since the rest are kind of spoilers

  • david 8: do you want to see my children??
  • oram: no. not really
  • david 8: well that's too bad
  • david 8: *pulls out 17 lovingly hand drawn pictures of neomorphs from his pockets* this one's named byron, and that's shelley, and here's wilde. like oscar wilde, it's actually kind of a joke, since the rest were named after writers but she was also out of control

Anyway let me talk about how much I miss Dimple. I don’t know how this ridiculous green blob became one of my fav characters, but here we are. He’s gotten Mob and Reigen out of so many bad situations, a real hero that one, a real friend, even if he’s kept playing the antihero and won’t really admit it.

Things just aren’t the same without him. (Things are getting too awful to ever be the same anyway, but still.) I wasn’t even sad when Psycho Helmet blev a hole in him, more like super mad. I think I outright yelled out loud “NO, WHAT THE FUCK, YOU CAN’T KILL THE SERIES MASCOT?!?”

I have a theory that if Dimple Does come back from his certain death (as he has a bit of a habit of doing), it’ll be whenever Ritsu shows up to witness his worst nightmare unfold in front of his very eyes. You know, for old time’s sake? Seems appropriate.

Also seems appropriate that Ritsu would be the one able to do Something about Mob’s current rampage situation since I don’t think there’s anyone who’s going to be more devastated to see Mob like this. This is such a big part of his character arch - To overcome his fear of his own brother.

Besides, Ritsu has spent the whole story being kind of.. useless? I don’t mean that in a mean way, but he’s just never able to do much since he’s so much weaker than the rest of the main espers and has that tendency to be incredibly reckless and self destructive.

Let Ritsu save the day for once, please.

Why I don’t like the OT3 (Damen/Laurent + Erasmus)

This obviously involves shipping in the fandom so please read this post and understand I’m not making this to personally attack anyone.

Conditioning definition:

  1. have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something). Synonyms: constrain, control, govern, determine, decide
  1. Bring (something) into the desired state for use. Synonyms: treat, prepare, prime, temper, process, acclimatize, acclimate, season

I’m going to be using this word a lot. It can have types of meaning, depending on how it’s used. There can be innocent, cute ways such as giving your crush a piece of candy every time they see you, so when they see you they think of candy. But we’re not talking about that. We’re discussing slavery and it’s affect on relationships. Human Conditioning is “the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.” Basically, how treatment and situations affects you as a person. It’s often talked about how it can be used sadistically against humans and their nature (i. e. slavery) (It’s quite an interesting psychological study and I recommend anyone who likes psychology learn a bit about it!).

Let me start off by saying in most fandoms I let people ship whatever they want. For the most part I don’t think most of fandom stuff is harmful (some truly can be don’t get me wrong). I’,m an extremely open minded person. Both online and irl. It is one of the things I truly actually respect about myself. Captive Prince is a bit different though. It touches sensitive subjects and already has discourse surrounding it, so I automatically am very particular about what I feel and do in the fandom (of course i sometimes mess up or change my feelings/ideas about something, I’m only human and it’s bound to happen). However I’ve come across this ship for weeks and it’s been bothering the absolute fuckery out of me and i can’t not express myself anymore on why it’s bothering me.

Now Erasmus was the only character I liked book one and half way through book two. I don’t say that lightly. I didn’t like Damen, or Laurent, or Nicaise, or anybody. Erasmus showed up and I was like “oh thank fuck finally, a character who doesn’t annoy the absolute fuckery out of me.” So he’s very special in my heart.

And… boy. BOY.

Erasmus has been trained since he was a child to be a [pleasure] slave. Now I live in an area that has a high percentage rate of human trafficking, so I’m going to talk about something that’s very upsetting and real. There was a girl whose parents sold her into human trafficking as a baby. Her whole life she was a sex slave. Yes, there are disgusting human beings out there who have sex with two year olds. And she was a victim of that. By the time she was 18/19 (around Erasmus’ age) She had been rescued. After lots of therapy and attempts to help her learn and understand how society morally is (not the trafficking society she was raised in), she still had trouble understanding what happened to her was wrong. She didn’t comprehend that being a sex slave as a child was wrong, and didn’t understand that she was rescued. It’s all she knew. There are lots more awful stories like this, too many. But human trafficking is modern sex slavery. That’s it. Period. So here is definitive example of human conditioning in sex slavery.

Akielos had this fetishized ideology that if they didn’t beat their slaves or have sex with them when they were children, that it was perfectly okay! Damen believed this 100% and didn’t even really see slaves as people (because he was raised with the idea that slaves were property). Erasmus was conditioned since a child (at least starting at age 11/12) to be a sex slave. And before that, probably a regular palace slave (it’s most likely he was born/sold into slavery at an extremely young age, especially considering how obedient he is).

That is the same exact shit this poor girl went through. At a young age, sold into [sex] slavery. Now brains work in different ways I understand this. Look at Kallias for example: Kallias was a sex slave, raised just as Erasmus, but he was a bit more rebellious. He outwardly would state/express in some way that he wanted to be with Erasmus and be free. He only remained obedient for reasons I will assume like: Wanting to remain close to Erasmus, not wanting to be punished, not being able to obtain a job and survive (Meaning, perhaps slaves can’t work if they’re disobedient, and he was also a high rank slave being Kastor’s main slave and all. He probably hoped for a bit more freedoms coming with being a High ranking noble’s). But his personality was definitely more rebellious than Erasmus’. Who was straight up obedient to a fault.

Erasmus was training to be Damen’s slave. Lykaios was also Damen’s main slave. How did Damen describe her as she was being murdered? Something along the lines of “soldiers didn’t even need to forcefully kill her. If they asked her to show her neck to cut it, she would obey.” THAT IS THE KIND OF SLAVES DAMEN OWNED. So don’t try and tell me that Erasmus, the sweet little angel who would try to not cry out when he was being tortured with fire, not because he didn’t want to be hurt, but because he wanted to obey, was not trained to the point where if Damen told Erasmus to take a sword to the throat he would (spoiler: he would).

