since i haven't done it in so long


i’ll protect you ‘til the day i meet my maker


Cencoroll - directed by Atsuya Uki (character designer for Tsuritama and Digimon Adventure tri)

Cencoroll was singlehandedly written, designed, directed, and animated by Uki. This movie marks the first time Aniplex agreed to fund a project that was animated by one person. 

Episode 41 Memoria
Done in oil pastels. Maxwell and the storm are how I pictured them: curcuits extending from the clouds instead of lightning, Maxwell appearing only in shades of gray. I struggled for a long time on how to draw Hera. She’s the only one in the crew who I don’t have an appearance headcanon for. I settled on green for computer boards, and to symbolize new growth.


Part one of the clips I have from the Agent Carter Q&A (Please do not reupload or post the link anywhere)

Hello everyone it has been a very long time since I’ve ever done an follow forever so guess what’s happening? (hint: a follow forever)

Anyways I have hit an unbelievable 17,000 followers which is mind blowing and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you it means so much that you guys like me and my blog. I’ll try and keep the blog list from getting too long but whatever happens, happens. 
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just very small  ink doodle stuff. 

But i typed out letters to 2 special people that i’ve met at uni who won’t be around anymore, so i typed up some LONG messages and doodled some botanical/flower illustrations (lily) and daft punk just cuz..


Some Fairy Tail x Frozen crossover pics.

I know the ideas been done before, but I wanted to do my take on it anyways.

Feel free to color & add in backgrounds as you like!!! Tag me if you do so I can appreciate it and show it some love!!!
I'm Setting the Standard for Living a Dream - skoosiepants
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Derek is scowling at the camera, Henley unbuttoned. He looks sleep-mussed and unamused and there are two fuzzy balls of floof cradled in his arms. One is pawing at Derek’s mouth, the other is asleep in the curve of his elbow. Both are stripy orange and fluffy-furred with pink noses and pink beans, they are so super cute it makes Stiles’s eyes water a little.

(teen | 2,970 words)

Other characters: Scott and Kira

Additional tags: Tumblr Prompt, Kittens


ok friends i have decided to embark on an exciting new project in my life which is to do some art :) i went to art school for 2 years and i remember actually enjoying doing art at one time in my life but that school sucked it right out of me!! so it’s been 2 years since i’ve properly enjoyed art-ing. but i was inspired to do some basic stuff and i am always inspired by louis and harry, so i decided to make drawings of larry as different creatures because their love story is so beautiful it can traverse species lines <333 

{also keep in mind i haven’t rly done art in so long and i am legit using GIMP on my laptop and i’m a snail so pls be nice}

ok this one is larry as bees :)))