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Minako-sensei’s age

I’m so tired of all these discussions about Minako-sensei’s age, so I hope this clarifies everything^^;

Here’s the confirmation by Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Yuuri’s VA) that Minako is older than Yuuri’s mom.

(Scans by @aliasanonyme and translation by @toranoice)

—First of all, I would like to ask you about your impression of the episodes so far.

Uchiyama: It’s hard to say, since so much happened… But undoubtedly the impact of episode 1 was really strong.

Toyonaga: Everything about episode 1 left a strong impression on me. The beautiful landscapes of Hasetsu, the adorableness of Yuri’s dad and mom. And the shocking truth that Minako-sensei is actually older than his mom (LOL).

U: She must be a witch.

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Minako-sensei is an amazing witch<3


age: 23
zodiac: aries
height/weight: 5’ 3"/ 146 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): dancing, drawing, playing banjo
personality: by far, the most joyful of the bunch. she’s a very good and persuasive speaker and will help you through your problems faster than anyone. her smile and laugh are her biggest charms, and any love you give to her, she’ll give you back 3 times as much. She’s deeply in love w/ goldie and has made that clear ever since they were still kids. The hallucinations that she had when she was a kid still happen, but were more useful for speaking to the dead and communicating w/ phantoms. she helps maria soul-search often especially in the times of the second game. On top of that, she’s really the only original; she still has her real soul, from when she was a child. Maria took her in as the very first soul in limbo, besides herself, sped up her aging process to become a young adult, and then halt it (as mariah did for everyone else, except for the toys). spring, like everyone else, was at least uneasy about the bite that would tear her and goldie apart for the next thirty years. she claims that she suddenly forgot how to laugh.. or speak entirely. She spent her purgatory in the store room, what wasn’t accessible in the game itself. and just… waited..

age: 31
height/weight: 5’ 6"/ 130 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: heteroromantic/heterosexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): hunting, taxidermy, stalking, playing banjo
Personality: everything that happened in the past, those memories, she still hangs tight to them.. But they’ve all turned sour. She seems to forget how to love entirely. so much so that everyone she bonded w/ 30 years before, she now hates w/ a fiery passion. She constantly fights w/ vincent for whatever control she has left over her body, and wouldn’t hold the grudges that she does have, against the rest of the group, if it weren’t for him driving her mad. the psychosis she is still diagnosed w/ makes her the only one who can really communicate properly w/ the other phantom animatronics. at the times where she isn’t angry and hostile, she’s in remorse and regret.. wishing that the day they were killed, if she had just listened to gregory.. none of this would’ve happened…

age: 11
height/weight: 3’ 9"/77 lbs
b day: 2/19/1976
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): playing outside, singing, practicing banjo and fiddle
siblings: patrick (fnaf 3 guard)
personality/story: ((idkoneodthemjuathadtobeapurecountrykid)) she’s a simple farm girl who lives w/ her older brother, patrick, and her grand parents, on the very outskirts of the county. she has the widest sense of optimism of the children and keeps them from falling apart. she was the only person, besides felix, that was able to open gregory’s heart. and just like the bond that amber and andrew shared, they were the closest of friends. maybe even more so. she suffers from psychosis, and often has hallucinations and occasional, but rare and brief, moments of confused thinking. despite this, she still keeps her head high and ignores any insults thrown at her. the biggest downside to her psychosis is that, on the day of their death, vincent was easily able to manipulate her brain (something he wouldn’t’ve been able to do to the other children) and made her see and follow an illusion of herself, as spring bonnie, luring the other children into a death trap. she was the only child found, barely alive.. along w/ the killer, who had been concluded to be an employee named william afton, who had commit suicide after the (according to officials) failed murder. she appeared to have died later in the hospital. the other children were just declared missing…

DS: me

A 1920's Narnia AU

So what if instead of it being medieval dresses and all that, narnia is more like the 1910-20’s era…but there’s still magic.

•The Pevensie’s are more accustomed to things since it’s not that far off from them.
•The Witch doesn’t just rule kingdoms, but she’s head of many innovations. Trains, some early models of planes, etc.
•Some areas of Narnia are rural and others are swampy, smokey industrial pits.
•She puts young talking animals to work for little pay in the harsh cold.
•Edmund had signed a contract without reading it, legally binding him to the Witch.
•Peter, Susan, and Lucy find Aslan.
•Things still kinda go down the same except the battle is gruesome.
•Explosives, guns, and magic mingled together making a living hell for Edmund and Peter who left this back in England.
•They still win and try to get things in order.
•Trade is big. Innovation is big.
•Parties are amazing. Narnian jazz is starting to come about.
•Instead of taverns, there’s jazz clubs where Susan and Lucy sneak to every once in awhile though Peter hates it.
•The dresses are gorgeous.
•Edmund and Peter wear suits and bow ties.
•Edmund is head of his own newspaper.
•Susan is a heavy contributor, winning the hearts of a lot of other lords in other areas and businesses.
•Peter is managing the whole household of Cair Paravel, checking the farms, making sure their tenants are taken care of.

