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5SOS (smut) preference: Teasing

A/N: if you don’t like sexual pictures or text then you can better skip this preference. Long time since I’ve actually made a preference so here go.





Luke was a real tease, he might seem innocent when you look at him but he can’t go anywhere without teasing you in some way. In public he’ll try to do it under the table, even after a concert in the showers he will tease you by placing your nipples in between his index and middle finger as he pulls them softly.

“Like this baby? I love these as much as you love the pleasure”


He loved to feel how wet you were already, Calum the naughty boy he was had to do that on a way that made you even more exited for this. His cock would rub over your pussy, you were moaning loudly whilist he was smirking because he got control over you.

“I knew it, so wet for me and I barely did anything”


Michael was lazily playing video games like always, you were trying to get his attention because you needed some pleasure time with him. So you put on your most innocent face and started to pull off his pants. Like everything that happened on the couch, you were the one on top as you rubbed your slit up and down his length

“Yeah Kitten that’s it, keep on going for me if you want to cum”


You were such a good girl according to him so he decided to treat you, he told you to get on the bed in your panties. Ashton’s hand reached inside your panties, at first teasing some more before attaching his fingers to your clit and rubbing as slowly.

“you’ve been such a good girl, let me take care of you baby”

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to your other anon- i have been here since 2010, and those pictures are amazing. i'm not an emotional person, but they made me cry! the iron closet was incredibly bad, and the stunts were devastating. to have them stand next to each other, fly with each other, even LOOK at each other is phenomenal ! it sounds so stupid but to see them be able to hold hands is incredible progress, especially when you think they weren't meant to be seen in the same country together at times- i'm so happy for them.



hoowoo i came back bringing to you a collab made by me and giuloxar​(thx sweety) well,i made the mirror, reflection and the animation and Giu made juvia’s back and the background!!


thx so much for the opportunity to make a collab,that was my first!( and it was funny since we were doing like a live stream lol)

well,the drawing represents the way the same character(in this case Juvia Lockser) can have different “faces” because it has been drawing by different artists XDDD

hope all like it, and don’t forget to go to Giu’s tumblr,she’s such an artist!! (❀ฺ´∀`❀ฺ)

Beauty and the Beast (Peter pan imagine)

Anon: Can I have a Peter Pan imagine where the Reader has been in neverland for awhile and starts to grow a liking for Peter, but becomes terrified of him when she sees him angry? And Peter is confused as to why she would be afraid of him? So it takes awhile before the Reader isn’t afraid of him anymore and they fall in love? A lot of fluff please? Sorry it’s so Long I love your writing

I hope you will like that, anon!

Originally posted by theblissofindulginginluxury

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader



You clutched your hands to your ears, trying to block out the loud screams of a lost boy, who’s heart was being crashed, by none other than your best friend, Peter.

Ever since you came to Neverland you and Peter were very close. He would talk to you, play with you, comfort you when you had a nightmare of your abusive past. He always made sure to spend some time with you.

You never understood why all people said he was cruel, nor did you understand why the lost boys were so afraid of him, for he was always nice to you.

Now you realized why.

You watched as Peter crashed the poor boys heart until only dust remained. A soft sob escaped your lips at the sight of the boy falling to the floor, dead.

Peter turned his head alarmed at the sound and met your tear filled eyes, a great fear dulling the always sparkling (e/c).


Slowly you backed away before turning and running through the woods.


Peter stared after you, confused as to why you ran away, why you looked so terrified.

You dropped down by a big tree, after making sure he didn’t follow you.

All this time you’ve been here, you never realized what your best friend actually was. He was a monster. A killer.

And you trusted him, hell you even fell for him. You fell for a beast.

Salty tears flowed down your cheeks at the thought of why you didn’t see that sooner. Why you were so dumb to believe that a villain had a soft side.


You ignored Peter for the following days, keeping your head down when you walked by, avoiding to look into his eyes when he tried to talk to you, keeping your distance to the beast you once called a friend.

Unbeknownst to you, Peter’s heart shattered everyday into more tiny pieces at the way you acted towards him, for he fell in love with you too.

