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  • Hi Brendon....I know it's been a while since I've seen you or made any effort to....but I miss you...fuck I miss you. I haven't been doing very well lately and it's partly because I'm clean now....and the guilt is catching up. I'm so sorry for the way I treated you. I know that no matter how many times I apologize it won't make up for anything...but please...consider how much I love you. I hope I see you soon.
  • R.R.xxxx

Well, tomorrow is my first day back to college since the SJW plague took over all rational thought and made everybody into a great big asshole, and my very first class is a sociology course. If anything of note happens, I’ll let you guys know.

I swear to christ if the teacher makes excuses for ableist assholes calling me “retarded” while acting like I’m the bad guy for something the teacher personally doesn’t like, I’m going to lose my mind.

starlitspring  asked:

Hey there :) I just read your 'animals gone mad' meta and you made the point about Stiles being heavily associated with keys & I was wondering if you could develop on that more (I'm a sucker for character associations ;)? I know there's the whole key thing @ the beginning of 3B but I hadn't noticed anything beyond that. Probably because I haven't had the time to re-watch in a while (damn you exams :/). Also, I saw your Norwegian National Day selfie and you have a really pretty smile :)

Hey, okay *deep breath* … since you ask so nicely :) (and thanks for the compliment on my smile, buttering me up does help *wink*) Also, marvxll I’m sorry for the late reply, the season 5 trailer appeared suddenly and derailed my attention for a bit :) 

Firstly, athenadark has already written a meta on Stiles and keys as well, and you can read it here. She touches upon pretty much the same stuff I mentioned in my 3x01 rewatch post (and to be honest, I probably got the idea from her in the first place) about the nemeton being a door (or prison) that holds the evil at bay, and that stiles seem to be a key that can either serve as a gatekeeper, making sure it stays away or can unlock it. 3b was all about “void” trying to coax Stiles to open the door and let the “water” in. All the way back in 2x11 Morrell cautioned Stiles against this, “to hold on and keep walking through hell”, “to not let the water in”. 

Stiles is associated with doors, doorways, transitional spaces and keys pretty much from the the start of the series. Something’s in the water, like the sheriff said so jokingly in 3x01 and it does seem to be tied to the telluric currents, the nemeton and the lake. Water is also a symbol for transformation (running water) and death and damnation (still water) unless Stiles is present. Then it’s just damnation.

We have players associated with the nemeton, namely the druids, who all act weird around Stiles. First we have Deaton who seem cagey around him and who never include Stiles in his plans. He usually concoct them alone with Scott and probably encourage him not to share it with anyone. Deaton is just about the only authority figure that Scott does listen to, and I find it hard to believe that Scott would exclude Stiles  unless Deaton has whispered in his ear. Like Scott admits in season 4 - he sucks at making plans and that is what Stiles is for. Unless Deaton is involved. 

Deaton also “tests” Stiles in 2x08 with the mountain ash, a test he passed with flying colors, but Deaton has not made any attempts to teach or guide Stiles since. Stiles seems to be more closely linked to the Nemeton than say Scott, who can tap into the currents and gain power that way. Perhaps Deaton views Stiles as a potential stopper, someone with more control/power over the nemeton. The druids need to sacrifice to it to gain power, Scott can tap into the currents, but Stiles seem to have a more natural connection to it - the key basically.

Then we have Jennifer who looks to Stiles when the birds attack, who flinches away from him, who realize that he has Derek’s trust and deliberately uses their bond to make herself desirable to him, and get him under her thumb. She also takes Stiles’ dad and locks him out of the classroom when she does so. She basically seem to consider him a bigger threat than Scott. 

Lastly Morrell, another druid, but who seem to operate more deliberately within the rules of her kind and with the mantra of “maintain the balance” and is willing to “get her hands dirty” and interact with players on all sides if it suits her agenda. She too seems wary of Stiles, but unlike Deaton she’s willing to work with him, guide him and caution him. To what end remains to be seen. 

So back to Stiles, doors, doorways and keys… This will be long and pic heavy so hit the link for the rest. 

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Something About Us // Snowbarry 

Description // Drabbles reflecting on the women of Barry’s life. 



Barry is bouncing on the balls of his heels. It’s great, really, because it means he’s less squirmy when it comes to poking and prodding him for tests at the Labs.

She has to thank Felicity Smoak for this. She admires her too, since, like she’s always known, the team has always benefited from a woman’s presence. Namely, today, she is keeping Barry occupied, challenging him to really demonstrate his abilities and take pride in his latest excursions.

‘You two going out for coffee?’ Caitlin is curious, watching the distracted way he’s staring at the blonde across the room.

