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of grocery happenings and broken glass - sans x reader/self insert

HEY! Since it’s fanfic friday, can you do one with UT Sans and the “enemies to lovers” trope? it can just be a few scenes where the relationship changes. u dont have to ofc but idk i really like those kinds of stories :‘0c

Summary: You’re an enigma wrapped in a mystery, and he’ll do anything literally) to get you to solve yourself. (Or the obligatory fic wherein sans goes from wanting to dunk you to wanting to kiss you)

Notes: AAAAAAAA?????? AAAAAA. Mcfrickin. Love this trope. Bless u. blessed prompt. i had too much fun writing this help.

Writer: Mod Chrissu

The first time he meets you, it’s weird as hell to him.

Firstly, you are probably the best looking human he’s ever laid eyes on. Your hands are balled up and pushing into your hips, your head craned to look up with a sneer at somebody much taller than you.

When he sees who it is, the attraction that he felt immediately was replaced with intense anger.

His brother is holding a grocery basket, one that he knows isn’t his because it’s completely barren of any type of pasta or sauce. His grin is a little shaky, as if he’s apologetic, but also scared. There’s a few food items on the floor that are lying abandoned, so he assumes that the basket must have overturned in some way and Papyrus went to help you. So why did your expression hold so much fury?

He mosies on over, hands stuffed in his pockets. He’s gonna start out calm and cordial, and hopefully this human won’t give him a reason to dunk them into next Saturday. “hiya. what’s up?” He greets, keeping his tone relaxed and chipper, hoping that this goes well.

“SANS!” The way his brother says his name, almost in relief, makes his opinion of the human drop even further. “HELLO, BROTHER!”

You turn to face Sans, your face portraying annoyance. If it wasn’t for the fact that you looked like you had a problem with his bro, Sans might have considered using a sly pickup line. But no, you open your mouth and erase that possibility. “Oh, he’s with you?” You imply, pointing to the taller skeleton, who’s fidgeting nervously.

His grin turns a little steely. He doesn’t like to see Paps so scared. “yeah. s’there a problem with that?”

“Maybe. Anyways, listen here, dudebro.” Attention aimed at Papyrus again, mouth twisting into a scowl. “I got this. I don’t need somebody swooping in and saving me.” You rip the basket away from Papyrus and bend down to pick up the food on the floor, eyes widening when you see the damage done. “Damn it, the cans are dented!”

“listen buddy, i’m sure you’re just misunderstanding–” His patience is wearing very thin but an agitated sigh cuts him off.

“Look, buddy, I already had to walk all the way here because my piece of shit car broke down, I don’t need some random guy telling me off.” Your body language radiates don’t fuck with me today, and he doesn’t really understand why. “I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood.” Food retrieved from the ground and in the basket, you straighten up and give both he and Papyrus a pointed glare. “Now if you’ll excuse me, which I don’t really care if you do or don’t, I have to replace these cans.”

Without letting him speak, you turn on a heel and stomp out of the aisle, leaving him in dumbfounded silence. What the hell was your problem?

The next time he sees you, it’s without you knowing.

It’s been a few days since what happened in the grocery store, and frankly he’d be fine with never seeing your face again. Somebody so filled with negativity and hatred for others for no reason…He doesn’t like people like that. He’s glad he’ll never see you again.

(Except he does.)

He hears a scream before he sees the blur of a person being tossed out onto the sidewalk a few houses down from where he’s standing. He almost runs over to help until another human shows up. They step out onto the steps angrily, if their rigid posture and antagonistic stance is any factor.

“Get the fuck out, you waste of space. Don’t even know why I bothered with you. You’re nothing but shit.” They spit out.

“Nonono, no please, I’ll be better, don’t do this please–” The voice is so full of fear and regret, and it’s so familiar. He knows that voice. It stirs a forgotten anger in his chest, and finally he registers that it’s you, the human from the grocery store.

Your clothes are ripped in places, there’s bruises all over your arms, the shirt you have on is riding up and showing off even more bruises on your back and sides. Your knees are scuffed from your fall, and you’re barely keeping your torso up off the ground. Your form is shaking, soft sobs emitting from your mouth. What a moment to be observing you. To avoid being seen, he ducks behind a nearby trashcan.

“You were lucky, you had me to love you! I’m probably the only person on this Earth left that actually gives a fuck about you! None of your friends or your family actually care, they’re faking it!” The human on the steps barks, and he notices a glint from their hand. They throw it in your direction, and the bottle shatters on the ground a few feet away from you, pieces scattering all over the pavement. “Get the hell out of here, you damn slut!”

The human on the steps goes back into the house and throws out a bag of clothes before slamming the door. Sans turns away from the scene, expression a mixture of shock and confusion. He has no idea what to think. Obviously, the dude that just kicked you out is an asshat, but did you deserve it? He’s not the kind of guy to wish pain or suffering on anybody else, so no, he supposes you don’t. He goes to pick himself up off the ground.

Except you pass by. You notice him there. It’s silent for one scarily long moment.

“How much of that did you see?” You inquire roughly, voice cracked from crying. A pang of pity ripples through his SOUL.

“…all of it.”

