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Small boys ready for halloween! Treat and Treat!

what do you mean “not like this”?

The little story:

Since Todoroki keeps asking for treat people just pet Bakugou, making it more mad everytime and since Midoriya’s bag is full Todoroki just decided to use his cape instead of stopping yet.

This is supposed to be All Might’s door but I don’t have the time to draw more… T ^T

There are a lot of people in the crowd tonight, and I have to say, I wouldn’t be here without any single one of you. You are all the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Every bit of support over the years and since the album came out, you are wonderful, thank you so much. Thanks for coming to see me.
—  Harry thanking the crowd after Meet Me in the Hallway

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Hi Nini, may I ask you something? Please hug me, pat my head and cheer me up. Since my friends found out that I'm a fujoshi, love everything about BL and then they feel disgusted. One of them even said it blunt and clear in the middle of meeting in my workplace. I'm so sad 😢😢

That’s horrible! And rude and mean!
Don’t listen to them!! Loving Yaoi makes you 10.000 times more awesome! It’s like a superpower. Fujoshis and fudanshis are the best people because we drown ourselves in beautiful gay love every day.

Animal abusers are disgusting. Rapists are disgusting. Pedophiles are disgusting. Donald Trump is disgusting.

YOU are not!
Even if we are into pervy things, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Sex is natural. Almost everyone has it. Right now there are people having all kinds of sex. It’s a normal thing like… pooping.

And people who react like that should be pitied. Because they either react like that because they have huge sticks up their butts and they’re butthurt all the time, or THEY are the ones sitting at home, watching porn and hentai in secret, fapping to tentacle porn.

Be yourself. Celebrate your perviness and the gay love. You are not alone. There are millions of ppl out there who are just the same. I’m one of them.
We might be perverted, i mean let’s be honest, there’s some weird shit in yaoi (and i love it all), but we’re not disgusting. I’ve been called that several times myself. Idgaf!
Do the same.
Every time someone bullies you because you’re a fujo, think of your favorite yaoi couple and pity them for never being able to experience this kind of love.

I want to say so much more but I’m with my family and I get weird looks because I’m furiously typing on my phone xD
But when I saw your ask I wanted to answer rn because I hate when people make others feel like shit.

If you feel like talking, please don’t hesitate to message me, okay!


Ps: all the hugs and kisses for you! And butt pats, they’re the best XOXOXOXOXO

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this storyline really make people hate robert and shows his selfishness. why you think they did it, it is because robert is devil since born or he actually never changed? Im not suprise if half of the fandom jumping ships. just weird why people didnt ship robecca but rooting for aarex.

i’m not touching the ‘why do people support aaron/rando and not robecca’ because it will only lead to a barrage of angry anon abuse and i don’t have the strength

but anyway, wrt the rest of your ask, i feel like we’re coming at this from very different perspectives and very different ways of watching the show, which makes it hard for me to really answer you in what will be a satisfying way for you, i imagine?

like. idk why it’s making people hate robert because… i’m thoroughly enjoying it so i’m entirely the wrong person to ask. it’s utterly beyond my comprehension, you know? you’ve gotta ask the people who feel that way if you want to know, i guess.

so where i’m coming from personally - i think this storyline has made robert as sympathetic as possible while still having him fulfill the villain role - something that is a necessity because it’s all a part of the lead up to the whites leaving - regardless of whether or not that has anything directly to do with robert in the finish, he’s currently a part of the reason why the whole business is failing and why the whites are losing money left, right and centre.

i mean. rob is not a good person. he’s not. he plays a long-term villain role in a soap, which means that they can have him do terrible things and it works for the character - it’s what you expect from the character a lot of the time - even robert and aaron have talked about this explicitly: how aaron gave robert a lot of props for being completely and totally honest with him during the affair reveal, which is a hell of a low bar to set, but people quite rightly don’t really expect more than that from robert and honestly rarely is he able to give more than that. he’s not a good person.

he’s a great character - complex and layered and the softer side of him actually balances out the villainy in him in a really interesting way. but i personally think it’s naive, or misguided, to think that this blip into madness is something we won’t have to deal with time and again with robert, because of course we will. this is the kind of shit he pulls. it’s just not usually so insane, because usually he has aaron to provide him with some sort of restraint, or compelling reason to not be utterly reckless. so in that sense it’s fairly unusual, (but that in and of itself makes it compelling to me) and they’re actually making real efforts to explain why he’s acting so over the top right now, so much more so than he would even usually be, which is amazing (and truly why he’s being portrayed in the most sympathetic light they can whilst still having him do all these awful things).