He loved everything about you. How your (h/c) hair flew with Neverlands winds, how your eyes glistened with the light of Neverlands sun, the way you were a caring and loving mother to his Lost Boys. Everything.

You were a perfect beauty and he was sure you would make a perfect queen at his side.

But no beauty would ever love a beast…

Peter watched your every move while you were collecting some berries, staying hidden behind a tree, fearing that he would see the pain and angst in your eyes again, fearing that you would run away like a scared deer when you saw him.

He longed to hold you and make you laugh like he used to. He wanted to play with you and spin you around in his arms, smiling at the sight of your eyes sparkling with happiness.

With a sigh, Peter closed his eyes, imagining your bright smile and your joyful laugh, before the thoughts of your terrified, tearstained face filled his head once more.

Peter wished he could make it up to you, he wished he could change just so you would forgive him

Tears started to fall from his eyes at the pictures in his head, knowing he could never have a happy end with you, for villains and monster didn’t deserve that.

Too deep in his thoughts he didn’t notice that you saw him behind the tree and moved over to him. Softly you touched his cheek and wiped the tears away, making him jump.

His eyes opened, red from crying, guilt and regret showing in them.

“(Y/N)…my beautiful lost girl….”, Peter whimpered out.

You stepped away at the sound of his voice, scared of getting hurt.

Pan grabbed for your hand making you flinch and close your eyes at the sudden impact.

“Please look at me. Please”, he begged.

He tilted your head up, seeing only fear and pain in your eyes, knowing he caused that.

“Why Peter?”, you whispered. “Why did you kill him? Why did you let that beast in you get the better out of you?”

Peter looked down to the floor, searching for words, but finding none.

“I-I… i don’t know…I just..I just got angry at him, because i heard him talking trash about you, complaining about a girl being here and insulting you. I just couldn’t help myself….the beast inside me overtook my actions.”

A sob escaped his lips, wishing he could manipulate time to go back and prevent what happened.

You’ve never seen him so vulnerable, so weak before. This was the Peter you got to know, not the beast you had to fear.

Not even thinking, you just embraced him tightly, crying into his shoulder, a silent sign you forgave him.

He returned the actions, tangling his fingers in your hair and combing through it.

You stayed like that for a bit of time until you broke apart, looking deep into each others eyes, trying to read the emotions there.

Not a single word had to be said, for you knew what each of you felt. Peter moved his head towards yours, your breaths mingling together before his lips caught yours in a breathtaking kiss. You melted into his arms, feeling protected and loved, not by a killing Monster, but by Peter.

Softly you whispered “Every Beast has his Beauty” into Peters ear, making him smile and hug you tighter.

An unfamiliar, warm feeling spread through Peters body, slowly starting to change something in him. Not for the bad but for the good.

This Feeling was called love and love was something good….something great.

I really hope you liked my Version of that request!

-yours sincerely, Raphaela!

The last day at my school

…….. and I spent it teaching the textbook omg. -_-

Seriously getting milked for all I’m worth right now… kinda ridiculous but couldn’t be bothered putting up a fight at this point. Originally my coteacher said that I didn’t have to come in since in the past the other NETs didn’t have to come in on the last contract day… but lucky me, the current principal and vice principal (they came to the school the same time I did) are super hard asses who everyone is afraid of and basically there was no choice in the matter, had to teach!! 

As usual, my students’ cuteness made up for everything though. I already said my goodbyes to them last week since I didn’t think I’d be coming in so all the classes today were super surprised and happy that we had one more lesson together. Students have been running into the English classroom to randomly give me hugs and say goodbye throughout the day. PRECIOUS BBS I’LL MISS YOU. ♥

Now I’m just waiting for the teacher meeting at 3:30 where apparently I have to say goodbye… hoping that wraps up quickly and I can goooooooo!~ 

I love the skin I am in💙

I couldn’t get a good picture of it but I have eczema. I have it on the inner part of my elbows, the back of my neck, on and near my eyelids, and on my face below my nose but above my lips. It started with just my inner elbows when I was really little but then my face and neck happened too. The back of my neck has never really been too bad. There was a time, though, when my face and inner elbows were horrible. Since I became vegan my eczema hasn’t been half as bad.

