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(Warning: Long Post)

As you can tell I’m a huge fan of Date Masamune, specifically this now pretty much infamous version of him from Sengoku Basara:

(Seriously this face is everywhere when you Google search his name.)

But I got to wondering, how many other versions of the famous One-Eyed Dragon are there in the vast sea of anime, manga and video games? I managed to gather a number of obscure variations and thought I’d share with fellow Masamune fans. Some are kinda well known, others you may not have expected.

Sengoku Musou / Samurai Warriors:

This is an easy one, since its the counterpart (and sorta rival) of Sengoku Basara. This particular version is for the game Sengoku Musou 4, but Masamune tends to keep this gold and green armor look throughout the series. He’s most known for carrying both a gun and a sword. I’m quite fond of his appearance in this game because he’s extremely flashy! :3

Brave 10:

This anime focuses more on the Sanada ten braves/ninjas but Masamune makes several appearances in the series. Not only is he flashy, he’s downright fabulous! And a bit eccentric. 

Sengoku Paradise Kiwami:

Also fond of this version from a very short anime. If I remember correctly the episodes were only like 3 minutes long. O_o But it was fun, and Masamune was very ganster-like in it. Points to this version for him donning his famous purple party coat!

Tono No Issho:

Another short anime, with short episodes. It was very random and Masamune was a tad too eccentric, occupying most of his valuable time playing with his strange eye-patch collection, much to the dismay of Kojuro and his other retainers.

Samurai Deeper Kyo:

Haven’t actually watched more than two episodes of Samurai Deeper Kyo, but in the story he goes by the name Bontenmaru. He’s humorous and has a friendly rivalry with the main character. 

Now for some obscure ones:

Dokugan Ryuukai (manga):

Gosh, I fell in love with this the moment I found it. A short manga about Masamune’s early years. The character designs are a bit outlandish but it’s an amazing short story!

Date Ningen (manga):

Another short manga focusing on Masamune’s early career. Basically he’s very reckless and self-centered, conquering neighboring lands for their treasures. Haven’t read this one yet because, well…ain’t gonna lie he’s a bit crazy-looking.

Mikazuki Ryuu Ibun (manga):

Another short manga I found. It was very sad, following his tragic rise to power with many clan members doubting him. I’ve only been able to read 2 chapters so far. It nicely focuses on Masamune’s family and other retainers too. His design features a very unique eye-patch which includes bands across his face.

Sengoku Gyoujin Dullahan (manga):

What might have been a dropped project since I haven’t seen any updates for it. Set in a more futuristic, almost “Samurai 7 anime” feel to the story, where Masamune’s classic historical armor is a giant robot piloted by Bontenmaru.

Gate 7 (manga):

He gets a Gothic/Punk/Shota look in this CLAMP manga, where many other Sengoku period warriors appear in modern-day Kyoto. Masamune still has his signature brattish and commanding attitude, even though he’s in elementary school.

Sengoku Ranbu (Pachinko game):

Haven’t seen much footage of this in action, but its a sleek and simple design. His hair is beautiful!

NHK Dokuganryuu (drama):

A 50+ episode live action drama portraying the life of Date Masamune. Starring the famous actor Ken Watanabe when he was young! Made in the 1980s, this is an extremely enlightening series! I wish it had subtitles though! I’ve only gotten up to episode 5, each one being about an hour long.

Love Legend of Sengoku (otome game):

Again going with a green and gold color scheme. Love the long hair…Masamune with long hair is just…nnnggg.

Ikemen Sengoku (phone game):

A recent discovery. I’m not sure if this game is out yet. But in this version Masamune’s cresent moon is placed on the armor of his left shoulder. And on his belt in his more casual look.

Date Masamune (manga):

Probably the most historically accurate manga version of Masamune’s life.  It’s pretty long, about 60+ chapters, with not a lot of shonen-style action, but there are a lot of hidden gems in it as far as his personality, family life, and dealings with other warlords that English WIKI pages don’t tell you about. >_<

Sengoku IXA (online game):

My most recent find. I’m not sure when this game came out or what but I just discovered it and fell in love with the character designs. Sengoku IXA made by SQUARE ENIX had lots of Sengoku period warriors, apparently in two versions. This was the second version for Masamune. So flashy! And again with the ponytail….!!!!!!

