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About Executive Dysfunction; for neurotypical people

Friends, family members and loved ones of learning disabled and mentally ill people need to have a working knowledge of what Executive Dysfunction is, and respect the fact that it is a prominent feature of that person’s psychology and life.

Executive Dysfunction is best known as a symptom of autism and ADHD, but it also features in depression, anxiety disorders schizophrenia, OCD (which by the way is also an anxiety disorder), personality disorders; etc, a whole myriad of mental illnesses and disabilities can result in executive dysfunction.

(fact: I have personally known people diagnosed with each ofthe above mentioned disabilities. let me tell yea having mental disabilities in aneurotypical world turns your life upside down and we often feel suffocatedand trapped by it with no way out)

Years ago when I was like 14 and had recently learned of my autism diagnosis, I watched a youtube interview between autistic people, and an autistic woman said something along these lines, “Sometimes, a lightbulb will burn out, but I cannot change it. I have the physical capability to change the lightbulb, and I want to change the lightbulb, and I know I need to do it, but because of my autism I just don’t do it. So the lightbulb remains unchanged for weeks. Sometimes people have to change the lightbulb for me.”

When she said that I related so much, because constantly throughout my whole life I have wanted and needed to do things with my wanting and needing being akin to my spurring an extremely stubborn horse who refuses to move. For the first time I learned that I wasn’t just “lazy”, I had a condition that prevented me from doing things as easily as other people can, but unfortunately it took me years since then to understand that.

Actually, I like the horse analogy. Imagine that you are a horserider, but your horse is entirely unwilling to move even if you want to move. You dig in your heels, you raise the reins, but the horse refuses to respond. Your wants and needs are the rider, and your executive functions (the parts of your mind responsible for getting things done) are the horse.

I think it’s incredibly dangerous for neurotypical loved ones to not understand, or be aware of, or respect executive dysfunction. Neurotypical can assume that we are just being lazy, careless, selfish or difficult, when in reality we want to do the thing but our brains prevent us from consistently and reliably doing the thing.

That misinterpretation can lead to toxic behavior and resentment on the part of the loved one, which will harm us emotionally and do us a lot of damage gradually over time.

That damage can take the form of internal self-criticism, complicating executive dysfunction even further and making it worse.

“All bets are off”

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Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Ship: Thomas x Reader / Reader x OC 

I am not a native speaker so I had three wonderful people that helped me to get over my grammar troubles. Lots of love for @thebakerstreetdragon, @emilysisavath and @sarcastiphonix <3 

If you like the story, please let me know! I try to upload at least every week.

The Prologue 

I’ve always had a fascination for horses, ever since I can remember.  When I was a child, my mum used to take me to the racecourses.  She didn’t bet. I can’t recall a time when she had ever wanted to place her hard earned money in the hands of untrustworthy men.

Maybe it had something to do with my father— by which I mean it had everything to do with my father.  He had been a gambling man causing bills to run high with his card games.  Let’s just say, he never had a winning hand. I was only six years old when he was shot.

I don’t really understand why my mum took me to the racecourses following his death.  Perhaps she had wanted me to see how easily you could lose yourself in the wrong place.
Or maybe it was to see how all the people sold their soul, caught in the sweet seduction of winning just once in their life. I guess she just wanted me to stop seeing my father as a naive dreamer.

I could never wrap my head around the greed imbedded in the racing industry. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s the only motivation people have to encourage them to chase their dreams. However, how people managed to lose their composure because of it had remained a mystery to me. It wasn’t until the day I slipped into the business myself that it would never let me go again.
The people I’ve met, everything they’ve been through                                     and everything they’ve lost- 

a disrupted family, driven by both greed and unmistakable pride.  Their leader always recognizing that family was his greatest strength.  And even he had to pay for it. Because everything has a price. Call it karma, call it fate; it’s just a fact. I paid my price for falling in love with one of them.

And I would still do everything again.

Sometimes I think that my mum had always known I was going to be a jockey someday.  Maybe she just saw my father in me. Sometimes, I still see him in myself too. She always wanted me to know that the courses were a dangerous place, filled with a lot of horrible people.                                                        Cards were not all people played with here.

It always broke my heart how the horses suffered, so I usually snuck off to the stables after the races. Sometimes I just talked to the horses until I heard the loud commotion of the jockeys and stableboys coming back. There were times I even considered opening their boxes so they could run free. Somedays it is still a tempting thing to do.
It’s important to acknowledge that I didn’t coincidentally become a jockey, the career path began with the death of my aunt who had owned a little farm near Worcester. I was 12 at that time. My mother successfully sold my aunts small home with the profit being enough for my mum to decide to buy me a horse. I wanted her to save the money, but she looked me in the eye and firmly told me that she after experiencing how fast things could change, she didn’t want to regret anything anymore. I believe she lived by that motto until the last days of her life.
I fell in love with a black stallion which had been hurt at the races and was on the way to the firing squad. My mum made the offer before they could shoot the lame beast. His name was Deegan, a black thoroughbred with glistening blue eyes as mystifying as the ocean in a darkened light.

There was a definite bond from the beginning which lasted right through until the end.  We trained Deegan to strengthen his muscles on his hurt leg. Our aim was to heal his leg, so he could run free like he did in his younger days. I had known that it wouldn’t be quite the same, but hope, with it’s bizarre nature, spurred us both on.

I landed a job at the stables during the war, helping the horses recover from their injuries and preparing them for service. Despite the hurt it brought me to see the injured animals, it was a constant reminder of the necessity of sacrifice.  We needed the money desperately and it was a safe job for the time.
A lot of men who had been jockeys during the war fell at Loos, Arras, Somme and the like, the gunfire sparing no man. This led to me finding myself at the racecourse again, age twenty, riding amongst male jockeys as an equal whilst making money for the business
I could never really make long lasting friendships with anyone there, due to the continual switching of hands between trainers of both horses and shares in the various companies dominating the area.
Although I was often lonely I never really wanted to get in touch with the only constant residents, the Peaky Blinders. I worked at the courses, of course I knew about the bastards and understood the power they held and I felt that they had their hands in things nobody saw and there dealings were not something I wanted to see. 

Besides, it was an unspoken rule that you should never get in touch with them. They’d get in touch with you if they had the desire to. Whether you liked it or not.

One Year | A Gaston Story (Chapter Twelve)

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One Year | A Gaston Story

Gaston (Luke Evans) X OC

Summary: Gaston made all the wrong choices in life, and when a dramatic fall from the Beast’s castle leaves him wounded and near-death, he thinks it’s the end of his time. Suddenly, an old beggar woman appears at his side and heals him back to his normal self but gives him one year, and only one year, to find true love before his time on earth and the town’s memories of him come to an end.

Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

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The darkness of the evening rolled into the early morning sunrise, as certain as the tides, while its halo of rays eased underneath the hanging scarlet curtain in Gaston’s room. Desperate for a few more hours of blackness, Gaston craved more time to prepare, to mull over this thoughts and disquietude as his departure from Villeneuve was now just hours away. It was a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach as he considered the possibilities of the trip; When he and Anne returned to Villeneuve in the final days of June, the curse would either be broken or he would be awaiting his death. If he and Anne failed to fall in love with one another, everything would be forgotten: The people they met along their journey wouldn’t remember him, the tavern would disappear altogether, LeFou would never have heard the name Gaston, and Anne would continue with her life as though nothing happened. He desired a brighter outcome, but these consequences were still a strong possibility, particularly because every time Gaston opened himself up to Anne, something interrupted their intimacy: his temper, the townspeople, the curse. What if that happened on their journey?

