since it will probably never be mentioned in the canon

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How can everybody say that Levin is canonly gay????? Like I'd love that, but it's never said or shown clearly, is it?

“Hi anon! Very easily: because he is!

Ok, so maybe it’s a bit more coy than that. But it’s not like any of the other characters I mentioned as being canonically gay ever came outright in the manga saying “yo, i am the gayest shit since sliced bread”. Yumikuri, from my understanding, was confirmed by the editor, and Reiner is probably the closet to saying it outright himself, but people get confused with him and his infatuation with Krista (important to note that it’s KRISTA and not HISTORIA).

We have two important things to look at when it comes to Levi being canonically gay, and they both come straight from Isayama in interviews.

When asked what type of women Levi would be into, he said “… Would he like women?” And then proceeds to talk about how people that are short tend to like those that are tall. But that’s neither here nor there *cough*eruri is canon*cough*…

Also, he has stated in interviews that he creates characters for his settings. There was a need for Levi in the story, so he looked for inspiration to create this character… He looked at Rorschach from Watchmen, went to give him some dashing good looks, and then realized “hmm, he’ll be pretty popular with yaoi doujinshi authors I think.”

Again, it’s probably a death sentence to come out and say outright that a character is gay given the circumstances. It’s cool that Yumikuri is basically there. But given the evidence, I’d say Levi is pretty gay.

Also there’s all this shit too you should probably read:

“Favorite posts on Erwin and Levi”

“Eruri receipts post”

Hope that answers your question!

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Call me a cynic, but it seems that all the movies since Zoroark have basically been pokemon screaming "Look new stuff! BUY OUR GAMES! BUY OUR GAMES!" At least more so than usual. I mean the movies were like that before, but they always seemed much more story and character driven. Maybe I'm just wearing nostalgia glasses.

It’s not cynical, it’s pretty accurate but perhaps not for the reason you think (at least…not from my point of view). This got a lot longer than I thought it would so it’s going beneath a cut because I start ranting oops.

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always wanted to fix this up. It felt kinda unfinished before. Im pretty sure i just got tired of looking at it XD

original text about this pic and my Medium headcanon/AU

I think before the accident the trio would go ghost hunting (the more traditional way), since Sam mentioned in canon that she used to be into the ghost thing, so she probably led little adventure into creepy abandoned places. They never really found anything…until Sam started noticing that Danny had been intentionally leading they away from activity. He seemed to know where all the hotspots were and would avoid them and find excuses to keep Sam and Tucker away from them.

So they start paying attention to places Danny is avoiding and investigating those spots and are able to gather more evidence of ghosts then before, but then one night Danny gets attacked and hurt by one of the ghosts. After that he admits to being able to sense and see ghosts and explains that he is terrified of ghosts because they seem to target him most when he wanders into their territory.  They stop going on ghost hunts after this incident for fear of Danny getting hurt.”

old version

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Just curious if Misty had kissed Ash in GCYL before she left (similar to Serena), would you have considered Pokeshipping 100% canon way back then in 2002, even if the same thing still happened with Misty leaving the series forever and not getting any cameos since AG? I mean if Pokeshippers had THAT back in 2002, especially given how young everyone was back then, I think people would have forever considered Pokeshipping endgame, even if Misty still left the series forever like always.

I don’t think I knew what “canon” meant at the time, but I was, what, 13 when GCYL aired here? so I probably would have assumed that kiss = together forever, yeah. Though I don’t now if I’d still be thinking that now if the series had gone on like it did and the kiss or anything related to it never got mentioned again. Probably not.

If it were to happen now somehow (say, Misty got a cameo and kissed Ash before leaving again) I still wouldn’t consider it 100% canon though. I mean, it would be 100% undeniably canon that she has feelings for Ash, and it might also be canon that he has feelings for her if he kissed back/otherwise gave some clear indication that he feels the same way, but to be canon as a couple they’d have to actually become a couple.

things u thought were canon but are actually fanon, the marauders era edition:

  • lucius and narcissa were arranged. yes, it’s canon that they are married, but it’s apparently not canon that the marriage was an arranged marriage.
  • rodolphus being the elder lestrange. it’s probably only assumed since rodolphus is married to bellatrix and there are no mentions in canon who rabastan is married to.
  • amycus and alecto are twins. i guess it’s easy to mistake them as twins really, but apparently they aren’t.
  • ted tonks is a hufflepuff. maybe it’s just me, but i keep on seeing ted as a hufflepuff so i thought it was canon, but then i looked on wiki and it says nothing about ted being a hufflepuff? so yes, i’m pretty sure this is fanon.
  • bonus: as far as canon goes, it’s never confirmed whether andromeda is teddy’s only living relative or not. we never found out in canon whether lyall lupin is still alive or not.

