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Holla babes!! How’s everyone been? Its been so long since i last hosted anything cos uni’s been taking up so much of my time and fortunately, i have a week-long break after a month of exams, so i wanna introduce to you HYDROXED’S QUEUE GROUP!! Im so excited to host this cos i always need queues (who doesnt? haha) and im looking forward to meet new friends who are deffy always up for Q4Q’s xx


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H 👑

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Sooooo, this happened much sooner then anticipated. Like the first month off of birthcontrol, which I didn’t want because now I will have 2 December babies!!!!! Poor little bean, and around Christmas time too lol.
Symptoms: based on how I had been feeling since last week I knew I was pregnant but I was denial, but after every new symptom I was like “holy crap”. I was feeling super emotional, cried a few times because of how much I love my friends, cramping every day for almost a week, the sides of my boobs were super sore, and I actually started to feel sick and dizzy throughout the days randomly. Oh and randomly so exhausted I felt like crying.
Saturday I was supposed to get the moonsickness and I’m one of those people that gets it early in the morning and I never got it. So I went to target and got a cheap $5 test(bottom test) and there was a super faint line.
So I went to Walgreens later on bought the clear blue which came with the top two tests. I took the middle one and was like OMG. BUT I WAS STILl IN DENIAL. So I took my first digital and boom.
Soc was very very excited,as much as he can be because it’s still very very early in about 4 weeks 3 days. So there’s always the slim chance this little bean won’t stick but I’m hoping for the best at this point.
The fact that I have been sick so early is tetrifying(multiples scare the crap outta me), and I have been peeing a ton and have also been waking up wide awake at 3-4am. So this little sucker is making life hard, but I know the sicker I get the healthier the pregnancy is so im hoping for more sickness and dreading it too(I get severely sick, lose about 10 pounds).
So please send your positive vibes that this is a viable and healthy pregnancy, because even though the kid will have a sucky birthday, we love and are excited about our little embryo💛💛💛
Oh and I call it “he”. I think it’s a boy.


YOO im opening up commissions again, this time im keeping things more simple, since im pretty busy with school!

basically i have no money to spend on Fun Stuff and…I really want to buy fun stuff!! (looks longingly at new video games…)

i’ll draw pretty much anything, be it anime characters, furries, or oc’s. extra characters are $5 each. simple backgrounds are of no extra charge, and i dont do nsfw

i’m only accepting payments through paypal

if you are interested, you can contact me through tumblr, but its preferable if you email me! my email is, and thats also my paypal email now

thank you for looking!

Agent Carter S01E07 "Snafu"


Where to begin?

  • Ok first of all that Doctor is freaking creepy. HE GETS INTO PEOPLE’S MINDS and that is just the CREEPIEST.
  • Last time we saw Peggy she was being taken int custody by her peers. It’s weird seeing her at the other end of that table but I though it was also very interesting. Because for the first time since the begining of the series she gets to say anything on her heart without thinking about the mission or being afraid she’d be compromised. Of course at first she doesn’t say much but man, when she told the guys that they dont know her, they only have a certain image of her, I was like yeah you go girl!
  • Agent Sousa though, you could see how much he’s hurt because he’s basically just a ball of anger and fury. I did feel bad for him but I knew he’d end up believing her, it was pretty obvious. He has a massive crush on Peggy, it’s so adorable but sorry she’s too busy fighting the patriarchy.
  • And then, EDWIN JARVIS. I want my own Jarvis. I’m not even kidding. This is a man who forged papers to save his wife from certain death and even though it went almost wrong the first time, didn’t hesitate to do exactly the same thing to get his best friend out of trouble (after much panicking and thinking, but mostly panicking). I just … I have no words he’s just so cute and amazing and helpful and cute and just. Edwin Jarvis, I love you.
  • Peggy talking about Steve Rogers. Peggy saying she couldn’t protect him. Peggy smiling even though her heart was breaking into a million pieces. My heart couldn’t take it.
  • Dr McCreepy gets into Chief Dooley’s head and steals a thing and THEN PUTS HIM IN A FREAKIN’ EXPLODING VEST.
  • WHAT. THE. F.
  • My favorite part of the episode was when Chef Dooley decided he would sacrifice himself and looked at Peggy and asked her to avenge him. He looked at PEGGY, not Thompson, not Sousa or all the other male Agents. No, in his last moments he recognized Peggy as the woman who WILL take care of the injustice that was done to him. He knew nothing would stop her.
  • Oh and by the way, someone should ask Howard Stark what’s with the crazy inventions. Honestly, WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING.


people keep telling me to move on and get over it, well lets see its been 12 days and 16 hours since we last saw eachother, since the last time you told me how you felt about me, since the last time your lips touched mine and maybe im crazy or believe in unlikely miracles but i know you remember and maybe even if you cared about me even a fraction as much as i care about you maybe i would have been enough, our memories would still be engraved in your mind, my smile would be the only thing you love looking at and my voice would be the only thing you enjoy listening too. but maybe now i realize that i never really meant anything to you and i dont deserve to even continue trying to go on because of it

This is my second follow forever and since I now have over 1,500 followers I thought its time to make a new one for you lovelies. Any links in bold text are people im friends with/ their blogs are good quality/ I admire them. 

