since im sure someone has

Ok but think about a possible FitzSimmons proposal scene in the (near?) future and Jemma throwing her arms around Fitz’s neck and then she grasps his face and starts kissing him just like she did in the pod at the bottom of the ocean only this time they are joyful tears and she’s whispering yes over and over instead of no.

the parallel would kill me.

I screenshotted this because I loved the ads, but then I noticed something.

Look at all the tiny Rick and Morty groups.

All the circled ones are where Rick outnumbers Morty. There’s only one group uncircled. I went back, and this happens a lot in the citadel. I didn’t screen shot all the examples while they walk around, but here’s one more, the first shot of the citadel.

At first I thought, well, it makes sense, a lot of Mortys are missing.

BUT all the missing Mortys have dead Ricks, that’s the whole reason Rick was dragged there in the first place. So…

That’s a lot of realities where Rick lost Morty.

I can see why Rick is always so desperate to keep him safe, because he’s probably lost his Morty before.