Unable to cope with his pessimistic thoughts, Gaston rolled out of bed and wandered down to the stables behind the tavern. The deep golden hue of straw and the scent of multiple horses propelled Gaston back to his childhood when he would assist his father with cleaning the stables. Shaking his head at the thought, he attempted to distract himself and advanced into the stables with his mind set on the upcoming departure time. To his surprise, as he approached his jet-black thoroughbred, Gaston noticed LeFou saddling the horse to prepare him for the journey. LeFou’s eyes were downcast, his features settled in a vacant yet dejected expression, as he ran an oval-shaped brush through the horse’s dark mane.

“Good morning, LeFou,” Gaston announced, causing LeFou to jump at his voice.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. Good morning,” LeFou spoke kindly with a smile, yet his eyes were dimmed with sadness.

It was quite unusual for LeFou, a normally optimistic and vibrant individual, to speak with such sorrow that it concerned Gaston. Since Anne entered his life, he began to respect his friends’ feelings, something he hadn’t considered since the days prior to the war, and he couldn’t help but wonder if LeFou’s drastic change in behavior was on account of their approaching farewell.

“Are you alright?” Gaston spoke tensely; It was still uncomfortable for him to display concern.

LeFou recognized this, and he couldn’t help but stare with widened eyes at his best friend. Gaston never asked him how he was feeling, not in recent years anyway, and the apparent worry he was now expressing caused LeFou to communicate honestly without regret.

“I’ve been thinking about…the curse.” It pained LeFou to even mention Gaston’s fate. “And I can’t help but think…well if things don’t work out, not that I don’t think they will,” he normally bolstered Gaston, it was odd for him to elaborate on a negative outcome, “But what if it doesn’t?”

“Then, that’s it…for me,” Gaston spoke to the ground.

They fell to silence, neither confident of how to initiate a response, as LeFou tapped the horse’s saddle rhythmically with his pointer finger and attempted to find his words.

“Right. I don’t want to be negative, but it’s eating at me. I can’t imagine…” He struggled to finish his sentence as his voice cracked with heartache. “I can’t imagine you not being here. I’ve tried since you mentioned that curse, but I can’t fathom waking up and not coming here to the tavern, not being around you…”

“If I can’t love her, maybe it’s for the best.”

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TW: Mentions of Attempted Rape

Morgan was going down tonight and although I wouldn’t be witness to it, I’d have the pleasure of knowing what was going to happen.

No one liked Morgan… well that’s a lie. Lots of people liked her. I did not. Neither did my friends. She was a waste of space and nothing special. Except for the fact she wanted to suck off Satan.

She was a witch.

It wasn’t like I saw her wearing a pentagram or chanting in tongues. But how else did she get everyone to like her? She was so boring. She was nice to literally everyone, even the shitty algebra teacher. She had all these friends, and no one had anything bad to say about her. Even when she ‘forgot’ to do an assignment, her teacher excused her and gave her another day.

Fat chance they’d ever do that for me.

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Ella was in such a great mood today, she had so much energy and all she wanted to do was play.
So we did a lot of at liberty work! I even got her to rear on command.
This is probably the most fun I’ve had working with this horse since I’ve got her!! It was a great time and reminded me exactly why I fell in love with working with Horses!

rip me


This imagine is super different to any imagine I’ve written. It’s inspired by an old movie that really had this idea going through my head. bet you can’t guess what the movie was.

Comment and Reblog if you know what movie this is inspired by.

There he was. As perfect and prideful as I remembered. As majestic as a horse could get. Hind legs positioned in a stance that radiated with a sense of dignity too great for me to forget. 

He may be just a horse, but I grew up with this horse, and I remembered teaching it pride, riding around together with a self-confidence as high as the sun. 

It had been years since I actually stood on front of him, so long, that i hadn’t even remembered who the beauty was until my father announced who it was. The little pest had nipped at my hair while I was caught off guard, causing me to whip around and release an incoherent string of profanities at him.

It wasn’t until my father spoke up, beginning with a laugh, and said - quote ‘Have you softened to the city that much to the point you don’t even remember your own horse?’

It was then that realisation dawned on me that the ‘pest’ from which had almost teared a lock of my hair from my scalp, was in fact Jigsaw, my childhood horse. He may not look like he did 3 years ago, but then again, neither did I. He was still the same ol’ Jig, just older.

 From there it was a spiral of emotion. Jumping the short wooden gate to get to him was a breeze, and it was an instant reunion.

Hugs and affection was passed between the two while my dad announced that he would just meet me at mamaw’s, and let me have some alone time with my horse - try to prepare myself for the coming event’s. He knew sooner or later I was gonna run into Justin, and he knew how nervous I was to do it.

It had been 3 years since I left without a word. Things where going so well between us and I just know he hates me for disappearing like I did. I can’t face him. I’m not ready. And the saddest part is that I still love him.

The dirty tractor my father drove rumbled into the distance until all that was heard was the wind, the cicada’s and the occasional gruff from Jig. My hands ran through his beautiful fur, remembering the mixture of white and brown throughout his body. 

That’s how I got the name Jigsaw - because he was a white horse with a variety of large caramel spots scattered around his fur. As a child, I thought he was incomplete. That maybe, I had to find the missing pieces to his fur, and put him back together. That It was all just one big Jigsaw puzzle I would complete along the way.

But of course that changed, not only because I grew older and realised that he was like that from genetics, but also because I moved, and almost completely forgot about him. My best friend.

“Hey Jig.” I whispered into his ear once I was settled comfortable onto his back. “It’s been a while ain’t it?”

My hands grazed his mane, fingers gliding through the soft fur, he had obviously just been washed and brushed. Probably by mamaw. Once feeling comfortable in a spot, I gripped a hold of his hair tightly enough so that i would stay on, but loose enough that Jig was comfortable and not in pain.

“Lets see what you still got.” I mumbled, kicking my leg into his belly. 

But it hadn’t occurred to me that maybe it had been a while since Jig had been rode as well as me not riding a horse. So without warning, Jig took off at a pace too fast for me to process, and I had been knocked right off his back into the meadows below, watching in worry as he continued accelerating.

I quickly scrambled to my feet, watching as Jig excelled into the distance. “JIGSAW!” 

But it was no use, he was already running wild. 

But as fast as Jigsaw had taken off, was as fast as everything happened. A sudden brush of wind swept past my body, brushing my hair around like crazy, the familiar trotting of a horse’s hooves glowering in the air.

My eyes widened as I spotted a beautiful chocolate brown horse, accompanied with two slightly blurry figures on it’s back chasing after Jig. A lasso in the arms of one person who was balancing on the horse had relief flushing over me, especially when they started swinging the rope in the air.

Once the people were a fair proximity between Jig and there won horse, the lasso was tossed around Jig’s neck and yanked backwards, causing not only Jig, but the brown horse to slow to a stop.

I watched in awe as the scene in front of me played out. It all happened so fast, and before I knew it, Jig was standing in front of me, along with the brown horse and what seemed to be a man and a woman. The woman with her hands crossed over her chest looking at me, the man removing the lasso off Jigsaw’s neck with his back facing me.

“Uh-…Thank you for that.” I blushed in embarrassment at the thought of these two seeing how rusty my horse riding skills where, but still thankful for the help and kindness they had shown.

In that moment the boy swung around to face me, and my face dropped in amazement. 

Wow. Is it even normal to be that handsome? 

His eyes where so perfectly sculpted that you could honestly mistaken his hazel orbs for honey. his hair - a bright blonde, slicked clean over one side of his face and pair of rose shaped lips. He was a lot younger then I would of thought from a distance.