Like imagine a Downton Abbey-esque Narnia. I dunno where I’m going with this, but it came into my head. Feel free to add.

(My AU’s aren’t as good as @pevxnsie’s) 😅

I once talked to this mercy main as other mercy main. We hit off so well and had fun talking. It was until i said i like to fly around a lot with pharah and that she is the safest to pocket. She went mad and sent me a long message telling me why flying with pharah is a suicide. And you know who she said was better to pocket? Genji, from all the heroes she chose genji.
From my over 150+ hours of mercy i can say i have tried to pocket so many genjis to see if its as great as people tell it is. And let me tell you it isn’t.
Every genji i have had on my team (usually a genji mainTM) have left me to die. I have been more vulnerable to damage since genji is more of a close combat hero than far away, meaning i too will be close to enemies. But there have been _few_ genji’s that have helped me and come near enough for healing. But for pocketing, genji ain’t the best hero.
But when there is a pharah on my team oooohh boy. I get almost 99% surely thanks for every heal i give, and i will most likely be picked up from spawn room (or waited till i spawn and we leave together) and they will save my ass from scary hooks with conclusion plast. I can fly to safety and usually if there is not that good of a soldier or any other hit scan on cround im most likely safe on the air. And flying gives me advantage of seeing my whole team from higher ground meaning i know better who needs healing. Also damage boosted pharah does a lot of damage and is really deadly wich means you most likely will be fine while pocketing her. Yes there can be bad pharah players and sometimes playing against hit scan ain’t a good idea but for if anyone ask me ever wich one is better and safer to pocket, i will always go for pharah.


Requested by @rboz!

Prompt; Turned on at the wrong moment, getting it on, getting walked in 

I hope you enjoy this, Rusky! :D

Slight nsfw warning


The camp was quiet for once, much to Gajeel’s relief. They had traveled double time from HQ, and had just settled as the sun was beginning to set. ’And in record time too, gihee,’ he thought, overseeing the activity as officers and soldiers bustled about, tiredly building dinner fires. So far, all was going to plan, and hopefully, there would be a bit of quiet time with his favorite script mage after her report to their higher ups. He resisted biting his lip again; they were already chapped from his teeth chewing on them since she had left for her job. Not that he had been worried about the girl or anything, he was just a bit impatient for their reunion.  

Okay, he was a bit worried. But he’d be the last one to admit that to anyone out loud other than Lily.  

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Like… the Rubies still don’t know what’s going on?

None of them are aware of the corrupted gems, the forced fusions, the cluster, or ANYTHING that went down on earth since the war! Eyeball barely knows what was going on during the war and she’s the only one on the team to be a survivor of it, hell, she admits she was only looking for Jasper in hopes of getting some closure for what happened back then.

As far as they know they’re just here to pick up a well-regarded gem whose ship broke down, and they’ve been jerked around by a bunch of suspicious gems since they set foot on the planet!

And now they’ve been stranded and left for dead in the void of space with little to no hope of rescue, their only hope is for one of them to trick the untrustworthy earth-gems, who’ve done nothing but fuck them over, into getting their ship back and rescuing the others from their never-ending hell in the void of space by pretending they want to actually join them?

But Yeah Like. Navy is definitely an “Irredeemably Evil Sociopath” I Guess.

spontaneous ficlet

There are so many people who want to kill her. It weighs on the back of her mind, sometimes - a small familiar fear that she shoulders as routinely as her purse before heading out the door.

Lena’s not helpless though. For one thing, the purse in question contains her own version of pepper spray, something with a far narrower coverage area.

Sometimes she feels like she’s dedicated every day since Lex to fighting that fear, and somewhere along the line she’d gotten so busy with it that she forgot to also be a person.

Now, with the heel of her expensive shoe broken and dangling, and her purse out of reach where she’d left it in the bar, she has the wild thought that she should laugh - it isn’t the Luthor name that’s going to take her down. This shaky kid with the gun doesn’t even know who she is.

All that time, all that fear, and she’s going to die just like everyone else.

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Do You Love Me?

A/N: Hey guys. First request so far. Hope you guys request more. Hope you like it. Much love.

It had been so long since that girl left but it still seems she is still causing trouble for things here. I had been there for Jax Teller since before she was even in the picture. I was there after and then during the Wendy fiasco. It wasn’t until after the divorce did he realize what was in front of him. I took care of him and the club when needed and then some. I was there since the beginning, same as him. My father being Piney and twin brother, Opie. 

