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Is It Over Between Us? (Peter Parker imagine)

Is It Over Between Us? (Part 1) (Peter Parker imagine) 

Request: Hellooo, I just went through your blog and loved it❤️ I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is recruited along with Peter for civil war

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader ft. Aunt May, Tony Stark, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff

A/N: I tried to make this accurate but I haven’t seen Civil War in a while, so I literally had to look for a scene on YouTube

Also, part 2?

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After what happened in New York, Sokovia and Lagos, the entire world was going crazy. People were torn, trying to decide was to do with the superheroes that were involved in those events. Some wanted to control them, but others just wanted to let them be. The last straw was when someone bombed the conference in Vienna, where King T’Chaka was killed.  

But that didn’t concern you at all, since you were not a superhero. Sure, you were an expert in everything that meant martial arts but that wasn’t a super power. It’s not like you were bitten by some radioactive spider like Peter.

Holding hands, you walked from school to his apartment. As you turned in the corner, you saw a very expensive car parked outside the apartment complex.

‘’Woah, look at that car’’ you exclaimed. It was really unusual to see that in Queens, especially in this neighborhood. 

‘’It’s crazy’’ Peter was speechless. You giggled at his expression, and pulled him inside. Stepping into the elevator, which was empty, you pushed him against the wall.

 ‘’You haven’t kissed me all day’’ you pouted, making him chuckle. He leaned in and gave you quick pecks. ‘’No, I want real kisses.’’

 ‘’I’ll give you more when we get to my room, okay?’’ Peter winked at you, and walked out the elevator when the door opened. You followed, smiling at his neighbors in the hallway. ‘’Hey May’’ he greeted her, dropping his backpack near the door.

 ‘’Hey May’’ you greeted as well, taking off your jacket.

 ‘’Hey, how was school today?’’ she asked.

 ‘’It was okay. This crazy car parked outside…’’ Peter began telling her but then he stopped talking and walking. You turned to the living room, and there was a man there. Tony Stark. Peter looked very surprised.

‘’Oh, Mr. Parker’’ he called him.

‘’Um… what are you doing- Hey! Uh, I’m-I’m Peter’’ he stammered, it was obvious he’s nervous. You, on the other hand, didn’t say a word.

‘’Tony’’ he replied. ‘’You’ve been getting my emails, right?’’ he winked at him. It was a lie. 

‘’Y-yeah’’ Peter stammered again. 

‘’You didn’t even tell me about the grant’’ May protested a little. 

‘’Remember you applied?’’ Peter nodded, ‘’I approved, so now we’re in business’’ Tony said, making weird faces so Pete can lie too. 

You were annoyed, very annoyed actually. Trying to be nice, you turned to your boyfriend and smiled. ‘’I forgot I had to run some errands. I’ll talk to you later, okay?’’ you told him quickly, and walked fast towards the door, grabbing your jacket and leaving.

Almost twenty minutes later, you arrived at your house and noticed Peter was blowing up your phone. Calling you, facetiming you, texting you. Heck, he was even sending you dm’s on Twitter. Leaving your phone in the kitchen counter, you headed to your room and plopped down on your bed. 

And not even five minutes later, there was heavy knocking on your window. Turning your head, there was Peter. ‘’Go home, Pete’’ you told him, and he kept on knocking. Getting up, you unlocked the window and he jumped in.

‘’Why are you ignoring me?’’ He asked, clearly confused. You scoffed.

‘’What did he want?’’

‘’Mr. Stark? He recruited us. You and me!’’ He exclaimed.

‘’We? Excuse me?’’ you snapped at him, causing him to frown. 

‘’Y/N, please. This is really important-‘’

‘’No, that’s enough. You go, have fun, do whatever he wants you to do. I am not Stark material.’’ 

You looked at each other. Peter’s expression showed sadness, but yours showed anger. Kissing your forehead and left. 

Later that night, you heard knocking on the door but didn’t pay any attention to it. Until your mom called you. 

Walking towards the front door, you saw a man and a woman.

‘’Sweetie, Clint and Wanda came to see you’’ your mom clearly had no idea who they were, you were sure of that. ‘’Please come in. I’ll give you some privacy’’ she smiled and walked to her room. You sighed, your mother really didn’t care at all about some strangers coming inside the house.

Hearing her door close, you looked at them. ‘’What do you want?’’ 

‘’I assume you know who we are’’ Clint told you and you nodded. ‘’We’re here to talk to you about something extremely important.’’

‘’I really don’t want to be a part of your problems’’ you pointed out, and Wanda grabbed your hand. 

‘’Please, just listen to us. Let us explain. if at the end you don’t agree, we will leave’’ she practically begged. You looked at them, and against your better judgement, agreed to listen.


After a few hours of Wanda and Clint basically explaining everything to you, you agreed to join them.

And now you were in Berlin, Germany. At the airport.

Clint and Wanda started running, and you followed them. You were trailing being Captain America, Bucky, Falcon and Ant Man. A ray of yellow stopped you mid-way. Looking up, you saw Vision in the air. You made your way towards the front, and saw Stark with his group. And Peter. 

Does that mean it was over between you two?

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Part 2 ; Part 3 

“SPRING DAY” BTS You Never Walk Alone Theory (updated)

This mv is very deep and I probably missed out on a lot of easter eggs. This is simply my opinion and what I believe. No one has to agree with me but I’d like everyone to take the statements into consideration. This is just a theory so none of it is confirmed. Thank you for reading my theory it took a lot of analyzing and taking apart every little easter egg in the video and other videos. Thank you and please give me credit if you use this theory for a theory of your own -Kami :3

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The mv shows the boys going through the process of adulthood. Letting go of the past and waiting for one another. It connects to several other videos and photo shoots as well. Each member all have different reasons for doing what they are doing. Specifically Jin and V. Jungkook also takes a big part of this as well.

