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Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 1

Happy New Year!

I was wondering if I should do something about the bonus audio commentary in the BD/DVD vol.1, and in the end after some thinking I decided to provide a translation for mostly the “new” information. In other words, this is a partial translation of the audio commentary. (Since they speak for almost 30 min, translating every single line would take ages and some things they say are either already talked about in one of the interviews posted/linked in my Tumblr account or are just random chatting, so not really worth the effort…) I think I was still able to cover quite a lot though.

By the way, the audio commentary is only available for episode 1 and it’s by Mitsurou Kubo and Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuuri’s seiyuu). Episode 2 doesn’t have commentary.

Since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

-Kubo says that in the beginning she was really anxious, because as this is an original anime not based on other existing works no one knows it at first, and you don’t know whether it will be successful or not. It also aired at night (2:20 AM) and, though it was available through a few online streaming services, there weren’t many TV channels broadcasting it. She also says that she checks the online response a lot, so much that she jokes “I’m probably doing more research than the staff responsible for advertising and marketing research”. She was glad to see that the series was very well received right from episode 1. Also, there was actually a preview screening of the first 3 episodes at a cinema before the official airing, and she praises the participants because they only wrote vague opinions on the net (like “it’s fantastic”) and didn’t write any spoilers.

-Regarding Yurio clicking his tongue in the scene where he finds Yuuri crying in the toilet after the Grand Prix Final: Kubo has only been to the recording of episode 1 (and I think maybe 12?), so she was there too, and she comments that when she heard Kouki Uchiyama (Yurio’s seiyuu) clicking his tongue she thought it sounded like a kiss and, since in that moment you only see their feet and not their faces, she was worried that some people might misunderstand what is happening. She actually told this to the sound director, though the seiyuu don’t know because she was in the booth with the sound staff, so seiyuu cannot hear what they are talking about. Of course they didn’t really change anything because there’s no way that scene could be mistaken, and she also acknowledges that she was worried for no reason.

-Announcer Morooka is voiced by Taihei Katou, a real Asahi TV announcer. They comment that they were surprised because, beside the commentary during the matches which of course is perfect, he was also very good at playing Morooka even when he speaks normally.

-The writing used for the episode titles is Kubo’s handwriting. Some text sound effects that are shown in a few instances (mainly comical, for example the audience going “kyaaaa” at Victor) are also Kubo’s handwriting.
She mentioned this in an interview too, but here again she says that she and director Yamamoto decided all the titles in a cafe near Tokyo Station after going location hunting somewhere. The main reason they used that amusing style for the titles is that they wanted something catchy that people would remember.

-Regarding the scene where Victor is walking to the arena in Yoyogi (for the World Championship), he winks and we see the audience going “KYAAAH” on him and people with their eyes turning into hearts: Kubo comments that she found it nice that the male cameramen in the audience too had hearts coming out of their eyes. Toyonaga comments that when they recorded the audience background noises someone actually pointed it out like “…oh, there are guys too”.

-Kubo herself is from Kyushu and that’s one of the reasons they set the story in Kyushu (she is from Nagasaki by the way). They chose Karatsu as model location because they thought the castle and general atmosphere would appeal to a foreign tourist. (I’m leaving out some things they said about why they chose Karatsu because she already talked more in detail about it in various interviews) Kubo says she was surprised because they used a few places as models but didn’t really write anywhere which ones they are, yet the day after episode 1 aired someone on the net had already identified the places complete with pictures.