I was the atonement of the perfect Old Lady. Yet he waited til so much later to realize that. Which I’m happy for all the same but I had hoped for it to be sooner. Then the shit with Abel and then Tara fucking Knowles just had to be back. 

Maybe I was paranoid or not but I felt like he was just using me and then I was playing second fiddle to that woman. Sometimes I thought I saw him give her looks like he still loved her or maybe I was imagining things, I don’t know. 

Once the things had settled a little, I let the self-doubt cloud my mind and I sat in our home at the table with a drink in hand and a cigarette in the ash try. I sat there for I don’t know how long as I started down into the glass filled with amber liquid before I heard the door open and close as Jax walked through. I heard the leather being shrugged off his shoulders and put it on the hook and toeing off his shoes. 

“Babydoll? What’s wrong?” He asked as he walked into the dinning area. 

I mumbled so low, even I could barely hear myself. “Do you love me?”

“What?” He asked. I didn’t have to look at him to know he was frowning his brow in confusion. 

“Do you love me? No, let me rephrase that. Are you in love with me?” I finally looked up at him as his face morphed into shock at my question.

“Y/N…what makes you think I’m not in love you? Baby, I love you. So much.” He grabbed my hand and put the glass on the table and rubbed my knuckles. 

I sighed as I watched our hands. It felt so good and I loved the smoothness yet worn feeling his hands had. “I..I don’t know, Jax. It’s just I get doubts sometimes. It’s been like this since I was young especially once I knew I loved you. I can’t compare to the other women you’ve been with.”

“Exactly, you can’t compare because you are so much better than them. Yes, it took me awhile to see that but I did and that’s all that matters. You can’t compare to them because you are your own person. You should never compare yourself to others. I know that’s what your mother did and I don’t want you doing that to yourself.”

He stood up and pulled me with him. “Now let me show you just how much I love you. And then we can add Abel to the list of people who love you just as much as I do.” He wagged his eyebrows at me and I laughed at as he pulled me to our bedroom.

Three years has passed

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, it’s based on my doujinshi. I’m not a really good writer but I’ll try my best since I’m going to delete the previous pages of the doujin. But this is basically what happens. Tell me if you like it or not. If I should keep writing the story or just give up. Also, feel free to give me any recommendations and suggestions.

Anime: Fairy Tail

Couple: Gajevy

Rated: T (Language)

Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort

Status: On going

Summary: Tired of being “the damsel in distress”, Levy left the guild without telling anyone except Master Makarov. She spent three years far away from Magnolia learning new spells to improve her skills. But finally, is time to return home. What’s that strange magic she learn?

Chapter One: Returning Home

Magnolia’s most famous guild was no longer as cheerful as it was three years ago. Even if it still was noisy the environment inside was different. They have maintained the title of the strongest guild in Fiore. But there was some sort of emptiness in their hearts. The smartest comrade they had left without saying a word to her guild mates. The happiness she transmitted was very contagious. Especially to the ones who made cheers for her when things get difficult. But that emptiness was about to be filled again. It was time for the young girl to come home.

Long messy hair moving side to side as she walked, wearing a perfect red crop top that contrast with the blue color of her hair. In both arms she had white finger-less long gloves and shorts that exposed the delicate skin of her legs. As she was passing through the streets lots of the residents stare at her. But it wasn’t a bad thing, they were surprised of how she looks. It wasn’t a bit similar to her old style.

Levy McGarden, a beautiful and intelligent Fairy Tail member was making her way to the guild. Nerves were taking a toll on her, leaving her split between eagerness to return to the happy memories and sudden anxiety of facing the others. Standing outside of the guild, she let out a long sighed she was holding and murmured. “It’s time to come home”. She opened the doors softly and slipped inside quietly. She looked for her favorite spot, and there he was. The wisest exceed she had ever met and learned to love. Making her way to the table she stopped right behind him and bent over.

“Long time no see…Pantherlily”

Levy. Lily thought as he turned around and saw her with a bright smile and her arm stretched out.

“I missed you so much” She said. Her lovely eyes looking directly at his. She grabbed him and give him hug, squeezing the Exceed happily.

“L-L-Levy I can barely breathe,” Said a purplish Pantherlily.

“Oh! I’m so sorry Lily,” She offered him an apology as she moved him to the top of a table.

A pink hair mage noticed the presence and recognize the scent of his childhood friend. He smiled and whispered to his partner, “Hey Luce, I think today is your lucky day.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Natsu? The celestial spirit mage replied. He pointed to the blue-haired girl.

“It’s that Levy-chan?! Is it really you?!” The excited young blonde shout from the other side of the guild.

Levy’s eyes followed the source of Lucy’s voice. She ran and hug the busty girl, making them to fall on the flat ground.

“Lucy? Oh my! You look so gorgeous. How you’ve been?” Levy cried.

