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i’m sorry this is going to be a personal post that’s not about skam but i just need to express how so incredibly happy i am right now. so!! yesterday!! (oh god) i found out that i passed my bar exam. and i JUST. you guys. i was so, absolutely, totally certain that i failed it, so so so certain, like 300%, there was no doubt in my mind, like as soon as i finished that exam, that i failed it. and it’s been quite hard, like i felt fine, life went on, but it was something that was still in the back of my mind and like, it was pretty heartbreaking to think that i had failed what was, like, the biggest and most important exam of my life. BUT I PASSED. i saw that i did and i couldn’t believe and i feel like i’ve been on a cloud since 

and today!!! my older brother found out that he passed his medical board exam!! and i am so so so happy for him you guys. like, there was no doubt he would pass but. i’ve grown up with him my whole life, you know? i’ve seen how incredibly brilliant he was ever since we were kids and i can’t think of a person who deserves it more than him. he’s so caring and generous with his knowledge and just wants to help people. he’s going to be the most amazing doctor 

and you know, my parents. oh god, these two. they immigrated here twenty four years ago, and my mom was in her early twenties and 8 months pregnant with my brother and they had nothing. and all they ever wanted was to make sure we would have a good life. and they never even pressured us to chose a certain field a study, they would’ve encouraged us no matter what. and they were so supportive of me when i told them that i was completely sure that i had failed, and they told me that it was going to be alright and that they were proud of me no matter what. but now i passed and my brother did as well and i’m just so so happy they get to have that because i know how much this all means to them. it means so much to our whole family and our friends and aaah. i just can’t stop smiling. and randomly start shedding tears haha 

i just got home and i’m going to go through my dashboard for a bit before i head out again, a lot has happened today apparently, eh? aaaah i’m just so happy so so happy 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

A Quiet Meeting Part I

In which Mezato and Takenaka are magnets for trouble even when they’re not trying to be bc noir always makes me think of gosho aoyama’s universe.

[supposed to take part after the imminent threat on takenaka’s life is dealt with, but the organization that sent it is still active; actual events intentionally vague]

also i hate @bakanohealthy

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do you believe their story about missing a flight? it seems odd to me. like maybe the orchestrated it and set up the tweets and events so they could have a story to tell on stage. I don't want to keep doubting them all the time but if they hadn't had that story to tell what would they have done to fill their time on stage?

They’d have done what they do at literally every other on stage convention appearance? Played some dumb game, used the 7SC app, or had someone interview them quiz show style for laughs. Their on stage stuff never requires much prep so I’m not sure why they’d have gone to the effort of faking tweets and coming up with an elaborate situation just to have a story to tell, when they know very well they could read each other the phone book and still be the reason everyone showed up to that. 

There’s also a chance they did have something else planned, like doing TIIH, but since their plane only got in two hours before the show they didn’t have time to properly sound rehearse it and decided to do the story of why they only showed up two hours beforehand in its place. 

I think people are overthinking what Dan and Phil lie about, and why. They exaggerate stories, absolutely, but they don’t fabricate them entirely unless it’s for some purpose of protecting themselves/their privacy. Look at the motive as much as the actions - with them, and in general in life. It makes a lot of situations a lot easier to understand. 

Thank You (connor murphy x reader)

Word Count : 418 (its short i know)

Warnings:None bb just MAjor Fluff 

BTW: send me requests loves

You steadied your breathing as you clung onto Connor’s back .You had called him at 3 in the morning, due to night terrors.

You had had been holding onto each other since he stepped foot into your room.

  You two were now laying in your bed. He ran his fingers through your hair, knowing that was something that would calm you down, and it was also highly therapeutic for him. You took a deep breath, and he did the same.
‘This is nice’ you thought.

Only Connor knows about your nightmares.
Only Connor knows that you like to have you hair messed with.
Only Connor knows this part of you.

He pulled you from his chest to look at you, you had stopped crying, but your eyes were still puffy.
His face was neutral and relaxed, but his eyes were filled with utter love.

The moonlight did wonders for his eyes, they sparkled in the night like your own personal galaxy. Just for you and nobody else.
His lips opened.

“ I cant believe I was so lucky to have found a girl as beautiful as you”
You two hadn’t even spoken to each other all night so his voice was groggy but not any less serious, he continued.

“ you have made my life so much better, you are 'the one ’ for me. I cant even begin to imagine a world without you , and I just want to thank you for saving my life.”

You hadn’t even realized you were crying until he wiped away a tear.