Everyone turns to the left, looks to the left, everything is going left. With the exception of Jungkook. He is looking right. He is the last to go through the process of adulthood. Everyone else is looking to the left at him because they’re waiting. Jungkook is the youngest and also the last to enter adulthood that is why he is always by himself throughout the mv. The stairs in the mv represent them climbing up to adulthood and so does the arch way in BST. Jungkook is always last with the exception of Jin and V which will come in later on. They all individually go through the process of adulthood which is why jungkook and also Rapmon were on the train to Omelas by themselves. They have to go through the train by themselves until they end up at Omelas where all of the rest are waiting.

Jin never seems to climb the stairs with everyone else and never goes through the arch way in BST. Tae also never goes through the arch way nor is he found climbing the stairs. The conclusion for this is that they both are being stopped from entering the process. Almost as if they’ve passed away before being able to join the others. Tae has passed away in Run where he drowns himself. This connects to BST because he is the only to receive the Dark Wings and is keeping Jin with him in “Heaven.” However, in Omelas the utopian has a child trapped under ground and is left alone until a few people find him and they leave the city. Tae could possibly be the child stuck in that cage especially in the Stigma teaser he was left in a cage. He is being stopped from climbing the stairs to adulthood because he is stuck as a child, dead. Jin is known for the only one not having shoes in concept photos for BST and will prove that the shoes Jimin picks up from the ocean are his. Leaving shoes at the end of the shore are symbolism of suicide or death. So does hanging up shoes on a branch. Jimin’s hair turns from a light pink to a neon pink from beginning to the end of the mv. This is because Jin had passed away before Jimin went through the process of adulthood. Jimin brings the shoes with him through the process of becoming an adult. Jin is the one to pierce Jimin’s ears which is very painful in real life and surprising a lot of teenagers do it. His way of grieving is bringing the shoes with him. EVERYWHERE. Jin is seen to seem unnoticed by everyone because. He IS the spirit of the shoes. He’s there in spirit and isn’t alive. Like most people with stress, their hair turns gray or white, like Jimin his hair turns into a highlighter pink than what it originally was. It is likely that V is apart of the shoes as well because he is always doing something similar to Jin. He seems unnoticed as well and isn’t apart of the party they have when Rapmon makes it to Omelas.

With Jin passed away, Suga is the second oldest. Jin puts his hands in a picture frame form which can lead to him imagining the pile of clothes, which can symbolize the end point or the mountain of youth. Suga is the first on it because he finally became an adult and went through the process everyone else is going through. Jin would be there with him but shown, he never climbed the stairs to adulthood. Suga is waiting for everyone to meet him up on the mountain of clothes because that is adulthood.

On the last train ride everyone is together because they finally “all” made it to the last ride together into adulthood. They all waited for eachother. Jungkook didn’t have a celebration because he was rushed into adulthood. Like in real life, Jungkook was 15 when he was a trainee and was forced to grow up quicker than everyone else. He had to rush all his schooling and mature to become who he is. He never got a true teenage life like everyone else.

Jin and Tae were seen doing the same thing like putting up their hands as if picturing something. They were picturing all the other members on the mountain of clothes. Talking about clothes, Jin wears the color yellow especially his sweaters and “Too much yellow causes loss of focus and makes it hard to complete a task. Too much yellow also can cause people to become critical and demanding.” Jin is trying to grab the attention of the boys while they are going through the process. He’s trying to stand out and get their attention.

“Bogo sipda” can be translated to “I want to see you” or “I miss you” in Korean. Jimin sings this verse several times and also has a few lines about not wanting to let go. He misses Jin and is seen to grieve a lot especially after finding the shoes. He has the shoes everywhere especially in the laundromat. Jin also holds the last verse of the song and says “Please stay, please stay there a little longer.” This is Jin’s plea to the member to not leave him. They tie the shoes to the tree which symbolizes death. He doesn’t want them to forget about him. He doesn’t want them to leave him behind because he has passed away. Jimin is especially trying so hard to hold onto Jin and possibly V’s death. He doesn’t want to leave them behind. In the last train ride Jimin is seen curled up and almost crying. He knows that they have to let him go and give him freedom but he can’t do it. The stress of leaving them behind makes his hair turn into a completely different pink.

Let’s go back to Tae for a second. He isn’t seen much in the mv HOWEVER, his special scene is the beginning. He is shown alone on the train station. Waiting. But the the train never arrives. He places his head on the rails. He knows he won’t ever get his train ride to Omelas. He won’t ever be able to experience the process of adulthood because he is stuck in time. He, like Jin, has passed away before they could experience it. He’s been waiting for the train but it never came for him. His acceptance was putting his head on the railings as if trying to sleep. Letting go of his hope. The “devil or wings” had taken over him in BST showing that he wasn’t alive or at least human anymore. He took Jin with him as well for unknown reasons and I’m guessing that Tae didn’t want to be alone. He took someone who was vulnerable and oblivious. Someone he could tempt into death. Jin got easily distracted by the painting in BST and Tae used the statue to gain his attention.

Jhope sadly doesn’t have any verses but his significance in the mv is huge. After he threw that paper airplane, Jungkook looked to the left for once. He grew up. He had a realization that he needed to become an adult quicker to catch up to the rest. Jhope was the reason for the change in thoughts for Jungkook. Hobi didn’t have to say anything to change Kook’s mind, all he had to do was let go of the airplane.

In conclusion, the members are faced with the reality of going through adulthood. Their concept was Young Forever, however, Spring Day shows a much darker scene than staying young. They are finally growing up. They individually are challenged to go through the process by themselves until they reach Omelas. They celebrate their journey with each other with a crazy party and doing rebellious act that of a teenager. Jungkook is last to become and adult. He recently just graduated and is finally considered and adult. He has taken the train to Omelas but was given no party because he had to rush his teenage life since becoming an idol at such a young age. Jin and Tae never climb the stairs to adulthood because they have passed away before even being able to experience it. They watch from below as the others reach the mountain of clothes which is their endpoint. Suga is there first because he is the second oldest, therefore he will wait for the rest. It all ends with the tree that signifies that they were ready to let Jin and possibly Tae go. They were accepting that they weren’t able to become adults but Jimin took them with him through his process.

