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Warning: This is a weird post, but I just want to say in my defense, I have been thinking about this for way too damn long and I just wanna get it out.

So we all know that Emma gets up on her cute-ass tiptoes to kiss Killian ALL THE TIME because of that lil height difference and bc she’s a fucking cutie pie ok.

But then there’s that kiss from 4x09 when Killian is all worried that she’s been sucked into the hat so when he sees she’s okay he just goes running to her and hugs her, then smooches the living daylights outta her. It doesn’t show their full bodies, but Killian does this little shuffle/wiggle motion that, to me, looks like he’s adjusting how he’s standing and also makes him gain a couple inches in height. PARDON MY SHITTY GIF:

So I have legit been thinking, in my mind, that this time and probably several other times, Killian adjusts his height to kiss Emma by just making his stance stupidly wide (instead of leaning down like a normal person) and looking like a dork. And I’m not sure why, but I find that idea really endearing?


Smol emma on tiptoes? Or less smol killian being ridiculous?

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Do you ever thing KS will become an anime & if it does would you watch it?

I don’t think I can see KS getting animated and aired because of censorship and what not. But if it does ever get animated, of course I’d want to watch it.

@varrix​ commented on What do you think is the aspect that could be considered ‘unhealthy’ in Eruri?

Erwin’s self-hatred hurts me physically :(

I know, I know, it hurts just to think about it.  If there’s a tiny shred of comfort, it’s that when Erwin was at his very lowest ebb, in that moment when he questioned everything he had fought for, when he saw himself as little more than childish and deluded, he had Levi there to remind him of his own incomparable value. 

And I like to think that even in the midst of his despair, Erwin heard Levi and that his words gave him peace. 

Musing about being a POC and queer individual in the TMNT fandom:

I think the hardest part of being in the TMNT fandom for me is the fact that I am not white, am not straight, am not cis, or even neurotypical, and… I identify fairly hard with the turtles because of those things. 

But then… they’re drawn or written as all of those things probably 90% of the time when people are humanizing them, and its just. so hard. to let that go, even though those people have no idea they’re affecting some random person across the internet. Compared to the hundreds of others who don’t feel this way, my personal opinion doesn’t really matter.

I don’t hold it against anyone for their headcanons, and I have never a day in my life sent hate to a person for having those headcanons, since I know those depend almost entirely on the personal life and experiences of those individuals.

They still bother me though, since I feel like it erases a large part of what the turtles’ identities are, which is being a minority among minorities.

They’re the only four of their kind, and pretty much utterly isolated from the rest of the world. They’ve never fit in, and never will, because they are inherently different from the rest of society. They are, in a phrase, freaks of nature.

My circumstances aren’t as extreme, not even close, but I know that feeling on a personal level regardless. Having them portrayed as the socially acceptable norm, it erases a large part of what makes them so interesting; which would be their sheer alien-ness from the rest of us. By making them ordinary cis white straight etc etc in humanized headcanons, I feel it takes away from their original characterization as a minority.

And it just really bothers me, as a single individual in the fandom, to have characters I identify with so strongly become pretty much the complete opposite of who and what I am, and thusly become no longer relatable. It’s just a difficult thing to deal with sometimes, especially since I have no power to change it other than ignoring the content I don’t like.

I hope no one takes this as an insult to their personal headcanons about the series; its just the words from someone who’s never fit correctly to any box, and found a strong connection to four characters who I felt were similar to me in that sense.

ok but what i want to know is 

did evelyne ever fall off the bed while shooting this scene like could you imagine them filming this emotional scene and ebro falls off the bed like “i think i’m dying” “no no you’re not i won’t le-SHIT”

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Hi Yashiro's face in the last page attracted me to ask u somthing. Do u think Yashiro wasn't happy to find out he is recovering very quickly after what happened between them?

Oh no, I think he’s just overwhelmed in general and actually HAPPY AS SHIT that he got his arm back. Remember, he’s a good actor and wears a mask but it probably bothered him that he lost the use of his arm; any person would be shook by it, even him.

It’s just that he had overwhelmingly good/different sex, had flashes and started remembering his trauma, then cried and now his arm is back? His brain is probably ajsgkagskgas right now, which explains why he put his head in his hands, trembled a bit then looked up like WOW I’M ALL FUCKED UP AND I HAVE SHIT TO DO.

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I live in Paris, Pigeons are everywhere I hate them so much

Salut! Je vis à Los Angeles, donc nous avons beaucoup de pigeons! Ils sont vraiment ennuyeux, mais je les aime. Comme moi, ils essaient de survivre. ><

If I was totally wrong and you do not speak French (or if my French was terrible):

Hi! I live in Los Angeles, so we have a lot of pigeons! They’re really annoying, but I still love them. Like me, they’re just trying to survive. ><

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I feel like you draw pretty freaking good if I'm honest, I've watched your art evolve for a better part of a year and there is definite improvement in your art style. Even though it might not seem like it, you are at a good point in your art style and drawings, and you'll continue getting better and better, that is what I believe.


There’s no canon reason except they look hot. Is all.

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youve,,, like,,,,,,,, made me like larry,,, why