since they are a bunch of other outfits in the video

Living Next-Door to Teamiplier

This was fun to do. I couldn’t stop smiling while writing this! 
It’s pretty self-explanatory, this is a list of what it would be like living next to Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Amy and Katherine.  
Hope you guys enjoy!

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-You begin to question your neighbors sanity. 

-At first, you thought they were a bunch of hilarious nut-jobs. Maybe have a few screws loose and you should probably be worried for yourself. 

-But after meeting them personally and Mark explaining what he does for a living, EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! 

-After meeting everyone, you sort of fell into a sense of understanding and acceptance. 

-The first few times you caught the boys in dresses, you couldn’t help but laugh and crack jokes. 

-They flipped you off, jokingly criticizing whatever you were wearing at the time.

-Now, when you see Tyler in a massive turkey outfit, you just sip your coffee and wave at them from across the fence. 

-They’ve apologized many times for the weird noises coming from inside their house. 

-They give you some warning if they’re going to be doing stuff outside. Usually accompanied by Mark’s cooking because he felt bad about the loud music the night before.

-You actually went over and knocked on their door to make sure they were ok after hearing lots of screaming. 

-You found out they were just making a video. 

-They invited you inside to watch. 

-Funniest afternoon of your life. You still laugh about it weeks afterwards. 

-Amy and Katherine chat with you over the fence. They ask for cooking ingredients sometimes because Mark and the boys used it in their videos. 

-Anything you see through the windows, is entirely restricted to be spoken about between you and them. 

-You at first thought they were doing it for fun. (Which they were of course).

-But after watching a few of Mark’s videos and vlogs and live-streams, you’re safe to say you admire Mark and his work even more. 

-You donate to his live-streams and he shouts a thank you from the upstairs window. 

-You give him a thumbs-up from your side of the fence. 

-Ethan sometimes running to your house to hide from the others. 

-“They want me to do weird things, (Y/N)! Strange, unnatural things! Don’t let them find me!” 

-When this happens, you feign ignorance of Ethan’s location. 

-But Mark brings you over home-cooked meals and you give the blue-boy up instantly. 

-Ethan calling you over the fence because he doesn’t want to live with these “weirdos” anymore. 

-“I’ll sleep on the couch! I’ll rub your feet and clean! I beg you!”

-Him silently crying in your direction and mouthing, “Help” every time they shoot a video outside and you’re watching.

-Tyler is tall enough to see over the fence. 

-He leans over the top and chats with you while you’re gardening. 

-If you’re having trouble with something in the house, he’ll come over and help fix/move it. 

-Chica met you once and now escapes to go see you. 

-She’ll sleep on the front mat and wait for you to come to the door. 

-Tyler lifts her up so you can pat her over the fence. 

-You dog-sit when Teamiplier go away.

-The rest of the street think you’re all nuts. 

-Which is fine because you don’t like people coming uninvited to your door. 

-Except Teamiplier. 

-They pretty much treat your home like their own. (Within respective reason) 

-Mark knocks and enters.

-Ethan just waltzes right in. 

-Tyler knocks and waits patiently for you to open the door and allow him inside.

-Whenever something is thrown onto your side of the fence, the boys will try to clamber/jump over to get it. 

-This ends in a lot of swearing, sometimes a scrape or two.-Usually you throw it back over. But then it comes back a few more times. 

-So you sat on your side of the fence hitting whatever came over with a tennis-racket. 

-”Ignore the person on the other side of the fence!” Mark told the camera.
“They’re not important! They’re a nobody!” Ethan waved his hand in your direction.
“I’m keeping this ball now!” 

-Mark’s community have only seen glimpses of you. An arm or the top of your head peeking over the fence. 

-But you’re still a huge part of the channel since the boys call out for you in most of the videos that are filmed outside. 

-You answer them either with a loud, rude noise or a sarcastic comment that they all laugh at. 

-You had pretended to be annoyed when a stray foam arrow had flown through the open window of your kitchen. 

-But you couldn’t help but find the whole thing funny. 

-“Who the fuck just tried to assassinate me?” 
“Sorry! We’re really sorry!” 
“Next time aim better!” 

-Being Neighbors with Teamiplier is never dull. There is always something to smile or laugh at, and you have grown close to the bunch of weirdos over the fence.

Zayn opens up about conquering touring anxiety, prepping album No. 2 – and why he’s been living on a farm

There aren’t many places in New York, or anywhere else for that matter, that feel as cocooned from the ­outside world as the live room in Electric Lady’s Studio A. Designed to Jimi Hendrix’s ­specifications, the curvy space is stocked with shiny vintage gear, faded Persian rugs and a cosmic, wall-sized mural. On this Sunday night in September, a little after 9 p.m., the room’s sole occupant is a slight, ­strikingly handsome 24-year-old, whose unique ­combination of global fame and acute anxiety can make life outside of insulated creative oases like this one ­challenging, and who is currently kicked back on an overstuffed leather sofa, pulling ­meditatively from a joint and watching the smoke curl toward the sound-­deadened ceiling.

For the last nine months, Zayn Malik – who in his solo career goes by his first name – has lived in similar womblike rooms in New York, Los Angeles, London and even rural Pennsylvania (more on that later), ­crafting the follow-up to his debut solo LP, Mind of Mine, which bowed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last spring and spawned the Billboard Hot 100-topping ­single “Pillowtalk,” which has racked up over 750 million YouTube spins. That album, with its Frank Ocean-esque ­moodiness, bedroom vocals and, “Pillowtalk” aside, resistance to radio-friendly sonics, demarcated a clear line between Malik’s grown-up second act and his beyond-famous first one.

Seven years ago, Malik was plucked at age 17 from a small city in Northern England, teamed up with four other boys as One Direction and ­tornado-ed into the most intense global teen craze endured by a crew of British kids since Beatlemania. The ­experience left him unmoored – he abruptly quit the group in 2015 – and as a solo artist, he’s devoted to serving his own muse. In the 18 months since the release of his debut LP, he has deepened his ­relationship with his supermodel girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, started taking better care of his health, corralled collaborators ­including Taylor Swift and Sia, and determinedly honed his sound. For an artist so shaken by his time in One Direction that he has yet to launch a tour, the intensely private star has found a way to navigate, even thrive, in his highly public life. Or, as Malik himself puts it, “I don’t do things that I wouldn’t buy into. I try to explain that to people and hope that they understand – it doesn’t come from a place of being arrogant or above anything.”

It’s probably not intentional, but Malik seems dressed to match the room in an ­outfit you can easily picture Paul McCartney rocking in the early 1970s: a dark-red cable-knit sweater that looks both cozy and off-the-charts expensive, a subtly ­patterned button-down shirt, earth-toned, jean-cut pants and a pair of black Chelsea boots. His left hand is covered in a ­mandala-like tattoo; his right is adorned with a pair of red lips ­billowing smoke. His hair, which evidently grows quickly, has already returned to an ­appealing fuzz less than a week after he made headlines ­worldwide by ­shaving it bald. He’s in New York to take some meetings and work on the album, but the trip also lines up with New York Fashion Week, which means that he and Hadid get to be in the same place at the same time. The pair, says Malik, “pretty much live together,” whether it’s at his homes in Los Angeles and London or at her pad in New York. “It’s actually not that hard for us [to line up schedules],” he says. “It helps that she’s really organized. Thank God! Because I’m really not, so she helps organize my ­schedule around seeing her.” (Hadid is also one of a small group of people, including Malik’s parents, siblings and management team, who get to hear in-progress music. “She’s in the studio quite a lot,” he says cheerfully. “She likes to cook for me and stuff – when I’m here late, she’ll come down and bring me food. She’s cool.”)

The new album, says Malik, mines two main moods: one more rhythmic and pop, the other more downtempo. “The last album veered into a much more nighttime kind of thing,” says Peter Edge, chairman/CEO of Malik’s label, RCA. “This one is more of a mix than that.” The young star has been back in the studio with ­his first album’s main ­collaborator, Malay, well known for his work on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange and Blonde. Veteran ­producers like Timbaland and Rob Cavallo have contributed, and Malik also has made a bunch of songs largely by ­himself. He has been toiling away at the disc for months, blowing past deadline after deadline; ­originally slated for a late-­September release, the album now won’t be out until the first quarter of 2018.

I got a preview of two tracks in late October. The first, which is built around Malik’s velvet vocals, a heartrending ­melody and spare, sonar-plink sonics builds – and improves – on his debut album’s sound. The other, all synths and ­effortless vocals, feels directly aimed at pop fans’ ­pleasure centers. “What impresses me about Zayn is the vision he has for his music,” says Timbaland. “How he looks at it, takes his time with it – just really thinks it out.”

Most recently, Malik has been ­collaborating with a musician that his management declines to name, saying only that he’s “unknown,” from Brazil and that Malik met him through friends. “I think I’m like 90 percent of the way there,” says Malik in September of the LP’s process. “But I’m still working on stuff and trying to decide what goes on the album and what comes off.”

Cavallo, who worked with Malik and a killer crew of session vets to grow a spare, downtempo demo into a Michael Jackson-inspired funk-rock tune, was most impressed by the young star’s calibrated ear. “He kind of reminds me of when I was in the studio with Fleetwood Mac,” says Cavallo. “His instinctive impulse to know what’s good or not good is like an ­incredibly precise laser beam. He knows which lyric to sing, he knows when the guitar part is good, he knows when the beat is right. It’s all right there at his fingertips.”

In person, Malik is polite, friendly and willing to answer ­questions. But he’s not exactly a chatterbox, and he’s more likely to reply ­cryptically than with a concrete ­anecdote. Even softball questions ­sometimes elicit strange responses, like when I brought up a recent Instagram post of his that ­compared two images of Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne – one as it’s depicted in the books, the other as it is in the show – along with the caption “Tru.” (The throne is apparently described in print as taller and spikier.) So he must be a huge fan of the show, right? “Ah, I’m not too into Game of Thrones,” he says, ­shrugging. “I just put that picture up because [it ­represents] the difference between a book and a movie. The ­overproduction of things is always hilarious.”

There is at least one HBO series that he genuinely loves. “I watched Girls – the whole thing,” he says. In fact, one of the stars of that show, Jemima Kirke, appears in the action-blockbuster-style video for the new album’s lead single, “Dusk Till Dawn,” which features guest vocals from Sia and is more full-bore pop than ­anything on Mind of Mine. Malik thought Kirke seemed cool and reached out to see if she’d be ­interested in playing his femme fatale co-star in the video, which was directed by Marc Webb, who helmed the 2012 Spider-Man reboot. In its first day, “Dusk Till Dawn” got over 10 million views on YouTube. Malik was enthused by the ­reception, in part because he wrote much of the song ­himself. (The video raises another ­question: Does he have any ­interest in ­acting? “I do, yeah,” he says. “It would have to be a good script and something that was a bit ­different, like an art movie. Something people wouldn’t expect.”) Malik’s a huge admirer of Sia, not only for her talent as a singer and hitmaker, but also for the way she has ­navigated the perils of celebrity and figured out how to perform live, ­on her own terms.