I know this isn’t the best or most organized theory but it is my most in depth theory made. I hope it makes to sense to at least some people and I hope you guys liked it. My original theory I wrote at 12 in the morning on my phone laying bed. It is the comment by Kami Z 

okay so, after hours of sadness and tears I found some happiness booster in regards of Hide’s situation and future return to the manga after the lastest chapter 136 of tg re. I was in the middle of remembering the good'ol days when I found this pic from chapter 142 of Tokyo Ghoul.
Now, over the years a lot of fans have come to the conclusion that Hideyoshi Nagachica AKA Hide is indeed alive. And some other fans have shown their agreement or disagreement about it claiming it’s obvious that he’s dead and was eaten by Kaneki in the sewers. Although we had no actual scene of him dying it was implied and that. He. Is. Dead. DEAD. They say.
But no.
You know who, at the end of Tokyo Ghoul, was like for real confirmed dead?

Amon Koutarou
Like, confirmed dead. Confirmed confirmed.
You know who else was canonically confirmed dead?
Seidou Takizawa

and you know what happened to both of them who were canonically confirmed dead?

Yes, we have our Owl and our boi Amon living he dream right now (at least Amon lol he and Akira are going at it having the time of their lives rn).

What I want to say is, if these two characters who were CONFIRMED as dead at the end of tg (even tho we didn’t have an actual graphic dead scene as we’ve had in other cases), came back and are alive rn… then what’s to say that the one mentioned as *missing* ahem… MISSING… won’t come back as well?

If so, Hide’s return is far more possible than the return of Amon and Takizawa, and since we already had those last two crazy boys back I think it’s just a matter of time before little bleached hair right here makes his comeback to the story.

Trick or Treat

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Y/N Ackles (Reader),Genevieve Padalecki (mentioned), Tom Padalecki (mentioned), Shep Padalecki (mentioned)

Pairing: Jensen x Pregnant!Reader, J2 Friendship

Warnings: Gory Halloween Decorations, Coffee denial (yeah I was out of beans as I wrote the first half of this) Hormones, Pregnancy (is that a warning), Semi Public Sex, Quickie. Unprotected sex (but they are married and she is already pregnant so…) NSFW Gif under the cut.

Wordcount: 3100ish (or 3112 for Steph :P)

A/N: I knocked three challenges out with this one. I hope that is okay guys.

This is my entry for @thethingwewrite’s Relationships and Friendships challenge where my pairing was J2 (friendship). Tia gave me the prompt: “Cover my back!” Broke the word limit with a bit, but only by 100 words. Sorry!

It is also my entry for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall Writing Challenge where my prompt was Halloween Stores and my chosen pairing was Jensen x Reader.

It is also my last hiatus prompt for @one-shots-supernatural challenge which is kinda sad. It has been one hell of a ride - thanks Kayle! The prompt is: “With a face like this I can get away with anything.”

Thanks so much to my amazing sassy lil sis Rach aka @mysupernaturalfics for betaing - Sass - this for me.


***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You had always loved Halloween, something you shared with your husband but for entirely different reasons than him.

You loved the colors, the lights and the way your street changed into something out of a horror movie. You saw the beauty in the horrific scenes on each and every lawn, while he loved scaring the crap out of kids, teenagers and the occasional parent.

You on the other hand loved the lights and the pumpkin carving. A discipline Jensen had put you to shame in last night, but you hardly cared.

You had loved the quiet time with him. Or what had started as quiet times and had ended in a food fight and sex on the kitchen floor. Neither of you had been able to keep your hands of each other for long over these past few weeks. It wasn’t like you hadn’t always been a passionate couple, but before you had gotten pregnant you had both had a decent amount of self control. Since you had gotten pregnant and especially since you had started to show, he hadn’t been able to keep his hands to himself for long. You couldn’t blame him entirely though, with all the hormones coursing through your body you spend every waking moment either wanting to kill him or jump him.

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From the show at The Wilbur in Boston last night (February 22, 2017)

@thethirstisoutthere - please note photos of “supporting cast” members. Chose to focus on Jeff because I fell in love with his dorky corduroy blazer and beard. Though the others were also nice to look at ;)

Thanks again to @damselindistressmya and @snowvitamins for planning this night since November. I had a fucking blast. Meeting @startwreck @xfiles-behind-the-scenes @myassbrokethefall and @thattimetheykissed was just a crazy added bonus.

This crazy site has helped me find so many cool people over the last 14 months. It’s ridiculous. And astounding, to be honest.

I fuckin love you - Chris Hemsworth

May I have a Chris Hemsworth x reader where he refuses to admit he has feelings for her because of the age gap between them, but at the same time he can’t stay away from her, maybe some smut at the end?



You marched in firm and angry steps to your dressing room in the same second that the director shouted that would have a 15-minute break. At the time you were so angry that paid no attention to your force, closing the door with an almost violent beat and making people outside look at each other confused. This behavior had begun five months ago, more exactly when Chris Hemsworth was asked to be the older brother of your romantic couple… Which in the end, Chris would be your true romantic couple. It was an intriguing drama film, a family dispute to gain the power of the company and the hand of the maiden in marriage, with death and violence too, something pretty cliché to your eyes but at the same time inviting. And it would be even more perfect and dream being realized if your life had not turned upside down in such a sudden way.

“(Y / N), you can’t let him get into your system that way…” Josh Hutcherson, the younger brother, and your romantic partner in the film and your longtime friend, muttered as he walked into your dressing room without warning, already accustomed to doing such a thing “You know that’s just bad for you.”