Lucy laughed. “You too, also, what’s with the tough look? You sure look more confident and stronger.”

“LEVY LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!” Jet and Droy said in unison with hearts on their eyes.

Smiling at the heart whelming scene, Lily flew to the entrance of the guild. “I guess this is the perfect chance to get out of here and tell Gajeel the big news.” And with that last statement he left the noisy guild.

At the outskirts of Magnolia, the iron dragon slayer was munching some metal while watching the view of the whole town. He felt the presence of his exceed coming from behind him. “What do you want Lil’? Did you pick up a job or what? I’m getting tired of bein’ here doing shit.” He tossed away a few scraps.

“Well, let’s say that won’t be a problem anymore,“ said Pantherlily cryptically.

Gajeel turned his head and giving Lily a confused look. He stated: “What the hell are you talking about? Somethin’ hit you while your way back here?” And then he noticed something was off. He sniffed the environment and the strange smell was coming from Lily’s direction. He walked over to the exceed and grabbed him.

“Hey, put me down you creep!” Lily said uncomfortably.

Gajeel kept sniffing. “You smell different! It’s like your scent is overshadowed by another.”

“Familiar isn’t it?” Lily smirked.

Wait a minute. His eyes widened as realization hit him hard.

Lily nodded, confirming his suspicions. “What you’re thinking it’s the correct answer.” He paused. “She’s back and looks very different.”

Gajeel turned his back to Lily. Looked at the full view of Magnolia as he said desperately. “Levy?! Where is she?”

“At the guild, isn’t that obvious. Thought you were smarter.” Lily mocked. “I have to admit that she almost most suffocated me with that killing hug.” He paused as he saw Gajeel still as a statue. “Maybe if you start walking you might have a chance to catch her. So, what do you want to do?”

Gajeel looked over the shoulder. “Just like you said. Isn’t that obvious?”

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Rain, rain..

I have never seen so much rain, but we’re not about to let it dampen our spirits. Isla has been obsessed with her rain boots since we left Enekjaer, but until now she hasn’t had the right weather to wear them (not that the sun or heat stopped her.) So I have a very happy little girl that is in love with the rain and umbrellas and her favourite boots. As you can see.. her outfit. My toddler/really a teenager now likes to pick her own outfit and the tutu was a must, no matter how rainy or cold it is outside.

So far, England is treating us kind. Our little home for the next two weeks is wonderful and I wish I could just pack it up and take it with us. It’s an exciting time and we can’t wait to explore all that England has to offer us.

Hood needs assistance (Jason Todd imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can u do a Jason x reader where she’s the new batgirl and she and Jason knew each other for a while and he gets in trouble and she has to save him and he confesses his feelings!?!
Summary: Jason needs help on the field, and finally confesses his feelings. 
Word count: 511
Warning(s): swearing ? 

Your interactions with Jason had been few and far between, since he seemed to have a strong distaste against you, you had known him before his death, but back then you weren’t a vigilante, life was normal. You were the new batgirl, ever since he found out he had developed this strange hatred, you had been very close friends before, so it left you baffled.

The boys always teased it was because he wasn’t as good of a fighter as you, even though you knew that wasn’t true, it had to be something else, something more.

You were out on regular patrol, it was an average night. A few muggings and smaller robberies here and there. You were grappling from building to building, looking for people in trouble, when Tim spoke from behind the computers in the batcave, “y/n, hood needs assistance, you’re the closest, I forwarded you his coordinates.”

Letting out a small annoyed groan, you head towards him, “On my way.” you let Tim know. ‘gotta help the fellow vigilante’ you thought in fake cheer.

Reaching the destination you hear shots being fired, its definitely more then one gun, so you presume that the fire was opened towards Jay. Running across the metal container units, trying to remain as unseen as possible, you try to locate the fellow hero.

Finally spotting him taken cover behind one of the containers, you jump down next to him. “Here to assist,” You say cheerfully, trying to hide the obvious fact that you would much rather be somewhere else. 

You can just hear him roll his eyes as he backs towards you.  “We need to take them out,” He says simply, not really even looking at you. “What the hell is your problem,” you ask, before taking out one of the assailants that had their back turned towards you. “My problem?” He questions in faux surprise, taking out two others. “Ever since you found out I was batgirl you’ve been a little bitch about it.” You comment, managing to pull two of the criminals of their feet before taking out one and Jason taking out the other in a simple punch.

Me being a bitch, Excuuuuse me that I care that the girl I fell for might be killed by some idiot.” He grunts as one of the last few guys punches him in the stomach. You stay quiet for a bit, knocking out the man that had just hit Jay, the new info just starting to register.

“Wait you fell for me?” I ask, holding the last guys hands behind his back, giving Red hood a chance to take him out. “Wasn’t it painfully obvious?” He asks, standing right in front of you.

