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Pictures of You (Reader x Bucky) (1/?)

I’m trying my hand at a series. Hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly as well as make the occasional drabble/one-shot. Feedback is appreciated! Enjoy!

You’re a writer that moves to New York in hopes of finding inspiration when you meet Bucky Barnes. (AU!Bucky)

Warnings: none.

Maybe it was the buzz of the city, but something about New York City that just filled you with inspiration. It was possible that you genuinely could finish your book here since you used your book advance to get you up north.

As much as you loved Texas, inspiration ran dry after living there all your life. Of course leaving your life behind there was bittersweet but after 23 years there, it was time for a change.

Sitting in a taxi, you stared out the window and the bright lights of the city intimidated you slightly. The sun had begun its descent across the sky when your plane landed and now dusk was settling over the bustling city. You were like a child in a candy shop staring in awe of the sheer size of the city and noticing the landmarks you had only seen in film and tv. You had a condo set up already in the city that was already furnished. The plan was to stay in New York for three months; just after the new year.

The taxi driver dropped you off at the steps of your condo. the sidewalk of your street had trees outside every condo and, with the holiday season, each of them were wrapped up with twinkling lights and lit the sidewalk. You grabbed your small duffle bag and walked up the steps into the condo. upon unlocking the door, it opened to a short hallway with two open door ways to your left and one door leading to the guest bathroom. The open door ways led to the living room and kitchen, respectively. At the end of the hall was a set of stairs that led to the master bedroom which was open to overlook the kitchen and living room. This was the main thing that sold you on this place.

You tossed your duffel bag near the door, kicked off your boots and decided that unpacking your clothes could wait for tomorrow.

You collapsed onto the love seat in front of the large flat screen television and gave yourself a moment to think over the last few hours.

You knew absolutely no one in the city, aside from your publisher. You were a complete stranger in a new city and part of this excited you; this was a chance for a clean slate, a new start.

A quickly google search led you to a small coffee shop near your place. You managed to fall more in love with your new environment on the walk over. Since it was the middle of fall, the trees were changing colors and fallen leaves crunched beneath your boots. Being in New York finally gave you a reason to wear your winter gear that had been neglected in Texas. You were comfortably warmed by a thick scarf and beanie, courtesy of your best friend back home.

You arrived at the café which was small and located in the middle of a busy shopping area. Luckily it was pretty empty for early evening. You pulled the door open and was immediately met with the warm aroma of coffee and sweet pastries. The whole café was decorated with holiday cheer. Holographic garland hung from the counter and Christmas trees sat in every corner.

You cradled your hot coffee in your hands while you settled into your small booth near the window. A soft voice cooed over the entire café and every other booth or table was taken by people in pairs or groups. Minimal talking was happening when the door to the café opened once more and two large figures walked through.

“I love the fall!” A voice boomed out. You looked over to the door subtly and saw the voice belonged to a broad shouldered blond. He only wore a crew neck sweater and jeans which immediately made you conclude he was born here. “The leaves, the cold weather, it’s all just so great. Right, Buck?” He turned to the man than followed him in.

As you looked to the man behind him, your eyes widen slightly in surprise before staring down at your coffee cup. He was absolutely gorgeous; from what you could tell. You peeked up through your lashes to study his sharp features once more. His hair was slightly longer than his friend, a lot shaggier and darker. His jawline stood out as his hair curved towards it. His lips were full and curved into a shy smile. You made the mistake of glancing up at his eyes and made a strange sound at the back of your throat that you didn’t recognized as your own. They were unmistakably blue and lined with full, thick lashes. You could drown in those blue eyes

“Yeah, yeah, punk. I just want my coffee not a whole story.” His voice was smooth and deep-it made you blush right away.

The pair continued to chat animatedly and rather loudly across the café from you. You had to admit that Bucky, whose name you figured out from eavesdropping a bit, inspired you and you had to write everything down. Reaching into your side bag you pulled out your small journal and opened to a fresh page and started writing down every detail of his face. You wrote out the details of his hair that he would constantly push back, how muscular he looked as his long sleeve shirt stretched across his broad chest, and his eyes to the best of your ability.

You were so engrossed at your task at hand that you weren’t aware that the very blue eyes you were trying your best to describe were glancing at you. Those eyes took note of your legs that were crossed under the booth and your leg shaking at a constant tempo as you scribbled into your journal. They were curious as they swept over your features and took note of your furrowed brow and pursed lips.

“Who are you staring at?” The blond turned around and looked for the source. His friend was zoning out and completely ignoring the story he was telling.

The brunette’s eyes snapped back to his friend and he gave an easy smile, “Oh come on, Steve. We both know that you’ve told this story to me more than once.”

“Are you staring at that (Y/H/C)? The whole writing in the journal?” He asked in an accusatory tone and pointed over his shoulder with his thumb.

