit who is the antagonist) walks by"*
Attractive white popular girl: “hey josh did you do the homework from last night?”
*Josh being the dork he is stammers on his words and ends up saying complete gibberish*
*Attractive white popular girl gives him a weird look and smiles awkwardly as she walks away*
Best friend of the main character: “dude you’ve been in love with her since third grade when are you going to make a move?”
Josh: “I know 😩😩😩 but this year things change. I’m going to ask her to go to the dance with me.”
Best nerdy friend: “dude she’s been going out with Brad for three years”
*Brad walks by with 4 white boys and two muscular black boys behind him and knocks down greasy haired main character Josh and his greasy haired companion Will’s books down*
“Hey losers”
*Brad and his diverse crew of bullies laugh and dap each other up*

Some Strings Attached

Ugh so there was a post going around that I’ve now long since misplaced but it was like “I just saw you go upstairs with someone else and I know we’re only fuck buddies but I’m gonna go punch them in the face” and I was HERE FOR IT. If somebody remembers the post, link me. In the meantime, have some Sterek getting together fluff.

“Just tell Derek you want to date him,” Scott says, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.

Stiles bugs his eyes and flails his hands in wordless frustration, because the correct response to this patently ludicrous advice eludes him. He had come for sympathy, not pie-in-the-sky delusions. “Scott. Bro,” he finally gasps. “How could you even suggest that in good faith? No way! Bad plan!” He slashes his arms in a demonstrative X. “The only reason we’re even hooking up is that I made it super clear I was down to fuck, no strings attached! I’m not ruining a good thing by announcing to Derek Hale that I’m 85% in love with him.”

“Why?” Scott genuinely seems confused, the sweet summer child. After falling into a happy triad with Allison and Isaac after their first semester at UCLA, he doesn’t really understand the definition of “unrequited.”

Stiles turns his attention to a hanging thread on his t-shirt, sourly tugging it loose. “He’s out of my league. I mean, with the baseball, and the smarts, and the sarcasm, and those eyes…” he breaks off with a sigh. The last thing he needs to do is remind himself of how gone he is on Derek. “Just, he’s popular. Dictionary definition of too cool for school. And the three people he actually deigns to hang out with here are all just as cool and good looking as he is. Do I need to remind you I’m not? I’m a gawky, nerdy Sophomore. I’m lucky to even be his fuck-buddy.”

Scott makes a face, incredulous. “I dunno, he must like you well enough if he’s still sleeping with you after all this time. What’s it been, six months? And you guys hang out, too, you’re always telling me about how easy it is to chat with him after you bone. So it’s not just sex.”

Stiles grimaces. “Yeah, but it’s not…”

“… a real relationship,” Derek says into the phone, hearing full well the heavy dejection in his voice. So sue him; the admission is more than a little depressing. “He just wants to be fuck buddies.”

“How do you know?” Laura asks reasonably. “Maybe this Stiles person would be interested in dating you, too. No offence, but you’re not great at reading people. I mean, he’s interested in chilling with you even after you hook up, and clearly he enjoys the physical aspect. Did he actually ever say he wasn’t looking for more?”

Derek heaves a sigh, rolling his eyes even though she can’t see over the phone. “Yep. About two minutes after the first time we slept together he said, ‘no strings attached, obviously.’ So, you know, pretty safe bet that it’s no strings attached.”

“Oh,” Laura says. For once she doesn’t have a snappy comeback.

“Oh,” Derek agrees. Dejectedly.

She gives him a sympathetic little hum, and then asks, “and he’ll definitely be at the sorority barbecue?”

“Yeah.” Stiles and his broad shoulders and his long fingers are definitely going to be at the party.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go,” his sister says softly. “If you really like him, and he’s just looking to get laid…”

Derek groans. Not go, and give up a chance to hook up with Stiles? Smart, maybe, but not something he’s capable of doing.

The problem is, he’s liked Stiles forever. Or at least since he first saw him, laughing uproariously and running around with his friends with an actually broom between his legs, playing “Quidditch.” Derek would have been way too embarrassed to do something like that on the front lawn, but Stiles made it seem like the most effortlessly awesome thing a person could get up to.

No, compared to Stiles, Derek is practically a social recluse, an awkward jock with only about three people who he gets along with at all. Stiles definitely doesn’t want to get saddled with a boyfriend like him. He’s lucky they’re even hooking up after all this time.

“Derek, I mean it,” Laura says. “Look out for yourself for once.”

“I know, I know,” Derek grumbles. “But it’s not my fault he’s…”

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Anon requests:can I request a Jughead Jones imagine where the reader moved from Riverdale a few years ago and comes back while the Jason Blossom death mystery (she knows what happened and all even Ms. Grundy) she and Jughead had a past together (like Jughead and Archie liked her and they were bffs but she liked Jug more) and they still love each other and Jughead sees her at school and it hits him that she’s back but he’s dating Betty and Archie still likes her and it pisses off Jug. The ending’s up to you :)

Could you do a Jughead x reader based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran??

Pairing: Jughead x Betty, Archie x Reader, Jughead x Reader

Description: An old childhood crush returns, and of course, drama ensues.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,208

A/N: wow okay so I totally strayed from the prompts but I’m hoping you like it anyway?? Anyhow, enjoy!

I found a love for me

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Jughead stood in the school hallway by Betty’s locker, talking and laughing with her.  His eyes almost missed a figure walking past him, but at the last second his gaze flickered to a girl striding down the hallway.  He did a double take as he realized who it was.

“(Y/N)?” he muttered under his breath, interrupting his conversation with Betty.

“What?” Betty asked, looking over her shoulder at the girl who just passed by.  “(Y/N)?  Didn’t she used to live around here or something?”

“Yeah,” he answered, breathless. “Yeah, but then she moved.”

“Well, I guess she’s back,” Betty replied, then steered the conversation back to their previous topic. Jughead nodded and responded to everything Betty said, but he couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the girl who returned to Riverdale.

Jughead was not the only member of (Y/N)’s childhood to be shaken by her return; Archie spotted her roaming the hallways later that day.  His heartbeat started to quicken as the feelings for his childhood crush rushed back to him.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled, following her down the hallway.  She turned around at the call of her name, and when she noticed Archie, she broke out into a grin.

“Archie!” she exclaimed, walking towards him.  “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he answered, and they soon fell in step as they began to walk in the same direction.  “How are you?”

“I’m great,” she beamed.

“So you’re back,” he noted, a smile never leaving his face.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded.

“I am,” she replied.  “Just moved back a few days ago, actually.” The conversation lulled for a moment, neither (Y/N) or Archie knowing what to say.  “So how’s Jughead?” she asked, breaking the silence.

“He’s good,” Archie answered. “He’s got a girlfriend now.”  (Y/N) froze.

“Really?” she questioned, painting a smile on her face.  “Who?”

“Do you remember Betty Cooper?” Archie asked, and (Y/N) nodded.  “He’s dating her.”

“Oh wow,” (Y/N) fake laughed. “Honestly, I always thought she had a thing for you.”

“She did,” Archie shrugged, “but I didn’t feel the same.  She moved on to Jughead, I guess.”  The pair fell into a moment of silence again before the ringing of the school bell broke it.

“Well, I have to get to biology,” (Y/N) said, moving away from Archie.  Before she got too far, Archie called out after her.

“Hey, do you wanna catch up sometime?  Like maybe meet at Pop’s tonight?”  

“Yeah,” (Y/N) smiled.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

That night, when (Y/N) entered Pop’s, the first face she saw was not Archie.  Rather, it was Jughead, who she had not yet seen since she moved back. Scanning the diner to make sure Archie wasn’t waiting for her, (Y/N) walked towards Jughead’s booth.

“Jughead, hey,” she greeted as she approached his table.  He glanced up from his laptop to see (Y/N) standing over him.

“(Y/N),” he said with wide eyes. He slowly closed his laptop lid, then gestured for her to sit.  “You’re back.”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I am.”  Before Jughead could say anything else, the bell on the door jingled, signaling a new customer had entered.  It was Archie.  “Well,” (Y/N) said, standing up, “that’s my cue to leave.  See you around, Jug.”  Jughead tensed at the use of his old nickname, and he watched as (Y/N) walked over to Archie and sat across from him in a booth.  He felt his blood boil every time she laughed at something he said. Constantly, he reminded himself there was nothing to be jealous of, he had a girlfriend.  Somehow, that only made his longing for (Y/N) worse.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N) were in third grade.  It was a hot summer day, filled with sticky popsicle hands, grass tickling the bottom of bare feet, and a bright sun radiating an immense amount of heat.  The children were running around in (Y/N)’s backyard with not a care in the world.  Suddenly, (Y/N) tripped and scraped her knee.  She cried out in pain, causing the boys to turn around in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Jughead exclaimed, both him and Archie running over to her side.

“Are you okay?” Archie asked, examining her knee.

“I’m fine,” she pushed both boys away.  “It’s just a scrape.”  This didn’t relieve the concerned looks from either of the boys’ faces, and (Y/N), looking directly at Jughead, repeated that she was fine.  Jughead reached out a hand and helped her up.

None of the children knew it at the time, but one day Jughead and (Y/N) would reflect on this day and realize that at this moment, something in their relationship changed.  There was a shift from friendship to love, and it all started on the day where (Y/N) scraped her knee.

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Archie asked (Y/N) to Pop’s again. And again.  And again.  On the fifth visit, Archie confessed his feelings for (Y/N) and asked if they could call these trips to Pop’s dates.  (Y/N), although deep down she knew her heart belonged to someone else, agreed. Neither of them payed any attention to the slamming of the door at the front.  Jughead had stormed out after hearing the exchange.

“We should have a double date,” Archie suggested to Jughead one day during school.  Jughead rolled his eyes, slamming his locker shut.

“Why?” he questioned and began strolling down the hallway.  Archie followed.

“Because I think it’d be fun,” he answered, oblivious to Jughead’s jealousy.  “I mean we were both super close with (Y/N) when we were younger, and it’s not like her and Betty are strangers.  I think it’d be fun.”  He walked off, leaving Jughead alone to his thoughts.

Jughead weighed the pros and cons of going on this double date.  On the one hand, maybe having Betty and (Y/N) together in the same room as him might help set himself straight.  He was sick of feeling guilty every time he was around Betty.  But on the other hand, he was afraid of seeing (Y/N) with Archie.  Sure, he saw them together at Pop’s all the time, but if both of them were sitting in front of him, he would not be able to look away.  He’d be forced to watch as Archie wrapped his arms around (Y/N), and he’d have to see her laughing at all his jokes.  And the worse part would be that as he sat next to Betty, the only thing he’d be thinking about is how he wished to be in Archie’s place.

Finally, Jughead made up his mind and texted Archie his answer:

Yes.  Let’s do the double date.

The night of the double date arrived, and Jughead was second-guessing his decision.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  Or maybe it’ll be fine.  No, this was an awful idea.

They didn’t do anything fancy for the double date; all four of them agreed that Pop’s was the best place to go.  When Jughead arrived at the diner, the only other person there was (Y/N).  He approached the booth and slid into it across from her.

“Hey,” he greeted.  She smiled.

“Hey, Jug,” she responded. Neither of them said anything else, both of them caught up in their own whirlwind of thoughts.  This is how it should be.  This is how they should be.

“This was a mistake,” Jughead finally said, breaking the tension.  He stood up and began to exit.

“What are you doing?” (Y/N) called out after him.  He stopped and spun on his heel, but he didn’t come back to the table.

“Leaving, (Y/N), I’m leaving,” he answered, his voice sharp.  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“I know that, dumbass, I mean why?”

“Because I can’t do this,” he threw his hands up in the air in frustration.  “I can’t sit across from you and watch you be happy with someone else.” Neither (Y/N) or Jughead noticed that Betty and Archie had just entered the diner.

“Why?  You can’t be happy for me?” (Y/N) demanded, stepping a tiny bit closer to Jughead.  He shook his head.

“No, I can’t,” he replied.  “Not when you’re happy with someone else.”  

“Then who do you want me to be happy with?”

“With me, goddammit!” he shouted. (Y/N) froze.

“With you?” she repeated, quieter. Jughead buried his face in his hands.

“Jesus,” he mumbled into his skin, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Well since you did,” (Y/N) took a couple more steps closer to Jughead, “why don’t you explain yourself?”

“I’m in love with you, okay?” he shouted, throwing arms up.  “Is that what you wanted to hear?  I have been in love with you since the third grade, and then you fucking left.  So I started dating Betty because I thought she made me happy, and dammit she does make me happy.  But then you came back, you just had to come back.  Now Betty, poor Betty, she doesn’t have a clue.  I still love you, (Y/N), but now you’re dating Archie and this is just a big pile of shit.”  (Y/N) stood there motionless, unable to move.

“Since the third grade?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.  Jughead nodded.

“Jughead,” Betty finally gained the courage to speak.  Her voice caught the attention of both Jughead and (Y/N), causing their focus to snap over to the blonde and the ginger standing in the entrance.

“How much of that did you hear?” Jughead groaned.  Betty smiled sadly.

“All of it.”

“You must hate me,” he said, and Betty shook her head.

“No, Juggie, I don’t hate you. But I do think you should’ve told me how you felt.”  She walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek, and then slowly walked backwards. “I’m not going to keep you from the girl you love.”  She sent him one more sad smile before exiting the diner, leaving Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N).

“Jughead,” Archie started, but Jughead held up his hand to stop him.

“No, Archie, this isn’t about me,” Jughead said.  “It’s about (Y/N).”  Both of the boys turned to face (Y/N), and she couldn’t help but recall that time when she scraped her knee.  That time where both of the boys showed concern for her, but she only appreciated it from one of them.

“(Y/N)?” Archie questioned. “It’s okay if you don’t want to… you know.”  She looked at him sadly.

“Archie,” she began, “I love you. I truly, truly do.”  Jughead deflated at this, and he was about to exit the diner when (Y/N) continued.  “But I can’t lead you on like this.  You’ve been one of my best friends since we were little, and I don’t want anything to ruin that.”  She didn’t have to say anything else, because Archie nodded in understanding.  He hugged (Y/N) tight, and they stood embracing each other in the diner, Jughead watching.  They pulled apart and Archie nodded at Jughead before he, too, left the diner.

Jughead and (Y/N) stood facing each other in the oddly vacant diner.

“So…” (Y/N) drawled.  “You love me?”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Neither of them had any idea of what to say, so they agreed to go home and meet up again tomorrow.  Both (Y/N) and Jughead stayed awake the whole night, wondering what they were going to say to the other the next day.

That fateful day arrived, and (Y/N) walked into Pop’s, immediately spotting Jughead sitting in a booth.  She approached the booth, and as she neared it, Jughead looked up at the sound of her footsteps.  He smiled.

“Sorry, I’m kind of a mess today,” she laughed, gesturing to her disheveled state.  She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of leggings with a small hole in them, and her ponytail was falling out of its ponytail.

“You look perfect,” he whispered, not intending for her to hear it.  However, he realized he said it too loud when he saw her smile.  She sat down across from him.

“So you love me,” she repeated what he had said yesterday, and Jughead nodded.

“I do,” he replied.  (Y/N) pursed her lips for a moment, her eyebrows furrowed.

“I love you, too,” she finally said, barely above a whisper.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

You see this face? This is the face of a boy in the most beautiful state of disbelief to ever exist. Stiles stilinski has loved Lydia Martin for years–since the third grade–and has always seen her for who she really is. He listened to her when no one else heard. He paid attention to her when no one else did. He remembered everything she ever tried to hide. He knew how smart she was despite how hard she tried to hide it, and he only loved her more because of it. He never underestimated her. He never sidelined her or blew her off or thought of her as anything less than important. He complimented her. He treated her as an equal. He did anything and everything for her. He risked his life to save hers. But, above all of this, more important than any of this, he LOVED her. He loved her before anything supernatural tested the limits of their emotions. He loved her before they had to fight for their lives and the lives of others. He loved her when he was just a boy and she was just a girl. He loved Lydia Martin like no one else has, and when he knew he was going to be completely erased from existence, he wanted to let her know that. After years of confiding only in his best friend about his feelings, after years of everyone but Lydia knowing about his feelings, after years of silence, Stiles tells Lydia to remember in any way that she can that he loves her. So, when his friends have saved him, when the love of his life made everyone they know remember who he is to bring him back, he finally gets to hear from Lydia. He never–not once–acted like he needed Lydia to admit anything to him. He never pushed her or pressured her or nagged her or coerced her to love him just because he loved her. He simply loved her, but he didn’t realize how, all this time, that was what was needed most. This is the face of a sarcastic and cocky boy with a heart so big that it stores not only unconditinal love but also immense darkness finally having all the love he gave given back. This is the face of a boy who can’t believe that the love of his life–the girl he’s always loved–loves him back. This is the face of a boy who’s heart is skipping beat after beat because he can not believe that Lydia Martin has come to love him. This is Stiles Stilinski learning that he is loved. This is Stiles Stilinski in heartachingly beautiful disbelief because he loves the same girl that loves him. gif source: @obriens

The Blonde Leading the Blind - Jughead Jones x Reader Imagine

Warnings: None

Request by anon: Hi! I would like to request something for Jughead maybe something like Betty and Veronica is trying to set up Jughead and reader, so they send them into a blind date or something? Thank you :)

I took a little liberty with it, in the fact that it’s technically a one sided blind date, but I hope you like it!