but i challenge you to look back over the last two years and give me a month - one month - where robert appeared and wasn’t up to something ridiculous.

i personally think it’s fun to see him dip back into almost total villainy (except not at all, because he’s still the very well rounded character they’ve built him up to be) for a bit, before he goes back to the more standard toned down version we usually get, but that’s just me.

i guess what i’m saying is - he changed because he both wanted and needed to because of aaron, to some extent, but without aaron he’s sort of throwing himself back into his old ways, but it’s way more aggressive, way more reckless and he still hasn’t even completely reverted back because his number one priority at the end of everything isn’t himself, it’s aaron

and like… he had to protect his own back by going off at liv (and the stakes are so damn high for him at the moment, which is becoming his biggest issue), look what happened. and he looked wrecked over it. and told the doctors about the drugs, stayed with her at the hospital etc etc - none of which he would do for anyone else lbr (cough paddy cough) bc of the risk involved.

but anyway basically this is a fundamentally different rob to the one we knew in 2015, even if he’s desperately trying to relive that horrible stage in his life (what a dumbass)


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“What is that?” Enoch asked pointing to your phone after you took it out of your pocket.

“It’s a cell phone. You use it to speak with people all around the world” you happily explained. Ever since you’ve come to the children’s home from the 21st century Enoch has done nothing but follow you around and ask you questions. Admittedly you kind of enjoyed the attention.

“Fascinating” Enoch mumbled “can you talk to someone now?”.

“Not in the loop” you said causing a disappointed look to come across Enoch’s face.
“Hey but if you come out the loop with me for just a couple minutes I can show you how it works”.

“I don’t know…”.

“Oh come on Enoch. It’ll be fun”.


FuckYeahThiam’s Top three Thiam Fanfictions

Sweet Talking by Captainmintyfresh

The five times Theo gets jealous and chases people from Liam’s house and the one time he doesn’t have to.

Words: 21,120 Chapters: 5/6

PHAS by lyo24boi

Liam runs into Theo at the hospital. Set right after 6x11, they get stuck on an elevator.

Words: 17,797 Chapters: 5/6 (Explicit Content)

News for you, asshole by laheysmythes

If there was something Theo was thankful for was Liam’s obliviousness. He hadn’t appreciated it as much before, but ever since Liam asked him why he was always trying to save him, and kept on asking him repeatedly, he felt he shouldn’t have taken it for granted.

Or alternatively, 3 times Liam asked Theo why he kept saving his life but got no response, and the one time he got an answer.

Words: 2224 Chapters :1/1

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you don't seem gay to me especially how you talk about bts lol

if you sent this to me a year ago, it probably would have really fucked me up, but since i am 100000% comfortable with myself and my sexuality, it didn’t! 

first, i’m gay as hell so idk what you’re talking about, but also, just don’t say this to people??? don’t question people’s sexualities??? if someone has decided to label themselves, you have to accept and respect that label. only they get to determine what labels they use to describe themselves. 

having to constantly confront compulsory heterosexuality already hinders me and others enough. i don’t need some random person questioning my sexuality, i already did that enough, for 24 years in fact. 

i am allowed to find bts attractive. other lesbians are allowed to find bts attractive. me finding bts attractive or any other man attractive doesn’t immediately rebuke my “lesbian card”, just like me dating men in the past doesn’t rebuke it either. my sexuality is my sexuality, not yours or anyone elses. 

i mean, have you seen them??? of course i find them attractive, and of course other lesbians do as well, they are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that we want to be with them in any capacity. if i knew them irl, i’d only want to be friends. 

like i said, thankfully i am 1000000% comfortable with myself and my sexuality or this would have messed with me. it took me almost a quarter of a century to learn to love myself and who i am and fully accept every aspect of myself. i went through literal abuse to get here. so yeah, this ask is gross!!!!! 

I went to the supermarket to buy things to donate for the earthquake victims

There were people collecting donations outside

The tuna shelves were half empty since is the first thing people buy to donate

All of these people were buying water, caned food, toilet paper and other stuff that were said in tv and radio that were needed in the shelters. I saw a person with nothing but diapers and cooking oil in his shopping cart.