When I was little sometimes some kids would ask what it was or if it was contagious. I never got made fun of for it but still just being asked that when you’re little just hurts. I got used to whenever someone asked about it automatically saying “Oh it’s eczema. It’s not contagious.” My version of letting people know->Don’t be afraid to hang out with me. You won’t end up like me.
Sometimes I was afraid to raise my hand in school because it would show.

I would tend to get occasional flare ups though so most of these crap memories are from second grade. But I never let it affect my life much. Like I had an awesome time in second grade, these are just a few bad things I remember.

I didn’t really have it bad again until around middle school. This is when it more started to show on my face too. The face is honestly the worst. It’s impossible to hide it. It’s one of those things where when you’re talking to people, you can feel that there trying not to stare at it. And if that’s not bad enough it itches like crazy. It got pretty bad Freshman year too. I would sit in class and lean on to my hand in an effort to hide it.
None of those creams ‘made for eczema’ worked in it either. They would just irritate it and make it worse. I found the Cortizone 10 cream helps it for me though. I think I heard it has steroids in it though, so it’s not good for you at all.

Since I became vegan it has gotten so much better. I haven’t gotten a big flare up since.

But at some point I also came to this point in my life where I’m like,
“Stare at it. Ask me about it. Don’t be polite or mature enough to not say anything. I don’t care. Have you seen how gorgeous I am? A little eczema isn’t going to stop that.”


I love the skin I am in 💙

I think it was intentional that we didn’t gloss it up and produce it too much, When fun. made Some Nights, it felt just slightly ahead of its time, and now as we were making this album, some of that production stuff sounded slightly in the past.  We made a conscious effort to just make things feel more natural. On Some Nights, Emile and Jeff programmed most of the drums, so there was this kind of hip-hop element, since we were working with these two hip-hop producers. And over the years, we all just fell in love with music like the Rolling Stones. So it was interesting to see Emile and Jeff, who come from this hip-hop world wanting to scale back the drum production.

I couldn’t help but notice that mydarlingwhatifyoufly is doing skin positivity day. Lots of the posts in tag #theskiniamin really touched me, because my skin have been problematic since I can remember.

And the photo? This is only my face you are seeing. I am ashamed to show you the rest.

Honestly, all those freckles, pimples, wide pores, blackheads and stretch marks were always getting on my nerves. When I was 12 I started covering my face with make up and that only made it worse. I actually got inflammation at least ten times in my life, and it meant cutting into my face and then having my face in patches for several days.

Now, even though I am still insecure, I am letting my face be free of all that make up, and I am trying to enjoy life.

Even though there is always THAT question in the back of my head (”Why can others have perfect skin and I can’t? Why do I have this stupid genetics which makes my pore wide and my skin oily?”) I am slowly learning to love myself with all my imperfections. As everyone should. Don’t society tell you that you aren’t beautiful because of these little things. Because in the end, they don’T matter at all! 

Michelle ♥


Life Recently…

is still consumed by work, and knowing that all the heavy workload will be done by October makes me want to simply fast forward the time. I really feel bad since all the travels I planned for this long weekend were postponed. Papa God give me more strength! 😭🙏🏼

I even bought myself some Krispy Kreme donuts to pump me up to work for three days. It did work for a day however, as much as I love coffee, and donuts, those didn’t made up for the rest I have been longing.

Yes, that’s my face. ☺️ My face on trying to stay positive for all the heavy feels due to work. 😂👍🏼

I decided to go out with F yesterday since I badly need a break in spite of the line “Duty before pleasure.” keeps going on my head. I can’t allow this long weekend to pass with me engross with work. We watched “Inside Out” which is a fine movie! It swept me away. I adamantly love the story line. I even thought of holding a film viewing activity about it for my Values class.

