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SEBLAINE WEEK 2016: Day 3 - Inspired by another TV show
Roswell (1999). 2.05 - The End of the World

There’ll never be another you, Sebastian.”

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Happy Hetavision~ Always liked your arts on the Hetavision. Last year, at my request, you drew Estonia (Belated thank you! :D). And this year I have an identical request (I'm a big fan of this country!). Can you do that, please?

thank you, how sweet! you’re welcome! ´w`/ <3
since my tablet broke i’ll try to draw him on paper for you, but i had errands to do today so i didn’t have the time… i’ll try to be done before the show tomorrow. 


Hi! I’m selling these amazing, beautiful, cute and handmade stickers, since I have about 5 euros in my bank account and my wallet isn’t doing any better. They’re all one of a kind, the big ones are about 14 cm tall and the smaller ones are around 7-8 cm. The smaller ones, like you can see above, cost 2 € each and the big ones are 3 €. The prices are high for a stickers, but like I said they’re handmade, so it takes a time to make even the smaller ones.

I’ll ship these anywhere. The shipping costs 1 € to Finland and 2€ to other countries. For the payment method I will accept Paypal and bank transfer (if you life in Finland or Eu, I’m pretty sure you can send money easily if you have an iban). 

If you want to buy these and make my living little bit easier, contact me via ask. Please tell me the size and the letter of the sticker you would like to buy. 

edit: stickers with red mark has been sold

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Hi Olivia. I remember you talking about your best friend living very far away from you, and I was wondering how you deal with it on a day-to-day basis and when it comes to important events (like birthdays). My best friend is moving on another continent soon and we've always lived in the same city so I'm afraid this is going to affect our relationship even if our friendship is really strong. I've never had a long-distance relationship with anyone and I'm really scared. Thanks for your advice <3

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. The thing with growing up and moving to different countries is that you’re inevitably going to grow apart unless that move abroad is for a short time. My Best Friend has remained my Best Friend since before first she and then I moved to different countries (France, Hong Kong, Canada, and now all different places on her end; Switzerland on mine), but things have changed a LOT. We see each other for like two days in Paris once a year. Some years, we’re lucky enough to be close enough to meet more than that, but that’s harder and harder to do. 

The first year she moved abroad, we stayed in really close touch. We’d Skype often, and I remember staying up until 4 a.m. frequently to catch her before she’d start classes in the morning (this was in the months before I moved and was consequently still in the States). We still told each other everything and we were still in denial of the fact that we were probably never going to live in the same place again. It was fantastic, and I’d say this type of thing is sustainable as long as there’s a long-distance end in sight.

In the years that followed (it’s been seven years since we graduated high school now), we switched to email and then to chat. Fanny ended up spending more and more time in places with sporadic internet (e.g. Burma). We inevitably ended up talking less but enthusiastically catching up whenever possible and trying to cross paths when we’d fly back to Illinois to see parents or when we were in neighboring countries in Europe. (One of my favorite memories is the time I was in Brussels with my mom and Fanny was visiting her godfather in Amsterdam and I took the train there just for a day. It was incredible and I absolutely recommend doing things like that as much as you can when you’re young enough not to have more serious – or at least financial – responsibilities.) Then, she entered into a serious relationship (honestly their relationship is one of the ones that gave me hope in dark times) and started grad school as I struggled to finish my BA and then got caught up in grad school and relationship stuff myself. We made other friends along the way, and others have become best friends and confidantes over time. 

None of that though has made our friendship any less important. We see each other less now because of travel and having things like adult financial responsibilities, but we still do our best, and Fanny’s still my Best Friend. We chat whenever we can, Skype a few times a year, and do things like send each other videos or extremely personalized emails for birthdays. I know Fanny still checks my tumblr often. 

It likely doesn’t sound ideal and I would absolutely love for things to be different or for us to live in the same city or even continent again, but life makes things change, and I think the fact that friendships can keep being extremely meaningful despite time and distance is quite beautiful. As is the fact that adulthood means learning to juggle complementary relationships. You may keep your Best Friend, but you’ll have other best friends, friends, and significant others. Some may keep certain titles while others take on or share their former roles. While my Best Friend used to be the person I’d turn to with everything and would tell everything to first, that role’s gone on to my boyfriend, and I don’t doubt the same is true for her (and for many other friends in similar situations). 

(An example of how this has evolved over time though is that while she may not be the first person I tell Important Things to, I’ll often still wait to come to a decision over them until I’m ready to talk about them with her – because now I know that being ready to talk about things with her means I’m ready to actually deal with them. For instance, I’ll tell A and work through my feelings, then I’ll tell another friend and vent, speak to another about rational aspects, then have an Important Discussion with Fanny. Then probably go back to A and go over everything. So it isn’t a thing about growing apart or replacing but rather of adding to your intimate circle and balancing.) 

It’s part of life, and it’s not something worth getting upset over.

So my advice to you to you is just to do what feels right. Email, chat, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, blog. Use the AMAZING things we all have at our fingertips these days. They’ve not only helped me with my Best Friend, but with keeping my relationship going with my boyfriend while he was abroad for a few months and with my group of emotionally close but geographically distant friends (Coven Morgana™). We’re lucky in this day and age and long-distance is /nowhere/ near as hard or threatening as it was even ten years ago (and I know because I grew up with a long-distance, transatlantic relationship with my mother). 

So stay in touch. Talk as much as you feel you need to, see each other whenever you can. But don’t beat yourself up if things change because change doesn’t necessarily mean decline. Accept things for what they become, and don’t get upset if you find yourselves making other really close friends over time. You’re both entering into a new phase of your lives, and your relationship will still be important and unique to you even from a distance. 

Best of luck to you! <3