-Ironically enough, when they visited the hot spring resort in Karatsu they couldn’t eat katsudon because the dining room was only open in the evening and they went there during the day. She says the reason they chose katsudon is that she knows of many foreigners who come to Japan and fall in love with katsudon. For example, she says that a friend told her of a French guy that totally loved katsudon, considered it healthy food and ate it all the time. The most shocking thing is that the guy actually lost 5 kgs with this, and both Kubo and Toyonaga are of course appalled because katsudon is very high-calorie food, and she comments “I wonder what he used to eat before if he could lose weight eating katsudon…”. (Totally personal comment: I’ve lived in Japan for many years and I almost never ate katsudon because I find it heavy on the stomach, as in I can barely finish a bowl… Though for some reason I’ve already eaten it twice last month)

-Kubo comments that the character who is drawn cuter than anyone else is Yuuri’s mother. She also says that she was glad Yuuko is popular too, despite being a married woman and not the heroine as the viewers may have thought when she first shows up. She is also happy that she receives lots of comments from people saying they don’t hate any characters. She reveals that actually she is unable to draw villains, as in even if she tries to they just end up being likable. She considers it somewhat of a weak point as a mangaka, but was glad to hear of people being able to watch YOI over and over again without feeling stressed because they don’t hate any characters.

-She extensively praises Toyonaga’s acting as Yuuri, for example the fact that when she heard him for the first time she believed the voice he uses for Yuuri was his natural voice, but actually Toyonaga was “creating” what he pictured would be fitting as Yuuri’s natural voice, so it’s something that requires a lot of effort and she was impressed by it. Toyonaga asks her if her impression of him has changed over the course of the series, and she replies that it hasn’t, and also that he was very good at conveying the way Yuuri “evolves” over time without making him sound like a completely different character. She also comments that other seiyuu, like Junichi Suwabe (Victor) and Kenshou Ono (Phichit) were also using voices they rarely use in other anime. She feels that all members of the cast really made a big effort to try to get as close as possible to the characters, in fact recordings for YOI always took a very long time.

-Regarding “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. Kubo wrote the lyrics and had them translated into Italian. She imagined the song as coming from a (fictional) Russian opera. She says she is glad that they didn’t disclose the lyrics early on, because as much as she likes that the series becomes a topic of discussion, she feared someone might misunderstand them as being directly connected to Victor and think that he has an incurable illness or is going to die. She says that actually she did see people worried that this might happen, even though she believes that anyone who has watched the whole series would probably comment “there’s no way something like that could happen!! (LOL)”. She says that they couldn’t possibly fit such a sub-story in only one cour in the first place, and that she doesn’t really like the idea of athletes being injured, let alone dying.

-Regarding the meaning of “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”. It’s a love song, but it’s about a man who lost a person that was dear to him. The man, who now is alone, hears something in the distance, like the voice of someone crying, and even though he doesn’t know who this person is he sympathizes with them because he thinks maybe they were abandoned too. The song is about the man recovering from loneliness, though even if he says “let’s fight together” he actually doesn’t know whether the other person is alive or not. (By the way, she mentions the line “let’s fight together”, but as I wrote in the Spoon interview actually it doesn’t exist, because the line in the lyrics says “let’s leave together”) In the opera it then turns out that the person was wrongly thought dead and is in fact alive, and the story ends with a happy grand finale. (To be honest I don’t really get whether this person the man is “fighting/leaving together with” is the voice in the distance, and if the person “wrongly thought dead” is this one or the one that was dear to the man…? I’m pretty confident my translation is correct because I wrote down the full text for this part, as it was interesting, but the way she explains it is not really clear… If you know Japanese too, own the BD/DVD and have any ideas feel free to comment. I wish she would talk more in detail about this in some interview, lol)

-When the ED starts Toyonaga comments “and then after staring at Victor’s ass we have the ending (LOL)”, and Kubo very passionately comments about the onsen scenes. She says that it may look like they were just thrown in because they are nice but that actually it’s very difficult to animate them and it took a lot of work and the “latest technology”, so they are definitely not “randomly” there but they were created because they absolutely wanted to show them. She says “Who knows, someone might not be able to sleep if they don’t see this first! Someone having a hard time might find the strength to go on looking at Victor’s ass!”, and she mentions that she received a comment by a person who had an illness making it difficult for them to return to society, but that they were able to cheer up after watching YOI, and she was really happy about this. (EDIT: I see lots of response for Victor’s ass, but to be safe I would like to point out that with “being difficult to animate” she refers to all the scenes set in the onsen, not only his ass, LOL. I guess it’s because of the water/steam etc?)

