since it was her bday yesterday

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Lol that expensive Burberry purse Harry gave Taylor for her bday in 2012 was ugly imo but Taylor probably loved it (or pretended to😂). That candid of her going to the gym in LA yesterday was the first time she was really out and about and would carry a purse since after her birthday and Christmas. So it was probably a gift from someone.

Listen… at least Haylor shippers have legit precedent study that Harry likes giving jewelry and purses to his girlfriend for her birthday… I mean we reach too, but we base it on their past behaviour in 2013 and 2014. And Harry was publicly shopping for tons of Gucci stuff (and candles, wtf) right before her birthday, AND they were both in London, so it’s totally /possible/ he gave it to her. Not saying he did for sure, but it’s not an impossible speculation.

(Btw remember when haylorsecrets said Harry gave Taylor an antique earrings set for her birthday in 2012? Is2g she was wearing vintage-looking earrings in one of those Haylor candids after her birthday…. I can’t remember which picture but lemme go check.)

Okay but why does everyone hate that Burberry purse? Am I the only one who liked it?? Seems like my style.

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What SM posts are you referring to recently where they don't look super happy? Didn't see B's IG stories from yesterday someone mentioned-- was it pics of him making her breakfast & with him with the dog? Seen a lot of pics/video with him & the dog, & in the pics of them together since Dec (mostly in groups) he is only smiling really in the scuba one and the posed pic in front of the XMas tree at beg. of Dec. The bday message was nice enough but didn't lead you to believe they are in love?

Only they know that for sure. I’m just saying that they don’t come off as super close and intimate right now TO ME.


Christmas tree stories where they are kissing like two kids being forced to in grade school and B makes the sour lemon face afterwards. This is the one where he refers to C&B as the kids and then is passed out on the floor when they get home while B&C make cookies

Bday stories where he looks super annoyed all day while she repeatedly points out how old he is. Birthday post all about her and using HS throwback pic.

No steamy or coupley vacay pics from T&C

His smile never reaching his eyes or having that soft look when he’s with her since mid season.

No sweet comments on her posts anymore unless they are about the dog

You’ve already heard my take on his bday post but again an old throwback pic

Again, subjective interpretations and only a small part of the story, but that’s my take. Clearly they are a couple from what they are posting, but I’m not seeing the spark.

You Turn 25 (Calum Imagine)

A/N: So I’m just writing this quick imagine before I post my others since it was carolina203 ’s bday yesterday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY!!!) and I didn’t want her to wait too long. Sorry it’s a bit shorter than the others babe but I hope you like it! (I accidently deleted the ask because I’m a noob sorry lol)


“Babe? You out here?”

Calum saunters over, seeing you sitting down with your feet dipped into the turquoise water of the swimming pool. It’s somewhere around 2 am, and your 25th birthday party is winding down after an insane night. Everyone you have ever known was there, but now most guests had left in favor of sleep. There are just a few close friends still inside laughing over some leftover cake.

“Hey Cal,” you say, staring at the water as he takes a seat next to you, his legs dipping in as well. His hand finds your’s and he starts playing with your fingers, his feet making tiny swirls and touching your own.

“Why are you out here?” He asks, kissing your knuckle.

“Just thinking,” you sigh. “Do you feel like 25 is, like, super old?”

“Oh yeah,” he deadpans, “I’m ready to ship you off to a nursing home.”

“Calum,” you whine, smiling and slapping his chest lightly as his arm falls across your shoulders.

“Okay,” he calms down. “No, I don’t think 25 is very old at all really. I think it’s prime time.”

“It just sounds so…” You battle for the right world. “Adult, I guess.”

“But Y/N, think of this,” he moves you so you are eye to eye. “Being 25 can be like a fresh step. You can do adult-stuff and kid-stuff and no one will question you. All your friends and I threw you this massive party, because we’re excited for you, babe. You have loads of potential, and maybe it’s just a gut feeling or something, but this year is going to be amazing for you. Definitely your best one yet.”

“You really think so?” You ask, your eyes becoming a bit teary.

He nods. “I really do. You inspire me so much, Y/N, I don’t even think you realize. It’s just in your essence.”

“I am kind of excited now,” you admit, your boyfriend helping to get you out of your rut. “Like, I feel more mature kind of. Like I have authority over myself finally.”

Calum nods. “You always have, but hey, if turning a year older helps you see it, then cheers!”

Since you don’t have any drinks you both lean in for a kiss, his lips molding into your’s in the gentlest of touches. When you part, you feel renewed, almost like he physically shared some of his enthusiasm with you, making you grin widely at him. He stands up, his feet and legs dripping water, and offers you a hand, pulling you up as well.

“C'mon babe, let’s go finish that birthday cake.”

“Cal,” you groan, holding your belly. “I’ve already had three slices!”

“And you’ll have three more!” He laughs, swinging his arm across your shoulders and tugging you into his side, placing a kiss to the side of your head.

Of course it will be a great year. He’ll be with you every step of it.

“Why does everyone think I’m crazy for not making a big deal of my birthday yesterday?” Annette commented letting out a breath, she didn’t enjoy spending her birthday with anyone ever since her parents had passed because every day on her birthday they would make a big event of it. “I just wanted to spend that day to myself” she admitted brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear.