since it is allowed so i decided to

where the supervillain finds out the hero’s secret identity but upon further investigation discovers that the hero needs a friend. like wow, like this hero has a pretty crappy life. and is super naive to the horrors of the general public. so the villain actually has a crisis of villainy. and decides to befriend the hero’s alterego because that hero needs a friend

“so you’ve been really chummy with that barista. are you planning a heist?”

“no, they’re just really nice. i’m allowed to be nice to people”

“you’re never nice. and i’ve known you since we met in juvie.”

“shut up. don’t ruin this for me”

“oh my god, you like them!”


“did you just let us get caught?”

“hey, they legitimately stopped us”

“oh my god, are you proud that that supernerd foiled us?”

“hey, they’re not a nerd!”

“i am never teaming up with you again. just so you know”

Introducing Language Printables

My boyfriend and I are trying to save up so we can rent a new place and get married, so we have been working hard on a new project: Japanese Learning Printables, which we’re selling on Etsy. He’s a professional graphic designer and I have been teaching languages since 2003, so we decided to put our professional skills together and design some products that we hope Japanese learners will find useful.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve made so far:
Language Study Printables Pack 1

This bundle contains eight different printables in PDF format, both in A4 and letter size. Colour and black and white versions are included.

There are New Kanji blank sheets for you to practice kanji, with spaces for mnemonics, stroke order, on’yomi and kun’yomi, example sentences and more. Language Exchange sheets allow you to document new vocabulary and phrases, as well as cultural points as you participate in language exchange, meaning you get more out of your experience and can review afterwards. There’s also space for feedback for your partner and goal tracking. 

To increase productivity you can track your reading and study hours with these Reading Log and Study Log pages.

To keep track of new words or compounds you can use our New Vocabulary sheet, with space for readings, example sentences, so you can lean in context, and review tracking included.
Learning in real-life context is particularly difficult for self-studiers, so with this in mind we designed  this Grocery List printable, which you prepare at home, as you would a normal list, then take shopping so that you can use Japanese in context, even if you’re in a non-Japanese environment. 
Also included in the Language Study Printables Pack 1 are Anime Log and Drama Log trackers, where you can note down examples of words in context you encounter when watching Japanese TV, track where and when you heard them and monitor your reviews.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Journal Prompt Printables
There are three different levels available individually, or you can buy the bundle and get all three at a discount.  Again the printables come in PDF format, including both A4 and letter size versions.

Designed with self-studiers in mind, these packs cover basic to advanced Japanese, including topics on your interests, memories, goals, as well as your opinions on a variety of current events, cultural points and social issues.

Each pack contains 31 unique language prompts, one for every day of the month.

  • Beginners Journal Prompts should be good for self-studiers who are at around JLPT N5/N4 level, or who are working through Genki I and II. Topics include writing about your environment and interests, whilst giving you opportunities to use beginner level grammar and vocabulary. An English translation cheat sheet is included to help you if you get lost. 
  • Intermediate Journal Prompts would best suit those at about JLPT N3/N2, or working through a textbook like Tobira.  Topics include writing for different purposes, talking about culture, re-telling anecdotes and expressing your opinions. An English translation cheat sheet is included to help you if you get lost.
  • Advanced Journal Prompts are designed for those at N2/N1 JLPT level, or beyond. They are written by a native Japanese speaker and are designed to help you create independent texts on engaging and relevant topics, whilst using advanced language skills such as persuasion, criticism, and expressing nuanced opinions that often appears at this level.

We really hope that you will take a look at LanguagePrintables on Etsy and favourite our store. We put a lot of thought into making these as useful as possible, and so we would very much appreciate your support through buying or simply reblogging this post.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you have a request for a language learning printable you’d like to see on our store in the future, then please let us know!

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

Bucky x Reader Christmas Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky have to decorate the Christmas tree, but he does it completely wrong.

Warnings – Christmas Fluff!

Word Count – 1,293

Notes – I wanted to write some Christmas fics because I don’t already have enough on my plate!!!  I decided that I would dedicate each one to one of the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower since they were so nice to allow me to use them in my 27 Dresses series!!  There will be six Oneshots and they will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for the next two weeks!!!  I have another special surprise for you guys the week before Christmas, so look out for that as well!!!!  I also have another Drabble series starting this Friday, so from now until Christmas you guys are getting a new fic every day!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!  I love you all so much!  