The ladies in the pharmacy were restocking since the bandages, gauzes, electrolyte drinks, latex gloves and masks (used during recues) were completely gone

So many people has donated for the victims to the earthquake that there are  some shelters in Mexico city that are full already and have asked via tv to not donate anymore since they do not have space for more

These shelters got full in the span of a day

Sometimes I am proud of this country


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“Do you ever think about not hanging out with me?” you asked your best friend, who looked up at you. “You know, since I don’t have magic parents and all. It doesn’t seem like people have treating muggleborns very well lately.”

“Why should I stop hanging out with you, just because you don’t have magical parents?” Luna asked. “I think it’s quite silly.” 

Luna gave you a reassuring smile, and you couldn’t help but smile back as you responded, “Thanks, Luna.”

My Theories On Young Justice Season 3

I can’t believe I waited this long to do this post. I mean, it’s been two months since we got the huge information drop at SDCC, and I’m sure that a lot of people have already came up with some of the stuff I’m about to say, but here we go

Before I start talking about my theories, I just want to remind you guys that my ask box and messages are always open if you ever want to chat about Young Justice, DC in general, my various writing projects that I’ve posted from time to time on this page, or really anything else. Seriously, I encourage you guys to message me or drop an ask in my box. I’d love to hear what my followers have to say about this blog and to get to know you guys better

And now the good stuff! Theories are all below the cut. Be warned. There’s a lot of stuff down there

Keep reading

When asked, Abe Takaya would launch into a passionate defense about why he preferred Hero Support class over Hero class and why anyone with half a brain would realize that Hero Support was by far the better choice.

He was usually not asked, though. He usually launched into said passionate defense with only the slightest provocation, because people were stupid and he was so tired of having to correct them all the time but since someone clearly needed to set them straight, Abe was going to be that person.

“But, like, Hero Support is for sidekicks,” Hanai said on their first day of Nishiura Hero Preparatory Academy. “It’s for people who, you know, can’t actually make it as heroes because they don’t have superpowers.”

Hanai, who had sneered at their Hero coach for being a woman, was clearly an idiot and needed to be educated. Abe tried to count to ten, because he’d been informed that people didn’t always listen to him when he shouted at them, but then he ended up shouting anyway.

“Without Hero Support there would be no heroes!” he yelled, causing quite a few startled looks his way. “Do you know what the city destruction rate was before Hero Support was an organization? Nearly 68%,” he didn’t wait for Hanai to reply, because most people didn’t know about the statistics, “That means over half of the nearby environment was destroyed just to stop a single villain. Great, woo hoo, a bad guy is in jail, but that’s not exactly a consolation to the people whose homes are destroyed, now is it?”

And because once he started, he had a very hard time stopping, he continued on with his well-established lecture, despite the fact that Hanai was currently edging away from him. “Not to mention all the people who were hospitalized because of falling debris. A Hero is only good as a weapon, it’s Hero Support that does all the strategizing and coordination involved so that a villain is not only stopped, but stopped intelligently, with very little collateral damage. Hero Support is on the ground helping out civilians and minimalizing the damage. Hero Support are the people who see the big picture and tell Heroes where they need to go and what they need to do in order to bring the bad guys down. Without Hero Support there is no order and there’s certainly not a rescue. Hero Support are the real heroes. The people in capes are just—fire trucks. Guns, shields. Things you point in the right direction to stop the bad guys.”

At this point, Hanai, (and most everyone else around), was resolutely pretending he didn’t know Abe, so Abe stopped ranting. It never failed to make him angry. Heroes were flashy. They were good for a big bang, so people adored them and aspired to be like them.

But Abe, he wanted to make a difference. He actually wanted to help people. And Hero Support was the best possible route to actually get things done.

Mind you, he did recognize that he needed a Hero. All the best Hero Support started by forming a partnership with a Hero-in-training. The only way to attract the notice of Hero Support companies for internships and possible careers after graduation was to make sure he attached himself to the number one hero during high school.

After his disastrous partnership in middle school, Abe had very strict guidelines for what he was looking for in a Hero partner now.

Number one, he needed someone who would listen to him. He hated Heroes who tried to call the shots (they were always, always the ones who caused the most collateral damage. Heroes who didn’t listen to Hero Support got people killed. End of story.)

