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Vetra Nyx x Fem!Ryder

Ryder leaned against the nomad; she was helping Liam make adjustments to the vehicle. Rarely did the woman have time to just throw away on minuscule tasks and time spending with her team on board. Between paperwork and being on the field; she only ever talked with them between gunfire. The Pathfinder took it upon herself to lay across the hood of the truck much to Cora’s dismay.

Her Pyjak pet currently remained at the woman’s side; curled up and snoring peacefully. The Pathfinder gently scratched the animal’s head as she listened to Liam ramble on about her terrible driving and the damage. Ryder paid no attention to his words as she stared at the wall. It wasn’t until a nearby door opened to reveal Vetra walking in.

Ryder had developed a growing crush on the female Turian since they first met on the Nexus. Rarely did someone make such an impression on the Pathfinder but something about Vetra pulled her like a magnet. Her lips pursed momentarily before kicking up her leg in hopes of catching the Turian’s attention.

In a sense, her attempt worked. “Ryder, what are you doing?”

“Laying here, keeping Liam company. Why do you ask?” A smirk tugged at the corner of the woman’s lips as her attention flickered to the taller female’s face – much taller female.

“Yes, I can see that. I meant your leg.” Vetra’s mandibles twitched momentarily as she approached the Nomad. “Why is it up?”

“Just doing some stretching,” Ryder offered a grin, an obvious bluff to her Turian companion as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Okay, that was bullshit. You know it, I know it – Liam knows it and he is under a vehicle.”


“Nothing, Liam.”

Vetra snorted in a manner that Ryder found extraordinarily cute, her eyes would have stars in them if it were possible. The Turian gently pushed the woman’s leg down as she shook her head; though she found Ryder to be an immense entertainment in her down time. Ryder felt a jolt go through her body at the smallest of touches from Vetra but she would never openly admit it.

The Pathfinder pulled herself into and upright position, almost at the Turian’s height thanks to the Nomad. It took a moment for Ryder to settle herself which involved brushing her hair from her face which obscured her vision momentarily. When her vision returned, she found Vetra’s face before hers. Her face lit up as she side glanced away from the Turian, her lips twisted to the side.

“Why are you so close?” Though she pretended to huff, she wouldn’t complain about it.

Vetra’s mandibles flexed once more as she gently placed her hands on either side of Ryder. “You know Pathfinder, if you wanted my attention you could have simply called my name.”

“That’s no fun.”

Vetra couldn’t help but chuckle at the childish response as she gently head bumped Ryder. The caused her to blush furiously, eyes wide with surprise as goosebumps covered her arms. “W-What?”

“You can stop pretending to act cool now.” Vetra teased, very aware of Ryder’s feeling as she also reciprocated them.

“Will you two just kiss? Since we boarded this ship you’ve been at this teasing.” Liam remarked from underneath the Nomad which earned a swift kick to the car’s new paint from Ryder. “Hey!”

Ryder puffed up her cheeks and chest, obviously embarrassed. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure, you don’t.” Vetra gently held Ryder’s cheeks between her hands as she gently head bumped her again. “See you around, Pathfinder.”

With confidence and cockiness, the Turian waved over her shoulder and sauntered back to her room. Leaving Ryder rather frazzled and a hot mess with Liam chuckling from underneath the Nomad.


“Holy shit,” Vetra held her hand against her chest, finally in the safety of her room as she sucked in a deep breath. “I can’t believe I just did that.”

  • partner: I love you
  • me, thinking: I love you more than anything you're my whole world you've lived in both my heart and my thoughts ever since we first met and every day I think wow how lucky am I to love someone as wonderful and dazzling and amazing and beautiful as you you simply take my breath away whenever you walk into a room with me your presence is so comforting and I literally want to kiss you and hold your hand all the time and I'm so excited to spend forever with you
  • me: that's gay

Joking around (in the kitchen)

  • “I could have joked about a dick.”
  • “When you’ve found the man of your dreams and he likes Gabrielle..”
  • “As long as you’re smiling and wearing clothes…”

“David Lynch plucked me from obscurity. He cast me as the lead in ‘Dune’ and 'Blue Velvet,’ and people have seen me as this boy-next-door-cooking-up-something-weird-in-the-basement ever since. I was 23 when I first met him, in his bungalow on the Universal lot, and could never have predicted we would have such an enduring relationship.”


