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Letters to the people I have loved

1. We can look back and laugh at it all now. I knew it would never last, but I am grateful to have had what we had for so long.

2. You were the one. I still believe that. I think I always will. No one will ever make me feel the way I felt when I was in love with you. I will never feel the pain I felt when I lost you again, either. You killed me, and I still stayed around to watch the aftermath.

3. I never meant to fall for you. Maybe it was god punishing me for using you to get over him. Maybe that’s why it hurt so much when you kissed her.

4. You never loved me; I knew that. I still gave you everything anyway. The day I gave myself up to you I came home and cried more than I’ve ever cried in my life. I still went back for more. I cut open my skin with your words and I let you take everything I had and destroy it. If self destruction was a person I think he’d look like you. There still hasn’t been one night since where I’ve slept without seeing you whenever I close my eyes. You were the last; I’ll make sure of that.

Tendou, put it back. 

An old dumb/silly idea I had. I have a lot of them roaming around in my head and I was reminded of this one for some reason. I’d like to start going through my memory to get some of these older ideas drawn.

Daichi is gonna be so mad. 


Hi friends!

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who read/commented/liked my last post about Scotts accident. I really appreciate all of the love, and let scott know how much you all were thinking about him! He is doing better each day, and working on healing right now 😊

Yesterday was my birthday! And it was a good one! Adult birthdays are a lot less exciting since it still felt like a normal Monday at work haha! But after work I was able to get out for my annual birthday run! And it was a good one! It started raining right as i finished, so I timed it perfectly 😊

After my run I went out to dinner with a group of friends and it was a great time! So amazing to be surrounded by such a good group of people, I felt very loved and happy 💕

And once I got home I talked to scott on the phone and he had a good doctors appointment and looks like he may not need any surgery 🙌🏻

Finished my day snuggling with my babies and felt very happy! I’m excited to see what 27 has in store for me!

Things have been crazy since Scotts accident, but i should be back to regular updating now. Thanks for sticking around 😊

alright just since i feel like i’m gonna spontaneously combust if i don’t at least say one thing about the colours in this movie, at the beginning of the day at he end of the movie they show a mostly empty parking lot, and if you look you’ll notice

- a yellow car all by itself near the back

- a red car almost in the front

- a green car that drives in and parks slightly farther up than the red car

- and a black car that drives in last

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concept art for this neat’ol fanfic that I’ve been enjoying heavily by @introspectiveinquisitor. Was gonna draw izuku but since I’ve redrawn him about five times now I think I’ll settle for this. This was fun, looking at some refs and such to help me along lol. tried to make it look really deformed.

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Fenders. 14. (It had to be done, and if you don't write it, I'll have to.)

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”


Fenris finds Anders in the back room of his clinic. He’s sitting at the small desk he has there, shoulders hunched, clearly engrossed in his work. His coat is thrown across the bed, making him look smaller. Deceptively fragile.

Anders is so…He makes Fenris so…

He drives Fenris mad, has since day one. And Fenris had never stopped to consider what may have happened in his life to make him so vocal, so determined, so much of a pain in Fenris’ ass. It’s been a while since he refused to call him friend, though, even longer since he hated him. They share civil words now, teasing even, and glances behind Hawke’s back, fight side by side. Occasionally they find themselves tumbled together in the dark or against a wall, breathing heavy and hard, hands clutching and clothes disappearing. It’s…complicated, something Fenris dislikes examining too closely.

Anders had been so transparent about…everything, really. Or so it had seemed. Fenris hadn’t thought to ask for more. In his defense, they’d both barely learned to stop fighting each other.

No, he’d heard from Hawke who’d heard from Bethany who’d heard from a Grey Warden named Alistair who’d apparently known Anders at one time. He’d heard about the Ferelden Circle. About Anders’ time there. About solitary.

He regrets teasing him about the cats, now, the ones that make Fenris’ eyes water and his nose itch. Fenris understands loneliness. And pain. Fear, regret, and anger, so much anger.

Clearing his throat so as not to startle him, Fenris crosses the threshold into the room. Watches Anders’ shoulders tense then relax as he glances back at Fenris.

“Are we playing chess or cards today?” he asks. “I was just…working on something.” He shuffles some papers together, the tips of some fingers stained with ink. “I’m sure you wouldn’t be—”

It’s out before Fenris can stop himself. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He glowers after, annoyed with himself.

Anders blinks at him, face confused until realization dawns and it goes blank, hard. Fenris wonders if this is the face he wore in the Circle, all those times he tried to leave.

“I don’t want your pi—”

“Come,” he says, trying to pull him back. “Let us play. I’ll set up the board. You can tell me about the cat with the ridiculous name.”

Anders stares at him for a long moment, his eyes narrow. And then it passes, his jaw softening, his eyes slipping away, not meeting Fenris’ gaze. “It wasn’t ridiculous. It was perfect. Get it? Purrrrrfect.”

