since it's the finale it should have a


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

Sherlock Holmes:
  • Is flattered by John’s interest
  • Crashes John’s date with Sarah
  • Sadly watches John walk away, from the window, after their “little domestic” 
  • Stole an ash tray from Buckingham palace to make John smile
  • Follows John everywhere
  • Continues to talk to John when he is not there
  • Fakes his death to keep John safe

  • Wants it to be “Just the two of them against the rest of the world”
  • Plans John’s wedding
  • Freezes upon learning he is John’s best friend
  • Attending the wedding is going into “into battle
  • There was one feature and only one feature of interest in this whole baffling case, and quite frankly it was the usual, John Watson”
  • You, it’s always you, John Watson, you keep me right”
  • Makes his first and final vow at John’s wedding
  • Leaves the wedding early
  • Turns to drugs after not seeing John for a month
  • Comes back from the dead because John’s in danger
  • Kills Magnussen to ensure John is safe
  • “There’s something I should say, that I’ve always meant to say and never have…Since its unlikely we will ever meet again might as well say it now”

  • Overdoses on the plane, and reads about his first meeting with John, so it’s his final thought.
  • Dreams about meeting John in the Victorian era
  • Imagines John and Mary’s marriage falling apart, to the point Mary has to disguise as a client to see her husband. 
  • Fears John abandoning him to go home with Mary
  • Imagines John saving him from Moriarty and declaring “There is always two of us!”

Sherlock in series 4: “I love you”

Casuals: Who is Sherlock in love with? Maybe it’s (insert female characters name here)


“From order, springs harmony.”

Goodness, I’m finally finished with Symmetra!
[first image is a 100% res view of her beautiful face]

I was undecided on the background for a while, since earlier in the process my friend said it was too busy, but tbh I didn’t have any other ideas so I messed around a bit, and this is what I’ve got OTL

I really wanted to try to include Vishkar colours though! It just happened to be an odd combination, cyan and purple, whoops. Hopefully it looks okay!
Also the pose is totally just ripped from her ‘Balance’ victory pose, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Tbh I just wanna draw more of her now. She’s too damn pretty, and I’m a sucker for drawing pretty women :’)

Also tbh, I kinda want a print of this in my room now, lol


150521 - N.Flying Debut Stage [M!Countdown]

Christmas Decorating


prompt- For the Christmas imagines can you do one about decorating your place together since its your first Christmas living together?

~402 words


You couldn’t help your laugh as you watched Niall struggle to get the star at the top of this Christmas tree. “Why did we have to pick a tall goddamn tree.” He grunted as he stretched and stood on his tip toes in another attempt. 

“You were the one who picked it out.” You remind him as you start to drape the shiny tinsel on the green branches.   

“Yeah well you should’ve stopped me. You’re my wife now, you need to stop me from makin’ dumb decisions,” He was finally able to get the star on the top branch, “There.” Niall said stepping back to make sure it was set on straight. He then moved behind you and wrapped his arms around you pulling you close. “Isn’t it exciting? Our first christmas being husband and wife.” 

“It sure is.” You smiled as you put the last of the tinsel on the tree and turned in his arms so that now you were facing him kissing his lips gently before resting your head on his shoulder. “What should we do next?” 

“Mum sent me stockings with our names on it, she thought it’ll be cute, so we can hang those on the mantel.”  He moved away  from you and went to the closet and pulled out a shipping box and pulled out to red stockings that had your names on them. 

“Your mom is cute.” You giggled taking the stocking with your name on it out of Niall’s hand and looked at it. “But you’re cuter.” Niall’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink at the comment. 

“Yeah, okay.” He scoffed reaching into the box that held christmas decorations and pulled out two stocking hooks and walked over to the mantel and hung up them up. “I, um, can’t wait until we have a few more stockings up there.” Niall said his slight blush growing darker. 

“Me either.” You smiled walking over to him and grabbing his face so that he would look at you and kissed him. 

Looking around the house you were so proud of the decorating that you and Niall had done, The tree’s twinkling lights made the den have a calming dim glow, “We did good.” You thought out load. “You know what we should do?” 

He turned his head to look at you, “What?” 

“Hang lights on the roof.” 

Niall laughed, “Good luck gettin’ me ass up there.” 


sorry it was short ~ S

twitter:heartbrokennjh // wattpad:brokenboyclifford 

Fanart I made of Tina when I really should have been studying for finals. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way as I do since I see so many new fanfics/art online. We can’t help it…

Feel free to message me to talk about FBAWTFT and HP. (=3=)/ <3

I have an idea

To all the connverse shippers I feel like you’re all going to love this idea!!

So in the final episode of the bomb sapphire makes the excuse that Blue Diamond wanted more humans to preserve from earth. Blue Diamond admits that it’s true. Yellow Diamond says they can go get more since the cluster hasn’t emerged yet. Steven hears this on his way out the door and kind of gives them a look of questioning

This of course means the Diamonds are coming to earth as a finale of the season most likely.

I think that the connverse ship/arc will hit its height because when the diamonds come to earth to take more humans I believe Connie and her family will be in the group of humans taken from earth and Steven will probably have to chase them down to of course save the rest of the humans and most importantly Connie

It could most definitely go this way because this is the ultimate way for Steven to show feelings for Connie. I mean if this happens imagine the reunion when he gets to her.