4 Years, 4 Months ago, I met Jeff. Since the first day of school, he and I have been friends and turned into family. I love this lil fool and I’m so proud of him for graduating. There aren’t many people I know that work as hard or care as much as Jeff. Although he may be a tad unorthodox….okay a lot, all who meet him come to love him as well. So proud of you lil bruh, gonna miss you around campus, but I’m right behind you. Love you man and I thank the Lord that I met you! (And you know I don’t say things like this often.)  

The Young Graduate: @thatbuffcarrot

Okay guys, I know a lot of people are upset about how little screentime Lance had this season but think about what we’re set up for:

–Lance’s insecurities are building, PARTICULARLY in competition with Keith (Shiro picking Keith for a mission over him, their little spat about the Blue Lion, Lance’s whole “I thought I was the sharpshooter but I guess no one else thinks that)

–That’s going to come to a head once Keith is leading the team. Lance is going to need validation from his teammates that he’s an important member of the team

–Who is the BEST person to give him that validation? Keith. Lance wants KEITH to consider him an equal, that’s what he’s wanted since he’s first met him

–Cue a ton of Lance trying to compete with and prove himself to Keith

–Cue also lots of interactions between Lance and the rest of the team. Hunk trying to reassure him, Lance brushing it off because they’re best friends so Hunk is just saying it to comfort him. Pidge giving backhanded compliments and complimentary insults. Allura lecturing him on his importance to Voltron. Incoherent but enthusiastic support from Coran. Maybe Lance even trying to improve in order to compete with Keith by asking the Blade of Marmora folks to train him

–The team also thought they might be on the verge of actually winning and being done with Voltron forever. They were starting to think about going home. Lance has always been the most homesick, so the let down with Haggar still at large and Shiro missing will be the worst for him. LEARNING MORE ABOUT LANCE’S FAMILY AND BACKSTORY

–If Keith needs to pilot Black, Lance is probably the most likely to get moved to Red (with Allura potentially taking over Blue). Cue Lance trying to get used to a new lion

–Bringing back the sharpshooter. Lance REALLY becoming the sharpshooter of the team. You know those druids that teleport away whenever you swing a sword at them? Yeah, they can’t do that if they never see it coming because you snipe them from behind at 100ft

–The return of the water planet. Lance being hailed as a savior in front of the rest of his teammates, how that feeds his confidence and perhaps helps him change perspective a bit (“See, THESE guys know I’m a hero!” “We never thought you weren’t?”)

I know the writing had some issues and yeah, I do think there should have been at least one more Lance-heavy episode (and Hunk, but that’s a different post) to balance out the season a bit more. But he DID get more development than most of them in S1, and he’s set up for SO MUCH in S3. If this season gave us a ton of Keith and Shiro with build-up for a Lance arc, then I am okay with that.

Since the first moment his eyes met mine, I was instantly captivated. I could read anybody’s eyes besides his. With so much temptation, I knew I’d be in trouble. With eyes so foggy, I wanted to unravel his story. I didn’t care about the physical temptations. I just wanted to know him. His past. His future. His likes. Dislikes. What makes him tick. I wanted to know the mystery behind his eyes. They weren’t just plain, brown eyes to me. They were eyes that carried galaxies in them. Eyes that had depth deeper than the ocean. Eyes that had more light than the sun itself. They were brown eyes that lured me in instantly.
—  moons-creation 
No regrets

So here’s the deal. I’m happy to keep this a standalone fic. But if you’d like another part, I’m happy to work on it. Enjoy!

Summary: This is a bit angsty because when the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out, it turns out, he’s not that interested. Or is he?

Word count: 1667

Warnings: A swearword or two? Angst.

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‘Hey Y/N, Natasha asked me to drop this off for you to analyse, she’s a bit busy on another meeting’ you look up to meet the deep azure eyes. His arm is fully extended and he’s keeping the distance, his eyes quickly dart away too, as if spooked by your stare. ‘Thank you Mr Barnes’ You reply. 'Erm, Bucky. Just call me Bucky, you’re practically part of the team so might as well drop the official titles’ he shoots you a tight smile and drops the USB stick in your hand.

