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tyler bate { spiders }

   NOTES: Okay, so this is the second incarnation of that idea I posted earlier and this time, I’m attempting to w rite Tyler Bate, who I barely know anything about. So I apologize now if he’s completely not IC. I tried. I wrote it based on my interpretation of the guy’s persona thus far. Also there’s a little bit of Trent and Pete antagonizing the poor bby at the end.. Fluffy & steamy fluff. A makeout.. 

I wanna do Baron, Finn and Pete too, so be on the lookout for those. I already sort of have parts of at least two of them written rn.. If I don’t redo them, lols.

  TAGGING: @alexablss and @believe-that-001 since you are both angels and i love you and neither of you mind! If anyone wants to be tagged in the future, let me know. I don’t/can’t do requests, so this is not a problem, i won’t mind tagging anyone in my stories.

  WARNINGS: Amber’s penchant for swearing, partial nudity, a steamy makeout. That’s pretty much all, boys and girls. 

– Love, Amber.

“What the actual fuck?” I woke up from a dead sleep to feel something moving up my bare leg. It took literally less than three seconds to throw the cover off of myself and onto the floor and for me to start screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night.

But when I saw that eight legged fucker slowly making it’s way across the hardwood bedroom floor, that’s when I completely lost my shit. It looked like the Godzilla of spiders, and in my sleepy state, it felt like it was too and I shivered and grimaced as immediately, I was reminded of the slow creepy crawl made up my leg a few seconds prior..

I didn’t realize that my banshee like screaming had woken up one of my room mates  until he was standing in my doorway, a cough alerting me to the fact that he was there as I launched one of my favorite Jimmy Choo heels across the room in the general direction I’d seen the spider crawling away in. And looking down, I realized then, that naturally, I’d been sleeping topless, again.

Tyler blushed a deep red, coughing a little, looking at me as I stood on the bed and pointed a shoe across the room. “When that little eight legged fuck comes back out, he’s dead. If I have to burn this entire damn apartment down, that spider will not try to molest my leg when I’m sleeping again, ever.”

He chuckled quietly, and keeping his eyes off of my body, he stepped into the room, grabbing one of my Victoria Secret catalogs, slamming it down, I’m assuming on top of the spider. I was shivering, rubbing my arms and I went for a t shirt just so I didn’t make things any more awkward than they already were. When Tyler turned around, we found ourselves body to body, because bet your sweet ass I was creeping over to make sure Tyler had actually killed the damn thing and he wasn’t just doing this to make me think that he had when he hadn’t.

This little bitch wanted to see a spider corpse.

He swallowed hard and so did I, because our torsos were brushing and suddenly, it hit me.. Everything about him that I’d sort of thought cute and been attracted to, it was kind of.. Amplified somehow. Like I couldn’t stop staring up at his eyes.. But then my eyes darted down to his lips and I found myself licking my lips, wondering what it would be like to close the distance between our mouths and give the shyer British male one hell of a thank you for his valiant efforts in slaying my night terror.

“ All of that.. For one little spider, love?” and his voice sent this jolt straight to my core. I could literally feel my thighs getting slippery and my heart starting to pound.

{ Does his cologne always smell good enough to eat? Kind of like gummy bears.}

And then it hit me, the term of endearment at the end of the sentence, – hell, the sentence itself is more than Tyler Bate has said to me in almost the entire four months I’ve been sharing an apartment with him and his two best friends, but that word had my entire body threatening to melt, right there, on the spot.

He was staring into my eyes.
I know enough about him to know that he’s definitely more quiet and shy, he’s easily the easiest flustered of my three room mates. I also know enough about him to know that if he were calling me that then it meant something.. Especially in that tone of voice, deep and gravelly.

But when his fingertip slowly blazed a trail across my lower lip, I admit, I damn near lost all composure. A gasp escaped my lips and I found myself moving even closer to him, pouting as I looked up at him. “When you say it like that, Tyler..” I trailed off, going silent as I eyed his lips and licked mine again, my mind still wondering what it’d be like to kiss those lips, to be crushed against that body… To hear him call me love again.

And then, it wasn’t imagination anymore. He groaned as his hands slid down my side, giving my ass a good firm squeeze through the soft cotton fabric of my panties.. And I only thought I was soaked before now.. I was literally flooded, there was wetness practically dripping from my core as he swiftly sat me on the edge of my vanity table after sweeping hair styling tools, makeup and quite a few perfume bottles off the surface. And he practically growled when my hands ventured up his bare chest, fingertips playing at firm muscles before going to rest in the hair at the nape of his neck. I closed the distance between our lip and he moaned into my mouth, nipping at my lip and then using his tongue to part my lips.

“Tyler, mmm.” I whimpered softly, clinging to his body as he just stared at me a few seconds, the kiss deepening, making it harder for both of us to breathe. The door slamming shut would have had us both springing apart if not for the fact that we were so lost in whatever came over us that neither of us were really paying attention. My legs dug into his hips, clenching his body closer to mine, causing the bulge in his sweats to rub against my already soaked and aching core and he sucked in a breath at the way it felt, gripping my thighs as he growled into my mouth again and his lips strayed from my lips, moving lower, settling on my neck.

