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Victuuri Week: Day 5

(Yuuri: Family) 

I like to think that they’d be the best dads seeing as they both have so much love to give. 

My headcanons for the kid include:

  • her being influenced by Yurio’s style
  • the triplets taking her under their wing immediately because they’ve always wanted a younger sibling
  • Victor doing her hair all the time and she loves the little braids he does

Also if you’re wondering how Makkachin is still alive, it’s because she’s immortal. Everyone is immortal, no one’s dying. 

Inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s “Spring Night” (ft. Inuyasha & Kagome) 

And dedicated to @little-known-artist // @miyori999 who I love with all my heart! I hope you have many more birthdays to come, and are filled with endless waves of inspiration  just how you’ve inspired me. Im so happy to call you my friend! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Commission Info! 

[22/11/16] SHINee @ BNR

                     Compiled from Minhole, Zoeyyy, 2505S5INee

                                              (Very Long Post)

J: Why’s everyone so tired?
O: I filmed a variety show before this..
Taemin said he did one today and another yday and didn’t sleep well.
Minho had schedules since 4am and was busy the whole day.
Key had a gathering with his staff from Drinking solo since they didn’t get a chance to and he was still feeling drunk.

The choreo was made such that they could use a hand mic when they usually use head mic.  

Taemin participated in making the choreo
T: I tried to include emotional movements.
J: member who gives that feeling best?
T: .kibum?
T:i think its me..?

Onew wrote “Beautiful Life” lyrics before “So Amazing”.  

J: Logo song from Coffee boy
M: I thought that was Onew hyung
O: Oh, I don’t even remember I recorded the logo song?  

Minho fire car scene
T: it feels like i’m killing Minho hyung
M: why did you kill me?
T: I felt bad as i was running towards i don’t know whether to feel bad or happy. 

Roles in MV
K: Driver.
O: loner.  

(Kibum asking Minho to buy him another car)
Minho: I’ll buy you a car but I’ll take a house from you
Taemin: I’ll take both Minho and Key  

Before playing “Rescue”
J: there’s a “Ah” in the song, whose voice is it? We shall talk about it after playing the song.
*all start guessing*
J: all of us recorded the “Ah” part, so, we might have to contact the sound engineer to check. So, we can’t give the answer right away.   

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me dating gd

gd: are u okay? uve been sitting on the couch all day. i dont think ive seen u move since 9am and its almost 4am.
me, wearing expensive jewelry that he bought me while wrapped in a diamond encrusted snuggie: im fine.
gd: are u sure? is there anything i can do for u?
me: will u get me my Macbook Air™ #4 and the credit card u gave me for “emergency situations”, i would like 2 buy another 128gb rose gold iphone 6s, mine wont turn on again.
gd: ….did u charge it..?
me: the charger was too far away so i need a new phone.
gd: this is ur fourth phone this week. its only tuesday…..u cnt spend money like this
me: did u or did u not look me in the eyes n tell me that u would do anything for me?
gd: i did but-
me: *pulls down my 2,505.60$ sunglasses* u said anything….that includes buying me a new phone, by definition.
gd: its 4:36am, i don’t think there are any stores even open and you slashed my tires 3 days ago.
me: i’m sorry jinyoung but why are u still talking? have that short guy pick u up or something. i expect a phone by 8am and if i dont have it i’ll be leaving u for T.O.P by 9am.

talesofakat  asked:

I just had a thought.. Im not exactly sure if this would be possible but if the saniwa is so powerful and stuff, this could be fun: What if when it all ended and the saniwa had to return to her own time and so she must turn the whole cast into swords again but instead she send them to her own time without realizing it xD Just imagine her face while taking a stroll with her friends and suddenly a bunch of hot looking dudes show up her tail, calling her "ArujiSAMAAAA!!!"

These two requests are fundamentally the same so I figured I’d talk about this a little and do the reactions of the boys specified in the second request all in the one post.

This is a scenario I’ve thought about quite a bit, especially since I began playing the game. It’s not like the fight will go on forever, eventually, one side will trump the other. Naturally we’d assume the player/Saniwa and your swords will be the winning sword. But what comes next? These two requests have the two different halves of what I think about.

The first, being that at the end of it all, the swords are allowed to live out the rest of their new lives in these human bodies. While that sounds nice, it’s not really realistic. You can’t just return to current day society with countless young men who, officially, appeared out of nowhere. I mean, this is assuming you as a Sage weren’t hired by the Government and had no way to turn them back into their previous forms.

That leads me to my next point, as both requests mentioned the Saniwa having to return the swords to sword forms. In assuming it is within their power, I think just bringing yourself to do it would be so hard. You gave them life, they fought with you, lived with you, they experienced so much. Emotions, hunger and pain. Not all the experiences were good but it’s incredible, and for you to turn them back into weapons, it would be taking away this world from them.
This is getting a bit long so enough food for thought and here are the requested reactions.

• “We’re no longer useful huh…?”
• Oh god how this hits home. But this time, it wasn’t that he couldn’t fight, this time everything was ending because the fight was over.
• He wanted to be proud that he stood by you to the end, but it hurts so much that everything is over now.
• He respects your decision and doesn’t want to risk making things any harder on you, since he knows how kind you are so he keeps a brave face.