So can we talk about Touch Starvation and the majority of your companions in Dragon Age? Because touch starvation is a big fucking deal that does not get talked about enough in real life, much less fictional universes. Babies and young children can become seriously ill and die if not touched enough. It’s incredibly important for psychological health, and especially in our society where human contact is hyper-sexualized, a lot of us are suffering from various levels of touch starvation.

And so are a bunch of our favorite fictional characters.

Alistair has definitely been suffering from this since childhood, given the lack of one he had, and then being shipped off to a monastery. Same for Zevran, although he’s at least probably discovered how helpful sexual contact can be. Morrigan is extremely touch starved, but would never admit it to anyone including herself. 

DA2 is just a wreck. Like, Anders hasn’t been touched with anything other than violence or sex since probably Karl and life before that wasn’t any better. Merrill’s whole clan treats her like a leper. Fenris has so many issues regarding touch that they actually mention it  in canon on the romance path.

For Inquisition I think Solas is probably the unquestioned King of touch starvation. I imagine Dorian’s not doing too great either. Tevinter doesn’t strike me as a touch-happy place in both the, casual touch is not acceptable way, and the what touch does occur is not happy kind of way. People are afraid to touch Cassandra, and nothing we learn about Sera makes me think she’s experienced regular affection.

And please do not consider this an exhaustive list, like arguments can be made for literally everyone including your OC’s.

Basically, what I’m saying is that platonic cuddling/hugs/hand-holding/etc. needs to be A THING.

Make it so. 


Deja Vu, Parallel, Contrast
My Heart & A Key

Did anyone else immediately feel a sense of Deja Vu, when Rick handed Michonne the walkie-talkie? Bueller? Bueller? Okay, so I’m it. The parallel smacked me dead in the heart! Remember in Conquer (5x16), Rick is standing before Michonne a contrite man. He admits to being “afraid” that Michonne could have talked him out of taking the guns. So he went behind her back and he regretted his actions immediately. Thus, the offering of the gun to Michonne, the one thing Rick felt he needed to maintain a semblance of control, in his new existence. In Go Getters (7x5), Rick is once again standing before Michonne a contrite man, but this time, he has taken a gun from Michonne; her sense of control in this new existence. Which is killing him.

Rick tells Michonne, they are heading North “if she changes her mind.” Taking a deep breath, (because her man is going to be in danger and she will not be there to protect him), Michonne responds “Good luck.” In a matter of nanoseconds, Rick goes from hopeful to disappointed to resigned. Here is the contrast. In every episode until this one, Michonne is on the move. She is eager to get out there and do what is needed to sustain and maintain Team Family. Now, we learn Michonne has “volunteered” (wth! 😱) to stay behind. All Rick can do is drop his head, sigh and go in for the platonic kiss on the cheek. Because at this point, Rick feels, due to his actions, he has lost her, too. Thus, the generic “See you soon”.

Nooooo! My heart hit the floor as soon as Michonne prevented Rick from completing the kiss on the cheek. Rick’s did too. He stopped, looked down and delayed looking at her (when she guided him upward) until the last second. You know he was expecting the worst. Instead, Michonne looks him in the eyes and proceeds to give him life again! (It has been mentioned this is the first physical contact between the two since Canon. Rick is a sexual being, I propose the abstaining is probably a result of his failure to initiate sex, as opposed to Michonne’s refusal.)

There is no Rick without Michonne. Throughout 7x1, Rick looked to Michonne for strength and a reason to endure. She gave it to him by just looking at him. She gave him everything he needed to do what was necessary to survive. To keep himself from going “Murder Coat” Rick. Which would have been detrimental to all of them. We must never forget, Michonne knows her man!