Your face is unreadable, you just grip the bag you have a little harder. It’s plastic, so your fingers sink into the material like clay. “…Fuck off.”

He looks up at you in surprise. “what?”

“I said fuck off.” You hiss, your glare piercing. “Want to know why I got kicked out? One of the cans I brought home from the store, that your idiot brother made me drop? It was dented. So fuck you, fuck your brother, fuck everything.” You grit your teeth and march off, pulling the bag over your shoulder.

He scrambles up and after you, though a tiny inner voice questions his motives. What is he gonna do? You obviously don’t want to see him, your little proclamation proved so, so why is he chasing you? He squashes down the thought, unsure if he wants to know why.

“look, kid, i’m sorry.” He skids in front of them, chest heaving with the extra effort he put into catching up with them. “i don’t understand your attitude, or why you act the way you do, but acting that way isn’t going to change anything.”

“You know nothing about me, why the hell are you trying to do here?” You snap, dropping your bag. Despite being bloody and scratched and obviously injured, you still stand as if you’re super girl about to face off with her greatest enemy yet. 

“i have no idea. i don’t really know.” He almost whispers it, because he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, or why. “but i don’t want to be the reason you hate the world so much. at least let me help you find a place to stay for a bit.”

Your mouth twists, and a range of emotions flip through your face: confusion, anger, sorrow, and finally it stops on that flat mask you had on. “..Okay, fine.”

He breathes out a sigh of relief.

He finds you a hotel to stay in, and while he wouldn’t usually pay for a stranger’s stay, he does for you. Seeing the person you had to deal with, the way they treated you…Something told him that wasn’t the only time they treated you badly. That’s a scary situation to think about, so of course you would be bitter and angry. He pays for a week, hoping it’s enough time for you to figure out what you need to do or for you to get a job.

He escorts you to your room, and it’s quiet but it isn’t uncomfortable. You’ve been through a lot, he guesses, so talking about it right now would be a little much. Instead, as you both reach your room, he asks to come in for a moment.

Puzzled, you agree, and let him in. It’s a small room, with a dresser pushed against the wall adjacent to the doorway, a lamp in the corner, and a bed opposite the dresser. Another door is in the far corner, which Sans assumes is the bathroom. There’s a table beside the bed, and on it is a pad with paper and a pen.

He picks them both off and scrawls his name and number on it, ripping off the page and giving it to you. “the dude that kicked you out looks like another bad time waiting to happen, so if he shows up here, don’t be afraid to call me, ok?” 

The hand that takes the paper is a little shaky. Your eyes skim over the words written, and the corner of your mouth quirks. “’Sans’? Like the font?”

He shrugs. “i get that a lot. anyways, i need to get back, paps is worried probably.” He points to the paper in your hand, shooting you a reassuring smile. “remember, dude’s a bad time. call me if he comes back. or call if you need help in general. seeya.”

With a blip, he’s gone, and you stare at the space (now replaced with air) he was just in. The most dumbfounded look creases your brow.

“…What the fuck did he just do?!”

Funnily enough, after the incident, he cannot stop thinking about you. He passes the place you used to live every day, and when he does he wonders if you’re okay. He’d check on you, but he did say that if you had a problem to call him. So he leaves the situation be, letting it be in your ballpark. If you need him there, you’ll call.

It’s been a long day, so he decides to go to Grillby’s for some ketchup and conversation. It’s been a while, and he hasn’t visited the surface expansion of Grillby’s very much, so he should fix that.

He teleports just outside the entrance and strolls in to a chorus of greeting from the regulars. Doggo, Greater Dog, and Lesser Dog are wrapped up in a game of poker, with Dogamy and Dogaressa watching on the side and holding each other. There’s a couple humans hanging around, along with a few monsters that didn’t usually frequent the establishment underground milling about. He waddles to the bar and hops into a bar stool, leaning on the counter and sighing, eyes shut.

“heya grillbz, what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

A snort is his answer, but it sounds nothing like his favorite fire elemental.

He opens up an eye to see you, clad in a button up dress shirt with black slacks, an apron tied around your neck and waist. You look nothing like you did that night, which relieves him so much. There’s a hit of yellow and purple on your hands from the bruises you sustained, he notices, as you clean out a glass with a towel. Your nose is scrunched up from the bad joke he made, a small smile lighting up your face and causing a soft hue of blue to blossom on his face. 

“kid? that’s you?” He asks, opening his eyes fully, now very alert. 

“’Kid’ is not my name, but yeah, it’s me.” You also throw in your name, since you’ve neglected to tell him. Wow, your demeanor has changed completely since the grocery store fiasco, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see you smile, even if it is a smug smirk.

“well damn, you clean up nice. how ya been doin’? i’m assumin’ the guy hasn’t been bothering you?” At the mention of him you tense, which leads him to backpedal, “wait, shit, sorry–”

“It’s fine! It’s fine.” You cut him off, the smirk having been wiped off your face and replaced with a small frown. “They uh, haven’t been bothering me. Haven’t heard a word from them since what happened.”

He relaxes at this. “good, good.” He breathes, slumping against the counter again. 

