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ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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**Please do not delete the text or self promote. Doing so will automatically disqualify you.**
Hey babes! Since I have recently reached my goal of 10k I have decided to do my first ever favourites page! I am so excited to see all your beautiful blogs!

•You mbf me, aka @vxrsity (I will be checking!)
•Do not delete the text or self promote, as I’ve said above.
•Reblog this post, likes count as bookmarking
•A follow from me, if I’m not already following you.
•A new friendship!
•I will queue from you frequently. Just ask me and I’ll queue from you!
•You will be featured on my favourites page. (currently under co.)
•Promos. Just ask me and I’ll be happy to promote your blog!
•You’ll gain followers!
•Talk to me , I’d love to get to know you!
•Have a similar style to me (indie, boho, minimalistic, etc.)
•Be active
•Banner was made by the lovely Haniah aka @rehticent // @bannersbyrehticent
•I will be choosing around 15 blogs to show off on my favourites page.
•There is no set end date to this, so I will be choosing when I am happy with the number of notes.

Please don’t let this flop because it is my first ever favourites and if it does lets just pretend nothing ever happened!

Happy reblogging!- Filipa xx


Im not gonna try to make this too pretty since its temporary till I reach my goal but I need help and Im praying yall are interested.

As the title says, I need a new mattress.

A friend of mine had gave me her old bed since I was going to be moving from the living room into my brothers old bed room since he moved out.

Its bigger and it was free. So I accepted. Since Ive been sleeping on it, Ive been in pain. My back and neck have been killing me and Im not sleeping well.

All I need is 3 full body commissions and I can afford the mattress I have my eye on.

So please, Im begging, help out by spreading this around. I also accept small donations. Anything just so I can not be in pain.

Here are my prices.

~~Prices~~ ☆★

♥ Sketch Doodle - 10$

♥ Chibi - 15$

♥ Head - 20$

♥ Half - 25$
 ♡ Add Another Person +5$

♥ Full Body - 40$
 ♡ Add Another Person +5$ (was 10$ but for this only its now 5$)

♥ Character Reference Sheet - 50$ to 80$

My paypal is and you must make sure its for friends and family. NOT for business.

For more of my art, click here to take you right to my art tag.

Please share this like wild fire. I honestly need the help since I have no other income and Ive never gotten a commission request from someone who wasn’t a friend of mine. Cant stress enough about this. Please and thank you for your time <3

Since I have reached my goal of followers a looong time ago and it’s almost twice as much I wanted to reach I decided to make a project on this blog. First and foremost, I can learn using some programs (in this case photoshop) and secondly, I manage to make new content which isn’t reactions, scenarios or anything that needs a request or way tooo many ideas.

So for my 1600+ follower, I decided to finally do the project I planned some time ago – the idea though was from an anon, which I thank too!

The project is a gif project which consist of my favourite moments in each Bangtan era. I will start from the debut obviously and work myself up to the newest era! I also will do the solo videos of each member – because evidently, they need love too and we should appreciate the work each of them put into these.

Sadly, Tumblr doesn’t let me upload seven at the same time, so I’ll have to split it up in hyung line and maknae line (+group). If you have a solution to this problem – please message me because I spent almost an hour waiting for it to upload without success.

The project will be found under the #HH Project (which should mean Hoseoks-Hoe Project)!

The updates will hopefully be regular but I don’t promise anything because my life is kind of full of not planned events.

As a side project, I will also accept “let me choose between A and B” request – which will be answered with gifs too!


194.4 today!!! I can’t believe I am down 51 pounds since the start of my journey on March 13, 2016. And 34 lbs since my gastric bypass surgery on August 8.

I only have 65 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight!

Since I stalled at 201 for two weeks I doubled my walking from 1.2-1.5 miles a day to 3 miles a day and that has greatly improved not only my weight loss journey, but my energy levels as well. I was already feeling so healthy, but now I feel even better, if that’s possible.

so it’s time for another follow forever since i reached my goal! thank u everyone who follows me nd thank u all wonderful friends who keep up with me ♡ im really bad at these so im gonna keep this short again nd just put my faves here lmao!!♡ ((im sorry for the bannergifthing nd also that these are in no order ;^;))

@sylvjeon ♡ @culmin ♡ @agustdthemixtape ♡ @sosjimin@teitotappa ♡ @teenage-sihlouettes  ♡ @sugaflowers ♡ @ssseokjin ♡

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BTS waking you up in the morning


Inspired (but not much alike I think^^) by Weekly Idols’ task to create a morning call. Why the hell did they cut Yoongi’s morning call do they want to fight me There’ll be another reaction tomorrow (Saturday Jan. 16th) since we reached my goal of 220 followers and I promised a 2nd reaction as a celebration~

Have fun with this one and let’s continue to support BTS~ :* :3

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Jin: *is already getting dressed* “Wake up, baby, it’s already past 10. Didn’t we want to go shopping today?”

