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You were never in any danger: a Kastle rec post

Hey y’all. If you follow me already, you may not have realized that I’ve gained some fandoms recently since I’ve been too busy to do something as time-consuming as reblogging all the stuff I scroll past but yeah, I’ve currently got two other rec posts sitting patiently in my drafts, just waiting for me not to be destroyed by grad school. As you all may know though, The Punisher comes out today, so I really just couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t expect to be here. I get the sense that most people on this ship didn’t either? Cool, we’re all in this together. I haven’t even been here that long; I happened to see someone freaking out on my dash a few weeks ago about that part in the trailer where they’re on the floor and Frank touches Karen’s hair – you know the one – and, well, somehow I wound up rewatching all the Kastle scenes over and over and over… I was even planning on waiting until next week to binge the whole season, when I’m on break and recovering from minor surgery and all, but I’m way too hyped to wait so I’ll probably get to it this weekend instead. 

In any case, this isn’t a full rec post cuz the series dropped and I just wanted to get it out. Please forgive the general messy and incompleteness, I’ll do an update later when I have the time. Also, if anyone out there has some fics (or anything else) you want to rec, please do! Like I said I am new here and I haven’t had the chance to go through the whole AO3 tag (yet lol).

Hope you enjoy~

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top five writing (fic) tips
  1. Just Do It: a bad idea put down is literally infinitely more useful than some imaginary perfectly executed concept. writing is a process, everyone starts with crap and then builds up from that. if you have to, start with “Once upon a time…” because what’s important is that you start
  2. Begin at the End: every time you write a story you should know vaguely where you want the story to end. you don’t have to know how to get there, just know where you want to go. picture the final shot in the movie of your mind, and make it your goal
  3. Motivation is Key: the most important aspects of your characters are always their motivations. when character motivations clash, you get dramatic conflict, and the resolution of a dramatic conflict is the essence of storytelling. each of your characters must want something
  4. Read Away: you are what you eat, and you write what you read. be sure to branch out periodically, but just never stop reading, be it stories, poetry, essays, articles, or textbooks. all words have writers behind them
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: the most obvious, the most essential, and the hardest of them all. be kind to yourself with this one, and don’t give up

silverheartlugia2000  asked:

Hmm well I've got another brogane idea if you're interested? Back in the first episode they never told us what happened when Shiro woke up at Keith's but I can imagine after being strapped to a table as soon as he gets back home then seeing a familiar face he can finally let himself cry and acknowledge he's free again :3

This was a great prompt!  I hope you don’t mind I did Keith’s POV instead of Shiro’s.  <3

Keith hovered beside the couch while the others poked through his kitchen.  The big one, Hunk, seemed vaguely familiar and was currently criticizing his cabinets full of non-perishables.  Lance seemed bitter about something, making veiled negative comments about everything in the little house.  Pidge was at the edge of the kitchen, mostly quiet and glancing frequently over at Shiro, too.

Keith thought probably his feelings should be hurt, but he couldn’t focus on the others.  Shiro was right there, alive and breathing and Keith couldn’t think about anything else.  He’d thought he’d never see Shiro again when the Kerberos mission went wrong.  He hadn’t believed it was Shiro’s fault, because Shiro was too good a pilot for that, but he’d thought that either way, that was it.

Shiro looked different, and when they’d first gotten him on the couch, Keith hadn’t been able to resist running his fingers over the new scar on his nose.  The white hair was disconcerting, though not as much as the missing hand, and the longer Shiro stayed unconscious, the more Keith worried about all of it.

When Shiro started stirring, still asleep, Pidge drifted closer, but Hunk pulled her and Lance outside to check the perimeter, like he knew Keith wanted time with Shiro.  It was a relief, and Keith made a note to himself to remember it.

Keith realized he was fidgeting and probably looked nervous.  He moved to sit on the table next to Shiro and after a moment reached out to grab Shiro’s hand, to give his own hands something to do.

