since in ur town

hellyeah bud, im happy u got some good time to make ur infamous masterpieces!!! i hate that you’re feelin lonely but hey here’s a new friend that can keep u company

i don’t know who this is or what it wants from humanity but its main goal is to listen and care for u im p sure

uhhhhh andrew you’re a little late on that….. we’re on e17 now….. get your head outta 2003 !!!! but im hyped to read ur liveblogs of it all since i’ll be outta town & i need to know the lore behind mario’s sentient hat

if you’re still deciding on how to spend the day, i dare u to try something extremely new that you wouldnt normally do (like climb a tree or visit a flower shop or maybe even steal a caR!!!! okay dont do that last one but u catch my drift) && i’m doin’ really well!! today is my last day interning before my 2 week vacation so it’s really damn nice to finish this stuff up and get ready for some fun adventures