-Toyonaga says that he has watched all episodes at least 5 times. (By the way, when they recorded this commentary episode 12 had not aired yet).

hi 💘!! so since 2016 is (finally) coming to an end i decided to do a follow forever ! this is a thank you to everyone on here for always making me smile and making this a very memorable year for me i love u!  💘

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The amis as theatre kids

Courfeyrac: The cute funny guy that gets most of the leads and everyone has had a crush on at some point

Grantaire: he likes to act but always ends up on tech because no one is as good as him and the drama teacher totally depends on his tech skill

Marius: only signed up because his friends made him but ended up really liking it

Feuilly: thinks acting is really cool but doesn’t have enough time because of all his jobs so he always asks to be a small part

Bahorel: wanted to join since forever but always chose sports over theatre, but decided to finally do a show senior year

Combeferre: The best stage manager anyone could ask for. The cast will circle him and chant “combeferre’s in charge” before every performance and write #combeferreisincharge on everything

Bossuet: always gets the character roles and needs extra supervision with his props because he will probably break them

Joly: hes the kid who always has tea and cough drops and he makes sure everyone is drinking lots of water

Jehan: plans the cast parties and also helps out with costumes

Enjolras: turns out to be an amazing dancer and is dance captain and helps out the teacher with choreo. At first everyone thinks he’s full of himself and then they realize nope he’s just confident- he really is better than all of us

Cosette: has the voice of an angel and gets most of the lead roles but she’s so nice that no one can be too jealous

Eponine: started doing tech because of grantaire, stayed because she has a huge crush on cosette

Musichetta: does all the hair and makeup designs



So in Japan it’s already 17, that means it’s already Miyuki’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTY BOY CAPTAIN!! ♥♥

This year’s birthday was a problem after another for me. I started the usual birthday comic well in advance, almost three weeks ago. Then they just decided to kill me at work and I didn’t have had any free day to continue and finish it since it was more than ten pages long. I still have all the draft if anyone is interested in my ending… 
Since I’m always the luckiest of the bunch, tonight I was doing a quick drawing for the occasion just to have something to post it here and ofc I sadly closed it by mistake without saving so it’s aaall gone. 

So i had an idea. I couldn’t finish the comic but how would you end this? 

Using my comic as a prompt, decide how this would end! Be it a quick, silly drawing, an headcanon, a drabble, even just a sentence or whatever you fancy. Unleash your fantasy!

I leave my silly sappy prompt in your hands, give Miyuki the best birthday present ever!

‘Merry Christmas! Bye, sweetie. Love you!’

Last words of my boyfriend who I spent Christmas with. My parents accepted him and really got along with him, my dad even called him ‘son’ which meant a lot. We decided to do Christmas at mine while I would go to his at New Years. After he left mine on Christmas Day, his car was hit by a lorry which killed him instantly, as soon as I received the news that he had died, my confidence shattered and world ended. His funeral was held the day after New Years where my dad told me he was going to propose when the clock hit midnight. It’ll be a year this Christmas since he died. Miss you so so much Ryan.



Oooh I can’t believe that my blog got this far! But here I am! 1000 followers milestone!

I never imagined that I would get this far with this simple blog! I never even thought I could get past 10 followers when I started this! But still, here I am, after almost 2 years of work, over 400 posts, with awesome, amazing friends who have been supporting me through this time. Thank you everyone! I couldn’t have made this without you!

So as a thank you gift, I decided to draw you guys! This was a really funny project that I have been doing ever since the first participant and I really hope you like it too! This has also been my biggest project this far and I sure noticed that it took a lot of my time. It was really hard at the end to realise that I can’t draw all of you because of the lack of time.. I did my best and I really hope that I get to draw the rest of you in the future projects because you are as important to me as the ones tagged in this post. You are all very important to me! And for those I did draw: If you want, I can send your own character to you, just send me a message and it is all yours.