This one is dedicated to Anika @avengerofyourheart!   Merry Christmas, my dear!


Christmas Fic Masterlist

Originally posted by joyeuxno-el

The end of December was fast approaching and for once, Hydra was laying low.  You weren’t sure if it was because of the holiday season, or if they were just working on something big.  Either way, you were glad for some much needed time off.  This was going to be your first Christmas with Bucky and you were really excited.  Most of the team had decided to head home for a few weeks, or at least until the world was in danger again.  Since Bucky didn’t have any family other than Steve, you’d opted to stay at the compound with them and Natasha.  You would have liked to go somewhere alone with Bucky, but it was Steve’s first Christmas with his friend and you didn’t mind sharing.

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Tenka Moon Chapter Prologue Trailer

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Fujibayashi Sakuya
Sarutobi Sasuke
Fujibayashi Genya
Hattori Hanzo
Kirigakure Hotaru
Narukami Kyoichiro

Iga -

Those born in that place, they cannot help but to carry their fates of living as shadow from that moment. 

10 years ago, Mitsuba Clan/Family decided to go against that fate from Iga and lived as fugitive/runaway ninja.

Mitsuba Ninja 1: “Run away, it’s an enemy attack!”

Mitsuba Village is suddenly attacked by someone.

Daily peaceful life collapses at that moment. 

Somehow, all of you manage to survive for your lives -

Kaede: “If there is an enemy attack next time, the village will be driven into destruction.”

Elder: “……Either way, only Ryuu Rui (Dragon Tears) is the material of transaction/dealing.”

Elder: “Now, you are in charge of the fate of our clan.”

You are the sole/only creator of secret medicine “Ryuu Rui” which is your family’s trump card.

As you are being entrusted with Mitsuba Clan’s fate, 4 men, one by one appeared before you, as if intended.

The one who rescues you from the dilemma of enemy attacks, your former childhood friend, Fujibayashi Sakuya.

“I’ve come to get you.”
“This is Nobunaga-sama’s order. Come together with me.”

A partner of your first love who rescues your life a long time ago, Sarutobi Sasuke.

“Stop serving Nobunaga, and come to Takeda.”
“If you do, I’ll protect you.”

A mysterious man who brings out the atmosphere of not your ordinary person, Hattori Hanzo.

“Obey me. If it’s me, I could teach you how to make use of that power.”
“If you promise to obey me, in return, I promise you the peace of your life and Mitsuba Clan.”

The one who set you free from such Hattori Hanzo, the man with eye patch called Date Masamune. (Noooo, you are my beloved Genyaaaa)

“……If you have any trouble, come to Oshu.”

Among these, if there are ways to stake Mitsuba Clan way of live…

(……It is useless/no good in just being protected.)

(Mitsuba way of live……I need to find it out.)

What is the answer you give/put out in order to protect your clan - ?

Ok so I absolutely adore Conrad/Slivko from Kong:Skull Island and all of you should ship it as well because we are basically only two people in this fandom!

I wanted to contribute to the fandom but since I suck at drawing I decided to color one of @kaciart ‘s amazing fanarts! Please check her out because she’s an amazing artist and a wonderful human being who allowed me to actually post this!

but we should talk about how ever since abraham died, rosita has been treating sasha like crap and yet, sasha still just saved rosita’s life. she knew that no matter what their plan was, they would die and sasha cared so much about rosita and team family, she decided that she couldn’t allow that. she’s sacrificing her own life for everyone else and honestly? that’s so sasha, i love her so much and ever since she appeared on the show, she’s been my favorite.

skin tips:

aight, so. since @tarynel loves my skin, i decided i’ll share my tips.

the products i use are: cetaphil gentle cleansing bar, witch hazel, vitamin E oil, cotton pads & an exfoliating glove.

- i do my regimen while in the shower, so that the steam can open up my pores. bathe your body first & wash your face last, this allows time for your pores to open up.
- i use cetaphil to exfoliate my face with the exfoliating gloves! no i do not use any harsh exfoliating scrubs bcs they tend to dry the skin completely out. while Cetaphil cleanses AND moisturizes.
- after exfoliating, i rinse my face off in luke warm water.
- i then follow up with witch hazel, witch hazel is an astringent & helps with inflammation, pour a little on your cotton pad, wipe & focus on your problem areas, you will be surprised by how much dead skin is left even after exfoliating.
- after using the witch hazel, pour a dime size amount of vitamin e oil into your hand & apply it to your face. do NOT* rub it in, just apply it as if it were a mask & go to sleep! lol.
- wake up in the morning, get a warm towel, wipe your face & lotion. i normally just use a dab to look fresh faced in the morning. the vitamin E oil is already an active moisturizer so you don’t need to look greasy.