“Joshua, don’t start.” you said between teeth, removing the long dress that you had used for the last scene and staying only in underwear, but soon felt the robe cover your back and you laughed weak “Sorry, you can now open eyes.”

“You have to stop doing this, please, I’m still a man… And Jennifer’s already enough acting crazy.” He smiled awkwardly, shaking his head and sitting on the small couch, crossing his arms thoughtfully “But back to the reason I’m here: he has said anything since that scene? ”

You have finished close your robe and sat in the chair opposite the sofa, getting sulky when you remembered what Josh was talking about exactly. After three months of recording, you had your first romantic scene with Hemsworth, the first intimate contact with the characters and the two of you… It was pretty intense. It was a scene after a new year party, where his character takes your character to the deserted beach at the Mansion background, there they discuss, exchange a warm kiss and then gets the clothes off to then enter into the water with only their underwear. You had to pretend to have sex in the night and in the icy water, everything was under control until you started to feel that the scenario was becoming too real. You never thought you could have such an effect on a man like Chris, but you had. And after that, he started acting strange to you, but at the same time, he didn’t get aways from you.

“Nothing, just things about the film.” you sank into the chair, throwing your head back and grunting irritably.

“I think we will resolve it soon enough.” Josh hummed, getting up and tapping on your knee to get your attention, you looked at him confused “You looked the script for today, right? Well, get ready, because we won’t only act out today. ”

You rose sharply, looking for the script of the day and listening to Josh laugh disappear after the door is closed. You squealed while reading and understanding what would happen today. Damn you, Joshua. Or should you say blessed? Anyway, he really deserved a kiss for trying to help you. If after this Chris continue with the idiot thought of “I will not assume what I feel because you are 10 years younger” you really would kick him and finally give up.

Returning to the set, you felt your hands shaking slightly, you were looking forward to the scene. It would be the first where you would have to take half of your clothes in front of several people, with enough lighting and camera… And it was better not to think about it. You just stood in the scene where Josh awaited you, he smiled and winked at you making you laugh, relaxing. You quickly began recording, Josh would appear to discover that your character was engaged and he would demand an explanation, he attempts to seduce you - with plenty of real kisses, thank you Josh - but Chris’s character appears on time. The two brothers fight, Josh’s character goes away and then Chris and you end up having angry sex on the couch, complete with spanking, loud moans, and groans. Of course, all false. But the kisses were more real than the ones you had changed with Josh, they were possessive kisses and Chris hands would leave marks on your skin, you just end up getting into character even more.

“What the hell was that?” Chris muttered, practically invading your dressing room and locking the door so that no one could get in the way.

“Huh?” You looked at him confused, closing the robe in a hurry to hide your clean lingerie “What happened?”

“You and Josh-” he began again, the harsh and angry voice, approaching with big steps to the couch where you were sitting.

“Listen, Hemsworth, you have no right to say anything” you interrupted, pointing your forefinger toward him and scowling “You’ve made it very clear that we will never have anything, so stop getting over me trying to control everything I do!”

You stared at him challenging an answer, you were at the same time angry and horny. You wanted so much hate that man, he was making you go crazy. But the answer did not come, Chris stared at you frowning and heavy breathing, you sighed defeated turning back to open the door and ignore him. But then you felt his hands on your hip and then his body was against yours, holding you against the wall. Oh shit.

“I’ll show you with who you’re talking.” He muttered husky in your ear.

Shoving his hands in your robe and holding your thighs tightly so you could wrap your legs around his hips. He then attacked your lips in a possessive and needy kiss, you corresponded with desire, holding his hair firmly with one hand and using the other to hold on his shoulder. You moaned between the kiss when you felt him grinding against you, making you wiggle in response. Oh, you needed him so much… But then something came to your mind as a cold water bath. You suddenly pushed him from you, standing with the help of the wall and taking a deep breath trying to compose yourself. Chris looked at you confused and when he tried to approach you raised a hand preventing him from getting close.

“I really want to fuck you, I really want to show you my kinks. But first, I demand to know what you want from me. Because you know very well my great interest in you. You know that I fuckin love you.” you said quickly, fixing your hair and then finally going to the door and opening the same “Come back when you have settled with your head that has a brain, and not with your other head.”

“(Y/N)… Don’t be like that…” He ran his hands through his hair in exasperation “Please.”

“I’ve made up my mind.”

“Alright, I’ll show you that I fucking love you and that I’ll not stay away.” Chris yelled for everyone to hear, getting out of your dressing room with long steps and still screaming, leaving you stunned at the door and drawing attention from everyone over the set. “I love this girl, damn it! Why is she driving me crazy? Someone call the press!  I will tell everyone that I’m in love! Someone record me saying I’m in love with (Y / N)!" 

“Oh my God, come back here, Chris!”

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I really wanted ten more seconds in that last sanvers scene just for alex to say that she was sorry for ignoring maggies feelings and that is was ok for her not to like valentines day, they can be romantic and sappy and crazy about each other any other day. And on valentines they can just go shoot stuff. Cause I feel like maggie's feelings are dismised and it was made about alex. And alex ignoring maggie was weird, specially since not even kara knew where she was, so where was she?

that’s literally all it would have taken but apparently that karamel make out session was REALLY IMPORTANT

Still Running Back To You

inspired by listening to outerspace/carry on | a breakup!luke fic by me 

what meant to be a short little blurb turned into…this. i just let my mind write and see where it takes me. let me know what you think!

It had been two months since you had last spoken to Luke. Right before they left for tour, the unimaginable had happened: you got your heart broken by a rockstar. 

How could you have not have seen this coming? Of course your heart would be broken in the end. Luke is a rockstar; those relationships never work out in the movies or in the fanfiction. Just because your heart was broken, doesn’t mean you don’t look when you hear his name, or smile when you see him and his best friends performing on your TV screen. 