Malik ­himself has yet to tour – or even play a single major concert – since he left One Direction. During the last two years, he has canceled shows in London, Dubai and Japan, citing extreme anxiety. “The band was like being in the army for him,” notes his manager, Sarah Stennett, adding that the last few years have been a time for Malik to recalibrate. “You lose your sense of intuition and instinct about what you really need, and what’s right for you.”

In Zayn, an autobiography-slash-photo book he published in 2016, Malik made it clear that his time with 1D wasn’t just ­stressful – it was damaging to his mental health. He opened up about having ­developed an eating disorder triggered by the endless grind and total lack of ­anything resembling a normal life. “I’d just go for days – sometimes two or three days straight – without eating anything at all,” he wrote. “Food was something I could control, so I did.”

Today, he insists that he’s in a much better place. “I’m taking things at my own pace, eating well, not going too crazy,” he says with a wry little laugh. “Making sure we have dinnertime.” (He’s clearly not on a rabid health kick, though. At one point a member of his team delivers a pack of Marlboro Lights, and he spends several minutes trying to get one lit by holding it in his hand and toasting the end with a lighter.) One of the ways that Malik has achieved a more serene mind space has been by ­spending much of this ­summer and fall in the last place any fan would think to look for him – on a working farm in rural Pennsylvania, with a private studio nearby. “[The farm] is just out of the way and feels grounded,” he says. “There’s not a lot of things around. I do a lot of farm work.” Really? “Yeah, yeah, I take the horses out and feed the cows and that kind of stuff. It’s cool. I’ve always been ­interested in animals.”

The farm reminds him, he says, of the countryside around Bradford, England, the town between Leeds and Liverpool where he grew up. A rotating crew of friends, family and collaborators – including Hadid – join him in Pennsylvania and listen to music and offer opinions. Zayn’s father, Yaser Malik, a British-Pakistani hip-hop fan, gravitates toward lyrically ­sophisticated songs. “He likes the more meaningful ones,” says Malik. “He’ll be like, ‘Read more, do this, work on this lyric.’” His mom, Tricia Malik, who ­converted to Islam before she married Yaser, “likes anything that’s clubby and upbeat. She’s hilarious to me. All of what I call my proper ratchet songs, she loves.” He cracks a big grin and laughs.

Malik isn’t the only ­prominent Muslim star in music – rappers from Ice Cube to Q-Tip share the faith – but his religion was one of the clear ­markers of difference between him and his 1D bandmates. He has made a few ­tentative political gestures around his religion (including tweeting the hashtag #freepalestine in 2014) but generally avoids the topic of intolerance in the era of Donald Trump and Brexit. He’s ­cheerful when talking about his father’s family’s culture, though. Malik understands Urdu, although when he speaks the language, it’s a ­hodgepodge of Urdu and English and slang. He has never been to Pakistan but is ­interested in visiting someday. And he’s a fan of Pakistani food, music, poetry and movies. “My grandparents would always have that going on the TV,” he says. “So I’m pretty in the know.”

According to Malik, he no longer has any contact with former 1D bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson, all of whom have also released solo music in 2017. He says this without malice, and if he feels ­competitive with his old crew, he’s certainly not letting on. “Our relationships have definitely changed since we were in a band together, but I think that’s just life,” he says. “Everybody grows up; two of the guys have got kids now. But no, I don’t talk to any of them, really.”

It might help that he has edged out the others on the Hot 100, especially when you count “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” the No. 2 smash that he recorded for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack with Taylor Swift – another artist for whom he has major respect. He personally recruited Swift, who is tight with Hadid, for the track. “I worked with her because I felt like she was the right artist for the song,” says Malik. “And of course she’s also a massive artist, so that brings its benefits. I get to let her fans know that I’m doing this kind of music, and she lets her fans know she likes my kind of music – there’s no opposition, for real. Everybody can like everybody’s music.”

While nothing has been booked yet, Malik is planning on launching a major tour behind the new album. His anxiety around performing, he explains, wasn’t just a 1D hangover – some of it came from not ­having figured out how to do a solo show that felt natural, especially with only one album’s worth of material from which to draw. “Like, there were a lot of upbeat dance [songs on the album], and I don’t dance, so it would have required a lot of extra dancers and stuff going on, and I don’t necessarily want to do that.” (Fans hoping to hear Malik perform 1D hits, as they can on Styles’ recently launched tour, are likely to be disappointed.)

Part of the solution, it turns out, came from that session with Cavallo and ­seeing how one of his studio creations could take on new life with a great band. “It definitely helped identify in my own mind where I want to be as an entertainer,” says Malik. “For a long time I’ve struggled with, ‘Where is Zayn as a performer?’ I don’t want [my show] to be too eccentric or out there, because I’m not that kind of ­personality. I’m quite a reserved person, and I feel like [the vibe of that session] sort of fits me and what I want to do onstage.”

Near the end of our time together, I ­gently float an idea: “If there are any songs you’d feel comfortable playing for me,” I ­suggest, “I’d love to hear them.” Malik seems totally into it. “Yeah, of course, man,” he says emphatically. “Cool. I’ll play some stuff.” He gets up from the sofa and heads to the ­studio door. “I’m just going to get the songs off my manager.” I tell him I appreciate it. “No worries, bro,” he says, before he disappears through the door. And then, in probably the most Zayn-like move of the night, he never comes back.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your blog so much! If it's not too much trouble, could I request RFA (+ Saeran if possible?) after the RFA party? I'm dying for fluff ;0;

Hope this helps your fluff craving~ Enjoy! 


  • He wanted to take you away from the press and reporters
  • So, Zen takes you downtown to a secluded cafe
  • But instead of sitting down to drink the coffee, he takes you around the little town
  • You two walk into little shops and see all the items
  • He takes you to a bridge nearby to see the cityscape
  • You two spend most of the time talking and right before you’re about to leave, he pulls out on of those locks
  • You write both of your name in sharpies and attach it to the bridge
  • He brings you back to his place and you order some take out
  • You’re really tired so you crash on the couch
  • He slides next to you and buries his face in your shoulder
  • You’re running your fingers through his hair and next thing you know, you had both fallen asleep
  • You almost missed the food delivery
  • Despite being exhausted, you two talk late into the night until you fall asleep on the couch again
  • He just carries you gently into the guest room before returning to his own


  • He wasn’t exactly supposed to be at the party for that long
  • So, once it was over, you and the rest of the members forced him to go back to the hospital to finish his treatment
  • He only has to stay until evening
  • You decided to stay with him the rest of the day
  • He doesn’t have any video games, so you go down to the gift shop and get a pack of cards and a few boardgames
  • You’re mostly talking while playing, and it’s really nice
  • He keeps commenting on all your little habits and quirks, since this is the first day he’s actually seen you
  • When he’s finally discharged, you drive him home and he invites you inside for some coffee
  • Even though you insist he needs rest, you eventually give in
  • As soon as you walk in, it smells like lemon cleaner and vanilla candles, which is so like him
  • He shows you around his place and you find it cute when he gets flustered if you point out one of his collectibles or cute knick knacks
  • Despite his eye, he makes you a cup of coffee and you two talk in the kitchen
  • You can’t stay late and he needs rest, so you eventually have to call it a night
  • But he walks you to his car and gives you a few more soft kisses
  • The sweet taste of coffee accompanies your smile all the way back to your apartment that night


  • The party was a success and the buzz of all the people made you giddy
  • And besides that, the fact that you and Jaehee were going to be partners for the cafe was beyond exciting
  • Seeing you so ecstatic, Jaehee surprised you by taking you to the cafe she bought right after the party
  • Your enthusiasm was contagious and you two spent your time looking at the empty spot, imagining how you would redecorate the place
  • Afterwards, you drag her to a home improvement store so you can look at paint and color schemes
  • You get a bunch of samples to look at later
  • By the time you’re done there, your extra energy is worn out and Jaehee is also crashing from the day’s activities
  • You invite her back to the apartment since it’s closer than her place
  • You guys pick up some food on the way back and eat up a storm
  • You’re talking about so many things, sometimes funny and silly moments of your favorite singers and other times very deep and serious conversations about your lives and future
  • In the end, you lose track of time and it’s already past midnight
  • Trying to get Jaehee a little more out of her shell, you tell her just to stay the night
  • She’s hesitant at first, but she’s so comfortable with you now she agrees
  • You bring out extra pillows and blankets and you two continue your conversation over a DVD of Zen’s latest musical
  • Eventually, you get tuckered out and you both fall asleep on the couch


  • The last eleven days had been a rollercoaster of events with the party and with Jumin sorting out his own emotions
  • So, Jumin hoped to take you on a calmer outing after the party
  • At first, he suggested a high end fancy restaurant, but you asked if he wanted to take a stroll in the park first
  • You both change into more comfortable clothes  
  • Turns out Jumin has three outfits that aren’t part of a suit
  • He’s a bit stiff at first, since he’s not used to just walking and talking casually
  • But then you slip your hand in his and you feel him relax
  • He’s intrigued by the small vendors selling ice cream or cotton candy
  • He buys you both some shaved ice and you find a quiet bench
  • He takes some blurry photos of you and the lake and even some of the ducks
  • Once dinner rolls around, he gets his wish and takes you to a nice restaurant
  • You can’t help but love the contrast between the two outings, but somehow it brings out the best of Jumin
  • After the meal, he takes you onto a secluded balcony on the top floor of the restaurant
  • He takes your hands and thanks you for everything in the past few days
  • You say a few loving words of your own
  • For the first time, everything is slow and beautiful and you take in every second 
  • At the end of the night, he accompanies you as far as he can to return you safely to the apartment
  • And as you lay down in bed that night, you can’t help but feel a shift in your life for the better


  • You two didn’t get to go to the first RFA party, so the second one is very exciting for you both
  • But afterwards, you were both a little drained from all the guests and interactions
  • So, he takes you to a nice diner to get some milkshakes and discuss what happened
  • You both exchange stories of awkward moments or funny incidents during the party until you’re laughing so hard your sides hurt
  • Feeling a bit more energized, you both want to do something else before you head home
  • Impromptu trip to the nearest planetarium it is
  • It’s actually rather peaceful and sentimental for you both since it’s something you two talked about doing the first time you met
  • Since it’s still the middle of the day, there aren’t a lot of people there
  • You and Seven get to share some private moments where you’re just holding hands or resting your head on his shoulder as the show plays
  • When it comes to the other displays, you two start taking stupid pictures next to them and adding funny captions and filters on Clapchat
  • You stay there longer than necessary
  • Mostly because you both have a blast in the gift shop looking and hundreds of quirky space themed things before choosing one thing to buy
  • Around dinner, you two head to his place since you thought it might be nice to cook a meal and share it with Saeran as well
  • Only, you made the mistake of laying on his couch for a few minutes to scroll through your phone after such a long trip…and Seven made the mistake of joining you
  • Saeran is waking you both up a few hours later with some take out he ordered already waiting in the kitchen


  • He didn’t feel comfortable coming to an RFA party until it was about the third one you planned
  • Everything was really great, and he even talked to a few guests
  • But the crowd got overwhelming and you found him in the hallway by the time the party was over
  • You could tell he was drained so you drag him to the ice cream shop
  • He was expecting to stay there and eat it, but instead you take his hand and start walking
  • He thinks you have a plan, but halfway through town and realizes you don’t
  • So he just goes along with you as you grab his hand and swing it back and forth
  • He surprises you when he pulls you into a bus that travels to the town over
  • He’s not used to being “spontaneous” but he wanted to try
  • You guys find a small little bakery where you grab something to eat
  • Then as you’re wandering, you pass by a cat cafe and you can’t resist going in
  • At first, Saeran is super jumpy with all the cats around, but there’s one reddish kitten that calmly jumps onto his lap and sits there
  • You watch as a small smile grows on his lips when he pets it
  • At one point, you even lost him in the place because he was following the one cat around
  • He’s reluctant to leave, finding the cats therapeutic by the end
  • You guys catch a bus to take you back home, and thankfully get some seats in the back
  • You rest your head on his shoulder and end up falling asleep
  • He hesitantly wraps his arm around you and pulls you close as he looks through the window at the passing scenery
  • For the first time in a very long time, he feels at peace and he’s even a little sad when the bus comes to your stop 

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Danganronpa V3 Ending Explained



So my theory is that Hope’s Peak Academy is real and nobody from V3 actually volunteered to participate.  I have a lot of evidence to back this up but if it’s too long for you to read then feel free to skip to the TLDR at the bottom.