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  • Me: I really like James Madison!
  • Friend: Haha lol cuz he was in Hamilton I got u.
  • Me: No, I've studied him since third grade. He was a cool political figure considering the t-
  • Friend: Don't lie u like him for Jeffmads stuff.
  • Me: Sure. Fine. "Hamilton is the only reason I know anything about history happened."
what it means

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know.

For him, the kiss means ‘thank you’. Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you for remembering me even though it was practically impossible for you (or anyone else for that matter) to do it. Thank you for believing in my existence even though eveybody thought you were crazy. Thank you for convincing Scott and my dad and Malia that I actually was a real human being and not some idea that was stuck in your head.

It also means ‘you’re so smart’. Like you actually opened a rift through space and time to save me. And you were the one to know where I was and how to get to me. Once again, you figured it out. God, you are so smart, that’s probably my favorite thing about you.

It also means ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a child’ and I don’t care that we’ve already kissed because right now I’m not having a panic attack, even though the feeling of your lips against mine could actually give me one. I have been dreaming of kissing you hundreds of times, in my dreams, in math class, in the morning or when I went to sleep, and now I’m finally doing it, I still don’t realize it’s really happening.

It also means ‘god, I missed you so much’ and now you’re actually in my arms so I’m probably never letting go of you. I finally found what’s my favorite feeling in the world, and it’s having your body pressed against mine while your hands are on my face and mine are on your waist.

Finally, it means ‘I love you and you don’t have to say it back’’. God, I love you so much I would die for you, but I know I wasn’t going to die in the Hunt, because I had to see your face once more first. Then, I could have died if it meant you were going to be safe. I love you so much I actually can’t believe that you love me back. And you don’t have to say it back, Lydia, because I know. I have known for a while, because the way you used to look at me changed, and I felt more alive than ever everytime your eyes met mine. And I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it, because it would practically impossible for Lydia Martin to actually love me, a pale boy with lots of bones and flannel shirts. But I knew, Lydia, and I know now, and it makes me so happy that I don’t have time to hear you say it, I just want you in my arms right now. You can tell me later though.

For her, the kiss means ‘I’m sorry’. I’m sorry I didn’t remember you earlier. But as soon as you left, I knew something was wrong, I knew someone was missing, and I knew that this someone was important to me. I’m sorry I didn’t convince everyone you were real on the first try. I’m sorry I almost doubted myself when it came to you.

It also means ‘I didn’t say it back, but I do’. Since i first kissed you, I knew. I didn’t know that I loved you, but I knew that something was different between us. I knew the way I looked at you had changed, and the way you looked at me was still the same loving, tender and sweet look you used to gave me since the third grade. But I was scared of admitting it to myself, because I was scared of the consequences and I was afraid of being weak.

It simply means ‘I love you’. God, I do. I love how you make me feel, like I can do everything I never thought I could. You make me feel like I could climb mountains, and bring the dead back to life. You make me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in my whole life, inside and out, even when I’m screaming at the top of my lungs or when I have spent the night working instead of sleeping or when I have been stuck in a mental house or when I look like a zombie. And my favorite part, you make me feel smart and important. God, nobody ever made me feel smart, not even my parents because they thought it was ‘normal’ to be smart. You make me feel like I could win the Field’s medal and solve the Riemann hypothesis. You make me feel like I am the most important person in your eyes, and sometimes in the world. I love how sassy you are, even when we’re being attacked by zombie cowboys or nazi werewolves. I love how you’d do everything to save the people you love, even though you say you’re ‘just a human’ and you have no superpowers (I love how you always fight with a bat, I told you it was stupid but I secretly love it). I love how you always look out for us, all of us, and you feel like Atlas, because you don’t care about your problems, you just want to carry everyone’s problems on your shoulders. I love your smile. God, your smile is everything, it could light up the whole town. And your eyes. Your eyes are not brown, they are the most unique shade of hazel and everytime you look at me, I feel like you can see through my soul.

And it means ‘I missed you’. I’m not a fan of intimacy, but I missed you so much I couldn’t not touch you. I couldn’t wait. And I just had to run to you because you had been missing for 3 months and I have missed your face and your flannel shirts and your scent and your height and your hands and your smile and your everything about you. When I found your jersey in your room and your dad kept it, I almost cried because I wanted to keep it to myself so I could at least have your scent with me and you could be with me, even if it was not physically. I hated being alone. When you were there, you were my bestfriend, and I never felt lonely when I was with you. When you came back, as soon as we collided, I knew I would never be alone again. And as we were kissing, our bodies were almost intertwined but I still wanted to get closer to you. Because I missed you so much, and I finally got you back.

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know. But they knew that they had a lifetime to figure it out together.

You deserve better

Jughead x reader

In which the reader starts crying because of how great Jughead is.

(aka me)

It was raining outside. It was hailing earlier, harsh and cold, with a concrete-like-sky and an unrelenting chill, but now it was soft, tentative, and swirling. It was one of those unsettling situations in which it was raining, but the sun was also bright. The tarmacked ground outside was wet, but shining. Raindrops were settled on my windows, but the light was shining through them, making my room even brighter than if they weren’t there. I saw him cross the road, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes squinted against the rain. I noticed he had his backpack on his shoulders, which was never good. I took out my headphones and rushed down the stairs, opening the door for him. He walked in, shaking out his hair like a wet dog and I laughed.

“I need a place to stay.” He said, his eyes pleading. I smiled.

“Of course, Jug, whenever.” His face relaxed in relief, a grin spreading across his face. This was not the first time Jughead had had nowhere to go, and had come to stay with me. The first time he had tried to hide it from me, attempting to sleep at school, but of course I had not allowed that to continue. My parents weren’t around anyway, so there was no one to tell him no.

“Maybe you should just come and live here all the time.” I joked, and he laughed as he kicked his shoes off, but then he looked up at me, and suddenly that suggestion seemed all too real. I followed him into the kitchen and lifted myself up onto the side as he leant against the sink. I didn’t ask what had happened to make him, once again, homeless, but instead started an entirely unrelated conversation, for which I know he was grateful.