This is Key. I repeat. Michonne knows her man! Rick’s whole demeanor prior to the kiss screams “I give up.” Michonne recognized she had to do something or Rick might not return! Michonne springs into action ( balance restored) and stopped Rick from downgrading their relationship from serious to casual, by refusing to take the OUT he was giving her, by kissing her on the cheek. Warrior Michonne stepped to her man ( parallel), captured his face in both her hands-to get his attention- because she needed him to focus on what she was going to convey to him. Remember, they were not alone. Rick, surprised, took a second or three to realize Michonne was effectively telling the world, I trust him. I believe in him. Regardless of, what has happened . In spite of, what has happened! At the end of the kiss, you can see (look closely) a tiny glimpse of joy on Rick’s face. He knows now, that whatever he decides to do regarding their future, Michonne will be there to support him. He exhales. Relief! Which is why Rick thanked Michonne.

Now, the birds are once again singing, flowers are blooming in Winter and all is right with Richonne!

Woo, pic ive been working on, but I manage to get it done the same day I mentioned my Medium headcanon. This goes along with that.

I think before the accident the trio would go ghost hunting (the more traditional way), since Sam mentioned in canon that she used to be into the ghost thing, so she probably led little adventure into creepy abandoned places. They never really found anything…until Sam started noticing that Danny had been intentionally leading they away from activity. He seemed to know where all the hotspots were and would avoid them and find excuses to keep Sam and Tucker away from them.

So they start paying attention to places Danny is avoiding and investigating those spots and are able to gather more evidence of ghosts then before, but then one night Danny gets attacked and hurt by one of the ghosts. After that he admits to being able to sense and see ghosts and explains that he is terrified of ghosts because they seem to target him most when he wanders into their territory.  They stop going on ghost hunts after this incident for fear of Danny getting hurt.

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In the double agent verse, even though his father is alive (not to mention not evil) and his sister is a trained force user, will Luke still come across as a traditional jedi (albeit heavily Tatooine inspired)?

Friend, I submit to you that Luke Skywalker does not come across as a traditional Jedi even in canon.

This will probably be even more the case in the Double Agent ‘verse, though, since he learns quite a bit from Leia (who of course learned from Anakin, whose approach is both very Tatooine and completely devoid of a lot of the Old Order teachings, so much so that he never even mentioned Light and Dark Sides to her, just the Force). But Luke will also still learn from Yoda in this ‘verse, and of course his first introduction to the Jedi still came from Obi-Wan.

But because he started learning from Leia first, he’ll arrive on Dagobah with a much more critical eye than in canon, as well as with a lot more training under his belt.

This effectively means that Yoda is expecting the ESB Luke who showed up on Dagobah in canon, and is in for a bit of a surprise when the person he gets actually looks a lot more like the ROTJ Luke who returns to Dagobah. He’s not a completely blank slate, he already has some ideas about the Force - and many of them are ideas that are at odds with Yoda’s - and most of all he’s not as uncritically trusting as canon Luke was at the beginning of ESB.

He’s also, of course, very good friends with Leia as well as being her student, and he trusts her implicitly, so his first instinct when he encounters places where Leia and Yoda disagree is going to be to side with Leia.

Shawngela is Dead. 1997-2015

(I know there’s probably grammatical and punctuation errors in this. But it’s 3 in the morning, this is Tumblr, and I’m not an English major.)

Michael Jacobs and the rest of the creative team on GMW are gonna lay it to rest this summer the moment Girl meets Hurricane airs. In Season 7, Angela and Shawn had reunited as a couple and were as close and happy as ever, until her father shows up with the announcement that he’s moving to Europe for a year and asks Angela to go with him. Ultimately she agrees, though she told Shawn that he meant the world to her and she would stay if he just asked her to. Shawn was on the verge of doing more than that, he was gonna propose to her but at the last minute decided he couldn’t come between their father/daughter relationship. He’d lost his own father either earlier that year or the year before.

It’s important to note that Angela and Shawn DID NOT break up. GMW has been very unclear as to what the circumstances were around Angela’s departure to Europe and whether she even came back. As a matter of fact, since the show runners are obviously setting Shawn up to be with Maya’s mom, it’s likely that the young GMW fans who have never BMW think that Angela is a cold-hearted bitch who dropped everything to run off to Europe and never came back. The mentions of her and her reasons for leaving were very one-sided on the Disney show.

They agreed to have a long-distance relationship.With lots of phone calls and letters and probably emails. (In my head canon Angela sent Shawn tons of pictures of her and her experiences in Europe, knowing what a photography buff he was at the time.) 

If we’re being honest…Topanga, Angela, Cory and Shawn were all like 19, 20 or 21 around this time. Long-distance relationships are hard, and it’s rare for long distance relationships with people that young to work out. Angela wasn’t just moving a few towns over or to another state or even across the country. She was moving to another continent.