So I wasn’t the only one,” I mumble, looking straight at his helmet, where his eyes should be.  He pulls you into a bone crushing hug. “you were still a lil’ bitch about it,” you smirk pulling away.

“Looks like i have to make up for it,” He laughs, pulling you up close to him as he grapples away.


With love,

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Noorhelm Appreciation Week
Day Seven: Free Day 

Noorhelm + Hogwarts AU

(Inspired by: you know, i was joking when i suggested you jump into the lake and see if there really is a giant squid, and i’m still not sure why you needed to take your clothes off to do this)

“Just tell me what I have to do.”

Noora had already turned to walk back to the castle when William’s voice filled the grounds’ mid-afternoon hush. In theory, studying by the lake on one of Hogwarts’ rare sunny afternoons had sounded relaxing. Pretty. Warm. A welcome break from the perpetual Scottish drizzle.

In practice, it left her far more open to the dubious advances of Slytherin’s most arrogant seventh year—which, given the house’s reputation, was something of a feat—than the Gryffindor common room would have. Especially since Jonas and Isak had stolen Eva’s company for the day.

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lol fucking kill me, “caught” at sephora

i went lifting with a partner on boxing day at a mall kinda far away, which was a big fuckin mistake. we were in sephora and i told her that i wasn’t getting good vibes and she agreed so i was like ok cool, we aren’t lifting. i actually bought two things (i had a gift card from christmas) and we walked out, and as soon as we left, this dude in all black came and asked to speak to us. i was actually confused since i had purchased two things & i thought my friend put her other stuff back cause we agreed we had a bad feeling. apparently the feeling was not mutual and she didn’t feel anything was wrong & my dumbass had NO idea she lifted! of course this motherfucker was LP, he asked if we had walked out with stuff we hadn’t paid for and she said yes and i was SHOOK, i really thought she just dropped her basket!!!!! but anyways yeah he took our info and said we’re banned from all sephoras for a year, luckily i gave him only my ID that had my name on it but i did use my sephora acc to check out so they probably have my address as well. i’m super fucking mad she didn’t drop her stuff when i told her i had a bad feeling. needless to say i won’t be lifiting with her ever again & i guess i won’t be going to sephora for awhile lol.

Right here Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by superglittercrush

Word Count: 1221

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one and part three here

Peter and Mary Jane had been dating for a few weeks now and you’d thought you’d be able to get over it, but time did nothing to mend your broken heart. The pain never left, if anything it only increased each time you saw them together. They would look so…happy together and that’s what killed you the most. It seemed that she could make him happier than you ever could.

You’d barely got to spend time with Peter ever since his new relationship status and it was partially your fault. Everywhere he went Mary Jane was sure not to be far behind, it was like as if they were attached at the hip or something. They both seemed to have no shame in making out in front of everyone, including you, and that’s why you hadn’t talked to him that much recently. It hurt too much to see the boy you love kiss another girl in front of you, to hold someones hand that was not your own and to look at someone with such admiration when that someone was not you. You’d never hurt like this before, this pain was something new to you and you desperately wanted it to end. You needed your friend back, your other half, you needed Spider-man more than the rest of the world right now, you needed Peter Parker.

You were currently having lunch with your friends Michelle, Gwen and Ned. They were the only ones who knew about your feelings for Peter and weren’t hesitant in helping you through this tough time. Michelle made silly puns and would recommend a new TV show for you to get hooked on, Gwen would give you endless hugs and offer to do your science homework and Ned brought you a darth vader cake, he truly was an angel. It comforted you knowing you had such great friends that would always be there for you and try to cheer you up when you were down.

Lazily taking a bite out of your apple you leaned against the table, tapping your fingers against the surface. Gwen and Ned were engrossed in some conversation about their science assignment, those nerds should just date already. You already knew Ned had a major crush on Gwen, they’d be so cute together. Your thoughts are interrupted by Michelle walking to the table with a look of pure disgust on her face. “Michelle?”

The look didn’t leave her face as she sat down, practically slamming her lunch onto the table. “Those two are so freaking disgusting! I mean, they just started full on making out mid way in our conversation and they forgot I was there! I think i’m gonna throw up, I liked it so much better when Peter didn’t publicly display his affections.”

You faked a chuckle, moving your attention towards the floor, you really didn’t want to hear about Peter making out with Mary Jane. Gwen kicks Michelle’s leg from under the table and from the corner of your eye you can see that she nudges her head towards you. Michelle winces in pain from the kick before coming to realization on what Gwen meant.

She turns to you with a sympathetic look on her face, but you didn’t want anyone’s pity, they shouldn’t feel bad for talking about that. You were the one with the issues here. “I’m sorry Y/N, I didn’t think, you’re not upset are you?”