I feel like this is the way they’re gonna go because the series has been building up and this is a good plot point to have it reach climax

Now I realize in saying this that I’m predicting a common trope but hey who says I can’t hope

Finally if this happens come back to this post because I will have fucking called it

5.  „Wow…I was not expecting that to happen…I really didn’t.“

8.  „Stop sending me these weird text messages.“

13.  “You are the most disgusting, selfish, horrible…oh my god is that a kitty.”

with Lucifer Morningstar


It was the middle of the night and Lucifer had yet again send you weird pictures and messages. You liked the guy but you honestly regretted ever giving him your number. Your patience was finally at its end when you read ‘who’s my little kitten’.

„Stop sending me these weird text messages!“ You came barging into his apartment i the middle of the night. You knew he was awake, since he texted you the whole time and apparently he never locked his doors or elevator, whatever.

“I think I should be the one who’s offended but…I don’t actually mind having you here…late at night …all alone.” He answers, grinning at you.

“You are the most disgusting, selfish, horrible…oh my god is that a kitty.”

“Yes I bought her for you.”

“Wow…I was not expecting that to happen…I really didn’t. How did you know I like cats?”

“The amount of youtube cat videos on your laptop is really astonishing, it was hard to overlook.”

“You went through my laptop?!”

“Just for research.”



Good news everyone! While I was away I found a new garbage pile to roll around in! :D just in time too since my old dumpster hangout is getting emptied this week

Now that con season is winding down I have a lot more free time so I should be starting to post a little more regularly.

unpopular opinion™

nathaniel is the one misstep on crazy ex’s part. i know i should like him and yet i don’t, i find him redundant, i was happy about him barely appearing in the finale and i wish it’d stay that way in season 3. this has nothing to do with the charming and adorable scott michael foster, whom i’ve loved since ouat and i watched blood and oil for, but this thing where they just shoved the guy down my throat because “someone male, straight and white” is apparently needed just isn’t working its magic on me. he’s obvious love interest material having none of the traits that made both josh and greg somewhat unviable options for rebecca: he’s good looking, he’s from beck’s same socio-economic bracket, he has daddy issues, he works with her and they’re attracted to one another. if they do end up together we’d have called it from the moment he stepped in. the only surprising thing would be him ending up with someone else (valencia please), otherwise he’s just boring, predictable and everything crazy ex-girlfriend is not.


I have an undying love for this magnificent character of @fleshwerks, Spiridon Lavellan, I decided since I was sick I should finally draw him. After two days of perfecting, I think I did very well. Everyone is free to leave their advice or compliments. I’m so excited that I finished this!

And what a week it has been! Is it healthy to drink 5 cups of coffee? I did however finally get a little bit of time between shows to doodle around a bit, but that’s about all I had time for. That being said, you should hit up my inbox with some cool Jekyll and Hyde post since I don’t have time to search the tags👀
And now, this stage manager need some sleep!

sO the hot water in the dorm broke last week and my friend called maintenance to come fix it and later they emailed her like “we fixed it! you guys have been borrowing hot water from another dorm all year and that broke so we finally gave you your own hot water heater! hooray!” and it’s like????? are you kidding me??? this is why i’ve been taking VERY SHORT, VERY COLD showers all year?? did it occur to you that college students likE HAVING HOT WATER AND THAT MAYBE THE BIGGEST DORM ON CAMPUS SHOULD HAVE ITS OWN HOT WATER HEATER PLEASE?

anyway hot showers are a blessing and i have been living the dream for the last like, five days since they fixed it

pac115man  asked:

In the final episode of volume 4 when team RNJR were fighting the horse grim (yea can't spell its name). The one scene that scratch my head what was Qrow going to say to Jaune? Fans said it either be "keep Ruby safe" or "I'm sorry for pyrrha". It was confirm that by RT crews that Qrow was going to said something that will impact both Jaune and Ruby.

i really don’t know what to say to it since i do think if they where going to make him say something, they should have made him say something. 

taniushka12 replied to your post “sometimes i think i should start writing again but its been like 2-3…”

I thought the same like 2 years ago and since then i wrote 21 hq fics :0 you can do it ! ! !

ah thats rlly reassuring to hear ;;_;; I think I might try it when I have free time. I have an entire wall covered in sticky notes with ideas, it would probably be fun to finally properly write them out

> apple realizes daring isnt the one who woke her up (since he’s rosabella’s beast prince prob)
> apple realizes its darling and confirms her sexuality or preference for princesses
>have panic attacks until she finally accepted her sexuality
>“YO RAVEN i just realized im gay and i think its for you”
>rapple kiss


30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October

Words: 1057
Warnings: alcoholised driving

4th October: Cool mugs, warm drinks | feat. Captain Boomerang

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Its finally official!! Her PCR test results finally came back, and Eva is in COMPLETE molecular remission!!! ❤

I just got off the phone with Dr. Sullivan, who is heading the canine t-cell infusion project in Washington, and he said she can begin the process right away once I make the donation of $3k needed for the materials and such. Fortunately since I now have a full time job, I should be able to cover whatever the gofundme doesn’t, which means once the bill for the t-cell infusions is all paid for, I can finally mark Eva’s gofundme campaign as “complete”!!

This is so huge… thank you so much to everyone on tumblr who helped Eva get here. If it wasn’t for you guys who reblogged and donated, Eva would probably have passed away over a month ago. I never would have raised all the funds by myself. You guys saved her life ❤