But I believe in Shawn & Angela, like everyone else believed in Cory and Topanga. I believe in them more than Corpanga. (If we’re continuing in this trend of being honest, when were Cory and Topanga ever realistic? Their story switched from Shawn and Cory barely knowing and not even LIKING Topanga in Middle School, to Cory and Topanga having been each others twu luv since they were two. That’s just one of many things…so why this sudden desire for Shawngela to be realistic? This is TV. We watch TV to escape reality.)

But the thing I liked about the series finale was it was very-open ended. Angela and Shawn could have continued their relationship like they said they would. Or they could have mutually decided to put it on hold until she returned to the trio in New York. Or maybe they broke up. Maybe they met a little later in life when they had both had time to grow up and work through their demons, a time when they were no longer afraid to give in to loving each other. The possibilities were endless. 

But GMW wants to tell me that none of this happened. They want to tell me that there was no communication, that Angela just simply never came back? Or never re-connected with her friends, best friend Topanga and her boyfriend?!  I can’t accept that. 

Then they try to justify it with this excuse that “Nothing good happens to Shawn.”  Well I would think that when he inevitably starts dating Katy and they fall in love or what have you, and he gets the family that he always wanted but never got a chance to have…I think that would be considered a good thing.

And this is why I don’t watch GMW, or acknowledge that it’s even canon. It might seem petty to do all that because of a ship, but hey. I know that watching Girl Meets Hurricane would give me hypertension, so I’m gonna leave it alone and continue living in a world where Shawngela is happening. They don’t have to be married, it doesn’t have to be a perfect relationship, I don’t need the white picket fence, dog, and the 2.5 children. As long as they’re together.

I don’t need them to be Cory & Topanga because they’re not. They’re Shawn & Angela, I think that’s more than enough.

I have to wonder if the Director picked the BGC as part of an experiment too. I mean, they’re all misfits, but its just… look at the kind of people he selected to surround Alpha.

Sarge – War veteran who probably has no business being a soldier anymore. Has a thing for robotics and building shit, but is definitely heading towards senile. 

Simmons – Neurotic kid who’s got some pretty heavy psychological issues already. He’s got anger management issues, self esteem issues, and he latches onto Sarge as a father figure.

Grif – The first person to be drafted in 200 years. Not only was he the only guy to be drafted, but he had a dependent at home (assuming that there was no father figure, since one is never canonically mentioned). Typically, people are excused from the draft if they are the sole provider for a minor or other dependent.

Tucker – Hyper-sexual dude, who has more potential of being a good soldier then anyone else, if it were actually applied. I’m pretty sure that if Tucker were put with a regular military outfit, he would have done extremely well, and probably have been promoted a lot faster.

Donut – If you go off of the Best Red vs Blue DvD Ever. Of All Time, Donut had been sent to a compound by his father so he could “feel right about that one thing.” So… Chances are he’s been shoved back so far into some kind of closet. And he’s also a complete Doughboy, farm fresh from Iowa.

Caboose – Lets face it, Caboose was not the brightest crayon in the box even before the brain damage. I’m fairly sure that’s why he was picked.

Doc – Lol. lets put a pacifist in there.

anyway the sharon carter fandom would like to sends its warmest regards to the moira mactaggert fandom

welcome to unpopular female character hell even tho were you probably already well aware of it since first class came out years ago

prepare for people to never talk about your fave outside of her romantic relationship and constantly ignore that aforementioned relationship has been part of comic-canon for literally decades and wasn’t just created to “no homo” the main white boy slash relationship.

also prepare for no one to ever mention the fact how she’s actually a badass CIA agent who does do other stuff even if the narrative isn’t really fair to her all the time.

love her anyway and do everything you can to spite the haters

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Wait, what's your Paige, Peter thing head cannon?

okay, i got a few anons abt this, so here is my (whacked out and probably very much so not canon) head canon abt paige.

the whole episode abt paige was about unreliable narrators. you have peter telling stiles and cora a story about derek. a story derek never mentions, alludes to, nothing. all we know is that derek’s eyes are blue.

first off, the clothes in paige’s backstory do NOT line up with early-mid 2000s. they are more mid-90s; they look exactly like what i wore in middle school, and since peter is in his mid-late 30s(ish), that would be the right time period. tw seems to do a good job with costuming, and i find it unlikely they would just up and think “hey, 6-8 yrs ago obviously looked like the mid-90s”.

