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do you have fav mutuals?

yes omg i sure do 💕 tbh i love all them and …they are all my favs…. but here r the ppl i mostly talk to and love w my whole heart 

@hobisnovia 💗💘 @yiffxing @blackhoeaesthetic @jhopesfiancee @killv @4kmu @hyungsk @ibighits @fistland @rapling (NEL IS GONNA TEACH ME HOW TO ICESKATE OMG IM SO EXCITED) @cutejin @mukbangtans @gothicsuga @lucinaa @fapmonster @hobisbi @mygkths @epeks (mutual since the beginning of time. shes seen things ya’ll dont even know pls go follow mart) @biyoons @warmjins @hobispeach @lomlpjms @jhoe @alwaysbyrapmonster @yoongs-bitch @jho-seok  @yoonse0k @yoonseokswife @cozychim @waluijimin AND LASTLY my family @sugaas @agusts-d and @oneesamas


(time to post the oldest pics ever lmaoo also that picture of xero warms my heart !!! he’s smiling 💓💘💗💖 !! )

hello! i hope i didnt miss the tk meet up but my name is maria, 19, from canada & willing to do anything for my cat! i tell myself that my bias is xero (& yano) but rlly i love them all too much 💓 !!

been a toppklass since november 2016, and theyre the group that got me back into kpop so they will always have a special place in my heart :’^)

i dont have much to say tbh but i hope everyone is doing well !! take care of yourselves!! :’^) feel free to holler @ me abt anything and everything !!

**pls dont self- promote or delete the text (it wont show up on ur blog)**

Holla babes!! How’s everyone been? Its been so long since i last hosted anything cos uni’s been taking up so much of my time and fortunately, i have a week-long break after a month of exams, so i wanna introduce to you HYDROXED’S QUEUE GROUP!! Im so excited to host this cos i always need queues (who doesnt? haha) and im looking forward to meet new friends who are deffy always up for Q4Q’s xx


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  • stay happy and always remember to love urself xx


  • a follow from me (unless im following u alr hehe) <3
  • would be featured in a glam and fab page (under construction)
  • UNLI Q4Q’S!!!!!
  • joint promos, awards, networks, etc (upon request)
  • a squad with the best people around the world! :)


  • talk to me/message me (im such a talkative person irl and even virtually)
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  • have a similar blog style 
  • have a clean, neat, and pleasing blog/personality <3
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  • i made the banner, photo from tumblr :)
  • i was hoping to pick the winners next week (depends on the notes tho haha)
  • if you have any questions/clarifications, just msg me :)
  • pls dont let this flop babes huhu love u all xx


H 👑


hey everyone!  its commission time again, and this time im trying to raise funds for my room at kalahari for next years colossalcon.  its gonna be a big expense, and im paying it off bit by bit, but my one job paycheck isnt gonna cover everything(i am getting some help from my mom but i dont want to make her pay much since its my room)

SO, that being said, if you would be so kind as to spare a little money and help a gal out, it would be IMMENSELY appreciated!  you also get some art out of it so that’s good too.  :P

there are a few rules about how my commissions will go this time around

-i will NOT be doing fully detailed pictures.  i simply dont have the skills i feel like i need to do anything more than flat colors.

-no shipping pictures!

-NO nsfw

-and if you ask for underlan you will be ignored

-any extra characters will double the price, so please be aware of that!

-please keep it simple, im still practicing and anything too complex will be rejected

-i will not be accepting money through paypal.  i will, however, be accepting it through an app associated with Square, and will give you the information you need to send the money as soon as the commission is complete!

-ill only be taking on a couple at a time, so if you send a commission and dont receive a reply, you are likely on hold!  please be patient, as i have a job and a busy schedule outside of tumblr.

-please send your commissions through the MESSENGER SYSTEM or through SUBMISSION.  your commission MUST have a full body full colored reference and an explanation of what you want the character to be doing.  written descriptions will not be accepted, as my imagination isnt very good at working with just words pff

and that should be it!  any help would be so appreciated and if you read this, thank you!  if you cant afford a commission, but would still like to help me out, please REBLOG this post!  spreading the word would be a HUGE help!  thank you guys so much, and i hope to see those going to colossalcon next year!

a reason why im not very active on my art blog is that i have a hard time drawing requests

honestly its tiring to draw things for people without getting anything in return, like yes its nice to draw things for free to people but… What do i gain? I dont get much experience since i always have to draw the same things, sometimes i have an idea to make things more original but still.

I dont know how to explain this but, i feel like people appreciate my art cuz its free and not because its my art. Like, if it were art trade or commissions instead of requests, would i get that much attention? I dont think so.

aaah maybe im just overthinking it…

i’ve had th milk makeup cooling water fr like…. a day now and i honestly love it so much

i mostly bought it as a treat 4 myself bc it felt nice while i ws testing it in-store n i just got my tax return but ugh like

it Does feel nice like just as a treat but it feels good on my eyes esp since i dont like sleep much or when i sleep too much n m like.. More tired like it just feels so nice on my eyes and it feels nice in the middle of the day wen i still hve classes to go to but need like a little chill time

n i lov that it can go over my makeup without smudging it so i can do it in between classes and not have to worry about needing to fix anything and i’m sure it’ll feel so nice in the summer once it starts to warm up too and just

god i love it so much. oh my god

i guess its about that time,,,

seeing as that last post i made was the first art ive posted on here in a LONG ass time, i guess i should give a bit of an update so im not just “faceless tumblr shitpost man”

I honestly have been at a kind of disconnect with tumblr for a long while since a big chunk of the people i used to follow deleted way way back like a year or two ago now, and since ive been busy with school and stuff i guess??? idk its not like im deleting or anything thats just why i dont rly talk too much, even tho i used to like all the time when i first made this blog.

lately ive been using my instagram to post my art (kinda sparingly) and talk and stuff so maybe follow me there if ur interested. I also have a twitter that i barely use except when im really bored if you really really want.

im gonna update my about i guess, thanks for takin the time to read this

Agent Carter S01E07 "Snafu"


Where to begin?

  • Ok first of all that Doctor is freaking creepy. HE GETS INTO PEOPLE’S MINDS and that is just the CREEPIEST.
  • Last time we saw Peggy she was being taken int custody by her peers. It’s weird seeing her at the other end of that table but I though it was also very interesting. Because for the first time since the begining of the series she gets to say anything on her heart without thinking about the mission or being afraid she’d be compromised. Of course at first she doesn’t say much but man, when she told the guys that they dont know her, they only have a certain image of her, I was like yeah you go girl!
  • Agent Sousa though, you could see how much he’s hurt because he’s basically just a ball of anger and fury. I did feel bad for him but I knew he’d end up believing her, it was pretty obvious. He has a massive crush on Peggy, it’s so adorable but sorry she’s too busy fighting the patriarchy.
  • And then, EDWIN JARVIS. I want my own Jarvis. I’m not even kidding. This is a man who forged papers to save his wife from certain death and even though it went almost wrong the first time, didn’t hesitate to do exactly the same thing to get his best friend out of trouble (after much panicking and thinking, but mostly panicking). I just … I have no words he’s just so cute and amazing and helpful and cute and just. Edwin Jarvis, I love you.
  • Peggy talking about Steve Rogers. Peggy saying she couldn’t protect him. Peggy smiling even though her heart was breaking into a million pieces. My heart couldn’t take it.
  • Dr McCreepy gets into Chief Dooley’s head and steals a thing and THEN PUTS HIM IN A FREAKIN’ EXPLODING VEST.
  • WHAT. THE. F.
  • My favorite part of the episode was when Chef Dooley decided he would sacrifice himself and looked at Peggy and asked her to avenge him. He looked at PEGGY, not Thompson, not Sousa or all the other male Agents. No, in his last moments he recognized Peggy as the woman who WILL take care of the injustice that was done to him. He knew nothing would stop her.
  • Oh and by the way, someone should ask Howard Stark what’s with the crazy inventions. Honestly, WHAT THE HELL WAS HE THINKING.


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Sooooo, this happened much sooner then anticipated. Like the first month off of birthcontrol, which I didn’t want because now I will have 2 December babies!!!!! Poor little bean, and around Christmas time too lol.
Symptoms: based on how I had been feeling since last week I knew I was pregnant but I was denial, but after every new symptom I was like “holy crap”. I was feeling super emotional, cried a few times because of how much I love my friends, cramping every day for almost a week, the sides of my boobs were super sore, and I actually started to feel sick and dizzy throughout the days randomly. Oh and randomly so exhausted I felt like crying.
Saturday I was supposed to get the moonsickness and I’m one of those people that gets it early in the morning and I never got it. So I went to target and got a cheap $5 test(bottom test) and there was a super faint line.
So I went to Walgreens later on bought the clear blue which came with the top two tests. I took the middle one and was like OMG. BUT I WAS STILl IN DENIAL. So I took my first digital and boom.
Soc was very very excited,as much as he can be because it’s still very very early in about 4 weeks 3 days. So there’s always the slim chance this little bean won’t stick but I’m hoping for the best at this point.
The fact that I have been sick so early is tetrifying(multiples scare the crap outta me), and I have been peeing a ton and have also been waking up wide awake at 3-4am. So this little sucker is making life hard, but I know the sicker I get the healthier the pregnancy is so im hoping for more sickness and dreading it too(I get severely sick, lose about 10 pounds).
So please send your positive vibes that this is a viable and healthy pregnancy, because even though the kid will have a sucky birthday, we love and are excited about our little embryo💛💛💛
Oh and I call it “he”. I think it’s a boy.

This is my second follow forever and since I now have over 1,500 followers I thought its time to make a new one for you lovelies. Any links in bold text are people im friends with/ their blogs are good quality/ I admire them. 

Also, sorry if I forgot any blogs or didnt mention one of your side blogs im following or something. I really didnt mean to forget any blogs Im following and truly am sorry if I did. (Also, pleas dont be offended by anything because I love you all and your blogs equally and wish I could follow more of you) Well here is my follow forever, enjoy!! 

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I know no one will really care to read this- especially since its a personal post, but 2015 was quite a rollercoaster for me. It had its ups and its terrible downs, but I dont think I would change anything.

I really opened up this year and Im slowly becoming more confident with my body and my personality. Yes I may still dislike myself from time to time but with how much Ive grown, I wouldnt want to change anything.

Ive met so many amazing people from around the country and i love every single one of them.
Ive lost friends as well, one of them i cant even talk to anymore. Yes i have regrets, but Ive come to accept what has happened and ive come closer with her family.

2015 was a time of self discovery for me as well. Ive come to accept my gender and embrace it, which wasnt as easy for me in the past. Same goes for sexuality. Im so lucky to have supportive friends to help me through that and i just want to say thank you

Im looking forward to a brand new year with everyone ;*