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Hard work pays off

This was an email I received from an online client this week, we worked together for 6 weeks of training. It goes to show what hard work and a positive mindset can do.

“That feel when you bench 2 biscuits and deadlift 3 for the first time ever.

I could go on about how grateful I am to you for the past 6 weeks but I think the results speak for themselves. I made sure all my ducks were in a row this week, being good and eating my vegetables. I got all the sleep I needed and set myself up for success.

The attempts went like this
(every attempt was a success)
Squat : 245 , 255, 270
Bench: 190,205, 225
Dead: 295, 315, 325

I have no doubt that I could have squatted 275 but I heeded your advice about not over doing it on the first lift.

Since the first time I tested (week of dec 17) these are the increases we have seen:
Squat: 245-270 total increase of 25lbs
Bench: 195-225 total increase of 30 lbs
Dead: 295-325 total increase of 30lbs
for reference I weighed in after todays session at 162lbs”- Andrew

I can’t say I deserve any credit for the huge increases, he took each workout very seriously and knew a positive mindset is half the battle. He had huge potential and I look forward to working with him again, videos of his progress to come soon!

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How do you think zero and Judes first time went ? Do you think that's when Zero knew he was Fallin in love ?

Sorry for the very late reply. BTW thank you for this, it was fun.

Zero and Judes first time was hurried. I don’t think they made it to the bedroom I’m certain it was a combination of the sofa and the floor. Since both were in such a hurry particular clothing items were still attached like Jude still had his shirt hanging from his elbows and Zeros pants were around his ankles. Jude was obviously nervous and a little shy so Zero quite happily took charge.

I think Zero was falling in love long before the sex. I actually don’t think I would use the word love I think Zero was more smitten/crushing. Zeros feelings definitely intensified more after having sex with Jude. I think Zero knew he was in love the months that he and Jude spent apart. 


I felt the sun on my face. I see trees all around me, scented wildflowers on a breeze. It’s so beautiful. In this moment I’m not stranded in space. It’s been 97 years since a nuclear apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately there were survivors. Twelve nations had operational space stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the ark, one station forged from the many. We’re told the earth needs another hundred years to become survivable again. Four more space-locked generations and man can go back to the ground. The ground, that’s the dream. This is reality. 

 Reality sucks.

The 100 1.01 - Pilot

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Can I have something with bellamy Blake where you go exploring, but you get lost then he gets worried, tries to find you then panics when he can't find you( you can decide how it ends)

Originally posted by bellamyblake

Exploring Earth was one of the highlights of having ended up on the planet. At first the prospect had terrified you. The idea of the unknown, the fact that there were rumours around the camp of there being other people, and the fact that you were only in a small forest but knowing there was a huge wide world out there was something which made your head spin a little. You were no longer stuck in the confines of the Ark, and that excited you.

There were downsides, though. You knew that Bellamy was keeping an eye on you – having known him since you were little meant that he was protective of you. You were a little glad that he had your back most of the time, but there were times where it just got annoying. You’d had the lecture about not going too far away, about staying in the camp until other people had looked around. But you didn’t want to do any of that. You wanted to explore the place for yourself. You wanted to be the first person to see the wonders, rather than getting them second hand.

So one day you did just that. You left a message for Bellamy with Miller:

‘Hey,’ you’d said, catching his arm, ‘can you tell Bell that I’ve gone exploring?’

His face had blanched slightly, and you could see that he was wondering what to do.

‘Thanks,’ you told him, winking before rushing away. There was no way you were letting anything get in your way this time.

And so it was because of that you were stalking through the woods, looking around at everything and trying to drink it all in. In your mind you were trying to memorise it all. Trying to make sure that you knew the place as well as you could. It also meant, however, that you weren’t really paying attention to where you were going.

‘Great,’ you said, turning in a circle in a small glade. You couldn’t remember which way you’d come from, and the sun was slowly sinking. You knew that you only had a little while left before it was night – the one time you didn’t want to be exploring.

At the camp Bellamy was looking for you. He was talking to your friends, asking them if they’d seen you. So far, however, he’d had no such luck in even finding out if you’d been up that morning – though he knew you had, he’d checked your tent. Worry was beginning to bubble up in his stomach. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t lose you. He didn’t want to dwell on what may have happened.

‘Hey, Bellamy?’ said Miller, jogging up beside him. There was a slight frown on his face, and Bellamy was certain that he was holding something back, weighing up the prospect of sharing.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Bellamy quickly, folding his arms so that he didn’t nervously tap his leg.

‘I heard you were looking for (Y/n),’ said Miller, and Bellamy felt slight relief washing over him. Someone had seen you. ‘They told me to let you know that they’d gone exploring.’