You twiddle with your thumbs, hands rested in your lap. “Of course I’m upset Michelle, but not at you. I’m upset at Peter for dating MJ, i’m upset at MJ for being…well MJ, but mostly i’m upset with myself for not telling Peter my feelings earlier. Then maybe all of this wouldn’t be happening, maybe i’d be the one with him right now.”

There is silence at the table before Ned speaks up, sending you a sad smile. “Don’t beat yourself up about this Y/N. This isn’t your fault, Peter was just too blind to see that the girl he’s always wanted was right in front of him, that girl being you by the way”

Gwen let’s out an “aww” at Ned’s words and you’re even a little shocked, you didn’t realize he was so good with advice. You got up and made your way over to Ned, engulfing him in a hug. He chuckled at your actions and his laugh was contagious as soon you were laughing with him too. “You’re the best Ned.”

Just then the bell rang for class causing all of you to groan in annoyance. Why did lunch always go by so quickly? Letting go of Ned you pushed the hair dangling in front of your face behind your ears, letting out a sigh as you had math next. “I suppose I should get going, see you guys later!” You sent them a wave before making your way to class.

You didn’t get very far before you heard and all too familiar voice shouting out your name. “Y/N wait up!” 

You considered pretending that you didn’t hear him, but decided against it as you halted your movements and turned around to face the smiling boy. Faking a happy mood you put on a smile. “Oh, hey Peter.”

He was finally standing in front of you, a little out of breathe from trying to catch up to you.“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight?’

Your smile was no longer fake, you’d been dying to get some alone time with Peter. “Oh yeah that’d be great.”

“Cool, Mary Jane’s gonna be there as well so-” You’d got to be kidding me, couldn’t you just get one night alone with your best friend? Was that so much to ask? There was no way that you were going now, you fumbled over your words as you made up same lame excuse. “Uh-actually I just remembered I have plans tonight.”

He looks disappointed at you words, his eyes not a bright as they were moments ago. “Oh, really with who?” You randomly blurted out an excuse, nervous as he questioned you.“With Ned.”

He looks down at the floor, clearly upset that you wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. “Oh, that’s a shame. I guess I’ll see you around then.” He sends a hopeful smile and you fake one in return, you couldn’t be happy that he chose MJ over you yet again.“Yeah, see ya.” 

With that you turn on your heels and run to your next class, hoping that you weren’t late. You rush into the classroom and let out a sigh in relief when you notice the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. Then your eyes spot Ned as an idea pops into your mind. You make your way over to the seat beside his, turning to him.“Hey Ned, do you wanna come over tonight?”

He’s on his phone, not really paying much attention to anything your saying. “I don’t know I have a heap of math homework to-”

You cut him off before he can say no, with an answer he couldn’t refuse to.“I’m inviting the girls as well, Gwen will be there.”

You’re not surprised as he puts his phone down and turns to you, all of a sudden enthusiastic about this plan. I knew the Gwen card would work, it always does. “I’m in.”


Innocent fun

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Warning: So much smut.

A/N: So I was doing my daily fic reading when I found @fvckingavengers‘s Fantasies and I thought the idea of Wanda and a reader having power sex was just great so here it is.

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Your left hand wiggled under the table, you knew what you were doing because you saw it right in front of you. The female Maximoff was having a hard time to keep her conversation with her brother and every time she glared at you, she only found an innocent smile from your part.

What you were doing was far from being innocent, to be honest. Since the first time you saw Wanda Maximoff, you had a thing for her, but it wasn’t very romantic, it was entirely sexual. You had seen her flirting with Vision and some female trainees, not like it bothered you, as you had well known that you didn’t want to make her your girlfriend, but you wondered if she could surrender before you, or your powers in that case.

And so your quest on finding that out begun. At first it was placing dirty thoughts in her mind, and that worked a little, but when you decided to make her feel things, you knew you had won your battle. For some unknown reason, her bedroom was next to yours, so at night you loved to tease her from the other side of the wall, making her feel like someone was kneading her breasts or as if someone was rubbing her clit.

You loved to hear her soft moans, and you knew she knew it was you who did this to her. Who else had neuroelectric interphasing, telekinesis and mental manipulation apart from herself? No one but you. Although your powers were not by means of some secret evil organization that experimented with you; no, yours were a completely natural thing, mutation as they usually call it.

That night you were rubbing her clit… Kinda. She was feeling how something rubbed it, but you were innocently sitting on your chair in front of her. You saw her chest heaving from her heavy sighs, and she bit her bottom lip harshly. You could tell she was enjoying it. Out of a sudden, Wanda kicked your calf from under the table, making you distracted so you could finally stop the teasing. A giggle escaped your lips and everyone at the table looked at you.

