since more than one character wore this

Trans boy Yurio is just really fucking important to me??

I mean. Fuck. Fuck. buckle up kids cause I’m going on a tangent here cause oh, my god am I gonna cling to this headcanon till you rip it from my cold dead trans fingers. Like. I just. UGH.

I’m 26 fucking years old and I feel like I arrived WAY LATE to the transgender game gdi. Sure sure we hear stories of folks in their forties, fifties, sixties coming out or transitioning, but y’all KNOW the narrative that gets told, the one that gets attention is the “i knew since I was born” story. The older folks transitioning is often framed around this, around knowing ones whole life but never doing anything about it, and sure, you get those nice positive posts on here about not knowing till your older and having no signs till your older, but that’s not the stories that get Huff post articles and trans documentaries. It doesn’t fit the marketable ideal. Also, for trans boys, there’s no running away from the narrative of the tomboy. You had to be into sports, you had to want short hair, never wear girls clothes, hunt, wrestle, be tough. There’s usually no room for femininity in the childhoods of trans boys and that is hurtful both for the community and on a personal level cause God I was never a tomboy. Yeah I chopped my hair off super short when I was 6, but it was 1996 and half the girls in my class had bowl cuts or mushroom cuts or pixie cuts; there was no masculine drive to it. I lived on a farm and loved playing outside, but I wanted to do it in dresses an wearing nail polish. It wasn’t till I was 11 (july 28 2001 to be exact, according to Wikipedias info on when Yue first aired in an American Cardcaptors dub episode) that Anything happened in my brain to look back on years later and go oh, that was A Trans Thing.

I don’t know if it’s because I was so late in the game, so femme, if my first inclines were correct and i’m not binary trans or what it is, but 4 years since i had my first thoughts of “could /I/ be trans?” and I still find it hard to actually call myself that. I still feel fake, I still feel like even if I’m trans i’m not the kind that COUNTS, I’m not what a trans person SHOULD be. Keep in mind I’m going on 2 months on hormones now, I’ve been binding for almost 2 years, I pack, I desire a more masculine body, but I still feel like ‘i don’t count’ and don’t even talk to me about writing/drawing/seeing prexisting characters as trans. All those blogs for headcanon trans characters and trans boys I’ve always been like, how? How can you do that? How could i look at a character and go ‘he’s like me’ without feeling like a selfish asshole stealing my friends favorite characters and forcing them into a mold just so they can be like me? I’m undesirable, i’m not pretty, it seems like such stupid 2005 era self-inset Mary Sues on shit to say a character is trans. Besides, to me, saying a character is like me has always been a number 1 way to feel like SHIT since those characters never end up being characters my friends like.

SO THEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER BALLET-SPIN KICKS HIS WAY INTO MY LIFE. I’d already seen him on my dash and knew YUP, he’s gonna be my fav, but my GOD did I not understand how much. He just. He’s perfect and I adore the hell out of him, and after a couple eps I was like you know…He…kinda reminds me of me. I too am an angry little sonofabitch driven by spite and a need to destroy my competition, I also look at who beat me in a contest (im an artist) and find nothing but their flaws. I was raised by a grandparent in leiu of a mother. I just really clicked with this brat and so there was this tiny part of me that said hey, he doesn’t show his chest…he’s beautiful…everyone refers to him in feminne terms…so I thought ok maybe he’s trans. It could happen.

Then I log onto tumblr, and find a couple others with this idea…but then also a lot of people in the comments of posts being little assholes just trying to find flaws in the logic of people giving trans headcanons. Which is a douche move guys when someone wants to see a character as LGBT your job isn’t to prove them wrong fucking christ all that did was remind me oh yeah, that’s dumb and selfish>

But, then i drug my fiance into this, and my girlfriend, my fiance’s boyfriend, friend of mine in Scotland. So many people, several of whom agreed yeah, this could be a trans kid, and I thought again, ok maybe he could be. And then I got ballsy as fuck and thought, and maybe HE didn’t know from the fucking start. Maybe he was 9 or 10 or 11. Maybe that flashback where he looks 12, TOPS, was right after he started saying no, call me a boy, call me Yuri. Maybe he LIKES keeping his hair long and shaggy even if some of his rink mates or whoever still say ‘she doesn’t look like a boy’ for it. Maybe he has a drawer of cheetah print sports bras selected carefully for flatness factor and least amount of seams shown under his clothes. Maybe he doesn’t wanna be called a prima ballerina, but doesn’t mind the beauty and grace he’s learning through it. 

