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Even if time has passed, even if our bodies have changed, even if he’d forgotten me completely…as long as he came home, things’ll be alright.”


i’ll protect you ‘til the day i meet my maker

Haikyuu height difference: rarepair edition

inspired by this x

Aohina 27.8 cm (10.9 in)
Tananoya 17.7 cm (6.96 in)
Ushiyama 9.5 cm (3.74 in)
Kurohina 23.5 cm (9.25 in)
Tanatsuki 11.9 cm (4.68 in)
Kuroyama 7.7 cm (3.03 in)
Kenhina 5 cm (1.96 in)
Asadai 9.7 cm (3.81 in)
Levken 25.3 cm (9.96 in)
Yamahina 15.8 cm (6.22 in)
Bokuroo 2.4 cm (0.94 in)
Terudai 0.5 cm (0.19 in)
Aoyama 12 cm (4.72 in)
Ushihina 25.3 cm (9.96 in)
Asatana 8.2 cm (3.22 in)
Kuroteru 10.5 cm (4.13 in)
Tsukihina 25.8 cm (10.15 in)
Oisuga 9.7 cm (3.81 cm)
Tanahina 14 cm (5.51 in)
Asasuga 11.8 cm (4.64 in)
Washikono 9 cm (3.54 in)
Ennotsuki 14 cm (5.51 in)
Bokuteru 8.1 cm (3.18 in)
Akaken 13.1 cm (5.15 in)
Kagesuga 7.3 cm (2.87 in)
Kurodai 11 cm (4.33 in)
Tanatora 1.5 cm (0.59 in)
Akatsuki 7.8 cm (3.03 in)
Aoasa 5.6 cm (2.02 in)
Sugahina 10.4 cm (4.09 in)
Teruyama 2.8 cm (1.10 in)
Iwakyou 0.5 cm  (0.19 in)
Kurotsuki 2.4 cm (0.94 in)
Ennotana 2.1 cm (0.82 in)
Akakage 0.4 cm (0.15 in)
Ushioi 5.2 cm (2.04 in) 
Bokuhina 21.1 cm (8.30 in)
Oihina 20.1 cm (7.91 in)

Kiyoyachi 16.5 cm (6.49 in) not rare but they weren’t on the other post

thornsandwillows  asked:

It's past my bedtime but I just finished the Carpet Merchant chapter and now I'm ugly crying...I haven't been this struck by the depth of a fictional character relationship in the longest time, thank you for making something so beautiful.

I kept your comment in the inbox for so long and I hope you don’t mind I make this public (kinda want a way to preserve it, since answering privately means the destruction of this lovely thing). But thank you so much! Like, lol, of course I am sorry I ended your night like that but seriously though, thank you so much for reading! And for giving me validation in the sense that I’ve done something right irt writing these characters - Zeynel and Ayse - who aren’t your typical protagonists. They aren’t white, or Western, or hyper competent (see: action movies…) or hyper special, or extraordinarily physically attractive. They are just really ordinary folk. And the story isn’t catering to conventional western (mainly American) tastes either. So to see that people have responded to this story in the way you have; feeling an emotional attachment, caring about these ‘different’ people, and understanding the universality of the relationship despite the cultural differences…aaaaa

I think what I am trying to say is that it’s really nice to know and have this proof that it’s possible for non-western (usually I mean North American) voices and stories to be engaging and appreciated. The media is dominated by US-centric stories (movies, comics, and all) and while they are valuable voices, particularly from the lgbt+ and the American minority, it makes it really hard for us creators outside of the country to see that our stories could be successful or relatable. But now I think it is entirely possible, and that we can co-exist together on an equal playing field someday. It’s probably even more important now that we pursue this.

Thanks so much again!!! < 333 For reading and supporting and engaging. It’s appreciated!

If you all want to check out the comic:

I’ll let you all know when I’m Live Streaming Tomorrow

I’m just getting into the groove of writing MRAU chpt 30. I don’t know how much Im getting done tonight, but I’m working on more tomorrow morning, too.

Not going to set my alarm and am going to catch up on some sleep tonight, whenever it occurs.

So, expect an upload pack of about 4-6 chapters of MRAU (hopefully BRAIN CO-OPERATE WITH ME K?)