“Sorry, I just remembered something really silly” you smiled widely “don’t mind me”

Wanda always tried to get in your head, but little did she know that you always wore a shield over you. Wanda was nosy and you were very fond of your privacy, so for the sake of your own well-being, you always had yourself protected. It wasn’t completely because of her, but you were not sure of how many people out there could do the same as you two did, and you better kept those thoughts of yours well secured.

After dinner, and after saying your goodbyes, you headed to your bedroom feling a slight tiredness on your body; you had a growing headache and you could only blame it to the love for privacy; shielding yourself was exhausting. You felt Wanda’s steps following you, actually, you could hear what she was thinking, and there were no nice and innocent thoughts in the witch’s mind. Feeling her near made you smile slightly and you kept your way, letting down your mental guards. She was welcome to intrude your dirty mind for a while, gesture she appreciated by playing herself pushing you against the wall you were walking next to.

She molded her lips to yours as she slid a hand inside your pants. She wasted no time in being gentle. You were already feeling wet, both physically and mentally and her illusion smiled at what she felt. You couldn’t shake away the hypnotizing threads that messed with your mind, but you weren’t trying really hard either.


Wanda made you lick her soaked fingers, giving you a hint of how you’d tasted if she was actually doing it to you. She broke the ardent kiss to carefully look at you. The honey color of her eyes was replaced the redness of her magic, giving her an animalistic look. She mischievously licked her lips and bit her bottom one.

The illusion ended way too soon, but before you could tell, she was pushing you to the bed to really kiss you. Her hands kneaded your breasts from over the fabric of your shirt and bra, but to yours and Wanda’s surprise, it was you who broke her contact away.

“Don’t want me anymore?” she breathed as your own energy threads pulled her to the small ottoman that was next to your bed.

“I do want you, but there’s something else I want, miss” you smiled devilishly. “Teasing you is quite fun Wanda Maximoff, and apparently we both are quite fond of it, but this thing has been wandering on my mind from a while”

“And that is…?” she asked, sighing in defeat at the overpowering.

“I want us to fuck. Hard” you cocked an eyebrow and before she could refute your idea, which she wouldn’t, you spoke again “but only by means of our powers” Wanda blinked perplexed, she did not get lost in translation or anything, she knew exactly what you meant and she didn’t even need to dig into your thoughts to see if it was true. The youngest Maximoff was speechless for once in her life and it you carried on “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can but from that side of the room. I’ll be on the corner over here.” you pointed the spot with your thumb “So, what’cha say? You up for some fun sweet cheeks?” you awaited for her answer while you moved the things from your night table to your bed. You made sure the wooden piece of furniture was strong enough to support your hopefully writhing self by pushing it down with all your weigh; it didn’t falter at all. Just when you were about to turn around to ask again, you were forcefully seated.

“Ok, if we’re doing this I have some rules” she said, pushing your threads away; you moved your hand to make her carry on. “First, no shutting out; we will surrender to one another no matter what, ok?” you hummed in agreement. “No mental control, and for god’s sake, no illusions. If we’re gonna fuck, then we better do it ourselves; no tricks, no bullshit.”

“That sounds quite fair, if I’m being honest, but I have another rule,” you chimed in “no touching ourselves.” you smiled mischievously and Wanda shrugged.

“Sounds fair to me too… FUCK!” She cried when you made her walls tighten repeatedly; her lips hung just a little open as uncontrolled whines escaped her body that longed for more air and pleasure. “So not fair (Y/N), so not fair” Wanda panted; she scolded you in a voice full of false goodness.

You threw your head back as your clit was circled by something. Some strange force was going hard on you and you were quite enjoying it. Wanda crashed her back to the wall behind her and banged her own head, making her brunette locks move along. You fought the need to place images on her mind; you wanted to show her how you’d be eating her soaked pussy, or how you’d finger fuck her so hard that she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back for long.

Wanda, on the other hand, was not feeling different from you. She wanted to make you see stars, both literally and metaphorically. She wanted to be her hands and mouth the ones you’d come with. She hated having you so far yet so close, but what she loved is how you twitched and whimpered at the inexistent touch for her magic.

“Wanda, holy shityes, keep doing that” you cooed as crimson threads wrapped around your body, taking care of the sensitive spots.

You focused your energies in making her walls clench, it was the thing she liked the most and the quickest way to make her come. She, instead, provoked vibrations around your throbbing clit. Curses, sighs, moans and whimpers filled the hot air of your room, as your bodies convulsed and twitched.

You opened your eyes and the sigh of her, removing her shirt and biting her bottom lip so roughly that it was just a matter of time until she hurt herself was one of the hottest things you had ever witnessed. Her cheeks were slightly blushed, and a sheer layer of sweat had taken its place on her pristine forehead. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth hung open. Every once in a while she licked and tucked in her lips.