My studying was abandoned, and we ended up sprawled across the sofa watching movies, as per usual. We each leant with our backs on one arm of the sofa, our legs entangled in the middle. I looked over to him as the credits rolled, surprised to find him fast asleep, his head slumped down onto his chest. Jughead never really slept, so I felt as though it was a privilege to see him do so. His face seemed so much more peaceful, the seemingly constant furrow of his eyebrows smoothed out, and his mouth relaxed. I stared at him for so long, his face now only lit up by the faint light of the white lettering on the screen. I thought about how rarely he looked calm, peaceful or content, and how much I wanted him to be. This seemingly gloomy, angry teenage boy, who had turned out to be so gentle and good. We had been friends now since third grade, when I moved to Riverdale. I didn’t really have anyone before that, and then Jughead strolled into my life with his stupid hat and satirical humour and made everything good. He deserved so much better than what he was given.

Suddenly there were tears in my eyes and a swelling in my throat as I desperately wished Jughead Jones happiness. I let out a silent laugh as tears ran down my face at the absurdity of the situation. I was literally sitting next to my sleeping friend, crying at how great he was. I shifted my legs, moving to stand up, but froze as Jughead’s body stirred at the movement. His eyes opened slowly, looking around blearily as his legs shifted. They met mine and widened in alarm as he noticed the tears on my cheeks. He sat up quickly.

“Y/N?” He asked worriedly, his hand reaching for mine. This movement, paired with the concerned look on his face, seemed to intensify my emotions, and I let several more tears leak out of my eyes as I looked at the wonderful boy in front of me. He frowned even more, distressed by my sudden onset of emotions, moving towards me on the sofa.

“Hey, what is it?” One of his hands took mine, while his other rested on my leg, rubbing up and down. He was just making it worse. “Y/N, what is happening?”

I wanted to laugh at his obvious confusion, but water just kept trickling out of my eyes. I chuckled weakly, attempting to wipe the tears off my face, but they were just replaced. I brought my legs up and off the sofa, shuffling along it towards him and leaning into his ready arms. My cheek pressed against the side of his chest as I continued to cry. It was just getting embarrassing at this point, I didn’t even know what I was upset about anymore. His arm came around my shoulders, the other one moving to grip my hand as he rested his cheek on top of my head, obviously realising I just needed a hug.

“Shh, Y/N please stop crying. Or at least tell me why you’re crying, I mean I really have no idea what’s going on.” He said, rubbing his hand up and down my shoulder in a desperate attempt to comfort me. I let out a weak and watery laugh, the occasional tear still sliding down my face.

“You’re just really great.” I mumbled into his shirt.


“You’re great okay, Jughead, that’s why I’m crying!” I said a bit louder, almost annoyed with him. There was a moment of silence before he started laughing, as I knew he would. I rolled my eyes,

“Yeah, go ahead, laugh it up, I’ll just sit here and cry.” I grumbled as he continued to laugh. He leant back to look down at me, smiling.

“You’re crying because… I’m great?” He asked, frowning and chuckling. I huffed,

“Yes, Jug, I’m crying because you’re great.”

“Okay, I’m gonna need some clarification.”

I sighed, leaning further into him, his arm still around me.

“Well I just started thinking about how much you have improved my life,” I started quietly, half into his chest, embarrassed to be confessing this to him. “And then you were asleep and you looked so peaceful and I wish you could be like that all the time because you deserve to be happy, and you don’t deserve anything bad to ever happen to you.” I rambled off, shutting my eyes as another tear slipping onto my cheek. There was silence for a moment, before he removed his arm from me and turned around to face me, his eyebrows furrowed and a small, bemused smile on his face.

“Y/N, I am happy, you know that right? Especially with you.” He looked me in the eye.

“Sure, I have a pretty shitty home life, but doesn’t everyone? There are plenty of people who have it worse than me, and I count myself lucky for what I do have.” I smiled up at him, and he moved his arm back around me, looking forward. “I think you underestimate how happy you make me. Don’t think it’s just you who’s all grateful, Y/N, that’s not fair. Sure, I may not cry about it,” I laughed, “but I have you, and as disgustingly cheesy as it sounds, that’s pretty much all I need. You know, I think the reason I looked so peaceful when you were watching me sleep, which is creepy by the way, is because I was here, with you. This is the calmest, safest place for me. Right by your side.” He pressed his lips against the top of my head, and I tried very hard not to cry again. Why does he do this to me?

I thought about what he had just said, and a small smile spread across my face. The best thing I could do for Jughead was just to be with him. To be there for him, and to make him laugh, and let him stay at my house, and watch movies with him when I’m supposed to be working. To be his friend.

I took his hand as we pressed ourselves into each other, enjoying the silence, the darkness and each other.

Okay so this is a bit of a weird one but perfectly sums up how I feel about Jughead.

@ riverdale writers make him happy pls

You should be with her - Jughead x Reader

Request: Reader is jealous of jughead and Betty’s friendship, distances herself from Jughead.

A/N: Part 3 for Addicted may be out at some point tomorrow guys :) Also I hope this is a good read :) Feedback is welcomed

Word count:

Warnings: Anger and fights etc

2 hours.

2 hours you sat at your regular booth at Pops with your friends, 2 hours you watched your boyfriend of 3 months talk to only one person, and it wasn’t you.

Betty Cooper, recently she had re-opened the Blue and Gold, she also asked Jughead to help co-write for it and investigate Jason Blossoms murder with her. Since then, you couldn’t help but notice Betty and Jughead were a perfect fit for one another, she made him laugh, smile and he even snorted once during a joke she told, meanwhile you could hardly get a chuckle out of him nowadays.

“Y/N” you were brought out of your thoughts by the sound of your name, you turned to your closest friend, Veronica, she was sympathetically smiling at you, “Yeah, V?” you replied, smiling back, trying to signify that you were okay. “Wanna head to mine?”

Ronnie’s mother was away for the weekend and Ronnie had invited you and Betty to come stay, Betty canceled due to a ‘huge break in the case’ that needed her and Jughead to discuss all weekend apparently.