i also take hair, skin, vitamin pills. but this is only bcs i’m on a hair journey but i’m noticing a change in my skin.

also, drink WATER. watch your diet. if you are someone who suffers from acne on your forehead between your eyebrows, leave that fast food alone & stop eating all that junk. detox, switch ya diet up & drink water.
if you insist on having a lil spice in ya life, drink 100% cranberry juice. sugars are a huge trigger for me so i try to stay away from it.

if you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask. i don’t mind helping.


First lift since August! I had told myself I would take ALL of September off from lifting in order to give myself a mental and physical break, and to start doing yoga. I decided this when I got on my new antidepressant, anti anxiety, and ADD medication back in August to allow my body to rest and adjust well to the changes I was putting it through.
It was really tough for me to do so, but I knew I needed it. I had planned to get back in the gym, but ended up fracturing a rib and couldn’t do much of anything these past few months. And I truly did it, and havent stepped into the gym since.
Sure, 4 months off wasn’t what I intended, but I didn’t let it get to me, and I allowed myself to relax. If I didn’t take this REAL break, my body may have been overwhelmed by my new medication and intense exercise routine, my ribs may have not recovered properly, and I would have probably worn myself thin.
Sometimes taking an actual, real break will make you stronger in the long run depending on where you are right now with your mental and physical health.

anonymous asked:

help I always identified as trans but I'm starting to think i'm actually nb but I'm scared people will say I was faking it for attention

tbh as human beings, we naturally explore and discover new things abt ourselves almost daily. you’re allowed to change.

let me tell the process my sexuality went through bc oh boy lmao, since 14 i thought i was straight before deciding to identify as bisexual bc i was like ??? idk ?? guys are ok ?? girls are great tho. it’s only a year ago i was actually happy with identifying as gay and i got over my internalized homophobia.

not to mention my gender has been a spiral of lies until now asdfgh. i thought i was trans for a while due to my dysphoria but i didn’t ??? want to be identified as a man?? so for a year or so i was in this wtf state with my gender until i discovered non binary existed 

anyways all i’m saying is, don’t stress. if ppl claim you fake it, fuck them. they don’t know shit and they don’t live inside your head.

you’re allowed to change and grow

You know what I would like to see in Wings of Fire? A queen who knows that since her daughter is going to be the next queen no matter what, she decides to start teaching her directly on royal business and how to properly be a queen. And the queen accepts that she will have to fight her dragonet at some point, so she teachers her how to fight and defend herself.

When she feels the time is right, she will then allow her daughter to challenge her and allow her to win, after truly proving herself.

I had this “guest” come in to my store. She was buying a specific hot item this holiday season and noticed the one wrong tag below it along with the rest of them correct ones. So her being a customer grabs the incorrect tag (a $5 difference mind you) and tracks down my store manager to make sure she gets this price. Keep in mind, this is a big box retailer. Not some small shop.

Now, I work in electronics. And at this time I was the only one there. Which means in addition to running my registers I also have to go and grab games, work stock, manage inventory, AND supply all of the workers with their scanners and radios for the day.

So she being a genius decides to buy this non electronic item in my department. Something that we haven’t been allowing much of in the past week. So I kindly tell her that unless it’s electronics she’s going to have to wait in the regular line since I have to get the other people first. I also tell her that this will most likely be faster for her too. So she throws a huge huff and puff about it. Then comes back after she’s done to yell at me in front of everyone in my department with things including “I’ve been shopping here for years” and “I know your manager personally” “Hell be DAMN sure to hear about this.” And my personal favorite “For someone like YOU to make ME wait is BULLSHIT.”

Now I don’t like to toot my own horn nor put myself above others. But I deserve more respect than that. I have a bachelors of science. The only reason I’m working that job is because I need something short and simple for a month before I move

Fuck customers 😒😒

How She Met His Mother : Part One

This brilliant idea came from @propshophannah and she allowed me to write it. Thanks so much, btw. I decided to break this into three/four parts. It’s going to be hecka dramatic and overall (hopefully) wonderful. 