Here’s the list of all blogs included in this project! 

First set:






Second set:






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Thank you guys once again! I could have never done this without you! It has been awesome working with you and it will be the same in the future! I have grown up as an artist thanks to this blog and without my dear followers, I would have never even tried to make my art better.  I promise to improve myself as an artist even more so that you could enjoy my simple blog little bit more and so that I could give you more art, more requests and more content! But until then please remember…


Guide to scoring well for end of year exams

Hi guys, decided to do something different since I am having holidays currently. 

Disclaimer: this is how I studied for exams, which led to me improving a lot as compared to last year (which I had to re-take to determine if I could promote). Different people study differently, so this is just for those who need some help in getting their own direction to studying. Following this strictly may not guarantee straight As.  

1. Start preparing early. 

This depends on the scale of the exam honestly. For example, a normal school examination: 1 month+, nationwide exams (A Levels): 4 months+. If you decide to start revising late, it will be very hard and taxing while revising, and most likely you will not be able to do well. 

2. Preparation

  • Tidy up all your previous schoolwork: by subjects, by topics, by type (quizzes, exercises,etc.) Fish up all the lost pieces of paper and start filing them. For me, I file them by subjects then for each subject, by topics. –> large arch files, dividers, plastic folders, are a good place to start
  • Tidy up your desk. With all the loose pieces of paper tided up, throw away unnecessary stuff and declutter as much things as possible on your table. Remove any distractions if needed. Make your study space nicer if you think you will be able to focus better. (see tumblr tag #studyspace for inspiration if needed)
  • Clarify all topics that will be tested for each subject. For each subject, think of what can be done for each subject. What I did was to list down all the topics that will be tested and what I need to do for each topic and tick them off as I finish them. It differs for each subject, so you have to think through this. Example for economics: going through lecture notes, rewriting notes, going through past tutorials, writing mindmaps, memorise while for math it can be: going through notes and past exercises, do revision questions, memorise formulas, do past year papers, re-do questions. Tip: go in a consecutive manner. The most basic thing to do is to read through the notes first before doing questions, for example. 
  • Plan out a weekly schedule, counting down the number of weeks you have before exams. For each week, plan out what you have to do for each subject. For me, I prefer to go by topics. Make sure that you are able to finish the whole syllabus at least a week before the exams so that you are able to do revision for the whole subject. (Like doing practice papers) 

3. Revision


  • Since I already planned out what I need to get done by the week, at the start of every week I use this to plan out what I have to do everyday. It may be different for everyone, but for me I prefer to plan it by time. First, I decide what I need to do everyday (try to spread out subjects). Eg. Monday: read through chemistry notes, revise economics past questions, memorise first chapter of geography, do questions for first chapter of math, etc. –> This is also based on what you have already done beforehand, a checklist on what is needed to be done for each topic. I then allocate how many hours I need to accomplish one thing, and based on that switch it around and plan out a schedule. Make sure to leave time in between for breaks. 
  • This does not need to be done rigidly, based on what you actually did on that day, you can delete/add things to your schedule. You can choose to do this online or use one of the many daily schedules layout that you can find here. Purely up to your own preference. If you don’t like to do it by time, you don’t necessarily need to based it by time, just have a checklist of the items you need to do everyday. 