So far: Erasmus has been trained and conditioned since childhood (an early development phase in which affects a person through the rest of their lives) to obey all royalty or higher rankings without question, specifically King Damianos.

I’ll circle back around to this but let’s turn our focus onto Laurent and Damen. The second main reason I don’t like this ot3 is because it’s so out of character. Like above and beyond. I’m gonna break it down through each character:


  • Even as a child was an introverted bookworm. Did not really have any friends besides his brother, Auguste
  • First sexual relationship was a nonconsensual relationship between him and his Uncle (whether Laurent was aware of it as wrong/nonconsensual during the time is unknown. Metas have talked about both cases. Personally I believe he didn’t, and was groomed prior to the relationship becoming fully sexual)
  • Laurent became known as “frigid” in the Kingdom for his active showing dislike of sex (at least having sexual relations himself).
  • Spent months accepting he loved Damianos
  • Still suffered from the trauma of his sexual abuse (“Yes, Uncle,” automatically getting on his hands and knees to have sex with Damen in PG, dissociating as if it was common practice when he was almost raped in PG, being shocked when Damen wanted to kiss Laurent even after Damen had finished in his mouth, etc)
  • Laurent is described by Damen in Summer Palace that he “kissed Damen like he never wanted to kiss anybody else”


  • Owned slaves/ viewed slaves as property
  • Was known to be a big slut (no slut-shaming LOL this has a point)
  • Laurent being the only person he has ever had an emotional connection to (“It’s…it’s never like this”).
  • In book one actively treated/spoke to Erasmus as if Erasmus was lower rank. Attempted to protect him yes, but not to no longer be a slave, but to give him/sell him to better masters.

Laurent is an extremely sensitive and vulnerable character who, due to his prolonged abuse, has extreme difficulty with all kinds of relationships. Damen works well with Laurent because he doesn’t take shit from Laurent, even when he was a slave, and never used his size as a tactic to scare Laurent. They are equal rank, therefore they see each other  mentally as equals. There’s lots of wonderful meta’s on Damen and Laurent’s relationship so i’ll stop there.

Now why is Damen/Laurent okay but not Erasmus? Well, first of all Damen and Laurent are exact equal rank; Prince and Prince, then King and King. “but Damen was a slave too, just like Erasmus!” It’s canon that Damen never once saw himself as a slave, and laurent admitted to knowing that Damen was never truly a slave. If Damen had wanted to, he could have killed Laurent/been free. Every abusive thing laurent did was a tactic of revenge for Damen killing Auguste. If he hadn’t known it was Prince Damianos, Laurent would have let Damen go.  Secondly, Damen was not trained like Erasmus. Damen was brought up as a child that he was the prince. He is higher rank. He is boss and in charge. Damen knew this, thrived off it when he was laurent’s “slave.” Every time laurent asked him to do something he did it, but the back of his mind always said “this is survival. You are not a slave. When you are free (notice it’s ‘when’ and not ‘if’) you will have your own revenge.” This is a strong mind that was built into Damen’s brain. In fact, he had more of a confidence/control rank over Laurent because Laurent was constantly scared and saw himself as second-best (mostly not even best, just second choice).

Circling back to the beginning, Erasmus was raised as a slave. There is no “when you’re free” or “This is survival, you’ll be free soon and you’ll be a king.” No!! Erasmus’ thought process was “Don’t scream no matter how much it hurts because your masters don’t want you to scream.” Damen had to protect Erasmus because Damen knew what protecting was. Erasmus didn’t. Whatever his masters wanted he did. Even if he felt they were being abusive his only true worry was that he didn’t understand what he was doing wrong.

Damen knew the abuse was wrong and was waiting for the opportunity to be free again and take his rightful place as king. Erasmus didn’t understand what he was doing wrong to prompt the abuse. That’s the difference of their minds and how different they’ve been conditioned to think.

Laurent actively hates slavery through every book. There’s lots of great metas about how it’s because he understands what it’s like to be forced into doing things (specifically sexually), and how much of a mindfuck it is to be conditioned to think a certain (abusive)  way.

So far part II: Damen would never see himself as equal rank with Erasmus because he never once saw himself as a slave. Erasmus would always feel beneath Damen and Laurent. One, because he will always see himself as a lower rank, being trained as a slave/to think of himself as property since he was a child, and second because he was specifically trained for several years to bend completely to whatever Damianos desired. Laurent would feel uncomfortable being in a relationship with someone outside of Damen because of his past abuse. Damen would never be able to have an emotional connection with Erasmus because the only person he’s experienced that with is Laurent, who is the same rank as him, and it took three fucking books for them to gain such an intense emotional connection.

He [Erasmus] was specifically trained for several years to bend completely to whatever Damianos desired. There’s obviously a lot to go off of from this, but Erasmus will never be able to be “reconditioned” by royalty, specifically Damen, because no one will ever know if he is able to think like a free man, or if he is still only doing what his “masters” are telling him to do. (Basically, imagine you do a love spell: Do they love you because they truly love you? Or do they love you because of the spell? That’s what Erasmus’ “teaching” would be like.)

Let’s really think about this: There is nothing different between Torveld being in a relationship with Erasmus, and Damen being in a Relationship with Erasmus. It’s not good. It’ll never be equal, and Erasmus will always see himself as a lower rank. Even if he is taught not to see himself as lower.

Even if he is not taught to see himself as lower. Slavery may be gone, but even the most close in rank and best friend of Damen, Nikandros, still spoke to Damen starting his words off with “exalted”. Erasmus would say that and be reminded of his lower rank. Maybe it’s nice to think “aw but Damen would never make him say it” jkdsnfskdjc If Damen has Nik do it you b e t Erasmus would have to do it.

I’m not saying Damen/Laurent can’t be nice to Erasmus. But a relationship? No no.

But  "Erasmus could learn how to not think like a slave by hanging out with the very person who he was trained for"

  1. See: ‘love spell’ example
  2. Reconditioning someone’s brain can take years and constant work at it. Damen and Laurent are Kings. They don’t have time to do that. Especially when they have their own personal issues they’re still dealing with (Laurent’s past, Damen’s time as a Slave, probs other shit too). They need to focus on each other and themselves.

