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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

“I really can’t stay.”

“But, baby, it’s cold outside.”

Sam’s eyes squinted as he stared at his brother and his best friend from his perch at the table. His eyes narrowed almost to closing as he watched them over the screen of his laptop. Part of him wanted to laugh at the lines, and another part of him seriously considered that they had no idea they were quoting a Christmas classic.

“I got to get home.” Castiel’s deep voice echoed through the silent bunker.

Dean raised an eyebrow with a plea lacing his pupils. “But, baby, you’d freeze out there.”

At this point Sam had had enough. With a loud sigh he slammed his laptop shut, gaining the other two men’s attention, before he glared at the both of them evenly. “Seriously?!”

At that, Dean smirked with a cocky shrug. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

Sam pointed a finger at him with growing agitation. “You two. All it ever is around here is you two being disgustingly in love. If you’re going to play weird games where you quote romantic shit, go to another room. I’m glad you two are happy together but seriously it’s too much to witness every goddamn second of every goddamn day and I’m trying to do research.”

Castiel couldn’t help the small smirk upturning his lips. “Dean said that it would be fun to see how long it would take until you cracked.”

The last thing Castiel heard before both brothers darted from the room was the sound of Dean’s belly deep laughter. The fallen angel watched with a priceless smile as the younger brother chased the older brother through the bunker halls with obscenities spewing from his lips.

It was the first Christmas that Castiel felt he had a home to finally find happiness in.

When the laughter died down, and no more thundering footsteps were echoing against the walls, Dean came charging toward Castiel with a shit-eating grin on his face. The two embraced like an old dance they had practiced for decades.

Just as Dean was pressing his lips to Castiel’s forehead he whispered, “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Castiel could only chuckle as he sunk deeper into the warmth of Dean’s chest and let himself forget about the waging snow crashing down on top of the bunker.

Imagine celebrating Jared’s birthday in the hills

“Get up! Get up! Get up!” I shout, jumping on the bed.

Jared rolls on the bed, using one of his pillows to cover his head. I keep jumping, shouting at the top of my lungs. When all the shouting doesn’t work, I take Jared’s covers to pull them off. He’s half asleep, and in his attempt to grab one of my ankles, he doesn’t realize that he’s almost on the edge of the bed, falling with a loud thump.

“Oh my, Jared?”

I fall on the bed, kneeling to watch him on the floor.

“Are you okay?” I ask him, seeing him rub his head, “Is it a bad moment to say happy birthday?”

“Give me… Oh, my head… Give me a second”

I nod, without taking my gaze from him. Jared sighs, still rubbing the top of his head. I wait, forgetting about the surprise I prepared for him. It takes him a few minutes to wake up, still on the floor. When Jared stands up, he jumps on top of me, tickling my belly, ribs and armpits.

“Stop! Stop!” I shout, not being able to stop laughing, “Jared, please!”

He does stop, both breathing heavily, a bit of laugh still in the air.

“Happy birthday” I mutter, a permanent smile on my face.

His lips go straight to mine, his hand starting to caress my cheek. Our breathing is still heavy, forcing us to end the kiss quickly.

“You need to get dress, I let you oversleep”

“What time is it?” He asks, getting off of on top of me.

“Midday, I’ll wait for you downstairs”

I give him a quick peck on the lips, getting off the bed.

Once I’m downstairs I check everything one more time. I’m sure everything’s ready, I’ve probably checked it three times by now. But you can never be sure with me, there’s probably something missing in my bag and I haven’t noticed.

When Jared comes to meet me his eyes go straight to the bag by my side.

“Are we going somewhere?” He asks me, lifting both eyebrows.

“Of course” I say with a smile.

Jared looks confused. This is his first birthday with us as a couple, and I wanted this be special. Jared helps me with my bag, taking it to my car. I drive, he changes the radio. I spend all the way avoiding his questions about our destination. The city looks pretty dead today; The weather is nice, thou, and that’s perfect for what I’ve prepared.

When we reach the point in which we cannot continue by car I let Jared know. We hold hands, sharing quick glances once in awhile, we walk in silence, but smiles never leaving our faces.