  • Do a productivity check everyday. I usually give myself 0-5 ticks everyday to motivate me to work harder/guilt trip me. Or you can do it by how many hours you studied everyday. Despite planning everything out, trust me, in reality it will be much different. 
  • Don’t burn yourself out. Try to pace yourself throughout revising and don’t try to study non-stop for a day. You will not be able to last for a whole month. Take breaks in between (preferably 10 mins for each hour) and reward yourself (like if I manage to finish this by today, buy bubble tea for myself). 
  • Keep away from things that distract you. I use apps for phone such as FocusNow, google chrome StayFocusd and so on. Ask your parents to take care of your devices if necessary. 
  • Have a conducive studying environment. I cannot really concentrate at home, so I usually go to the nearby library and that works out for me. Or cafes, if that works for you. 
  • Study with friends if that keeps you from slacking/help each other. DO NOT do that if that only distracts you

4. Lastly…

Exam condition is very important. DO NOT panic the day before. Try to revise all important concepts the day before and just sleep early. If needed, meditate using apps. During the actual exam, if you find yourself not being able to think, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply, try to calm yourself down. And honestly, if you did sufficient revision, you would be less likely to panic during the exam. 

All the best! If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

✘ Hello everyone! It’s come to the end of 2016 already and I thought it was only right that I finally do my first follow forever! I’ve technically had this account for ages with a muse I set up and almost instantly just left before deciding to come back and make Somi. If you guys remember and were here all the way from when I was Somi then I’m impressed and thank you for sticking with me for so long. 

This account from Somi to Nayoung has been around since June, so about half a year! Despite trolls trying to put me down, I’m glad to be back and thank you to each and every one of you lovely people for being so great and also such great writers. The start of a new year shouldn’t be about cursing how bad the previous one was, because you’ll only set yourself up to be disappointed when the year doesn’t meet your expectations and it becomes a repetitive cycle. Instead, we should be thankful for everyone in our lives like I’m grateful for all you lovely people and also take unfortunate events and loss’ as a learning curve in our lives and to become stronger than we’ve ever been. May your new year be filled with prosperity and love, to you and your lovely muses!

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(Last year’s here.) Not gonna lie, 2015 was not a good art year for me, but at least you can see a lot of improvement. Definitely love the the poses and hair in comparison to it all and it feels very lively and fun. I hope 2016 will be a much better year!

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Welcome to the last full year of Supernormal Step

Don’t panic! Okay now that that’s out of the way, it’s true. I’m planning to end the comic in about a year! Not sure exactly how long it will take at the moment, but I decided a while ago I need to start working toward the end of this story and move on to something new.

I’ve been working on Supernormal Step since 2009, and when I started I didn’t know much about writing. I’ve learned a lot since then, but with that comes the knowledge that I could do better with a stronger base to start with. So I thought I’d let you know ahead of time that this is it, we’re headed for the endgame.

But just because Supernormal Step is ending, doesn’t mean I’m done with webcomics. I’m already in the process of building a new world to play in. If you want to see me going through that process you could follow me on twitter, I’ve been posting some concept art and stuff there for a while now.

Until then, we still have a whole dang year! Hope you enjoy what happens next!

Hiiiii! Welcome to bbcmerlindaily!

Just another blog dedicated to Merlin. I’ve been sitting on this blog for over two years now, not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. But I’ve finally decided to make it a (sort of) daily blog and this url was nicely free yay. And since I still very much love this show beyond the end of time, here we are! I hope you all can come check it out!

Thanks, friends! 😚😁😘

Epilogue - A Royal Wedding

A/N: Yes. You read that right. Epilogue. As in…the end.

After a lot of soul searching, I’ve decided that I need to round this story out. It’s been nearly four years since I started this journey with Harry, Alex, and Emma and while I love them more than I could ever express, there are other things I want to do that I simply can’t commit to all the way without closing this story out and letting my beloved characters live their lives.

I know that some of you were looking forward to seeing Harry with the babies (and seeing Emma with her baby brothers), but I think that every one of you can imagine that without my help. You all know Harry and you know Emma and you know just how amazing each of them would be with Charlie and Spencer…and with the other children Alex and Harry will have.

I hope that this finale gives you a good glimpse of how everything turns out with the Sussexes. I hope that it leaves you with a sense of peace and allows you to say good-bye to them. 