For : @propshophannah @gwendolyn2436 @miladyaelin

Dorian moved his hand nervously across the seat of the carriage. His eyes remained fixated outside the window, watching Rifthold roll by. It had been a while since he had been home. With all the demons, locks, goddesses, and evil fae queens, he’d been a bit busy. 

Dorian’s pulse jump when he felt fingers brush his. He smiled and slowly brushed his tanned and calloused fingers against the equally calloused, but not as tan ones. He knew the driver would gossip as soon as they arrived at the castle, (a groom touching his bride before the wedding, how scandalous) but Dorian couldn’t care less.

He spun around in his seat and grinned. Equally excited blue-gold eyes met his. He smirked lightly and ran his fingers down her face, causing the Queen of Terrasen to chuckle. “Did I ever thank you for letting me join?” Aelin whispered. Dorian smiled and he linked their hands slowly, staring back out the window. 

He was replaying that night in the tavern. Aelin had come to visit, after slowly beating her ‘court’ back into shape. Not Rowan, Aedion, Lysandra, and the ex-cadre members. Her uncle’s court, Darrow and the others. Eventually they bowed down to the flames and Aelin had run back to Adarlan to brag, brag, brag. 

And being the Aelin she was, she immediately had a plan for him and Manon. And his mother. Dorian, despite himself, had smiled all the way through. Manon, despite herself as well, fell out of her chair laughing. 

Rowan wasn’t as giddy as them - “Fae male territorial nonsense” Aelin had grumbled, waving her husband off -, but he didn’t know his mother. He didn’t know how wonderfully this would go. How much it would make them all laugh. Every now and then, they still needed a good laugh. 

Aelin’s fingers brushed the back of Dorian’s hand and she stared at their joined hands. Dorian let out a small breath and he turned Aelin’s chin towards him. “You’ve thanked me since the night in the tavern” Dorian flashed a smile. 

Aelin smiled back and she looked out of the carriage. She placed her hand on the glass window. The last time she had been driven into Rifthold, it had been in a cell like prison. With bars. Like she was a wild animal. “Don’t think about it” Dorian whispered. Aelin shook her head and she nodded. 

The driver banged on the hood of the carriage twice, signaling they had arrived. Aelin picked up her silver and green skirts and allowed Dorian to climb over her slightly, walking out of the carriage. 

Dorian held out his hand and Aelin smiled, taking it. He helped her down, his hands placed on her waist. They linked arms and Aelin ruffled out her skirts. Dorian could tell she didn’t like the dress. She was more of a Queen, who fancied trousers and shirts. Mostly Rowan’s trousers and shirts. 

“This could have been us, in another life” Dorian whispered as the guards lead them both through the front doors of the palace. Aelin looked up at him and she sighed. 

“Then let’s make it the best alternate life a mother could hope for her son” She stuck her chin out and Dorian couldn’t help but laugh. 

His mother sat in her receiving room. It struck Dorian how long it had been since she had seen his mother. Even when Aelin - Celaena - first arrived, his mother had been gone. 

Her auburn hair was tucked tightly in a bun on top of her hand, with some of its length flowing down her back. It made her look younger, but Dorian could still see the creases next to her brown eyes. There were a few grey streaks here and there, but likely she tried to conceal them. 

Those brown eyes had lit up like Yulemas day lanterns. It had made Dorian smile. Now, his mother sat up in her throne a bit more. Her Adarland colored dress, a blood red with a golden crown and underskirts, filled the throne with her. “Dorian” She breathed. 

Dorian let go of Aelin’s hand, after placing a quick kiss on her knuckles. He walked up to his mother quickly and he reached his arms out. For a second, he was afraid she wouldn’t hug him. But his mother practically lept out of her throne to crush her son in her embrace.

Dorian closed his eyes and he smiled, hugging her back. He buried his face in his mother’s neck and squeezed her a bit tighter. “Mother” He sat softly, finally pulling her away. 

He walked backwards towards Aelin and Aelin walked forward, curtseying, before sliding her arm through Dorian’s. His mother hid her gasp by covering her mouth with her hand. “Mother, meet Aelin Galanthynius. Queen of Terrasen. And my bride” 

She heard the laughter in Aelin’s quick exhale as his mother’s eyes widened comically. She stood there, frozen. Dorian wondered what she would do, when he pulled a one-eighty on her. “Oh my” She whispered. His mother rushed forward and took Aelin off of Dorian’s arm. She spun around Aelin, lifting up her hair slightly. “Oh my. Dorian, you’re a genius!” His mother smiled. She looked at him and cupped his face in her palms.