Shiro came to with a gasp, bolting upright.  He pulled his hand out of Keith’s, twisting to look at the room around him with wide eyes.  With his back pressed up against the back of the couch and his knees drawn up in front of him, he looked terrified, and a spike of pain ran through Keith’s chest.  Shiro was never scared like that.

Keith needed to say something, but he wasn’t sure what.  "Shiro?“

Shiro’s eyes narrowed as he focused on Keith’s face, looking confused.  "Keith?”

“Yeah, Shiro, it’s me.  I - we’re - what happened to you?”

Shiro shuddered, but seemed to have relaxed a little, putting one leg back down on the ground.  He shook his head.  "Where are we?“

That wasn’t an answer, but that was ok.  Keith told himself it was ok.  Shiro was here and the rest could wait.  Couldn’t it?  "We’re safe,” he said first, “We’re in a cabin in the desert, a little ways away from the Garrison.”

“Away from the Garrison?”

“They lied about you.  They lied, and I knew it, and I couldn’t-”

Shiro nodded, but Keith wasn’t sure he really understood.

“They wouldn’t come for us,” Shiro said, “They wouldn’t look.  We were alone.”

Keith felt a shiver running down his spine.  "Yeah.“  He’d hated that.  He’d hated knowing Shiro was out there and no one was looking, and he’d hated that his own small telescope was useless and couldn’t even see that far, but something in Shiro’s voice said that was just the tip of the iceberg.

"What happened to you?” he asked, reaching out to touch the shock of white hair over Shiro’s forehead.

Shiro shook his head.  "I can’t.  I’m - I can’t.“

Moving on instinct, Keith reached out toward Shiro, who grabbed back at him.

Shiro buried his face in Keith’s chest, his arms coming up around Keith’s back.  Keith stood up, letting Shiro pull him closer.  He wasn’t sure what to do with himself, but tentatively laid a hand on the back of Shiro’s head

"I’m just glad you’re home,” he said quietly.

Shiro started crying, a soft sob leaking out before he could stifle it, and Keith pulled him closer, leaning over to wrap Shiro in as much of a hug as he could.

“I just wanted you to be ok,” Keith said, starting to choke up himself.  Shiro didn’t cry like this.  Not like this.  Whatever had happened to him must have been awful.  "I’m just glad you’re ok.“  He needed Shiro to agree, to tell him he was alright, but he didn’t.  He just clung tighter to him and cried more softly.

Keith hunched over Shiro’s head, trying to keep his breathing steady and his eyes dry before he cried into Shiro’s hair.  He tried to think about the fact that Shiro was here and ok and not about the white hair or the scar or the fact that one of the hands holding onto his back wasn’t human anymore.  He tried to keep himself under control as Shiro got on top of his feelings.  He tried not to let his emotions take over, because there was still so much they didn’t know, and there was still so much to be afraid of.

When the others burst back in, Keith and Shiro sprang apart, and each of them only had to wipe their eyes once.  Keith figured that was good enough.  The others didn’t say anything, and they leapt into trying to make plans.  If Keith sat a little too close to Shiro on the couch or Shiro hovered a little too close to him once they were up and moving again, nobody said anything about that, either.


hi guys!!! sorry it’s been awhile since u heard from me - i have been busy and stressed and just wrote this lil belated valentine’s themed daydream because ???????? 
anyways i am garbage for young lin so here i love you all lets hope this isn’t as trashy as i think it is i definitely didn’t write this procrastinating writing muse definitely not i am a better person than that

summary: isn’t valentine’s day SO lame? very lame. especially without a tall, dark & dorky teenage boy to cheer u up.
word count: 2100+
warnings: belated holiday spirit?????? unapologetic cheesiness??????

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Imagine celebrating Jared’s birthday in the hills

“Get up! Get up! Get up!” I shout, jumping on the bed.