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Bts reaction| you having a French fry problem (hyung line)


He doesn’t worry too much about you eating a lot of French fries but wouldn’t want you to spend all of your time eating them since it’s unhealthy to eat that much fries, most of the time when he’d go out to eat with the guys he’s bring you some fries, most of the time say “I swear you love those long fries potatoes more than you love me” but you both know that wasn’t the case

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Wouldn’t even bother asking if you wanted fries when he would ordered food, always shaking is head at you at you for looking at fries so fondly, he’d take some fries when you weren’t looking so you wouldn’t eat too much of it, like jin wouldn’t mind but doesn’t want it to be a problem to your health

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He goes crazy buying you French fries, always asking if you wanted some even though he already knew the answer but liked to see your face light up when that question is asked, taking some out of your plate

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Definitely goes and buys you fries when you least expected, always saying you shouldn’t eat them all the time but still spoils you with them, every time before he goes on tour he buys you them and you sit together enjoying them since it would be the last ‘meal’ together for months

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post-finale reaction

It’s been an hour since the episode aired and I’m still a flailing mess of feelz, but I’m going to attempt to write them down, haha.

Just…what a FANTASTIC episode! It perfectly honored the first season while making full acknowledgment of the crazy journey these characters have been on in the seasons since. Everything came full circle. Absolutely everything.

And because of that, it was the perfect sendoff to those leaving. That ending montage did a fantastic job of showing everyone living out their happily ever after, and the final scene in the diner was flawless. (Because, really, you can’t go six seasons referring to someone as The Savior and not draw a reference to the actual Savior at some point.)

I can’t thank Adam and Eddy enough for taking us on this wonderful journey the last 6 years. I can’t thank the incredibly talented cast enough for bringing their vision to life and then some. It wouldn’t be OUAT with out Jennifer, Ginny, Josh, Jared, Bex, and Emilie in those roles, and they will definitely be missed.

That said, I’m so looking forward to Season 7. It’s always a joy to watch Colin, Lana, and Robert perform, and I’m liking what I’ve seen so far from Andrew and Allison. I’m excited to see what faces return and what new characters we get to meet. The beauty of this show is that possibilities are endless. But I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the Charming clan as we know it—they’re still Henry’s family, and apparently they need him. I can’t wait to see it unfold.

This whole week has reminded me of the weeks leading up to the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2—there was that sense of ending, but also knowing that our love for the material wasn’t going anywhere. This fandom has been a joy to be a part of and I don’t intend on going anywhere: not when there is so much fic to read and write still, reminiscing to be done, and all you awesome people to continue to flail with. I love you all so much!

Captain Swan will always be there. Captain Charming Fridays will still continue. Snowing will always make us melt. The end of A Very Potter Sequel sums it up best:

I don’t want to see you go but it’s not forever, not forever
Even if it was you know that I would never let it get me down
‘Cause you’re the part of me that makes me better wherever I go
So I will try not to cry, ‘cause no one needs to say goodbye

The First Meeting

He looked at Y/N away. She was so beautiful. He loved her so much.

He remembers they day they first met.

Both worked together on the set of Les Misérables. He had fallen in love with her the first time he saw her beautiful eyes.

She was so famous but especially so simple. So nice. It was a famous actress who was down to earth and this is what he had loved first in her.

He remembers that the producer, Tom Hopper, had presented them to each other.

-          « I’m really glad to meet you ! » she told him, smiling and so happy. She was and is smiling with each person she works with.

-          « It’s a great pleasure ! » were the first words he had said her.

Gradually, as the days passed, they became increasingly close. So close that all the other actors thought they were already a couple.


Aaron knew he was in love with her but she was so mysterious, he didn’t know if she felt the same thing as he.

It was the last day of shooting, he decided to confess her everything. Absolutely everyting.

-          « Y/N, can I talk to you ? » he asked, just before shooting the scene of the final battle.

-          « Yes ! Of course ! »  she replied, always with a big smile on her face.

They walked away from everyone. Aaron really starting to get anxious but he needed to tell her he loved her.

-          « What’s going on ? » she asked him.

-          « Y/N … I have something very important to tell you » he started. « Listen … since the first day I saw you on the set, I fell crazy in love with you ! You’re so nice, pleasant, funny ! In short, you’re the woman that thousands of men dream of having ! »

-          « Aaron … » she wanted to interrupt him.

-          «  No, Y/N, let me finish ! Please … I understand that you don’t want to give me a chance, but I just need to tell you the feelings I have for you … » he added.

Y/N didn’t know what to say. She became silent.

-          « You know, you really are someone incredible, Aaron, … » she starded, « I want to give you a chance because … I’m in love with you too .. » she lowered her face.

He raised her sweet face with his finger. And he pressed his lips to hers. Once their lips don’t touch more, he looked her in the eyes and they laughed together.

And since that day in 2012, they have not left and are still crazy in love with each other. 

anonymous asked:

May I ask why you ship Jonerys? I don't know, I guess I /can/ see the allure, but the fact that they're aunt-nephew as well as how much their personalities clash really kind of turn me off :(

This wasn’t meant to be hate or judgy btw! I’m just genuinely curious as to what you like about Jonerys!! <3

Haha, don’t worry, anon, you can be judgy all you want on this matter tbh. What i don’t like is people coming to other’s inboxes and harassing them tbh. But I don’t expect anyone to think I’m “right” in shipping incest really. Because I know it’s wrong and i said it over and over and i’ll say it again if I have to xD

Wow, why I ship Jonerys… this will actually be a very long answer? I hope you forgive me, it’s just that… it isn’t simple at all. Because the reason I ship jonerys is basically related to the reason i ship anything ever + my “ship sense”.

So let’s go by items, cause I know i’ll talk a lot.