This, he had not expected. But he liked it nonetheless. “W-What?” Dorian sputtered lightly, glaring at Aelin as she laughed. He probably had the face of a fish. 

“This is just what Erilea needs. Just what Adarlan needs too!” His mother was beyond happy. Dorian felt something in his chest squeeze. Suddenly, he wondered if she would be this happy about the real love of his life. Not that Aelin wasn’t great. 

His mother started pacing around them, smiling. She clapped her hands together, and pressed them against her stomach. “Uniting the kingdoms is the best idea, Dorian. And you remembered what I said. You brought home not a princess, but a Queen! I knew you’d be ready for marriage” His mother squeezed his arm gently and walked back to her throne.

She got up and sat still as a rock, back straight as a pin. Then another smile broke out on her face. “The wedding, oh, it’ll be a day to remember. A sign of hope and peace. The other kingdoms will follow, I just know it. Aelin, you will have to wear Adarlan colors, honey. Oh, goodness, Adarlan red would just make you practically glow. With all that golden hair, a gold crown would be perfect. Dorian, green and silver for you of course. Not a green suit, I’m afraid you look horrible in too much green”

Aelin covered her mouth and she giggled, shaking her head. Dorian was shocked that Aelin could giggle. Normally her laughter was loud barking. He found that he loved her bark more. “Maybe a silver suit instead. With green cufflinks and a tie” His mother clapped again and she smiled, bracing her chin on her knuckles. “Your ladies and gentlemen will stand behind you, wearing the other kingdom’s colors. The whole of Erilea will be watching”

His mother seemed to drift off into a day dream for a second. Dorian looked over at Aelin, who was practically jumping off the floor and onto the ceiling. She really did love mischief. “Your heirs. Your heirs!” His mother cried. “You won’t have to rush having children. Oh but when you do, your sons will rule Adarlan, and your daughters will rule Terrasen!” 

Dorian hated himself, because for a moment, he pictured what his mother was picturing. Two sons, with his dark hair, and Aelin’s Ashryver eyes. And a daughter, who would look identical to Aelin. Ruling over both Terrasen and Adarlan. He snapped himself out of the vision. 

“Oh, Dorian, this is absolutely perfect” His mother hadn’t even noticed Aelin had crept to the door. She smiled and daydreamed once more. Dorian gave a discrete nod and he heard Aelin pulling open the doors. 

“Well, Queen Georgina. If you love uniting Adarlan and Terrasen. You will simply be over the moon and back, about uniting Adarlan and the Witch Kingdom” The sheer glee in Aelin’s voice had Dorian laughing under his breath. 

He turned around slowly and he saw Manon. She was in her fighting leathers, her silver hair flowing freely to her waist. She ran her iron claws down her lips before faking shock and let them slid back in. Her lips were blood-red and Dorian look a moment, to see if it was actually blood. She grinned and tilted her head to the side, assessing her newest prey. “Meet Manon Crochan-Blackbeak. Dorian’s real bride” 

As Dorian looked at Manon, he knew he had never seen anything so beautiful. Women could wear all the dresses they want - or lack thereof - and Manon would squash them like bugs. He smiled at her, and he was positive his mother had passed out on her throne. She was too silent. 

He turned around, his arm now around Manon’s back, resting on her waist. Aelin stood in the corner of the room, grinning like a blonde-psychopath. Classic Aelin. Dorian kissed Manon gently and muttered. “Witching, meet my mother”

“It would be my honor, princeling” Manon turned to face his mother, gold eyes meeting brown ones. His mother sat there, her eyes wide, mouth open, her chest moving with each breath. Then she screamed. 


Okay, so as you can see, i’m using Adblock currently, and most of us cc hoarders use it for making the downloading process a bit more comfortable.

The problem with TSR though, is that they won’t allow you to download their stuff without ads (unless you pay for the VIP, and let’s be honest here, no-one wants to actually pay for that lmao)

I did some googling today to find a way to use Adblock with TSR, since i have the crappiest computer ever and the pages with items i want to download take forever to load because of all the ads. There were some ways of avoiding the ads, but not too many and not too good ones. So, i decided to find a way myself. And i did it :)

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Hummingbird Family Comparison HeadShots

Team Capes, if you will

I hate how Ruby kind of looks like Summer 2.0 in the show. I understand that the art style and programming the show uses to make the show don’t really allow for a large range of physical traits (and I also think it’s a tactic to hint to her REAL father), so I get it. That being said, I don’t want to draw them looking EXACTLY alike. Very similar? Yes, but not twins.