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“It’s beautiful when you find someone
that is in love with your mind.
Someone that wants to undress your conscience
and make love to your thoughts.
Someone that wants to watch you, slowly take down
all the walls
you’ve built up around your mind
and let them inside.

I couldn’t find an author of this beautiful poem :(

it’s over. | j.j

Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: angst. or at least ‘want to be angst.’

A/N: This is my first writing piece in a while. Bare with it.

Requested: No

Jughead Jones had been my best friend since the third grade. Him, Archie and I always hung around each other. It was the sixth grade dance when I finally felt something for Jug.

My heart had been broken earlier that day by Reggie, who rejected my request to attend the dance with him. Oh, how I cried. I cried so much on Jug’s shoulder, until he finally asked me himself. So we went. And we danced. But then at the end of the night, this… tingly feeling formed in my stomach. And it wouldn’t go away.

The summer before sophomore year is when our friendship took a toll. Archie had cancelled on our road trip, and Jason Blossom was murdered. Jughead wouldn’t leave his laptop, too busy writing about the summer. We just sort of… grew apart.

My feelings for him didn’t go away, although. As much as I wanted to be mad at him, I couldn’t. I loved him.

So here we are, the first day of school. I walk through the halls for the first time without Archie or Jug. But as I walk, I notice him. He stands by my locker. He just looks like he’s waiting for me. – Which, I assumed he was.

“(Y/N),” He started, but I held my hand up in front of him. “Save it, Jughead.” I told him, putting in my combination and opening my locker.

I grab all my needed books, before he shuts my locker for me. “I’m writing a novel on Jason Blossom’s death.” He quickly told me. 

“Is that the reason you ignored me all summer?” I asked, looking into his brown eyes. Oh, how I loved those brown eyes.

No. I mean – Yes – I mean, –” I scoffed as he stammered out his words. He paused for a minute, before answering my question. “No, that was not the reason I ignored you this summer.” He said.

“Then why? It broke my heart whenever I texted and you didn’t respond, or when I came over and your mom had to lie and say you weren’t home when your bedroom light was on!” I exclaimed. “You don’t just get to waltz in and out of my when you feel like it, Jughead! I have feelings too!”

He looked at me with remorse  and regret. 

I felt tears brim my eyes, as the five minute bell rang. 

“You know, Jughead, for the past five years, I’ve dealt with your sardonic humor, and your sarcasm, and your anti-social life, but I won’t deal with you ignoring me for no reason.” I stated, “I even dealt with you not loving me back! You didn’t even notice after various hints and clues that I loved you!” Tears now streaming down my face, I had to leave.


“No. Not today Jughead. Not anymore.” I said turning my back on him. “This friendship. It’s over.”

But as I turned to walk to my first class, I didn’t hear the slight mumble under his breath.

I love you too.”

Gif creds to owner.

wait oh my goodness so stiles made his ten year plan to get the girl he’s been in love with since he was in third grade. in third grade you’re 8 years old. he’s just graduated high school which means he’s 18 now. he’s gotten the girl of his dreams to fall in love with him. he started this plan at age 8 and finished at 18, so after ten years it’s finally complete. he finished the ten year plan successfully. do u hear me crying

sterek soul bonded fic recs

Soul-bonded sterek. An updated list. 

I Could Find My Way Back by  entanglednow | 6.2K

What’s the worst that could happen?

Now Until the End by  Dira Sudis (dsudis) | 17.7K

“Why the hell did you do that?” Derek demanded. “Why would you bond with me? You were going to leave me for dead, you didn’t want anything to do with helping me.”

 "Okay, first of all, that was like two hours ago and I’ve grown a lot as a person since then,“ Stiles said.

Like a Melody (it won’t leave my head) by  Jerakeen | 7.9K

Stiles doesn’t notice the constant buzzing in his head until it’s gone.

Ssshhh! (or the voice in my head will have to shout) by  mirrorkill | 20.2K

Things in Beacon Hills are always weird, but Deputy Derek Hale is pretty damn sure he’s getting the brunt of this week’s insanity. There’s a serial killer in town getting their kicks by posing people weirdly and maybe the local coven is to blame. His mom’s setting up his sister with his new boss’s cute son. There’s some guy talking in his head. Oh, and his heat kicks in, four months too early. Also: he’s pretty sure cell phones are the worst thing on the planet.

This is Derek Hale’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. All he wants is to enjoy his new apartment in peace. But you can’t always get what you want. And if he tries real hard, will the voice in his head help him get what he needs?

Knot if You Don’t Knock by  jsea, marguerite_26 | 13.7K

Stiles never expects to present as an omega – that’s something that happens to people like Greenberg, not him. He is so wrong.

His life only gets stranger when Derek Hale mistakenly bursts through the door of his exam room during a doctor’s appointment. What happens next is a complicated series of events, including freshly baked cookies, book-carrying and surprise heats.

Mix and Match by  Jerakeen | 6.1K

Stiles walks into the Beacon Hills alpha-omega mixer with a smile on his face and three condoms in his wallet.

My Name Over Your Heart by  hoars | 3.8K

There’s a million theories and stories that you could subscribe to that explained the bond that would begin to form at the slightest skin to skin contact, whether you were aware of your soul mate’s identity or not. Old Man Under the Moon, bad karma separating the souls, God deciding the mate of a child before conception, the chemical balances of PSI levels, etc.

All anyone knew for certainty was it happened.

Nothing Short Of Perfect by  GotTheSilver | 27K

“Let me get this straight,” his dad says. “You’re telling me a witch told Derek and yourself that you could be destined to be together and now Derek will be going to college with you?”

where others fade away by  pr1nc3ssp34ch | 9K

When the name Grzegorz tattoos itself across Derek’s wrist in neat, thin strokes, his mother pats him on the head in sympathy and Laura laughs so hard she has to go to her room, the sound echoing down the hall as she goes. When it stays there for six years and no such Grzegorz appears, Derek seriously considers moving to Poland.