And this is saying that Laurent/Damen is okay with having a third person in their very special relationship:

  1. Erasmus would act like a slave →  Laurent would feel uncomfortable → Damen wouldn’t notice immediately because of how he was raised →  Laurent would probably get upset with damen for not noticing → arguing → Erasmus becoming upset for ‘causing problems’

But LMAO: Damen was jealous/worried about Laurent hanging out alone with women in Adventures of Charls. Even with their relationship so loving and stable, and Laurent being explicitly not interested in women, Damen was still jealous. Not to mention, Laurent doesn’t seem to get jealous, but he does get insecure. Damen treating someone else the same as Laurent would probably make Laurent feel unimportant or second-choice.  

And Torveld too!! NO! That’s literally a relationship that could never be truly equal and healthy! Because he bought Erasmus as a slave. Like yeah thanks Torveld for having basic human decency and not abusing human beings just because they’re slaves but, you’re not really reaching very far! Sksgksjdskbf Like Laurent sent Erasmus to Torveld because it was the best option at the time. Not because he felt Erasmus would be freed/experience freedom. He is still a slave forced to have sex with a master (because as a slave he legally can’t say no).

I’m usually a very open and accepting person when it comes to fandom stuff. But other things just make me uncomfortable. And this is one of those things. I’ll be honest and say I ship Kallias and Erasmus hard af. I love them together. They’ve been through extremely similar experiences (born and raised as slaves). They’re best friends and love each other in every way. They’ve got that agonizing tragic ache of forbidden love which I am a sucker for. They’re the same age and rank. Kallias seems more able to jump into freedom, but he can also gentle help Erasmus understand the world. Kallias has been the only person to help Erasmus admit to wanting to see the world. Kallias could travel the world, any time with Erasmus, and they would both be so mesmerized by traveling, and there wouldn’t be “we have to stay at the palace” etc. it would be their own decisions based off what they, as free men, would want to do. Two people, who have been in love for years, finally being together as free men and traveling the world. How is that not the most romantic (and healthy) thing?!

My argument isn’t diminished because I ship them. Honestly, I’m fine with Erasmus with Kallias, or Isander, or some random guy he could meet while traveling the world, or even just being by himself and enjoying his freedom. I’m fine with any of that because it’s equal ranking and there won’t be any foul play. But being with Torveld or Damen/Laurent? Nah, it’s too ooc and unhealthy. That’s just how I feel.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to bother you. It's my birthday tomorrow and I was wondering how would the RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who forgot her own birthday?

You never brother me anon !

Happy prebirthday to you I hope you will have a very lovely day !

I assume they all know it´s your birthday I hope that is okay for you.


  • He was a bit surprised that you not mentioned your own birthday even when it was slowly coming closer.
  • Zen just brushes it off though and prepares a birthday party for you anyway.
  • You where really busy before your birthday so somehow you forgot and when the day comes and Zen is extra sweet to her in the morning you have no idea why.
  • Zen gives you a present and you are  just really surprised.
  • You think he is just being super sweet till he wishes you a happy birthday and you tell him that you forgot.
  • Zen is really shocked about that like how can you forget the most imported day on earth.
  • To you the day is maybe not that important but to him it is.
  • Zen will make sure that from now on you never forget that it´s your birthday again.


  • He has it marked on his calendar with a huge star for what ever reason you think it might be for a game or something.
  • But no you forgot your own birthday.
  • Yoosung bakes a cake in the evening and you just don´t know why
  • He is also hiding something you that makes you feel bad you just go to bed without telling him what is bothering you.
  • When you get up in the morning you are a bit grumpy and then you see the decorations.
  • Have you forgotten a holiday ? Oh no was it something imported you panic a bit.
  • You walk to the kitchen and see Yoosung smiling at you and wishing you a happy birthday and then it hits you.
  • It was today !! You completely forgot you almost cry because Yoosung is such a cutie he got you the think you always wanted and you tear up.
  • Yoosung thinks he did something wrong but you tell him how sweet he is and that makes him so happy.


  • You made sure to remember her birthday since you knew she would forget otherwise.
  • Your own birthday on the other hand you forgot it just was not really imported to you.
  • Jaehee had marked it down and even took a day off to celebrate with you.
  • You not mention your birthday so Jaehee thinks its just not a big deal to you just as much as her own birthday is no bid deal to her.
  • She spends much rather just time with you anyways.
  • You two meet up for a dinner on your birthday she wishes you a happy birthday and then you remember it was today !!!!!!
  • You forgot Jaehee is surprised too since you made such a effort for her on her birthday like how could you forget such a imported day.
  • You remind Jaehee that she would forget her own birthday too and she really can not disagree with that so you make a pact to make sure that neither of you forgets their birthday again.


  • He would make a national holiday for your birthday if he could but since he can´t he settles with preparing a unforgettable day just for you.
  • He tells you to take the day off and you do but he does not mention why and you just think he has some sort of date planned.
  • The day comes closer and you are exited for what ever Jumin has up his sleeve.
  • Of course he thinks its because of your birthday.
  • Once the day comes he wakes you up and you two have breakfast.
  • Then you take his private yet and have some nice day on the beach
  • – or what ever location you prefer-
  • Once its time for dinner he has booked the entire restaurant just for you its so romantic everywhere are candles and there is a orchestra playing.
  • Its just so sweet you wounder why he did all of this and then he asked you “Do you have a pleasant Birthday my love?” and then you suddenly remember.
  • After you tell him that you forgot your own birthday he is really shocked you can not forget such imported thinks.
  • He will think about making it a national holiday once again but he can´t so he will just make public announcements a week ahead so you are reminded of it.
  • You will never forget your birthday again.