second, basketball. who do we know played basketball? peter. he says it in s1. in s2, lydia ends up by the trophy case…where peter’s playing basketball.

third, the sheriff seems young, a depupty, in that flashback with ennis. the sheriff bm sheriff 8-9 yrs ago according to 3a or b. and who does it seem more likely would coerce an alpha to bite someone AGAINST THEIR WILL? peter or derek? peter strikes me as the type to fall in love with someone and NEED them to be a werewolf like him. derek gave the betas a choice, explained the risks. he chose ppl who would benefit from the bite. you could say his actions in s2 were selfish, BUT he didn’t bite them against their will. we already know peter bites ppl against their will and uses them for his own purposes. and when jackson was bleeding black goo, derek looked GENUINELY SURPRISED AND FREAKING. not like someone who had seen that before.

if paige was derek’s backstory, how old was he? kate was at 16ish, and so paige had to be pre-kate, making him, what, 14/15? derek and paige both seemed more along the lines of 16/juniors than freshman or sophomores. plus, how could he get over his love of paige and the tragedy of her death SO QUICKLY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH KATE? peter said in this past episode she needed him when he loved her. how do you go from loving paige to loving kate so quickly?

plus, the nemeton/jennifer-julia’s timeline doesn’t make sense. julia almost dies in 2002, 9 yrs ago, makes it to the nemeton which had recently been jumpstarted by paige (recently being…what? we don’t know. it’s post all the deucalion stuff, and it could have been a few mths or years.) point being, derek would have been like, idk 11-12, maybe 13 when paige died? cause that makes sense. (making me think peter and paige was a few yrs earlier than julia. all we know FOR SURE is paige is before julia.)

this week, we saw more of derek around the time of paige/kate. he can’t control his shift, and he just wants his mom, and listens to the alpha, no matter who, bc he’s a born werewolf and that’s what he knows. that doesn’t strike me as the type of kid who falls in love with a human and forces the bite on her.

and we never see derek mention, talk about, or know who paige is. she’s been mentioned twice by peter, once by jennifer in the elevator, but derek DOESN’T respond to jennifer, and jennifer was using virgin mojo on derek and magic to manipulate him, so she’s ALSO unreliable.

based on all of this (and probably other stuff i can’t remember), my pet theory is that paige is peter’s backstory that he has transferred onto derek. the reason young peter is RANDOMLY at school with derek…it’s actually peter. the reason young peter is CREEPING on derek and paige by looking into the warehouse…it’s actually peter. he’s just told a different story to cora and stiles bc, well, he’s peter.

(there are probably 10000000 holes in my theory too, i just don’t care. this is my head canon and will be until i die. lolol)

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Do you think John Winchester was homophobic? Maybe that's why Dean feels like he can't tell Sam about his feelings for Cas? Dean obviously knows he has feelings for/about Cas. But he refuses to acknowledge them to Sam, even when Sam asks directly (8x18), even though Sam makes it pretty clear that he already knows. We all know John raised Dean to be the manliest man to ever man, do you think John's influence is the reason for this?

That’s one hell of a question there, anon. One I struggled with so much, I ended up exchanging notes with dustydreamsanddirtyscars and I think feandra is struggling with the same question. As soon as their replies are up, I’ll give links to them here and here.

This is not a John Winchester appreciation blog. I think he damaged both Sam and Dean by being unable to deal with his feelings of loss and turning to revenge instead of taking care of his boys. On rewatches I tend to want punch him in the face and I never get more protective of the brothers then when he is around/mentioned. So, my answer here might surprise you. No, I don’t think John was particularly homophobic. Uninformed, heteronormative and hyper-masculine: yes, with a probability bordering on certainty. But homophobia is not something I’d easily accuse him of. If only because canonically we actually know very little of John’s view on sexuality. To me, the idea of John as a homophobe is more fanon than canon.

The only way to infer anything is by looking at the way Sam, but particularly -since it is your ask- Dean, view homosexuality. And when I look at Dean, what I see is heteronormative and hypermasculine behaviour. The hypermasculinity of John we find in Baby -I love her to death, but lets face it, she’s one heck of a dudebro musclecar- in dadrock, in Dean’s attire. In Dream a Little Dream these are the very things Dean confronts himself with as being of his dad, so hyper-masculinity is one I feel safe to infer.