Bellamy’s heart felt as though it had dropped. ‘Exploring?’ he echoed, trying to keep his voice steady. Panic crashed over him. He’d spoken to you about that, about the dangers that came with it. He couldn’t… well, actually he could believe that you’d gone and done it anyway, but that didn’t make it easier for him to deal with.

‘Thanks,’ he said, clapping him on the back gently before wandering away, knowing that he had to find you.

He wandered through the forest, checking all the nearby places, all the little hidey-holes that he knew you looked to. But you were nowhere to be found. His panic began to bubble up. He couldn’t not search further – the sun was setting and he didn’t want to think about you being out there alone.

So he kept going, using the skills he’d gained for hunting to try and track you.

And then he saw you, just as the sun was slowly slipping behind the treeline. You were wandering through the forest, looking at the trees as is trying to find something familiar.

‘(Y/n)!’ he said rushing towards you.

You turned around quickly, fear washing over you just before you realised who it was. Bellamy pulled you into a tight hug, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck.

‘You’re safe,’ he mumbled as you wrapped our arms around him.

‘Of course I am,’ you chuckled slightly. ‘Now, can you remember the way back?’

He laughed, moving away but moving his hand to take yours. ‘Of course I can,’ he said, but you could see the relief washing over his expression.

  • neurotypical:"i just wanna study schizophrenia/psychosis because it's honestly time i did shrooms in the park and ever since that experience i feel like i know more about what these people go through every day..." *shows art presumably made by ppl with schizophrenia/psychosis* "we'll never know what they were thinking or what was going on in their minds when they drew This little bit of red fucking paint..."
my thoughts while watching 5x16
  • #puppystyle - honestly who is in charge of social media for mtv because the suggested hashtags just get grosser and grosser
  • ‘scott’s been different since he died’ - ummm actually scott has been back to his normal self since he died. the weeks leading up to his death were what was different.
  • …why did i think meredith was dead and talking to lydia from beyond the grave this whole time? i could’ve sworn she died in s4????
  • yep i’m still steo trash  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • malia fighting for kira’s life hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah good stuff
  • the cut from mason freaking out about the shed to lydia and valack talking about how the beast may be somebody she knows kinda made it seem like they were implying mason is the beast
  • mason is still the most precious human bean
  • SCOTT DOES NOT ACCEPT THAT STILES WILL NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THIS NO SIREE THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE (i know lydia prob meant all of them but let me have this sciles moment okay)
Monsta X; bossy girlfriend

Request: how would monsta x react to their girlfriend being bossy sometimes with them?


He honestly wouldn’t like it. Like if it was cute and subtle at first, he wouldn’t mind it. But after awhile he wouldn’t like having her boss him around, that’s just not his style. Especially being the leader, I feel he doesn’t really want people bossing him around or telling him what to do, cause that’s kind of his job?


He might like it sometimes, like he might like her taking control of him sometimes. He might find this hot or something, but I think he wouldn’t like too much of it, still wanting to be able to fell like they were equal in their relationship, no one wore the pants in the relationship or anything like that, they made decisions and stuff together.


He might at first not notice if she was being bossy, since he’s kind of innocent a times? I feel like it might take the other members to tell him if she was being too controlling over him. At that point he might stand up for himself and give her the choice of being less controlling or he might just have to end it, but I don’t see him ending things right away.


He would maybe find it cute? Like at first he might think that’s her being funny is trying to be bossy. He might return the action, he might be bossy towards her. And this either is fine with her, or she doesn’t like that so she in turn becomes more bossy? (sorry if that doesn’t make sense) But like, he’d probably go along with it, but once he didn’t find it funny anymore he’d let her know how he felt.


I feel like he wouldn’t like this. To me he seems like he’d be such a sweet and loving boyfriend, and if he had a girlfriend who was bossy, I don’t think he would know how to react. Like he’d almost be afraid of treating her badly? He wouldn’t want to do anything that might make her upset. He would want to be an amazing boyfriend, but how controlling she was made that kind of hard for him? So he’d most likely end things fairly quickly.


He’d probably not like this? To me he seems like the type of guy to just not want much drama in a relationship. If he really loved this girl, he might try and work with her to get her to change, but if he didn’t think it was worth it, he’d probably end it. I feel like he would just want a laid back relationship, that someone trying to be bossy would just throw him off and make him uncomfortable?


Being the youngest, he might not really be aware at first that she was being bossy toward him, and he also might not care? But I think over time he’d realize and get fed up with it, he’d talk with her and express his concerns, he’d give her a chance to change, not wanting to be harsh and quickly end things, because he did care. But if she didn’t change, then he wouldn’t mind ending it, he was fine being single.