Jared rolls on the bed, using one of his pillows to cover his head. I keep jumping, shouting at the top of my lungs. When all the shouting doesn’t work, I take Jared’s covers to pull them off. He’s half asleep, and in his attempt to grab one of my ankles, he doesn’t realize that he’s almost on the edge of the bed, falling with a loud thump.

“Oh my, Jared?”

I fall on the bed, kneeling to watch him on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I ask him, seeing him rub his head, “Is it a bad moment to say happy birthday?”

“Give me… Oh, my head… Give me a second”

I nod, without taking my gaze from him. Jared sighs, still rubbing the top of his head. I wait, forgetting about the surprise I prepared for him. It takes him a few minutes to wake up, still on the floor. When Jared stands up, he jumps on top of me, tickling my belly, ribs and armpits.

“Stop! Stop!” I shout, not being able to stop laughing, “Jared, please!”

He does stop, both breathing heavily, a bit of laugh still in the air.

“Happy birthday” I mutter, a permanent smile on my face.

His lips go straight to mine, his hand starting to caress my cheek. Our breathing is still heavy, forcing us to end the kiss quickly.

“You need to get dress, I let you oversleep”

“What time is it?” He asks, getting off of on top of me.

“Midday, I’ll wait for you downstairs”

I give him a quick peck on the lips, getting off the bed.

Once I’m downstairs I check everything one more time. I’m sure everything’s ready, I’ve probably checked it three times by now. But you can never be sure with me, there’s probably something missing in my bag and I haven’t noticed.

When Jared comes to meet me his eyes go straight to the bag by my side.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks me, lifting both eyebrows.

“Of course” I say with a smile.

Jared looks confused. This is his first birthday with us as a couple, and I wanted this be special. Jared helps me with my bag, taking it to my car. I drive, he changes the radio. I spend all the way avoiding his questions about our destination. The city looks pretty dead today; The weather is nice, thou, and that’s perfect for what I’ve prepared.

When we reach the point in which we cannot continue by car I let Jared know. We hold hands, sharing quick glances once in awhile, we walk in silence, but smiles never leaving our faces.

Jared is one of the most outgoing, adventurous man I’ve ever had the chance to meet in my life. Reason why I decided to spend the afternoon in the hills, enjoying the view, the nice weather, and being in touch with Mother Nature. the exact spot for our little adventure is a hidden place among rocks and trees. There’s plenty of shadow, green areas and warm breeze for us to sit and enjoy.

Jared looks around, fascinated by the view of the city and how nature seems to enjoy it’s days without caring about the people destroying the city at its feet.

“This is beautiful” Jared says, laying on the lonely spot of grass.

“Happy birthday” I say again, feeling a warm in my heart just by looking at how happy he looks.

Jared takes my wrist to make fall on top of him, his right hand caressing my cheek, pulling away strands of hair.

“Thank you for this” He mutters, the smile glued to his lips, “Really, thank you so much, I love it”

“You don’t have to thank me” I say, kissing his cheek and resting my head on the space of his neck, “I just want you to have a nice birthday”

“It’s going great so far”

“We can stay the whole day like this or we can eat something first and then lay for good, what do you prefer?”

“Let’s eat and then lay for a bit”

We both prepare the space for our picnic; I lay everything I prepare for him during the morning, noticing how amazed he looks. Once I tell him that he can start eating, half of the things in the plates disappear in a matter of minutes. I try to ask him if he likes the food, but his whole attitude is confirmation enough.

Jared kisses me whenever he’s not eating, or telling me how amazing the food is. I just laugh and kiss him back, happy that he’s enjoying his birthday.

When he’s finally done eating we lay for a bit, discussing about what we see in the clouds, or how we think they will show us next. Our bodies warming each other, his hand holding mine with no intention of letting go.

An hour passes by before Jared sits up really quick, his head turning to me with a big smile.

“I got an idea”

Jared stands starting to pick all our things, telling me to hurry. I keep asking what’s going on, but he just shushes me, saying that he I’m going to love. What? I have no idea.