Originally posted by dirtyvocalist-junhoe

Suga: *cutely bouncing up and down next to you* “Ya! Get up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up!!”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Rap Monster: *opens the curtains while rapping the first line of “Run”* “Wake up, baby girl! You are my only sun, one and only in the world…”

Originally posted by wreckitrapmon

J-Hope: *cuddles you awake* “Jagi, wake up, I’m so cold. Let’s get up and get dressed properly and have breakfast, okay~?”

Originally posted by marimebelle

Jimin: *you don’t need sunshine to wake up if you have Park Jimin seriously* “Jagi, wake up~ The morning has already come. Oppa wants to kiss you really badly, it’s been too long already~”

Originally posted by sugutie

V: *kisses you awake in a really adorable way* “[Dramatic sigh] _______-ah, wake up, it’s already morning and I’m so bored without you!”

Originally posted by viktoriya8

Jungkook: *is doing weird gymnastics next to you in bed* “_______-ah, wake up already!! I can’t lay still anymore. Let’s go jogging together!!” 

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Haya everybody! I am now looking for talented voice actors for my upcoming Kickstarter project “To Belong – Episode 1”. For those who are late to the party, yes, “To Belong” is on it´s way to become a 100% original, 2D animated web series (You can read more about it HERE!). Compared to my animators, composers and storyboard artists, I decided to have an open casting for my future voice actors.



  • The gig is not 100% guaranteed yet, since I cannot foretell if I will reach my Kickstarter budget goal or not. So if you get the job, be prepared that the project might be postponed!
  • Be mentally prepared for the fact that if you get the job, you will have to have video-chats with me through Skype.
  • You will be paid a fair salary for your work!
  • The deadline is SEPTEMBER 22th 2016! (all audition tapes sent in from now on will be considered “late”)



  • You must be over 18 years old!
  • You have access to a high quality microphone and software to record audio with! 
  • You have past experience as a voice actor; professional, personal or fan work.
  • You can speak fluent English, but all accents/dialects are accepted.
  • Your internet is reliable enough for Skype calls!



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So since I reached my birthday goal I decided to do a follow forever :) 

Also gif credit to unofficial5sos 


5sos-5ever​ // 5sexofcalumhood​ // 5sorgy​ // 5sosandketchup // 5sosbangme // 5soslore​ // 5sos-kitten​ // 5sos–official​ //  5sos-official // 5sospenises​ //  5sos-unoffical // 666muke


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i cant believe i finally have 1k followers!!!! im so happy and i made a lot of really good friends through this site i love you all so much so i decided to make a follow forever since i reached my goal. i want to thank all of you for actually following me because this blog is hopeless all i do is scream about louis and harry but anyway i dedicate this to all the friends ive made through this site, i love you :)

credits to romina ( @harolou ) for this amazing edit!!

Special Mentions:

@punsarecool - mariaaa, my ride or die, my number 1, i can tell you anything bc we’re besties obvi i love that we can talk about anything and we understand each other, we know so much about each other it’s pretty disgusting actually, you’re the light of my life and even though we dont agree on otps i still love you (you guys should follow she’s great 10/10 would recommend)

@nineteeneightiesniall - eliava you’re such a nice person to talk to and you’re one of the first people i talked to on this site. im so glad im able to talk to people like you because you’re really nice and a really good friend with good taste in music, have fun in camp!!

@domeafavourharry - hannah!!!! you’re hilarious and i love screaming about larry with you, you’re such a nice person and i know we dont talk much now but i do enjoy the times that we are able to talk, thank you for taking the time to talk to me btw ily


The Ass Family: @gucciadidas @peachmochis @invinciblelarry where to begin…you guys are the first groupchat i joined that is still going strong. it’s also our first year anniversary!! i know i can talk to you guys about anything and i know its mutual bc we’ve discussed it (im sorry i had to) anyway i love you guys sosososo much you’re like family to me (hence the name) and i dont know what i would’ve done in tough situations without you guys honestly i really do love you and i hope we get to meet each other soon :)

HARRY-BO (etc): @dropdeadhood @littlebabylarrie @pastelinson @emojikinglouis @larriekisses @dotingbfs @daggerhowlter @sunshinebfs @radmurai @eyeshadowkink @harolou @goldennouie we always have so much fun suffering™ and yelling about louis and harry and im glad that im in this groupchat because it feels like im part of a big family, i love you guys so much