“ I never knew that I could possibly love someone as much as I love you right now.”

You gave a small smile and dove into his face, giving a deep and passionate kiss, neither of you had ever been kissed like that before. You pulled away.

“I hope this night never ends.” You mumbled into his chest.

He squeezed you tight and kissed the top of your head.  

You matched his breathing and listened to his steady heartbeat.

This was the side of both of you that nobody else got to see, this was your secret.
Even with all of our friends, he was usually always on edge.

You were each other’s anchors.

whenever either of you sensed the other was tense

you would respond with the intertwining of you hands or simply holding each other would immediately set you both at ease.
Nobody else had the same effect with either of you.

And you couldn’t have wished for anything else.

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Can I request the Phantom Thief boys finding out their s/o is a secretly another persona user? Like, their s/o was trying to hide it, but then they accidentally stick their hand through the tv or respond to Morgana or something?


I don’t feel like I did as well on this one as I could have
But I still really like it

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What did Matt say at NYCC last year?

Matt is honestly a gift, which we all knew but still. I mean it started last year at the Upfronts with something along the lines like “just throw the books away”, followed by “Alec knows how to shoot the bow since he is doing it since he was a kid” and ended with him pretty much ending one of CC’s book stans at NYCC16 with “Is that a costume or a dress.” lmao Honestly, it was pure gold.

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here's a q...... I get really anxious whenever I play against real people for some reason lmao,,,, but I do wanna play comp!! I'm just nervous that people are going to be assholes and i feel like it'll just stress me out. Did u feel the same way + if u did, how did u overcome it?

WHOO BOY i get really shakey when i play comp tbh. Since i’m perceived as feminine/a girl i stay off mic and listen to everyone else. Sometimes people will understand that I can hear them when i use commands like “mccree is flanking, watch out” i’ll just be like ‘understood’ or something. 

But even this has its downfalls because sometimes i’ll listen to people like ‘mercy you died with rez wtf’ and i’ll be screaming on my end ‘YA COS YOU DIDNT KILL THE TRACER THAT IVE BEEN SCREAMING ‘GROUP UP WITH ME’ ABOUT GOD DAMN’ or youll get a lot of critics. i had this one guy die right and he was playing tank and we were contesting so i rezzed and he was like ‘wtf whyd you solo rez me’ and im thinking ‘because we were down a pick, contesting a point and its 5v6, our dva is out of mech and you’re a rein. ofc im gonna rez you you shitbag’ its unavoidable.

my best advice is: stay off comms completely. it’s easier to avoid everyone on console because if you stay out of the chat channels, no one can talk to you unless they send you a message which rarely ever happens. more often than not, i get messages from the other team which are surprisingly nice!! 

but all in all…. u cant always avoid assholes. I get shit on in qp of all places more often than you’d think, weirdly enough even though… its quick play…. it doesnt count for shit…… 

but yeah, i still get anxious and worried. honestly sometimes the best thing to do is talk to your teammates because then you can explain what happened and stuff but if youre like me and you know there are… downsides…. more than upsides of this, then yeah i’d really just stay off comms completely!

you might unavoidably get a message or two thats not very nice but like you just gotta remember its a game. maybe take a break if it really gets to you. thats what i do cos god knows i basically base my self worth off this game

hope this helps!!

realtalk but how do people write longfic without losing all faith in their ability to create

like tbh i’m staring at this next chapter of repopulating heleus but writing it is like pulling teeth because i’m scared it won’t live up to what’s in my head

i know it only seems boring to me because i know what’s happening and have been thinking about it for months but ahhh

anyway i did some character breakdowns and that helped me get excited again because honestly everything comes down to sara’s friends wanting her to be happy and her realising she wants to be happy, too 💖

and just. remind myself to enjoy the process because it has been so long since i’ve attempted to do something like this and that’s worth something in itself, honestly!

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Akechi's reaction to an S/O Persona user who's mask appears as a wedding veil? (My Reader-Insert uses the Persona Bloody Mary.)

…If the last one was short, this one is even more so adgdhthgdf :’D Since this is posed more like a HC request or something, I just did something small rather than a whole scenario!

It took Akechi a moment to recognize S/O behind the veil that was draped over their face, though even once he registered that it was his partner behind the sheer cloth, his surprise did not fade. Of all the  masks to manifest, he had not been expecting one quite like this; what, he wondered, did such a thing represent for them? What was it about that particular role that made them think of rebellion—that made their Metaverse form appear accordingly?