Betty shook as her hands dialed the number, study partner.. She hadn’t spoken to him since that night.. She supposed he had gotten what he wanted, that’s why he hadn’t called since. She had thought, he was different but she had been wrong.. She had no idea why she had this idea he would help her.. Maybe because she had no where else to go. Tears ran down her face, this wasn’t supposed to happen to her. This was something that happened to girls who… She didn’t know but it wasn’t girls who studied more than they slept, honor students who were on the list for possible valedictorian.. She had made one mistake… She wasn’t supposed to conceive her first time, she had been stupid.. But she hadn’t thought she would pay for it. She could see everything falling apart.. Her dad was kicking her out, she didn’t have the money to terminate the pregnancy and she didn’t want to, but how was she going to afford a baby.. She was going to have to drop out of school.

Dear J,

We stopped talking after you moved to a different school. We were friends for 3 years, and to be quite honest I have had a crush on you for the longest time. It kind of hurt to see you be with other people that weren’t me, but I felt it kind of irrational since we weren’t even interacting. We met up again for the first time in a year not too long back, and my feelings are back all over again. You held me last night in front of other people and it made me feel amazing. I love our conversations, the music you show me and your little mementos. Please don’t push yourself too hard. I’m glad you’re back with me again. I like you a lot, and I can only hope you feel the same way.


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To the anon worried about her sexual orientation: when I was that age I too was very confused, I had an attraction to the female body and I didn't know if I just thought it was pretty or if I liked girls. Now that I'm older I've realized that back when I used to think those things I feel like it was because I was so comfortable with the female body, since I mean I'm female. If that makes sense? I thought I was attracted to girls because I was more comfortable with a female body, but

(Continued for sexual orientation anon) after time and being with a boy…I find the male body quite beautiful and everything because clear to me. But it isn’t wrong to think the female body is beautiful because I mean it is! We were made like beautiful, unique sculptures so do not be confused. In time and experience of life things will become clear :)

Thank you for leaving encouragement for her! I am not great with that kind of advice, but I love seeing you guys help each other.

The U.K.’s Hottest Junior Barristers 2016

Welcome to our latest list, featuring Britain’s hottest junior barristers under 5 years of call! Yes, this is the new crop, the fresh meat, the topical tottie. They are the bright young things who arrived at your chambers only recently, and have been causing lots of giggling and gossip ever since. If they make your heart flutter every time you pass them in chambers or spy them traversing the Inns, it’s likely they’ve found their way here.

Unlike our first list, most of the fine specimens you see below were sent to us— nominated by friends, colleagues and admirers who know a hottie when they see one. The competition was stiff. Hard choices were made. We received many more suggestions than we were able to offer a place, so rest assured this is the crème de la crème. 

If you nominated and don’t see your candidate here, don’t despair. They may not have fit the five years of call criteria, or we may be saving them for another list. Or, regrettably, they may have been rather fug. (Or clearly conducted a self-promotion campaign… you would be surprised at some of the emails we receive.) 

So here they are, the Class of 2016. Enjoy! As always, feel free to send us nominations for future lists at barristerhotties [at] 

And be sure to follow the Barrister Hottie Experts on Twitter and Facebook for more juvenile gossip and hotness!


The Hottie Experts

The Ladies

1) Harriet Ter-Berg (Hardwick 2012)

Our first thought when we heard about Harriet was, who *is* this goddess? And how does she even exist? Harriet was nominated by two people who had clearly not colluded, and while we were delighted to feature such a beauty, we couldn’t help but feel envy rising from the depths. With her Bambie eyes, stunning cheekbones and supermodel bod (yes, we’ve seen her Facebook and refrained from posting the most Victoria Secret-worthy bikini pic), Harriet seems to have drawn a genetic royal flush. What must it be like, every time you post a picture of yourself on FB, to have people crowd around commenting, “OMG YOU ARE JUST SOOOO BEAUTIFUL”. Alas, we will never know. (And these aren’t painstakingly posed selfies we’re talking about. These are, like, candids.) 

And of course, she’s not just gorgeous, but she’s super nice. *And* smart—she has a first in Law from Magdalen College, Oxford (Amal, with her second from St. Hugh’s is looking a bit shabby in comparison). According to Harriet’s bio, she even managed to win an award for best performance in the university in Contract, Tort, Land and Trusts in her final exams. WTH!?!? Just twist the knife a little more why don’t you. For all the men licking their chops, don’t get excited—Harriet has a handsome, stylish, broad-shouldered solicitor bf. Did you really expect her to be single? Come on now.

2) Claudia Renton (Essex Court Chambers 2011)

It just isn’t fair. But who said anything about fair? Just because Claudia Renton was blessed with beautiful, aristocratic looks and a brilliant (and therefore un-aristocratic) brain doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work damn hard (gliding like a swan while paddling furiously below?), making the rest of us aspiring ‘total package women’ want to give up. 