'Uh, yeah,’ he replies, whipping his head toward her while she patches up his latest injuries. 'Just as friends,’ he feels he needs to add.

She fails to hide the inevitable twist of a knowing smile. ‘I think you two are kinda cute.’

In response, he rubs nervously at his shirt’s front. ‘Caitlin, we’re friends. I mean, I get it. She’s great; she’s into everything that matters to me, she’s kind, and ridiculously cute when she can’t stop rambling. And…’

All she needs to do is share a look with him, an honest look that says she knows what his mind is truly distracted with, and who his mind’s eye is conflicted in seeing instead of Felicity.

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l0rdvoldemort  asked:

In reference to the music list ask: Like, Indie bands, I guess? Stuff similar to Vampire Weekend. It's just I haven't listened to anything new for a while, so I thought you could help me out :D

okey dokey hokey pokey!

so this is kinda bad since im going off my old ref list i made and just google, but i will also bold my favorite bands ((non bolded ones are still very good tho))

also sorry for the spelling mistakes. plus no capitial letters because im edgy like that

bands similar to vampire weekend include:

  • arctic monkeys
  • the strokes
  • arcade fire
  • foals
  • grizzly bear
  • bombay bicycle club
  • two door cinema club

more sorta chill stuff that u wanna sway to is like

  • bon iver
  • devendra banhart
  • the national
  • mac demarco 
  • flume
  • alt-j
  • jake bugg (hes like a mix of everythin)
  • the neighbourhood
  • the antlers
  • matt corby
  • cults
  • swim deep
  • major lazer
  • grizzly bear
  • james blake
  • the whitest boy alive
  • local natives
  • the xx
  • king krule

more  pop upbeat hell yeah im gonna majorly tap my feet bands this is are

  • the jungle giants
  • haim
  • san cisco
  • the killers
  • banglade$h
  • bastille
  • kids of 88
  • the naked and famous
  • clap clap riot
  • two door cinema club
  • phoenix

more indie rock hell yeah is like

  • the vaccines
  • the black keys
  • the wombats
  • wavves
  • best coast
  • the strokes
  • arctic monkeys
  • arcade fire
  • death cab for cutie

electronic stuff which is cool is like

  • flume
  • disclosure
  • jagwar ma
  • mgmt
  • grimes
  • tame impala
  • crystal castles
  • chvrches
  • m83
  • passion pit
  • chet faker
  • daft punk
  • robert delong

older bands which are real nice

  • the rolling stones
  • blur
  • weezer
  • yeah yeah yeahs
  • oasis
  • the doors
  • queens of the stone age
  • franz ferindand
  • radiohead
  • the smiths
  • joy division
  • bob dylan
  • the white stripes
  • john lennon/ the beatles
  • the doors
  • sex pistols
  • pixies
  • regina spektor

some rap which makes u feel g

  • kanye west
  • childish gambino
  • odd future
  • frank ocean
  • die antwoord
  • snoop dogg
  • drake
  • waka flocka flame
  • r.kelly screw u im counting him

now other very good bands which i cannot be bothered categorizing

  • bo burnham
  • flight of the conchords
  • the 1975
  • ok go
  • spector
  • jinja safari
  • neutral milk hotel
  • lana del rey
  • marina and the diamonds
  • the kooks
  • warpaint
  • peace
  • city and colour
  • wolf alice
  • lorde
  • savages
  • m.i.a
  • mika
  • justin timberlake (my bae)
  • sky ferreira
  • sigur ros
  • daughter

lately for me personally i have been listening to a lot of 

  • arcade fire
  • mac demarco
  • r.kelly
  • the vaccines
  • king krule
  • phoenix
  • the jungle giants
  • john lennon

if you ever need anymore bands i recocmend using what the fuck should i listen to now, spotify - which can give you a radio of related artists, - an online radio and 8tracks - playlists online. or even just scroll through music blogs or peoples audio posts you never know

im sorry this is quite long and messy i didnt get much sleep so i am v tired and not really focused but i hope this helps!!!

paladin-crys  asked:

I hate to be bother, but what happened with anachromystic? I haven't been keeping up with things so I'm out of the loop, but I am extremely sad to see her go!

she made a post about it here but I don’t know how long that will be up since she plans to close down her tumblr so;

She’s been unfortunately the target of nasty anons for a while. Never anything constructive; stuff like her lavellan is unlikable, mean to solas, annoying/stupid. Today seemed to be a culmination of anons going after her for her ableas/trev fic + ao3 comments that tipped things too far. There was nothing constructive in these comments; they were straight up hate. I have seen them. 

It’s selfish of me to hope she returns and finishes the stories we all love but at the same time I know it’s hard to create when you no longer feel like you are in a safe place.