He sported a nice pair of overalls, slightly dirty and worn but nonetheless adorable. Only one side was buckled but underneath was a baggy white top to hide his probably perfectly sculpted chest - judging by his muscley and inked arms. And last but not least, a nice pair of timbs to complete the outfit, more then likely new from the little to no dirt present.

“Just doin’ our job ma’am.” He spoke in a slight country accent, but nothing too heavy. The wemon suddenly perked up, whipping a lock of wavy, luscious brunette hair over her shoulder. “But I’d like to know what you were doing touchin’ the horse. This is private property. We should call the police for trespassin’ and attempted theft.”

“Theft!?” My eyes widened.

“Yup.” The guy replied. “For trying to steal the horse.” The girl added as if I was dumb and hadn’t figured it out already.

I scoffed at the wemon, a smirk replacing my shaken expression. “You can’t steal something that already belongs to you.”

“Belongs to you?” The boy questioned, raising his eyebrows. A defined few lines of worry formed on his forehead from his lift in face, but it was almost in amusement. “This horse belongs to one person, and she don’t live here no more.”

“Yep, but she is visiting.” I smiled extending a hand. “Hi, I’m Y/N L/N, owner of ol’ Jigsaw here. You must be two of my mamaw’s farms men.”

The boy looked over at me in shock, eyes nearly bulging out of his there sockets. “Y/N?!”

“Yes?” I asked in confusion. “Do I know you?”

“Y/N I-It’s me! Justin? Justin Bieber.” The boy exclaimed.

Justin?! No! It can’t be…He looks - so…wow. Three years can really do a lot to a person, and boy did those years treat him well. Last time I saw him he had just cut his hair into a quiff, out of signature bowl cut. Little to no tattoo’s and a high pitched voice.

Now….His hair was blonde and wavy, many tattoo’s supported his arms and skin, and his voice…that was the best part. Deep and raspy.

“Justin?” I whispered. I hadn’t even realised my eyes had dosed over with tears, shocking me slightly. 

I made quick to wipe the tears away before staring back at the boy in shock. He stood silent with an expression as if he was expecting me to say something, it almost looked hopeful in a way, but that expression quickly died once I cleared my throat and snapped out of my thoughts, stalking towards Jig once again.

“Uh…Thanks for roping Jig for me. Guess its been a while since I’ve ridden.” I chuckled nervously, settling myself back onto Jigs back, this time taking a slow and steady approach.

My eyes darted over to the girl standing beside Justin, she didn’t seem familiar, at least I didn’t think she did, but the death glare she was currently throwing me was definitely intimidating me enough to leave ASAP.

“Well I-uh…guess I’ll see you at my mamaw’s then.” And with that, I was riding away down the paddock of my grandmother’s farm, towards the farm house.


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Next up, Filly!

PILLY: Filly! How are you holding up so far in the house?

FILLY: It’s very pretty, I must say! But I do miss going to my horse even though we’ve only been parted for two days… Do you have any animals at home?

PILLY: I grew up with different reptiles since my mother is a real animal lover, but we’ve never had any other pets than turtles and salamanders :(

FILLY: Well, if I’ll make it further into the race, I’d love to stable my horse, Mystique, here so you could meet her! I’m sure you two will get along great :)

Chapter Two: The Kingsroad

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It had been about a month since we had arrived in Winterfell and a few weeks since Bran had fallen from the tower. He hadn’t woken up yet and I prayed everyday for him and his family.

Robb and I had been taking walks everyday, sometimes switching it up and riding our horses. We got more and more comfortable with each other everyday.

I also had been visiting Bran everyday, reading some of my favorite books to him. I figured that since this was my family now, I should act like it. I had learned to love each and every one of them. Arya and I would do archery in the courtyard and Sansa and I would talk over our needlework. And little Rickon would read with me when we had spare time.

Meanwhile, my actual family was acting strange. My father would disappear with Lord Stark while my mother and Uncle Jaime would whisper to themselves, glancing around with alarmed eyes.

Robb and I had just gotten back from our morning ride and he had offered to put away our horses as I was running late for breakfast with my family. It was to be our last breakfast together for awhile as they were departing for Kings Landing today.

I saw that I wasn’t the only one to be running late for breakfast when I saw Joffrey and my Uncle Tyrion arguing up ahead.

“… it is what is expected of you. And your absence has already been noted,” my uncle told Joffrey. They must be talking about Bran. Joffrey hadn’t gone to see Bran or offer his condolences to Lord and Lady Stark.

“Well why would I?” Joffrey retorted. “The boy means nothing to me, and I can’t stand the wailing of women.”

It was then that my Uncle slapped Joffrey across the face. I stopped short and watched as Joffrey threatened to tell out mother, but Tyrion only slapped him again. It was at this point that I giggled at my brother’s shocked and slightly alarmed face. It was at this point that they both noticed me.

“Now, here is a prime example of royal behavior,” Uncle Tyrion said as he gestured to me. “Leina has gone practically everyday to visit Bran, why can’t you be more like her!?”

Now this was not the smartest thing that Tyrion has ever said. Joffrey might be a coward, but he really didn’t like me. And comparing the two of us, saying that I am the better sibling, wasn’t gonna go well.

Joffrey seemed like he was going to charge at me, taking two giant steps towards me as I took two rushed steps back, bumping into a hard chest. I tilted my head upwards and saw Robb standing there. He grabbed my upper arms soothingly and I saw Joffrey stop short. He grunted and rushed back to the castle.

“Are you alright?” Robb asked me quietly.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I answered and after a short pause I said, “Breakfast is going to be interesting.”

“Do you want to have breakfast with me and my siblings instead?”

“Oh no, I couldn’t,” I said and I kissed his cheek. “I will be just fine, but thank you.”

I walked with my uncle to my last family breakfast. It was going to be sad saying goodbye to Myrcella and Tommen, but it was going to be relieving to see my mother and uncle Jaime leave.

“Bread… and two of those little fish,” Tyrion declared as he walked into the room where we were to eat breakfast. “And a mug of dark beer to wash it down… and bacon, burnt black.”

I sat next to Tommen and across from Myrcella and the farthest I could from my mother. I grabbed some food and put a little on my plate, taking a drink from my goblet.

“Is Bran going to die?” Myrcella asked me. I choked a bit on the juice I had just sipped from.

“Apparently not,” Tyrion answered for me, causing a relieved smile to come across my sister’s face, but an alarmed one to come onto my mother’s.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“The Maester says the boy may live,” Tyrion responded, taking a drink from his goblet as my mother and her twin shared a glance.

“It’s no mercy having a child linger in such pain,” mother said after a brief pause.

“Only the Gods know for certain, all the rest of us can do is pray,” I interrupted, earning a glare from my mother.

“Yes, Leina, of course,” she responded somewhat sarcastically.

“Dear sister, it seems the charms of the North have been entirely lost on you!” Tyrion said as he reached for more bacon.

“I still can’t believe you are going, it’s ridiculous even for you.”

“Where is you sense of wonder? It is the greatest structure in the world! All I plan to do is stand at the top and piss over the edge of the world,” Tyrion rambled.

This caused me, and the other two children to giggle at our uncle’s antics.

“Children don’t have to hear your filth,” my mother said disgustedly. “Come.”

Myrcella and Tommen got up and followed our mother out of the room. I didn’t bother.

“Leina?” my mother called. “Come.”

“No thank you, mother,” I told her. “I haven’t finished my breakfast.”

“… very well,” she said as she continued out of the room.

“Even if the boy wakes,” Jaime said. “He will be a cripple. I’d choose death over a life like that anytime.”