Okay so keep in mind that DR never gives us any information that isn’t important.  Even during DR2 when Mikan was falling in scandalous positions and it seemed like just fanservice, it ended up being important in a trial. They don’t show you anything that isn’t necessary.  So with this in mind, we can figure out a lot of the secrets hidden within V3.

The very first part of Danganronpa V3 involves Kaede and Shuichi waking up and remembering being kidnapped.  At this point they are all normal high schoolers with no ultimate talents.  The students are all told about the killing game and nobody reacts the way Tsumugi explains in the sixth trial.  There are no lines about them being excited to have been chosen for the killing game.  And DR wouldn’t just SKIP OVER a few lines in a scene.  They’d only ever cut a scene short, not skip important parts of it. Even when Kaede was secretly the murderer during the first chapter, the important clues were all in the dialogue the entire time and just weren’t made clear until later.  So the fact that there is no dialogue where the students react excitedly during the prologue scene means one of two things—either they were never excited about the killing game and Tsumugi was just lying to them in the last trial (which isn’t a far stretch since V3 was centered around lies, and every single Flashback Light was a lie) or they had already been given a new memory about being kidnapped.

But the Monokubs seem confused that the participants weren’t given their first Flashback Light yet since Monophanie was already supposed to have done that.  There would be no reason for the Kubs to lie about this, because after the first Flashback Light nobody would’ve remembered anything anyways. Why bother coming up with a lie if nobody would remember it?  And there’d be no point in brainwashing the students one time to think they’d been kidnapped and then brainwashing them a second time to make them forget about the kidnapping and not remember how they got there (as well as get their new personalities).  Why go through with the first brainwashing if the second brainwashing would cancel it out?  And why show us this scene at all if it’s just the first round of brainwashing that got written over, meaning that it wasn’t important?  DR never shows us anything unless we need to see it. 

All of this leads me to believe that the prologue scene is the real truth: the students were actually kidnapped and forced into the killing game. Kodaka himself actually said on twitter to replay the prologue after beating the game to notice something interesting ( And this is what he’s talking about. When they first got there they hadn’t been tampered with yet (Monotaro says they haven’t received their FIRST memory yet, so they are in their original states). They remember being kidnapped and they’re confused as to where they are. Why would they be confused if they auditioned? They would have expected it. But instead we are shown a bunch of regular high school kids kidnapped and confused, which is exactly what Kodaka wanted us to think about by replaying the prologue. He wanted us to realize that they weren’t willing at all.

But if they were forced into the killing game, how did Tsumugi get video evidence of their audition tapes?  Easy: she cosplayed as the students and filmed the videos.

Cosplaying as the student’s original forms should have been impossible because of Tsumugi’s cospox.  She breaks out in a rash any time she cosplays as a real person, right?  But what if it was the exact opposite?  What if that was just another part of Tsumugi’s lies?

The first time our 16 students get their new clothes, it is shown through a dramatic magical girl transformation scene.  Why pick this particular way to give them a new outfit?  After all, Danganronpa never shows us anything without a reason.  The answer is because right at the beginning of the game this scene tells us that all of our students are essentially cosplaying a character.  Tsumugi makes it very clear in the sixth trial that all of the students are merely fictional characters.  Their real personalities were overwritten with fictional characters written by Tsumugi, and the clothes they were given during the magical girl transformation sequence were costumes made by Tsumugi for her fictional characters—cosplays.

And how many times does Tsumugi say during the sixth trial that the students were fictional characters created by her?  What we saw at the beginning with the students as normal high school students was their original selves, and their new personalities as well as their new outfits were all fictional.  So if Tsumugi dressed in one of those outfits, she’d be cosplaying as a fictional character.  In fact, during trial 6 she only ever transforms into characters from DR1 and DR2, never any of the characters from DR3 despite how many times she insists that they’re fictional.  The only time she’d ever cosplayed as one of the V3 students in their new outfits is when she dresses as Kaede and gets a rash.  Tsumugi said so many times that the students are fictional characters. She repeats it a lot.  So she shouldn’t get a rash if she cosplayed as them because they’re fictional characters.

Unless her cospox actually works the other way around—she can only dress as a real person.  She couldn’t dress up as Kaede or anybody from V3 because they are all fictional characters.  But she’d easily be able to dress up as those same students from before they were given new personalities since those are their real selves, which means that Tsumugi would easily be able to fake the audition videos.  She can perfectly mimic voices and outfits, so she could have filmed the audition videos at any time.  During the final investigation everyone splits up, so she could have even gone to her own lab and filmed them there if she didn’t have the videos prepared ahead of time.

There’s another detail to this that strikes me as important as well.  Tsumugi says that she likes to make her cosplays for other people. Perhaps the reason she makes cosplays for other people is because she actually can’t cosplay fictional characters at all. She can only make outfits of fictional characters for other people and can’t wear them herself.

So if Tsumugi was lying and can only cosplay real people, that shows that the characters from DR1 and DR2 that she dresses as during the final trial were actually real.  There are two other pieces of evidence that support this theory as well.  The first is the fact that Tsumugi claims to have written all the Danganronpa seasons only to finally admit in the very end that she was copying someone even to the point of copying the way that the original game failed in the end.  If Tsumugi admits to copying Junko’s killing game, then that’s even more proof that Junko was real.  And if she was real then everybody else from DR1 and DR2 that Tsumugi has dressed as are also real, and the characters from V3 are fictional. The other piece of evidence that shows that Hope’s Peak is real is Shuichi’s hunch.  I know this doesn’t seem like evidence, but Shuichi’s hunches are never wrong and the fact that the game even mentions it at all means that it’s an important fact.

From what all this information tells me, everything in Danganronpa 1 and 2 are real.  During the first killing game, people were trying to save all of the participants but that obviously failed since Monokuma said all the attempted rescuers were killed.  It became obvious that the audience could only ever be participants rooting for hope to win but not taking part themselves.  After the second killing game ended, the audience had grown so attached to watching the games that there became a demand for the killing games to continue.  This is when the “real fiction” killing games started.  People were given new personalities and forced to participate in the game so that the audience members could continue watching the games and rooting for hope.  And at the time of Danganronpa V3 the killing games had become an extremely regular thing. Shuichi, Maki, Himiko, and K1-B0 were able to remind the audiences of what they felt while watching the very first game—the audience felt the need to save everyone and end the killing game for the first time since the first game.  That’s why the audience ends up saving the characters in the end.

TLDR: Tsumugi can only cosplay real people since she broke out in a rash while cosplaying Kaede’s new self, which was fictional since Tsumugi wrote Kaede’s character.  Tsumugi faked the video evidence of the students auditioning for the games since she was able to dress up as their real versions. The students really were kidnapped and forced to participate.  The characters of DR1 and DR2 were real since Tsumugi could cosplay them but not the fictional characters from DR3.  This means that all the events of DR1 and DR2 were real and the “real fiction” killing games only started after that, which is why Tsumugi admits to copying the first killing game.  So Shuichi is right at the end of the game when he says he has a hunch that Hope’s Peak is real.

Tips: Character Design

Designing a character can be a difficult process. There are many factors to take into account: colour scheme, whether they fit in well with the designs of your other characters, and whether the design fits the character themself are just a few.

However, taking a few tips into account might help to make character design a bit easier.

1. Keep it simple and coordinated.

Details can really add to a character design, but there’s such a thing as too much. For example, this character (from Final Fantasy):

This design has way too many details. First, the designer made the easy mistake of including too many colours, making the colour scheme over-complicated and unpleasant to look at. It’s usually not a good idea to use more than two to five colours for a character design.

Aside from the colours, this character just has too many unnecessary things added to the outfit. Why are two belts needed? What purpose does that badge serve? Did the designer have some grudge against the game artists who have to draw this character repeatedly? 

Due to all the details, the eye is drawn every which way, distracting from the important elements of the character. Usually, the eyes should be drawn to the character’s face. However, if the details fit well together, contribute to the overall design, and are at least somewhat colour-coordinated, they can be used. (Just maybe not this many. Please.)

2. “Sexiness” is not a measure of good character design.

This is a misconception I see a lot. Just because a character is ugly doesn’t mean they’re poorly-designed - and in the same way, a character being attractive doesn’t mean they’re well-designed! (However, it is true that conventionally unattractive main characters usually won’t sell well (with a few exceptions) - so watch out for that.)

Below is an example of a character who is attractive, but poorly-designed (Irene Belserion from Fairy Tail):

Listen, I support everyone’s right to wear what they want, but maybe if you’re a character who is actually going to be fighting, leaving all your vital organs exposed is not such a great idea. Not only that, but how does her outfit stay on? Unless she cast some anti-gravity magic on her chest, it would probably be falling out of her shirt. And why do her gloves have nails? What is the point of those clamps? What even is her hat?

On the other hand, characters the majority might think are ugly aren’t automatically “badly-designed”. Think of monsters, elderly characters, or ones who are just strange-looking. Countless examples exist of characters you may not want to bang, but the designs themselves can still be great. Also: adding in a portion of characters who aren’t conventionally attractive allows for much more variety in designs!

3. Functionality is important!

This is kind of an obvious one, but it seems like a lot of creators - especially in the manga and video game industries - still don’t get it. If someone is going into battle, they’re not going to be leaving all their vital organs exposed. (The only exception is Kill la Kill.) A similar principle applies when your characters are in a cold place: unless you want your characters getting frostbite, give them clothes appropriate for the weather!

The same applies for the opposite situation: characters in hot places won’t be wearing winter coats, unless they’re trying to commit suicide by heatstroke. There are exceptions, though - for example, characters may dress differently for cultural purposes. Additionally, covering the entire body slows the rate of sweat leaving the body and protects the skin from sunburn, which is why those living or travelling in the desert tend to cover up more.

4. The character’s design says something about them.

Usually, a character’s physical appearance can be used to portray some aspects of their personality. For example, a character who likes to fight will likely have red or orange hair. Colour schemes are the most common method of this.