  • Since he knows everything about you he makes sure to not forget your birthday.
  • No matter if he is really busy with his job he has a reminder in his computer and his smartphone.
  • He will prepare a huge surprise party for you he planned to pretend that he forgot just to be like bam party.
  • Well since you forgot it does not brother you but it sticks him as a bit odd but maybe you are trolling him.
  • He teases you about the upcoming day you think he is joking or he plans some sort of prank.
  • When the day comes you have no reaction to him not wishing you a happy birthday that upsets him a bit.
  • But maybe you figured his plan out maybe you are an better actor then he thinks he is impressed with that thought.
  • Then he tells you you two are going out - out in the real world shock-
  • you arrive at the location its dark till they lights turn on and all your friends and faily are their and the RFA.
  • You are so surprised you are screaming from shock and then you are just really happy.
  • Their seven figures out you literary had forgotten your own birthday !
  • Seven will make sure you remember it in the future he will set up a countdown that counts all the days down till your next birthday.
  • Just so he can troll you proper next year


  • He made sure right away to remember such an imported day it was one of the first thinks he asked  Saeyoung.
  • V makes sure that you will have a special day and he would do nothing rather then spending it with you.
  • You are happy when he invites you to have some dinner with him even when you don´t know why.
  • You really look forward to it you even buy a brand new outfit for him.
  • He is waiting in front of the restaurant for you with flowers.
  • It so sweet of him you thank him and when he wishes you a happy birthday you are surprised.
  • Was that today? Wait yeah it is how could you forget ? You feel stupid but V remembered it what is very sweet.
  • He feels bad that you forgot it and he makes sure that the rest of this special day is really good for you.
  • V spends the whole rest of the day with you and it feels really special to you.
  • He will give you a friendly reminder a week before your next birthday so you remember it this time.
  • If you forget it again he will make sure to remember it for you and make it special again.

Skip this one for spoilers


  • He was never keen on holidays after anything that happened to him.
  • But your birthday is really important to him since you became the light of his life.
  • He wants to make a effort to repay you for your kindness he plans a date for you two since he wants to show you that he is capable of doing normal thinks.
  • You keep telling him that you are happy as it is with him but of course you look forward to having a date with him in public.
  • You had no idea it was a birthday date but it was super special for you.
  • Saeran avoided people by being in a quiet area of a park with you you had some icecream even when it was still cold outside.
  • It was a nice and quit date but you really enjoyed your time with him he liked being outside with you and you where hoping that you could do this more often with him.
  • Hew asks you if that is your birthday wish you are really surprised by that question.
  • Then it hits you it´s your birthday and you completely forgot it !
  • Saeran is just as surprised as you are like really you forgot how could you it´s your own birthday.
  • Its so important to him now but you just forgot how dare you !
  • He is not actual mad just really shocked you then just tell him that your actual birthday wish is to be with him and you got that.
  • He finds that so sweet of you he almost cries you end up holding his hand till you are back home.
Avengers Assemble, 3x26
  • Steve: Tony, you've been the best friend I've had since, well, maybe ever.
  • Tony: I like to think I work best alone, Cap. But the truth is, I'm better because you're my friend.
Honest Opinion on 6x09

I may catch flack for this, but I liked tonight’s episode of Scandal. While I didn’t entirely care about whether Huck lived or died, it was interesting to see how they carried the story (and for a second, I actually thought he might be dead). But what I found most intriguing was that the Olivia from season 1 appears to be having a comeback.

At first, it didn’t seem this way because when it looked like they were never going to find Huck, she just gave up and picked up a glass of wine to drown out her sorrows. Unfortunately, we have seen this loser-mentality appear in Olivia’s character far too often lately and it was annoying to see her begin to go down that path again. But then came Charlie…

Now, for most of the show’s entirety, I have often questioned Charlie’s relevance and have found myself viewing him as yet another non-essential character to the show. Tonight, however, I actually enjoyed his appearance and appreciated his role in the episode. Long story short, the man gave Olivia a good wake-up call/reality check. He basically asked her where the old Olivia Pope was (i.e. the one who ALWAYS found a way to work a situation, no matter how crazy/complex/impossible it seemed and wore the “White Hat”). Interestingly, Olivia took him to heart and immediately did a 360 (which had me fist pumping the air in happiness simply because it has been too long since I have seen this focused, “Fixer” version of Olivia Pope).

Aside from Charlie’s intervention, I also enjoyed Fitz’s conversation with Olivia towards the end of the episode. Their interaction occurred in a hospital after - spoiler alert - Huck was rescued. At the time, Huck was still unconscious and the doctors had concluded that IF Huck survived he would likely be severely impaired (thanks to brain damage brought on by intense bleeding) for the rest of his life. Olivia was clearly distraught, but Fitz had a very calming effect on her (technically not a surprise, but since these two have fought like hell with one another it was nice to see them have a conversation without snark and have a genuine feeling of kindness emanate between them). For the first time in the show - and the first time since they broke up - they actually hugged without a sense of awkwardness or interruption. Olivia seemed to sort of melt into his embrace rather than remain tense or try to move away. This, alone, might be seen as progress or hope for their relationship (which, as an Olitz fan, I enjoyed), but the best part of their interaction came when Fitz asked Olivia 1) how her team was going to cope if Huck died and 2) whether she was going to forgive Abby or not.

Olivia’s response was interesting. She said that her team would be alright, that they’d have one another should the worst case scenario happen.
As for forgiving Abby, Olivia originally said something to the effect of “She nearly had Huck killed, I don’t have to forgive her for that”. Then, Fitz proved (for the millionth time) why he is the best character on the show, by reminding Olivia that she had forgiven him for hurting her and that he had forgiven her for everything she ever did to hurt him. The whole point of his reminder was for Olivia to see that though Abby may have done a terrible thing she should be forgiven. As it turns out, Olivia did eventually forgive Abby.

This is tremendous progress for Olivia as a character, given that just last season she was running around snapping at just about every individual under the sun, barely giving them a second to open their mouths and have an honest conversation. Not to mention, earlier in the episode, Olivia basically bitch-slapped Abby 3 times and threatened to “take a chair” to her (the same way she did Andrew) for placing Huck in danger (she also basically told Abby that if Quinn wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t offer any objections). Hence, as unexpected as the pivot in behavior was at the end of the episode, I was glad it occurred because it gives me hope that Olivia is slowly, but surely working out her demons and getting back to where she was when we were first introduced to her.

