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I don't mind Peridot losing her limb enhancers in theory, but the points you bring up really make it seem like she's wasted as a character. She's lived on Homeworld, she knows what their modern technology is like. If not being the tech expert for the Crystal Gems, she could be their intel gem. And yet her only acts as a Crystal Gem are building a drill and playing Wile E. Coyote.

yeah! i personally loved the amputee peridot theory waaay back since warp tour but even if that’s ruled out now and peridot loses her limb enhancers, it just never made any sense to me that they were discarded and never brought up again. not to mention the inconsistent writing about her feelings regarding the limb enhancers. 

like, in catch and release she’s desperately clinging onto it:

in when it rains she says this in a pitiful tone:

and even in log date (although it is arguably toned down here), there’s the scene with the paint cans, a callback to her limb enhancers:

and then theyre just never mentioned or even alluded to again. peridot not caring about her limb enhancers and learning to shape herself outside of the assets homeworld has given her would have been an okay narrative if her feelings about said limb enhancers were written consistently. i feel like the best options would have been either: 

a) make her care about the limb enhancers and have her create new ones tailored especially for her/with a touch of her personality to show her growing sense of individuality. that’s the reason why i love lines like yellow diamond’s “which peridot?” from message received. 

peridot clearly, visibly falters right after yellow diamond asks her “which peridot” she is, because momentarily, the ability to express individuality on earth made peridot forget that she’s simply one out of thousands of other peridots. and damn, that was pretty subtle yet clever way to show how much peridot’s changed and how she’s embracing the concept of individuality. if that had went alongside peridot’s attachment to her limb enhancers prior, then it could have resulted in a neat way to show peridot applying the skills she was built for on homeworld for a purpose other than serving the diamonds! 

b) or, alternatively, keep the writing for peridot regarding the limb enhancers consistent in the other way, by not making her care much for her limb enhancers because they were nothing but a weapon given to her by homeworld to serve them, not herself.

but instead we got just what you said: a peridot that’s only intelligent for as long as the plot requires it; and then she just has her comedic aspects overshadow her other character traits. i never understood the point of making peridot have such distinguished robotic/technological motifs in her debut if they weren’t going to be put to use afterwards especially after making such a big deal about how homeworld has evolved significantly after the war.

“Our fans ship us.” (Grayson)

Requested by @its-me-actual-trash​: “an imagine where y/n is a youtuber as well and her and the boys collab and after it is uploaded all the fans are shipping her and one of the boys (either one) and they confess their feelings for each other”


I wrote one with sort of the same idea with Ethan a while back, so this one will be with Grayson. :)


“(Y/N), please come collab with us. We haven’t filmed with each other in such a long time, our fans are starting to miss you on our channel.” Grayson text you on afternoon.

“My viewers have been saying the same thing.” You said.

“So, what do you say?” Grayson asked.

“I have meetings all morning, but I should be done by noon. How about I come over afterwards, and we can film for both of our channels. Sound good?” You asked.

“Sounds perfect. I’ll let Ethan know the plans. See you later. :)” He replied. You put your phone back on the charger and finished getting ready for the day.

The entire morning, while in your meetings, you were distracted. You kept thinking about the twins and trying to come up with a video idea. You were excited to finally film with them again. Once your meetings were all over, you headed home and changed into a more casual outfit. Once you were dressed, you fixed your hair and your makeup and headed off to the twins’ place.

“(Y/N)! You’re here!” Ethan said to you when he opened the door.

“Hey.” You said with a smile as he pulled you in for a hug.

“Grayson is doing his hair.” Ethan said.

“We should probably get comfortable, that’ll probably take a while.” You laughed.

“I’ll be out in a minute.” Grayson called from the bathroom.

“Sure you will.” You said as you took a seat on the sofa. You and Ethan sat in the living room and exchanged small talk while you waited on Grayson. 

“Okay, I’m ready.” Grayson said as he walked into the living room. 

“Finally. We were starting to fall asleep waiting on you.” Ethan said. 

“Whatever. Let’s just get to filming.” Grayson laughed.

You ended up spending pretty much the rest of the day over with the twins, filming and having a good time. You filmed the video for their channel, and afterwards, you filmed the video for your channel. Once you finally finished filming, you took your memory card out of the camera and put it back in your purse and started to get ready to leave.

“Leaving so soon?” Grayson asked when he noticed you gathering your things.

“Why? Do you want me to stay?” You asked with a sly smile on your face.