Jared is one of the most outgoing, adventurous man I’ve ever had the chance to meet in my life. Reason why I decided to spend the afternoon in the hills, enjoying the view, the nice weather, and being in touch with Mother Nature. the exact spot for our little adventure is a hidden place among rocks and trees. There’s plenty of shadow, green areas and warm breeze for us to sit and enjoy.

Jared looks around, fascinated by the view of the city and how nature seems to enjoy it’s days without caring about the people destroying the city at its feet.

“This is beautiful” Jared says, laying on the lonely spot of grass.

“Happy birthday” I say again, feeling a warm in my heart just by looking at how happy he looks.

Jared takes my wrist to make fall on top of him, his right hand caressing my cheek, pulling away strands of hair.

“Thank you for this” He mutters, the smile glued to his lips, “Really, thank you so much, I love it”

“You don’t have to thank me” I say, kissing his cheek and resting my head on the space of his neck, “I just want you to have a nice birthday”

“It’s going great so far”

“We can stay the whole day like this or we can eat something first and then lay for good, what do you prefer?”

“Let’s eat and then lay for a bit”

We both prepare the space for our picnic; I lay everything I prepare for him during the morning, noticing how amazed he looks. Once I tell him that he can start eating, half of the things in the plates disappear in a matter of minutes. I try to ask him if he likes the food, but his whole attitude is confirmation enough.

Jared kisses me whenever he’s not eating, or telling me how amazing the food is. I just laugh and kiss him back, happy that he’s enjoying his birthday.

When he’s finally done eating we lay for a bit, discussing about what we see in the clouds, or how we think they will show us next. Our bodies warming each other, his hand holding mine with no intention of letting go.

An hour passes by before Jared sits up really quick, his head turning to me with a big smile.

“I got an idea”

Jared stands starting to pick all our things, telling me to hurry. I keep asking what’s going on, but he just shushes me, saying that he I’m going to love. What? I have no idea.

We leave everything in the car, and I can’t get to ask again when Jared holds my hand, taking somewhere between the trees and rocks. He looks so excited that I decide not to ask again, and just enjoy the walk to wherever he’s taking me.

And, actually, the view is breathtaking.

We’ve been in this place for a while, and in any moment we’ll start to see the sundown. Everything starts to fusion with the colors of the sky, the little puddles mirroring the clouds, the leaves dancing with the wind. And, even though it takes us a while to get where Jared wants, I just can’t seem to believe how beautiful everything is the higher we get.

“We’re almost there” Jared assures me, and it is only there when I notice how tired I am.

But I seriously couldn’t care less. We walk for a couple of minutes more, and when Jared finally stops I just can’t believe what’s in front of me.

From the spot that I chose for us to have the picnic most of the city was at our feet, we could see the beach at one side, and people living their lives on the other.

But from here… Everything seems so little, and it actually feels like all our tables were left behind, in those distant buildings, with that distant people.

I walk towards a rock, sitting on the edge, still amazed by everything. I turn for a second, to call Jared by my side. He sits next to me, putting his arm on my shoulder to get me closer to him.

“I was supposed to be the one giving you surprises” I mutter, not being able to take my eyes away from the view.

“We have a whole lifetime to fill with surprises” He says, leaving a soundless kiss on my forehead.

“Good” I say, pulling away a bit to look him in the eyes, “Because there are more surprises waiting for us when we get home”

A laugh burst from him, and in no time we are kissing again.

“I knew there was a reason why I am so in love with you” He mutters between kisses.

“Wait, what?”

I pull away again, my eyes fix on his. He just said he is in love with me. This is the first time. I feel something on my chest, it’s tight, but my heartbeat is threatening to let me heart escape in any second, and a smile appears on my lips, and suddenly I’m feeling everything and nothing at the same time. And Jared is looking at me like he wasn’t supposed to say this right now, like he was holding it for later.

“You’re in love with me” I whisper, a smile nailed on my face, “You said…”

“I am” He says, taking his hand to brush his hair, “Good, I finally said it”

“Finally? How long have you been holding that?”