So, in summary, this was probably the first episode of the entire season that I did not walk away from irritated or mentally exhausted. Even though Jake was in it, he was such a minor character (he had only a few lines) I forgot he was there and Rowan was only present as a figment of Huck’s imagination. Marjorie (aka the “I’m a real bitch, you just play one on TV” lady) had like 2 lines and her partner in crime was nonexistent. (Proving, once again, that this show is better when it features only core characters and doesn’t trap itself in long-winding subplots).
In fact, the only “unbearable” moment for me occurred when Quinn decided to torture Meg for information on Huck’s location (that “viewer discretion is advised” statement at the beginning of the episode isn’t for nothing… it’s probably the most graphic torture scene on the show so far). But I digress…

All in all, I think that if Olivia can continue to work out her problems she’ll end up figuring out how to get back to “normal” and the show will maybe - just maybe - be genuinely enjoyable again.

jeveuxxvivre  asked:

It's been a while since I've sent you an unnecessary rambling ask... so, what did you think about (my mans) Desmond? I.e., did you think he was a compelling main character, do you think his death helped the story, do you approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to me, etc...?

As a forewarning, spoilers on Desmond Miles ahead. Also, long post.


I’ll admit, I didn’t get into AC early on. Think it was Brotherhood that was my first one – and that was around the time AC3 had come out.

To me, Desmond has always been a protagonist to root for in a “let that boy rest” kind of way. He grew up in his father’s constantly disapproving shadow, locked away in a compound with Assassins who, let’s face it, outwardly look like conspiracy theorist nutcases, until it broke him and he left at fucking 16. Uprooted, fleeing the Assassins who’d helped train him, and having to start a whole new life with the constant anxiety of being found.

And of course he was found. After 9ish years of freedom, he’s captured by Templars, poked and experimented on, escapes and makes new friends – both real and the digitized wisp of a former “experiment” like him that committed suicide from the stress of the fucking Animus Desmond uses constantly. And of course… stone cold murders his Templar friend who was out to betray him and others. Which he’d done unwillingly while some alien entity was controlling his body through the very item HE’D WORKED SO HARD TO GET. All of this is done while he’s reliving every tragic and furious memory of his ancestors, of course.

And then what happens? Back into it to save the world again. No time to grieve. No, no. The world dies in a few months. He meets up with his father again and isn’t that just the cherry on the shitcake because of course William has’t changed. Still disapproving and a horrible, demanding, cold reminder of everything Desmond had wanted to leave behind.

And that, finally, is where we see things turn around for Desmond after less than 4 months of countless deadly encounters. Amends are made with his father, there’s plans to see his mother, and a cautious hope that maybe when this is all over it will be okay.


He fries himself saving the world while being manipulated by the same alien entity that had him murder his friend, and even in his diddly darn death he doesn’t get any peace because there’s the Templars to pick up his corpse and put it to use because why wouldn’t they by harvesting his DNA and his genetic memories. Jfc, even his damn personal items, voicemails to his father, weren’t safe from examination.

And in the end, that child he’d unknowingly fathered at 18 is growing up, is a goddamn sage, and well-tracked on the Templar’s radar. :’)))

Everything Desmond did and does is only just enough. And more is always asked of him. Always. One of those “doomed from the start” characters. A happy ending would have been preferred, but since that wasn’t going to happen… again, I say: let that goddamn boy rest

But, hey. You asked for answers, not a rant.

Do I think Desmond is a compelling main character? Hell yeah.

Did his death help the story? It technically set the framework for later games and introductions of other beloved characters and their stories so… begrudgingly, I say yes. (Yes, yes, I’m well aware this all could have happened without his death. Note the ‘begrudgingly’ part.)

Do I approve of his semi-posthumous marriage to you? Of course. But you’ve got to do what you can to protect his baby from another lady. Or else Desmond Jr. is going to go through the same things his papa did.

anonymous asked:

Hi hi, idk if this had been asked yet (and sorry if it has) but since communications is on indefinete hiatus could we get the name of Spoilers? bc it feels kind of :/ when we know most of the rest of the story but not the end ... (I also extensively apologize if I come off as condescending or guilt trippy its not my intention!)

that’s something i’ll definitely talk about if i decide to trash communications, since there is still a possibility that i’ll pick it up again? 

  • maggie: *shows up at alex's place in the middle of the night with pizza and beer*
  • maggie: i almost died, life is too short, we should kiss the girls that we wanna kiss
  • background music: coming home coming hoooome coming home i don't know the rest of these lyrics but that's what i got from it coming hooome
  • me: what kind of gay-ass post-near-death-experience feelings confession songfic fluff !!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

Since it's pretty much a given that Aoi/Blue Angel will be getting the two new Trickstar Link Monsters do you think that might be an omen of something bad to come? Trickstar Sweet Devil and Trickstar Bloody Mary sound kind of sinister compared to the rest of the Trickstars. Some people have possibly speculated on Aoi/Blue Angel maybe going through some sort of 'fallen angel' subplot, perhaps as a result of turmoil following her coma/defeat by Playmaker? Just wanted to know your thoughts.

Aoi’s going to be playing an important part in the next two episodes (especially 17). Because this is right after everything that went down in episodes 6-12, how she behaves will be critical. 

Is she angry about what the KoH did to her? Is she worried about her damaged reputation (as Blue Angel)? Does she feel guilty for having worried everyone? Or is she just happy to have her brother’s attention? 

The only thing we know for sure is that she feels indebted to Playmaker, and given the summaries, she’ll be successful in helping him get into SOL’s data bank. But as for the cards that you mentioned?

It would be highly unrealistic if all of Aoi’s emotional problems vanished into thin air. She has her brother’s attention now, but is it to the extent that she’d like? Even if it is, that doesn’t make up for years of emotional neglect. And then there’s the fact that she has no real friends—and so, no one to confide in if she really is worrying about the Blue Angel situation, or is angry at the KoH. 