It’s always been hard for me to accept myself as a boy even though i /want/ to be one more than anything. i look at myself and say boys can’t have boobs and boys can’t have periods but here’s the thing; since I was 15, WAY before I knew what trans was or nonbinary or even intersex, I had OC’s who were third gender, who lived in a world with more than two reproductive sexes, who were feminine boys. THOSE were the characters I lived through, people who had vaginas and a uterus and wore dresses but were 100% seen as male by society, not a damn question asked. I never identified with or through women, but I was never hyper masculine either. THis is just the first time i’ve looked at someone ELSE’S character, a POPULAr character and said yeah, that boy has a vagina and wears bras and maybe i don’t gotta bind every day when it hurts. And it’s been a really great feeling, especially, to see that other folks think the same way. 

Whoops, I drew this more than a month ago and never uploaded it. It was just a fun doodle/experiment in a lineless style with Jurassic Park characters. I designed ‘em using a mix of traits from both the book and the film. Malcolm wore sneakers in the book, haha. I’d like to do something like this for JP: Lost World too and use the book descriptions since the characters in the book and film different a lot for that one.

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Time travel masterpost?

INSIDE THIS VERY LONG POST: Everything Headless has on time travel, including time travel theories, worldbuilding provisions, paradoxes and hypotheses, and other considerations (as brought to you by someone who knows absolutely nothing about science, physics, or time travel).

Let’s Do The Time Warp (Or Something)

Time travel is awesome.

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Do you think it's plausible that since they can't leave town... or can they? That there may or may not be any wedding dresses in town. I mean we all know about that one wedding dress in that shop. Is Emma's anything like that one? Maybe there's more in there? Maybe that's the best looking one out of all the dresses in that shop? TBH I like what Emma wore in Camelot more than her on wedding dress. It fit her character more than her own wedding dress in my opinion!

Regina said in the episode with the pointless Henry crazy eyes thing she took care of the town line so I think they can leave.

And we’ve seen a few wedding dresses in the window so there are other options if they wanted to go that route.

Basically I think Eduardo hates wedding dresses, he’s said so over and over, so when Jen brought him the “inspiration picture” he just copied it exactly and didn’t add anything else to make it more original.

That’s what it feels like to me. It’s almost an exact replica and at the moment there is 0 of Emma in it for me.

Jen is a beautiful woman so of course she’ll be lovely but meh. I dunno.

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I saw that people say that the gave the boots character two different shoes and If I remember correctly Beth wore shoes with different shoe laces when she was in the hospital

Beth wore black-and-white shoelaces, and they matched Daryl’s ankle ties in season 5, visually connecting the characters. The color scheme and overall designed symbolically married the characters as they were yin and yang. (Similar to how Beth kept her green journal in her left back pocket and Daryl his red bandana in his right back pocket; complimentary opposites.)

In season 6 Daryl added red and green ankle ties. When I saw that Binoculars Bethfoot wore red and green ankle ties, I knew it was an allusion to Beth and Bethyl.

Binoculars Bethfoot also wore two different shoes, one bigger than the other, and one more masculine than feminine. Not only does it help to hide the character, it also builds on the yin yang theme centered around Bethyl. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, and since their separation the world has been out of balance.

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Hello! :) Why are you shipping SS? I am totally okay with it (in fact, I followed you because I find some of your answers really nice, even though I could consider myself Anti-SS). However, I am quite curious. I apologise in advance if you mentioned it before. Oh, and what are your thoughts on SNS? Don’t worry, I can handle critique for this ship. x) I love them, but I know they are far from perfect...