Here’s a helpful chart for the symbolism of some colours:

Colours aren’t the only method of symbolism in designs, though. The size and shape of the eyes, the posture, hairstyles, and fashion choices are all different ways to communicate a character’s personality through design. Using the example given above, the red-haired character who likes to fight may have sharp/upturned eyes to symbolize aggression. They might also be frequently seen in a fighting stance, and probably wearing clothing suited for combat.

5. Most people have more than one outfit.

It’s easier to design just one outfit than many different ones. And for short stories that take place over the course of only a day (or less), this may be all that is necessary.

However, if you’re writing a longer story (or a short one that spans over more than a day), it’s necessary to design more than one outfit for your character. The only exception would be armour - but your character still needs something to wear underneath!

(Of course, this is assuming your character doesn’t have some sort of magic that keeps their clothes clean.)

6. Nothing is original, but you should still try!

With all the different books, movies, TV shows, and cartoons that are out there, nearly all elements of a character’s design have probably been done at least once before. That said, it’s completely fine to take some inspiration from another character whose design you happen to like.

Still, you shouldn’t completely rip off someone else’s design. If your character looks too similar to theirs, you’ll probably be facing copyright lawsuits.

If you want to take inspiration from someone else’s character, it’s best to only take one or two features that you like. Although the “expy” trope is a thing, not all authors are happy with that, so it might be best to stay on the safe side.

And of course, sometimes trying to come up with a design element nobody’s used yet results in things like Yu-Gi-Oh hair.


7. Your characters should look different!

“Sameface syndrome” is a huge problem in a lot of media - and it’s not just the facial features. Reusing the same body type over and over is also a huge issue. Of course, even in real life there will be people who look similar - and depending on how exaggerated your art style is, there may only be a limited range of available body types.

To avoid sameface, try giving your characters a wide range of different:

  • Noses: Small, large, round, with a bump on the bridge, flat, long, pointed. There are tons of different ways to design noses. You really don’t need to give every single character the same small, “cute” nose.
  • Eye shape and size: This is a great one for differentiating between characters since it’s usually where the audience will look first on a character design. Try sharper eyes, different kinds of pupils, larger eyes, rounded ones, etc.
  • Body type: Don’t be afraid to draw different body types! This includes height - and depending on how “cartoony” your art style is, you can give your characters wildly different heights and bodies. Your characters should be easily distinguishable from a silhouette.
  • Facial shape: Try round faces, square faces, sharp faces, and more. In fact, experimenting with different geometrical shapes can spawn a huge range of different faces.

However, while your characters should look different, remember to keep their designs faithful to whatever location or time period your story is set in.

Not all of these tips apply in every single situation - in fact, it largely depends on your art style and what kind of story you’re trying to write. If you’re writing a story about a bunch of clones or something, disregard number 7!

Also keep in mind that, like everything else, designing your own characters from scratch takes a lot of practice. It might take months to design a character who looks right. Just keep sketching, re-designing, and practicing!

okay, so the other day i gave you soft beka, and if there’s one thing i am, it’s a matching set kinda binch.

so now, i present to you: soft yura

  • yuri loves thunderstorms, he finds them calming. so every time he’s home when one rips through, he lights every candle in his apartment, grabs his favorite blanket, and sits under the window in his living room with the curtains and blinds open so he can sip hot chocolate and enjoy it.
  • once when he was sick, he spent a week plowing through whatever books he could get his hands on. milla gave him a copy of the five love languages as a joke, but he read it anyway. after he got a little older, he started connecting each language to the people in his life, and since then, he does little things in those languages to make sure everyone knows how much he loves and appreciates them.
  • over time, yuri’s sharp tongue turns into quick wit, and he becomes an expert at identifying the thing he needs to say to help cheer someone up or motivate them to push through.
  • everyone knows he loves cats, but he also has an appreciation for small furry creatures in general. once, when he visited otabek, they stumbled on a bunch of rabbits in a clearing munching fresh grass, and he started crying because he was so excited to see them (beka doesn’t tell him about it, but he definitely has a video of yuri on the ground, sobbing and laughing and covered in bunnies).
  • yuri loves bubble baths. like, a LOT. he doesn’t splurge on much because of his history of taking care of his family and having a modest childhood, but he will spend good money every now and then to treat himself to really good bubble bath liquid and bath bombs. he turns it into a multi-hour experience; he’ll turn the bathroom lights off, play classical music, and drink cold tea while he just floats and blisses out. he’ll get out of the tub feeling all warm and gooey and noodly, and pad around the apartment in a big fuzzy robe and slippers until his hair dries.
  • yuri doesn’t forget a birthday. ever. he physically writes them on a calendar in his kitchen, but he only needs it for the first couple years of knowing a person. he always makes sure to send a handwritten card (through the mail, because romance) wishing them well for the day, and includes a gift certificate for their favorite shop or restaurant so they can treat themselves in their own time. for his twentieth birthday, otabek got everyone to help put together one big package for him full of cards and pictures and gifts, and he got all goofy faced every time he thought about it for the next week.
  • yuri is definitely one of those people who covers every wall with photos of people and places and things he loves. he doesn’t keep plants in the apartment because of the cats, but he keeps pictures of landscapes, forests, and gardens that he finds beautiful and inspiring, so he can spend time looking at them whenever he’s feeling a little drained and needs inspiration.
  • every time they visit, he and otabek go on a hike, and his favorite thing to do is sit by a lake for an afternoon to soak in nature. when he was young, his grandpa would tell him stories about wood nymphs and water sprites, and yuri is convinced that every story is rooted in some sort of truth, so he’ll wait until the fireflies come out and call it even.
  • yuri likes wearing leopard and tiger print because not only does it look cool as hell, but every time someone asks him about it, he can bring up his favorite animal charity of the moment and convince them to donate.
  • yuri has christmas lights strung on the headboard of his bed, and on the nights when he can’t sleep, he’ll turn them on and hum to himself while he cuddles the nearest cat until he drifts off. he told otabek about it once when he saw the lights on a skype call, and the next week, beka had a matching set over his bed “for when you visit, yura.” yuri had to finish the call with his face in his hands.

so there you have yuri ‘dress like you hate fashion, live like you physically can’t hate’ plisetsky.

I was so inspired after all that conversation about The Weeknd, I’m sorry if some of them are a little over the top, I got carried away :p

Finding out MC used to do sexy dances when she was younger


  • He gets oddly shy around your girlfriends, trying his best not to be his usual charming self so you won’t get the wrong idea
  • Little does he know you think it’s hilarious how he blushes when they squeal teasing you  for dating a hot superstar
  • In that particular get together you were having, they were teasing you for his last semi-nude scene on a musical.
  • And you’re just shrugging and telling them you don’t care. These things get publicity, and publicity is great business for his manager, who happens to be you.
  •  “Oh yeah… and let’s be real, MC, you would be such a hypocrite for criticizing his nudes after that lap dance you gave me at my bachelorette party.”
  • Okay. Let’s pause and rewind… Zen got lost for a moment.
  • “Girl, don’t…” you blush, but your friend doesn’t give a shit and nudges your fiancée. “Oh yeah… did you know she gave me a lap dance on my bachelorette party?”
  •  He looks at you, then at his friend, then at you again with the most shocked and… impressed expression you’ve ever saw, making you feel the need to explain yourself “We were drunk and playing Truth or Dare.”
  • “Uhmmm, she takes a challenge very seriously, keep that in mind.” “I… I will…”he says, chugging the rest of his beer SHIT! You’re so screwed when you get home…
  • It’s an awkward silence when you two get home, “Zen… about what she told you… you know it was just a stupid bachelorette thing, right?” “Dance off.” He says, taking his shirt off.
  • “What?” “I’m challenging you to a dance off, I heard you take challenges very seriously, so… don’t think I’ll let you win just because you’re a lady, babe.”
  • You look at him head to toes… head to abs, actually. “Alright.”, you grab a chair and put in the center of the living room, crossing your arms “The challenger starts, then.”. Oh… judging from his grin, he’ll gladly start as long as you finish it.


  • Boy almost gets surprised at how… loud your friends are.
  • But his college buddies can be like that too. So to him, this is just one more thing you have in common.
  • They won’t tease him much because you requested, telling them that as cute a she is, you don’t want him to be uncomfortable around them.
  • So they focus on making him laugh telling embarrassing stories from high school.
  •  “Oh, what about the finals for the basketball championship when the adversaries asked for another match?” “Why?” he asked, very curious.“Well, allegedly, our cheerleader captain created a very sexy choreography that was distracting the players.” Your friend gives you a mischievous glance.
  • Yoosung notices her gaze towards you and gets S H O O K. “YOU WERE THE CAPTAIN, MC?”
  • “I… yes, I was. And those guys were just bad losers.” You shrug, but the blush on your cheeks probably give away that this isn’t exactly truth.
  • And boy is blushing too. He stays even quieter for the rest of the night, even when your friends try to tell him they were just teasing you because you’re a very different person ever since graduation.
  • Oh, you know how he gets easily jealous, so the idea of you dancing provokingly in front of a bunch of tall guys is probably driving him nuts.
  • But not exactly like you were imagining when you get home and he kisses you passionately. “Aren’t you mad?” you ask him. “Why would I? I used to be very different in high school too, I wasn’t even blonde…” you giggle and kiss him again.
  • “So, uhm… you know how you’re always cheering for me, MC? Could you do it  in a skirt one of these days?” OHOHOHO it will be your pleasure


  • She loves hanging out with your friends
  • She can be a little shy, but always ends loosening up as she realizes this is fun and your friends can be hers as well
  • Because it feels very new to her, you know? Having friends and all.
  • And your friends do their best to include her.“Oh, and you look at MC now being all cute and innocent, but this girl here got disqualified from the seniors talent show.” “Oh, really, why is that?”
  • “Because people don’t get art.” “Yeah, people don’t get the true message behind Fergalicious.”
  • “Exactly, and they also don’t get that… the boy scout outfit was a reference to the official video.” You cross your arms and pout.
  • Jaehee is lost, what is a “fergalicious”? She asks and all the eyes in the table go straight at her.
  • Poor lady, while you were dancing to Fergie, the woman was studying her ass off to get in college, don’t judge her.
  •  You don’t, and you also hope she doesn’t judge you either after your friends show her the Fergalicious video.
  • And you squirm in embarrassment everytime you catch her watching the video, yes, she watched again days after that embarrassing convo with your friends.
  • “Honey, just let it go… I was young and stupid… and Fergie was the bomb when I was a teenager…” “If I bake a cake like this for my birthday, will you get out of it like she does?” Oh… now you’re more excited than her for her own birthday.