Meanwhile, on Stiles’ eighteenth birthday when Derek crawls onto his skin, untidy and volatile, Lydia shrieks in sudden realization, and Jackson looks so entirely offended that even Danny can’t kiss him back to normal.

soulmates tbh by  bleep0bleep | 1.4K

"It’s been five months,” Derek says darkly. “Why am I still getting these proposals? You know these are probably all fake marks.”

Five months since the paparazzi had snapped that photo of him with the overzealous fan tugging at his shirt, five months since millions of people on the Internet realized that the birthmark revealed was in fact, the mark, five months Derek was inundated by claims from people who desperately wanted him to believe that they were his soul-mate.

Soul-Mark by  PaigeRhiann | 5.2K

His wolf purrs happily because it has taken eighteen years and getting his family killed to finally discover the name of his promised. The person he’s destined to be with. Or, as Werewolves call it – Mate.

“Genim S.” He repeats

You Fit Me Better by  Jerakeen | 5.1K

It’s only been eight months since he started having the dreams, but he’s already cracking. He’s heard of people living thirty, forty years with them, unable to find the one, complete the bond…. He doesn’t know if he could do it. The euphoric, in-love feeling that used to carry into his day now hurts. It feels like someone’s ripping it out of his chest every morning and he’s bleeding, all day, until he’s asleep again and he is there.

Your Face is Like a Melody (It Won’t Leave My Head) by  toyfeels | 8.3K

“Since age three, Stiles has been dreaming of Derek. When he was younger, he would always babble about Derek and draw pictures of them together, etc. but everyone just assumed that Derek was his imaginary friend. Stiles himself didn’t realize that Derek was a real person until he heard about the Hale fire but by that time, Derek and Laura had moved to New York. ”

Your Mark on my Skin by afullrevolution  | 5.5K

Everyone had a mark scrawled somewhere across their body. A name, usually a signature to represent their soul mate, their one and only true love. Stiles has known who his mark belonged to since the third grade. He doesn’t understand how Derek can be so oblivious.

[scenario] [request] not so subtle glances

(i tried ok i cant write edgy stuff like this…………) 

22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
34: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

Title: not so subtle glances

Member: Seungcheol 

Genre: slightly suggestive?? lots of kissing // fluff kinda

Word Count: 1235

“Seungkwan, I’m telling you, you cannot leave Seungcheol & I in the same room.” He rolls his eyes at you and continues to tie his laces.

“I won’t take long. I’m going to the store to get more soda and snacks, not flying to China.” He stands and unlocks the front door, humming loudly over the sound of your complaints. “Anyway, we’re just working on a group project, I don’t know why you’re so nervous.”

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Oops you got me pregnant//Jughead Jones

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Requested by anon

Requested: Hi there! Just thought I’d ask you if you could please write a one shot where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Jug’s kid (they’re still in HS, maybe one night stand?) and he finds out from one of her friend’s like Veronica or Betty? You can decide what happens next! Thanks!!

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Looking down at the three positive pregnancy tests, you could feel your stomach come up to your ears. This was not supposed to happen, you were freshman, like everyone else, you couldn’t get pregnant. After Veronica Lodge, your best friend decided to throw a party and get you drunk, you had gotten pregnant. That was the only thing you could remember, who got you pregnant. Jughead Jones. The one who you’ve had a crush since third grade. Now, you were pregnant with his baby. With shaky hands you grabbed your phone, almost dropping it and dialed Veronica’s number. 

“Hey, sup?” Veronica’s peppy voice sounded in your ears. 

“Um V, you know that party you threw? Ya um, um, you see, Jughead and I did the do and he got me pregnant.” You said tears leaking out of your eyes.

“Oh hun. It-it’ll be okay. We’ll figure something out, Betty and I will help you.” She reassured.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I now have to go tell my parents.” You said goodbye with shaky hands and voice.

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Creepypasta #1062: Why I Don't Live In Apartments Anymore

Length: Medium

I know I can be easily scared.

I’ve known that since I was in third grade and wet myself because I was afraid of going to the bathroom and seeing Bloody Mary. Since then, I’ve always stayed an arm’s length away from scary movies and did my best to avoid being in potentially dangerous situations like walking in the woods at night or being alone in a big house.

In order to never encounter the latter, I opted to live in apartments. I always loved the idea of apartments because it was assuring to know that if anything happens, there are people all around me that could come to help. I felt safe in numbers.

During my University days, I lived in a studio apartment close to campus. Now the position of my room was on the east side of the building, and my classes were on the east side of campus as well. However, the main entrance of the apartment was on the west side. So this means that I never took the main elevators in and out of the building because I could save myself 30 seconds of walking if I took the side door on the east side which was the fire staircase exit.

It was a relatively new building and we even used key cards instead of normal keys. The security was tighter than most and they made sure that everyone knew not to hold the door open and let strangers into the building, which made sense.

The thing is, I never encountered one of these situations until one chilly September night. It was a Wednesday night and I was coming home from my night class after dark. I could see the figure standing outside the fire staircase from a mile away. He wasn’t moving, just standing there, waiting. He had a backpack on so I figured that he was friends with one of the residents inside and was waiting for them to come down and open the door for him. I wasn’t particularly unnerved.

I walked past him to tap my key card on little panel so that the door would unlock for me. After I stepped inside, he reached his hand over to hold the door open for himself.

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Everything that happens is from now on. | R.M.

Words: 5114
Warnings: genderbend or female archie, love triangle, childhood, angst


“Just for the record,” she breathes near his ear, five foot on tippy toes as he grips her arm closer. 

“This is a one-off thing, never to be spoken about again.“

"Obviously. I know your shit about Wednesday Addams,” he curls his lips mockingly.

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Stares and glares - Jughead x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do one where jughead hangs out a lot with Betty and distances from the reader and the reader gets sad?

Warnings: Swears n fights, angst

Word count: 2162

A/N: I’m going to release the start of a NEW series soon after posting this, so feedback will be wanted!!!!