With her glossy but cool and oh-so-sophisticated style and what we imagine is a low, plummy voice, Oxford-educated (a first in history of course) Claudia puts her manic, up-talking American Ivy League equivalents to shame. For you don’t find many Harvard lawyers publishing award-winning books like Those Wild Wyndhams, Claudia’s fantastically reviewed historical biography of three Victorian sisters who served as fragrant literary and artistic muses during the last gasps of the nineteenth century. We hear from a special source that Claudia is very nice, good fun and recently married. (And we appreciate her masterful eyeliner game.) We guess you can have it all.

3) Abimbola Johnson (25 Bedford Row 2011)

Criminal barrister Abimbola caught our eye for many reasons. There’s her lovely smile and playful eyes. And she passes the ‘multiple photo test’ — her Twitter profile pic is fetching, as is her Legal 500 portrait. We also like this British-Nigerian’s approach to life — with a formidable education from Haberdashers’ Aske’s and a degree in law from Oxford, she could have gone on to rake in the big bucks in one way or another. Instead, she’s funded by Legal Aid and spends her working life sorting out problems with drugs and public disorder amongst the young and vulnerable. The rest of us, upon spotting hoodie-wearing teens, scream YOUTHS! and run to hide in Waitrose. Abimbola, thankfully, is not subject to such poltroonery. Now, if you need us, we’ll be by the Essentials Mini Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia

4) Hannah Evans (23 Essex Street 2011)

On studying Hannah’s chambers page like the true stalkers that we are, we were initially struck by the VERY PRACTICAL nature of the her legal interests, following her VERY PRACTICAL rather than time-wasting (why did we study art history??) degree in Jurisprudence at Oxford. What man wouldn’t want to share a bottle of bubbly with Hannah and whisper sweet nothings about the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, privately instructed road traffic cases (oh baby) and the guidance she receives from fascinating bodies such as the General Dental Council (ouch). Did we mention that Hannah trained as a panel secretary for the Nursing and Midwifery Council? How odd, but again VERY PRACTICAL.

In case you think Hannah is all head and no heart, fear not. Hannah first made her mark on the Bar in 2014, with a speech she gave at some earnest legal event about the financial difficulties many young criminal barristers face. There she stood, an impassioned, bespectacled young woman, hair slightly dishevelled and an ardent look in her eye. Her tale of humble comp origins and struggle to pay the rent on a criminal barrister’s salary won hearts right and left

About a month later, she appeared again at a Legal Aid rally and took to the podium in front of Westminster (you can see a video of her speech here). How many of us could look quite so pretty, standing in the cold on a grey, dreary day, brows knitted, inveighing against injustice? Not all of us can pull off Suffragette chic, but as you can see below, it really suits Hannah. We truly hope criminal barristers like Hannah get all the funding they need, though we also hope it doesn’t stop her from making speech-giving look so good.

5) Lily Mottahedan (1 Hare Court 2011)

Lily was nominated by no fewer than three people, so we figure there must be something about her. Her chambers pic apparently does not do her justice (though we think it looks pretty darn lovely), which is why her fans felt compelled to attach numerous FB snaps. In some, the diminutive and glamorously made-up minx twirls around at a black tie event with her hunky Slovakian husband (”Annoyingly he’s quite nice,” says one of her male admirers). In others, she gazes intelligently at the camera with her large, long-lashed eyes as she brushes back a glossy lock of jet black hair. 

Hailed as the ‘Persian Amal’ for being being beautiful as well as fiercely intelligent, Lily, according to one anonymous admirer “brings much needed cosmopolitanism and spice to the bar: she was born in the US, went to the French Lycee in London, and speaks fluent Persian and French. To top it off, she is a Cordon Bleu trained chef”. Enough said, we think.  

The Gents

1) Ed Granger (Maitland 2013)

Now that Nick Wilkinson is an old married man, we’ve been looking for someone to take up his “I’m so handsome I’m basically a cartoon” mantle. Step forward Ed ‘Power’ Granger. We kid you not. His witty parents really did have the audacity to endow their son with what can only be read as a Nietzschean will to power. We suspect that his name may have led to some gentle teasing back in the day when the Power Rangers weren’t quite as cool as they are now. Yes, they are making a comeback. A big comeback. And we’d quite like to see this “total smoking dishypants dreamboat superhunk” (in the words of one drooling fan) strip off his barristers gown to reveal his hopefully well-honed bod tightly sheathed in a skin-tight spandex jumpsuit in pink or perhaps lavender.

The Power Grangers: which colour would look best on Ed?

Ed was nominated by several stalkers/fans, one of whom let it slip that he lives in a sort of male barrister harem (’a legal hotbed’) in leafy West Hampstead. So let’s just continue this Power Ranger fantasy a bit longer and imagine James Goodwin (Wilberforce Chambers) and Paul Livingston (Outer Temple Chambers) leaping around jumpsuits as well… It’s no wonder that beautiful Samantha Godec (33 Bedford Row) decided to get in on the action. Yes, that means one of these studs is taken. Boo hoo.    