I ship SS because Sakura was the only girl who not only always wanted what was best for Sasuke, but also actively and constantly strove to make that happen. Karin always just wanted to help Sasuke, and I respect her for that. I’ve always been very grateful to her for helping to keep my favourite character alive on numerous occasions, and I believe her affections for him were genuine. However, that’s all I can say about it. Whereas not only were Sakura’s feelings for him also genuine, but she was also actively trying to secure a better future for him by trying to dissuade him from continuing down his dark path. Karin noticed how sinister he was becoming during the arc in the Land of Iron. Yet, she was still aiding him in committing all those crimes, and it was only after he had impaled her and completely disregarded her life, that she realized that helping him while he was in that frame of mind, wasn’t doing any good for anybody. It shouldn’t have taken that long, and that much for her to reach that conclusion. I know she was just trying to do all she could to help him, but she should have known that “helping” him in that situation wasn’t doing him any favours in the long run.

Sakura knew that from the very first instance she witnessed Sasuke’s darkness in the Forest of Death. As soon as she saw it, she tried to pull him out of the darkness, and this desire never diminished. 

People tend to look at Sasuke’s side and say he always hated her or doesn’t care about her at all, when that’s just not true. Tobirama and Hagoromo explain Sasuke’s character brilliantly in 619 and 693 respectively. They basically reveal that the only true representations of Sasuke’s character were before the massacre, and after 698. Essentially, the times when he wasn’t afflicted by the curse of hatred which constantly caused him to push away love, and magnify the negative emotions, including resentment, hatred, jealousy etc.

But despite his affliction, you could still see that he cared for his friends, including Sakura. He described her as someone “dear” to him in 133, which was only reiterated in 177, when Kakashi stated that they had both found “precious” companions, to which Sasuke then thinks of Sakura and Naruto. He sincerely thanked her for everything she had done for him in 181. He was reminded of his relationship with Team 7 when he saw how much Taka were doing for him against Killer Bee in 414. Naruto indicated how Sasuke’s body just moved on its own to save Kakashi and Sakura from the infinite Tsukuyomi in 680 etc.

All these indicators that demonstrated that despite Sasuke’s outward desires to be alone and push away the affection that was offered to him, he still deeply valued his friends. This told me that when Sasuke would be saved from the darkness, he’d welcome Sakura’s affections and start seeing her, as well as the entire world from a new perspective, and that’s exactly what happened. His hatred turned into love (as Hagoromo predicted it would in 693), and he was able to see things with clarity (as he described in 699).

I just really liked that Sakura (and Naruto) were always striving to attain a better future for their dear friend who was suffering so much. And that Sasuke, despite his internal struggle with his affliction, was still able to demonstrate that he cared about his friends, and that once the curse no longer had a hold of his heart, he was able to give Sakura such a meaningful expression of affection.

As for SNS, I don’t have anything bad to say about their relationship; they have the most prominent bond in the series, that’s a fact. Any criticisms I give to the ship are only ever in retaliation to those who bash SS and glorify SNS for reasons that I feel are unjustified. I’m a huge fan of the SNS bond, it’s just not romantic, but that doesn’t take anything away from its strength. Any list illustrating Naruto brotps just has to include these two as the main one. Just what can you really say about these two? They and are the biggest example of vitriolic best buds. Their destinies were completely intertwined with one another, where even their respective chakra natures were innately compatible and designed to aid the other (Naruto = wind, Sasuke = fire). But one carried the burden of the curse created by his ancestor before him, which caused him to lose his way. It is the story of two unspoken best friends who grew to have conflicting ideals, where one became disillusioned with his village after learning of their mistreatment of his brother and clan, and the other wanted to save him from the hatred that had plagued his clan since their creation, and in contrast to the past where this recurring endeavor had failed, Naruto succeeds. Thus, ending the cycle, and allowing his best friend to create a new beginning for his clan once shrouded in darkness, with the girl who never once stopped wanting to save him from his suffering.