  • He gets a little uncomfortable around your friends
  • It’s not them, it’s him. Everything is just very different from what he is used to.
  • Like, V and he constantly nag each other, but you and your friends take this to another level.
  • Seriously, is it really okay how you call each other “hoes”? Nobody here looks offended…
  • “Well, it’s just figure of speech. Don’t worry, your fiancée was never a hoe… except for that one time in Halloween…remember, MC?”
  • “I don’t…” “Yeah, because you were drunk.” “What happened in Halloween?” he asks casually, but everybody in the table feels like they are being interrogated.
  • “Oh, I… allegedly did some… pole dance in a haunted house.” He looks at you stoically, which only makes you feel like explaining yourself more “I was drunk.”
  • “Thankfully, right? Just imagine you doing pole dance in a haunted house in sane sobriety.” Is he telling a joke? Nobody knows and nobody has the guts to laugh.
  • Awkward silence during the ride home. You’re pretty sure he’s pissed!
  • “I don’t feel like apologizing for things I did when I was single and completely clueless that I would meet you one day, so… don’t get mad, Jumin, things have changed a lot from when I was a teenager.”
  • “I’m not following the logistic behind it. Where did you find a pole in a haunted house?” “Oh, it wasn’t a haunted house per se, it was more like a… haunted tent in the school gym, and there were those… pipes holding the structure of it, I think. And I… might have or might have not grinded against one of them…” you look away, flustered.
  • He just chuckles “I’ll make sure to provide you a proper pole, hope you don’t mind I’ll be your only audience, kitten.” The hell you do!


  • He loves your friends
  • He thinks girls are hilarious when they get together like this
  • Because you’re so sweet when you’re with him, but get all salty when you’re with them, and he would love to see more of this side of yours
  • So he’s basically there to get tips on what your friends do to unlock this mode on you
  • “Nah, MC is a sweet shy girl ever since high school, oh, except for the car wash we did to raise money for charity when we’re seniors.”
  • “Don’t even start, girl! I know what you’re gonna say, I wasn’t dancing!” “Yes, you were! You were splashing water, throwing your wet hair back and forth and feeling like a Pussycat Doll!”
  • “Yeah, MC! Everybody knows there’s a Pussycat Doll hidden somewhere in there…” he goes along with the teasing, though he has no idea if this is true or not.
  • Though he remembers going through your old social media and seeing some posts about a car wash, so… yeah.
  • And you know he probably doesn’t care that much, the problem here is how much he’ll tease you and ask you to wash his cars.
  • “Okay, before you say anything. It was for charity. And yeah, maybe I was feeling a little like in a slow motion video, but… ahh, I was young and stupid.” You pout and look away.
  • He grabs your chin and makes you look at him, planting a fierce kiss on your lips. “I want to see some photos…” “Haven’t you found in my background history?” “I stayed away from the Rated R things about you because I’m an innocent catholic boy, you know that…” not so innocent after you actually gave him permission to go through the photos, tho.
I’m gonna pay for this

Word count: 504

Pairing: Harry Styles/Reader

Warnings: Implied smut

A/N: This was harder than the rest because I don’t write smut but all that song makes me think about is smut (which is a little strange now that the official video is a bunch of kids having a food fight). Hope you enjoy it

Harry leaned closer to his friend, his gaze not leaving the Y/H/C beauty he had seen smoking outside the club, now sitting at the bar in the other side of the place.

“You know her?” His friend followed his gaze, laughing when he saw who he was talking about.

“Everybody knows her”

“Gimme her name”

“I wouldn’t go after her if I were you, mate. She’s a heartbreaker drama-lover”

“Her name” Harry repeated, sure of himself. His friend shook his head, knowing there was no case trying to persuade him once he had something stuck in his curly head.

“Y/N. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. She likes chardonnay, by the way” he patted him on the shoulder and watched him making his way to the bar. He could hear the male comments about the pretty girl siting by herself, and knew those gross bastards didn’t stand a chance against his ‘chivalry’, modesty being left aside.

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Dating Jaebum from Got7

Hello hello! I’m back again with the Dating Got7 series. This is an answer to @mazying ’s request. I enjoyed this so much since JB is my Bias 😶 Hope you like it. Bonne lecture.

Dating Jaebum (you’re an Idol too)

Originally posted by got7europe

  • Did you mean the hottest couple in the Idol scene
  • The baddest queen and the swaggest king
  • The bad boy who sings the sweetest ballads and the cutest female rapper spitting bars
  • Your life is a runaway show
  • Your matching outfits are always on point
  • According to the Internet language, you are relashipship goals
  • Okay let’s stop the tape here and rewind to how you two met
  • You were a rapper in a rookie girl group and had some hard time dancing, it just wasn’t your thing
  • You had to practice backstage before any show even if all that was left is two minutes
  • That one time Got7 were there and they were supposed to perform after you
  • JB thought you were cute in your little bubble practicing the dance not even seeing your sunbaes there
  • And when you performed he knew he was wrong
  • “She’s not cute, she’s a badass rapper.”
  • He was so under your spell his eyes didn’t leave you the whole performance
  • He didn’t even know when it was their turn to go up stage
  • He still did a good job hiding his growing crush for few months
  • The boys were so shoked the day he announced going out on a date with you
  • “What? Y/N from Y/G/N? You mean Yugyeom’s bias?”
  • A death glare is directed then to the poor boy.
  • “No… I mean I just like her rap…”
  • He actually asked you out secretly the night before after your performance
  • To be honest the only reason you said yes was because it was a secret date neither your manager nor his were aware of
  • The thrill of the forbidden was all it took you to say yes
  • You thanked God you said yes because the date was amazing
  • You went to the movies and watched an old movie with great cinematography
  • He said he wanted to share with you some of his passions
  • He was the sweetest gentleman
  • Bought you every kind of street food
  • Loves that you’re not ashamed of your big appetite
  • You’re still cutely small next to him
  • Your disguise was somehow efficient
  • Nobody recognised you
  • Thus, the cute walk in the park wasn’t spoiled by fans running around
  • You continue to go on several secret dates thanks to your free schedules
  • But soon came the comebacks and tours to put you apart
  • Only physically because you still had secret phone calls and video chats
  • The boys and your own group members played a good part in keeping your relationship secret and saved both your asses few times
  • But then one day you finally met because your schedules kind of crossed and some fans took pictures of you
  • Hell let lose
  • You got scolded by your manager
  • His company was against the relationship because you were from different labels
  • But Jaebum stood up for his statement
  • “It’s either her or I leave.”
  • Not like he was going to really leave but that was the maknaes idea of what to say if things go bad
  • “Hyung, all you have to say is that one line that makes people gasp in movies:’ It’s either her or I quit.’” Says Bam Bam
  • “They can’t give up on you, or us on that matter.” Yugyeom says sure of himself
  • “And we’ll say: ‘It’s either him or we quit.’” Says Jackson, faking a serious look, making everyone laugh
  • Stupid idea, stupid maknaes
  • Or are they
  • Because his company ends up approving of your couple
  • Getting hate is normal but you can cope with it as long as you’re together
  • One day after coming back from the tour, you find out that someone broke into your apartment
  • The scariest experience ever
  • He ends up moving in despite your refusal
  • “Babe I’m fine. You don’t have to.”
  • “What do you mean? Are you fine with people breaking into your house? When I’m not with you to protect you?”
  • “But it was just some random thief and he was caught. There’s nothing to worry about.”
  • “Stop talking nonsense. My luggage is packed anyway. You just have to spare me some space in the dressing and chose your side on the bed.”
  • When you’re not busy with schedules, you either go on a morning run or spend the morning cuddling in bed till noon
  • He loves it when you wash is hair
  • Always finds the right excuse
  • “Babe my arms are so tired from practicing the new choreography, can you wash my hair?”
  • He likes seeing you reading, so immersed
  • You can’t stand his cuteness when watering your flowers
  • He’s responsible of the dishes while you do the laundry
  • You can’t cook to save your life but he finds it cute
  • Goodbye kisses is a must before leaving the house
  • Most of the time you’re late
  • Because the short kisses end up… not so short
  • Always comments on your social media posts
  • “My jagi is so cute 😶”
  • “You rock those shoes babe 😎”
  • “Yah! You’re a guy. Why are you commenting on my girlfriend’s post? But you’re right, she is beautiful 😍”
  • The most jealous man in the world
  • Takes a protective posture whenever you’re with him
  • Glares at the air touching your face
  • You calm him down with a kiss on the cheek
  • He has a secret folder on his computer of your candid pictures that he takes when you’re not aware
  • He does the grocery shopping when you don’t feel well
  • “Sorry babe to call you but I forgot, did you say the pads with blue packaging or the pink ones? And why are there so many pink ones? I mean… why? ”
  • You help each other write music
  • Make a bunch of unreleased duo songs
  • Might be apart because of your separate careers, but the reunion is always sweeter
  • And that’s what makes your couple last in time
Not Part Of The Deal

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut; it’s a Triple Threat

Pairing: Rosé x Female Reader

Word Count: 4.3k

Summary:  Is there really a benefit to friends with benefits, if one or more parties get hurt?

Originally posted by ohlychee

Gif does not belong to me.

A/N: Soooo I had a lot of fun writing this.  I was stuck for a while with it, but yah I think I got it.  To the person who requested it, I hope you like it and I hope I gave you the request you wanted!

The arrangement between you and Rosé was simple. Neither of you were looking for anything serious when you met each other.  You were too busy with school and she was an idol who couldn’t date even if she wanted to.  The one thing that you both were looking for, however, was something to ease your stress. That’s how you two ended up with the deal you have now, the deal that only you two knew about.  You’ve never even explicitly told her group mates about it, they knew though.  

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Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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I Don’t Date Civilians

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Steve reminds the last day he saw reader as he watches her from afar. 

Warnings: Angst-ish. Not much. Unbeta’d

Words: 2889

A/N: Idk if this is worth publishing, just a little one shot I wrote trying to cure my writer’s block.

A/N2: The video is an unofficial videoclip mixing Happier - Ed Sheeran + Before We Go. Enjoy.

“For someone who helped win the war on drugs with a Frisbee you move slower than a senior citizen.” You complained, bouncing on the step as you waited for him to catch up. “C’mon Stevie, we’re going to be late!” Behind you, Steve grinned silently, but didn’t speed up his pace. His hand was resting comfortably on the handrail, following his strides.

“Don’t worry, (y/n). I might be old, but the night is still young.” His voice reverberated right against your back, the tiny hairs on the back of your neck awakening the moment you captured his soothing tone.

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Alright guys, I know it hasn’t been that long since the last Tomco week but I decided to put together one for Easter, since the March week was so successful. Just a bunch of fun, light-hearted prompts. Here we go.

Day 1 - Apr 12 - Flower Picking

It’s warming up and the boys decide to enjoy the weather. Lots of flowers to be picked and crowns to be made with them.

Day 2 - Apr 13 - Stargazing

Warm days means warm nights, especially in southern California. Perfect for finding a nice clear spot and stargazing.

Day 3 - Apr 14 - Easter Costumes

“I’m gonna show my boyfriend Tom to everyone in town… wearing a bunny outfit!”

Gotta get into the Easter spirit. How about some adorable (pink is optional but recommended) bunny outfits? Egg costumes? Or any other kind of Easter-themed outfit you like.

Day 4 - Apr 15 - Egg Decorating

Easter is tomorrow, which means they gotta prepare for the egg hunt, of course. What colors and designs do Tom and Marco paint their eggs with? Or do they just go with plastic ones and decorate those? Up to you. :D

Day 5 - Apr 16 - Easter Day / Egg Hunting

It’s Easter! Time for egg hunting and potentially winning prizes. Alternatively, if you prefer other ways of celebrating (religious practices, meals, etc) then feel free to portray that instead.

