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1. January - Rin and Nagisa go inner tube sledding

I waited with posting the calendar art so I can do a sort of a New Year countdown with them, and since it’s already 20th here, here we go! I’ll be posting each next piece every day till Dec 31st! All calendar illustrations will be in this tag

Shipping, and why SOMETIMES I have to think about it Twice...

You know, I sometimes worry about the people who ship real people - especially in KPOP. I do it too, there is now way to deny that (not with my Kaixing blog) but at the end of the day - no matter how many times I tag something as “Freaking REAL” - I know that it’s all just fun and games (and fanfics, edits, fan vids, etc etc.). I shipped Yunjae growing up, and I’ll be a die hard shipper always, but I wouldn’t belittle or disrespect someones actual relationship if my ship started sinking. At the end of the day, when those two marry other people (because they have never admitted to anything) I’m going to be over the moon for them. But sometimes ship fandoms take things a little far. Most recently, I heard some people up in the Kaisoo fandom have been having issues both in and out of the tag.

Kaistal has been confirmed. It’s a thing. SM has reached out to both involved and proven it to be an actual relationship. And apparently fans already kind of knew it could be a thing?(some say they had a hunch since their trainee days… idk about that though…) But opinions have popped up about how it has to be fake.

Look, it’s cool to have your theories about it all - in fact I read some seriously convincing arguments back in the days of YunJae - but don’t you think that’s rude to belittle someones relationship? One that had been confirmed to be REAL by both parties?? Don’t get me wrong if Kaisoo (or Kaixing in my case) decided they were going to tell the world “hey yeah, we’re dating” I would expect the same behavior from kaistal shippers. It absolutely goes both ways. I would be happy for the ‘new relationship’ even though my ship had been shot down. Not try everything in my power to discredit them and prove my ship was the only ever lasting light of ships.

It’s respect for the people in the relationship. You probably wouldn’t want someone telling you that they still think the guy/girl you’re dating isn’t in love with you/faking it all because they love someone else. That’s literally horrible. K-idols are typically Okay with shipping, and that both sets them up greatly and badly. Once you get ships to become a marginal thing, it’s near impossible to stop that certain percentage of fans from hating on the person those involved with the ship are actually dating.

Again, I love all ships, and while I don’t ship kaistal or Kaisoo, I do understand what it’s like to have your fave ship go through that ‘damn, they just sank’. Literally people tell me all the time Kaixing is a dead ship, but here I am! All fluffy and ready to ship till I die! My point is that I just want to remind everyone that it’s not that serious until you start making the actual people in a relationship feel bad. If you think Kaistal is a sham, thats all you boo. Have at it. Just don’t make others feel bad for having a ship, and like wise don’t push your ship onto an actual relationship out of respect for those involved. There is no need to be nasty about shipping.