He found it both puzzling and intriguing at once, but rather than voice these thoughts aloud when S/O approached him, he simply offered them an easy smile. With a gloved hand, he easily lifted away the fabric and gazed at the familiar face that lay beneath.

Perhaps, he mused as he told them how beautiful they looked, one of his hands moving to rest against their cheek, It doesn’t matter right now. If nothing else, perhaps I should simply come to appreciate the sight right now as it’s right before my eyes.

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This will sound like a dumb question but what kind of schooling did Vegeta have while under Frieza? I guess we can assume he had some schooling, if he wanted to have a test before the first tournament in super, but I wonder like did he go to high school, or more taught by like Zarbon or something.

LOL! I have NO idea!

I’ve always thought that, since Vegeta was from the Royal family, he would have received a better education than regular third-class warriors, but since he left his planet and culture while he was still so young, he probably didn’t have the chance to learn as much as he could have.

I picture Vegeta as an intelligent man that wanted to learn as much as he could, not only about fighting, but also about different matters. I’m guessing Frieza wouldn’t have wanted to educate him, because knowledge is power after all, so perhaps Vegeta was self-taught is some way? I can see him trying to acquire whatever useful knowledge he could during his space travelling through the years…

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

Finally saw it @pleahy97!

The Neon Demon is a movie people either find to be complete pretentious drivel or a masterpiece. I think it is a fine movie, one that probably needs more viewings to better appreciate. I think a lot of people were disappointed in it as a horror movie since it isn’t your traditional chiller. Even as far as psychological horror goes, it isn’t the scariest, but it is disturbing and beautiful. The whole thing has a nightmare feel, like something out of one of Luis Bunuel’s pictures.

The Kubrick influence is clear as daylight, particularly The Shining. The Neon Demon has the same long tracking shots down ominous corridors and similarly weird dialogue scenes. However, I can’t say I felt the same sense of dread throughout this movie that I did with The Shining, which was strange to me. I have seen The Shining three times, it hasn’t nearly the same amount of extreme content as The Neon Demon, but re-watching it yesterday, I found myself still seeped in suspense and I still jumped at one particular scene, even when I knew it was coming. But then again, The Neon Demon is not the same kind of story as The Shining, which concerns the evil inherent in all of us, waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash itself. It’s a kind of tragedy actually, about a young woman who feels her beauty is the only thing she has to offer the world and who in the end loses her soul. If the characters are hollow, that isn’t a shortcoming of the film—these are characters who have hollowed themselves out to become commodities. In many ways, Jessie’s fall is self-inflicted, but she remains somewhat sympathetic because you feel she has been lead to believe she has no other viable option for happiness and fulfilment.

Some have criticized the movie for not portraying the fashion industry accurately, but I think that’s missing the mark a bit. This movie is no more about the fashion industry than Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is about eighteenth-century French politics—it’s about something bigger and more universal. The Neon Demon is about self-obsession and image. It’s about how we cut ourselves up and actually limit ourselves to nothing but surface glamor because society is often too shallow to appreciate much else.

Critics and most audiences seem to still dislike this one, but I think it’s ripe for a cult following. It’s got that kind of surrealism, dark comedy, and quotability that makes cult film fans adore fare like Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Clockwork Orange, and The Big Lebowski. I still don’t know how I entirely feel about it. It’s a unique movie.

Love it when my friend tells her verbally abusive bf that she stole something and he goes off like this. I did spark her interest in lifting, but I honestly have no control of what she does when she’s 7 hours away from me rn so 🤷🏻‍♀️. Gotta love my haters, esp since I’m clearly brain dead

Edit: she just texted me saying that he said she can’t hang out with me anymore LMAO I’ve told her to break up with him many times but she says that she can’t get another guy. Having no guy is better than this guy but she can’t seem to understand that

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Kaiba at a fair or carnival with Mokuba?

Kaiba hated to admit it, but he really would do just about anything in his power to make Mokuba happy, and damnit, he was a softy for his little brother.

So taking him to a local fair was the least he could do for his brother, even though he wasn’t looking forward to it at all.

Mokuba had heard about it from Yugi, a little fair coming into town, Americana-themed apparently, which would obviously bring in a lot of attention. Sure, they could just go to Kaiba Land and do something there, but Mokuba wanted to see what this fair had to offer, and he really wanted his big bro to come along with him. So, under the deal of no hanging out with Yugi and his little band of merry dorks and dinks, he would go.

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Today’s prompt was moon and stars and I’m such a sap I’m such a sap

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)


more doodles from today’s chapter  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