“(Y/N)!” she yelled. “I’m gonna-”

“I’m right behind you babe, holy fuck!” you couldn’t even recognize your own voice, all broken and raspy.

She threw her head back in silence as she came undone on the ottoman. Her jaw shivered as her still shaking body rested partly on the cushion. Her legs were wide spread as she tried not to fall completely from her seat. You were too trying to stay on your place, but the involuntary shocks your body was under made it hard.

Wanda looked gorgeous trying to catch her breath, but you had to focus on catch your own. You touched the wooden surface of the night table you used as chair and it was soaking, and most probably it dripped over the edge.

“I think I’m going to take this to a dry clean… but not today” she smiled “Thank you (Y/N); that was… enriching, to put it in some way”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it Wanda” you let out a breathy giggle as you see the brunette leaving the room.

I don’t know why people seem to dislike the episode so much.

Like Reina’s crush on Taki sensei is more then obvious since season 1 and the episode felt like a finale to it all. I think Reina’s statement about how she wished she was born earlier was kind of a sign of her finally giving up the chase (on top of learning about his dead wife), so as far as I’m concerned that’s a victory in my book

Theres not many episodes left so unless Shuchi becomes a major character in these final episodes I think our ship is safe.

If I did have any criticisms it’s that I want Reina to give Kumiko some validation on just how hard she’s been supporting her throughout thus whole Taki thing, she never once told her to stop it to give up. So I honestly just want Reina to realize she shouldn’t take Kumiko for granted (tbh the reason she got mad at Kumiko was pretty weak and sorta unfair anyway)

I know people expected more gay drama but eh, I thought it was a fine episode. I wanted this Taki subplot dead and buried and that’s what I got

Just took a quick shot at decoding the writing in this hiveswap pic.

left column:

????(presumably numbers, not enough info) culled snce she took office (since seems to be missing an i here)

ten friends evicted from their hive

new elite drones

worst fucking jokes i’ve ever heard


she’s in this with soemoen else

the white man??

If anyone wants to take a shot at the top part that’d be great!  (all i’ve got so far is the bottom line last few words are “more accurate depicition”<<misspelling of depiction presumably)

Edit:  I couldn’t sleep so I did it myself. 

Top part:  

for all this pomp and circumstsance this seems like a more accurate depicition. (circumstance and depiction are misspelled)


Third session of lining. Only characters left to add now are Sophie and Howl, and a quick addition to Haku since one of his hands needs to be adjusted before it goes on for good. This session saw the addition of Howl’s castle, the Nightwalker/Great Forest Spirit, Porco Rosso (via his plane), and Catbus, another little totoro, Satsuki and Mei.

I’m so impressed with Nadia’s work. She’s done an amazing job so far and I’m looking forward to getting into colouring with her right away!

Interestingly the inside of my arm didn’t hurt much at all when it was going on. It stung, but it was way better than I thought it would be… The day after was freakishly terrible, haha, but after I put some moisturizer on there it finally stopped hurting.

Next session is in just under two weeks, so more photos to come after that.

EDIT: If you like what you’re seeing and you’re in the Edmonton area, my artist is Nadia Farhat, at The Mile. She’s amazing and you should go see her! :D

One of the things about draco’s character that I will never agree with in fanfictions is his continous use of swear words. I mean really, being part of the Malfoy family, he is expected to have certain class, and I swear to God his mother sent him to some fussy etiquette school since the age of 5. Like imagine draco holding a glass of wine. Even in your imagination, he’s leaning gracefully against a mahogany barstand, dressed in a black tux and looking like a million galleons. I mean yes he is arrogant and picky but every so often his gentlemanly side kicks in and you can’t help but admire how far his manners extend. I swear if hermione hadn’t left the ball early and if say she was in some parallel universe the last person at a party, and there was music, oh God please imagine the internal battle draco would have before asking her -reluctantly, but ask nonetheless - to dance because God forbid there is a woman standing alone and he, being an able gentleman NOT atleast ask for a dance. So between all that, swearing and cursing draco really don’t fit in to the picture don’t you think? Rewind your memory to the books please, have you ever EVER heard him swear even once ? Not when he was forced to fix the cabinet-not when he nearly died in the bathroom- like why do fanfiction writers insist on otherwise? I know it’s a very small thing but I really can’t help but feel this is important to me in some way.

I’ve been wanting to create an Orc character for some time, and since I love girls so much IT’S A GIRL.

So far all I have on her is her name is “Grosha” (GROW-shuh) and she is a bounty hunter. Because I’ve got a thing for bounty hunters in green, too.

Since I like tES and its lore so much, she left her stronghold and denounced Malacath, more interested in traveling Tamriel and its provinces. She uses her merc/bounty hunter work as an excuse to travel.

I totally made her in tESO too lmao