Fenris groans, which makes Anders chuckle. It’s enough for now.

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Sky sends a letter by messenger to Wolfsbane: "dear Wolfesbane, I hope this letter finds you in good health. I was hoping you might possess the ability to create painless clothing for two burn victims I'm currently nursing. If so, their measurements are on the back. Mail me a bill and I'll send the currency immediately, I could use the clothing as soon as possible!"

“Burn victims? Hmmm.” Wolfsbane frowned softly as she looked at the measurements. One set she reconized for Aldrik, but this otherone… either this poor person was near death or impossibly small, maybe both? Either way, she was on the case.

Her storewas closed for the next few days as she enchanted and sewed some loose clothing for the two. Aldrik’s came with a hood and some gloves since she knew how he liked keeping those areas covered. And rather than bill Sky the full amount, she gave the other a 50% discount and personal delivery. “Sky??? Sky let me in!”

I thought you were finally happy,“ He sighs.

She squats down in front of him and grabs his hands tightly, “Happiness isn’t a choice, but faking it for the ones you love is.”

She then smiled that same old smile she had been since day one, not even making an effort to look back while walking away, and that’s when he realized that she had been dead inside for a very, very long time.

—  E. Grin // on instagram
~Define Dancing~ InuKag WiP

“Dancing? You mean… like at a festival?”

Kagome’s world never ceased to confuse him. Even words that he thought he understood took on a whole new meaning every time he passed through the well. Now she was talking about ‘dancing’ as something people did for casual entertainment or exercise or as a hobby. Not even geisha danced that much.

“No, it’s nothing like that…” Kagome explained to him from her spot at her desk. They’d been making light conversation while she studied, or rather, put off studying. She still had an hour or so that night to work, but she’d already seen more math equations than should have been legal. Turning away from her textbook to face her inquisitive half-demon, Kagome said thoughtfully “It’s a different kind of dancing than people used to do. It’s a lot more… social.”

“Social?” He parroted back with a frown, hands hidden in his sleeves and shoulders hunching, “How is festival dancing not social?”

“Well… there’s dancing with someone, and then there’s dancing with someone. They’re different.”

“How so?” His interested tone was becoming slightly perturbed as he failed to grasp the concept.

Kagome hummed in thought, tapping her fingers on the desk as she tried to find an explanation he would understand. Words only seemed to complicate the matter… and then Kagome struck on an idea. Cheeks turning pink, she said hesitantly “Why don’t I just show you?”

The half-demon cocked his head in a puppy-like manner, and Kagome felt embarrassment melt into affection. Suddenly thrilled at the idea of showing him how to dance, Kagome leapt up from her chair and crossed the room towards him. He eyed her warily, protesting weakly as she took Tetsusaiga from his grasp and extracted his hands from his red sleeves, pulling him off her bed and onto the tatami.

Bashfulness set in again as she folded one hand over his and led the other hand to her waist. He made a quick move to retract it, but Kagome held firm. “You have to hold me while we dance, Inuyasha” she said in her most business-like tone, hoping he wouldn’t catch how fast her heart was beating, “We have to move together, and it’s easier to do that if we’re touching.”

“Wh-whatever” was his mumbled response as she lifted a hand to his shoulder. She couldn’t help pausing as she did so, noting just how much taller he was than her; her eyes stayed glued to the spot, afraid to look at him just yet as she instructed “I’ll lead for now – you just watch my feet and follow along. It’s pretty simple, once you get the hang of it.”

With a burst of courage she took a step back, pulling on his shoulder to make him follow as she began to count in time to their movements. “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3….”

*I planned on writing more but I’m kinda stuck right now however I just wanted to share since I posted related art earlier*

“Sort of forgot how awful it is to catch a cold in winter.”

Connor squeezed his eyes shut and suppressed a groan because this was not happening. Across the bar Michaela finished another embarrassing story about his pinning, to Oliver choked down laughter. It said a lot that Oliver hadn’t stopped grinning since he got here, but it said even more that Connor had been blushing crimson red. 

“Please make her stop,” Connor muttered miserably to Laurel, who had just came back inside with Wes on her heels. “I take back every nice thing I’ve ever said about her.”

“You’ve never said anything nice about her,” Wes pointed out, smiling a bit despite looking worried earlier. 

“Not the point.” Connor gritted out, eyes widening as Laurel smirked at him then joined into the story telling. Wes simply shook his head and continued looking on in amusement, while Oliver listened to the girls with rapt attention and a widening smile, occasionally throwing Connor fond looks that didn’t go unnoticed by the others. 

It took them two hours, several drinks -for Oliver-, and a lot of blushing -for Connor- before they made it into a cab and back home. 

On their way there, Oliver rested his head on Connor’s shoulder, lips brushing Connor’s neck occasionally, and declared that he liked Connor’s friends. He also admitted that he liked seeing a flustered Connor, which led the latter to decide that the night had been a good one after all.