since they were lq

Someone managed to leak the entire first two English episodes a few days ago, (which were since removed) however, they’ve started uploading LQ clips of essential hype builders!

I had a whole schedule planned out to build hype for the premiere, but I’m afraid it won’t do that if they continue leaking big clips online (such as the transformations, credits, etc.)…

It’s really a shame. I’m really hoping that the people who managed to download the episodes, don’t share them because it could really hurt the show. But if it does happen, make sure to tweet @Thomas_Astruc and ask him to consider possibly speaking to Nick executives about airing different episode(s) for the premiere in order to keep the ratings high.

The bottom line is,

the ratings WILL flop if the episodes are available to the general public online BEFORE the official premiere. This is because many kids do not want to re-watch a show when they’ve already seen an episode (especially if they re-watch it online, unfortunately).

I’m asking all of you to tune in December 6th, at noon to Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, even if you end up finding the episodes online somewhere. It’s very important that the show starts off strong and stays strong, otherwise Nickelodeon will pull the show just like they did with their other two girl-heroine shows, Winx Club and the Legend of Korra.

This show is our chance to put a female superhero in the spotlight! Let’s show Nickelodeon we care!

Thank you all so much! Stay lucky everyone