We leave everything in the car, and I can’t get to ask again when Jared holds my hand, taking somewhere between the trees and rocks. He looks so excited that I decide not to ask again, and just enjoy the walk to wherever he’s taking me.

And, actually, the view is breathtaking.

We’ve been in this place for a while, and in any moment we’ll start to see the sundown. Everything starts to fusion with the colors of the sky, the little puddles mirroring the clouds, the leaves dancing with the wind. And, even though it takes us a while to get where Jared wants, I just can’t seem to believe how beautiful everything is the higher we get.

“We’re almost there” Jared assures me, and it is only there when I notice how tired I am.

But I seriously couldn’t care less. We walk for a couple of minutes more, and when Jared finally stops I just can’t believe what’s in front of me.

From the spot that I chose for us to have the picnic most of the city was at our feet, we could see the beach at one side, and people living their lives on the other.

But from here… Everything seems so little, and it actually feels like all our tables were left behind, in those distant buildings, with that distant people.

I walk towards a rock, sitting on the edge, still amazed by everything. I turn for a second, to call Jared by my side. He sits next to me, putting his arm on my shoulder to get me closer to him.

“I was supposed to be the one giving you surprises” I mutter, not being able to take my eyes away from the view.

“We have a whole lifetime to fill with surprises” He says, leaving a soundless kiss on my forehead.

“Good” I say, pulling away a bit to look him in the eyes, “Because there are more surprises waiting for us when we get home”

A laugh burst from him, and in no time we are kissing again.

“I knew there was a reason why I am so in love with you” He mutters between kisses.

“Wait, what?”

I pull away again, my eyes fix on his. He just said he is in love with me. This is the first time. I feel something on my chest, it’s tight, but my heartbeat is threatening to let me heart escape in any second, and a smile appears on my lips, and suddenly I’m feeling everything and nothing at the same time. And Jared is looking at me like he wasn’t supposed to say this right now, like he was holding it for later.

“You’re in love with me” I whisper, a smile nailed on my face, “You said…”

“I am” He says, taking his hand to brush his hair, “Good, I finally said it”

“Finally? How long have you been holding that?”

He shrugs, and we can’t help but laugh. Jared hugs me again, leaving little kisses on top of my head. My arms wrap him tight, never wanting to let him go.

“Are you in love with me?” He asks, as if he’s afraid of my answer.

“What do you think?”


“Of course I am” I laugh, adjusting in my place to look him in the eyes, “I’m in love with you, Jared, I thought it was pretty damn obvious”

“I can be a bit blind”

“Well, now you know. Happy birthday!”

“Best birthday ever” He says, moving to kiss me on the lips this time.


i’m obsessed with my own fanfic. send help. updated version of this disgusting thing from four months ago [x].

i colored digitally. i colored digitally. my god it’s been so long since i’ve done anything remotely decent like this digitally.

read final tour[x]

3. Wingman // Klance

« {Part 3 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

The space bar was exactly what Keith would have expected a space bar to look like. He almost expected the Star Wars cantina song to start playing.

“Dude! Check out that giant keg thing! Oh my god, I’m going to get space-wasted!” Lance said, shifting from foot to foot in excitement. “Do they have legal drinking ages here in space? Shit, I don’t have a space-ID—”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Hunk said. “Look—they’re not even asking for ID. It looks like… self-serve?”

He pointed at where some short alien people were serving themselves cups of electric green liquid from the “keg thing” Lance had noticed earlier. The aliens put coins into a slot and then pressed a button to fill their cups.

“Let’s just get some of it before Shiro and Allura notice we’re gone,” Pidge said. “I really don’t want to get another lecture about responsibility.”

“Psh. They’re still at that space movie theater. We’re free for the next couple hours for sure,” Lance said. He sidled up next to Keith, slinging an arm over his shoulder. “So, what do you say—should we get completely shit-faced?”