It was Trent and Pete from the doorway, clearing their throats and making suggestive eyes at both of us that had us springing apart momentarily, struggling to get back our breath – and our composure, because naturally, every bit of that was gone too.

“I was killing a spider.”

“So that’s what you lot are callin it now, hmm?” Trent snarked, chuckling as Pete gave a wink to Tyler and then blurting out pointedly, “This mean you’re goin to tell her?”

“Tell me what?” I looked from Tyler to his friends, obviously confused by the whole exchange. I was missing it.

“Bugger off, assholes.” Tyler grumbled, his face turning a deep red as he stared at me intently, brown eyes darting down to my lips again. I slid off the vanity table and made my way to the bedroom door on weak legs. I’d just closed it when I felt his chest against my back. “Tell you that I want you to be mine.. That I possibly drive them insane when we’re on the road, talkin about you.” he muttered next to my neck and I whimpered, the feel of his lips against my skin was amazing.

“You.. You do?”
“I do.” he turned me around to face him, giving me that lopsided and slightly cocky grin as he chuckled and asked, “Feel better now? The spider is gone..”

“Actually, now that you mention it and you’re in here, Tyler.. Maybe you can stay? Just so we know that more don’t show up?” I looked up at him, biting my lip, giving my best begging eyes. He pulled me against him closer and muttered into my lips, “That sounds like a fantastic idea, actually.”


take me down into the deep

Summary: Oliver and Felicity have known each other for a long time. Whenever he runs into a dead end in a current relationship, he shows up at her door. Or, more accurately, her window. Felicity is used to letting him in, comfortable in her place as one of the only people that is allowed to see Oliver in a vulnerable state. One night, a teasing comment leads to more than just comfort and it becomes impossible for them to go back.

Prompted by: @lovelycssefan

Word Count: 5057

Tagging: @wrongshipper @releaseurinhibitions @scu11y22 @pleasantfanandstudent @sakura-blossom62 @almondblossomme @miriam1779 (let me know if you want to be tagged in my fics)

Notes: This is obviously not the end of this fic as I’ve left it very open ended. However, I’m not going to treat it as a normal chapter-by-chapter fic since I have a lot of those already. It’s going to be more of a series. That’s not to say I won’t update it soon. I have a lot in mind for this universe.


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Under the Tunisian Moon

A/N: Inspired by this prompt. I’ve changed a few little things from the prompt, AND Rae and Finn don’t know each other yet. I have no idea how long this will be, because it took me a while to write the first chapter. I’m envisioning four parts, maybe? 

Thanks to the Anon who gave me this prompt! I’ve gotten another prompt since I posted this one last night. I promise I’ll mull it over, but I’m not typically the person to approach with prompts. Mainly because I’m already writing two other multi-chapter fics, and can barely keep up with the demand for them, between work and life and everything. But if I pass on it, I’ll offer it up to the fandom. (I think I have a few others way back in the archives I should do that with, too, actually.)

Without further babbling, I’m tagging those of you who expressed an interest (and a few others). If I inadvertently left you off the list and you want to be tagged in future (or if you DON’T want to be tagged) let me know. I won’t be offended if you’re not into this premise. :)

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Here goes … 

* * * * *

Rae stepped off the plane and squinted into the blinding mid-day sun. She dragged the round wire-rimmed sunglasses perched on top of her head down to sit on the bridge of her nose and grimaced. Her mother was going to pay for this.

Six days earlier … 

“I literally do not understand. I thought Karim moved to England to get away from Tunisia, but you’ve gone back three bloody times this year! And now you want ME to go?”

Linda placidly margarined her brown bread, set down the knife parallel to the side of the slice and looked up at Rae. “Yes, Rachel. Karim’s father isn’t well, and someone has to help out with the hotel. What are your plans if you stay here in Stamford? Sit holed up in your room listenin’ to Blurry Oasis?”

Rae brought her fingers up to her temples and breathed deeply through her nose. “First of all …” She started to correct her mother, but what would be the point? She just shook her head instead.

“At least this way, you’ll be earning a bit of money. And Tunisia is gorgeous, Rachel. The beaches, the palm trees, the buildings. It’s 30 bloody degrees every bloody day! I wish I could come with you! But, your sister … and I need to go back to the hospital by the end of July.” Linda took a bite of bread and set the slice back down on the plate. Rae knew this was a slimming technique, putting your food or fork down between each bite.

Rae had dodged previous trips to Tunisia: the first one was the impromptu marriage trip, and the other two were during the school year, and she’d stayed over at Chloe’s house. How did her mum think that beaches and sunshine were sufficient inducements? She was fair-skinned and more than fair-sized. She’d be chasing the shade all day.

