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[17′s Diary] 2015~2016 SEVENTEEN’s First Anniversary

2015. 01. 04. (Sun)

Choi Seungcheol: 
4 day break end!! Cleaned the practice room with a whole new mood, we must debut this year and reach the peak, I will start running again with my members starting from tomorrow kids!!!!! But, since it was a holiday, everyone’s skin got better.

Kim Mingyu: 
4 day break ends today!! I finally returned to the practice room!! *laughs* 2015’s first practice has come!! We cleaned the room diligently!! Also!! Staring from tomorrow!! We have to start practicing!! With a whole new mind!! 2015, all of SEVENTEEN!! Hwaiting

Boo Seungkwan: 
I spent the break happily *laughs* Changed a smartphone for my mom *laughs* I was really happy eating my mum’s delicious home food *laughs* The break has ended now and did spring cleaning in the practice room *laughs*

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