There’s Trickstar Bloody Mary—and, for all we know, Sweet Devil might still be in her deck. I doubt Sweet Devil is still infected with that virus, but still, two very dark cards that are out-of-place in her deck. And just like Playmaker’s ominous cards should concern us, Blue Angel’s should as well.

What I’d like right now is a fic where Bilbo stayed in Erebor post BoFA (everyone lived of course, don’t be silly that’s what happened in canon) and he married Thorin and they’re quite ridiculously happy together.

There might have been some worry that the rest of the Dwarven kind wouldn’t be very enthusiastic about having a Hobbit as the royal consort, but basically everyone loves Bilbo. 

Some… quite literally.

There’s a… guard, or something like that, a little older than Fíli, who has the biggest most obvious crush on Bilbo since, well, since Thorin to be quite honest. 

And just like Thorin he thinks that he’s doing a good job keeping it secret (spoiler, everyone knows). Well, everyone, except for Bilbo. Because Bilbo is more than a bit oblivious when it comes to things concerning himself.

Anyway, imagine the poor guard’s face the day when Thorin tells the him that he knows about the crush.

The guard basically thinks that Thorin is going to either punch him or exile him. Or punch him and then exile him. (The other way around wouldn’t be very logical)

But Thorin doesn’t do either of those two things. 

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undertale fic recs

it’s been a month since i’ve done one of these and i’ve accumulated so many bookmarks i’m probably going to have to do multiple posts if i want to catch up? lmfao?? see last post, anyway

What Little Monsters Are Made Of by Mangaluva. post-pacifist floweypot story that mostly centers around frisk and flowey’s relationship, but also on the whole ensemble cast as supporting actors. a happy ending with an even happier ending.

the type of friend i wish i always had by @wordbending. elaine’s take on chara’s reaction to that part of the conversation with asriel, which she wrote way back before that was the Cool Thing To Explore. dialogue only, sad, involves chara’s really unhealthy codependent tendencies.

Childfree by @mininephthys. chara does not want to have kids ever and they will punch anyone who tries to persuade them otherwise in the nose. mostly-background charasriel.

requiem by @beforuskanaya. post-pacifist bodysharing adventures with frisk and chara, set around the looming anniversary of the monsters’ escape to the surface. this is really fantastic.

The Toriel On The Hunt by Steakhouse_Fries. chara and asriel follow toriel around with their camera and pester her. very cute.

holes within holes within holes by @sugarglassy. super emotionally grueling and sad chara pov for the no mercy ending. really brilliant unreliable narrator chara. you’ll have to read between the lines a little and, uh, you know what’s coming here because it’s That Frickin Ending.

Metal Heart by @mininephthys. mettaton and alphys during the no mercy route hotland evacuation. this is really sad, what the frick,

This Is Someone Else’s Nightmare by @draikinator. in which chara and frisk share a meat sack and things are very rocky and no one is happy with this at all. follows them back and forth across various routes to the true ending.

PRIVATE!! DO NOT READ and things that go unsaid by @lumalees. extremely quality charasriel fluff. chara discovers asriel’s Very Sekrit Stories, and things escalate from there. this is Adorable and You May Die

and if the beasts should hunt us by catbug. asriel tells on chara instead of going through with the plan, and it causes strife in the dreemurr household. background/tame charasriel.

echoes by 42gramsofspite. frisk journeys through the underground while dealing with having inherited chara’s memories.

YOU by abelrunner. chara and frisk struggle against their player during the fight with sans, and sans doesn’t like having to murder children. sad and awful, like most no mercy things

wish by ahbonjour. the whole ensemble cast and wishes that they make on the echo flowers. this one Gave Me A Feel

Two Parts (Of a Whole) by @pokespec. more chara and frisk bodysharing through canon adventures. mostly about them trying to work out some kind of balance, and slowly striking up a weird friendship even as chara urges frisk onwards through the underground.

The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph Is For the Good to Get Bored by @draikinator. post-pacifist fic, in which frisk decides to bring chara to see flowey on their birthday, and things go disastrously wrong. chara is left to try to handle the situation, with the dubious assistance of sans, but this is a pretty tall order given that up until now nobody’s been aware of chara’s existence at all, and also given that chara is Kind Of A Hot Mess. nate’s making this one into an ongoing series, so if you like what you see here you may enjoy the rest too. there’s some christmas stuff towards the end of this fic, since i know some of my followers prefer to avoid that. (also, that i’m endorsing this fic regardless should speak for its quality plenty!)

memento mori by @lumalees. in a world where chara and asriel never went through with their plan and so the two of them have grown up and asriel has ascended the throne, chara has a few practical matters to discuss. you can probably guess where this is going given the title. very adorable and quality charasriel, even though the situation is kind of bittersweet.

We Let the Bough Break

Based on some prompts sent to me by Ash (dapperdick), several anons, highfunctioningfangirl1640lourringthroughlife, and inspired by a story idea by anderson-hastings: Blaine was pregnant during the elevator scene in The Hurt Locker: Part 2. While stuck in the elevator with Kurt, he goes into labor.

I took a bit of a creative spin with this one, turning it into somewhat of a S6 rewrite. It’s angsty (I wrote it, so gee what a surprise) and it’s long (another surprise) but I hope you’ll like it. It took me forever to finish, considering that I started writing it BEFORE the actual episode aired and then I decided to tweak it, which in turn made it even longer.

There’s no Jigsue in this (just something similar), only Blainofsky friendship (with a one-sided hint of romance), and some of the stuff that happened in the beginning of S6 has been changed for this plot. Also, I’m no doctor so forgive any medical inaccuracies that may occur (though I did try to research things!) 

Title based on the Warbler cover of What Kind of Fool (and also on the nursery song Rock-A-Bye Baby, you know since this involves a baby and everything!) 
Hope you enjoy! 32,000+ words long!

Warning: MPREG. Mentions suicidal thoughts, past assault. Spoilers for the canon name of Blaine’s mom.