That’s all, Folks! I still need to continue my work on this no-work Monday. Enjoy your day! 😊


Legacy Play - Generation 3 - Maria and Erik’s Wedding - Part 3

As Erik correctly guessed, his bride arrived exactly on time and joined him with a warm hug by the wedding arch.

A small contingent of their close friends and their son Edward were present to witness the vows and exchange of rings.

Maria and Erik have lived together since their teenage years after she fell pregnant with Edward.

Having Edward be a part of their ceremony made it even more special.

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From your personal experience how would you recommend someone to mediate on their 3rd Chakra

Sit down in a comfortable (but not too comfortable, you don’t want to fall asleep) position. Preferably the lotus position. Try to be completely relaxed. Focus on your breathing. Be mindful of everything but focus on clearing your mind. If random thoughts come in, don’t sweat it, let them come and let them go. Don’t chase them. 

That’s just the basics of meditation. Now that you’re relaxed and doing your deep breathing, focus your attention on the space between your eyebrows. Just think about that area, meditate on it. You should start feeling a tingly sensation after doing this for some time. Keep focusing on it, and then if you can, start to imagine a very bright, white light coming out of it and around your whole body. 

You said ‘3rd chakra’, but that was my explanation for the third eye chakra since I assumed that you made a typo. If you were actually referring to the solar plexus chakra, do the same thing but focus on the pit of your stomach, right around your navel. 


Sunday fun day with my bestie forgetmefriend

Went out to eat burgers at Easey’s today. Ran a bit late which made me a little nervous since we only had a limited time there, but we looked up the menu in the car so we knew what we want by the time we got there. Overall the food wasn’t as great as I remember it to be. The fries were probably our favourite. Still a good place though. 

Afterwards we headed to ice skating. Both of us struggled with the skate sizes for ages. I’m still absolutely hopeless on the ice and I don’t know if I can skate on my own, but I still had fun and definitely enjoyed myself.

Imagine #14: Crying for the first time in front of Beau.


The day you cried was your birthday. And you’d been dating Beau for around…three months, maybe four. However, you were extremely serious together in your relationship. 

“Are you sure your parents are expecting you?” Beau asked uneasily, noticing how there were zero lights on inside of your house, as the jet black sky made him feel smaller. 

You were adamant your parents were expecting you. Every year since you were sixteen, they either threw you a surprise birthday party or they took you out to dinner. Neither of them had invited you out. So you assumed you were having a surprise party. 

“Yes, Beau!” You laughed, fiddling around to find your spare key. “The lights are off for a reason hence the surprise.” You smiled widely. Obviously, your birthday was your favourite holiday out of the year. 

Beau hummed in response, still unsure. Apart of him didn’t…feel right about being there. As you twisted the doorknob, but before you could push it open, he snatched your wrist, tugging you back. “Are you one-hundred percent?” He was frightened that you were going to walk in and find your parents canoodling. 

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes and walked inside. You flicked on the lights, expecting your friends and family to pop up, but there was nothing. All of a sudden, you gasped. 

On the leather couch, you saw your dad, butt-naked lying on top of someone. When he heard your dramatic gasp, he looked behind his shoulder. But the woman who sat up with him wasn’t your mum. 

Your dad hopped up from the couch, covering his manhood with his two hands. The woman covered her breasts with her forearm and cupped her lady parts with her other hand. 

This wasn’t the first time you’d caught your dad having an affair. Anger possessed you like a demon. “I trusted you!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, as that day entered your mind in a vivid image. ‘I love your mum, Y/N. I will never do this again.’

Sobbing, you span around and cried into the chest of Beau, as he tried to not look at your dad or this…woman. “It’ll be okay, I promise.” He whispered, reassuringly. 

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What do you think about woollim promise about bad dance practice?

Same Hoya… Same… ●_●

The promise of the dance practice was a good incentive to get fans to watch the video and in turn help them raise the views and points for SNS which equates to better Music Show scores, though I definitely would have still streamed the MV 24/7 without this incentive (The boys winning 1st means the world to me). 

I get that it’s very likely the boys didn’t have time to film the dance practice during their promotions and were planning to do it after their schedules became less demanding, but Hoya’s recurring injury and the members general physical condition has put a stop to the possibility of filming the dance practice right now, and that’s why we don’t get the video. 