Bucky gave a soft laugh and slunk back into his chair slightly, his cheeks turning the slightest shade of pink. “Well now you and everyone in this café knows.”

“You should go talk to them. Looks like your type.” He suggested as he turned to stare st your form again.

“Um, nah. I’m fine. How’s work?” He was desperate to change the conversation since he knew his friend too well. He was all for jumping in head first and completely against taking your time when it came to love.

“You’re not getting off the hook that easily, jerk.”

“Punk.” He responded automatically.

“Go talk to them.” He urged again, more gently this time.

Bucky put his head down, fidgeting with his coffee cup and shook his head slightly. He didn’t see you stand to toss your empty cup away, but Steve was quick to notice and stood suddenly to meet you at the bin.

Bucky looked up to see his friend walk away and groaned inwardly. Of course he would.

You saw the blond headed towards you and you tried your best not to stare. He was just as handsome as his friend but his features were much friendlier, more open and far less brooding.

“Hello! I’m Steve, Steve Rogers.” He greeted and extended his hand.

You glanced at his hesitantly before placing your hand in his. “Hi, Steve.”

“I’d just like to apologize really quickly for my buddy over here. I’ve realized he’s been star-“

Steve was cut off by a hand slapping down onto his shoulder and a tight voice, “What are you doing, pal.” The brunette was just behind him with a tight smile and his face was flushed.

Your face began heating up as you held onto your journal and was reminded of the contents within.

“Oh, I’m just meeting someone new. Spreading my horizons.” Steve continued and maintained eye contact with you. His eyes were just as blue and mesmerizing. He moved a bit to wrap his arm around his friend and slapping his chest a few times. “This is here is my best pal, Bucky.”

You gave him a small smile, “Hi, Bucky. I’m (Y/N).”

Bucky’s eyes softened at your voice, “It’s great to meet you, (Y/N).” He cleared his throats and ran his hand through his hair. “So is this your first time in this café?”

“We’re regulars here.” Steve added.

“Well, yes. It’s my first time in New York, actually.”

“Where are you from?” Bucky asked.

“Texas. So this cold weather is very new to me. We don’t get much of a winter in Dallas.”

Bucky nodded at the information while Steve’s eyes shot up. “No kidding. Buck and I were born and raised in Brooklyn. We’d love to show you around some time.”

“Oh, that’s very thoughtful of you. But I mean, we’ve only just met. Not too sure I should trust you…” You teased.

“Ah, well there’s always a chance we could be serial killers.” Steve joked and nudged at his friend to encourage him to join in on their banter.

“Well serial killers make up 1% of cases so I could have very well gotten that lucky.” You noted and fidgeted with your journal. Both of them laughed in response.

“What’s that you got there? Journal or sketchbook?” Steve motioned at the journal in your hands.

“Journal. I’m kind of a writer. I moved here for some inspiration on my next book.” You said shyly, tucking your hair behind your ear. Bucky still hadn’t said anything, you figured he was shy and continued to be the center of Steve’s attention.

“Oh really? What genre?”

“Well my first one was a romance novel. I’m very embarrassed of it but it was a hit. I’m very grateful but I’m trying my hand at crime thrillers.”

“That’s a dramatic turn.”

“Yeah, well I have a degree in criminology. Figured I could put it to some use.”

“Well I hope you figure it out. I’m an artist myself. I love sketching. Anything and everything. Buck here is real good with a camera.” He gestured to his friend who has yet to say anything.

You almost thought he didn’t like you but with the way he was studying you made you think otherwise. Throughout the conversation with Steve you had to mentally remind yourself to look at Steve while he spoke to you.

“You’re a photographer?” You finally made eye contact with Bucky and you nearly melted at his shy expression.

“Yeah. Mainly landscapes but occasionally portraits.” He finally said.

“Well I’m in need a new cover picture. Think you could help me out?” It was a risk but you couldn’t help feeling a bit confident after the way he stared at you.

Bucky blinked at you for a moment and was nudged again by his blond friend. “Y-yes! I can…I can help you out.”

You smiled at him and opened your journal to rip a piece of paper. “Here’s my number. You can call me whenever you’re available to shoot. Or even show me around.” You tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, praying that your voice didn’t sound too eager or high pitched. You wrote down your cell number along with your name before handing It over to Bucky.

He grabbed it happily. “That sounds great. I’ll be sure to, (Y/N).”

You could honestly listen to the man say your name all day.

You bit your lip and looked between the two men. “Okay, well I’m headed out. It was great to meet you guys.” You say as you head towards the door.

Steve gave you a small wave and a bright smile.

Before you could walk out the door, Bucky called out, “I’ll call you!”

You smiled to yourself and thought that New York was looking even better.