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SOOOOOOOOOO to the ones that ship “Ayando” i have bad news (in case my theory is right)

Few weeks ago, Yandere dev changed something in Budo’s profile (The one above) and it is stated that it was some way connected to Osana Najimi.

And honestly when I saw what was replaced and put there, things were pretty obvious.

Osana was the girl/Club leader stated on the top, she was the girl Budo liked and rejected him. Also, some time ago, Yandere dev said that there would be an obstacle to killing Osana, a ‘someone’ would prevent Yandere-chan from disposing Osana so easily, and honestly with all the information gathered it would be easy to say that Budo would be the obstacle since his affections for Osana has yet to disappear.

And with that Osana has once again stolen a (potential) love interest in Yan-chan’s life. And with that comes the downfall of our much hoped for love triangle.

Damn it Osana!!!! At least let the ship Ayando sail (in an unrequited way since yan-chan would still love Senpai stupidly)


Not sure if I’m right, I hope I’m wrong for the sake of the Ayando ship but the facts and evidences make sense


Sorina (Soma x Erina) hints post



1. “The secret to becoming a great chef is…meeting a woman that will make you want to give all the food you make her.”

Let’s start off this off with the first and most obvious Sorina Hint: Joichiro’s advice to Soma. In all honesty, I thought this was blatantly obvious and needed very little explanation; However, lots of people tend to dismiss this hint, so I guess I’ll elaborate.

One thing I’ve learned from reading books and manga and watching anime is that things don’t happen without a reason. Since this is based on a ship, I’ll give ship examples. Every time I shipped something in an anime It usually would become canon in the end, and out of excitement I would go back to relive all my precious otp moments. After going back I would notice that all those moments in the anime that I thought were ‘boring’, 'stupid’, 'pointless’, and 'did nothing to the plot’, actually did a lot to the anime as a whole. Undeveloped character's become developed, hints as to why a character become evil were more evident, why two characters ended up together was clear, quotes that were long or boring were a big part of the plot. You get where I am going with this?

Also, if we go back to what I said about things happen for a reason, Erina was the first girl to show up, and she showed up right after the Joichiro said that. Once again, things happen for a reason.

2. Yoshiaki Nikaido’s Warning to Soma

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I honestly don’t know how many people have noticed this but I thought it was rather interesting, so I included this.

This rich boy, in episode 2, declared that Erina can end a chef’s career with no problem at all! Anyways, in the first episode it seems - to the ignorant haters - that Erina hates Soma as well as his cooking. If the tsundere aura and tone Erina was emitting at that time wasn’t obvious to how she really felt deep down inside then let me explain. That is not true. Why? Because if Erina truly hated him she would’ve said something to the general public about his “bad” cooking. She didn’t though! Isn’t that amazing?

So what does that have to do with my (as well as many others) beloved ship? For the readers who try not to let their bias get in the way of judging a character it does a lot. The reason is because the author portrays her as an antagonist that isn’t truly an antagonist to hate. I mean she is introduced as a tough, scary, and intimidating young women, but her reputation is shattered as soon as she was introduced. So the author isn’t trying to make her into a complete antagonist, but is, still, making her enough of a threat and interesting character to add to the tension of Soma’s high school career.

This is a small indirect way of portraying Erina as someone who isn’t to be hated. This is yet Another small window that the author has given us to peak through, so that we can have a small idea that these two will be involved with each other in the future (even if we aren’t aware of that small window).

3. Erina’s Shock to Soma’s dish

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I found this to be pretty cool. Soma managed to make the God’s Tongue speechless?

At first, I didn’t think much of it until I realized that Erina mentioned something about how she never tasted anything like it (Soma’s style of food) before. So we all can agree that in the beginning of the series Erina had a rather intriguing idea of what the 'perfect food’ is like. We also know that she has always been surrounded with elite cuisine and nothing less, letting us make the connection that her notion of 'perfect food’ is elite cooking (although she does state it shortly after), yet despite her perfect world, Soma manages to introduce something new and different to her. Since we are perceptive enough to realize that flaws like that (Erina having an interesting view of how food should be like) are usually taken care of in a good written anime/manga, then we can tell that this is an obvious indication that Soma is going to have something to do in changing her point of view as well as impacting her cooking and character growth. After all he is the one who shocked her with his not-very-elite cooking. 

4. Erina Taste Testing Soma’s Food

This is a hint because it shows some Soma and Erina development and the author wouldn’t do that if she were the true antagonist (especially in such a comical, lighthearted way that this scene was executed). We see Erina taste testing Soma’s dish before the finals of the autumn election in exchange for some shoujo manga. Am I the only one who say that Erina’s love for shoujo manga was like a small foreshadowing that she'll be in love with someone? *cough* Soma Yukihara *cough* It proves my point even more that the extra chapter with Erina and Alice was alluding to fact that Erina is going to experience the “taste of love” some point in the manga.

The second time she taste tested his dish she did it without him having to repay her in any way. This illustrates that Soma’s and Erina’s relationship is changing and becoming a little more friendlier than it was in the first chapter/episode.