“Well, we’re not doing anything for the rest of the night. so if you wanna hang out, or something, we wouldn’t mind.” Grayson said awkwardly.

“(Y/N), please say yes before he malfunctions.” Ethan joked as he finished putting away the cameras.

“Okay, yeah. I can hang out.” You said. You spent the rest of the night with them, listening to music, eating junk food and just having a good time. It had been such a long time since you’d hung out with the twins like this and you missed it.

* * *

It was finally Tuesday, which means it was the day that the twins upload. You had worked out an upload time so both of the videos would go up at the same time. You finished up your editing and uploaded it, scheduling your post for noon so it would be up on time.

Once the video was up and posted, you tweeted out the link with your weekly hashtag, followed and retweeted a some fans. You spent about an hour online, interacting with your fans, and after the spam had died down, you ended up falling asleep.

You were woken up a couple hours later from a knock on your door. You answered the door and saw Grayson standing on your porch.

“Gray, what are you doing here?” You asked with a yawn.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I wake you? I shouldn’t have come here unannounced. I’ll come back another time.” He said as he started to walk off.

“Grayson, wait. It’s fine. Come in.” You said.

“No, you should get back to sleep.” He said.

“If I sleep any longer, I wont sleep tonight, now come in.” You said sternly. He gave you a shy smile and walked in. “Can I get you anything?” You asked as he sat on the sofa.

“No, I’m fine. I actually just wanted to talk to you.” He said as you sat next to him.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“So, I’ve been reading the comments on our new video, and tweets from fans on my timeline, and our fans ship us.”

“What?” You asked, confused. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to you. 

“Here, just see for yourself.” He said. You scrolled through the screenshots he’d taken on his phone of tweets of screen grabs and gifs of you and Grayson.

“Wow, I ship Grayson and (Y/N) so hard.”
“I’ve been shipping them since they first collabed, I need them to date already.”

“Wow, your fans are very vocal.” You said awkwardly.

“Yes, very.” Grayson laughed.

“So, is that the only reason you came over, or is there an underlying message to you showing me these?” You asked.

“Well, there is sort of an underlying message.” He admitted. “(Y/N), we’ve been friends for a good while, and every time we’ve hung out, it’s been an absolute blast. I really like you. More than I thought I ever would.” He explained.

“Oh really? I couldn’t tell by that awkward plea for me to hang out with you the other night.” You joked.

“(Y/N), I’m trying to be serious here. But this is so awkward for me. I’m not good when it comes to talking about feelings.” He said.

“Grayson, look. This doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. I like you too. And I have for a while. I enjoy hanging out with you, you make happy, and you make me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever spent time with. I’m honestly glad that everyone’s been saying this because I was worried that if we ever did dated, that all hell would break loose, but now that I’ve gotten sort of a seal of approval from your fans-” Just then, your words were interrupted by Grayson’s lips pressed against yours.

“You talk too much.” He said when he pulled away.

“Sorry.” You laughed, kissing him again. “So, does this make us official?” You asked.

“As official as ever.” 


soo hi yall ive been waiting to share this; a proper introduction post of myself to all of the studyblrs community💗 i love yall💕

i really like to tell you guys stories so, pardon about anything i write in this, but i hope i could make more friends here💖 my ask and messages always open💞

ok, before that, i write this through my phone so theres no bigger, bold, or italic word(s)😊😊:))

soo, lets get started!!!

my name is Bilfach Rachma Nur Effendi. people call me Bilfach but they often misspelled it to bil-fuck uGh, soo just call me Bilfy instead, lot easier😁 (my friend discovered that name!! she was somehow supporting me when i was doing a sport which i forget what sport and she yelled that name; back to grade 10😀)
i am 18yo, since last November. a true Javanese girl, in a full-of-people island in Indonesia😊 yall have to know Yogyakarta aka my hometown, beside Bali, here is like the second paradise of Indonesia!! if youre planning to come here its my pleasure to be your tour guide!! one week would never be enough to explore all but ive lived here for all my life and i couldnt find any reason to not love this romantic city💖
i graduated from highschool last year, fron a science major and did a cross-major fod university, went to Brawijaya University-International Relations major for like a semester but my depression couldnt handle it😅 pretty much culture shock than ever and i miss home a lot and yeah my parents kinda forced me to take that one and guess i wasnt so happy with it. (anyway i told everyone about this just because, even you have mental ilnesses, yall still can be the best of you, whatever version you want to, you decide you!!) ((well yes i almost killed myself when i was in Malang yes the city of my last university, it was a scary experience, i was so near to death; but then taking a rest and back to your loved is slowly healing me💗 and if you have the same problem as i am, you gotta know that yall CAN DO IT!!! believe me!!))
now im preparing myself for SBMPTN17 (the nationally university test) and UTULUGM17 (the university test by its own), oh and yes i found my passion in my International Relations major!! so yeah im currently on my way to reach Gadjah Mada University-International Relations major😉😉