Day 6 - Apr 17 - Tomco Songs

Got a song that really makes you think of Tomco? Create something based on it. Lyrics can be included or not, up to you, though we would like to know what song it is so we can look it up too.

Day 7 - Apr 18 - Looking Ahead

Time for some reflection on what the future might be like. Where do you imagine Tom and Marco being in five or ten years? How does their relationship evolve? What jobs do they have? Are they happily ruling the Underworld together? Or… something else, perhaps?

I’ll reblog this again closer to the start date, as usual. Now for our rules, which can also be found on the about page:

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

3. You may post entries early, they just won’t be reblogged here until the relevant day comes up. Feel free to shoot me a message but odds are I’ll like it so I can find it later.

4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’m looking forward to whatever you guys post. :D

Confession + Boyfriend! - Renjun

(gif credits: @haecha)

Request:  Hey!! I would like to request a scenario thingy for renjun if thats alright? Could it please be like him confessing and him as a boyfriend? If you can thank you!!!!!

A/n: this is more of a coffee date + confession + bf! Renjun lol but I didn’t want to make the title so long, so enjoy!

Boyfriend! Series: MarkRenjun JenoHaechan Jaemin ⊹ Chenle Jisung

  • I decided to watch a bunch of nct dream videos before writing this
  • and honestly, renjun is so cute and funny
  • like where can I find me a renjun?
  • I need him as a friend
  • I also noticed some of his cute habits that he does and added them here tehe 💞
  • hope you guys like it!!

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                                 Humanized Warrior Headcanons

Hello, ah…I wanted to share some humanized Warrior headcanons.

* Brackenfur and Sorreltail are incredibly wealthy, although Brackenfur donates most of his funds to charity and repairs around the territory.

* In TFW, Hollyleaf was homeless at first, so Cinderheart offered to let Hollyleaf stay with her until she got herself back up on her feet since staying in her old bedroom at Squirrelflight’s would be too awkward.

* Birchfall and Berrynose are those two guys who yell during the football game then get kicked out later. Thing is, Berrynose is the football coach…

* Firestar has an uncanny ability to pick out the worst tacky t-shirts possible. In fact, in StarClan his normal go-to outfit is a green vacation shirt with bright orange sunglasses on them.

* Gaudy shirts aside, Firestar also almost singlehandedly improved relations amongst Clan cats and outsiders, and while under his leadership, death rates and attack rates dropped 24%.

* Spiderleg slicks his hair back but it ends up looking oily and greasy with a small piece sticking up at the top. He’s never seen without a suit and tie, is incredibly formal and usually has his nose buried in a newspaper.

* Rosepetal and Blossomfall are total weebs who cosplay and argue with Toadstep over dub vs sub. They’re pretty much housemates and share a single apartment. They also work across the road from each other - Rosepetal in a flower shop, and Blossomfall as a employee at a tattoo parlor. She hopes to take over the business when she’s older.

* Blossomfall is also a secret fan of Lolita and Victorian era style clothing. And steampunk.

* Toadstep I see as pretty much a gamer, who loves discussing video games. He’s constantly begging Lionblaze to play WoW, CoD, and loves indie horror games.

* I can totally see Bumblestripe wearing a fedora (an actual fedora, not a trilby), and wearing Ralph Lauren-esque clothing.

* Toadstep also likes wearing fedoras, but he gets them mixed up with trilbies.

* Surprisingly, I don’t see Ashfur wearing a fedora. I guess it’s because it’s too obvious. Honestly, I seem him looking pretty normal. Nothing unusual or surprising. I think that way it makes his er…tantrum more shocking. I see Ashfur as a well liked popular guy who’s affection (obsession) was solely focused on Squirrelflight.

* Lionblaze used to collect a bunch of comic books. Now, Hollytuft reads them. (Sorrelstripe likes playing outside sports more and Fernsong loves catching frogs and toads.)

* Cloudtail is albino while Ivypool is leucistic. For both a sunburn is serious, and when Brightheart is out with Ambermoon, Dewnose and Snowbush, she and grandpa Cloudtail play chess and checkers.

* Dovewing can shoot a bow and arrow and hit her target perfectly with her eyes closed.

* Dovewing also likes frilly clothing, as long as it’s practical. She finds a short cute skirt easy to fight in, but wears gray leggings underneath them

* Almost everyone stops at Daisy’s house since she always has something fixed to eat.

* Speaking of Daisy, I keep imagining her with a soft Southern voice. At the same time, I hear Hazeltail, Mousewhisker and Berrynose as Latino.

* Millie is a major germaphobe who expects her house to be spotless. She’s the type that’ll swipe her hand on the floor and if she sees dirt, she’ll tell you to do it over again. She runs a cleaning business and Bumblestripe usually gets suckered into helping her out.

* Briarlight is literally one of the strongest Warriors in the living Clans. There are only three people who beat her in an arm wrestling match - Lionblaze, Bramblestar, and Sorrelkit. (Of course Briarlight let Sorrelkit win)

* Ferncloud ran a daycare center. The day she died, she was defending the children who were trapped in there with a broomstick and kitchen knife.

* Hawkfrost carries a mirror with him everywhere, even training practice.

* Speaking of Hawkfrost, he can sing really, really well. He is actually very famous, under the alias “Isaac Star” and is the lead singer in the rock band “Frostbite”. After concerts, he’ll recruit potential trainees, usually 12 to 19 year olds who can easily be convinced. So, he’s pretty much a terrorist working as a rockstar.

* Sol’s can also sing very well, to almost an entrancing degree.

* Runningwind never lost a race.

* Graystripe makes a ton of Dad jokes. You know, those awful cringworthy Dad jokes where you just have to beg to make it stop.

* Featherwhisker had incredibly long hair that reached the ground. The apprentices and Spottedpaw/leaf loved to braid it.

* I don’t know why, but I really love the idea of Kestrelflight being a crossdresser. He’ll just wear dresses because he thinks they’re more comfortable.

* I also like the idea that Rowanstar is intersexed, and that Mosskit was born he/him but wants to be identified as she/her.

* Willowshine is a vegan and Mothwing is an atheist. They both live in a fairytail-esque cottage on the river as mentor and apprentice.

* Ivypool paints her nails dark blue or black (some hard to see color in the blue ranges) because she found it masked the scent of blood from training practice. Whitewing just assumed it was a quirk until Ivypool explained it afterwards. Although Ivypool doesn’t mind having her nails painted either.

* Hollyleaf and Crowfeather have almost exactly the same mannerisms, and it can be seen side-by side in old photos.

* Hollyleaf also keeps her hair long, (she won’t cut it above her waist) despite complaining how it’s constantly getting in her way. When asked, she replies she doesn’t want to look like “that guy”. However, in the final battle, when Firestar told her to prepare for war, she unsheathed her sword, and crudely cut her hair to her neck without a second thought. Everybody was shocked. “Long hair is a liability in battle.”

* In the same matter, Leafpool cut her floor-length hair to her ears when she resigned as medicine cat. This was a sign of showing shame towards herself, as long hair represents longevity and prosperity as well as respect and reverence in the Clans culture.

* The Clans are very cuddly and touchy-feely towards their own Clanmates. To an outsider, watching them can be a rather unusual experience. They shower together, sleep together, and to them, it is a normal part of their culture. Asking someone to sleep with them is seen as a gesture of friendship and trust as opposed to sexual interaction.

* The Clans have an alarming tendency towards genetic mutation and recessive genes, such as Deadfoot’s paw, or the different skin pigment patches on Tawnypelt’s back and Blossomfall’s shoulders.

* Sexuality is not a concern of the Clans. They do not have the same stigma towards homosexuality and transexuality as real human society tends to. However, when times are tough, such as a shortage in population, problems often arise.

* Medicine Cats often have it the worst. The rules laid out for them to follow are exceedingly complicated and restricting, such as wearing concealing clothes, performing rituals and rites to honor StarClan and ward off evil spirits, and being condemned from a mate and children. It has become less strict as the years passed. For characters like Jayfeather and Mothwing, they pretty much ignore the rules on clothing and wear whatever.

* Female warriors are not restricted from fighting and protecting their Clan as well as having no restrictions from other parts of Clan society, but in the past, they were often expected to bear children, and even today, issues arise when a female of high status such as deputy or leader has children. It has been improving however, since Leafstar proved that children were not a hindrance in her leadership.

Unfortunately, the Clans are pretty rude towards each other and outside groups such as kittypets and loners. ESPECIALLY kittypets. They all have a high sense of nationality, and occasionally imperialistic goals.
I wanted to make headcanons that weren’t completely idealistic or caused a suspension of belief effect. I tried to craft a bit of a completely different society and world that shared some problems like our world and various societies, as no place is perfect. Anyways, here are some of my headcanons for humanized!Warriors.

(I had to look up what leucism was. ^^“)