“Speaking as a cripple, I’d have to disagree,” Tyrion responded.

“If Bran does wake, I’m curious to hear what he has to say,” I told Jaime.

“Sometimes, my dear niece, I wonder whose side you’re on,” he told me.

“My dear uncle, you wound me,” I said sarcastically. “You know how much I love my family.”

“Yes, Leina, and which family are you speaking of? The Lannisters… or the Starks?”

That afternoon my family departed for Kings Landing, leaving me in Winterfell. My mother and older brother wouldn’t say goodbye to me, but my younger siblings cried as they hugged me goodbye. I did, however, cry when I said goodbye to my father. I would miss him the most.

Hours after they had all departed, Robb and I made our way to Bran’s chambers. We could hear arguing going on inside the room before the guard had even opened the door.

“I cannot leave!” Catelyn was telling Maester Luwin. “What if he wakes and I am not here for him?”

“But, My Lady,” Maester Luwin responded. “There are duties that need to be fulfilled now that Lord Stark is gone. New appointments to the staff need to be made and-.”

“I can help with my mother’s duties,” Robb interrupted as we stepped into the room.

“Yes, Robb can take care of my duties until Bran wakes,” Catelyn responded.

“Well alright then, shall we-” Maester Luwin was interrupted once more with shouts of the word ‘FIRE’ being heard outside Bran’s chambers.

“There’s a fire at the other side of the castle!” a guard yelled as he burst into the room.

“I’ll go, Mother,” Robb said, squeezing my hand before kissing me on the forehead. “Stay here, alright love?”

I nodded to him as him and Maester Luwin rushed out of the room. I turned and sat on the other side of Bran’s bed, stroking his hair out of his face.

I had just opened up my mouth to say something to Catelyn when the door burst open once again. But this time it wasn’t someone coming to warn us. It was a tall man with a large knife in his hand.

“You weren’t supposed to be here,” he said, clearly conflicted in what he was supposed to be doing.

“And where were we supposed to be then?” Catelyn questioned as she carefully stood up.

“Anywhere but here, but I guess now that you’ve seen me I can’t let you live either….”

I screamed as he stepped forward, tackling Catelyn to the ground. I rushed over to help as Catelyn grabbed the knife that he was holding with both of her hands, gasping in pain as it cut through her skin.

I was able to help knock the knife out of his hand before the attacker slapped me across the face, catching me off guard causing me to fall to the ground. I stumbled back up and punched him in the eye before he could grab Catelyn again, but he threw me across the room, hitting the table near Bran’s bed.

The lantern that was on the table fell and the glass shattered around me, cutting my hands and burning my arms. I shrieked again as the man grabbed me around my throat and slammed me into the cold stone wall of the castle.

I choked as my feet dangled in the air and my vision went blurry when my head was banged hard against the wall twice. Right before I blacked out I saw Bran’s direwolf, Summer, knock over the attacker and tear out his throat.

I tried to sit up, but I got dizzy and had to slowly drag myself away from the man’s bleeding body.

“Leina, sweetheart,” I heard Catelyn across the room, making her way towards me. Only her hands were cut up, but otherwise she seemed fine. “Are you alright?”

“I…. I don’t know,” I struggled to say, my vision going extremely blurry.

“Leina! Mother!” Robb yelled as he burst into the room.

His worried face as he lifted me off the ground was the last thing I saw before I blacked out.

What I pictured Leina wearing:





@twistedlyflawless requested: I told you I’d request again! 😂😘😊 Anyways may I request one where you ride horses and one day you get injured and call your boyfriend joe. And he gets all protective and fluffy with the reader? P.s. Your writing is amazing like I mentioned before. C:

Word Count: 800

Rating: PG

“Well, that’s not good.”

You sighed, wincing as you tried to put pressure on your ankle. Your horse wasn’t one to spook easily, so you hadn’t thought much of the squirrel that ran across the field, and of course, you had thought wrong. She bucked, throwing you off her back, and although you had landed quite gracefully, your ankle had turned inwards and it was definitely sprained.

You were glad that you were riding in an enclosed field today, considering your horse had bolted. It took a while, but after whistling and calling her name, she finally came back. You fought off the pain and got back into the saddle, riding her back to the stable, your entire foot throbbing.

By the time you had gotten back and dismounted, your shoe was much tighter than before, and you could tell that walking over a mile to town to catch an uber to the station was not going to work. So you pulled out your phone and called Joe.

“Hey love! Alright?” His voice was quite cheery; he was always a little pouty when you went to ride, since you were generally gone for a while, and was definitely not expecting your call this soon.

“Debatable. Is Conor home by any chance?” Conor loved to drive, and seeing that Joe didn’t have a car, he was your first choice.

“What do you mean debatable? What’s happened?” His tone had switched completely, and you could hear him shushing some people in the background.

“It’s nothing major babe, my horse just bucked and I landed wrong. My ankles a bit knackered but it should be fine in a few weeks, just need to go easy on it. I can’t make it to town for an uber though, so I need someone to come get me,” you explained.

“We’ll be there as soon as we can, just hang in there.” You chuckled as you could tell Joe pulled the phone away from his face and yelled “CONOR GET YOUR KEYS”

“Joseph, I’m not dying, I just need some advil. Don’t freak out on me okay? I’ll see you in a bit.”

The car was coming up the driveway much too fast, dust flying behind it as you rolled your eyes. You were perched on top of some hay bales, waiting for the boys to arrive. Joe was practically out the door before Conor even stopped.  

He jogged over to you, concern written all over his face.

“I’m alright Joe I promise, it’s not that bad,” you said, knowing he had a thousand thoughts running through his head.

“I’ll be the judge of that. Can you walk?” He brushed some hair out of your face gently, as if you were about to break. Conor and Jack popped up behind him, coming over to investigate.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Bring the whole crew did you?”

Jack shrugged at that, making you chuckle as you got up. You stumbled a little, Joe catching you with steady arms. You wrapped one arm over his shoulder, Jack coming to your other side. They helped you hobble to the car and climb in the backseat, Joe beside you.

You laid down across the back seat, head in his lap, explaining how it happened and offering reassurances every time they asked.

Surprisingly, the car ride went fast, and after helping you into Joe’s flat, the Maynard’s said their farewells. Joe immediately began rummaging through cabinets until he found a bottle of Advil. He came back with two pills, an ice pack, a water bottle and the duvet and pillows from his bed.

“Take these please,” he said, handing you the pills and water. You did as you were told, biting your tongue on saying that this was all too much. Joe didn’t get to care for you often- you were quite self-sufficient- and he seemed to be enjoying it. He wrapped the ice pack around your ankle gently before propping it up on some pillows and throwing the duvet over you.

“Are you not gonna join me?” You pouted.

“Well of course I am. I gotta take care of my girl.” He smiled and kissed your forehead, grabbing the remote before tucking in behind you on the sofa. You rolled over, resting your cheek on his chest as he put your favorite show on Netflix. “Are you going to let me take you to the doctor tomorrow to have that seen to?”

“Probably not,” you admitted, earning a sigh.

“I assumed as much. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Take a nap, and curse that squirrel while you’re at it.” You both chuckled at that, and he snaked his arms around you, holding you tight and peppering kisses in your hair before whispering “I’m so glad you’re alright. I love you.”