I apologise that I took long to answer, I’ve had a long day today :)

Other than that, I also often tend to see certain criticisms of the SS ship that I just don’t agree with, but since I answered your Q, I’ll put it under the cut :)

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who are you, suave motherfucker

so the Rogue One’s trailer gave me life, but it also left me with a burning question - who’s the suave motherfucker. i have an idea. 

but first, what’s been proposed so far ?

1) he’s Jyn’s daddy

no he’s mine

okay, i wouldn’t be against per se, but i’m also really tired of the parentage speculation, in general. it makes the galaxy far, far away small, and i like it big and epic and low on the consanguinity scale. i very much hope parentage reveals and twist are not going to be a pattern.

i doesn’t tell me who he is, in any case.

2) he’s Tarkin

no. it just doesn’t fit. Tarkin’s made Grand Moff five years after the Empire was proclaimed, and died a Grand Moff.

so not Tarkin. that insignia’s not been seen anywhere in the new canon for now, but in the eu, it stood for Admirals.

3) he’s a Tarkin

why not. back to the parentage point though. plus the Tarkin book doesn’t introduce such a character - it’d be weird, because dear Whilhuf has Feeling on the family name and comes from near what’s essentially the backwaters of the galaxy. with all the time spent on how he’s managed to make his way into the Core and the Empire’s leadership. it’s be weird in retrospective he wouldn’t think about his cousin or whatever. no brother.

4) he’s Thrawn

no. he’s very likely to be a Thrawn expy, but he won’t be Thrawn. they’ve been picking bits and pieces from the eu as inspiration, mostly. not big storylines or characters. 

and this guy’s a biggie for the fandom - the way the equation goes, old eu fandom will be happy to get a Grand Admiral. much less to see Thrawn himself lifted out of a beloved storyline. 

i’m old eu fandom i know

also, if they do Thrawn-inspired characters rather than the Thrawn… why stop at one. some of us have been thinking Del Toro could be another Thrawn-like character in episode viii.

…the eu had more than one Grand Admiral, so why not. it sells.

5) he’s ISB (Imperial Security Bureau)

since Wulff Yularen, head director of the ISB, wears white in ANH…

okay, but this guy doesn’t, and he’s ISB too

also, Yularen doesn’t have the same insignia (and in eu, Grand Admirals wore white too) :

it’s still possible he’s part of the ISB but… listen, that cape is too classtastic for security.

wild speculation, i has them too

in the new canon, we know the Empire has an Admiralty, and very little else. a few mentions in the Tarkin novel is all i have for now.

but we also know one Grand Admiral happens to be in the Unknown Reaches post RotJ. He appears in Aftermath. so we have, a few years after Rogue One, a live Grand Admiral. who is pretty much the classiest [proof here]. more importantly, he’s going to be important for the transition between Empire and First Order.

and we don’t know who suave motherfucker is, but he definitely wears what was, in the eu, the insignia of an Admiral. 

so, okay, he doesn’t have a Grand Admiral insignia, which looked like that in the eu

but he wears white, and that’s a Grand Admiral thing in the EU. current canon admirals include Firmus Piett in ANH, who is very much not wearing white. and the cape is too classy - the insignia may be the same than Piett’s but that’s not normal-admiral-cape. 

look, i’m wildly speculating. super wildly. it doesn’t happen that often. but if the suave motherfucker is a Grand Admiral, then… we see him walking through the aftermath of a battle classtastically (so i assume he survives if he doesn’t, well shit), and we know the rebels get the plans whatever happens in the movie. that’s not gonna fly well with the emperor.

