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I am Just Reminiscing…

The effort to rally the fandom to vote Nathan into the Adelaide Festival Center Walk of Fame the last couple of weeks puts me in a reminiscing mood.

I don’t recall when we first learned that Nathan was cast as Richard Hannay in the stage play “The 39 Steps” last year, but I remember vividly our excitement and anticipation leading up to the opening day. Because Nathan’s birthday fell during the time the play was on, someone suggested everyone sending birthday cards to him at the theatre, and many of us did. We later heard that Nathan was genuinely surprised by the gesture and immensely proud of his loyal and geographically diverse fan base.

Speaking of the fan base, a number of MFMM fans, mostly Australians but several from the U.S., UK, and Canada, traveled to Adelaide to attend the play and got to meet him in person. These die-hard fans generously shared their experiences with the rest of us via posts, messages, and memorabilia. I appreciate the information, of course, but what I really treasure and miss is that strong sense of camaraderie in the fandom.

Since then, there hasn’t been many MFMM news or fairs to celebrate. The launch of the Miss Fisher & the Deathly Maze game, the High Tea with Nathan Page 2017 event, the reveal of the movie title (Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears), and the Miss Fisher Con 2017 organized by The Adventuresses Club of Americas provided occasional (and much needed) stimulants, but the fandom is aching for more to keep the momentum going. The announcement of the movie filming start date shall do the trick, and I pray it will occur sooner rather than later.


Photo source: @statetheatresa on Instagram (August 18, 2016)

(Posted 16-Jul-2017)