Interview for Two Tom HiddlestonxReader One-Shot

  With slick palms, you opened the building door, leaving a nice sweaty mark on the handle.  Reaching the elevator, you traveled up to the third floor where the interview was to take place.  
   Why am I so nervous? You thought to yourself, It’s only an interview – and I’m not even the one being interviewed!
Straightening your back and combing your hair behind your ear with your fingers, you entered your final destination, the meeting room.  As you regulated your breathing, you pushed open the wooden door.  Until you realized that you were supposed to pull it.  Giggling quietly to yourself for a split second, you composed your laughter and properly opened the door.  Upon entering the room, you noticed the blazing lights, appropriately set up to give the most attractive angles.  Similarly, you saw the two chairs sitting opposite to one another.  
   "Hello, Miss __(full name)__?“ A short, clean shaven man inquired.  You simply nodded your head in response.
   "Alright, so everything is set up and ready to go, we are just waiting on the main man,” he informed you with a smile.
   "Okay, great,“ you replied.

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Can we talk about the end of Blue Lily Lily Blue and about what a self sacrificing moment that Ronan had? He gave the only light to Blue so she could go on. Then he stood there alone in the pitch black, deep in an unpredictable magic cave by a deadly lake with only the hope that she would make it back to him eventually. He had literally just rode a skeleton horse into a magical closing door, and he thought to do this. I love how Maggie writes because she does character development so subtly, Ronan is still Ronan but he has come so far since the beginning. It wouldn’t have mattered as much to his development if it had been Gansey or Adam in that moment, but this was Blue. Blue who Ronan saw as a threat to his friendship group in the beginning. Just, can I cry over this boy’s progression?


Who’s That Vans Girl?: Lauren Webster of Lauren & The Lost Boys

Sydney-based painter Lauren Webster made us do a double-take with her bright, colorful paneled paintings that have a Southwestern twist. With a love for all things vintage and retro, we knew she must have a killer story behind those eye-catching cacti. After exchanging a few emails to the down-under artist, we found out more about her adventurous spirit and whirlwind of current projects.

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horsing around // newt scamander

Originally posted by slytherpuffsquad

request: Hello! I’m sorry if this request doesnt make much sense, it’s a bit complicated! So I’m a horse back riding (Jumping) and there’s barely any imagines out there with this kind of hobby used in it, so could you do a Newt Scamander imagine with horse back riding (preferably Jumping if you could) Love our imagines! 💜 (by anon)

a/n: ahhhhhh requests are always great !! okay so short story i used to be super obsessed with this book series called canterwood crest (lmao still a guilty pleasure ahemahem) which was about like horse riding and all that cool shit. i hope that this is what you wanted, anon <3 <3

Newt Scamander and (y/n) (y/l/n) had been best friends since their very first Care of Magical Creatures lesson. (y/n) was born to a Muggle couple, who owned a farm, so (y/n) and Newt had bonded over their love for animals, magical or not, and soon became inseparable.

It had been arranged that Newt would stay over at her parents’ farm for two weeks of the summer after their fifth year, mainly because (y/n) wanted to introduce to Newt all the non-magical creatures they had in the Muggle community, but also because a teeny tiny bit of her had a teeny tiny crush on Newt.


When Newt had floo-ed over and suddenly popped up in the fireplace, (y/n)’s mother very unfortunately fainted out of shock, so (y/n) decided that it would be best to leave her parents alone for a little while.

Dragging Newt over to the stables that housed the family horses, (y/n) instantly launched into a long, long, explanation about horses and how they were absolutely bloody terrific. (y/n) had been horse riding (a/n: this is the actual category right ????) since she was six, and had only began specialising in showjumping for about a year before she was whisked off to Hogwarts.

“-okay, so now, this amazing horse right here, is Tyro,” (y/n) looked even more excited - was that even possible - as she softly stroked a huge black creature - yes, creature, because compared to the other horses in the barn, Newt was absolutely terrified at the gigantic animal.

(y/n) turned to face him, giggling slightly at the stricken look on his face. “He’s perfectly fine, Newt. You’ve grown up with hippogriffs, for Merlin’s sake! Here, I’ll ride him around for a while and you don’t have to even touch him, alright?” Newt nodded stiffly, wishing that he and (y/n) could just go back into the house and snuggle up with a good book because he was absolutely ready to wet his pants.

Once (y/n) had gotten all those foreign little things onto her horse-monster, Newt slowly followed (y/n) as the black devil trotted out, making sure to be a safe distance away from the horse.


(y/n) had brought Newt to what looked like a little makeshift practice area. It looked unused and untouched, which was understandable since (y/n) had told him that nobody but her normally used the area to practice. Now that (y/n) had ridden the horse a safe distance away from Newt, he could finally relax and not be absolutely petrified of being killed by the massive beast. However, he slowly began to worry about (y/n). He knew that she knew what she was doing, but Newt was so afraid that she would get hurt. He was worried all the bloody time about her, actually, and it certainly wouldn’t stop now.

The rhythmic thundering of hooves in the background were suddenly interrupted by a shrill “ow!” and a heavy thud on the sandy ground. Snapping to attention, Newt stumbled to his feet, rushing over to where (y/n) was crouched on the ground.

Holy Merlin, sheshurtsheshurtsheshurt. Newton Scamander, BLOODY DO SOMETHING.

“U-uhm, uh, (y-y/n), where does - uh - it h-hurt?” Newt stammered out trying to keep himself from shaking. (y/n) was clutching her arm tightly, face white, so Newt didn’t wait for an answer as he scooped (y/n) up in his arms, trying to ignore his racing heartbeat as he hurried back to the house. Gently setting (y/n) down on the living room couch, Newt tried to organise his rapid thoughts, deciding to go find (y/n)’s parents, since he didn’t want to get in trouble with the Ministry for underage magic.

Just as he was about to leave (y/n)’s side to go get Mr (y/l/n), a small, warm, hand wrapped around his wrist. (y/n)’s beautiful (y/e/c) eyes met his as she whispered quietly, “Stay? Just for a while?”

How could Newt refuse?

Sighing, Newt grinned slightly as he settled himself beside (y/n) carefully, both of them enjoying the quiet. Suddenly (y/n) began trying to sit up, supporting herself with her unhurt arm. Hurriedly tucking his arm around her (a/n: help im about to pass out), Newt let (y/n) lean into him slightly as she managed to sit up.

Slightly unsure of what (y/n) was trying to achieve, Newt simply buried his nose (a/n: i’M SO DONE) into (y/n)’s silky hair, her usual dirt-after-rain-and-wood scent filling his nose. All of a sudden, (y/n) turned around quickly, pecking Newt on the lips so swiftly Newt wondered if he imagined it. He stared at her with wide eyes, as (y/n) cheekily murmured, “I just wanted a cuddle, y’know. You can go call my dad now if you want to.”

Needless to say, kisses became much more incorporated into their daily cuddling sessions from then on.



anonymous asked:

yo, my bf ew straight people am i right? has been ignoring me since an argument we had, so i told him im done with having to message him first. he doesn't seem to care but my dumbass loves him but yea the only time i get notifications from him is on snapchat for, 'streaks'. But yea idk what do do as its long distance so i can't go all lemonade on his ass, and i think he's only with me for sex. what do i do all the advice my friends give me is heckin horse crap

don’t put effort into people who don’t put effort towards you. you can’t force people to care no matter how much you do. see, relationships are all about work. that’s the difference between infatuation and something more- work. you BOTH have to work to make it happen, and you can’t be doing all the work in order to compensate for his lack of effort. honestly, if you’re sitting here typing out how you think he’s only with you for sex, then why aren’t you listening to yourself? do you think that if you don’t say it out loud then it won’t be true, or is that just an unnecessary fear? a suggestion is to just take some time off and tell him that you’re done. if he cares, he will go after you and make sure this isn’t the end. i get that you love him, but you can’t love someone into caring

dolantwinsbabe  asked:

Answer these questions 1-fave twin? 2-what songs do you like the most 3-fave Tumblr blogs

1. fave twin?

i’m a gray girl!!! i don’t really consider him my “favorite” because i love the twins equally but idk ever since i started watching them i’ve always had a thing for grayson.