Originally posted by skywlkzrs

my guess would be, after the Rogue One events go down, teh Emperor sends the suave motherfucker to the Unknown Reaches for an exploration mission, the kind of mission that’s really a punishment and voila, Aftermath’s big bad, *him* of the mysteriousness, probably the future founder of the First Empire is set up, hidden somewhere in the Unknown Regions. also i really should have updated that map but i’m tired.

ages fit - in Aftermath, Rae Sloane is around 45 years old (her birth year was given in a SW Insider article). it’s likely the Grand Admiral, whose age we don’t know (we don’t even have a name, wink, wink) is older than her. Ben Mendelsohn is 47, so the character’s probably around that. there’s at the very least two/three years between Rogue One and Aftermath. it works. 

don’t tell me that wouldn’t be cool.

some other points

  • it fits with with what Kennedy said about the anthology movies not impacting the main trilogy.
  • making star wars said he had a “really cool name”
  • there’s a Rogue One novel and also a comics coming up and i’ll probably have to eat my socks when we learn more
  • my wild predictions are getting wilder
  • it’s really late
  • i probably should have edited this before posting oh well

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Hey! So I don't know if Belle was based on Audrey, but I'm sure Princess Aurora's movements and walk were based on Audrey. Apparently they were going to make Aurora look like Audrey as well but changed last minute. Am I right?

Hey!  In all sincerity, I’m not up to date with my Disney Princesses but I read about Belle being based on Audrey in Roman Holiday from another tumblr post.  However, you could be very right about Aurora too!  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen either film.  

Not only was Audrey Hepburn used as one of the visual models for animators when creating the Disney character Belle from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, but the ball gown Belle wears in the now famous waltz scene from the Oscar-nominated Disney flick is directly inspired by the royal gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 film Roman Holiday - her Hollywood debut. Hepburn was used as model primarily for her face’s round features. The Disney animators wanted to make Belle more ‘European-looking,’ than some previous princesses, which led them to Hepburn’s earlier film roles as guidance. 


Smog was an older comic idea I had where the greatest minds of the near future tried to create a creature that eats pollution, but instead made one that produced more of it. Since then, everyone either wore breathing masks all the time, or stuck it out and eventually mutated horribly. But the central focus was a guy in a mask who befriends a smog beast runt, and their friends who travel the world in search of a place that still has a blue sky.

I never got much farther than character designs and a rough prologue, and it’s likely I’ll never actually get back on it until Machine is finished.

Preference #90: You're tall.

Request: Can you do an imagine where you’re tall? (Later decided as Calum)

A/N: I don’t think any of the guys would care about height, size (weight) etc etc. I think they are more interested in character and personality. Since I didn’t have much to work with on this imagine only height, this may suck. I’m sorry.

You were between 5’9 and 5’10, and you didn’t care that you were tall and neither did your boyfriend Calum. You were more of a flats/trainers (sneakers) kind of girl, so you loved that you didn’t have to wear heels to try and be the same height as him. Although there was that one occasion where you wore heels and were taller than him, it kind of lowered his ego since all men seem to have this thing where they need to be taller than their girlfriends. But it was just one occasion and you hated it, so flats it was. Being tall meant you could do more things together. You were at a theme park they were doing late night hours as a promotion thing, and got in line for a rollercoaster you saw a sign saying ‘you must be 5’0 or over to ride this ride’ and Calum chuckled “well at least you can ride this” he said “I love this ride and I’m glad you get to share it with me” he smiled. “Me too” you replied. Ashton’s sister was short, given the fact she was young and most of the time the guys had to avoid certain rides or one had to sit with her and wait. So he was glad this time he got to enjoy all his favourite rides, and share them with the girl he loved. After the ride you grabbed a hot dog from the hot dog cart and climbed up onto the large hay bale and laughed as younger kids tried to climb up but couldn’t “plus a bonus of being tall is being able to see the sunset” you pointed in the direction of the sunset “many people miss out on beautiful things, because there too small to see it” you said. “Well I guess I get to witness two beautiful things tonight” he smirked.

team japan question relay: guys & gals edition!

Finally got around to doing it lol. It’s from Cutting Edge 2014. It’s not recent recent, so answers can be a bit dated. But, anyway.

- - - - - - - - - -

Last season’s question relay was well received. This time we’ll also include the ladies for a guys and gals version! Skaters not included here will be in the Ladies Fan Book.

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