Keith rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Hey, you didn’t have to come along,” Lance said, poking a finger at Keith’s chest. Then he turned to Hunk. “Hey, Hunk—be my wingman for tonight? There have to be some pretty alien ladies in this bar.”

“Uh,” Hunk said. He shot a quick glance at Keith and then looked back at Lance. “Not tonight, man. Sorry. Pidge and I were going to…”

“We were going to play space foosball,” Pidge said quickly. “I thought I saw it when we came in, so….”

“Yeah,” Hunk agreed. “We’re going to do that.”

“Well, damn,” Lance said. He looked back at Keith. “Well, it looks like you’re going to have to be my wingman tonight, Keith. You up for it?”

Over Lance’s shoulder, Hunk and Pidge gave Keith a pitying look. He sighed. “Sure, I guess,” he said. “Why not?”

Why not wingman for Lance? Why not wingman for the guy he might sort of actually like in a not-so-platonic way?

This wasn’t going to end well.

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Me: I have very high standards!
Everyone: -submits their fanart/fanfics-

I’m sorry. Not really. I just love all your fanarts.


“It’s been around a month and a half since he arrived, and his life has drasticaly changed. A mundane world that got caught in another.”

Phew, I did it! This is some fanart for the lovely pumpkin @strawberry-soo with their “Awakening” fanfiction! Didn’t want to spoil anything from the actual story, so I did some drawings from random scenes that don’t really tell anything.

I could have done more, because this fic is amazing, but I spent way too much time in these so I’m gonna leave it at that. They’re all transparent btw! So… Enjoy!

Open wounds, closed heart

Synopsis: Sometimes it hurts. It’s not a physical pain, but the marks that they leave are real, too real, and it express itself in the most diverse forms. The heavy breathing, the sleepless nights, the bad habit of thinking too much about matters that should be trivial, and so many other symptoms chase after the young writer who, no longer enduring his own routine, decides to accept any help. Yuri Katsuki opens his arms and welcomes the opportunity to change, and to learn how to live with his worst and most insistent companion: his anxiety. 

Main pairing: Victor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki

Chapters: 19/??

Warnings: Mental Illness and lots of drama, slow burn

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ UPDATES EVERY SATURDAY ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Read it on Ao3!

Special thanks to @croptoptomlinson​ for being such a lovely friend and doing this edit! You are the best and I can’t thank you enough.  ♡ ♥ ♡ 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“I really can’t stay.”

“But, baby, it’s cold outside.”

Sam’s eyes squinted as he stared at his brother and his best friend from his perch at the table. His eyes narrowed almost to closing as he watched them over the screen of his laptop. Part of him wanted to laugh at the lines, and another part of him seriously considered that they had no idea they were quoting a Christmas classic.

“I got to get home.” Castiel’s deep voice echoed through the silent bunker.

Dean raised an eyebrow with a plea lacing his pupils. “But, baby, you’d freeze out there.”

At this point Sam had had enough. With a loud sigh he slammed his laptop shut, gaining the other two men’s attention, before he glared at the both of them evenly. “Seriously?!”

At that, Dean smirked with a cocky shrug. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

Sam pointed a finger at him with growing agitation. “You two. All it ever is around here is you two being disgustingly in love. If you’re going to play weird games where you quote romantic shit, go to another room. I’m glad you two are happy together but seriously it’s too much to witness every goddamn second of every goddamn day and I’m trying to do research.”

Castiel couldn’t help the small smirk upturning his lips. “Dean said that it would be fun to see how long it would take until you cracked.”

The last thing Castiel heard before both brothers darted from the room was the sound of Dean’s belly deep laughter. The fallen angel watched with a priceless smile as the younger brother chased the older brother through the bunker halls with obscenities spewing from his lips.

It was the first Christmas that Castiel felt he had a home to finally find happiness in.

When the laughter died down, and no more thundering footsteps were echoing against the walls, Dean came charging toward Castiel with a shit-eating grin on his face. The two embraced like an old dance they had practiced for decades.