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Playing Husband and Wife

Prompt: hii! can you do a ten scenario where you’re an idol, probably 3 years younger than him, and you’re together on WGM? thank youu☺

Pairing: Ten/ Y/N

Originally posted by taesyong

“Y/N, wake up~ Y/N!”

Someone was shaking your shoulder, willing you to wake up.

“Y/N!” It was your leader.

Sometimes, sharing a dorm with your members can be a pain in the butt.

“Hm?” You opened one eye and saw your group leader’s looming face.

You awake with a start.

“Waaah!” You fell off your bed with a thud.

Your leader merely laughed. The other members also gathered around you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N!” they all greeted.

You rubbed your eyes, wiping the sleep away.

“Thank you!” You smiled widely.

They also produced a two-tiered chocolate cake and made you blow the candles. But then you realized they weren’t the only people in your room.

There were the camera crew as well as staff.

But of what?

Your eyebrows creased in confusion until one of the writer-eonnies handed you an envelope.

You opened it and read its contents.

“What does it say?” the maknae of your group asked. The rest waited for you to read the letter out loud.

“Today is the day you will be meeting your virtual husband.”

‘Ah, We Got Married,’ you thought. You remembered your manager approached you one day and told you that you were participating in the show.

It was a dream come true for you! Of course, you were excited, very excited. You’ve been wondering ever since who your virtual husband was? So, naturally, you avoided all kinds of spoilers.

“He prepared this for you,” writer-eonnie said, gesturing around your room. “He also bought you the cake.”

“He came to our dorm?” Your eyes roamed around and saw teal-colored balloons floating. Tied at the end of their strings were your pictures with your members.

“Your virtual husband must be rich,” your leader joked. The rest of the members laughed.

“You have one clue of who your virtual husband is,” she continued.

“Ah, really?” you said as you continued looking through the pictures. Your members, of course, were also excited at your virtual husband’s sweet gesture and looked through the pictures as well.

“Look through the pictures,” she said.

“I wonder who he is?” the main vocalist of the group wondered while searching through the pictures.

“Ah!” You found one odd picture. It was of a boy wearing red clothes with spiky hair. However, his face was blurred.

Your members huddled around you.

“Hmmm, he’s got style,” one of them commented.

“He’s probably a bad boy,” another said.

“You already got two surprises from him,” writer-eonnie said, after your group’s silence.

“Meaning there’s more?” you asked, surprised.

“He said you should be spoiled for today because it’s your birthday,” she said while smiling.

“Aaaawwww~” your members said in unison.

“He’s sweet,” one of them said.

“Are you ready to meet him?” writer-eonnie asked.

“Very,” you replied, putting your game-face on.

The rest of your day was spent with you following around the clues left by your virtual husband. All the while, excitement was bubbling up inside you that you were afraid you might burst.

The last of the clues led you to Lotte World.

You were carrying his surprises. Of course, constant at your side were the “We Got Married” crew who documented every single of your reactions.

Your gifts were a teddy bear, a book, a box of chocolates, bracelet, necklace to name a few.

Writer-eonnie also emphasized that your virtual husband bought all of these with his own money.

“He really must be rich,” you joked as you got another gift which was a couple headband from Lotte World.

Only, you had no idea who to share it with.

“Are you tired?” writer-eonnie asked you as you paused from walking. Your gifts proved to be heavy after running around and following the clues.

“I’m good,” you answered.

“Don’t worry. It’s almost over,” she said. “Let’s go over that bench.” She pointed to a nearby bench.

You took a seat and sighed in relief. At least, you had an opportunity to rest your tired legs.

“How many gifts have you got?” writer-eonnie asked.

You reached for your bag and counted the gifts inside. “7, 8, 9. I got 9 gifts.”

She handed you another card. You opened it in haste.

“'What comes after 9?’” you read the contents. You stared at the camera with a confused look. “10?”

At the sound of 10, someone emerged.

“That’s right!” His voice was light and happy, and it came from your right side.

Your mind was still bit too slow to process the right answer. “10?”

“That’s me.”

You looked at your right and saw someone you definitely recognize.

‘Ten? Ten as in Ten Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul? Ten from NCT U?!’

You were freaking out.

“Oh my gosh,” was all you could say.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m Ten, your virtual husband. Nice to meet you.” Of course, he completed his introduction with a sweet smile.

'Get over it, Y/N,’ you berated yourself. But it was difficult because your favorite K-Idol was your virtual husband. You were afraid you might faint.

“Hello, Ten-sunbaenim. I’m Y/N. Please take care of me,” you said after finally getting over your shock. You bowed to him to show your respect, too.

“Aw, we’re too formal with each other,” he commented with a pout.

“Too cute!” you blurted out and you almost wanted to choke yourself.

But Ten merely laughed.

“But maybe we’ll get close in time, right, Jagi?” he said, winking at you. He also draped his arms around you.

You were stunned at what he said that you merely nodded.

“You’re so cute when you blush,” he said, pinching your cheeks.

“Yah! Oppa~”

But he, again, only laughed. Then his expression turned serious.

“But you thought this was your last surprise right?”

“Is there more?” you asked. How could there be more?

If you were being honest, he actually has given you a lot.

“Of course there’s one last gift! Your tenth!”

You laughed. Of course he was staying true to his name. Ten.

“I wonder what it’ll be?”

“It’s for me to know and for you to find out!” he said as he led you running towards a truck.

He got on the driver’s side while you rode shotgun. There were also cameras installed inside the car, and you can’t help but be conscious. The crew followed you two closely behind.

“Where are we going, oppa?” you asked after a few minutes of silence.

“You’ll see,” was Ten’s reply.

Night slowly came and with it came the stars. You looked outside the window and saw that you were out of the city and into the countryside.

Where was Ten leading you to?

You got your answer as soon as you saw a field of flowers.

Ten stopped the car, got out, and opened your door for you.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling at his gentlemanly actions.

“Anything for my wife,” Ten said, flashing you again with his sweet smile.

He held your right hand as he led the way towards his surprise.

In the middle of the field of flowers was a table for two. On it was a candlelit dinner. There was also a butler and a violinist nearby. Everything about it just screams romantic.