ok now, who doesnt love Harry Potter??? like how could youuu??!?
lol nah ok im a Ravenclaw (which i actually wanted so bad to be a Slytherin but the sorting hat already decided from 0) but im proud of my house!!
ive a Ragdoll Cat Patronus; and my wand details are 12 and a quarter inches, sycamore wood, with unicorn hair core🐲(i know its a dragon but Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!!)
and after all, i love movies!!! drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi are the most movies genre ive watched so far!!

i love music!! (who doesnt??!)
i listen to the regular pop, pop punk, pop rock, heavy metal, deathcore, easycore, indie, alternatives and also reggae and sometimes jazz🎶🎶
i love Justin Bieber like since One Time and 5SOS!!! these idiots are getting bigger than ever lol im sad;(
and bands!! i love bands so much!! ive a lot of list of bands to listen but heres a few; Bring Me the Horizon, Our Last Night, Architects, Walls of Jericho, Halestorm, Pee Wee Gaskins, Revenge The Fate, The Neighbourhood, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, August Burns Red, Tonight Alive, The Maine, ONE OK ROCK and so many more omg i cant write it all:(

anyway, music made me meet my boyfriend!! hehe, weve been dating since last year of highschool which means weve been dating for more than a year😉😉😉💗 i love him!! a lot!! lol he has that spanish name i always adore💞 (yes his father was studying spanish the time he born)!! and he is now currently studying English Literature major in Sanata Dharma University📚📚 (his biggest achievement yet omg im so proud of him💖)

and thats it?!??!?
i guess naaah because id like to tell you theres no muji store in my city, theyre only in the capital of Indonesia which is Jakarta which is about +-500kms away from my city hAA SO FAR (can someone pls buy me one lol or a mildliner it would means the world to me😂😅)
my dad runs a kinda stationery shop but yall know its the cheap and cheap anf theyre all made in china💸💸

oh and yes, im a hijabi (yall know right that my icon is Alessia Cara) but a supporter of humanities!!! id love to have my own community soon maybe called #bringbackthehumanity since my country facing a humanity crisis;(( soo if youre interested in humanity lets talk💕💕💕

and the reason im here is because; lack of motivation? not really even tho yess this studyblr community give me a lot of motivations!! well its because i love being here, yall make me so happy just by seeing your notes and thoughts💞💓 even tho i kinda left studyblr about 6-8 months ago (you can call it hiatus anyway because im back again lol)

and ofcourse as an end of an introduction post, heres a list of my fav studyblrs that inspire me a lot💗💞💓
@academiix @aescademic @aestudier @alicethinks @areistotle @artstdy @bookmrk @brbimstudying @caffestudy @cee-studies @cmpsbls @cmstudy @diehardstudyblr @dotgrids @educatier @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @equaticns @eruhdit @estudier @faetherial @focusign @genspen @getstudyblr @grangergrades @graphis @hachikostudies @hardworkign @hella-smart-nerd @hermionegoals @highlightcrs @intellectus @kaisdesk @katsdesk @kolstudies @kyliestudies @lazeystudies @legallychic @logarlthms @lycheestudy @meowtlining @mildlincrs @milkystudies @motivaytions @my-little-studyblr @nahstudies @neko-studies @ngambis @nocturnalstudyblr @notesworthtea @obsidianstudy @ofminervas @pencyls @polkastudies @productiveowl @productivityplant @promestheus @revisinc @rotina-de-estudo @sapphirestudy @scholarly @smhstudying @socratesy @somestudy @sootudying @sophocused @sstudys @stillstudies @studenting @studiix @studink @studistrict @studiversal @studyable @studyblr @studybuzz @studycause @studyign @studyingroses @studyinsound @studykouffee @studymeows @studyordium @studypetals @studyplants @studyquill @studytherin @studytildawn @stuhde @stuhdies @stuhhhdy @succulentstudy @sundayscholar @tbhstudying @thearialligraphyproject @thecoffeedesk @theorganisedstudent @theteadesk @victoryrolls WOW THERES A LOT AND I STILL HAVE LOTS oK but importantly thank you for your existence i love yall sm omg💗💞💓💕

sincerely, from not so a new studyblr, with love💖

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I saw some posts about your shared ocs with chainedintimacy with Farah and ibsituu I think her name is? Can you talk more about them? Any more pictures of them??? I really think they're super cute together omg

yeah that’s her!! :D unfortunately i dont have anymore drawings of them atm (hopefully that’ll change soon!!) but i can talk about them a little bit haha here’s some bullet points!!