Well I think I’ve spammed the dashboard enough for one post. Hope this was enjoyable to you fellow Masamune fans. I’m sure there’s lots more versions I can find of the One-Eyed Dragon. But I’ll leave that for another time! (^_^)

Part 2

Swearwolf’s birthday is not over, ayy.

Now I feel really mean, so I’m posting some not-so-sad headcanons about him

  • Even though he’s a halfblood, he was raised mostly the muggle way since wizards are fucking awful towards werewolves and his parents wanted to protect him
  • is pansexual.
  • fell in love with Sirius around third year, got together with him the summer Sirius ran away from home. (they lived together after graduation.)
  • Wears knitted jumpers, printed button-ups, skinny jeans patched way too many times. Owns way too many cardigans and band t-shirts.
  •  Has no idea how to actually knit, and is awful with DIYs overall. All of his jumpers/cardigans were made by James/James’ mum (or later on, Sirius)
  • Is actually very punk rock. I HC that he was the one to introduce Sirius to punk in form of  the Clash and Sex Pistols in the sixth year.
  • once tried to get drunk on chocolate filled with liquor. Succeeded after consuming approximately two kilos and almost causing all the other Marauders to throw up.
  • Smokes. Stopped when Lily and James had Harry, along with the rest of the Marauders because it was bad for the baby. Picked up again when living with Sirius after Azkaban.
  • Calls people spoons because a spoon is exactly the opposite of sharp. (I do that)
  • And when he’s pissed off, he says: “wow i thought you were just a spoon, but now i see that you’re the entire set of cuntlery.
  • Has no verbal filter at all. Swears a lot, and it’s a miracle he became a professor/prefect. Comes up with interesting mixes, and knows at least one swearword in every European language.
  • Reads a lot of poorly written sci-fi books. You know what kind i’m talking about, the ones you find in secondhand bookshops, dogeared and with foul remarks written all over with pencil. (he’s the author of said remarks) It’s the kind in which you find poorly disguised political critique and even more poorly disguised dick jokes.
  • Has one ear pierced. Used to wear a safety pin or a silver ring in it, but took it out when he truned 30, claiming it ‘immature’.
  • Has really pretty eyes. They’re round-ish, and golden brown-turning greenish brown on the  edges. They look very bright and bleak green in the summer, or when light shines directly thorugh them. In the winter, or in the candlelight/dim light, they’re amber-gold.
  • His freckles only show up in the summer, but they’re adorable.
  • He has the worst of his scars on his arms, because before they’re fully healed, he picks on them whenever he’s anxious. The ones on his face are nicely healed and thin.
  • His hair. Oh my god. It’s tawny (I don’t know if that’s the exact word to use for the colour.) Reddish-dark blond. Sort of like fudge. It’s mostly wavy/striaght-ish until you get it wet/ it’s humid. Then, it’s a curly mop of adorableness.
  • Wears combat boots, white converse and proper, leather shoes. First ones because they’re basically indestructible and can last almost a life-time, the second ones because they’re cheap, and the last ones because they’re proper.
  • I think that’s all?
  • If I think of anything else, I’ll add on.
Punk!Nursey headcanons

Part 2

-Nursey has an entire sleeve/back tattoo planned but his artist is still refining small details hence why he hasn’t gotten it yet
-He goes into thrift stores to buy band t-shirts for all his fav bands
-Dex has no idea how he has a Sex Pistols t-shirt from before he was born
-His fav colour is dark green
-he has the back of his neck pierced 
-as well as one of his eyebrows, tongue, all up one of his ears (6 + tragus) and then up to his seconds + industrial on the other 
-not many of the team know because he only wears them in the off season
-the only one to ever grow over was his tongue
-he repierced it in his bathroom 
-Dex freaked tf out when he got a snapchat of blood just running out of Nursey’s mouth

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