2. what songs do you like the most?

some of my favorite songs at the moment are coordinate / travis scott, roslyn / bon iver and st vincent, dead / madison beer, horses / kodak black, pnb rock and a boogie wit da hoodie, and we don’t belong / black veil brides.

3. fave tumblr blogs?

literally everyone i follow!!! i love all of you fuckers lmao.

thank you for asking these baby :’)

Horse Crazy

Requested: No

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I’ve been kind of obsessed with Peaky Blinders plus I really love horses since I used to ride them like someone was paying me. This imagine is a combination of the two. 

Originally posted by dailyblinders

  Early in the morning, someone banged on my door, frightening me so much that I nearly fell out of bed. Once I calmed down, I rolled over and checked the time on my clock that was set on my nightstand.

   It was half seven. 

   No one should be woken up so early on their birthday but of course I am granted this great pleasure. I fought through all of the fatigue, tossed the covers off me, and pulled on a pair of paddock boots as well as my wool coat. The journey from my bedroom to my front door seemed endless. When I finally reached the door, I grabbed my knife from the side table and held it behind my back.

   “Who is it?” I asked.

   “Your favorite Shelby,” Tommy said.

   My eyes widened in surprise as I quickly dropped the knife into my pocket, unlocked the door, and swung it open. On the other side was my longtime friend and boss, the leader of the Peaky Blinders, Tommy Shelby. He looked as handsome as usual in one of his dark suits and Peaky Blinder hat on top of his head. Suddenly, I felt embarrassed that I had answered the door in my pajamas and I could only imagine how awful I looked.

   “Tommy, what are you doing here?” My mouth fell agape. “Is Dot still colicky? I told Curly that I should’ve stayed later last night just to check on her.”

   “No, Dot’s all right,” Tommy said.

   I relaxed. “Good. Then is it Titan? Did he needed to be rubbed down better?”

   “No, all the horses are fine, Y/N. I hate to bother you this early but I need you to come with me to see about a horse.”

   “Why don’t you take Curly?”

   “He’s busy. Go on.”

   “Don’t shoo me. It’s my birthday, you can’t,” I teased.

   “Sure, it is.”

   After I made Tommy a cup of tea I hurried to make myself decent. I took the fastest bath of my life, powdered my face, and left my y/h/c hair down. Then, I changed into a gray sweater, fitted black pants, and some riding boots. As much as I wanted to spend my birthday the way I wanted, my job as Curly’s assistant required me to be available at all times. I had been around horses my entire life since my father trained racehorses. He took me to racetracks and barns all over England and showed me how to properly care for them and train them. The Shelbys were his best and biggest customers since they often tipped him extra and allowed me to come over and ride their horses whenever I pleased. I spent so much time with their horses that Polly made me Curly’s assistant when I was fifteen and I’ve been working with him ever since. Being Curly’s assistant was hard, I had to put up with his superstitious habits as well as the threat of being kicked, bitten, or thrown off a horse. But I loved my job since I got to work for my best friends.

   I slipped on my watch and coat and met Tommy outside. He was smoking, of course, and for the umpteenth time, I wondered if any man ever looked so good smoking. I had been in love with Tommy since we were kids but I never had a chance since he always seemed interested in girls who wore makeup and pretty dresses rather than me, the girl who always dirtied up her clothes from riding horses or roughhousing with Tommy’s brothers. Though John, Arthur, and even Ada and Polly teased me about it, Tommy had no idea about it and I’d love to keep it that way.

  “Where is this horse that’s required me to be up this early?” I asked.

  “About an hour’s drive away,” Tommy said.

  “That’s not too bad.”

  The drive to the stables was pretty quiet since there wasn’t a lot for either of us to say. It was a nice day, albeit cold and pretty cloudy, but it was always cold and cloudy in England. We were clearly in the country since the only things surrounding the road were deep evergreen forest.

   “How’re things goin’ with Grace?” I asked.

   “Why do you ask?” 

   I rolled my eyes and turned to him. “Because I see the way you look at each other. She’s very pretty and nice.”

   “I’m glad she has your approval,” Tommy said sarcastically.

   “Does that mean things are going well?”

   “She’s just a barmaid.”

   “But she’s your type: pretty, dresses well, and smart.”

   “My relationship with Grace is strictly professional. Why are you so interested in my love life all of a sudden?”

   I turned back to face forward. “You’re my best friend, I want you to be happy.”

   “What makes you think I’m not happy?”

   “Is that a rhetorical question?”

   Tommy smiled ever-so-slightly. “What about you? That German seemed much more interested in you than that racehorse.”

  I ran a hand through my hair. “He was too cold when he took me out to dinner. You and your brothers are the only men I seem to get along with.” 

  “That’s too bad.”

  About fifteen minutes later, we pulled up to one of the nicest horse stables I’d ever seen. Two large pastures were set on either side of the narrow road that lead to a large dark brown barn. There was a large chestnut gelding galloping in circles in the pasture on the left as well as a group of bay Warmblood mares grazing in the same pasture. A small marble statue of a horse rearing up was set in front of the main entrance of the stable and a pretty young brunette wearing a striped shirt tucked into a pair of tan breeches stood in front of the statue. She smiled widely at us and walked over to the car once Tommy parked it.

  “Nice car, Tommy,” she said in a charming country accent.

  “Thank you.” Tommy stepped out of the car and I climbed out as well.

  Of course, the owner of this magnificent horse was stunning and she looked like one of those ladies who starred in pictures. I rounded the car to stand next to Tommy.

  “Hello, I’m Eva,” she said as she stretched her hand out towards me. “You must be Y/N.”

  “Yes, it’s nice to meet you.” I shook her hand and glanced at Tommy.

  “Eva’s family have been business partners with my family for the last few years. Her family raises some of the best horses in the country,” Tommy said. “I told her that you were one of my horse trainers.”

  “Oh.” I turned back to Eva. “So, show us the horse.”

  Eva nodded and led us into the stable. The stall aisles were wide and the floor was clear of all hay and manure. Everything was constructed of a light brown hardwood and all the horses were beautiful. Eva stopped at a stall in the middle of the aisle.

   “This is the horse. Her name’s Smoke,” Eva said.

   Smoke was a gorgeous gray mare. She had no markings and her mane and tail were jet black. Her eyes were dark and she seemed calm. She was about five years-old.

   One of the stablehands led Smoke out of the stall so that we could look at her. She stood at sixteen hands high and she was slender. 
   “Her father’s a racehorse and her mother was a champion jumper,” Eva said. 

   I ran my hands over Smoke as Eva told Tommy and me the horse’s history. I examined the horse’s mouth and stroked her nose for being good.

   “What do you think, Y/N?” Tommy asked.

   “She’s healthy and in good shape,” I said. “Good temperament too.”

   “If you follow me outside, you can take her for a test ride.”

   “All right.”

   As I waited for Smoke to finish being tacked up, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. Smoke was quite literally the horse of my dreams. I’ve always wanted a horse of my own but I could never afford it. My father’s job as a trainer never paid much and neither did my mother’s job as a cook. My current gig with the Shelbys paid well but I had to pay for rent, food, and clothes and that hardly left room for a horse as well as its board in a reputable barn. Besides, Smoke was going to be another one of the Shelbys’ racehorses and there was nothing I could do about it.

   The stablehand brought a fully-tacked Smoke out to the back pasture. “She’s ready.”