It’s in no way our boys’ fault, rather Woollim shouldn’t have made that promise then knowing fully well the dance practice hadn’t been recorded. 

And since they did make an empty promise (or a promise that’s taking ages to fulfil), I feel a little like this towards Woollim:

Woollim could’ve traded the dance practice for some BTS scenes of our boys perhaps? I know I’d love to see the members’ interactions during practice of something. But since I love Infinite so much I’ve resigned to my fate that however long it takes for the video to be uploaded, I’ll wait…

There’s a presidential candidate called Deez Nuts that a 15 year old jokingly put into the Federal Elections Commission and now has a 9% vote in North Carolina. And some Tumblr user made a serious post telling people to not vote for Deez Nuts since every vote affects the election and that you’re throwing away votes if you do. Like a serious post. That is like a grade a shitpost you’d expect someone who was drunk would make. but they were serious. And Deez Nuts is running against Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. What a time to be alive.


So I met thomas sanders last night and he WAS SO NICE. I was unsure of how he would be as JD in Heathers the Musical, but HE ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD.
>Fantastic actor
>INCREDIBLE voice (his range is basically infinite)
>Sweetest person I think I will ever meet

Thomas made my day so much better and has gotten me through some rough times, so meeting him was an absolute pleasure. I feel like I haven’t stop smiling ever since last night. Thank you so much for everything, Thomas. You positively impact more lives than anyone I know. thatsthat24 :-)




Over a year ago you made Khloe’s dream come true. Since then, shes started school, grown a lovely head of hair. However, more active tumors were discovered earlier this year and she is facing Retinoblastoma for her third time.

Khloe, her auntie shann0n13 and all her fam will be at your STAPLES CENTER SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT and Khloe is SO PUMPED TO SEE YOU! She talks about you so much and is so excited to see you.

When you met Khlo, you told her you loved her sign and asked her to bring it with her to a show! Her and her auntie updated it to fit with their matching Bad Blood outfits (WHICH LOOK AWESOME BTW!!!!) THEY CAN’T WAIT TO DANCE SO HARD TOMORROW NIGHT!

Little Khloe looks to your for guidance and literally shakes off her worries with your music. You are her inspiration. 

It would absolutely make Khloe’s YEAR to be able to give you a great big hug tomorrow night! 

To reach Khloe, please contact her aunt shann0n13.



Dog Waits Five Years To Be Adopted, One Picture Changes His Life

Once a stray dog, Chester has won the hearts of shelter volunteers and staff since he was found on the streets five years ago. Despite his huge smile and lovable personality, people tended to overlook him when visiting the shelter, and time passed as hope for him dwindled.

That’s when Gabby Stroup, manager of the North Fork Animal Welfare League, made a Facebook page called “Chester: Waiting Five Years.” On it, she shared pictures of Chester in an attempt to get the word out about him. And it worked.

“It was crazy. I posted the original photo on the League’s Facebook page and by later that day there were over 6000 shares,” Stroup said. “Someone suggested I make him his own page and I did, at about 3:30 p.m., and that evening there were close to 2000 likes.”

For one family, Chester seemed to be the perfect fit. Dana Dor and her family visited Chester and knew they were meant to be together. And now Chester is happily loving his new life in his new home.

“It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen — the amount of people who shared and called or emailed was amazing. This was one of the happiest days,” said Stroup about Chester’s adoption.

via  BarkPost


I completely redesigned my pony pattern and this is the result! Sunset Shimmer has some new features which include a jointed, poseable head, and plastic armature that runs through her body and into her tail for support.

She’s made entirely out of minky fabric. Her eyes and cutie mark are embroidered. I designed a border around her cutie mark to make it stand out more. She’s approximately 12.5 inches tall to the top of her head. I’ve added beanies to her feet for extra weight and balance. Her mane and tail were very time consuming since I designed all of the pieces to be sewn together rather than appliqued.

I worked very hard on this pattern and I hope you like it!