Also, sorry if I forgot any blogs or didnt mention one of your side blogs im following or something. I really didnt mean to forget any blogs Im following and truly am sorry if I did. (Also, pleas dont be offended by anything because I love you all and your blogs equally and wish I could follow more of you) Well here is my follow forever, enjoy!! 

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I know no one will really care to read this- especially since its a personal post, but 2015 was quite a rollercoaster for me. It had its ups and its terrible downs, but I dont think I would change anything.

I really opened up this year and Im slowly becoming more confident with my body and my personality. Yes I may still dislike myself from time to time but with how much Ive grown, I wouldnt want to change anything.

Ive met so many amazing people from around the country and i love every single one of them.
Ive lost friends as well, one of them i cant even talk to anymore. Yes i have regrets, but Ive come to accept what has happened and ive come closer with her family.

2015 was a time of self discovery for me as well. Ive come to accept my gender and embrace it, which wasnt as easy for me in the past. Same goes for sexuality. Im so lucky to have supportive friends to help me through that and i just want to say thank you

Im looking forward to a brand new year with everyone ;*

One of my good almosts.

I’ve known you since we were kids and I didn’t pay much attention because you were a typical messy lad. Also, I wasn’t really interested on anything too ofcourse, we were young. I’m not really sure why I have the time to write this down considering maybe you’re one of the ones I let alone slipped through my fingers by choosing to preserve a love that didn’t last as well.

Saw you in a café where I was working not recognizing who you were but you glanced twice to confirm if I was the right person.

I said, “Yes. I think I know you.”
You smiled and asked me to share tables after my shift.
That felt nice… honestly. You waiting there patiently to drop me home.

Day by day, schedules got tangled up. I found myself waiting for you every now and then but you never came in the right time I was there. You sent me a message asking: 

“Why aren’t you at the café tonight?” with a cute sad emoticon face.
“School.” I responded.

I wanted to say I was looking for you but I didn’t want to sound too eager and the fact I had someone else in a stronger sense that I could let my admiration for you be gone in a snap. Somehow, I sorta regret that now.

Months after not paying attention,

I saw you with another.

Even my ego wasn’t there to feel things with me, I wasn’t hurt. Although I certainly wished that I should’ve kissed you when I had a chance, on an empty parking lot or when we had an awkward silence right before I stepped down your car. But, I didn’t. That sucked.

Oh well.

Few months after, longer than I expected. I got another job.

Out of the blue, you texted me asking how much I’d cost you for traditionally painting a loved one’s portrait that would then serve as a gift for a family event. I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to give it to you for free because I used to do art for free but you insisted that I deserve something out of my talent.

“Be still, heart.” I whispered to myself. 

Told him to meet me up in this same café where we used to see each other but this time in a different location. I felt a bit uneasy so when I went, I saw him….

Funny because we were wearing the same color of clothes. I was wearing a navy blue skater skirt and a white top while he was wearing jeans of the same color and a white polo shirt. And, we laughed.

Round two of “That felt nice.”

After that, we discussed about the things I’m supposed to do, gave me a reference/photo to copy on and then you insisted to drive me home again. God, that’s a gesture that I’m never waiting for anyone to do because I’m used/comfortable of going home by myself all the time but when a certain person starts genuinely insisting. My heart stops for a minute thinking you’re probably one of the rarest.

Anyway, it was one of the nights I’m never going to forget because you introduced me to your car. Like, in a cute way. 

WHO NAMES THEIR CAR AS CUTE AS YOU DO. Like it was a person.

You offered me a gum and you popped one yourself (FUCK IS THIS A SIGN) but I kept my cool. Then, you turned on your music player I remember we listened to Ed Sheeran, we both loved him that time. We just kept on talking about a lot of things on the way home, there was no dull moment.

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova suddenly plays.

And you were like,

“Do you know this song? I love this song!”