2) Chris de Beneducci (4 New Square 2015)

With his thuggish, laughing eyes, cheeky smile and preppy good looks, it’s hard not to feel smitten by Chris de Beneducci. He looks like the All-American high school quarterback — we wish we were pom-pom-waving cheerleaders who could backflip into his arms, though that might go badly wrong. But of course, he’s British, so instead of playing football, he plays rugby. (Why don’t you people have cheerleaders for that? Such an oversight.) We hear from a reliable source that he has a “classic rugby player build but very charming rather than oafish”. Phew! Yes, we know Chris is just a pupil, and usually we steer clear of such youngsters, lest hottie notoriety hit them in the wrong time in their careers. But we thought Chris looks like a tough guy. He can probably handle it!

3) Jamie Susskind (Littleton 2013)

What is it like to be the chosen one? The Octavius of your age? Sure, many of us were the cleverest at school. We may have even developed an inflated sense of our own destiny. But did people, strangers, tell you time and time again throughout your life that you were meant for greatness? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the cross Jamie Susskind must bear. 

To understand, we need to back up a little bit. Jamie arrived in our inbox from a source who described him as a “dark and hideously smooth” young man who has “achieved just about everything possible under the sun.” And it’s true: The scion of a legal dynasty (with a smokin hot Balliol-based economist brother) Jamie was at one time ranked the top school-level debater in the world (he started young, you see) and graduated first in his year at Oxford with a slew of prizes to his name. We looked him up, and his face and name (which is very handsome, see above) looked familiar. And then one of your Hottie Experts realised she had noticed Jamie before, at the Oxford Union in 2009. (Yes, even your Hottie Experts have degrees from there.) 

The debate was an annual one on the topic “This House has no faith in Her Majesty’s Government” and, as per tradition, politicians from both parties parachuted in to make their case. Jamie, who was a student at the time, opened for the opposition. The audience, I think, was struck by his star quality, and the politicians from both sides of the aisle certainly were — they instantly crushed on him couldn’t stop praising his speech. One of them even said he was a future prime minister. The fact that I can remember this even now says something about Jamie’s charisma. So yeah. He’s cute, and by all accounts a nice person, despite everyone tripping over themselves to tell him how great he is. And that’s quite an accomplishment in itself. Plus he look pretty good in this pic that’s been sent to us, no? 

4) Ifeanyi Odogwu (Garden Court 2011)

We’re giving you Iffy’s barrister headshot, but we don’t think it’s his best pic (he looks way too nice, right?). So here for you’re delectation are a selection of corroborating images to show that, yes, he is a handsome chap. (Did we mention he’s also tall?) 

Just look at those muscular arms and well-defined pecs. We like a man who takes the time to enhance his God-given looks, even if it does mean that you have to fight them for the moisturizer and perfume. (We’re not saying that Iffy is metrosexual, of course. But many of you are these days.) Also, he looks pretty cool in his wig, which is no mean feat.

By the way, does anyone else think that Iffy bares a passing resemblance to Reggie Bush. What, you don’t know who that is? C’mon, he’s that smoking hot American football running back who, incidentally, is famous for being one of Kim Kardashians ex-boyfriends. (And no, not the one from the sex tape… that was Ray J, duh.) Like Iffy, Reggie has a the beaming, gentle smile of a good guy with the body of a very bad boy which I think we can all say is very good combination. 

Reggie Bush. A bit like Iffy but, let’s face it, slightly more hot.

5) James Hughes (St. John’s 2011)

James Hughes nearly didn’t make the final cut because he looks so damn constipated in his chambers pic. Or maybe he has a bit of sex face here. Either way, the pic isn’t totally working for him and we suggest he try out another expression. How ‘bout cracking an itsy bitsy smile? We know you want to look serious and bad ass and manly and powerful but show us a little twinkle please. 

We can tell that James has a good chiseled jaw, thick hair, periwinkle eyes, adorably oversized ears, a rosy complexion and nice broad shoulders (slightly enhanced by shoulder pads?). One of our most reliable sources tell us he is over 6′3′‘ so if it really is true that every inch of height makes a man 10% more attractive, James must be a total dream boat in the flesh. We like that he took the time to get cultured by studying French and Spanish. And we also appreciate that, in the words of his chambers page, he ‘will happily work to tight deadlines’. Does anyone else think that sounds a bit naughty? Probably not. 

The Sophomore Class

These two lookers have just missed our arbitrary year of call cut-off, but we had to feature them anyway, because they’re so darn sexy. 