He shrugs, and we can’t help but laugh. Jared hugs me again, leaving little kisses on top of my head. My arms wrap him tight, never wanting to let him go.

“Are you in love with me?” He asks, as if he’s afraid of my answer.

“What do you think?”


“Of course I am” I laugh, adjusting in my place to look him in the eyes, “I’m in love with you, Jared, I thought it was pretty damn obvious”

“I can be a bit blind”

“Well, now you know. Happy birthday!”

“Best birthday ever” He says, moving to kiss me on the lips this time.


Requested: can u do an imagine where you play college volleyball and it’s your big championship game and you get really nervous since it’s a huge game and shawn tells you he can’t make it but really he’s surprising you at the game?



You’ve done everything you can possibly do to prepare for this game up to this point. You’ve worked insanely hard, along with the rest of your team, to have even been able to play in this upcoming game. It is the championship volleyball game for Division 1 volleyball. You play volleyball for your University, and you’re a sophomore this year. This is the first time your University’s team has made it to the championship game in a few years, so everyone on the team is extremely excited about it, and pretty much your entire school is excited about it as well.  You’re a starter, even though you’re only a sophomore. However, last year your team only made it to the quarterfinals so you haven’t experienced this much pressure in your college career yet.

You’re headed over to event center for the game in about twenty minutes, and the thought of how important this game is and how hard you’ve worked to get here is really getting to you, and stressing you out. You’ve been trying to stay calm and not let the stress overwhelm you, but you’re really starting to freak out. Picking up your phone, you do the only thing you can think to do in a moment like this: you call your boyfriend. He answers after only one ring. “Hello?”

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3. Wingman // Klance

« {Part 3 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

The space bar was exactly what Keith would have expected a space bar to look like. He almost expected the Star Wars cantina song to start playing.

“Dude! Check out that giant keg thing! Oh my god, I’m going to get space-wasted!” Lance said, shifting from foot to foot in excitement. “Do they have legal drinking ages here in space? Shit, I don’t have a space-ID—”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Hunk said. “Look—they’re not even asking for ID. It looks like… self-serve?”

He pointed at where some short alien people were serving themselves cups of electric green liquid from the “keg thing” Lance had noticed earlier. The aliens put coins into a slot and then pressed a button to fill their cups.

“Let’s just get some of it before Shiro and Allura notice we’re gone,” Pidge said. “I really don’t want to get another lecture about responsibility.”

“Psh. They’re still at that space movie theater. We’re free for the next couple hours for sure,” Lance said. He sidled up next to Keith, slinging an arm over his shoulder. “So, what do you say—should we get completely shit-faced?”

Keith rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Hey, you didn’t have to come along,” Lance said, poking a finger at Keith’s chest. Then he turned to Hunk. “Hey, Hunk—be my wingman for tonight? There have to be some pretty alien ladies in this bar.”

“Uh,” Hunk said. He shot a quick glance at Keith and then looked back at Lance. “Not tonight, man. Sorry. Pidge and I were going to…”

“We were going to play space foosball,” Pidge said quickly. “I thought I saw it when we came in, so….”

“Yeah,” Hunk agreed. “We’re going to do that.”

“Well, damn,” Lance said. He looked back at Keith. “Well, it looks like you’re going to have to be my wingman tonight, Keith. You up for it?”

Over Lance’s shoulder, Hunk and Pidge gave Keith a pitying look. He sighed. “Sure, I guess,” he said. “Why not?”

Why not wingman for Lance? Why not wingman for the guy he might sort of actually like in a not-so-platonic way?

This wasn’t going to end well.

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➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸

You sighed, wiping the beads of sweat from your forehead. “Are we nearly done?” You asked, looking up at your one of three trainers. You’d been training and rehearsing the many fight scenes since 6 A.M. with Sebastian and Chris, and you were nothing if not tired.

Your trainer gave you a chuckle, “We’ve been at it for only 30 minutes now (Y/N).” He retorted. You rolled your eyes, taking a deep breath as you went to grab your drink from a bench press only to find it wasn’t there. “Looking for that?” Your trainer asked, you whipped around to see him pointing to the trashcan, which of course, had your drink in it.

You frowned before he tossed you a bottle of water, which you failed to catch, “We don’t drink any carbonated drinks, (Y/N), it keeps you bloated.” He said simply. You groaned, opening the water bottle, “It’ll be worth it (Y/N).” You heard Sebastian say, you turned to face him, all frustration subsiding immediately. “I’d hope.” You said, taking a swig from your water bottle.

He simply smiled, wrapping an arm around you, “How about we go out to eat tonight, and you can have all the carbonated drinks you want?” He suggested. Before you could respond, Seb’s trainer came over, “Or, how about you two stop flirting and practice for your fight scenes?” He teased, earning a chuckle from you. “We’ll just save this conversation for later then.” Sebastian said as he removed his arm from your hip.

Your trainer led you to a punching bag before slipping the gloves onto your hands. “Remember what we practiced yesterday - keep your wrists straight.” He reminded you. You nodded, taking your place in front of the bag as he stood behind it, holding it in place. You threw punches as he took note, telling you how to improve and things you shouldn’t do.

“He likes you.” Chris whispered into your ear, startling you. You sighed, continuing to throw punches, “Why do you think that?” You asked. He took a seat on the bench press opposite of the bag, “Dude everyone thinks that.” He exclaimed. You turned to him, “That’s not a solid reason.” You said, turning back to the bag.

“He does.” Your trainer joined in. You raised an eyebrow, “Everyone notices it but you, I mean he asked you on a date just now!” Chris added. “He asked me to drink soda with him.” You retorted quickly, making him laugh. “And is news spreading that quickly?” You asked surprised as you threw a few punches at the bag.

“Well he came to me like ‘Oh my God dude! I just asked (Y/N) on a date do you think she’ll say yes?!’” Chris mocked. You held back a laugh, “Plus he keeps asking when you two are going to rehearse your fight scene.” Your trainer said. “That could mean anything.” You retorted. “Yes, him asking when he gets to rub up all on you means anything.” Chris teased, standing.

You stopped punching the bag turning to him, “Do you like him?” Chris asked. You didn’t give him an answer, and instantly a grin met his face, “Sebastian!” Chris called, earning a slap on his arm from you, but it was too late. Sebastian walked over, “Yeah?” He asked. You sighed as Chris pulled him away whispering something in his ear.

Sebastian immediately turned around to you, “Really?” He asked. A sigh escaped your lips as you met his serious gaze, “Sebastian-” you began, but he cut you off with a kiss, placing his hands on your cheeks. Immediately you heard cat calling making you both laugh and pull away, “So I guess we are going on that date tonight?” He asked, making you chuckle, “Of course.”

You know, between the highly popular “Stan’s attempts at flirting constantly attract cryptids” headcanon and theories about Bill there’s a lot of post-finale fic involving Ford protecting or rescuing Stan. Which I’m sure does happen, y’know. Stan stumbles into his fair share of trouble and when he does I’m sure Ford is quick to go after him.

But with a  617.19% distress quotient holy cow clearly we need more post-finale scenarios of Stan rescuing Ford. And now that I’ve brought it up I feel personally obligated to make a list or something.

Mystinct- A fanfic

“What do you mean, Candela? Blanche… a girl?”

“S-Spark? You were listening?” Candela muttered, turning around to face the third person in the meeting room. Behind her, Blanche had fallen silent. Spark was smiling but his eyes were searching, confused.

“You said it, right? You called… You called Blanche a girl.”



“Dude, are you seriously asking that? Blanche’s always been a- oh. Oooh. Damn it.”

Knowing she had screwed up big time, despite not understanding the problem or the implications, the leader for Valor cringed before withdrawing at a fast walk. She just paused to tell the uncomfortable Blanche that she would be at the shop if she needed her. Both leaders stared at the door she had disappeared through.

When she left, silence reclaimed the meeting room again.

Blanche tried to assure herself that she had done nothing wrong. And really, this was nothing but a big misunderstanding. One that Spark had started.

Though it might be her fault for just going along.

Oh man, she was supposed to be the representation of wisdom and logic but she had refused to see what this was all leading to. Candela might feel guilty now, but she was nothing but a detonator — this had been coming ever since it started.


Spark had finally turned to look at her. Blanche immediately cast her gaze down, unnerved by this unsmiling Spark.

“Let me get this straight. You, Blanche, are a girl, correct?”

Blanche nodded, her voice untrustworthy.

“And you… you- uh, Candela knew?”

Another nod, this time, she bit her lip, awkward at the way the other leader seemed unable to finish whatever he really wanted to ask.

“Who else?”


“Who else knew, Blanche?”

“…I- well, everyone.”

“Except me.”


“Holy fuck.”

At this, the dark-skinned leader flinched, fully expecting the blond to start yelling or waving his arms or… whatever Spark did when he got angry. Spark raised his arms to his hair, messing with it. “Holy fuck,” he repeated, meeting her eyes with surprise. “Blanche, what the fuck?”

“…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on. I got swept away by—“you”—by the circumstances and before I knew it… I never could seem to find the right time to- it took me far too long to realize you didn’t… know but-“Blanche, ever insightful and serene Blanche, stuttered out as she hugged herself. Not even minding or noticing Spark’s foul language — which she always chastised him on and had been the whole reason he did it. Alarm crossed Spark’s face for a moment. He opened his mouth… but Blanche beat him to it with another, “I’m really sorry.”

“But hang on, wait a minute, where the fuck are your boobs then?” The yellow-clothed leader exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger to a suddenly flabbergasted Blanche. He squinted seriously as if trying to see something in her torso that he had missed, effectively making the other leader blush and scowl and try to hide herself.

“Spark! How many times have I told you to not be so vulgar!”

“Never in this sort of circumstances. After all, I’m both the meme lord …and the gay king… Right?” Spark said, the fool smile on his face slipping into something more serious. “I had been boisterously loud with my orientation — some of my new recruits are struggling with these things, you see —, why me, Blanche?” He ended with that beg, voice quivering slightly and making Blanche feel a little like scum.

“I- May I be perfectly honest?”

“Hit me. I sorely need you to be upfront with me. Including the boobs.”

One slap to the nose later (logically thinking, so much as bumping your nose hurt, so slapping it would be more painful, but circumvented the risk of a broken nose), Blanche started, tucking a stray hair back into place.

“Well. I was aware of your reputation — I mean after all you included it in your introduction and your presentation cards when we met after being elected for team leaders. But, I was saying, I… I started harboring feelings for you and I got carried away by your advances. I thought that maybe… maybe I was different. That I… was interesting to you, despite me being… well, not a man.”

Spark’s face had frozen over as his mind ran the phrase ‘Oh man, oh crap, oh no,’ over and over again in his mind, there was no denying he had truly messed up and he was the only one at fault and he was a real idiot for not noticing —realizing, Blanche’s true gender.

“Wait, was that why you kept asking me if it was alright with me?”

“Well… yes.”

“Oh man, Blanche I’m so sorry for not noticing before.”

“It’s okay.” Mystic’s leader said with a sad smile. If she weren’t so emotionally drained she would have smacked him for even thinking she was anything but a woman. “At least it’s all out now. I don’t know how long I’d be able to stand not telling you.

“So, do you perhaps think we can at least remain friends?”

Spark paused, smile drooping (and inwardly making Blanche panic) as he stared at her in silence.

“Blanche, I- The time I’ve spent with you, the memories, everything…” Instinct’s leader started, thinking out loud, before he noticed how his words could be (and were being) misinterpreted and he hurriedly waved his hands in front of him, hastily adding, “Oh my god, calm down, I’m- uhhh, sorry I realized this must sound like I want to break contact with you- no, that’s not it. “ Their eyes met for a brief moment, wide and a little scared as they both waited for Spark’s next words.

“To be perfectly honest, I fell in love with a man named Blanche. Who was odd. Weird at times. Fulltime serious and part-time eccentric. A very clever scientist, a passionate researcher, a pokemon nerd and an absolute dork.” When Blanche lowered her gaze again, feeling inadequate, Spark found the courage to walk forward to grasp her cheeks with soft, tender hands and coaxed her into looking at him. “I loved every single aspect of you because it was you. As it turns out, I do not care what gender you are, female, male, it doesn’t matter. You’re Blanche and that’s what matters.”

“You’re not…you’re not mad?”

“Well… You’re still manlier than I’ll ever be. You even have that six-pack.”

“If you’re trying to assure me, let me tell you, you’re just confusing me.”


“And your observational skills are absolute crap.”

“Blanche!” Spark exclaimed, torn between scandalized and amused, not noticing how his breath ghosted over the other’s skin. She usually didn’t curse and smacked him whenever he did. He then flushed pink as a thought occurred him. He missed how the woman’s blush deepened as he pushed his face even closer in concentration. “You’re not mad at me? For thinking you were a man all along?”

“Uh…” Blanche said coherently, trying to come up with something. “To be honest, I’ve always been confused for a man ever since I was little so I’m used to it…”

At that point the tension broke as Blanche was suddenly thrown into Spark’s chest as he hugged her head, successfully suffocating her. Spark mock sobbed as he spouted, “I shall protect you from evil, no one gets to call my Blanche a guy except for myself!”

Blanche blushed down to the roots of her hair even as she mentally agreed with a vision of Candela that said that Spark was really an idiot.

Her idiot, apparently.


Spark then proceeded to put on his Heelies, telling a confused Blanche he was going out because he needed to wear his Heelies to escape his feelies.

Author’s notes

Hey guys, guess who decided to write some PokemonGo fanfics instead of playing the game? (I do play, do not be offended)

Just a couple things. This story belongs to me, Raining Sky Guy, you can find my profile in here. I’m posting it here since there’s no category for pokemon go (should there even be one omg) I was also inspired by this tumblr user’s art.

Also, I ship any combination involving those three leaders, and yes, I think Mystinct should be Blanche’s and Spark’s ship name.Last thing. At the start I had never doubted Blanche’s gender to be anything but a man. Turns out I was wrong haha, but since I still see Blanche as a man sometimes, and she’s androgynous  enough (and the debate still seems to be raging lol) I might make more stories with male!Blanche. Not canon, yes, but I think fanfiction rarely is.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot about the nonbinary headcannon, That one too is just as cool. I mean, you don’t get to see such an androgynous character on a regular basis, so it’s pretty cool too. But I don’t know how to write such a character anyone could give me a hand? What about pronouns? I don’t like the use of “they”, it’s just awkward grammar then.

invitation || a bonkai oneshot (bday special)

since i turn 24 tonight i give you and myself some much needed bonkai <3

(like rly short bonkai because school is awful but updates are coming when i’m done babes)

he had never really appreciated how tiny she was. a tiny, angry ball of magic. he always towered over her, at least a head or two, and that seemed fine when he was threatening her or teasing her, or generally annoying her. it was cute. 

but it was a different thing when, in the middle of their fighting, she pulled his shirt angrily and brought his head to her level. because that’s when he became aware of their height disparity and that it really, really worked for him. 

the way he had to tilt his head down, the way she had to raise her chin. it was like a prelude to something breathless and toxic. something maybe neither wanted, but desperately needed.  

she was staring up at him with so much fury, he could’ve sunk all his ships in those eyes. waves and waves of contempt. pretty intense stuff. he wondered if she ever looked at anyone else like that. he wondered if she knew that she looked at him like that.

“i told you not to come near me again.” 

“that’s my favorite shirt, bon.”

“shut up. shut your stupid mouth. you are the worst thing that ever happened to me and this town.” 

he wasn’t smirking, but his lips must have done something annoying. a little excited movement. 

she slapped him. hard, over the face. 

