since no one posted these as gifs yet.

So after looking around tumblr and the web I realized there wasn’t one of these yet, so…Tadahhhh

I actually needed a clear rip of this for my blog but since nobody’s gotten around to doing it, I made one myself. Used footage from the game and tried to time it just right, but it still looks a little janky. Took me several hours, so enjoy and reblog/like if you enjoyed xD

Circly-circles, sound and game assets are from ZTD and Chime/Spike Chunsoft/Aksys Games.

Video version (w/ sound):

in the spirit of the new year, i come to you with a follow forever!  since my last one in september, i’ve gotten a ton of new followers and met a lot of amazing and wonderful people!  when i started lurking around last spring i had maybe 30 or so followers.  today i have over 1600 and i’m still not sure why you guys keep me around but i’m forever appreciative!  as the self-declared fandom grandma, i want to send love and good juju to everyone of you!  may your 2016 be filled with joy & love and may your teams be victorious- especially if your teams are real madrid and man city! ;)

there are so many people i follow who i will never unfollow, so coming up with a list for this post has been a bit difficult.  there are definitely people i’ve forgotten to list and i know this! pls forgive me, i’m so sorry!  you’re all wonderful, please don’t ever forget it!

before i do the thing, i need to give a quick shout out to the fam/my partners in crime/the ones who can put me away for life bc they know my worst secrets:

@jovehegelia @mesutings @neyvenger @zevons @carraville @skrtelshead @kingkeylor… y’all are amazing, wonderful people and 100% proof positive that this sport brings people together.  no matter our differences, i have real and true love for each of you and i’m so thankful to have met you all!  i love you guys so much, thank you for letting this little trash monster into your lives.

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i know i’m unintentionally leaving people off and i’m so sorry, please forgive me!  to everyone who sees this post (including those i’ve yet to meet!), have a safe and wonderful new year’s eve and a fantastic 2016! 

xoxo- ali, aka @gutilicious!

Hey there, guys!

I always loved the idea of having a fandom family and since I almost have 500 followers now, I thought, this is the right time to start one!


  • mutuals only!
  • must post at least 50% hp related stuff
  • reblog this post!
  • send me a message with the character you would like to represent (hp only!) and your favorite line of/about them
  • you can check which characters are already taken here
  • you can also choose if you would like the picture to be of the actual actor, a different actor or an aesthetic portrait


  • a place on my wall of fame aka my wizarding family page
  • endless love from me! <3

Please don’t make this a fail

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so i woke up this morning and i realised that this blog had hit 1000 followers, and i got up and did a little dance because i was so happy! so i figured, why not make a follow forever since i don’t think i’ve done one yet for this blog! i’ve met some absolutely lovely people on this blog, and everyone had been kind and wonderful and i just really love all of you!

since this is a side blog, i don’t actually follow any of you with this blog, i follow you guys with fuckinghiddleston. so this follow forever will be for for blogs that posts gaming and etc to benefit this blog. if i’ve missed anyone and you think you should be here let me know! :D

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and of course, a BIG thank you to everyone who follows this blog, you guys are so great in putting up with me and my annoying tendencies and without you none of this would be possible ♥

i was working on a speed animation today, but I didn’t get a chance to finish it.  I promise it’ll be a fun one and it’ll be posted tomorrow.  but here is an older one that i did that i have never posted on here.  I posted it on my blogger, but since i switched over to tumblr there are quite a few animations that you guys haven’t seen yet.  


One Punch Man x ME!ME!ME! Crossover