Suzanne Staunton (Guildhall 2010)

You may recall that we featured Suzanne back in November 2014, when we described her as “bubbly and sophisticated, with a mischievous twinkle and a heart of gold”. Nothing has changed since then — if anything, Suze has got prettier and prettier. Her admirers describe her as having a hearty, sonorous (loud) laugh and a model-like physique that she maintains with infuriatingly little exercise or dieting. She has an amazing sense of style, and rules the ski slopes every winter, showing off her pert derrière (yes, we’re going Daily Mail-style here) in brightly-hued salopettes. I defy anyone to look good in ski trousers, and yet Suze does it. In addition to catching the eye of every man at après, Suze brings joy into the life of all around her. That, in our opinion, is the mark of a true hottie.

Paul Clark (Garden Court 2010)

Dashing Paul has been on our radar for a long time. He almost made the first Hot Male Barrister list back in 2013, and featured in our 2014 compilation. And recently we had the most lovely email commending him to us again. “Picture this,” his nominator writes, “A feisty dark 6'5 Northerner with a baritone voice to die for (yes, he sings and plays cello too). Even more impressive, Paul bucks the trend for everything you’d expect of a barrister’s 'pedigree’, in the best sense. He works like an absolute animal, and most of it is entirely thankless.” What can we say? Paul will certainly be a catch for some lucky lady, and we hear that he is single. 

Confrontation Pending

The only reason that Derek Hale wasn’t dead was because Scott was holding him back. From the initial beginning, something just didn’t sit right with Stiles about the guy. Yeah, they were all working toward the same goal at the time but, ever since he became an Alpha, he was just getting more and more unbearable. The final straw was broken when Scott told him about the ice rink incident. That was when he knew, for a fact, changes had to be made. So, he ventured to the Hale House to confront Derek and get some kind of an answer as to what the hell his problem is.

Alycia is someone I’ve had my eye on as an actor since the casting of Clarke… She was one of the girls we went down the road with. So when we were casting Lexa… It was like a no brainer, I was like if she’ll do it of course lets do that… There was really no time I thought she wouldn’t [return] because I knew how much she loved the part. I made all the phone calls I had to make it happen. I begged, I did beg but the begging was more about how many we would get her for not whether we would get her
—  Jason Rothenberg on whether Alycia Debnam-Carey being casted on Fear the Walking Dead was problematic for The 100.
What is TMZ doing?

TMZ reported only one time about babygate before the baby was born (exactly 200 days ago today, tomorrow on Harry’s birthday it would be day 201) and there were no other articles about Louis from them since then.

Then the baby’s born and suddenly they have exclusive footage of Louis flashing his hospital bracelet and doing a pap walk. By now, they’ve made about 7 articles about babygate, in which only two of them were relevant.

Then they mention a paternity test in their show and say the shadiest thing ever: “Maybe we’ll find out soon. The answer”. Also they were trying to play it cool pretending they knew nothing about Louis, like they supposedly struggle to remember his name but then they mention he’s the oldest of seven siblings as if that was easier to remember. 

Next thing in the show they find a way to talk about homosexuality while talking about babygate. The video was automatically played in their Watch TMZ section, which also brings a lot of attention to babygate, which doesn’t need any attention because the official story isn’t interesting.

Then they proceeded to subtly expose the family with the freddietomlinson domain thing being in auction.

And now, one of their most boring articles about babygate (first baby outing, where you can’t even see the baby) is #1 in their week in review all big and stealing all the attention from other stories that I’m certain got more hits, comments, and were much more relevant (see Kanye being exposed and some Kardashian drama).

Not to mention that cake with Harvey’s name in the party with the Azoffs, because that could be a coincidence. Except it’s probably not.

Care to explain what’s going on?

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what are some embarrassing pickup lines mulder would use on scully on valentines day that would totally work

  • he’s used “you’ve abducted my heart” at some point every valentines day since 1993 even though it got markedly less adorable after he was literally abducted
  • “are you made of copper and thallium because you’re cu-te” and she said “you mean tellurium, mulder. thallium is ti not te” but she smiled anyways 
  • he texts her honest to god valentine’s day memes for the whole week leading up to valentine’s day. she has blocked his number 3 times
  • “if you were a triangle all your angles would be less than 90 degrees” “so an acute triangle” “get it scully….acute” 
  • scully once tried to fire back with her own science-inspired valentine’s day pick-up line and it was so complicated that he didn’t even understand what she meant and she had to take 15 minutes to explain it to him
  • “you must be the square root of x because i feel irrational around you” (she told him he was irrational all the time) 
  • “if you were a library book i’d check you out” he actually heard a teenager use this while they were doing research in the back of a library and he repeated it really quietly to scully and she told him his library card had been expired since last june 
  • not even pick up lines but he uses valentine’s day as an excuse to get disgustingly sentimental and he starts every sentence with “scully, love of my life, keeper of my heart, most beautiful woman in the world,” and ends with something mundane like “do you want me to make coffee”
  • (she always does she loves coffee) 
  • anyways!!! i need to stop talking about this now but i love mulder + valentine’s day 

I mean, I say hats off

for a solid effort.

But we didnt flinch for a second,

we got our shit together.