Since the first time you met Bucky Barnes, you tried to remain professional, but let’s be honest, professional is far from what you’d like your relationship to be. It’s his muscles, his strong jaw, his beautiful eyes, luscious silky hair, the metal arm (and it’s abilities) - needless to say, you stupidly let yourself develop a massive crush on Captain America’s best pal. In the unattainable mind of the former Winter Soldier you saw a challenge, because deep inside there’s good in everyone, and come on!, The Captain entrust him and he can’t be wrong, right?

In only a couple of seconds you manage to fully scan the man in front of you - tall and muscly, hair tied back in a low bun, still damp presumably from a recent shower. Your nostrils fill with the smell of his aftershave, it may be a cliche but that man smell just gets you going. And he does (get you going) EVERY TIME you see him. It’s ridiculous how much he affects you and it’s about time you do something about it. You cannot continue to fixate on this man, it’s just not healthy!

There is nobody else in the lab and you smell your chance. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? He turns you down and you get to move on with your life knowing the two of you will never work out? Okay, admittedly that is a sad prospect, but there’s every chance of a good outcome so surely it’s worth the risk? You take a deep breath and go for it.

'Hey Bucky?’ You stand up from behind your desk and walk towards him 'I know it’s a bit forward but you seem like a nice guy’ his eyes widen in confusion 'So I was wondering if you’d like to grab a drink sometime, just me and you?’ You try to keep a bit of distance between you, as much as you’d like to touch every inch of him, you don’t want to cage him in.

'Gee, Y/N…’ Oh god! He’s hesitating! What were you thinking? Of course he’s not interested! You begin to panic 'I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea, you know us working together and all, it might be a bit awkward?’ He bows his head trying to meet your eyes 'I’m so sorry…’

'Hey it’s alright, yeah, I suppose you’re right. Eh, forget I asked!’ You try to smile but it’s tight lipped and there’s no way he doesn’t notice the disappointment in your voice. You take a step back, turn around and walk back to your desk to finish work. 'I’ll see you around anyway!’ You murmur. Bucky opens his mouth but shakes his head and decides not to say anything opting for a dart towards the door. As soon as he leaves you bang your head on the desk. 'Loser!’ You scoff at yourself. Your mouth feels dry and your eyes are burning but you won’t allow yourself to sulk, not right now. Right now you’re at work and you have to stay strong so try to remember one of the breathing exercises your meditation leader suggested last week. You’re fine. You’re FINE.

The rest of your workday is pretty easy and pleasantly uneventful. The last thing to do is to transfer any new data onto another USB, so it can be used in the Avengers briefing tomorrow morning. There are quite a lot of files to be saved so when you hit ‘SAVE’ the computer tells you of an estimate time of 7 minutes before the job is done. Brilliant, just enough time for a quick refresh and a change of clothes before you go home!

You’re back just in time, feeling much better, surprising what a quick splash of water to your face, and a change into comfy jeans can do! You grab your coat and bag, unplug the USB which you decide to drop off now to save you the job in the morning.

When you step out of the lift on the floor you’re intrigued to hear muffled music and laughter. You carry on to the main lounge and are met with cheer.
'Y/N!’ Natasha practically skips towards you 'Can you stay a while? We’re just having a little celebration, we had a really good mission today!’
'Yeah, I’ve seen the intel, some really important stuff there!’ You scan around the room - all the usual suspects are there: Hawkeye and Wanda, Tony and Rhodey, and the Holy Trinity Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson and, of course, Bucky Barnes. You try to think of an excuse but before you know it Natasha is grabbing your wrist and dragging you to the sofa. Thankfully Bucky is sat across the room, some distance between you so maybe you’ll be OK to stay for a bit?