And most importantly, I want you – my readers, my supporters, my friends – to know how much I love you. I want you to know how much you’ve inspired me and how I just couldn’t have written as much of this story as I did without you. So thank you. From the absolute bottom of my heart. You are amazing.

Now…enjoy :)

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hello lovelies!! since it’s the end of the year and i’m so close to 1k of y’all (!!!), i thought i’d do a follow forever. i started this account like forever ago, but it sucked (trust me) and i barely used it. then just recently, i decided to actually start using it because i loved it so much (plus you guys are hecka rad). so i changed my url and started a theme and hERE WE ARE NOW,, guys im not cool enough to have nearly 1k

i luv u all (’:

so here are my all-time favs that i love dearly and will cherish forever.
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#101/Blurb Night/Damian Wayne

#101 “My parents asked about you.”

We were sitting at the park, where I had dragged my long term boyfriend Damian. We were sipping on our hot drinks, just enjoying each others company.

“My parents asked about you.” I inform him, looking at the beautiful snow covered trees, that were all around. He hums, “Asked what exactly,” He perks up. “They wanted to know how you were doing, told me that you were exactly who they envisioned me ending up with,” I tell him, a smile raising at the corners of his mouth.

I take it that I made a good impression?” He asks, causing me to giggle before nodding, a content sigh exiting his lungs.

Recently I had finally decided that it was time to let Damian meet my parents. He was never really one to worry about things like this, since we had been together for years anyway, but approval would still mean a lot to him.

At first my parents were quite sceptical, unsure of his intentions. But after dinner and a long conversation, they knew that Damian and I were meant to be.

And Dami was beyond glad that he was welcomed to come back and wasn’t forbidden from seeing their child.  

Say My Name (Baekhyun Angst Scenario)

this was inspired by ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child… I’m in class and it came on. I was supposed to be drawing a cell or some biology bullshit… enjoy (: ————————————————————–

Sundown was just a few minutes away… and you were stuck at work. On your 2 year anniversary with Baekhyun.

Baekhyun should already be home, since he had a half-day practice. You decided to call and tell him you’d be an hour, at most, late.

Every ring seemed minutes long, foot tapping with anxiety.

“Hello?” You heard his voice on the other end.

“Hey Baekhyun… Um, I might be 45 to 50 minutes late… Manager kept me to fix her mess. I’m sorry…” You said, twisting the pen in your hand.

“Okay.” He said

That’s it?

“What are you doing right n-” you cut yourself off as you heard a giggle- a girl’s giggle- in the background.

“Nothing much.” Another short answer.

“What was that?” You asked.

“I said ‘Nothi-” You cut him off.

“No. I heard something.” You said, holding the phone impossibly close to your ear.

“Oh… It was the TV. Hey, I have to go.” he said, a tapping sound being heard from his end.

“Didn’t you just get home?” You asked. You were now super suspicious of his actions.

“Yeah. But I’m working on something.” Baekhyun said.

“You said you had a half day…” You said, beginning to get angry.

“I did! But now I have to go. I’ll see you later, okay?” He said loudly, then hung up.

No ‘I love you’s or any pet names. Let alone calling you by your name.

Angrily, you dropped everything, grabbing your coat and bags, making sure to leave a note for your boss on the desk.

What was Baekhyun up to? Did he have a girl over, at your house? On your two year anniversary?

I decided since it’s the end of the year that I should probs do one of these. I started this blog in march and I’d like to thank everyone who followed me up until now!