5. “It seems your abilities were nothing special.”

This was right after Soma (Spoiler) was third in the autumn election. Erina managed to show her disappointment, that she herself would never admit, through her words, “It seems your abilities were nothing special.” She never says that she is disappointed but you cant see that she is somewhat disappointment. Not to a high degree, of course.

This moment in the manga shows that Erina truly has been watching Soma’s progress and talent through the autumn election. This shows that she is interested in his cooking.

She is interested.

At this point it isn’t romantically interested in him, but she definitely has her eye on him. This a step forward in the right direction for the progression of their relationship.

6. Erina & Megumi, Soma & Hisako Newfound Friendship

Despite how happy I was to see the character’s interacting more and Erina and Megumi’s budding friendship, I saw this as a way to bring Erina and Soma closer.

As far as the people who are close to these two goes, Megumi and Hisako take the cake. Soma recognizes Megumi’s strength and supports her, and Erina shares those same view points. On the other hand, Hisako is Erina’s most trusted friend. Hisako becoming friends with Soma will make Erina have to reevaluate her opinion of Soma due to holding her friends opinion to heart. This, as mentioned by squisherific in one of her posts, is a way to bring these two closer together.

7. Papa Nakiri’s visit + Grandpa Nakiri’s visit to Soma

So I decided to smash these two together because why not? Anyway, Erina’s father first showed up I immediately knew that it was time for some Erina character development. As soon as I saw how much of a threat her father truly is and how terrified and hopeless Erina looked around them, I immediately theorized that Soma, in a way, was going to support her and help her through her trauma of hers. This was easily proved correct when Senzaemon paid Soma a little visit. Sanzaemon gives us insight on Erina’s past and then asks him to save Erina. Although I don’t think he’ll be 'saving’ her completely -I’m pretty it is truly up to Erina to save herself- he definitely will be her emotional support and help her gain the courage to do what she needs to do. This is going to bring the two characters together which means Sorina development! Can I also point out that Hisako is (sadly) out of the picture? This means her original support has been chased away by a crazy father which will lead to more room for Soma and Erina to get to know each other. However, just to make things clear I don’t think Soma will be taking Hisako’s place. I’m merely pointing out that the first person she went to for support is now gone.

8. The Interview

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I’ll make this quick and snappy since there really is no need to elaborate on this. In a recent interview it’s been confirmed that Erina will start having feelings for Soma soon.

Need I say more?

A happy story

Today an elderly women was checking out with her daughter at the register behind me. It was obvious the woman was in a state in which the daughter had to take care of her (the daughter was talking for her, directing her where to go, the woman just seemed generally confused). Now, sometimes our produce manager will let us give away free flowers if we haven’t gotten rid of them all when a new shipment comes in. Today we had a bucket of probably 6 bouquets of a dozen roses. I overheard this woman saying she wanted to smell the flowers while she waited for her daughter to finish the transaction, and since no one had taken any yet I turned and told the daughter “she can take some flowers home if she wants. They’re free today because we have extras.” The woman was confused at first but once she realized she could take them home her face just lit up. She picked out some bright pink ones. The daughter thanked us and told us we made her mom’s day. I found out later that the woman has dementia and her daughter has a hard time taking her out in public. I know it was a small thing, but it felt good to see this little old lady so happy about taking home some flowers.

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hello aboutchopsuey sent me here to ask you what was wrong with banksy! (i really dont know and im just curious!!)

I don’t think that Banksy is evil or more problematic than another artist. But i can try to explain why aboutchopsuey and many others cringe when someone mentions him.

According to his last project, « Dismaland », Banksy is still bummed out that the world isn’t that happy as he wishes. See, he shows us migrants on a boat or a Cinderella chariot referring to Princess Diana’s car crash in a way that is neither moving nor interesting since there’s only one literal meaning behind these art pieces.
I think art is essential since it can have so many interpretations depending of the viewer’s experience, personality or education. I think Banksy’s work of arts shows a lack of emotions at the expense of his wish to be « subversive ». His efforts to tackle important issues by spraying doves in Palestine is just irrelevant : we get it, war is bad. Great media theorist Marshall McLuhan wrote « the medium is the message » 50 years ago and yet, the means of Banksy are conflicted with his problematics. Basically, his career lies on stating the obvious (or what the media calls «  controversies ») and I guess people who appreciate his works of art are mostly trying to reassuring themselves about their own social consciousness.

I also never get why he gets so praised for turning super simple ideas into street art. If you look deeper into urban art or in-situ artworks (with artists like Pignon Ernest), Banksy becomes very poor aesthetically.
Although i don’t hate everything about his art (his glitchy Ariel from Dismaland is fabulous), i tend to keep a very critic eye on artist as mainstream as him. I genuinely don’t understand why people are so into his stencils.

Last, but not least : he’s a multimillionaire trying to be called rebellious… he’s against a system that profits him in the most hypocrite way ever. I don’t really mind that he’s a sellout, but could he just take responsibility for it ? Stop selling Dismaland as a controversial theme park while it’s just a show curating your artists friends (Damien Hirst, David Shrigley, Jenny Holtzer and many other successful artists). Stop marketing yourself as an edgy street artist while selling disassembling spray-painted walls to Sotheby’s. 