Haz Loves Lou: @haroldxlouis @shadylarrie @dorkynightowl @enchilarrie @larrysaurus @colethania this is a pretty new chat but it doesnt mean that i love you guys any less, this is a pretty chill chat though and we talk about the drama™ that goes on in this fandom 

#NoIMessage™: @desloveshazza @applelou @tiniestsunshine @sawr-it-in-your-eyes @adidasslarry @ificouldflihome @walkinginthewincl @dxmn-lourry @cxrly-hxrry @believeinloveex this is the newest chat i joined and so far you guys are amazing and we share larry pictures and moments and just scream about that and i hope to get to know you all better soon

My Amazing Mutuals (if you’re in bold that means i like you a lot) :


@aceficlouis @aceniall @actualniallhorantrash @adidasslarry @ainelen7 @allthelarrylovex @applelou @arabibi @arolarrie @babyboyfriends @bakersaurusrex @bakingintheam @bambipayne @believeinloveex @blushinglwt @bohemiancatastrophywife @bookstoreau @braidsharrie @brightstarlou @buckylarry @buckytomlinsonau @carpool-larry @coldlarrie @colethania @commotionallbecauseofme @compassxship @cxrly-hxrry @daggerhowlter @darkharrie @darklarries @dasyourfookinjobyoufookinloser @deadasszarrie @deadcastaway @desloveshazza @desperatelyinlovewithyous @doggirl2626 @domeafavourharry @dorkynightowl @dotingbfs @dropdeadhood @dxmn-lourry


@emojikinglouis @enchilarrie @endofdaysuniverse @everclearluke @extremeharry @eyeshadowkink @fckinglousers @feministlarrie @fightslourry @foolsharold @fuckituplou @goldennouie @gspotlarry @gucciadidas @happily-haleyy @happylarryuniverse @harolou @harryhasahuge @hazzabootrash @heartbreaklou @herolarry @hescurly @highheelsharry @holographiclarry @homeisharry @homelous @ificouldflihome @illegallylesbianing @invinciblelarry @itslovestylinson 


@kinglouisandharry @kingsoflarry @kinkykale @kittemily @larriekisses @larriez @larry-the-ultimate-otp @larryf—ingstylinson @larrysaurus @larryslittlespoon @larrystylinsonbullshitlover @laughing-pandasaur @legendharry @lgbtlou @lilyshazza @littlebabylarrie @littlesmolou @littlestarlou @livealittle91 @louis-tommouk @louisandmarshmallows @louisbaeb @louisgirlire @louishasasss @louislittletummy @louisthekittycat @louisthelad @louistinydancer @louistomlinhoes @louistomlinus @louistoocute @louizs @loumighty @lovingasassytomlinson @lwttrash @malfoyvirgin @marshmallowharrie @mitamhalo @myhedgehoglou 


@niallhoee @niallsthickneck @nineteeneightiesniall @oddpopcake @oops-meet-hi @opinionatedbish @pastelinson @paynoschonce @peachmochis @peachypetalhazz @peachyzourry @perfectinfinityharry @petalharrie @peterpansexuallarrie @pinkrihanna @planet-badlands @plumlarry @pocketfuloflouis @punsarecool @queerlies @queerloueh @radmurai @rainbowbears @redbulling @relaxlouis @romanianseb @rosepinklou @roses-and-daggars @rosetattedlovrr @ruby1druby @sailorblahblah @sailorkink @sawr-it-in-your-eyes @seabluelou @servinglarryrealness @shadylarrie @shesnotafraidofficial @shipcompasslarry @shybrighteyes @since-he-was-eighteen @sirius17black @skyfullofst4rs @smallandtol @smolbbylouis @smollestlouie @softlarry @softndaintylou @softsmilelou @starrystyls @strxwberrymilkfic @styleitlikestyles @stylestomlinsin @stylincutiepie @sunshinebfs 


@tall-and-small @thelarryalmighty @therealroyalcouple @thotful-gal @tiniestsunshine @tinycosmo @tinyloutallhaz @todaywe-are-infinite @toinfinityandharry @tomlinstwist @tommomelon @tommotoy @trampstamplewis @truly-madly-deeply-larry @trulymadlyqueerly @voulezlou @walkinginthewincl @whatevergeorgiee @wildelarry @winenight @wiselouis @yes-ofcoursealways @yesofcoursealways @youareanacquiredtaste @yoyonialler-almighty @ysllourry @zemonade @ziamswhoreo @zolot4 @zouispolaroids

♡ second follow spree ♡

since i reached my goal i thought it would be fun to follow some of u, just like the last time i did (last time i followed 200 blogs)

so like/reblog this is you post at least about one of these (and follow me):

  1.   bts ♡ ♡ ♡ 
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  4.   bigbang  ♡ ♡ ♡ 
  5.   seventeen  ♡ ♡ ♡ 
  6.   ikon ♡ ♡ ♡ 
  7.   astro ♡ ♡ ♡

+ pastel would be nice as well! 

Hello!!! Thought I do a follow forever since I reached my personal goal within a year span (3 months since 1k WOW… actually should be 4 now heehee...) A big fat shout out to all my followers who have been following me faithfully whether it for my art or my reblogs/posts. Thanks for putting up with my many interests (*´∀`*)…. I’m still debating whether I want to do a art giveaway so… look forward to that soon haha (*´_ゝ`) (no promises tho haha…  ).

Without further ado, I present my lovely mutuals:


@acehinata | @ajisaidoori | @akiiterus | @alastros | @antivan-booty | @augurous | @b0kutokeiji | @becschi | @bokunodazo | @bokuto | @boku-to-akaashi | @choromtasu | @cosmostooru | @diggersimon | @donutghost | @edgew0rths | @enasalen | @feitin | @finalmix | @fujinumaa 


@godiolus | @gogozeppelii | @g-yro | @hantrovert | @hinjaku | @hyuuugas | @itwaswrydio | @jaiybo | @jo1yne | @jortmatsu | @jousvke | @kageyamaisnotmean | @kageyamashigeo | @kageyamms | @kannoru | @karmameister | @karss | @kazamajpg | @k-eij | @keijii-san | @keyoca | @kkaru | @klilua | @kojiiro | @kotaroe | @kotots | @kyozumii | @lady-elise | @lucinaa


@m6ndo | @marik | @mekhu | @mer-uem | @misautorain | @mr-naruhodou | @mukami | @naruhkami | @nimnime | @nippleless-swimmers | @noizu | @noyanishi | @ohcrab | @peaa | @popipoyan | @pr0mpto | @prince-of-haru | @pyr0prince | @queerundertaker | @rebuildworu | @rohantrash 


@saikata | @sekai-uke-banana | @setsukocchi | @shalnarrk | @shamblz | @shiney-wild-zoid-arms | @shiramahazama | @shirazhu | @snailmoms | @sovereign-owl | @steverogerific | @sugahwara | @supiamaperson | @super-chargerheaven | @tadaashii | @tinykuroko | @toasterfucker69 | @toubiou | @transparently-clear |  @tvvelves | @undertaker | @unstolen | @uru-sai | @usagisu | @xyphers | @yaoi-sensei | @yeaheger | @yovva | @zantetsvkens | @zetsukoshi | @zoobertosis

Again, thank you all so much for making 2016 a wonderful year so far and lastly thank you for following me all this time. I love you all!!

Your favorite bara,

☆ Hope ☆

+ follow spree +

hello! since I recently reached my goal, I wanted to have a follow spree because I don’t nearly follow as many people as I should. this is also to give other undiscovered blogs a chance! if you post any of the following:

• seventeen

especially junhui

• speed

• speed

• and speed

I mean it, absolutely anything about speed, I need more of these children on my dash

• sr15b/smrookies

• topp dogg

• myname

• jjcc

• beast

• monsta x

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…please like/reblog so that I can check your blog out!

So since i recently reached my goal i decided to make my own (character) fandom family page, and all of you guys can join, there are just some things you have to follow:

must be following me.
reblog/like this post. “ help me spread the word :’) ”
send me which character you want to be                                                     please make sure that i follow the fandom you chose, you can check out what fandoms i like here.                                                                                           you can check out the page here

i guess i’ll just be reblogging this a million times so many people could join, anyways enjoy loves ♥︎

Attention Band Blog’s!

So since i reached my next follower goal, i thought i would celebrate! Plus i really need more band blog’s on my dash (and a tad of my fav shows). If you Reblog or Like (Favs in bold):

  • Fall out boy 
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • My Chemical Romance
  • All Time Low
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Faking it
  • American Horror Story
  • The Waling Dead
  • 2 Broke Girls
  • Tattoos

i will check everyone out!! Thanks 

follow forever :)

hey guys! i’ve never done one of these before, but since i’ve reached my follow goal last night i think it’s time that i do one. thank you all so much for filling my dash with amazing gifs, videos, fan art, and memes. i appreciate you all very much. and wow so many of you i consider friends????? wowie okay here it goes. brace yourselves because there are 650+ names here.


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this honestly took me 20 years to do, not gonna lie.

1000 posts achievement and a year anniversary on tumblr

Pretty happy that I made 1000 posts. It means I do draw a lot of things this year. I guess 40% are my drawing, which means I approximately finish more than one work per day. I guess I improve a lot.

Actually I planned to reach my goal next week since that is the day I made the first post (which is complaining about narutopedia users changed information on Narutopedia ), but I achieved it today.

Thank you my followers ^_^