As for the heteronormative, the immediate example that springs to mind is from the season 8 finale with Cupid’s match-made-in-Heaven between the two dudes at the bar. Dean doesn’t look disgusted or appalled, but flummoxed. It simply never occurred to him that these to guys (dressed in hunter apparel) could be meant for each other. So, yeah, as far as there is anything to say about John’s views on sexuality, I think the way Dean reacts is as much of an indication as we’re going to get.

But there is something else in your ask I want to address that is related to this.The statement that Dean is aware of his feelings for Cas. Maybe you meant something else, but to me this suggested that you meant that he is aware of his romantic feelings for Cas. To be honest, anon, I’m not sure he is 100% aware what the giant clusterfuck of emotions wrapped inside guilt stored inside self-loathing with a coating of emotional repression means. I think he aware that Cas is different, that Cas affects him in a way no-one else does. And if I accuse John Winchester of sabotaging Dean’s views on love and particularly of any love towards Cas it is in these two areas: everybody you love leaves & supernatural creatures are the bad guys.

The first one, god, poor Dean, cause Cas does leave, has left time and again, most painfully last season. And just when he was ready to stay, Dean kicked him out because of Gadreel, needing to have Cas leave to save Sam. And people you love leaving is definitely something John fostered in him. John’s never-ending route for revenge stems from losing the love of his life to the supernatural, so for Dean an early lesson was: love =pain. Cassie & Lisa will only have reinforced that notion. And then this supernatural creature with which he shares a profound bond does the same. He leaves when Dean is at his most vulnerable and he has never been taught through healthy example how to deal with this. The example has been to pick up a shotgun and tear the US apart looking for revenge, which coincidentally Dean is now doing.

Mix this with Dean’s black and white views of the supernatural and you have a situation in which sifting through any sort of emotions becomes hugely problematic. Just look at his reactions to season 8s slew of supernatural creature/human relationships. If he has a problem anywhere that would prevent him from talking to Sam about any sort of emotions I think this is where it lies. How do you explain any sort of feelings for a supernatural creature, because if the most important thing was “take care of Sammy” the second thing would have been “kill anything supernatural.”

My hope here, anon, lies in the fact that the show has addressed Dean’s problems by making him state he has issues with love and…love. So, I’m pretty sure part of his redemption is going to be sorting out this mess. Which will also go hand in hand with letting go of John Winchester’s voice dictating his choices in life.

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Hi. So I mostly agree with you on you moff post, just a question (I genuinely don't know). Where is it stated that River and Clara are canonically queer? I know there are "hints" with Clara but it's never clear so it can be erased...

Clara more or less has a canon romantic relationship with Jane Austen, between the mentioning of her being a good kisser, loving her and having prank wars with her. Yes, you could probably still claim that isn’t “proved” but frankly I think to deny it’s credibility would be quite ignorant since it’s quite clearly a legit thing, even if it’s not a “serious” relationship (which it could be, for all we know). 

River was confirmed by Moffat as bisexual years ago on Twitter, and more recently in The Husbands of River Song she mentions having two wives. Again, you could try and claim that she’s still heterosexual, but it would again be a bit ridiculous when this woman is very obviously bi/pan. 

Yes, these could be erased, but only by aggressive hetero bullshit, as far as I’m concerned. 

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I have an issue because in HP1 there's all that stuff about everyone knowing Harry etc etc but how?! How did they know what he looks like?? He was only a baby when everything went down how do people know what 11 year old Harry is supposed to look like I am so frustrated because I just want to know!! Is there some form of wizarding paparazzi? We will never know and I want to cry

Lol, I feel you. I mean, aside from the obvious of him having the scar, I figure there was a photograph of James and Lily in the Prophet after they were murdered and everyone would know their faces considering what happened to them was such a big deal…like, I believe it’s canon they’re mentioned in history books since it’s canon that Harry is so there was probably a picture of them there too. And there was a statue of them. And I’m sure there was a picture of baby Harry with a mess of black hair and green eyes in the paper or books so people would know some of his basic features. So either a) as Harry got older and apparently looked so much like the man they recognized from the photograph, that’s what initially caused people to double-take and look for the scar? Or b) the people that recognized him knew James and Lily so they would recognize Harry? For example, I know Dedalus Diggle was one of the people who bowed to Harry and he was in the Order with them so I think anyone that was around James a lot would recognize his son since he’s apparently a spitting image of him so that explains that one.