Number two, he wanted someone in control of their powers. While the flashy destruction powers were great for calling attention, Abe couldn’t stand people who couldn’t use their abilities properly. What was the point of even having superpowers if you couldn’t control them properly?

And finally, his number three priority was to find someone who could be the best. If Abe was to be recruited by the best Hero Support companies after graduation, then his Hero (and, by extension, Abe) would have to be number one while they were high school. Abe was fairly certain that as long as he found a person who fulfilled criteria one and two, he could make that person be the best, no matter what. But he acknowledged it would help in the long run if the potential was already there.

It was a fairly tall order. He knew that. (Aaaaaand he was even willing to admit, privately, that he was most likely not the easiest person to work with. On account of the yelling. He’d been told that most Hero Support aspirants maintained a soothing, calming sort of personality, to better keep a clear head in crisis and manage their Heroes. Abe had tried that for all of five minutes before realizing it would be much easier to find a Hero who was used to being yelled at).

He was prepared to wait a few months, maybe even his entire first year (although he’d hate to lose that much time) before he could properly vet out a Hero who would be able to meet his exacting criteria. He was prepared for the wait; the right Hero to be his partner would be worth waiting for, as long as they met his criteria.

His dad had told him that such a Hero didn’t exist—that Abe was going to have to bend and adapt because the ideal partner didn’t exist anymore than the ideal spouse. If you went into any kind of partnership with certain idealizations, Abe Takashi had said, then you were only bound for disappointment. And anyway, Takashi had continued on to say, there was no way he could respect a Hero who did everything he wanted.

Abe had replied that he didn’t need to respect his Hero, they didn’t need to be partners, nothing mattered so long as the Hero listened to Abe.

Then he met Mihashi Ren, who would end up proving both of them wrong on all accounts.

A/N: This is for @mrs-luigi-vargas who also won a runner-up prize for the Will You Ever Write Giveaway and requested AbeMiha Superhero AU! Sorry it ended up being mostly set up instead of the actual AbeMiha, I had this idea and ran with it and now seriously, it might need to be a longer thing because I really liked the concept. I’m going to file this away as another thing to return to after finishing other projects =D

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did u die bc you've been so inactive OTL

hello yeah im kinda dead 

i got full-time job and currently im undergoing pretty intensive job training it will last for about 6 months & also im busy with school bc i have to graduate in january next year so managing this blog is not my top priority rn.

the other admin is very busy with her school as well 

ive been meaning to post some kind of hiatus announcement but i always forget to do that so i will hijack this ask to announce my hiatus. i apologize if i couldnt answer all your questions and post stuff, esp since i promised to write some masterposts etc. what a timing right, bc bts’ cosmetics endorsement deal should be coming soon. i dont even have time to fully enjoy their comeback.

i just cant be bothered i guess and im deeply sorry for that

eventhough its pretty short-lived but running this blog has been fun, i truly didnt expect the reception will be positive. im really grateful that people actually bother to check this blog out, click the follow button, and find me reliable enough to help them find solution to their skin’s problems because plot twist, im nowhere near being reliable nor i have the credentials to give legit advice to people. i might have written inaccurate info and again i apologize for that.

i might come back months later but idk

if any of you want to learn more about skincare, esp those who already sent me asks, please check out these blogs as well: @/russiacore and @/skincarejesus they give pretty solid advice esp if you reside in the US / Europe (i dont know much abt popular cosmetics brands in america)

for much more reliable sources: Veronica Gorgeois (also check out her facebook notes as well), Dr. Sam Bunting, Lab Muffin, Hot and Flashy… i’ve made a resource post as well. 

once again, thank you for everything.

goodbye for now

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((I'm so sorry that these thieves have gotten so out of hand. There's really no excuse for them. But please stay. I mean, please, by all means take a break since it sounds like you need it. You are a great person who happens to be a fantastic artist. And apparently some people feel like they need to mooch off your skill, which is a pretty shit thing to do. But anything for attention I guess.))