Jughead Jones had been your best friend for as long as you could remember, but only recently did you want more than a friendship with the raven haired boy. You would sit in a booth at Pop’s and unknowingly stare at him, remembering every little feature of his face, and then blush brighter than one of Betty’s pink tops when you realised, praying he hadn’t.

Until one day…

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Euphoric (Josh Dun x reader)

I just wanted some good old fashion Josh fluff. Hope you do too.

Feel free to request an imagine.

Josh always made impromptu visits to your dorm room. But this one felt different. Instead of acting normal like he always did, he was quiet, reserved, and…nervous?

Like you said, Josh always randomly visited. You decided to go to college so you wouldn’t disappoint your parents. Meanwhile, Josh worked in the drum department of the local music store and tried to get by playing drums on the side. You and Josh always supported each other and were there for each other. I mean, you had been best friends since third grade. Since you two were small children, you were practically attached to the god damn hip. His mom treated you like one of her own and you’d always escape to Josh’s whenever you needed a break. Josh was your escape. He was the one for you when your anxiety got bad. Or when the stress from your parents got to be too much. Or when you felt the world conspired against you. And you always had his back when he was going through a bad time. But he was acting odd today. You had just been studying when he randomly showed up at your dorm room door, insisting he just needed to be with you. You assumed his anxiety had gotten bad but it hadn’t. He just sat on your bed, staring down at his hand, while you sat at your desk, pretending to focus on your work.

“So, what are you studying?” Josh timidly asked, the first thing he said since he first entered your dorm.

“Chemistry. My professor gave me an essay to do.” You whined, putting your pencil down and turning your chair to face him. “So, what’s up? You are acting odd.”

“Oh. Me? Odd?” Josh let out a nervous chuckle and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Josh, I’ve known you for years. What’s going on?” You asked, concerned about your friend.

“Why are you single?” Josh spit out causing you to go wide eye.

You knew why you were single. But Josh didn’t. Which was reasonable since the whole reason you were single was because you were pining for your best friend of years. But he didn’t know that so you just pretended it wasn’t true. “Um, I don’t know.” You muttered quietly, turning away from Josh to face your desk again.

“It doesn’t make sense. I mean you are beautiful. Like really pretty. And nice. And really cool.” Josh said, a blush creeping his cheeks.

You felt your cheeks turn a violent shade of red as you turned to look at your best friend. “Thanks, Josh. Can I ask why?”

“Why what?”

“Why you are asking about my relationship status?” You asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I was curious.” Josh said with a quirky grin that causes your whole body to go all giggly.

“Well, then, why are you single?” You asked confidently.

“Well, I mean, I guess I kind of like someone.” Josh said, his cheeks turning pink.

“Oh.” Your heart instantly dropped to your gut. Of course he liked someone. And they probably liked him back. He was attractive and sweet and the kindest person you’ve ever met. “Who is she?”

“Just a friend of mine. I’ve known her for a while but I am always too scared to tell her.” He said with an odd expression.

You sighed. You may love him, but he was your best friend and all you wished for him was happiness. So, of course you were gonna help him. Even if it broke your heart into a million pieces. “Well, maybe you should tell her. It might be worth it.”

“But, what is she doesn’t feel the same? What if I loose her?” Josh barely whispered, staring at you with such intensity that you started to feel uncomfortable but glued to the spot.

“If she is truly your friend, she shouldn’t ditch you because she doesn’t feel the same. But, she might. It’s always worth the shot.” You said with a shrug and small smile.

“Yeah, but she deserves so much better than what I can offer her.” He said and your heart broke on spot.

“Josh, you are an incredible, amazing guy who deserves the best. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy as wonderful and kind as you.” You said, giving his hand a light squeeze and earnest smile. Josh smiled back at you, grabbing your hand and intertwining his fingers with your own. You felt your breath hitch and you felt like screaming.

“(Y/N), have you ever loved someone?” Josh whispered as he pulled you closer and grabbed your other hand.

“Um, yeah. Actually. I do.” You said quietly, looking at your hands instead of his eyes.

“Who?” He asked, and you felt his eyes stare at you, causing your breathes to come out shaky.

Your mind twisted and turn, wondering what to do. You played back to the advice you had just given Josh and thought if it was true. He was your best friend. He wouldn’t leave you over some stupid feelings, right? Although, you were about to tell your best friend of years that you loved him. “Josh…” You sighed.

“I’m your best friend. Just tell me.” He looked at you with his caring eyes.

“Josh, it’s you.” You started pulling away slowly, scared of the response you would receive when Josh pulled you even closer, until you were inches away from each other, your spinning chair up against the bed. You could barely breathe as Josh clutched onto your hands even tighter and he leaned his forehead against yours. You closed your eyes as Josh detached one of his hands, trailing in up you arm until he gently stroked your face.

“(Y/N), I love you.” He whispered and you felt your heart race as soon as the words left his mouth. He was so close and you felt dizzy. His hands fit yours perfectly and his calloused fingers stroked yours. He filled all your senses as his face pushed closer to yours. You felt his soft lips press against yours and you felt euphoric. One hand clutched onto yours even tighter than before, as if afraid to lose you and the moment. His other hand led down to your hip, gripping it, and you felt him smile against the kiss, causing you to respond likewise. You slowly lifted up from the chair, putting your legs on each side of his lap, straddling him as he continued to kiss you, your lips dancing together as one. You brought your hands up around his neck, holding onto him as the unimaginable happened. I mean, you imagined it before, but never did you imagine it would actually happen.

Josh clutched to your hips even tighter, bringing his lips to your neck, a small gasp leaving your lips as you smiled. “Josh…”

Josh detached from you, looking at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on him. His eyes sparkled as he stared into your eyes, causing you to become more flustered than you already were. “God, I should have done that years ago.” He said with a small laugh as he pulled you closer to him.

“Yeah. You should have.” You said boldly as you leaned down, kissing him softly.

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