“i told you i’d melt your face off if i saw you again.”

kai felt the jolt of magic. her palm smashing into his jaw. a barbaric electric surge. 

he rubbed his cheek. “you know i can’t resist that kind of invitation.”

“it wasn’t an invitation, you bastard.”

 he shrugged. “walk away, then. let go of my shirt. and take a step back.”

bonnie fumed. “i don’t have to do anything. it’s you who’s supposed to -”

“supposed to care about your feelings and boundaries and let you heal?” he asked in a mock-sweet voice. “you must be mistaking me for that dracula grandpa you call friend.”

bonnie slapped him again. this time, his ears started ringing. he had bitten his tongue. 

“you really need to stop doing that.” 

“or what -?” she said, raising her palm.

he caught her wrist before she could hit him again. he pulled her to him. 

“or i’ll do something we’ll both regret.”

she laughed a cold laugh. “you mean hurt me more than you already have? i don’t think so, asshole. you can’t possibly do anything worse to me -”

he kissed her. 

she gave a startled, painful shriek but it was quickly muffled by his lips. he thought, for a moment, that all he’d do is swallow her screams. an enticing, but boring prospect. he expected violence. it was part of their dance. but he didn’t expect to have his lungs crushed. she was tiny, but she had strength. too much strength. when she pushed him up against the wall he almost couldn’t fight it.  

the shock came slowly, and then all at once. she was kissing him back, but more than that, she had him pinned up against the wall like some kind of twisted role-reversal. although, she had always paid him every hurt by hurting back more. her fingers were still bunched in his shirt, as if they were still fighting with words, only now there was also his tongue and her tongue involved in this retribution. she didn’t kiss with much grace, but his stomach dropped anyway, because her teeth scraped against his teeth, knocked his lips apart and sliced his mouth. and there were these strange flying things in his stomach - butterflies they were called - which rose to his throat and choked his breath as she swept his tongue into her mouth, marking him in some shameful way. because he’d never felt like this before, and he kind of resented the sudden nervous bobbing of his adam’s apple. she must’ve known. it really was revenge. 

it got worse when her fingers moved from his shirt to his stomach, the very place where insects were crawling with intensifying chaos. her hand skimmed under the hemline and touched his skin. 

he moaned into her mouth. she must’ve known. she traced one finger up and down his abs and he shivered. she started kissing the edge of his jaw, her lips scratching his stubble, doing weird things to his sense of control. 

when she planted the knife, he sighed with relief. deep in his entrails. the metal plunged in with a soft hiss. he felt a burning warmth somewhere below, below the tipping point. she twisted the knife in with satisfaction.

he held onto her waist as his knees gave in. the tiny creature towered over him. he imagined grabbing that pert little ass, twisting them around and pushing her against the wall, feel her legs around him. she was so small, she could wrap herself around him until he had all of her. 

but this was better. that would’ve been a cheap fantasy. 

this was romance.

bonnie panted. she smiled, vicious in victory. he was kneeling at her feet. “don’t come here again, unless you want round two.”

kai coughed a bit of blood. he smiled back. dammit, bon. you know i can’t resist that kind of invitation. 

Warped Echo

Derek Hale has been presumed dead, along with most of his family, since the Hale house fire nearly seven years ago. Stiles and Scott run into a glowing-eyed wolf out in the preserve… as though they don’t have enough on their plate in the aftermath of their sacrifices to the Nematon.

So this is going to be an experiment of sorts. I’ve decided to stick Derek, more or less, into Malia’s role starting toward the beginning of 3B. But, while the arc will be similar, there will be a lot of differences along the way, to accommodate the change in characters and the way I would handle the situations/their recovery. Not totally sure where I’ll end up going with it, honestly; it’s just been on my mind for the past few days so I thought I’d play.


All things considered, the lithe black wolf that launches itself down the stairs the second Stiles steps through the door shouldn’t be a surprise, really. They’ve been through enough impossible situations in the past ten months that the whole “wolves don’t live in California” thing being debunked by a snarling, furry squatter lurking in the burnt out shell of the old Hale house really shouldn’t rate at all.