high school teacher!doyoung 🐰💖
  • doyoung teaches history! it’s perfect for him because he’s good at memorizing facts and dates and also as english teacher johnny likes to say, he’s a good teacher because he loves to hear himself talk
  • he often slips into chatterbox mode in class but his students like him and sometimes he likes to tell them weird historical facts he’s found and sometimes gets off topic and tells them about conspiracies
  • he likes to wear different color ties and socks, because the teachers have a dress code but he incorporates color into his outfits in a subtle way
  • whereas some of the other teachers look sloppy sometimes, doyoung always looks PERFECT like u see him and you’re like oh, he’s got his life together he sleeps 8 hours a night
  • his slacks are always neatly ironed his hair is always parted neatly down the middle basically he always looks neat
  • in reality he’s not actually that put together he just drinks enough coffee to kill a small child every morning when he wakes up at 6am and goes on autopilot from there
  • he loves teaching but a lot of the time he regrets not pursuing his passion……. singing ……  a lot of the time he and music teacher taeil spend lunch together listening to music
  • he still practices the flute and singing but he’s kind of shy about it and doesn’t sing in public
  • except for that one time a bunch of the teachers went to noraebang and got really drunk and doyoung sang snsd’s gee beautifully
  • taeyong still likes to bring it up
  • but anyways you have known doyoung since you’ve started at the school, you teach art and your classroom is across from taeil’s so you’re always bumping into doyoung
  • the two of you are friendly but you are admittedly a little awkward around him because he seems so professional and smart and you are basically intimidated by him
  • plus you find him very very cute and have a hard time making eye contact with him
  • which…. a couple of your older students picked up on when doyoung came into your classroom asking for some construction paper and you tripped over yourself and blushed when your hands brushed his
  • and since then you keep overhearing them gossiping about the two of you and even your other teacher friends sooyoung and joohyun like to tease you about it
  • doyoung doesn’t notice it since he’s dense, but he does notice how cute you are!!!!
  • at the end of the year the teachers go on a one night conference/retreat because the high school is a private school and they want the faculty to be open and friendly with each other
  • which would be fine if ten wasn’t the one to book the hotel rooms
  • because when you get there late at night you’re expecting to room with sooyoung or joohyun ….. and when they’re together you assume you’ll be with one of the older teachers but you open the door to your room and doyoung is unpacking and
  • there’s only one queen sized bed
  • immediately you turn around and bang on ten’s door across the hall but you just hear him giggling with johnny and then he’s like “we’re doing you a favor~~!!!!”
  • so you return and doyoung is like “ah….. i can sleep on the floor….. i’m sorry about the mixup…..”
  • and you’re like “no no no! i can sleep on the floor…. don’t worry about it” and the two of you go back and forth for a minute or so both being polite until finally doyoung is like
  • “well…. it’s just one night so im ok with sharing the bed…. i don’t want your back to get messed up by sleeping on the floor”
  • and you figure that you can handle one night, you aren’t a 12 year old after all
  • for ten minutes or so you go about your business in silence and then doyoung gets tired of the quiet and before you know it you’re talking about his big brother and you’re telling him about your childhood fish in your pajamas
  • and he’s just so easy to talk to…. you never would have thought it would be but telling him your embarrassing first meeting with the principal is nothing and when he laughs his big loud laugh you can’t help  but laugh along
  • even as you both get into bed (doyoung puts a pillow between you two because he can sense you’re a little bit nervous) it’s easy
  • and once the lights turn off the two of you still talk, doyoung quietly talks about chinese teacher sicheng’s birthday party and you reply until you fall asleep he can hear your breath even out
  • in the morning when he wakes up, the two of you are still separated mostly by the pillow, but your hand managed to tangle together with doyoung’s and you’ve pressed your feet to his legs
  • your hand is small in his and your hair is everywhere in your face, plus your feet are weirdly cold but doyoung feels the small crush he’s had on you for a while grow
  • and he knows he wants to be able to wake up to you again
  • but he also knows that if you wake up clutching his hand you’ll get nervous and uncomfortable, so he carefully pries your fingers off of his and then moves out of bed
  • you wake up right as he moves and when you see his normally neat hair standing up in tufts you laugh sleepily
  • when he scoffs a “what??” in an unfairly deep and attractive morning voice) you say “i’ve never seen you not look perfect before” without even fully realizing what you’re saying
  • doyoung just grins
  • at the end of the retreat he asks if you’d like to get dinner sometime soon, and one date turns to two turns to twenty
  • when the summer break is over and he stops by on the first day to bring you your lunch, your entire class bursts into whispers
  • the two of you always stay professional at work, but in all honesty doyoung thrives off of the attention and rumors
  • likes to buy you flowers with a tiny note and leave them in your classroom to fuel the gossip, but also because he thinks you look pretty when you scold him for being so obvious
  • all the teachers go to noraebang and doyoung gets drunk AGAIN and serenades you…… ten gets it all on video and threatens to send it in an all-school email whenever either you or doyoung sass him
  • the teacher life can be hard but it’s easier when you get to spend dinnertime with doyoung, sometimes grading together and complaining about students, sometimes talking about absolutely anything snuggled up on the couch
  • and now when doyoung wakes up at 6am, he has the person he loves AND coffee to get him to go to work
  • he says this to you once and you roll your eyes but kiss him anyways!!!!!👩‍🏫💛👨‍🏫
Some MBTI Types in Female Artists (still sensing types to come)

 DISCLAIMER: So basically as we all know typing celebrities is a relatively hard thing to do, to use the example of Stephen Colbert who was constantly typed as an ENTP by many websites, after taking the test on television his results was INFP. All that to say that these types might not represent the genuine type of these powerful divas but is what I think a conclusion I take from their career and lyrics and aesthetic or artistic choices. This post is just for funsies and not to be taken too seriously. 

ENTP -Lily Allen

The queen of intelligent subversive sarcasm and poking fun at society while simultaneously having a strong message of progress. Lily Allen rose to prominence with her song “smile” which includes the very catchy phrase ‘when I see you cry, it makes me smile.’ that to me is perfect example of how an ENTP would take what could be cliche break-up song and with the oh-so-clever Ne-Ti combo make into some unique snarky phrase. Other songs from her first album also use the typical dark cynicism that ENTPs usually have, like LDN where she goes about her treasured city of London and exposes it for what it truly is with her dark commentary. Her next albums expand on ENTPs vision of the general big picture of society and what they (in this case Lily) believes should change. Her song knock-em-out talks about men’s persistent behavior in pubs and how they badger and pester girls so they have to come up with ridiculous excuses to get them out of their hair. Her most recent work has included more and more social commentary such as Hard Out Here, where there is a brilliant feminist message with air of satire at the same time, she even says in the song “if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood”. If you are thinking Lily’s music it too emotional for her to be a thinking type, here’re some examples of how she knows what she’s about and doesn’t sugar coat things: Her song URL BADMAN, where she mocks bloggers in the UK who aspire to work for vice, and all they do is sit behind a computer and say ridiculous things about other people, kinda like I’m doing right now, except I’m cute and Lily would probably love me. Another song that exemplifies this is: Insincerely Yours, this song is a perfect example of how ENTPs love to tell the shocking truth in a more humorous way, ironically enough she says “I ain’t being funny” in the song but the truth is Lil, you are being funny

Anyway, fight me on this, but Lily’s music to me is fabulously ENTP. Witty, intelligent, sarcastic, fun, deep, logical, and bold. 

some other possible examples: 

-Kate Nash 

-Azealia Banks (unfortunately) 

-me lmao 

-Bianca Del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen 

ENFP -Melanie Martinez 

This one might be one of my more controversial typings, and I am not so sure of this typing myself, being that Melanie could be a variety of different things. One thing is for sure to me about bby Melmel; She is iNtuitive. Her whole album is deeply conceptual and it obvious that Melanie thrives and lives in her imagination. Now according to the cognitive functions iNtuition is very strong within ENFPs and ENTPs alike, being that it is their first function, of course INTJ and INFJ as well but there is a reason I chose Ne and not Ni. I say this because the other typing someone might automatically go to for Melanie is INFP, being that they are usually the freak of the bunch. But I beg to differ, Melanie wears her oddball flag proudly and loudly, although many even herself might identify her (or her music in this case) and an introvert I will beg to differ. Melanie created a whole world for herself with her debut album and though every song we get a glimpse of that world, and get taken on a bit of a journey as she personifies her feelings (her Fi in other words) as a character named Cry Baby. I can see this as a very ENFP thing to do, to intelligently personify your deep mysterious feelings in order to understand them better. Besides Cry Baby her album also pursues social commentary with songs like Mr. Potato-Head, criticizing the way we see beauty as a society. Now its true that her songs also have an tone of darkness, and that is not characteristically ENFP, regardless I still think it fits. I think a song like Soap adds to my Melanie being a extrovert theory, where she says more than she wanted too, because as an Ne-Fi dom you suffer from the paradox of being an outspoken person who also wants to keep your feelings to yourselves because their precious, or something like that. Another song that I think adds to my theory is Alphabet Boy, now in that song she describes a relationship with a douche who thinks hes smarter than her and is obviously pretentious af, and many times because of their relatively bubbly attitude ENFPs can come off a bit ditsy, but the truth is they are highly perceptive and usually quite intelligent. I mean in your face tho pretentious lil bitch that dated her lmao she dragged you with that song. Ne is characterized as having a general big picture of society and usually something to say about it, as an Idealist Melanie would have this, and in her Sippy Cup, she slays us all with her true commentary on society and families by using a fucking sippy cup analogy. 

SO in conclusion Melanie teaches many things with her album, and to me shes a good example of an ENFP. 

other examples: 

-Hayley Williams 

-Gwen Stefani 


-Jessie J 


One might think that this would be one of the harder Divas to find being that INTJ women are rare, and INTJ isn’t usually automatically associated to music but rather world domination and or brooding home alone too tired of facing the general populations stupidity day in and day in, (because they don’t go out) But in all seriousness, BANKS doesn’t overtly empower females, like some of the other Divas do, I think it just oozes out of her with her logically coated songs. Now granted many of her songs focus on relationships and not something typical that an INTJ would focus on like how to find extra terrestrial life on other planets in order to become the king or queen of such planet. What convinced me though, is the fact that BANKS took her experience being a child of divorced parents, and did a thesis on it when earning her BA in Psychology. A great example of her INTJ-ness is her song Brain, where she says “Trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” a perfect example of what an INTJ woman has to go through in a society that prefers Fe dominant females, not only that but what she probably experienced dating men more stupid than her, her whole life. A song that shows you should never fuck with an INTJ women is Goddess, that encapsulates the exact iron clad confidence that convinced me her music (and probably her tbh) is INTJ. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ni dominance within INTJs usually gives them a sophisticated artistic (if they are artistically talented) cohesion in everything they do, and you can see that clearly in BANKS in how most of her music videos have the same style of monochrome cold sophistication. As well as her outfits, always the somber serious black, cold and intense. Now many may thing ‘Oh but INTJs were put here on earth by aliens and they don’t actually have feelings and BANKS does!!’ well let me tell you something my mistaken friend, they do. I know, shocker. They hide them well though, and they process them in unique ways much like BANKS does in her music. Her new album is proving my theory even more with songs like ‘’Fuck with myself’” which contains phrases I swear I’ve seen INTJs say IRL. 

Fierce, mysterious, confident, intelligent, consistent, deep, logical, These qualities are very much BANKS, and very much INTJ, do the math, bitch. 

other examples maybs: 

-idk man I cant think of any, raincheck? 

INFP -Aurora 

Aurora. She is a very recent artist, and I am proud to say I have been following her since she wasn’t too well known in America. She is sort of a prodigy of sorts with a wisdom beyond her years, but with an air of innocence about her still. To me she is the perfect example of an INFP. Her songs encapsulate the world of Fi that they create within their minds, her songs are inside the head of the ultimate idealist, but more than that they are of someone who is extremely imaginative. In “becoming Aurora"she basically confesses to her INFPness, with the opening quote of the video being “for me music has always been a way to understand myself and the world” I’m paraphrasing but as a lot of MBTI savvy people know, Fi is about self-discovery and having your sense of self deeply connected to whatever you do. She calls herself a sensitive person that is deeply affected by everything. That to me is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs “IM A TORTURED INFP”. Ok granted that some other personalities are also deeply affected but she’s affected in a more ethereal way, she gets affected by the wrong doings of this earth because she lives in another dimension where people have butterfly wings and where humanity is noble. She recognizes that her songs are kinda dark but she also recognizes that there should be a kind of hope still. In the beginning of her career Katy Perry tweeted about her, and she was later asked if she was a fan of Katy's music in an interview to which she promptly said “no.” which is the clear INFP need to be authentic to what they like and who they admire. Her songs like Conquerer and Warrior show the INFP sense of bravery to fight for what they believe in, and when they decide to do so they are very brave and indeed warriors. 