  • sometimes farah wakes up some mornings (when they either share a dorm at college or when theyre in an apartment together) and she’s super fuckin tired, like WIPED and it makes her cranky so on mornings like that ibsituu will make her breakfast in bed, usually consisting of a few pancakes and fruit
  • since leorio’s family is from mexico, sometimes ibsituu will come with them to visit family (probs after theyve been dating for a while) and farah’s grandmother (leorio’s mom) will teach her all sorts of mexican recipes, and even teaches her some spanish, and even some nahuatl!! (the native Aztec langauge in southern mexico)
  • when they have classes in the morning, whoever wakes up first always lets the other sleep in a little bit longer before waking them up to make sure they’re not late
  • their first official date was to the art museum not far from their college, and farah spent more time staring at ibsituu than any of the art, but soaked up every word that ibsituu said when she was talking about the art
  • their first kiss was probably on a night after they went out to dinner, probably their like 10th date or smthn, bc they were both nervous, and ibsituu just randomly kissed farah on the cheek when they were walking back to their dorm, and then they smooched a little on the lips and were giddy the rest of the night
  • ibsituu will spend hours and hours working on her art (mainly sculpting with some stone carving sprinkled in, and a bit of charcoal drawings)
  • subsequently, if she’s been working all day and not noticing the time going by, farah will remind her to eat and drink and use the bathroom even, and will make her go to bed once it gets super late (though one time she fell asleep before she could get ibsituu to come to bed too and ibsituu ended up being up till almost 4 am. she was very tired the next day)
  • ibsituu really likes italian and chinese food, but begins to grow much more fond of mexican food once she starts dating farah
  • they both think it’s adorable when the other slips into their native accent really heavily when they get excited about something
  • ibsituu loves to be physically affectionate with farah, and so she always likes to be touching her in some way whether it be holding hands, leaning against each other, nudging feet, etc.
  • and since it was just and still is and forever will be pride month, they def try to go to their pride parade in town every year after they meet and they get all glittery and have pride flags around their necks like capes and use face paint and EVERYTHING
  • ibsituu is allosexual, but farah is demisexual and ibsituu is very sweet about it even tho farah was a little nervous about it at first, and ibsituu is very patient with her and reminds her that it’s alright and she doesnt mind one bit
  • theyre gay

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idea: nico x anubis

woo buddy i did that like?? 2 weeks ago maybe?? heres that post, in case you missed it. but yeah lemme hit u up with some general fluff relationship headcanons for these 2

- They are both?? so cold????? holy shit these poor boys. Que matching knitted sweaters, made by annabeth who has gone on a knitting craze after learning that was a thing she could do. They both got black ones, Nico’s has lil skulls and Anubis got little dog bones

- at first everyone was extremely confused to find out Nico was dating a god??? an egyptian god no less?? He just kind of let it slip casually, when someone asked about his plans for the weekend. 

“Oh yeah, I’m uh, just gonna hang out with. my friend. boyfriend? yeah.”

“boyfriend??? who???????????” says an shocked and enraged piper. shes been trying to set him up with people since the end of the war and here he goes with a boyfriend she doesnt know about

And Nico has to explain that he is seeing Anubis, yes the actual egyptian god, NO he is not a dog and dont say that to him he will get offended.

- Anubis, by virtue of not being a greek god, is not actually allowed inside the camp. Rules are rules, Chiron says. But that does not stop him from sneaking in and hiding out in Hades cabin to surprise Nico. Chiron just pretends not to notice that.

- They both feel so weird about saying theyre ‘dating’. technically they are, yeah. But?? Anubis is a centuries old god and it just feels soooo weiiiird to put it that way. They kind of choose to not use any terms to define it unless they really need too, because calling the God Of Death your boyfriend is weird.