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Happy New Years everyone and may 2017 bring lots of good things for you!💖

Head kisses- Requested

@dreamingintheclouds34: For the personal imagine: lot: I’m dating Nate and I’m on tour with him and I forget to take my prescription medicine  (8 different pills) for anxiety, thyroid problem, ADD and depression (weed does not work for me and I react badly to it if I smoke it) and I have a panic attack at his concert because of the big crowd and I faint because my body reacts badly if I do not take my medicine. You can decide the rest, I just want it cute and fluffy at the end. Please pick me, I never see a imagine about a girl who’s dating one of the guys and she takes a ton of medicine for different things. Oh and my names Dana. I would like it to be where we have been dating since freshman year of high school and I also have mild ataxic cerebral palsy that affects my motor skills, I have really bad tremors, coordination skills but my speech is perfectly normal. Also, I have a Botox shot either every month, every day or every week which helps my tremors a little bit. You’d have to look it up because I have no idea how often someone with cerebral palsy gets a Botox shot. I do have mild cerebral palsy but I actually don’t use Botox even though I’m going to look into it maybe.

His arms are so warm and tight around me. “Just focus on my arms, Dana. My arms are around you. You are breathing in and out and my arms are around you” He says softly, his lips barely grazing my ear. This is the first time it’s happened in over a year, I’m so stupid. 

 It all started this morning. It was Nate and I’s fifth anniversary since we began dating during our freshman year of high school. I was on tour with him, and this morning he had woken me up with pancakes and flowers. I loved him more than anything and get luckier every day. Nate has been there for me through everything, through all the treatments and medications for my cerebral palsy  my heavy bouts of depression, numerous trips to the hospital, losses in the family, my dad relapsing for a few months and going to rehab again, and everything in between. He was so wonderful, it still completely overwhelmed me 5 years later. 

Anyways, Nate and I were in bed all morning, just eating pancakes and snuggling. It was so calm, that I forgot to take my meds (8 different pills for the concoction of issues I’ve got going on). By the time I remembered, we were on the way to the concert and there was nothing I could do. If I told Nate, he would have turned everyone around to make sure I got the meds I need, but he would have been so late for his show, and I didn’t want that. 

 For a few hours, it seemed as if on a streak of luck, everything was going to be okay. I had not started shaking, I could breathe just fine, and I felt no anxiety. Maybe, I had been worried for nothing, maybe all those meds were excessive.

 Nate was about half way through his set when I felt my throat close up. I looked down and my hands were shaky. When I looked back up, I made eye contact with my boyfriend. At first he smiled, but as my vision blurred and the room started collapsing around me, a look of concern cloaked his face. I needed to sit down, somewhere, anywhere. I was surrounded by people as far as I could see. I tried to push through, but the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the floor. “Dana!” I hear yelling from the stage before my ears ring and things go dark. 

 That brings me back to where the story started; me, backstage, Nate’s arms. I listen to his voice and feel his chest rising and falling against my back. As I begin to feel better, I look around. I’m sitting in his lap on a couch. “We’re going home as soon as you’re ready, Mama” he rubs my arms and I take deep breaths. 

“No, you have your show!” I protest, leaning into him. He always smells like soap and smoke and sexy as hell. “I’m fine. Do the show. I’m fine” He shakes his head. 

“Nope. Nope. No arguments.” He kisses my forehead and holds my hand. “I am bringing you home, you are taking your meds, then we are taking a nice warm bubble bath, ordering room service and going to bed.” He rests his chin on the top of my head, then kisses it. 

“Fine. I know there’s no point in protesting” 

“Damn right.” He smiles and pulls me in closer. When I am ready, he helps me get my jacket on and get on my feet. He holds me the entire ride home. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky.

When we get home, Nate lights candles and draws us a bath as I take my medicine. I slip out of my clothes and join him in the hot, lavender and honey scented water. He lightly splashes water over my legs and we talk lowly until the water gets cold. He steps out of the tub, puts on his boxers, then lifts me out  and wraps me in a big towel, setting me down on the bed. I laugh the whole time and kiss him quickly on the cheek. He kisses my nose. We order pasta, eat it entangled in each other’s arms and soon after, I begin to drift off. I feel a scratchy chin and soft lips brush my forehead. “I love you Dana. Happy Anniversary” is the last thing I hear before I fall to sleep. 

Hope you liked it girly!

Sorry it took so long :(