TG:RE Volume TBD + 30 for 30 Freestyle by Drake & Future

Lockers (L.H.)

A/N: So, I had one particular scene in my head (which isn’t written) and this is what came to mind when I tried writing it. Obviously, it could/will contain another part or two. I figured I should post something since I haven’t really written anything in a long time… anything good for that matter. Enjoy.

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You nervously made your way down the hallway where there were a ton of other students just ambling around, talking by their lockers, or just grabbing things from their lockers.
You tried avoiding anyone’s gaze and path, not wanting anymore attention than what you’d be receiving in class already for being a transfer student.
You were originally from Southern California and had moved to Sydney, Australia over the course of the summer.
The school system was different than the one back in America, but education was education.
You breathed a sigh of relief as you made it to your locker. You glanced at the combination on the piece of paper the lady in the office had given you and tried it.
You pulled the lock up, but it didn’t unlock. You frowned and tried the combination once more after taking another glance at the paper to make sure you had it correct. You huffed in frustration when it remained locked. You tried one last time, going a lot slower, and making sure you lined up the numbers precisely. It still didn’t open.
“Ugh!” You groaned and yanked on the lock in annoyance.
“Need a hand?” A deep accented voice asked from your left.
Duh, they’re all Australian. It’s you who actually has the accent.
You jumped, a little startled from the voice, and looked up at the source.
It was guy with sandy, blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes with, wait, was that a lip ring?
You took in his attire. He had on a black leather jacket, a printed tee, and black skinny jeans on with black boots adorning his feet.
He raised an eyebrow at you, a smirk lightly playing on his lips as you took in his appearance.
You realized that you hadn’t answered his question and blushed. “Oh, uh, yeah. If you don’t mind,” you managed to say.
He chuckled and moved so that he could look at the lock. You showed him the paper and he began to twist in the combination. “American, huh?”
You leaned against the locker to the right of yours. “Is my accent that obvious?”
He pulled up the little latch and it gave in. He opened your locker, “Just a tad.”
You laughed. “Thank you.”
He leaned back against the locker to your left, propping one foot up against it and stuffing his hands into his pockets. “So what made you decide to come down under?”
You put some things in your locker that you wouldn’t need for your first few class. “Down under?”
He shrugged. “That’s what Australia is usually referred to as.”
You nodded. “If I told you that I’m a fugitive who’s in hiding so I ran away to another country, would you believe me?”
He raised an eyebrow at you. “Not really. Although, if you are, I know a good hiding place.”
You couldn’t help but laugh as you turned to look at him, one hand holding onto your locker door. “Why am I not surprised that you would help a criminal?”
He grinned at you. “Only for those who happen to be a beautiful little thing like yourself.”
You rolled your eyes. “Wow, five minutes have gone by and the compliments have begun. You don’t even know my name.”
“Fine, we’ll do all the boring introductions,” he dramatically sighed. “The name’s Hemmings. Luke Hemmings,” he impersonated.
You laughed. “Dork.”
He shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a man of character. So, what might your name be, love?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Hence the question.”
You heard the bell ring and all the students started to make their way through the corridor to their first classes.
You closed your locker, making sure it was locked, before looking back at Luke who was still waiting for you to tell him your name.
“Y/L/N. Y/F/N Y/L/N,” you tell him, giving him one last smile before turning around and walking to your first class.