Sensitive, brave, unique, quiet, creative, actual fairys, fierce, spacey, childlike, wise, Aurora, is a glowing example of INFP magic. 

another possible example of INFP; 

-Lady Gaga


-Florence + the machine 

-Regina Spektor

INFJ -Beyoncé 

Hi, yes, I did just type Queen Bey as non Se dominant. I think this is one of the myths I want to eradicate. When did it become commonly accepted that Beyonce is Se dominant? How shallow was this assessment of her behavior? Real fucking shallow let me tell you. To me artists that are obviously Se dominant are artists like Britney Spears, or Rihanna, who don’t conceptualize too much. But Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a vision, and it has been obvious the past all-of-her-career. Now yes yes Se dominant people can have visions but not as their primary mode of operating, its not immersed in everything they do like Beyoncé’s is. What is her vision you may ask? Empowerment. Empowerment for females, empowerment for African-Americans, empowerment for African-American females. Its to take her experience in the industry and in her life and use it to empower others to be victors of their situations. Since the early two thousands she’s been telling everyone who’s boss, she is. With songs like Diva she takes a word that can be used to belittle women and flips into an empowering song. Now what that demonstrates is someone who is Ni dominant, the cohesion that all of her albums have when viewed together is astounding, since the beginning of her solo career she has been giving the same message but in different ways. Now as we all know each album has its own theme but essentially the underlying message is the same. Her most recent albums have been extremely conceptual, and the genius in which she’s chosen to go about her marketing and releasing decisions are well thought out and deeply digested. Ni is taking the patterns you’ve observed in the world and subconsciously working on them in the back of your mind to fit your long term vision. When she released in the middle of the night her album Beyoné with many music videos with no marketing whatsoever it was a well thought out subversive creative decision and of course everyone loves to credit men, like her husband for those decisions but it’s obvious that her work has a mastermind behind it, and I am of the belief her INFJ-ass is that mastermind. With the visual album Lemonade, you see people trying to discredit the genius behind the work saying oh well Warsan Shire wrote the poetry blah blah, yes she may have helped, but the whole cohesion of the albums message was created by Beyonce. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she said it perfectly. INFJs are the classic example of the warrior who fights against injustice, and Beyoncé’s music is not arbitrary, it has a clear vision of what she wants to change in society in general, its not about the details of her experiences (si) its not about living for the moment (se) but its about how we all can work together to solve some critical issues in society in general (Ni-Fe). 

The Queen is an INFJ, or at least her music and career seem to be. Holistic, harmonious, private, visionary, metaphorical, committed, deep, compassionate, seeks meaning.  

Also others: 

-Troye Sivan 

-Sufjan Stevens 

INTP -Lorde 

Dear Lorde, I have a bone to pick with you. Before I do that I will say that’s a really weird expression. So my bone, is that you need to release new music. I can only listen to Pure Heroine so many times, Lorde. Lorde is an INTP. She is. Her music in Pure Heroine is full of alliteration, and writing techniques that is way beyond someone of your age at the time. As well as an album that isn’t primarily focused on relationships and love, which is what most girls your age I think might be singing about. (that was not a sexist statement being that statistically speaking most girls are ISFJ and relationships would be one of their primary interests) Ti is demonstrated in songs such as Royals, where she cleverly disses many things in popular culture while at the same time contrasting the rich life she observes on TV and her own mundane life. Even her album title Pure Heroine is a clever classic Ti play on words. She likes to be the boss of her own aesthetic to directing her own music videos, and having a very cohesive style. Everyone loves to tease her “awkward” dancing and facial expressions, but I just think its classic INTP, known for not being 100% aware that they are a physical being in a physical world. And also I think her self-expression in her dancing is fabulous, and unique, but that’s besides the point. Lorde is primarily a rational being, which is why I think she’s handled so much criticism fairly well for someone so young, to contrast her and J-biebz who does not take criticism well and reacts emotionally, or even her biffle T-swizz who also reacts fairly emotionally. One of the most memorable lines from her album to me is “Im kind of over getting told to throw my hands up air, so there” why did I like that line so much? because turn on the radio and you have some Se dom telling you to throw your hands up in there, and live in the moment. Sorry Se dom, people like Lorde and I, can’t seem to get out of our heads and imaginations. Are we better than you because of it? No, but there are more of you than there are of us so be happy. Lorde’s talent and skill I would say is primarily Lyrics, her lyrics analyze the patterns around her and what she’s experienced and she cleverly phrases them in a unique way. Her music is innovative, and intelligent, and I’ve revisited Pure Heroine so many times I have memorized every song practically. I will also add that Lorde’s songs are mostly metaphorical, which is where the Ne comes in. She lives alternatively not concretely. 

Lorde has a sharp tongue and is  a ingenious, independent, original, analytical, curious, critical, logical, witty, and speculative young artist. 

Other Examples: 

-Imogen Heap 


ENFJ -Lianne La Havas 

Lianne, is a put together woman. Her voice is smooth and her lyrics are delicious. Focused on her relationships she soars through her songs in her new album going through stories and concepts and beautifully describing her put together ENFJness. “Grew a thicker skin, and now its wearing thin” Ok, so everybody who is close to an Fe dominant will have realized by now they carry the weird juxtaposition of being ruthless and opinionated but at the same time being sensitive and to the harmony in the environment, they will call you out, but in a magical mama way, so its ok. If you are looking to feel like you are doing everything right in your relationship and that you are floating in a cloud of love listen to her songs on a loop, from songs like ‘Elusive’ to ‘unstoppable’ she describes shiny diamond encrusted relationships that are something only an ENFJ can accomplish. Their state of total love for their relationships is something you see in her songs constantly as well as the emotional intelligence ENFJs usually have. ENFJs are very much masters of their own fate, and that fate usually is attained by their hard work, vision, people skills, and in Liannes case, a voice that is smoother than liquid gold. If you doubt that she is an ENFJ for any reason, just listen to her songs, really listen. It is about believing in her partners, believing in who they are and supporting and being in love with them, expressed through her metaphors and long term vision. Like the song “What you don’t do”. 

An angel brought to earth to grace us with her compassion, vision, relationship focused, diplomacy, creativity and her warm nature. Lianne is an ENFJ icon. 

other examples: 

-Corrine Bailey Ray 

-Adele (her music her personality i think is ENTJ) 

HC Request from my IRL Friend

Here’s a hc that my irl friend gave me lol. It’s “What would the RFA + V + Saeran do if MC came home with a kitten/puppy/other random animal that they impulsively bought?”

All I can think of is that one post where someone goes “Question: Where do I put a baby goat that I impulsively bought?” lolol


     = Let’s be honest

     = After he gets his degree and joins the practice, there are probably a lot of little animal friends that make their way through your house.

     = Like you guys have to watch them overnight to make sure everything’s okay, or you’re keeping them in a loving home until someone can adopt them or something

     = Because Yoosung is precious like that, and so are you <3

     = Anyway so he’s really not that surprised when you come home with a random puppy one day

     = The only thing he’s potentially worried about is how Lisa and your new puppy will get along, but it’s only a small one

     = Soon that puppy’s got him wrapped around their paw lol

     = Bonus: You come home from work one day to find Yoosung and the puppy sleeping together on the couch, the puppy lying on his chest and drool coming from both of their mouths <3


     = Don’t be mean to this boy and bring home a kitten even tho they’re super cute

     = He’d feel like you’re trying to send subliminal messages or something lol

     = “It’s the cat or you Hyun”

     = “No babe we can talk about this”

     = In all seriousness though he wouldn’t really mind if you brought home a puppy, but he would be worried for it

     = You guys are gone a lot, who’s gonna take care of the little one?

     = He might agree to leave them with Yoosung or Jaehee, but he wouldn’t really be happy about it since he grows attached to them so fast

     = If he can, he always tries to get the Director that he’s working with at the time to allow him to bring the puppy with him on set

     = The press quickly starts talking about you three, calling you “The Perfect Family” and “Loving Parents, Who Cares if their Kid has Fur?”

     = It’s his favorite thing lol


     = She’s not normally crazy about pets

     = Especially cats and dogs as she’s said before

     = But one day she gets back to ya’ll’s apartment from the cafe

     = And there you are, looking up at her like a deer in the headlights with a little gecko in your hands.

     = She can see a cage for it in the corner of the room

     = It looks filled with lots of different things although she’s not really sure what geckos need

     = She just stands there for a moment, watching you sweat under her gaze with the gecko calmly crawling around in your hands

     = “Well? Aren’t you going to tell me their name?”

     = I’m just picturing Jaehee with a lil leopard gecko omg bless

     = She much prefers ya’ll’s gecko to cats and dogs, and it’s so cute she can’t help but to fall in love with it

     = Momma Jaehee ftw : ‘ )


     = You come home with another lil kitty

     = “Jumin!! Look isn’t he handsome???”

     = “MC is that cat able to be around Elizabeth the 3rd I don’t want him harrassing her”

     = “Jumin he’s like a month old”

     = After making sure that Elizabeth likes the new addition, he’ll be all over it

     = He does love all cats after all

     = Elizabeth and your new cat are so pampered like

     = New guards have to be warned by seasoned veterans not to say anything ANYTHING about how you two treat your cats like they’re royalty literally

     = They made the mistake of not doing that one time and that poor recruit was sent home in teARS

     = Definitely he would film little home videos of things that they did, like the first time Elizabeth drank wine or when your new kitten chose him over you for once

     = Super cute family, ya’ll have matching cups and stuff 100/10


     = Buckle up lil kitty

     = You’re in for a ride

     = In all actuality tho you brought home not one kitten, but three

     = Their names are Honey, Butter, and Chips respectively

     = I ain’t joking and you know it

     = He would get ya’ll matching outfits

     = He would also get them little outfits that match your typical ones, and the two of you cat outfits

     = “We’re cosplaying each other MC isn’t it great!!!”

     = You would have to stop him from feeding them food that wasn’t for cats, because he would always try to give them Phd. Pepper or something like that and you’d have to stop him because “NO SAEYOUNG THAT’S DANGEROUS FOR THEM”

     = At the end of the day though he’s surprisingly really good with them

     = Like he can’t take care of himself but nothing’s gonna stop him from spoiling his precious cat babies

     = Another cute family, 100/10


     = Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he hated cats lmao

     = Saeyoung would be like “Gasp! My own flesh and blood!” And I firmly believe he would literally say gasp out loud

     = But you know what he doesn’t hate?

     = Hamsters

     = I’m picturing Phichit from YoI with his hamsters crawling all over him

     = Now take the same but put Saeran there instead

     = These aren’t tears on my face there’s like 50 onions here

     = You didn’t think that he’d really be that invested in it

     = But oh boy

     = Where you wrong

     = He’ll make like little baby swings but for hamsters for him to wear around when you’re at home so he’s always got them safely on his person

     = Sometimes he reads them bed time stories

     = Takes SUPERB care of them

     = They’re just,,,so loved and well cared for

     = He doesn’t even deny how much he cares for them bless and really I’m not crying what are you talking about


     = Bring home a lil baby rabbit

     = He automatically loves it

     = It is his child now

     = A child he will love, protect, and nurture

     = There are s,,o many pictures in your house of the lil bun

     = He has several exhibitions where the bun is the focus

     = Random person at an exhibit: “Ah V, what’s the theme this time”

     = “On Love: Agape” lol

     = “Oh? What’s that?”

     = “Unconditional love, like from a parent to a child because that is my baby”

     = You’ll walk into the living room and see him quietly tinkering with a camera while the lil bun is nestled up in his shoulder, asleep


      = 100/10 amazing, great parents and great family

There’s a taste of my writing style!! I hope you like it, and remember: everyone is welcome to submit a request!!!