Since Qrow and Raven are fraternal twins (two separate eggs and two separate sperm), Ruby can have traits that she shares with her Aunt but not with Qrow, so I decided to go with something a little subtle. I’ll likely throw some more Raven into her mix the more I draw her. This chart doesn’t take into account body types, which I might tackle at a later date.

Presenting: ‘Stilts’, ‘Petal’, and ‘Short-Stack’

Ruby’s Traits she shares with Branwen lineage: Qrow’s feathery, black hair, Qrow’s cheeky smirk smile and expressions, Aunt Raven’s thick eyelashes, 60% Qrow’s personality, Predisposition to easily wielding a large, heavy weapon (scythe), Love for dark, bitter alcohol (doesn’t know it yet)

Ruby’s Traits she shares with Rose lineage: Summer’s red tipped hair, Summer’s facial structure, complexion, silver eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, 40% Summer’s personality, Silver-Eye Warrior blood (the desire to fight), Sense of Justice, Love for dark, bitter alcohol (doesn’t know it yet), Summer’s small stature (she is actually taller than Summer. Not a whole lot to be noticeable to anyone but Qrow and Summer, but still.)


First picture is me at my highest weight, middle is how much I’ve lost in kilos, and third is how I currently look. It’s been a year since that video was taken, and I’m glad I’ve decided to take the steps towards a happier, healthier me. P.S. that’s the same shirt!

People have been asking me how I’ve been doing this, and it really is just a case of watching what I eat, tracking what I eat, allowing myself a cheat day, and a BOATLOAD of will power. Without will power I would not have gotten as far as I’ve done so far.

Height: 5′3″
239 lbs
CW: 182 lbs
GW: 154 lbs / 145 lbs

Weight loss: 58 lbs

Hello lovelies,

I decided to do a little writers contest for TWD since there are so many talented people out there and I want to give them a little reward and of course read your stuff.


* must be following me
* the story can be 100 words, but also 10000, your decision
* no incest, no sexual abuse in any form, no smut with underage fictional characters as well actors/ actresses
* Crossover and AU’s are allowed
* also it’s allowed to mix the comics and tv show and use your own FC for the characters
* tag me in your story as soon as you upload it


* since this is only a small contest there’ll be just one price: 1 personal notebook with the character of your choice as well as some buttons (all self created)

You’ve time until the 23rd of april.


* TV!Negan x reader (1)
* Comic!Negan x reader (0)
* Negan x Rick (1)
* Rick x reader (1)
* Daryl x reader (0)

Much fun and good luck.

When you’ve questions feel free to send me a message.


The afternoon was so brilliant and beautiful after work I decided to take a walk and enjoy the sun.  

There is a cemetery at the end of our block, so I went there.  As close as it is and as much as I like walking there because it’s soooo quiet, I seldom go there because they do not allow dogs and I’m usually walking Athena.  But since Joe took her for her walkie, I got to enter without feeling like I was breaking any rules.  

Then I was reminded that I once did break the rules and bring Athena into the cemetery.  It was near dark one night and I thought oh why not?  As we walked past that statue/headstone shown in the first picture, Athena.  Went.  Apeshit.  She started barking furiously at the angel and I had to hold her back from attacking.  It was both hilarious and mortifying.  That’s what I get for breaking the rules.  Anyway, once I got her away from the statue, she threw up and even then it took a good 15 minutes for her to calm down.  She hasn’t been back since.

This other picture is just one of our little house, but the reason I took it is that the north side hasn’t had direct sunshine on it since last September.  I was noticing how close the light is getting to it and it kind of gave me a thrill.  Yes, I am a cheap date and very easy to please.


Hey lovelies! I have recently discovered so many beautiful blogs which have amazing posts to queue from and since my queue is constantly running out i decided to make a queue list/group to showcase a number of blogs for me to queue from :) Also,this list will allow anyone to discover beautiful blogs to check out and queue posts from as well x

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NOTE : If you are already in my faves 1.0,you will automatically have a higher chance to be part of my queue list/group.However,that does not mean that i will definitely choose your blog.

O T H E R :

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Please don’t let this flop! If does pretend it never happened lol

That’s all babes! Good luck :)

- Ayesha xx