since the entire point behind this movie is brains over brawn

i want you forever (right here by my side) - chapter one

summary: “Phil Coulson. Thought you might like to know before we begin. I promise I won’t twist your arm… too hard,” he says with a smile which widens as she returns it. “Melinda May,” she responds, accepting his handshake. Her hand is small, her fingers slim, and her grip is unsurprisingly firm. “You wouldn’t dare. I’d whip your ass.” Phil Coulson and Melinda May. Their story, from the very first day. 

notes: my take on a phil/melinda origin story inspired by theories from the philinda chatroom. please let me know what you think :) thank you to @agentsphilinda for beta-ing this one for me!

songspiration: when we first met by hellogoodbye

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The streets are still littered with red, white and blue streamers the day Phillip Coulson is born, in a small town in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. His father is a history teacher, his mother a homemaker, and he is their first and only child. He weighs eight pounds and two ounces, measures twenty inches and lets out quiet cries of protest as he is dragged into the world by a none too gentle doctor.

Phil grows up an average boy.

He is of an average height and average weight, and attends the local elementary school with all the other regular boys and girls. He plays baseball in the little leagues, does all his chores and homework and spends time with the neighbour’s children in the front yard in the afternoons, supervised by his mother who often presents him with treats as rewards for good behaviour.

His favourite in summer is her Apple pie, with a golden and flakey crust, wrapped around a piping hot filling of caramelised apple slices. It’s not too sweet and not too sour, and she always serves it with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade; the lemons picked from a little tree in their back garden.

In winter, his parents make hot chocolate from scratch, and the family of three stay warm huddled by the fireplace, trading stories about their day.

They’re an average family, with an average house and an average life.

But the first eight years of Phil’s life are safe, and happy.

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