Keep an eye out for a Twitch/Tumblr update tomorrow!


Cencoroll - directed by Atsuya Uki (character designer for Tsuritama and Digimon Adventure tri)

Cencoroll was singlehandedly written, designed, directed, and animated by Uki. This movie marks the first time Aniplex agreed to fund a project that was animated by one person. 

amanda-519  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you still do the gravity falls demonic guardians au? I know you had a side blog for that but the account is empty. A a long time a go I found your demonic au and really liked it! So I wondering if your done with it or if your continuing it, since you haven't updated it in a while.

I probably won’t update it anymore but id still draw fanart if I feel like it

Episode 41 Memoria
Done in oil pastels. Maxwell and the storm are how I pictured them: curcuits extending from the clouds instead of lightning, Maxwell appearing only in shades of gray. I struggled for a long time on how to draw Hera. She’s the only one in the crew who I don’t have an appearance headcanon for. I settled on green for computer boards, and to symbolize new growth.

Sometimes I forget other people are not artists???
Selfish to say but maybe it’s because I’m usually with other artists or been in the art community for a long time I just forget????


Part one of the clips I have from the Agent Carter Q&A (Please do not reupload or post the link anywhere)

OK so last year I came up with a silly historical High School AU with 4 historical queens being roommates in college, I wanted to actually do something with it so here are some updated character descriptions? They’re still subject to change/tweaking but I really want to draw more of this sometime lol

Elizabeth 1: (Bess, Freckles) Major: History | Aro/Ace, 18

Witty, sarcastic and headstrong: Elizabeth doesn’t beat around the bush. Fiercely independent and determined, her impeccable organisation skills keep the others in check (she’s the one who came up with the dorm cleaning rota). A member of the student council as well as a keen horserider, Elizabeth excels at whatever she sets her mind to, although the idea of romantic relationships has her sprinting for the hills. She can come across as a little cold and intimidating to those who don’t know her well, but once you’ve scratched her surface she’ll be one of the best (and most loyal) friends you’ve ever made. It took the other girls a while to get used to her sense of humour and accent, but now they couldn’t imagine a day without her.

Nefertiti (Effy) Major: Theology | Bi, 17

Literally everyone turns their heads in the hallway when Nefertiti walks past - not only is she ridiculously cool but she could literally saunter to class in pyjamas with no makeup and still look better than everyone else there. She can be pretty outspoken with views and opinions that go against the status quo, but she sticks by her guns and laughs off whatever backlash may arise from her latest article or blog post. Adventurous and a little unconventional, she’s often found wandering around museums or taking a keen interest in her roommates’ cultures – after all, Egypt’s always been a melting pot of diversity due to its location. She’s also got a bit of a wild streak and tends to go out almost every night, yet still makes it to all her morning classes on time.

Marie-Antoinette (Frenchie, Madame Deficit) Major: Liberal Arts | Pan, 17

If anyone knows how to throw a good party, it’s this girl. Constantly shopping online and leaving her clothes shamelessly strewn all over the place, Marie is the life and soul of the crew. When she’s not socialising or spending money like there’s no tomorrow you can usually find her updating the dorm’s Spotify playlist, braiding her roomies’ hair, rearranging the ever-growing photo collages on her wall or reading endless fashion blogs. Marie may be a bit of a drama queen (okay, a HUGE drama queen) but she’s a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with and never fails to cheer her girls up when they’ve had a rough day. Plus, she’s got a huge wardrobe so if you’re ever stuck for something to wear she’s the person to go to!

Borte (Bee) Major: International Relations | Het, 18

Borte may be petite but can pack a serious punch. A lover of the outdoors, you can usually find her partaking in just about every sport imaginable or riding with Elizabeth on the weekends as they both adore horses. Borte has incredible patience (they say her boyfriend’s pretty fiery, after all) and often finds herself mediating when Elizabeth and Marie have screaming matches about petty things. She prefers to keep the dorm temperature cool like the Mongolian steppe, leading to passive-aggressive fights in the first week over the thermostat with Nefertiti who misses the warm Egyptian sun (Marie eventually gave Borte a fan and lent Nefertiti a bunch of her designer scarves, so it’s all good now).  She’s calm, tolerant and collected most of the time, but strike a bad nerve or diss her roommates and you’re 110% finished.