Just as Dean was pressing his lips to Castiel’s forehead he whispered, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Castiel could only chuckle as he sunk deeper into the warmth of Dean’s chest and let himself forget about the waging snow crashing down on top of the bunker.

Word Count: 1228

Triggers: Drugs? Criminal Minds Season 11 Finale Spoilers

Requested by Anonymous

“So how many people got this fake drug?” Parker asked.

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anonymous asked:

Eva x mc please, your work is so amazing😊

Dearest anon! Thank you so much! 😊  Hero fanfics are still a new territory for me so bear with me please.

Uh, I assume this is for the kissing prompt ask correct? Since you didn’t give me a number, I’ll just choose one I haven’t done yet!  Still open to do more kissing prompts! (if anyone is interested). Hope you enjoy it anon!

2. Early Morning Kiss - A kiss that’s a wake up call, its barely even lips touching, more like they’re kissing your chin because they’re so tired in the early morning haze.


You’re Different - Eva x M!MC

If Adrian had woken up a few minutes later, he would have missed the beautiful dark-haired woman entirely. 

He remembered most of last night; the rush they’d been in to strip each other, barely able to contain their moans when they were finally skin-against-skin. Her quick hands and all the scratches she left behind  because he knew they had more to do with her and less to with their tousle with crime a few hours prior.

Adrian smiled thinly to himself, savoring the last bits of the pieces coming together inside his head before a sound had jolted him from his sleep. The images disappeared as he sat upright in bed; wincing slightly until his eyes searched for her.

She was across the room, back turned towards his door while her hands hastily moved to get dressed. Her wiry muscles bunched together as she slipped into her tank from last night, and he watched those hips of hers sway as she wiggled into her jeans. 

She was in the middle of leaving.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm trying to find a fic where it's basically a rival pack tries to take over the Hale territory since no hales live on it any more (Derek left w/ braeden and Peter's in Eichen). They kill people and animals all over the territory which end up forming a valknut. And Stiles ends up getting Peter out of Eichen to help despite Scott not liking the idea. Idk if I explained it okay or not. I've never done something like this before. Thanks in advance!

Infinite Space by DiscontentedWinter


Authors Note: This is a really old oneshot I made a long time ago. All I’ve done is made the story line smoother than how it was originally written.

This is an alternate universe fanfiction for the pairing Gajeel × Levy, enjoy.

Au GaLe fanfic:

Levy always felt as if something- no someone was missing from her life. She always just knew that there was someone who had been in her life at some point that meant the world to her. It might not have been this lifetime but in one of them she had someone more important to than everything.
Whenever Levy was by herself she would always try to think of who this person was, but all she could remember was “I’ll meet you in another life.”

As she boarded the subway too absorbed in her thoughts to look for anyone who might be getting off, she of course ran into someone, “Oww!”

Levy looked up to see possibly the most terrifying man she’d ever seen in her entire life, with piercings everywhere and such beautiful long black hair. At a loss for words, she could barley muster out the words,
“Oh um sorry I just um.. I was just lost in…”
“Tch just don’t do it again.” The man interrupted and left, but at that moment Levy knew it was him, the person she had been waiting for. Although, she would have to admit he was much more gruff and less charming than she imagined, however if he was so terrifically important to her in a past life, then there just be more to him than just his icy face and attitude.

This whole routine of bumping into each other at the subway station was repeated for the rest of the week until finally the man decided to put a stop it to (although Levy was trying to work up a plan on how to strike up a conversation the entire week). However, on this particular day, she had to meet a friend since they had to plan a surprise birthday party for Lucy.

“Look here Shorty I-” the dangerous looking man stopped his sentence to when he didn’t feel the blue haired girl’s body clash into his. He looked around to see her chatting with a boy he hoped was nothing but her friend, but for some odd reason he just knew that this new strange boy would never make a move on his short stack, although it didn’t stop his irrational jealousy from forming.