  • Let me start with this: When I first started shipping them (back in 1x01), I didn’t know they could be related.

This is not a “reason” why I ship them, but the reason why I saw this possibility and i just leapt into the ship wagon without any fears (LOL)

And yes I’m aware many people already knew about the R + L = J theory back then (in 2010 if i’m not mistaken) but I was a casual fan, and I didn’t. And, tbh, many many didn’t. So if you go back and watch the show right from the beginning, you’d never suspect those two characters could be related.

I only found out about 3 years ago (I THINK) when i restarted my GOT watch ( i stopped watching GOT i 2010 - i think- i still don’t remember why. Doesn’t mean i stopped watching Jon/Dany, cause I always loved the idea of then - i’ll explain later.

 and I began watching again right after season 5. I don’t remember HOW but I think a friend of mine explained the R + L = J theory to me then)

Now to the reasons: 

  • Their story always had potential

So okay, Game of Thrones is probably one of the only things I watch where THE PLOT is one of the things that drawn me the most. And, in general, i ship a lot of things because i like the potential of the story of said couple happening : 

I have always been drawn to the idea of jon and dany becasue their characters are….so different and so similar at the same freaking time??? 

They were both… orphans, pushed around by the obligations implied in their families- without truly deserving any of the “rewards” their families could offer (jon was a bastard, dany was just being used as a wife for her brother’s plans), both characters started the show being…innocent and gentle? (yeah? noticed that?) and for that… they also suffered, just the fact that everyone expected so little of them, treated them so bad was enough for me to want them to be heroes and rise above everyone and be together and rule the whole thing (season 7 hello, ily)

Also, I LOVED how ever since the beginning, there was this ice versus fire symbology about them. Jon being, Jon Snow, a Stark (winter is coming and all), living on the north, going to the wall etc; Dany being a Targaryen, mother of dragons, from the south, literally surviving fire.

Ice and Fire indeed. (now canon, oh season 7)

Now, even though i knew so little of the books, i DID know that they were called a song of ice and fire. And i caught that idea in my mind right away. When I first started watching the show… i was like, okay he’s ice and she’s fire and there’s gonna be a ginormous journey ahead of them but they’ll meet in the end and they’ll be the key to all of these lands problems (again, season 7, hello and I love you)

I knew (or “felt”) THEY were the key, or one of the keys, again because their characters were the ones who were pushed around, belittled by others, but they still remained being honorable (let’s not enter discussions about whether they TRULY were of the writers just think they were and portrayed them like that but people disagree cause that’s another conversation entirely). So, i just… why wouldn’t i ship them? Let’s get these two opposing but similar forces together, those two characters who suffered so much and were humbled and then rose –and they’ll rule this thing together

And, for real, when you watch the show you can see all of their symbologies in their journeys (i can’t even describe everything but i can try to find a vid to help), even the way they’d cut the scene would somehow show Dane struggling with something, then cut to Jon (or vice versa). The fact is, for me, Jon and Daenerys meeting and ruling is one of the most plot satisfying things that could happen on this show.

Not to mention that : 1- for people familiar with the book, we all know there’s a whole prophecy of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised and all…. (hey season 7). We also know that Jon and Dany have traits that would make them both  fit description to some extent. Again…. badass.

I’m not even sure if i need them to be involved or if i just want them to rule everyone together or what. I can barely explain it. All i know is that I find their journeys interesting and so intertwined, i love the idea that everyone in westeros was fighting and killing each other while those two big forces were rising and being awesome while everyone was doubting them. And i like the idea of them joining their forces. 

PS; i disagree that their personalities clash that much actually? I think they aren’t that similar and they aren’t that different, if it makes any sense.

In ways, Dany wants to be a queen no matter what and Jon doesn’t care about that, however they BOTH care about the people they are ruling - unless most of the other leaders on the show. THAT and the parallels I explained above… and more

  • And Finally: My Ship Sixth Sense!

Yes. Yes I’m aware this is crazy. But here’s the thing, and I was just talking about it with friends of mine yesterday, I’m an INFP anf there are a lot of shows/books/movies where i’ll just look at a ship one moment and a light bulb will turn on in my heart and i’ll go OKAY IDK HOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN

Jon/Dany are …. the best example of this happening to me. Even before i even watched the show I had this feeling, when I saw their respective first scenes, that feeling was SCREAMING at me. I’m not psychic (LOL),  thing is… i kinda tend to pick up cinematography, music, editing hints without realizing it (not just me BTW, infps are wonderful at “”predicting”” ships). So THAT + the things I explained up there probably resulted in this “intuition/feeling” i had about Jon/Daenerys since the beginning.

And that feeling was SO STRONG right from their first scene that…. to be honest… i wanted it to be true? As some sort of pride/fun thing, maybe a bet i made with myself (LOL), i wanted to see myself and my crazy ship sixth sense being right. 

So even after I found out they might be related (cause it was only kinda confirmed last year), the feeling never stopped - all the clues I saw, the story unraveling, nothing changed….and there was a moment i was just,,,, the heck with it, i know it’s wrong but i also know it’s a tv show, not any tv show - game of thrones where the morals are messed up anyway- so i just wanna see this happen cause the story is demanding it and my ship sense is demanding it and it would be interesting as heck to watch.

