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Character Aesthetic Gif Meme

         Fidelity - Feelings - Perseverance - Protection - Duty

Alright, so after two days struggling with the gif search and not managing to find anything fitting, I decided that instead I could be just a little more masochist and spend two good hours doing my own.
Since it’s kind of cheating, I feel the need to explain why I chose each one of them. Of course, you aren’t obligated to do the same when you’ll do this meme as well !

Fidelity : Lurëa is with Ilwe’ran since he is young. She is her familiar, a part of his aether, and she left his side only twice over his life, sacrificing herself to protect him as he was in great danger.
Feelings : Experience taught him to stay calm in each situation and to never let anybody intrude his private sphere, Carina taught him that kindness and warmth come from others and that she would always be there to provide what he needs.
Perseverance : As he wasn’t raised in his Clan and the Tribe wouldn’t teach him, he partly learned using a bow alone by observing others and training over and over again each time he could.
Protection : Despite the fact he never shows it in front of strangers, Ilwe’ran is better at using aether than using a bow. While he can ignite his arrows his speciality is to cast some protective spells and wards.
Duty : Ilwe’ran’s duty is to preserve his homeland with the other members of his Clan. Even though he doesn’t like what imply his role, he will never abandon it.

Rules : Sum up your character’s aesthetic as well as you can with three gifs using the gif search !
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gemsona weapon ideas part 8

Imma keep cranking these out for as long as i keep finding cool weapons to put in them.

Part 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Lots of small weapons and blades in this one.

The trench mace was used during WWI, mostly made from random materials so long as they were capable of bludgeoning the closest person.

Also from WWI (but unlike the trench mace, still used today.) is the entrenching tool. which is basically a small combat shovel that sometimes has a pick on it.

I’m kind of cheating with this one since its a class of weapon rather than a specific kind. Rapiers are like swords but much thinner and only really made for stabbing and thrusting attacks.

The Konda comes from Africa and looks cool, that’s all you really need to know.

These next three are all made for the same thing, being held offhand with a sword to parry and block your opponent’s sword.

You have the trident dagger,

the parrying dagger,

and the sword breaker.

Dueling shields are massive but can be used offensively.

If that creepy guy from Hellsing Ultimate has taught us anything, it’s that bayonets can be used effectively without needing a gun to mount them on.

Finally we have a harpoon, barbed and made to be thrown at something bigger than you.

Let me know if this helps.

The field of dreams // insp


Favorite Bias(es) Tag ❤︎ 
Rules: post 9 pictures of my bias
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Since I did my last one with Jaebum, I knew it would only be right to do the tag this time with Tae Tae. 😍
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So this is kind of cheating since I did almost all of this weeks ago, but the thing I started today is turning out to be waaaaayyyy more time consuming than I anticipated, so.  Here’s that Northern Water Tribe Padmé I mentioned from this post

Number one thing that annoys me about this picture and has kept me from posting it: the background the fact that the white face-paint kinda looks like she’s just really pale.  I try to hint at it by leaving brown around the edges at her temples, but it just sort of looks like shading.  Bleh.

Day 2 -- Favorite AU (Relativity Falls)

Okay I kind of cheated on this one, since this is basically just a rewrite of a scene we already know and love. But a couple of these ideas are my own, so it’s not a total loss. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

“What is it?! Have you come to steal my eyes?!”

Mabel stumbled backwards so fast she almost slipped on the icy porch, but it was hardly an irrational reaction when her brother was aiming a crossbow at her chest. Slowly lifting her hands, she undid the scarf around her head, revealing her worn face rapidly losing its youthful glow from years of hardening herself against a world she’d had to survive in on her own. Thankfully, Dipper lowered the bow when he fixated on the sparkling brown eyes identical to his.


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