He looked this rival up and down. Short pink hair, muscular, full of smiles, but above all else an oddly familiar face.

“Who’s he?”
“He’s the guy I told you about.” Levy couldn’t help the nervous glance she threw at Natsu.
“Levy I’m gonna tell you right now he’s gonna break your heart, but don’t worry just say the word and I’ll kick his ass.” The boy who was smiling just moments ago was now cracking his knuckles and looking up and down the mysterious man with jet black hair.
“Natsu! That won’t be necessary.”
“Shorty we need to talk.” This mysterious man couldn’t help the eyebrow twitch, but he could at least resist the urge to argue with his Pipsaueaks friend.
“Levy.” Although it was Levy’s turn to glare as she looked up at the heavily pierced man.
“What?” Confusion was written all over his face.
“That’s her name.” Nastu stated crossing his arms and looking at the other male with a very disapproving look.
“Natsu you can go.”
“Are you su-”
“Did I stutter?” With the look of a very stern mother, Levy dismissed Natsu, which always had worked before to get him to do something without Levy having to repeat herself.
“I don-” however, this time Natsu couldn’t seem to get himself to trust this man dressed in too much black to be able to leave the two alone.
“You heard her, you’re dismissed. Know your place.” Mystery man had seen that Levys mother stare had persuaded Natsus resolve, with an arched eyebrow, the stranger dismissed Natsu as well.
Natsu being the hot head he was wanted to punch this tough guy but something about the way Levy seemed to trust him was barley jusy enough to make Natsu will himself away from the situation.

“So…” Levy tried to start a conversation, but all she could think about was Natsu and him threatening her special person.
“I’m sorry! I don’t know why Natsu was being so rude! Plea-”
The man smirked.
“Its okay my Queen.” He winked down at her.

“Would you like to go on a date with me? Just for old times sake?”

“I’m Gajeel Miss Levy, so is that a yes?”
“I um…well…” Levy couldn’t think straight her heart beating so fast she almost couldn’t hear the world around them and her face was so flushed that she was sure people would think he had just asked her to get married. Oh no now marriage was on her mind. Any other day that’d be fine but now she was thinking about it with Gajeel.
“You okay there pipsqueak?”
Levy panicked because she couldn’t speak she was so nervous of messing up. She’d waited her entire life for Gajeel and now she had him but she couldn’t speak. Golden.

She wasn’t even sure if Gajeel remembered her or if she was the only one who felt the connection, while her stunned silence was enough to make Gajeel doubt that she remembered him at all.
“Hey Lev you okay, should we get you to the hospital?” He was becoming absolutely sure with every ticking second that he was making an absolute fool of himself.

“Uh, sorry, I’ll just be leav-” He was cut off mid sentence by something he imagined he’d get within few days after their first date, but he was much happier with getting it sooner than later.

Levy’s mind was foged so she did the best thing she could think of to tell him she was fine and not to leave her because she couldn’t stand to think of losing him again so-

She kissed him.

Of course this took Gajeel by surprise so he just stood shocked with his pipsqueak’s lips pressed against his. He wasn’t sure if he should kiss back since he thought for sure she was sick- at least that’s what he thought until she said “Please don’t make me feel like an idiot.”
“Yes my~ Highness.” And he kissed her back. It was a kiss filled sorrow, pain, fear, hurt, sadness, but most of all love that couldn’t be expressed for years.
Gajeel was the one who broke the kiss with a blush on his face which only caused the Queen to giggle and leave a trail of kisses starting from his ear down to his chin, bypassing his lips to his left ear lobe, she ended the trail of kisses by pecking his nose.
Very quietly Gajeel said “That was my first kiss…”
Levy laughed before pulling his head farther down to the ground because she was getting tired of tiptoeing and she pressed their foreheads together.
“Well in this case I’ll be your second.” She kissed him again but not nearly as long as the first.
“You’ll be my third as well short stack.” Gajeel kissed her roughly this time and the two became a couple who would be married when Levy finished going college (they would’ve gotten married sooner but Levy said she didn’t want any distractions while she was studying) which lead to them having twin boys much to Gajeel’s dismay since he wanted a girl he could pamper so they tried again and had another boy. Gajeel became a rock star while Levy became a brain surgeon but they always make time in their busy schedules to spend with their children together and of course other things ;).