   “Good.” I put my foot in the stirrup and Tommy helped me up. 

   Smoke felt calm underneath me and when I cued her to walk into the pasture with my legs, she obeyed immediately. I spent about five minutes warming her up before asking her to trot. She trotted smoothly and it was easy for me to post to. When I changed leads, it was decent on Smoke. Her loping was easy and she was quick. Every time I glanced over at Tommy, Eva seemed to be flirting with him but he remained as straight-faced as usual. 

   “Focus on the horse,” I mumbled to myself.

   Smoke tried to burst into a gallop but I used my hands to calm her down. After about twenty minutes, I walked back over to where Tommy and Eva were standing and pulled Smoke to a halt.

   “She rides well,” I said. “She’s sensitive to mouth cues, stubborn at times but she can be coaxed.” 

   “Sounds good,” Tommy said.

   “You two looked good together out there,” Eva said.

   “Thanks.” I dismounted and rubbed Smoke’s nose. “Good girl,” I muttered to her.

   “I’ll take her,” Tommy said.

   “Great.” Eva began heading back to the bar and I walked over to Tommy with Smoke in tow.

   “So, when are we going to begin grooming Smoke into being a proper Shelby racehorse?” I asked.

   “Smoke’s not a racehorse, in fact, you can do with her whatever you please,” Tommy said with a smirk.

  I frowned. “What?”

  “She’s yours.”

  I hesitated. “T-Tommy, this is crazy. Smoke would make a great racehorse.”

  “But she’s also exactly the horse you’ve been talking about buying yourself since we were kids. Don’t worry about boarding her, I’ve sorted that out here.” Tommy smirked again. “Happy birthday, Y/N.”

  “Thank you. This has to be the best birthday surprise ever.”

  The stablehand came and took Smoke to another pasture to cool her down properly, leaving Tommy and me alone. Tommy grabbed another cigarette from his inside jacket pocket and lit it.

  “Are you doing anything tonight?”

  “Nothing besides opening presents,” I said.

  “Then I’m taking you out to dinner.”

  “As a friend should.”
  “I don’t want to take you out as a friend.”

  My smile fell. This was all too much, there were too many emotions rushing through me. Not only did I have the horse of my dreams but the man of my dreams wanted to take me out on a date?

   “Then as a cherished employee?”

   Tommy raised an eyebrow as though he were doubting my intelligence. “No.”

   I sighed as I felt my heart skip a beat. “I…I don’t understand.”

  Tommy threw his cigarette down and pulled me over to him before kissing me hard on the mouth. I smiled into it as I kissed him back. He slowly pulled away. “Do you understand now?”

   I nodded slowly. 

   So it turned out to be a pretty good birthday.

About Executive Dysfunction; for neurotypical people.

Didn’t write this, but important!!!

Friends, family members and loved ones of learning disabled and mentally ill people need to have a working knowledge of what Executive Dysfunction is, and respect the fact that it is a prominent feature of that person’s psychology and life.

Executive Dysfunction is best known as a symptom of autism and ADHD, but it also features in depression, anxiety disorders schizophrenia, OCD (which by the way is also an anxiety disorder), personality disorders; etc, a whole myriad of mental illnesses and disabilities can result in executive dysfunction.

Years ago when I was like 14 and had recently learned of my autism diagnosis, I watched a youtube interview between autistic people, and an autistic woman said something along these lines:

  • “Sometimes, a lightbulb will burn out, but I cannot change it. I have the physical capability to change the lightbulb, and I want to change the lightbulb, and I know I need to do it, but because of my autism I just don’t do it. So the lightbulb remains unchanged for weeks. Sometimes people have to change the lightbulb for me.”

When she said that I related so much, because constantly throughout my whole life I have wanted and needed to do things with my wanting and needing being akin to my spurring an extremely stubborn horse who refuses to move. For the first time I learned that I wasn’t just “lazy”, I had a condition that prevented me from doing things as easily as other people can, but unfortunately it took me years since then to understand that.

Imagine that you are a horserider, but your horse is entirely unwilling to move even if you want to move. You dig in your heels, you raise the reins, but the horse refuses to respond. Your wants and needs are the rider, and your executive functions (the parts of your mind responsible for getting things done) are the horse.

I think it’s incredibly dangerous for neurotypical loved ones to not understand, or be aware of, or respect executive dysfunction. Neurotypical can assume that we are just being lazy, careless, selfish or difficult, when in reality we want to do the thing but our brains prevent us from consistently and reliably doing the thing.

That misinterpretation can lead to toxic behavior and resentment on the part of the loved one, which will harm us emotionally and do us a lot of damage gradually over time.

That damage can take the form of internal self-criticism, complicating executive dysfunction even further and making it worse.

The Boy From the Dream

Rucas Fanfiction Week

Day 2: Fluffy- All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you

Title: The Boy From the Dream

Riley turned over in her bed to see the clock shining back at her in the darkness of her bedroom. It was nearly 10:30pm, thirty minutes after the time she had set as her official bedtime at the beginning of the year. Something was keeping her up, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. After a few more restless minutes of tossing and turning she finally felt herself drifting off just after her gaze fell upon the book of fairytales sitting on her bedside table. It was the last thing she saw before she fell into a deep sleep, and the first thing she saw when she opened them in her dreams. 


Riley scanned the lush green field that lay before her, wondering where she was and why it was so quiet there. 

“Is anyone here?” she called out to the empty forest and rolling hills on either side of her. She thought she could see a faint outline of buildings along the horizon, but it was so far away she couldn’t be sure. 

“I’m Riley,” she introduced herself to no one in particular, in the hopes that it would draw someone out of the forest to greet her. “Riley Matthews.” 

Riley thought she heard a twig break behind her, but when she turned around she couldn’t see anyone who could have made the sound. 

“It’s going to get dark soon,” she pointed out, twisting her hands together nervously as she looked up at the sun beginning to set above her. “Yikes. It’s going to start looking a lot like that Halloween movie I accidentally watched when mom and dad and Auggie were visiting grandma and grandpa and I was staying with Mrs. Svorski. It had a picture of a cute bunny on the cover so obviously I decided to watch it, but the bunny was not a nice bunny and he-”

“You talk an awful lot.”

Riley spun around to see a boy emerging from the woods. He looked to be about her age, but held an air of maturity about him that she was almost positive she lacked at this stage in her life. 

“Oh, hi there,” Riley beamed, stepping forward to greet the boy with an enthusiastic wave. “I talk when I’m nervous. And the more I talked, the less scared I felt about being out here alone.”

“Well, you’re not alone anymore,” the boy pointed out, his lips curling up into an amused grin that nearly sent Riley into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. 

“No,” she offered lamely, struck by the way his eyes shined in the rapidly dwindling sunlight. 

“And now you’re a lot less chatty,” he grinned, watching the way Riley tucked a piece of hair behind ear nervously as he took another step closer to her. 

“Yeah.” Riley shook her head as if to snap herself out of a trance and gestured to the empty field that was normally full of children and travelers making their way from one town to the next. “If you don’t mind me asking - where is everyone?”

“They’re headed to the castle,” the boy explained, as if Riley was meant to know why they were headed to the castle without any more of an explanation. Riley blinked at him and the boy’s mouth dropped open in complete amazement. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the royal family’s annual homecoming ball?”

“Okay, then I won’t tell you,” Riley shrugged, beginning to feel a little embarrassed that she hadn’t been invited to such a grand event that everyone else couldn’t bare to miss.