“You made this for me?” you asked him. He just made your jaw drop with his efforts.

“Happy 18th birthday, Y/N,” Ten said while holding your hands. “I promise to be a good husband.”

Out of impulse, you hugged him. Ten was shocked at the gesture but soon returned the hug.

“Thank you so much, oppa,” you said.

“Aw, don’t cry, Jagi,” he said as he wiped the tears at the corner of your eyes. “Let’s eat?”

The rest of the evening was spent with you and Ten talking about each other. You even forgot the cameras were rolling. Until writer-eonnie told you it was time to wrap up.

You were whisked away to a van that will take you to your dorm.

“Y/N!” Ten’s voice came in loud and clear in the field.

“Oppa?” You turned to regard him.

“Give me your phone,” Ten said as he held out his palm.

You fished your phone out of your pocket and gave it to him.

Ten typed in his number and saved it in your contacts.

“Oppa give me yours, too,” you said.

“Here.” Ten handed you his phone. You took it with somewhat shaky hands. Finally, you managed to type in and save your number as “Jagi”. You smiled at your little joke.

You locked his phone as you handed it to him.

With a smile, you said, “Thank you so much again, oppa. Have a safe ride home and good night.”

“You too, Y/N. Take care.” And for like the 11th time that day, Ten surprised you with a kiss on the forehead.

After, he immediately went to his van and left you in a dazed.

“Y/N, come on! It’s already late!” Writer-eonnie was frantically gesturing at you.

“Um, c-coming!” You jogged towards the van and got in.

The ride back to your dorm was peaceful.

You thought of texting Ten but then thought against it.

You searched your contacts and almost laughed out loud at what he saved his number on your phone.

“10 out of 10, huh?” you said, smiling.

You were definitely looking forward to making more episodes of him on We Got Married.

Notes: This was a challenge to write. Also, this was assuming that Ten is already 21 and Y/N is 18. :D And again, I got carried away with writing this. XD Ten, why are you such a muse to me? Hahahaha! Hope you enjoy this, Anon-ie~

Reine des fleurs - First impressions

The game I’ve been looking forward to most this year, and so far it doesn’t disappoint. 

It’s the kind of game I like, with both enough fun scenes as well as emotional ones. Been a while since I’ve liked a new series so much. The game starts with a common route before branching out in the second part. Most of the choices will be made during Ravir or info collection, unlike many other games.

The rest is under a cut becase it’s long. There are no story spoilers. The CGs are those already shown on the website.

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Korra panel (spoiler free version)

- Bryan jumped into an explanation of the switching to digital thing right away. Apparently, Nick sees shows like Korra as part of a new model for distribution. It’s done phenomenally online, as evidenced by the enormous success of the Book Two finale when it premiered on Nick’s site, and since LoK doesn’t really fit well with the rest of Nick’s lineup, they decided to put it where it would have the most success.

- It does sound like the rug was kind of pulled out from under the creative team, though. Bryan mentioned he and Mike were upset about how the news and the rollout were handled.

- Then we went straight to the ep, which was fantastic, but I’ll keep this post spoiler free.

- Bryan mentioned how much he always enjoys watching episodes with the fans. Mindy Sterling and John Michael Higgins had never been to a panel before, and they both seemed pleased and maybe a tad bit surprised at their reception.

- VA Q&A: Janet loves Korra despite her hard-headedness, David says the get the scripts the night before they record and since he’s become a fan, he reads them with more attention to parts other than his, Seychelle’s parents loved the scene in the car between Korra and Asami, John Michael Higgins finds Varrick really odd but fun, and Mindy Sterling relates to Lin’s baggage.

- Mike asked John and Mindy a fan-submitted question about a Varrick/Lin blind date, and it got kind of inappropriate really fast - John asked who would be on top, Mindy asked if they’d go all night. I was covering my face in the audience. (Bryan, paraphrased: “Thanks for coming, kids!”)

- They then had Dee Bradley Baker lead the cast (and the audience) in a sing-along of “Secret Tunnel.” Dee loves Chong, incidentally.

- Bryan showed us some art - BumJu in the sweater, concept art for the Red Lotus (including Zaheer in a reindeer sweater, lmao), designs for Suyin and her family, and some line tests combined with final animation.

- Bryan mentioned that he thought Tarrlok and Unalaq looked too much alike, so he wanted to go in a completely different direction with Zaheer.

- Ming Hua’s design is heavily inspired by a friend of Bryan’s (Mishi?)

- Angela Song Mueller did the original concept for P'li, which Bryan described as looking like Lisbeth Salander.

- Suyin’s eldest son is named Baatar Jr. after his father.

- Opal was designed with the flappers of the ‘20s in mind.

- Zaofu is very Art Deco, which Bryan enjoyed.

- They ended the panel with a Shiro Shinobi-narrated sneak peek of the rest of the season.

- Bryan mentioned this will probably be the last big SDCC panel, though they do plan on coming to NYCC.

For everyone in the ACOMAF/TOG fandom

Y'ALL NEED TO CHILL THE FUCK DOWN. It’s gotten out of control, no one should give a shit if you ship something they don’t, there’s no need to hate on people for being happy about something. It’s gotten especially out of hand with the upcoming release of eos. People who already have read it because you managed to get your lucky hands on it PLEASE tag your posts under spoilers or something of the sort, because I’ve had a couple close calls and we only have 10 days left, or more depending on pre-orders. I didn’t wait a whole year to find out what happens ten days before the fucking book comes out.

ALSO, HATING ON SJMASS, REALLY? do you guys honestly think that that’s going to solve any of your problems? just because your ship Isin’t centered in eos that dosen’t mean you should be a jerk to the incredible person who put hard work and love and passion in this amazing thing that has been her dream since she was a teenager. Especially when she could be reading the hate.

Lastly, You’re part of these fandoms to enjoy yourself if you’re finding that you’re not enjoying your time spent here, than you are welcome to leave. because for a long time now there has been some serious hate going around, and its making it a hell of a lot less enjoyable for the rest of us.