  • EPILOGUE (LOOOOL) : Now, a few vids, because this show has so much info is hard to list and i DOUBT i made much sense on the story part: (specially towards the end you can see the parallels and contrasts all at the same time)  –: i don’t think the song they picked match the show but this vid shows so so many parallels (the most recent one)

One Piece Tower Show (Tokyo 2k16)

Holla Amigos! Shin here~ These upcoming travel posts is not form my old trip. This is my recent June trip to Tokyo because last time is Tokyo-Osaka. Anyway, I’d like to start with a bam and my fave of course, One Piece Tower! Yes, I came back but it’s the first time I watched the live show and it was amazing

Just a short heads up: The One Piece Tower attraction is said to be called ‘Tongari Island’. The show is about Law betraying Luffy to side with Kizaru so that he would let the Heart Pirates crew go. Luffy and the rest of the StrawHats got caught in a Seastone prison and Kizaru thought his plan is a success. But, Law already let his crew go beforehand and the ‘getting caught drama’ is really Law and Luffy’s plan to defeat Kizaru. Then there were fight scenes where it was by ship pairing like ZoSan and LawLu combos. Kizaru was too strong though so the audience powered the crew up by saying ‘Ton Gari Gari Ton’ with the use of this firestone: (it changed color at the end it was really pretty)

ZoSan first apperance

StrawHat crew first appearance



The getting caught drama where Luffy was like ‘Torao did you really betray me’

Franky’s hand appeared to blow up the Seastone prison and they revealed their plan

Everyone was like let’s go fight Kizaru and Fluff Ball Chopper went first. This was really funny cause Kizaru was hesitant to fight him since he was so fluffy so he decided to throw Chopper at us, the audience instead

before he landed on us though, Usopp to the rescue hehehe

ZoSan fight scene



And in the end, they defeated Kizaru by using the ‘Ton Gari Gari Ton’ chant

LawLu fist bumppp

I think the audience ships ZoSan more since they were screaming like crazy in this part

Classic Nami

Last Dance

Mostly LawLu because I’m a trash I was watching their every move

Upcoming Tokyo 2k16 parts soon. Lemme know what you think amigos :)

Follow my tag of : ShinTokyo2k16 for full Tokyo trip once I finished :)


Baratie/Arlong + Zou Parallels: Zoro

SO i was gonna make a post about this but i decided to make a graphic instead

maybe i’m going crazy here, but Zoro in the last few chapters has really been reminding me of Baratie/Arlong Arc Zoro. Nami/Sanji disappear because of personal problems, Zoro tells Luffy to just leave them because they have several other big problems to deal with, and in the end Zoro shows in his own way that he cares

Nami yelling at Zoro to not decide how important other people’s problems are really reminded me back when Zoro told Sanji not to call him an idiot for his life choices. especially since right after that scene, Nami herself took Merry and the Arlong Arc got kicked off, which was all about her personal problems. Zoro was also, arguably, doing the same thing to Nami back then too; deciding how important her problems were before knowing about them

and, of course, both times he listened in on someone explaining Nami/Sanji’s situation, showing that he does care

Knight In Shining Sneakers...

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: Slight creepy guy, but nothing major.

Writer: gowns-and-garnets

Summary/Request:  Submitted by gowns-and-garnets: “The idea came purely from the blog imaginesofeveryfandom. The prompt was “ A guy hits on you when you’re out with Pietro… he uses his powers to mess with the guy before scurrying away with you” So thank you for the idea, hope you enjoy the writing!”

Notes: Thank you ever so much for sending this in, it was amazing and very well written and i’m proud to have it on the blog <3 x

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I wanted to do a little better since the last doodle was the first time I drew the three boys. Here’s that scene where they descend from somewhere and Taako is like motherfucking Mary Poppins. I totally can’t remember when it happened though. 

Taako and Magnus designs are from @queenoftheantz! Snout Taako and Chinese Magnus are my lifeblood, tbh.


Blanca and I went on our pretty-much-yearly jaunt to Spain this week and I managed to squeeze in some more drawings (you can see last years’ here, I think overall they’re better). I have a slightly larger sketchbook atm so I tried to take advantage of it by doing full scenes rather than the usual bits and pieces. The result is a little less fun (no little doodly self-cariactures in there) but it felt constructive. These drawings are posted in reverse chronological order - I think you can tell since the bottom one is super stiff, the middle one is fast and crazy and the top one gets a sort of balance. I did a few more but these are the only ones I liked! (actually i only like the top two here but I am posting the bottom one too to fill out space)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! Working on a bunch of things at the moment but they’re all at kind of pupal stages. Probably will post a big burst of stuff in a few week’s time.

I Want To Break Free: Or How Sherlock got his groove back.

So, did anyone else think that Jim Moriarty’s playlist song - Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” - might have been intentionally introduced as one of the metaphors for The Final Problem? As well as Sherlock and Molly? Honest to God, I never thought, in a bazillion years, I’d end up writing a song meta. I love music, surrounded by musicians & music - but a meta? Who woulda thunk….

There’s some spectacular metas floating around that go into incredible detail about the Sherlock and Molly set-up (excellent reading, btw), but this song, more or less, sums it up in a nutshell. It truly is a mixture of fears, thoughts and feelings that have been exchanged between these two characters since the very beginning, including within themselves. It couldn’t have been more perfectly and surreptitiously placed in this episode. Especially as it’s introduced by a crazy mofo.

The focus of love, unacknowledged and unrequited, has always zeroed in on Molly. As she’s pretty much the only ‘real life’ relatable character in this fictional world (aside from Lestrade), one of her functions has been to humanize everyone in the story, although primarily Sherlock. Yes, I know John’s important, but this isn’t about John, so let’s just save focusing on him for another meta.

From the first episode to the last, Molly’s scenes and dialogue are 99.9999% with Sherlock. And the two scenes that weren’t with Sherlock were directly about him. One of those scenes was to purposely inform the other characters regarding his deeply emotional nature and to pay attention (TSoT). The other scene was to inform the viewing audience on the expanded intimacy of their relationship (HLV). Intimacy, in this particular case, is not demonstrated via romantic attachment, but that of evolved trust and friendship.