*mic drop*

Won't Say I'm in Love


Ricca’s Note: Just wanted to point out that the lovely author, wardingwatson has taken a few ‘creative liberties’ if you will; largely with that fact that all of AH are Demons instead of just the gents! That aside (it doesn’t change much really) this is a super super lovely little fic, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did ! <3

It is a general misconception that heaven is above and hell is below earth, when really, it is nowhere within it’s physical vicinity. They were more like steps in a large, infinite staircase; they were interconnected and either looking ‘up’ or ‘down’ at their pass step in the journey was more figurative than literal. He’s heard demons in passing talk about their life as a human - some deserving of their new life, others not so much -, but he doesn’t remember his own and Ryan wasn’t sure if he’s proud or worried about that.

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Thunderstorms - Luke Hemmings

A/N: The lights are about t go out and I was like “Yeah, I can make something out of this”.
Also: no revision so excuse any typos. And this is shit lol.

“Holy shit did you hear that?” Luke shouts from the hallway of the shared penthouse with the guys. They were staying here for a few days so instead of sleeping in the tour bus they decided to crash in a hotel.
A thunder stroke near the hotel and he is having a nervous breakdown. I never understood why he was so afraid of thunders, maybe it’s some childhood trauma, maybe he doesn’t like the sudden sound (which would be quite weird since he listens to heavy music most of the time). Either way, I knew he is going to hide himself in my room. Y/F/N, who happened to be my band’s drummer, and shared this room with me, was watching a horror movie with Michael and Calum.
A few seconds later, a tall figure knocks on my door.
“Can I come in?” He rests his head adorably on the door frame, making puppy-eyes.
“Sure.” I shrug. “Just don’t be… Too obvious, you know.” We’ve been secretly dating for a month now, and no one knew except for us. And I like it this way.
He closes the door behind him and makes his way to my bed. I push myself to the side and open the lid of my laptop.
“Wanna watch a movie?” I ask. He slowly nods and lays on the bed, beside me. I can tell he’s a little uncomfortable and I place my hand on top of his, placing a light kiss on his lips.
“What’s wrong?” I wonder.
He looks at me, lifting and eyebrow and hitting his lip. If only he knew how much that turns people on, but he’ s a bit innocent in that matter, I love it.
“I… It’s a bit hot in the room and I’m starting to sweat.”
I laugh a little when he hugs me tightly, has another thunder falls from the sky.
“Do you want to take your clothe off? I’m fine with that.” I was only in a large t-shirt and underwear myself.
He removes his jeans and black tee, going under the duvet after.
“Okay, so… What movie are we going to watch?”
“Totoro?” I almost beg. I’ve watched that movie one hundred times but it’s either that or something scary and Luke is already upset enough with the thunderstorm.
As I open the movie I’ve downloaded illegally (what a rebel), the power goes down and the battery of my laptop only works when connected, so no movie night.
“Shit! I need a new computer, for fucks sake.” I state, irritated with the situation.
“Don’t worry, let’s just cuddle.” He says.
We lay down and I place one leg over is body, facing him, starting to draw circles oh his chest with my index finger.
“What if anyone comes it?” I worry. I mean, it was kind of obvious we had something going on, even Lucy had asked me if we were a thing, but I don’t know if I’m ready to admit my relationship with Luke just yet, since my last one ended pretty brutal way.
“Fuck it, just cuddle me before I panic.”
I hold him tight and close my eyes, and fall asleep rather quick. But a few moments later, I hear Calum walking in looking for Y/F/N’s portable computer charger, so they can finish their movie, yet, I keep my eyes closed.
“What, bro?” Luke asks. I could sense Calum’s smirk, even with my eye lids blocking my eyesight.
“We kinda knew.”
“Yeah… We figured that out.” Luke says, playing with my hair, and his gaze making me shiver as I open my eyes after Calum leaves the room.
I yawn a little, bringing Luke closer to me. “Ops, I guess the secret is out.” After I finish my sentence I, once again, fall sleep on Luke’s chest.

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Jack stood, eyes wide with disbelief as he stared at the redhead across the road. He hadn't seen him in so long, yet there he was holding a child, looking so happy. Had he really moved on while Jack had searched for him for months?

My character vanishes one day. About a year later your character spots them out in public with a baby! How does your character react?


Peter had vanished for obvious reasons. He had found out something odd about his body and had to disappear from Jack’s life because of that problem, well, anomaly. 

He got pregnant, and he had disappeared to have an abortion in another state in secret. But he couldn’t abort. He would feel so bad.

So here he was indeed, one eyar later with his 4 months year old son, holding him in his arms since he didn’t get enough money for a stroller yet and got into the supermarket, his workplace. Unfortunately he had to take his son, Josh, with him, no babysitter was available today.

Jack would notice similarities from afar, Josh had white hair but brown eyes.