“I don’t even know how to wait tables! Won’t everyone speak French or Arabic or summat?” 

“The people who visit the hotel are mostly English. Karim’s sister runs the hotel restaurant, and they can never keep enough English-speaking waitresses on hand. You’ll be doing Karim a favor, Rae.”

Rae crossed her arms and huffed. 

“And if you don’t go, I’ll make you get a job here AND force you to change every single nappy your sister produces. I’ll save them up for you, so they’re good and disgusting.” 

Rae rolled her eyes. “Fine! I’ll go!”

“Thank Christ for that!” Linda exclaimed. “Although, you’re probably the first teenage girl in history who had to be convinced to go to Mediterranean for the summer.” She stood up from the table and awkwardly caught Rae’s shoulders in a sort-of three-quarter hug, patting the outside of one of her shoulders. “And I’ll miss ya both, y’know? It’s goin’ to be bloody lonely ‘ere without the two o’ you gettin’ in me hair!”

Rae nodded, leaning into the hug. “I know, Mum.”

Linda returned to her seat for another up and back down again bite. “And it’s good that I trust ya to go, y’know? It was round about this time last year you were comin’ out of hospital.”

Right back to being annoyed. “Yeah,” she said, terse and tense. She was always exasperated by mentions of her hospital stay. It took her right back to her white cinder-block room, group sessions in the game room, and trying to get the independent station from Manchester to come in on the tinny radio in the lounge. It made her remember that she’d spun so far out of control that she couldn’t right herself on her own.

“Well, anyway.” Linda said, allowing herself another bite. “I’d wager you have a better time that you think.”

“Oh, yeah?” Rae asked, jutting her chin out. “How much?”

Linda pursed her lips and looked up in mock contemplation. “Mmmm, let’s say … a Walnut Whip?”

“I only want the Whip, but it’s a deal.” Rae flounced upstairs to start packing.

Back to a tarmac in Tunisia …

Rae and Karim were waiting for their bags to be unloaded from the plane. They had sat in comfortable silence on the journey. Rae had grudgingly grown fond of her step-father, though she still couldn’t understand what he saw in her mother. But now, Karim ventured a soft, “Thank you, Rachel.”

Rae turned to look at him through her dark lenses and nodded. “Don’t thank me yet. I could turn out to be the crappest waitress ever to … wait?” She smiled and Karim smiled back, shaking his head. “You will be … great.” Their smiles widened imperceptibly at the rhyme.

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Shipping, and why SOMETIMES I have to think about it Twice...

You know, I sometimes worry about the people who ship real people - especially in KPOP. I do it too, there is now way to deny that (not with my Kaixing blog) but at the end of the day - no matter how many times I tag something as “Freaking REAL” - I know that it’s all just fun and games (and fanfics, edits, fan vids, etc etc.). I shipped Yunjae growing up, and I’ll be a die hard shipper always, but I wouldn’t belittle or disrespect someones actual relationship if my ship started sinking. At the end of the day, when those two marry other people (because they have never admitted to anything) I’m going to be over the moon for them. But sometimes ship fandoms take things a little far. Most recently, I heard some people up in the Kaisoo fandom have been having issues both in and out of the tag.

Kaistal has been confirmed. It’s a thing. SM has reached out to both involved and proven it to be an actual relationship. And apparently fans already kind of knew it could be a thing?(some say they had a hunch since their trainee days… idk about that though…) But opinions have popped up about how it has to be fake.

Look, it’s cool to have your theories about it all - in fact I read some seriously convincing arguments back in the days of YunJae - but don’t you think that’s rude to belittle someones relationship? One that had been confirmed to be REAL by both parties?? Don’t get me wrong if Kaisoo (or Kaixing in my case) decided they were going to tell the world “hey yeah, we’re dating” I would expect the same behavior from kaistal shippers. It absolutely goes both ways. I would be happy for the ‘new relationship’ even though my ship had been shot down. Not try everything in my power to discredit them and prove my ship was the only ever lasting light of ships.

It’s respect for the people in the relationship. You probably wouldn’t want someone telling you that they still think the guy/girl you’re dating isn’t in love with you/faking it all because they love someone else. That’s literally horrible. K-idols are typically Okay with shipping, and that both sets them up greatly and badly. Once you get ships to become a marginal thing, it’s near impossible to stop that certain percentage of fans from hating on the person those involved with the ship are actually dating.

Again, I love all ships, and while I don’t ship kaistal or Kaisoo, I do understand what it’s like to have your fave ship go through that ‘damn, they just sank’. Literally people tell me all the time Kaixing is a dead ship, but here I am! All fluffy and ready to ship till I die! My point is that I just want to remind everyone that it’s not that serious until you start making the actual people in a relationship feel bad. If you think Kaistal is a sham, thats all you boo. Have at it. Just don’t make others feel bad for having a ship, and like wise don’t push your ship onto an actual relationship out of respect for those involved. There is no need to be nasty about shipping.