• “Hmm I see. I hope these remain fond memories for you then.”
• You can see it in his smile, how sad he is. But he won’t voice it, he knows you were likely set on this from the start.
• He is disappointed how quickly time had seemed to fly by, selfishly, he almost wished the battle would never have come to an end.
• Would probably have helped as much as he could, encouraging the swords much less willing to accept your decision easily though he wasn’t happy with it either.

• “Thank you for bringing us all together in the first place, Aruji-sama.”
• The hardest part for him is having to be separated from his brothers all over again. Yes, they’re not the only family to be broken up, but he would have taken so long to even join your ranks it wouldn’t have felt long enough.
• Too busy being strong for his brothers to allow himself to feel sad about it.
• Does all he can to avoid thinking about it, he figures there is no changing your mind, no other options, he just tries to be happy about all the good they did.

• “This is really the end huh? Try not to miss us too much.”
• Tries to keep things light hearted but everyone is feeling hurt and scared, including him.
• He would keep all his worries to himself, wondering if things really had to be this way. In this back of his mind wondering if he could convince you otherwise or why they hadn’t really thought about the end beforehand.
• Like Jiji, I don’t think he’d be able to keep all the sadness from showing, though he was trying his hardest. Only really succeeding in not letting himself cry at all.

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  • Thanks for the collab guys! We love to see ss creators working together!
  • Graphic by: @toondoon1010
  • Story by: @merin

Thank You For Tonight, My Love

The festival was still winding down when they left, but Sakura had been working since 4am and Sasuke couldn’t wait to get home. It had been days since their schedules lined up and they’d been unable to sleep together for long. Just when he got comfortable her alarm would go off. Sasuke knew that it was a fact of loving a nurse.

They’d eaten fairy floss and hot dogs, drank slushies and milk shakes. Sasuke felt bloated but satisfied. Sakura complained about eating too much but “#noregrets” she said, before snuggling up to him on the passenger seat. She fell asleep quickly so he guessed that she wasn’t feeling too bad. He couldn’t wait to gather her to him and drift into a dreamless slumber, which he struggled with when she wasn’t around. Sasuke had been dreaming a lot since she’d been working nights. They were more nightmares than dreams, where Sakura was hurt or killed. It usually happened when he was feeling stressed - a product of his parents tragic death - his therapist would say. He’d been feeling nervous coming closer the festival, not because of the festival itself, but what it represented. He’d been with Sakura since they were 17. He’d loved her for 7 years. Sasuke wanted to give Sakura something - a piece of jewellery that belonged to his late mother - but the time hadn’t presented itself yet. In fact, fate whispered to him to wait a little longer, as he knew Sakura loved her Konoha university pendant. Sakura had school pride coming out her ears. Sakura also studied hard and worked even harder at the night clinic. She would be a great nurse, he was sure. Hell, Sasuke thought she could be a doctor.

If he believed in her she might still.

For now Sakura leaned against his shoulder, as he drove them home. It was a bit of a drive but he didn’t mind. She was snoring softly against him and holding onto a stuffed dog Sasuke won her. They knew their dog would rip it up if he got his hands on it, but Naruto was a guts of a puppy - he ate anything, even if it wasn’t food.

Sasuke pulled up at the lights and exhaled deeply. He was tired, but he enjoyed tonight. Sakura told him he would have fun and he did…not that he wanted to admit it. They went on rides, ate too much food, and watched the 10pm fire works with the children. It was pathetically great…
It was everything his parents couldn’t give him, but different.

“Thanks for tonight, b.” He said softly, touching his girlfriend’s cheek. Sakura stirred in her sleep.

“That’s okay, baby.” She muttered, stretching out more. Sakura almost knocked him in the head but Sasuke dodged it. The stop light turned green and Sasuke nudged her awake harder.

Sakura blinked and rubbed her eyes. “I fell asleep.” She said.

He nodded but didn’t look her way. “It’s ok. You can sleep, just don’t punch me in the head.”

She smiled sheepishly. “Again?”

He smiled. “Yeah. But it’s ok. I guess I’ll take you.”

Sakura smirked, leaning against Sasuke again. He was such a shit. She enjoyed the seat of their utility vehicle, even if it was a piece of shit; it let her be close to him.

“You better.” She smiled happily, closing her eyes again.

“I can’t wait to sleep when we get home. The festival was fun, but I feel super fat and I just want you to spoon me.”

Sasuke glanced down at her, joking, “What if I want you to spoon me.”

She patted him on the chest, “That’s ok too.” Sakura put the stuffed toy to her side and hugged his middle instead.

“Thank you for tonight, Sasuke. We haven’t done something like that in awhile.” She sighed happily. “I love you.”

He stroked Sakura’s hair as he drove, calming himself more than her. He placed a kiss on her forehead and focussed on getting them home.

Sasuke was now the type of guy that went to festivals, but only with his girl. She made it for him.

He whispered. “I love you too.”

Sakura snored gently.