Love, romantic or otherwise, can’t exist in a vacuum. At least not forever. That’s not the nature of Love. Eventually it has to be set free and this is something we’ve directly seen Molly struggle with. We’ve witnessed her feelings mocked; we’ve witnessed her innocence broken along with her trust shaken and shattered; we witnessed her attempt to focus her heart elsewhere and when that failed, we even witnessed her use of distancing by focusing on the practical, yet unconditional, elements of love. She has always found a way to pick herself up and move on in the healthiest possible way. Always. But, and this is a big BUT, in our distraction of focusing on Molly, many never really saw (shipper goggles set aside), that Sherlock was stuck in the same vacuum.

Both characters, Molly and Sherlock, have needed to set themselves free. Not only from their respective 'prisons’ that have prevented free expression with one another, but the lies they’ve told themselves, and each other, which sustained emotional bondage.

I really dig this passage from the book, A Course In Miracles:

“The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.”

Fear, in this case, has been the gatekeeper of the biggest lie. It truly is the final problem. Breaking down all those barriers to love’s presence. But, it’s also the message behind Queen’s “I Want To Break Free.” It can be so easy to look upon another and see their lies, game playing or self-denial. Not so easy with ourselves, however. Life has sorta trained us to look outside of ourselves for the causation of pain, leaving us beret of personal accountability and culpability of our choices.

I could make this strictly about romantic love, but it’s more than that. Romance is just one of the many avenues in which love can be expressed. Love, itself, is profound and indelible. Choosing to allow, express and receive love with another being is so much more than flowers, kisses, midnight pillow talk, and sex. It requires not only the ability to be vulnerable and authentic, but understanding of the Self. Truly, we cannot hope to extend love to another if we have no concept of who we are, what we’re about, or capable of.

Criminally insane and batshit crazy Jim Moriarty gave us two bold clues about the very long game that was being played out via his soundtrack.

The first was about himself: Staying Alive (Bee Gees, 1977). It was tough for him. Suicide has never been a shy theme in the SHERLOCK series and Jim Moriarty sought what he believed was the ultimate freedom: Death.

The second was about Sherlock’s life: I Want To Break Free (Queen, 1984) from lies. The Final Problem showed us that Sherlock, from a very early age (4 yrs old), chose a revisionist history over acceptance and allowance. If he didn’t like something personal to him, he’d re-write the story. In many respects, this is actually a really healthy thing to do. If we want to change a condition or circumstance in our life for the better - telling a new story is a good way to begin. However, when it involves suppression and self-denial - even when it’s roots were justifiably based in trauma or self-protection - it will eventually erode into attrition. Cognitively, the use of this application, over time, will create a sort of dissonance. With Sherlock, it no longer protected him from trauma - the event had long passed. Instead, it created a different kind of trauma by emotional crippling.

Honestly, all of this has been said before, and more eloquently, in other meta’s (go read 'em), but the 'I Love You’ and 'coffin’ scene are clearly represented in 'I Want To Break Free.’

“But life still goes on; I can’t get used to, living without, living without, Living without you by my side, I don’t want to live alone, hey God knows, got to make it on my own, So baby can’t you see I’ve got to break free.”

In ASiP, Mycroft told John Watson that his therapist got it wrong. He instructed John to fire her. John wasn’t traumatized by the war, he missed it. For as brilliant and remarkable as Mycroft is, unfortunately, he got it wrong by misunderstanding the intention and meaning of “I Love You.” It’s perfectly understandable that he would. Love is something he denies himself, even though it’s something he desires. Mycroft thought 'I love you’ was about someone who loves Sherlock. And, in one respect he was right - it was the clue that Sherlock knew would bust open a fixed decision. And what this particular test was about. If you recall, it was “Vivisection” - the opening of Sherlock so he would recognize, as well as those present, how he really works… and expose what’s going on behind that immutable facade he wears. Ouch! Bet he didn’t wake up that morning thinking, “Today’s the day!” No. He was laid bare and vulnerable - all his arrogance and superiority crushed with three little words - because the I Love You wasn’t about who loves him, it was about who he loves. Ironic how he foretold us this in The Lying Detective:

Your life, once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everybody else. Your life is not your own.

Of course, he was talking about suicide (and Mary’s death, which he’s grieving), but the point he makes remains valid. Our death is a long term event that will be experienced through loss and grief by those who love us and miss our physical presence. It will be experienced through memories, possessions shared, voids where our life used to stand - but it will also be missed through - “So many days not lived, so many words unsaid, etc, etc, etc.” It might be a difficult fact to face, but when we’re dead, we’re no longer concerned with all the earthly, mundane affairs. We’re soaring through the clouds, re-emerged with non-physical energy and the Conscious Mind. It’s those we leave behind who will be thinking about all the things they never said, but wished they had. They will be thinking about all the things they wished they did, but never got around to. They will think about all the lost moments, never to be retrieved. That’s what grief is relative to death. Irretrievable loss. It’s what my neighbor is currently going through right now…his wife of 35 years passed away on Christmas day.

As a counselor, I speak with thousands of people - directly and through workshops. The primary questions people ask about their loved ones who’ve re-emerged into non-physical are not about “Why didn’t they leave a will?” Or, “I hope they rot in hell.” Instead, they are always about, “Are they okay? I never got to say good-bye. Do they know how much I love them? I never said I Love You. I never said it enough. I always thought we’d have more time. How do I move on? I don’t think I’ll ever be okay. This isn’t happening, it doesn’t feel real.” These are actual concerns the grieving confront upon the death of someone they love, especially as they move through despondency and depression. The dead don’t place a golden plaque on a coffin that says 'I Love You.’ That’s what their beloved does.

If you’ve ever read Harry Potter, Dumbledore sums it up pretty cool, too:

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love.”

We’ll never actually know exactly how Sherlock and Molly went about resolving this whole thing. That’s what imagination and fanfic is for. But, like Sherlock, Moffat and Gatiss don’t have a problem saying: “We’ll leave you to your own deductions.” Since clues are like gold in this show, Molly’s effervescent smile at the end sums it up nicely: They Broke Free.