since i'm in to that again

Do you ever just

Think about people that died years ago, that you never knew and only ever heard studies about or read about

And get overwhelmed thinking about the lives they lived and the changes they saw

And wish you could talk to them, just once, to tell them how much they mean to you and how much they’ve helped you even though they’re gone

Because I do and let me tell you I’m damned emotional right now

Thoughts about gardens and spirits

“Wow, your Nature Spirits are working with you, wondrous bond twixt the kingdoms.“

Someone commented this on one of my garden-related pictures today and it made me think maybe it’s time to address this sensitive subject again.

Since I started this garden, a number of things have happened to me in life and I have met some unusual people, which led to changes in the way I view the garden and things I do connected with it, even though I’ve never fully converted to any one way of thinking.

One thing that happened was meeting and spending time with Lenape people, and seeing them in action, having ceremony, and talking with them about it. They talk about spirits the way you talk about your neighbors or friends, like they just know they exist. They told me that the spirits like tobacco. Later I went to see a person who writes books about plant spirit medicine, and he said the same: that although some may think it is a bad or unhealthy herb, the spirits, including plant spirits, like it best. If you want to please them, that’s what to give to them.

I figured, what can it hurt? I don’t know about spirits, but these very down-to-earth people obviously do, and they think they’re worth pleasing. So I started buying the least-treated tobacco I could find, a couple of times a year, and taking it out in the early morning and sprinkling it as an offering to any spirits in my garden.

Also, I read that it’s good to have a spirit house. Ideally you want one of those nice Japanese spirit houses that people often think are lanterns, but anything nice will do. You put it in an out-of-the-way corner of the garden, and officially, possibly with tobacco or smudging or incense or something, formally invite the spirits into your garden and tell them they can live in the house. 

I couldn’t afford a Japanese spirit house, although I’ve always admired them. Instead, when a favorite decorated flower pot broke just enough that I could no longer use it, I placed it upside down in a corner of the garden so that the broken part was like a door, and I did the little ceremony, inviting the spirits, out loud, to come and live in my garden. It felt a little flaky, but again, I figured, what could it hurt? 

And then when I went to England, A friend bought me a vial at the Chalice Well Gardens, to put the reputedly sacred water of the spring into, to bring some home. I did that, and when I got home, I sprinkled a little of it around the garden, just droplets so that I still have most of it. I just remembered as I wrote this that I also have water that was said to have been taken from the River Ganges, and years ago I had sprinkled some of that around the garden, too.

Now, I’m not a true believer in this kind of stuff, although the Lenape people and then the pagan and heathen people I met in the UK gave me a chance to see serious, thoughtful people talking about and performing ceremony to spirits, so I was getting tempted to believe despite my upbringing. It seems sometimes like my life is leading me in that direction.

Anyway, wow, after I did that stuff, the garden just changed. I still need to work in it, dig things out, weed, and replant things, but it has become lush and full and self-regenerating in ways it never was before. And it has an ineffable kind of grace to it, growing in ways I could never have thought to try to make it grow. It has become beautiful.

Is that because of those actions, inviting the spirits in and giving them tobacco and water from the Chalice Well and occasionally going out and doing a smudge with some of the white sage (dried) I grow there? I can’t say for sure. But I will say to anyone thinking of trying it: Why not? What can it hurt?

Siege Of Arendelle- Chapter Three

Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your tags, comments, messages, and general excitement about this fic. You’re all honestly making my life. Thank you thank you thank you!

Early update because Mondays suck and fanfic is good.

Universe: Canon- Post Film
Rating: T (Teen and Up)- For now
Words: ~2866

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i really dont like that Jackson is gonna be doing probably even more work in China, especially since not that long ago he was out sick because he was over extending himself, like he tell us to stay healthy then he gives himself more work, and how he is, he will probably try to still do as much as possible with got7 i just dont think this will be good for him

Okay so ngl, the Korean entertainment industry has treated him poorly in the past. He’s been made fun of countless of times and become the brunt of the joke. So yes, I’m glad he’s able to establish himself in China where he feels welcome. As for his health, flying back and forth between Korea and China probably can’t be healthy so I see him residing in China for a while too.

He’s probably better off.


a- z boy groups

Boys Republic debuted in mid 2013 as a 5 member boy group with their song ‘party rock’. Their latest comeback, ‘get down’ was released in 2016 and since then they having been keeping fans updated by posting covers on their YouTube channel. Please support Boys Republic so they can have another comeback soon!

Follow them on instagram: Onejunn / Sunwoo / Sungjun / Minsu Suwoong

okay so guys, I’m working again in the parent trap!au (the single dad / teacher au) since many of you want me to continue. I’m already working on something, a small thing and then I hope to update it like a comic but not quite a comic, my schedule is really shitty so probably it would be one draw per week if work doesn’t decide to be a bitch BUT let’s hope I can fulfill this promise ;w; finger crossed!



something’s telling lotor that allura and her knights stopped taking him seriously a while ago

edit: this is Voltron DOTU and not Legendary Defender, please stop tagging it as VLD fanart ):

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life

Quick Jaybird doodle to celebrate the Red Hood DLC in Injustice 2!

Full-view it here!

Wonder if he’ll be featured in the tie-in comic at all… Can’t wait to see him get accidentally impaled on a broken broom handle or something if he does… #stillbitteraboutthatfuckingrock

Just the two of usToday you’re the princess, You-chan 

It’s not too late for You and happy early birthday to Maki!!! ヾ(●´∇`●)ノ


“ The chance to let your talent truly blossom, perhaps it’s today. Or maybe, it’s tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or next year. Or perhaps even when you’re 30? In regards to physique, I can’t say much. But if you yourself think that you don’t have talent, then you’ll probably never have it.”

Happy Birthday @monstrux!!


#thankyoubones week: day 4 → 9 angela montenegro iconic quotes

Angela ❤️  She is such a blessing to Bones, honestly. She’s brought so much warmth and heart to this show, and I can’t ever imagine Bones without her. ‘You are the best of us Miss Montenegro’… her kind words, and loving, honest friendships with literally everyone on the show (most especially with Brennan) has always been one of the best things about her character. SHE was the first face we came to know, back in that airport, she got the honour of being the first main character to grace our screens with her charm and sassiness. To say that I’m gonna miss Angela Montenegro is an understatement, because, while I may not see much of myself in her, she’s also taught me so many things and changed my outlook on a lot of important matters. And really, who wouldn’t want to have an extremely loyal, fierce-loving best friend like her? :)