Note: This is actually part 2 of another oneshot, but I can’t find part 1, so it’s been made to be a stand alone story.

You know, between the highly popular “Stan’s attempts at flirting constantly attract cryptids” headcanon and theories about Bill there’s a lot of post-finale fic involving Ford protecting or rescuing Stan. Which I’m sure does happen, y’know. Stan stumbles into his fair share of trouble and when he does I’m sure Ford is quick to go after him.

But with a  617.19% distress quotient holy cow clearly we need more post-finale scenarios of Stan rescuing Ford. And now that I’ve brought it up I feel personally obligated to make a list or something.


Aaaand more fanarts for Homra-san’s amazing fanfiction!!! I really am in love with it and nothing can stop me!!!

The last one was a little bit rushed so I didn’t like it very much… And there was another one I was going to make but I couldn’t fit it in the remaining paper so I’ll do it another time XD (because yes, of course I’m doing more!!! I said it: I’M UNSTOPPABLE!!!)!

The rose one is my favorite! It’s hard drawing flowers (roses particularly, to me) but I always like how they look in the end!

I hope you like them, Homra-san!!! And since I can’t really stop, bear with me for some more time XD 

rebbkatt  asked:

I enjoy your solavellan fanfics soooo much ❤ Every line is so beautifully crafted, like I'm witnessing it before me.~ Could you please do one about them meeting in secret in the fade or "in between" while at war after the end of DAI+tresspasser?

Oh you are so lovely for saying so, and of course I can! But since I’ve already done a few post-Trespasser Fade meetings, how about one in the flesh…?


the world’s a beast of a burden (you've been holding up a long, long time)

Her bones are aching, but she suspects it has more to do with spending two consecutive weeks on the road, than it has to do with age. A scant three decades in this world hasn’t made an old woman of her, but it’s a begrudging acceptance, at least when she’s willing to make it, that the last few years have taken their toll. But then, a scant three decades and she’s achieved more than most would in twice as many years – has lost more, too, and had more titles than anyone would need in a lifetime. First. Chosen. Herald. Inquisitor –

Traitor. Conspirator. Wolf’s Bane

The cold water knocks against her, stinging her skin and quenching the churning thoughts – every syllable of every title (one a prayer, another a curse) echoing a failure. She wonders how many they’ll have for her when it’s done; if they’ll even remember Ellana when it’s all over.

Dragging her hand across her face, it’s as much an attempt to physically wipe the thoughts from her mind as it is to rub away the sweat and dirt that’s gathered. It’s been days since her last real bath, although her definition of real is something rather different now than it was when she lived in her large quarters, with its deep copper tub and lavender oils. And taking one now, even just a short one, means travel time lost, and it’s a two-day journey yet to cross into the Anderfels – longer still if she dawdles.

Rocking back on her heels, she considers the expanse of water stretching out in front of her; the river meandering through the landscape, a glassy blue touched with silver from the sun. The temperature is pleasant if a bit chilly, and there isn’t a soul in sight – it’s definitely an opportunity, if she ever needed one, and there’s half a bar of soap tucked away in her pack somewhere.

Her decision made, she’s about to reach for her rucksack when there’s a soft tremor in the air – in the Veil, she realizes with some surprise. He’d taught her how to look for it; how to sense the slight shift in the atmosphere signalling someone’s presence. And she feels it now, but it’s a deliberate thing, the soft ripple almost like a caress – not intrusive, but a gentle warning.

And only one person in her acquaintance knows the workings of the Veil well enough to mask his presence, let alone deliberately announce it.

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