“Every year when the king returns from his travels, the queen and her sons throw the biggest party that this kingdom has ever seen in celebration of his safe return.” When the boy saw that Riley’s eyes had drifted to the ground, he had a feeling that he knew why she looked so distraught and scrambled to explain himself. “Everyone is invited so you’re welcome to come.”

“Oh I couldn’t possibly,” Riley blushed, her eyes dropping to the dirt path they were standing on in an effort to avoid his gaze. “But thank you for the invitation.” 

“Well, if you change your mind, maybe I’ll see you there?” 

“Maybe,” Riley smirked, and the boy turned on his heel to head in the direction of the village. Something out of the corner of Riley’s eye caught her attention and she turned to face it.“Wait! Is that your horse?”

“Yes,” he smiled as the white stallion trotted up behind him. “His name is Ghost.”

“He’s beautiful,” Riley breathed, admiring the way his mane fell over his neck in such a graceful way that even she had yet to master. “May I pet him?”

“Of course,” the boy gestured for her to do just that and Ghost whinnied in approval as Riley stroked his neck affectionately. “He seems to like you.”

“Well, I like him too,” Riley smiled, falling more and more in love with the horse the longer she stroked his mane and looked into his big brown eyes. “Have you had him long?”

“My father gave him to me when I turned eight,” he explained, patting Ghost on the back of his neck softly. “He’s been my best friend ever since.”

“Well, he’s very friendly,” Riley complimented him. 

“He’s actually the reason why-” The boy suddenly stopped short before finishing his sentence and Riley raised her eyebrows at him curiously. 

“The reason why…?” Riley urged him to continue, but he simply shook his head in protest and dropped his gaze to the ground. “Go on, you can’t leave me hanging like that.”

“He’s the reason why I thought I might want to work with animals when I get older,” the boy explained, his voice barely audible as he finally let the words tumble out of his mouth. “But because of the family that I was born into, that’s not possible. I have responsibilities that I’m meant to inherit and it’s… it’s just a dream that should be left on the shelf I’m afraid.”

“Nothing’s impossible,” Riley informed him, gesturing to the horse standing in front of them and smiling. “Look at Ghost here. He’s bigger and stronger than both of us combined, but here we are petting him and calling him our friend like he’s the same as me or you. He has the sweetest heart that I have yet to see in most humans, even though his size and demeanor might say otherwise. If one person didn’t take a chance on these animals, it might not have been possible for us to be standing here with him today. But here we are. And here’s Ghost, trying to eat the carrots you have stuffed in your pockets. Nothing’s impossible. So follow your dreams. And if they love you like I’m positive they do, your family will come around.”

The boy stared at Riley in complete awe for a moment without saying a single word. The sun was almost completely hidden behind the trees in the forest now, making it difficult for them to read one another’s facial expressions. But Riley could see enough from what little light they did have left, to tell that something in his expression had changed. 

“You’re quite special, Riley Matthews,” he announced after a moment, and Riley’s face went beet red at the unexpected compliment.  

“Well, I’m just telling you what everyone else would have said in this situation,” Riley brushed off the boy’s kind words, unable to believe that someone as handsome and wonderful as he could even consider saying something like this to her. 

“No, I have a feeling there’s no one quite like you,” he assured her, his eyes never leaving her face. “Well, tell me - if nothing’s impossible, does that mean you might reconsider coming to the ball tonight?” 

“I’ll make you a deal,” she offered, turning to face him as she placed her hands on her hips challengingly. “If I agree to come tonight, will you agree to talking with your family about your future?”

The boy was quiet for a moment as he considered her offer, and Riley’s expression never wavered. She looked as confident as she had ever been, and that alone was enough for the boy to give in to her challenge.  

“Deal,” he agreed, sticking out his hand for Riley to shake. “I look forward to seeing you.”

“And I look forward to seeing you around the village taking care of the animals,” Riley challenged, taking his hand and smirking triumphantly at him. “Hey, wait a minute. You haven’t told me your name.”

“Uh,” the boy stuttered, and Riley couldn’t help but notice that this was the first time she had seen him look even the slightest bit nervous since their conversation had started.“My name is Lucas.”

“Just Lucas?” Riley raised her eyebrows at him questioningly as she waited for him to reveal his last name. 

“Yes, just Lucas,” he nodded nervously, and Riley decided that if he didn’t want to tell her his last name, then that was alright with her. 

“I love it,” Riley beamed, shifting from one foot to the next and doing everything she could not let the butterflies fluttering in her stomach lift her up and take her away entirely. 

“I’m very sorry, but I have to get home,” Lucas apologized, reaching around Riley to grab Ghost’s reins and placing one foot in a stirrup. “I was supposed to be back at sundown and I’m already late.”

“Where is home, exactly?” Riley questioned, her eyebrows knitting together as she considered the fact that she hadn’t seen him around her town before. 

Without answering her question, Lucas swung his other leg around the horse’s back and positioned himself upright. 

“Goodbye Riley Matthews,” he told her, raising one hand to wave goodbye. “I’m not sure where you came from or how I can thank you for giving me the courage to talk to my father. But all I can say is that it was enchanting to meet you. And I look forward to seeing you again.” 

“Wait,” Riley blurted out, taking a few steps forward to catch up with them before they headed off into the village. “How will I know how to find you?”

“I’ll wait for you at the gate,” Lucas promised, looking back at her as they began trotting through the field towards the castle. “We’ll ride in together on Ghost.” 

“But how will-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lucas kicked his foot slightly and Ghost galloped off in the direction of the castle. As he adjusted his position on the saddle, his leg revealed the royal emblem on the stirrup closest to-


“He’s the prince!” Riley jolted awake as the words escaped her lips, and she turned her head to see her father standing in the doorway of her bedroom. 

“Whoa,” he exclaimed, his lips curling up into an amused smile. “Must have been some dream you were having.”

“Huh?” Riley mumbled into her pillow, the effects of sleep still weighing heavily on her eyelids as she struggled to keep her eyes open. 

“Your dream,” he reminded her, urging her to explain the reasoning behind the sudden outburst. “What was it about?”

“I don’t remember,” she grumbled, the images of the dream quickly fading away the faster the minutes ticked by. 

“Well, hurry up,” he clapped his hands together and flicked on the overhead light from the switch next to the doorframe. “You’re going to be late for school and you know Maya’s going to crawl through that window any minute.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she mumbled, taking one of her pillows and placing it firmly over her head to block out the light that was straining her eyes. 

Just as her father had predicted, Maya Hart crawled through the window to plop herself onto the bench just as Riley was swinging her legs out from under the covers a few minutes later. 

“You’re not dressed,” Maya pointed out, gesturing to Riley’s unicorn pajamas and messy bedhead. 

“Tired,” Riley huffed as she dragged her feet across the room to stand in front of Maya. “Grumpy, need breakfast.”

“Aw, there, there,” Maya reached up to pat Riley’s head with mock sympathy before turning her around and pushing her in the direction of the closet. “Now, hurry up! If we’re going to sneak onto the subway to get to school, we need to get moving before your parents catch us.” 

“I still don’t know if this is such a good-”

“Go on, Matthews!” Maya pressed, and Riley stuck her tongue out in her direction before heading to the closet to find something to wear for the day. 

As she got dressed, the boy from the dream faded from her memory completely. The horse, the boy’s name, the fairytale world and the royal ball. It was as if it never happened. And as she slipped on her boots and took her seat next to her best friend in the bay window, she couldn’t even remember that she had dreamt of anything at all that night. 

Note: This is meant to take place before the first episode of GMW even happened. So the very first scene of the show where Riley and Maya are sitting in the bay window is where this fic leaves off. Also, dream sequence Riley and Lucas are meant to be a little older than they are in the present day scenes in this story.