Half of the day had passed and you were now back at your locker.
You stared at it with a look of determination. “Okay, locker. I will open you,” you told it and started twisting in the combo. “Fucking hell,” you muttered when you didn’t unlock it.
“Trouble again, America?” A voice asked with a hint of amusement lacing their tone.
You huffed. “I’m not in the mood, Aussie.” You tried putting in the combo once more, your tongue poking out of the corner of your mouth as you concentrated. “Ugh! You just hate me, don’t you?” You told the locker as if it would respond back to you.
Luke chuckled. “Here, you’re doing it wrong.” He moved to stand behind you and grabbed your hand to place it on the lock while his other rested on your hip. “I’ll guide you.” His fingers held yours and you watched as he directed you on which way to turn the knob. He put in the last number and used your hand to lift the little latch. “There.”
You turned slightly so that you could see him since he was stood behind you. “Thanks.”
He smiled. “Anytime.”
You blushed as you began to exchange the things you needed for your last set of classes with your first set.
“So, how was-” Luke started to ask you, but was cut off.
“Hemmo!” A voice boomed.
You both looked over to where a group of guys and a few girls were stood in front of some lockers.
One of the guys motioned with his head for Luke to go over to them.
Luke turned to look back at you. “I, uh,”
You gave him a small smile. “It’s okay, Luke. You can go. I’m not making you stay.”
He smiled back at you. “I’ll see you around, yeah?” He told you as he started walking backwards in the direction of his friends.
You nodded and gave him a small little wave of your fingers before going back to your task at hand.
You had just finished putting away the last book when a body leaned against the locker beside yours. “Wow, very brave of you to talk to Luke Hemmings on your first day.”
You looked to see who the voice belonged to and saw a girl with short, pixie-like, black hair and bright green eyes. She wore a printed skirt with a white blouse and a nice coat over it with brown boots on her feet.
“I’m sorry?” You ask her.
She nudged her head in the direction of where Luke was.
He had his arm slung around one of the girl’s shoulders while her’s was around his waist and she leaned into him. He was talking amongst the other guys while the two girls talked on the side.
You looked back at the girl in front of you. “Why do you say that?”
She stood up straight and faced you fully. “Luke isn’t just your normal guy.”
You raised an eyebrow at her. “And definition of normal is…?”
She rolled her eyes. “The not nice ones.”
“Now, what would be the reason on why he’s not normal?”
“You could say that he has the term fuckboy under lock and key.”
You stole a glance at Luke and saw the girl kiss his cheek and him smile down at her. “He was just opening my locker because I couldn’t open it after so many tries.”
“I’m just saying, watch your back. He’s capable of so many things, and most of them aren’t with good intentions,” she warned you.
“I wasn’t looking for anything with him. All he did was unlock my locker. That’s it. That’s all that it will ever be,” you told her.
She shrugged. “Suit yourself. I’m just warning you that he could be a manipulative little fucker when he wants to be.”
You shut your locker. “Look, thanks for the warning, but I think I can handle myself.”
She lets out a low whistle. “You sure are something,” the girl tells you with a shake of her head. “No wondering you’re of interest to Hemmings.”
You shifted your bag up higher on your shoulder. “Look, I don’t mean to be. He helped me open my locker. That’s all there is to the story. If you’ll excuse me, I’m starving and I should go get something to eat.” You tried to walk past her, but she pulled on your arm.
“Why don’t you eat with my friend and me. We could use someone like you in our group,” she offered.
You raised and eyebrow at her offer, but then shrugged. “I guess. Why not? It’s better than eating alone,” you tell her then follow her in the direction of the cafeteria.

Gillian Anderson: 'I’d forgotten Scully had aged' -
Gillian Anderson is “much closer” to her X-Files co-star David Duchovny since the pair reprized their FBI roles for a reboot series.

Plenty of good stuff here!

“I didn’t know if I had the enthusiasm or capacity to revive her,” Gillian admitted. “It took Chris a few conversations to finally convince me, but working with David again has made me feel very happy about going back. It was the right time.

Gillian says her relationship with David has evolved a great deal since they first worked together. Although it has been years since they were last on set, the actress insists they have never got along better.

David and I are a lot closer today than we ever were doing the series or the films,” Gillian explained. “We’re both a little older have a little more perspective that probably comes from being parents and going through different struggles in our lives. Now we see that it’s easier to support each other and enjoy our friendship.”

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"Hi. I saw you the other day, you werent wearing any make-up. Why are you now wearing make-up? You are fake, trying to be a different person! Are you trying to impress anybody? Thats lying!"

Manslation: Your external form is not the exact same color, pattern, texture, and shape that it was yesterday. Are you putting something over your skin, perhaps some sort of fabric, which you change from time to time? Look, even just since you walked through the door, you peeled off that layer from your upper body and unwrapped something from your neck. That’s so dishonest. How can I ever trust women now?!?!?!

(Award yourself 5 bonus points if you actually were wearing makeup the day he thought you weren’t wearing any. Add 10 if he has ever made a negative comment about your appearance on a day when you genuinely weren’t wearing makeup.)


There’s an entire generation walking around that have the deliriously funny Mike Judge to thank for being a tiny bit less intelligent than we could have been thanks to hours of consuming Beavis & Butt-Head in the 1990′s. It’s been a long time since the less-than-dynamic duo muttered and snickered their way into our hearts but thankfully sophomoric morons age well and many of us are ready to revisit Cornholio & Co. Ok, but here’s the bad news. There isn’t a single home video release out there, VHS, DVD or otherwise that contains all the original episodes uncut, AND has the music videos. Largely due to the licensing rights being insurmountably expensive now (and have been for ages) and societal shifts in what makes people nuts, the only way to really see episodes completely as they were is through fan made off-the-air tapes which usually give up quality for content. These early home video releases therefore make a decent alternative, and while they aren’t quite the same experience they are inexpensive and durable, and hey, you can’t have it all. SO, what’s it gonna take to convince your kids you are even lamer then they thought you were? Only $9.99 at our Noblstown Rd. location buys you 9 tapes plus a copy of “Beavis & Butt-Head Do America” just for good measure. We’ll leave it to you to defend your politically incorrect nostalgia to your family, but hey, you’re still ok by us. It’ll be Friday again eventually thrifters, until then, HANG IN THERE!