It wouldn’t, except that it’s right in front of Stiles, still snarling like he’s invaded its territory, like it would like nothing better than to rip his throat out with its gleaming, drool covered teeth.

Scott’s there less than a second later, tugging Stiles behind him with a jerk that sends him stumbling back onto the porch. He’s all wolf too now (well, as wolf as he gets), ducking low to meet the other at eye level, and Stiles can see the edges of his ears going long from behind, hear the warning snarl in his breath.

And then the wolf’s eyes glow blue.

Stiles stumbles again because fuck. Ok, not a wolf.

They’ve never seen a werewolf do this before. Sure, Peter had gone all gross-wolf-beast back when he’d been an Alpha, and the creeper twins had pulled off some kind of bizarre Megawolf meld, but this… this is different. This looks exactly like the real deal, a person actually transformed into a wolf.

That’s kind of amazing.

Dude, it’s a…” he starts, voice high. Trails off because obviously, and because the were’s attention flits back to him, growls going loud again, the second he opens his mouth.

Scott puts one hand up, probably doing that alpha eye flashy thing he does, because a second later the wolf’s snarling melts into a whimper. Its ears go down and it shuffles back a step, belly to the ground, and Stiles feels a second of sharp relief – haha sucker, bow to the awesomeness that is Scott McCall – before it shakes off the Alpha zen compulsion or whatever, before its hackles go back up, whine bleeding into a bloodthirsty bark, before it’s launching itself straight at Scott.

And Scott’s an Alpha, yeah, but that thing’s a wolf. Body all muscle under its matted, dark fur, jaw full of snapping, flesh-rendering teeth.

Scott does the sane thing, and backs up. Stiles moves too, tripping down the porch steps.

The second their feet hit ground the wolf stops chasing. Its eyes gleam that bright, electric blue before flaring out to a kind of multihued hazel that scans over them with way too much intelligence on its wholly animal face. Like it’s measuring them up - Stiles’ racing heart and Scott’s still lifted hands - running risk assessments until it turns away with a dismissive chuff.

It disappears back into the house like it owns the place, leaving Stiles and Scott staring after.

“So, new werewolf,” Stiles offers, once he feels like his voice isn’t in danger of breaking embarrassingly.

As though they don’t have enough on their plate with the lingering aftermath of their sacrifices to the Nematon. Now there’s a new werewolf – emphasis on the wolf part – running through the preserve unchecked, shacking up in the Hale house like this is its territory, which, sorry dude, Beacon Hills is Scott’s territory, down to the last burnt-out wreck. He doesn’t even get why the thing would want to hang out here anyway; there have to be nicer burrows, caves, and old abandoned cabins that don’t smell like ash and death and look like they’re about to fall in on your head at the first strong breeze.

Whatever, bigger problems, right?

One look at Scott’s face, though, is enough to tell him his friend’s really not going to let this one go.

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A Mirrors One-shot: Watery Reflection

Inspired by @mistrel-fox who managed to be a plot bunny. Hope you all enjoy!

Stan has hated looking in the mirror for years- ever since the day he was thrown onto the curb like he was garbage. He’s done his best to avoid even seeing his own eyes when he was driving and checking the mirror for cars behind him.

And suddenly he finds himself looking into the mirror now.

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[The Long Overdue Nap Date]

[ ooc // I FINISHED IT OH MY GOD IT’S DONE it’s also completely safe for work, if anyone was worried. they are actually just sleeping, it wasn’t some innuendo. it topped out at 3.2k words so it took a while but it’s pretty… pretty long. praise be for chille tid though it practically doubled the wordcount. i’ve also got a pic i drew of it, but it isn’t quite finished yet – it’ll probs go up sometime tomorrow!! ]

[ OH RIGHT- if you haven’t been following this blog long, this is kind of an “epilogue” to the possession event. pearl has a slightly different appearance from regeneration (one aspect of which was unintentional – her teeth are sharp and she is upset) and honestly if i gave more backstory it’d get way too long so i guess uhhhh enjoy?? idk sobs;; ily ^^’ ]

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