((might put the blog on semi-hiatus just for a week or two, I can’t go full hiatus because it runs off a queue but semi-hiatus means I’m not drawing new ask responses and I only log in to check messages and schedule things for afternoon/evening reblogs… god I just. don’t know. I don’t wanna make any decisions in such a negative emotional state, I need to clear my head first…

thank you for your kind words, by the way. they really do help. [hugs]))

I live for those headcanons! Thank you for the request love! xxxxxx ps : it’s never a bother receiving requests :) 

  • First, I think Harry wouldn’t want to tell anybody, especially since she’s Ron younger sister ;
  • But he’d be having those dreams about her
  • And he’d wake up feeling pretty silly 
  • He’d like to watch her during practices
  • Not only because she’s good
  • But also because all sweaty like that oh…
  • He’d be home for the Holidays and James, being James, would ask his son if he did fancy somebody at school
  • “Well… there’s this girl…”
  • “She’s brilliant”
  • “The way she moves when she flies, she’s better than a lot of people I saw riding a broom”
  • “She’s funny”
  • “And so beautiful…”
  • James would ask obviously who she is
  • And Lily would appear in the doorway of the living room
  • “Come on, love, you know he’s talking about Ginny!”
  • And James would turn over and face his son with a big smile on his face
  • “Does Ron know?”
  • And Harry would shake his head shamefully, feeling his face blushing dangerously

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Okay but since predators of Dumbo octopi are sharks and killer whales, Dark probably stumbled on his S/O in the shallows cause a mershark was chasing them!!

First of all: Can I put out that mershark being Author or Anti (yes I know people want to have him as an electricity-related fish but I believe it fits due to their possible aggressiveness depending on the kind of shark and lone wolf nature and well other traits)

Second of all: YES HOLY WOW AND YOU BET DARK WOULD FIGHT THEM OFF, at first he just does it either for fun or to get them as prey for himself but then the cuteness of them being so terrified ensues and he just can not help but decide to keep them. gosh I want to write something on this.


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How would UT and US Skelebros and Grillby react to an introverted S/O who went on a rage on a jerk about the difference between Introversion and Social Anxiety? (I did this to someone today. I regret nothing. I got a girl out of a bad situation because of it.)

Character max is 4, so I’ll only be doing the UT and US bros. If you want me to do Grillby, feel free to ask again!


Sans - He lets you rage out and even backs you up on some points; He knows how peoples’ ignorance can be problematic. Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you have social anxiety, so he lets you get point out before telling you to chill out.

Papyrus - Since he isn’t exactly an introvert himself, he can’t empathize. However, he does understand the difference between being born an introvert and being made socially anxious. While he strongly dislikes arguments, Papy lets you get what you have to say out and then excuses the both of you so he can help you cool off.


Blueberry - (pretty much the same as Papy, but he puts in his two cents about the matter at hand.)

Stretch - He knows the difference of introversion and social anxiety very well, so he can understand why you would want to correct the ignorant jerk, but still tries to get you to cool off before things could escalate. He tells you calming things and complements you on educating that guy, albeit forcefully, but educating nonetheless.

Mlp brony fandom dying? I think not.

I saw a couple of asks on other blogs about the brony fandom dying. I personally hope it doesn’t, but I seriously doubt it. It’s not as popular as it used to be I will admit, but it’s not going to die anytime soon. There are many fandoms out there, and a few have been around since the 80s. Super man, spider man, and even Disney characters still get lots of attention. The fact that some fandoms are still around for a long time suggests that it’s popularity keeps the show going. So as long as there is lots of support for a show, the longer the show will keep going too. I’m not going to guarantee that this will happen, but if a show stays popular, it will be around a lot longer. The brony fandom has been around for almost 8 years now, and it still gets lots of attention. I think the reason we all think it’s dying is because of two reasons being that bronies who got into the fandom late like myself fear that the fandom will end sooner than we could get the chance to experience everything the fandom has to offer. As for myself I really want to experience going to trot-con, and meet other bronies who I can relate with. I feel that I want to have good friends who I can always count on, and share my feelings with. To me, the fandom is the most important thing in my life because it’s all I have. I currently don’t have any friends, and I’m hopeful that I will meet someone down the road. I also know that my time is limited too. Someday we all will die, and we only explore, and experience what life has to offer once. It’s up to ourselves what we choose to do, what we choose to believe in, and live life to its fullest. If you take life for granted, you might not seize the opportunity every day has to offer. Every soul on this earth is unique, and has a purpose in life. what, or why he or she chooses to be a part of something bigger than themselves is their choice. Those who disagree simply don’t understand the point of view of choice. Life happens once for everyone. Experience it! /)