- Nico finds Anubis’s jackel traits incredibly attractive. He likes knowing how powerful and dangerous he is, its exciting and kinda hot?

- But as powerful and dangerous as Anubis is, he is literally a big puppy. He gets excited whenever Nico smiles just a bit, he wants to see him happy and know that he is okay.

- Anubis likes to lay with his head in Nico’s lap and let him run his fingers through his hair. Nico likes to hear Anubis tell him about the history of the world.

- Anubis is constantly worried that things will not work out with Nico. He’s mortal and he is so scared that he could hurt him, emotionally, physically in any way. But every time Anubis is stressing out about how this is a terrible idea, Nico just ‘shhhhhhh’ him and pats his head and is like “s’okay. relax” and he does.


Hiking au and first date pchat w/ @pemprika

Not so high and mighty now eh Mika? (pun 1000% intended) Mika’s actually a loser on the inside, theyre both fucking losers lmao

since she havent uploaded it here yet, im taking the liberty of doing it for her. Mostly bc im so happy and proud of this. My characters look akward but hers look so niceeeee. I swear she’s so good at making everything beautiful.

ok tho i feel like dc have crossed the line by pushing this jason and babs romance thing so much in the latest issue of batman eternal.


both jason and dick deserve so much better than what they’re currently getting. yeah, grayson is a fantastic book, i really like it, but essentially dick has been pushed away from his family, and characters that have always been associated/essential to his stories are now being fobbed off onto jason.

not only is dick getting the shit end of the stick by having kory and roy given to jason, and it looks like he might be losing babs to jason too, its also incredibly sloppy, shitty writing to have jason be given dick’s seconds. since jason was robin dc have spent so much time establishing their differences and now its like theyre saying ‘scrap that, we’ve ran out of ideas for jason so lets get dick out of the way and give jason dick’s leftovers’ 

i’m not here for this shit. i dont think anyone is. stop this nonsense dc

u know ever since i first started watching yoi i kept seeing posts like “at this rate they’ll be married by the end of the season” and i was like “nah they’ll prob be dating but marriage?? thats moving too fast lol” and here i am at episode 9 like “they love each other so much holy shit did he just basically propose??theyre so happy???holyshit??”
and now with all the development their relationship has gotten like??these fuckers could actually be married by the end of this?holy shit??my happy babies holyshitilovethisshow

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heres a prompt. post channel changing gabe and sam started dating. gabe takes acting like theyre not involved way too far in front of dean, which pretty much spells out too "gabe-flirts-with-other-people-to-make-sam-jealous"

oh god i rewrote this fic like fifty times and this was the only one that was decent enough to post and even this isn’t that great i’m so sorry 

So, basically, Sam and Gabriel had been hooking up since the whole saga when the archangel had dumped the Winchesters in TV Land.

Now, said archangel and hunter liked to pretend that the their hooking up wasn’t painfully obvious so, to preserve their pride, Dean hadn’t said anything about it. He couldn’t help but feel slightly offended by the fact that they thought he was oblivious though because, come on, did they actually think he was that stupid? Sam wasn’t exactly small, and the bedsprings in Sam’s mattress weren’t exactly quiet, and did they really believe that Dean would buy the, “Oh, by the way, Gabriel just dropped in for breakfast!” excuse every single goddamn morning?

Even Cas had noticed that Gabriel and Sam were acting weirdly. When Cas had inquired about the pair’s relationship, Dean had, like the freakin’ amazing brother he was, told the angel to just drop it. Cas, of course, had listened.

But now, as Dean, Sam and Gabriel sat around the cheap plastic table in the cheap plastic diner sipping beer from cheap plastic cups, Dean’s patience had been worn down to the width of an ant’s eyelash.

He was sandwiched between the pair, all three men on one booth couch because every other option resulted in Sam and Gabe either sitting next to or opposite each other—which, of course, was totally out of the question for two guys who had a Purely Platonic Relationship.

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If all the gems use female pronouns.... and there are relationships on homeworld... then wouldn't that make all homeworld gems gay?? they would all be gay in some way tho if they dated other gems!! the exceptions here would be asexual gems and those that dated human men, but still

yes definitely exactly. ppl just keep trying to say that they can’t be gay bc theyre aliens and that means they dont fit like, binary human genders i guess. but the literal show canon is that all gems r feminine aligned nonbinary beings. and nb ppl Can definitely be lesbians (hint: im an nb lesbian. we exist. it is definitely Possible.)