Couple of hours go by, everyone’s enjoying themselves, drinking and laughing, there’s such a great atmosphere so naturally the conversation topic shifts towards relationships. 'Y/N, we don’t know much about you, are you single?’ Sam is the one to bring attention towards you.
'Yeah…’ you put on a wide smile and take a sip of your beer.
'She’s a right picky one!’ Natasha chimes in 'I tried to set her up so many times but she always finds excuses not to meet anyone!’
'That’s not true!’ You correct her 'I ask guys out all the time, I just get rejected a lot!’ You don’t mean to sound self-deprecating but it obviously comes out that way because Steve gives you a comforting smile.
'I hardly doubt that! You would reject you?! You’re beautiful and smart and any guy would be a buffoon not to take you out on a date!’ He looks around for support, smiling and nodding in a 'Am I right?’ manner. Everyone is nodding in agreement except for Bucky who, being sat behind Steve, escapes his look.
'I don’t buy it either, when was the last time you asked a guy out and he turn you down?’ Clint prods 'I bet it happened long time ago and you’re still sulking!’

As much as you’d like to vent you decide to be the bigger person here and protect Bucky, it’s not his fault he doesn’t see you that way, it’s certainly YOUR fault to allow yourself to develop such feeling for him.

'Okay, it happened this week. That’s all I can say’ you take another sip of your beer.

'No way!’ Sam booms 'Who was it?’ You don’t reply straight away and that spikes Sam’s interest 'Wait! Do we know him? Is he from work?’ The 'oohs’ and 'aahs’ spread across the room and suddenly everyone’s eyes are glued on you, including Bucky’s, who is looking nervous. He’s bobbing his leg and runs hand through his hair. He’s clearly trying to avoid your eyes but when you accidentally meet his gaze he quickly averts your eyes and takes a big gulp of his drink. You look around the room and release a deep sigh.
'I don’t really want to talk about it.. But yes, he’s from work, I asked him to go out for a drink and he said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea because we work together and it may put us in an awkward situation’
A moment of silence is broken by Wanda who must have sensed your discomfort.
To be honest it doesn’t take a genius to figure you’re uncomfortable because your drink is long gone and all of a sudden you’re quiet, replaying the events from earlier in your head. A movement across the room catches your attention and it’s Bucky walking away towards the hall, perhaps to get another drink from the kitchen? You catch Steve looking at you and he sends you a wide smile. It’s so beautiful you swear that smile can cure depression! You’re certainly feeling better already!
'Fuck him, Y/N, he’s clearly not worth it, his loss!’ Wanda walks up and gives you a pat on the shoulder 'I’m gonna head off now, it’s getting pretty late and it has been a long day!’
'Yeah, me too’ you stand up and grab your coat 'Thanks for having me guys, and congrats on a great mission!’
You say your goodbyes and head towards the lift. You press the button and wait. 'Y/N?’ You hear a familiar voice and turn around to see his tall frame jogging towards you. 'Hey, sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to upset you’
'Bucky… it’s alright, I’m not that upset, like I said, I’m used to rejection, I’m a big girl I can take it’ it takes all your strength (or what’s left of it) to smile at him.
'Listen, you seem like a really cool girl, so maybe we can go for that drink after all?’ He’s definitely talking to you, there’s no one else here, but you wouldn’t be able to tell because he’s looking everywhere else but at you, shifting nervously.
The beep of the lift brings your focus back to the situation 'Don’t worry about it, I don’t need a pity ask…’
'I didn’t mean-’
'Bucky’ you cut him off 'please don’t make this even worse, you’ve made your feelings pretty clear earlier and it’s fine. I’m fine’ you stand into the lift and wait for the door to close before releasing a strangled cry. Rejection is one thing but you certainly did not need anyone’s pity. Especially not Bucky’s.

Part 2

Since the first time they met–sparring in a ring, their swords matching one another blow for blow, the world disappearing around them as they fought– he has been her partner in a way, the only man unafraid of her crown and her sword.

He had been but her rival at first, at the receiving end of her famed wit, at the pointy end of her practise sword, at the other side of the room, on the other side of the palace walls.

But as they had grown, as the fire within them had steadied and burned strong, he had become her partner in other ways.

The Princess and her Knight Commander.

At her side in every battle, escorting her through every painful ball with a sly joke whispered in her ear, with a tentative compliment at the end of the night before he walks away, leaving her with a soft longing for something that makes her heart sigh.

But as she stands facing him now, caught in a hug goodbye that had not ended, lingering instead– her forehead pressed against his, his breath puffing against her cheek, her hand resting upon his chest– she wonders if perhaps they could not be more.

She takes a sharp breath and presses closer.

Perhaps it is time to take a leap.