I nodded and told you about the other versions I know. And we sang it together. And until now, whenever I hear this playing I recall those moments. Although the night didn’t really end with any mushy moves. It was otherwise just as plain as it should be. Still, you remain a good memory to me.

Two years after,

I was working in this new cafe, I had a customer that seemed familiar.

Then I oddly figured,

It was the person I painted.

I met his mom for the first time.

Introduced myself formally.

she proactively responded,

“I finally met the artist.”

and smiled.

Hey guys its been a super busy few months for me. Ive been in school the past 6(?) weeks and have just been too busy to keep anything updated. My posting is gonna be pretty spotty for a few weeks still but ill try to keep updated as much as i can!

Anywho some cool things have happened since i was gone!

For those that dont know, i really love caves and spend alot of time in them. I keep an updated list of every cave in maryland. My county has over 51 known caves, and hundreds of undocumented caves are expected to exist within it. Well last winter i was hiking in a very remote valley when i stumbled across a fairly large shelter cave. I checked multiple sources and the cave is not a documented cave in Maryland, so in a way im the discoverer of it! Theres some other really cool things in the valley ill tell you guys about later! 

Well, hopefully my posting will improve, and even tho i havn’t been posting much, ive gained alot of followers and im almost to my goal of 2000! So thank you all SO much! 

ok so im just gonna make a quick post since i read the last post i just reblogged

this blog will probably become ultimately inactive. even tho the Mo community will still exist and i could still build my character, Mo was more like a place to fill Anael’s character since he was honestly an In The Moment character who didnt have much background- MO was kind of a crutch.

and as nice as it is i dont personally wanna lean on an idea that isnt mine. i jumped to MO bc it sounded like a fun community but i havent truly made close friends through here and the lack of actual RP etc makes it hard for me to really devote time to this. if anything it just stresses me out!

if you want to follow me for art you can follow my main blog, @coffini. this blog will stay up for a while though.

Playing an other Rute - Mystic Mensseger day one and twoo (The diferences on route one and twoo)

So since I cant talk to my honey (I miss him so much ~) I gotta fill the time that I have left with something.
And what better then Mystic Mensseger???
Whait…I have followers that dont know what that is ?
Okay then … lets begin!
Sooo… you are on you´r phone, more specificaly on google play, and you see this app that is called mystic mensseger, and it says that its to chat with hot guys (its an otome game okay? But that´s what it says ) and thus you download the app….
But something happens.
Aaaand since I dont want to spoil anything becouse this game is better if you play it virgin, dont read anything more becouse it may…it will contain spoilers.
Intros aside, so I´m in my second route.
My first route was Yoonsung. (hes a cutie but…seven and zen are better) and I got prety interested in the story. But, I didnt had enough hourglasses to go into deep story. So I decided  to go for an other route and just joke arround and see who would I end up with if I gave diferent anwsors … but I was suprised.
This is problably the same thing with everyone but it suprised me.
So first day, in the prologue I made a diferent choice with the Unknown.
I told him he was creepy
and to my suprise he fliterd with me! I was like , does this jerk have a route or sothing ? Cuz later on you can talk with him on the messages … I mean he only sended me one but you´ll never know.
He was all like “Do you know the saying ” You´ll get something from older man if you listhen ? “ and since I tought that he might have some route I awnsored "I´ll listhen to you ” And he said he was joking but that he´d know that I would listhen to him.
And then he proceed into trying to make me go into the house and … to my suprise he gave me his photo. (Well…not realy him but yeah )
This didnt happen in the first route.
In the first route what he told me was that he wanted to make this, he needed to do this or God would be mad at him.
I was realy suprised but I continued.
Since this was a restart of the game, I toght that all the profile pictures and stuff would turn to the first ones that I encouter when I first started playing the game… but no.
It was the same ones that they had when I finished Yoonsung route.
Only the messages on their profiles (exept for seven) where the same.
I tought it was wierd but , maybe it was normal, maybe it was just random photos that appeared in the begining.
The intro ended and then you recive a bunch of messages from the guys right?
Yeah they where all the same buuut…..

Everyone awsors the same …..But not Seven! I answord him this in the first route and he replyed to me . He didnt reply . Wich I found to be very strange . The others seem to be a litle bit too close , like its too soon to be this close to me . Like , I´m already talking stuff with them that I only talked on day 4 Juumninm that in the first route was allmost absent is allmost allways here, while seven is ….absent …but that I think he was absent in the firstone too. …

Its pretty interesting to see the changes on this. 

But seven is intringuing me , WHY ARE YOU ACTING SO DIFERENT !? AND WHO IS THIS ELLY!?!?!?!?