“…What can I get ya, Sans?” You ask, setting down the glass you were cleaning and propping your arm against the bar, quirking a brow at him. It’s sassy as hell and it isn’t helping that you’re gorgeous.

“your number.” He realizes what he said in the middle of saying it and slams his face into his palm as you laugh. “…i am so sorry. i’m used to crackin’ jokes like this with grillby.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. What do you really want, though?”

Bless you and your nerves of steel. “uh, bottle of ketchup.”

An incredulous look crosses your face, but you grab one and slide it to him anyways. He twists off the cap and tips it back, almost spitting it out with laughter when you choke.

“Sans, the fuck?!” You stammer, and he wishes he could take a picture of your face because it’s so priceless. Maybe your nerves aren’t as solid as he thought.

If somebody told him six months ago that he’d fall head over heels in love with a human, and a human that initially hated his innocent soul of a brother no less, he’d laugh and call them crazy.

Thinking about it now, it’s not as crazy as it seemed. 

Because with every laugh and smile he gets from you, his SOUL thuds a little more forcefully in his chest, his face a touch blue-r, and he finds himself trying so hard to get them out of you that he doesn’t notice how deep he’s getting into this.

He doesn’t notice until his brother does.

“goin’ to grillby’s, want me to bring you back somethin’ paps?” He asks, sticking his head into the kitchen. Papyrus isn’t as oblivious as everyone believes him to be, and he proves it now as he smiles knowingly at his older brother, which only causes said brother to raise a brow bone in silent question.

“BROTHER, YOU SEEM TO BE GOING TO GRILLBY’S A LOT IN THESE PAST FEW MONTHS.” Papyrus stops stirring the pot of noodles he’s attending to on the stove to look at his brother. He notices, but it’s not like Sans makes an effort to hide it. He can see it in the way that he smiles sometimes when he gets a text from you, or how excited he is when he knows he’s about to see you.

He know what Sans looks like when he’s obsessed about something, or worried, or determined. Papyrus thought he’d seen it all. You’ve brought out a different side of him that Papyrus loves to see, because he look so happy nowadays.

“yeah, so? i used to go everyday when we were underground.”

“SANS, DEAR BROTHER, NOTHING EVADES THE WATCHFUL EYE OF THE GREAT PAPYRUS!” He exclaims triumphantly, pulling out his best smile. “…I am happy for you, Sans. I hope you bring them by soon to introduce them to me, because I would like to thank the person who has given you so much joy.”

It’s a rarity when Papyrus speaks in a regular volume of voice, and it shocks Sans to his core. “whaddya mean, pap?”

Papyrus laughs, turning back to his pot. “OH BROTHER, DON’T TELL ME YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED!”

“im-pasta-ble, i notice everything.” Sans’ smile turns wicked as Papyrus screeches out a warning to him and then he blips out of the way of the taller’s wooden ladle being thrown at him.

It’s become a habit, for him to watch you as you work. The way you move around the tables at the restaurant, the polite smile you give to the customers and the drastically different smirk you send him when he tosses out a pun, the lingering touch between you two when you give him a ketchup bottle. 

It kills him, in a way, because he knows what he’s feeling. He knows very well what this feeling is. His love life isn’t a very active one, but he does remember a few years back when he used to have a crush on Toriel, and this feels like that except new. It’s no longer a nice thought, but a fire that consumes his thoughts whenever he sees you. It’s not the heat of the blush on his face, it’s the ghostly imprint that your fingers leave on his. His SOUL doesn’t flutter, it beats purposefully. He knows what this is.

However, it’s not him that says or does anything about it.

As your shift comes to a close and he prepares to leave, you stop him. The place is almost empty, just a couple people wrapping up their meals or nursing their last drink. You look nervous, teeth gnawing on your bottom lip.

“what’s up?” He asks, and he almost jumps when you set a hand on ones of his, the one still on the counter top.

“Uh…There uh– There must be something wrong with my eyes, be-because uh–” You clear your throat, and he’s never seen your face go so red, wow. “Because I can’t take them off you?…”

He pauses for a moment before the statement processes through his head and his face goes full cerulean. “uuuuuuhh….”

“What…What I’m trying to say– Is it hot in here? Jeeze.” You tug at your collar, smiling sheepishly. “But uh. I was wondering if maybe you’d like to, I dunno, go see a movie? Or go somewhere for coffee? I’m sorry, I just really, really like you and I couldn’t be quiet about it anymore–”

You stop when you notice his expression. The poor skeleton’s face is completely blue, and his pupils have morphed into tiny hearts. He grabs your hand gently, and before he can chicken out he sputters out a reply.

“yes, hell yes. i’ll uh, i’ll text you later?”

It’s take a moment to sink in but when it does you smile so wide that it triggers his own. “Yeah! That’s cool! I’ll uh, be waiting? Yeah.”

Reluctantly he lets go of your hand and waves with his other, before disappearing and reappearing at the entrance of the inside of his home. 

You asked him out. You asked him out. He’s so giddy, he struts farther into the house and laughs, and it’s such a happy sound. He’s never heard such a sound come out of his body.

“YOU SOUND PLEASED.” Papyrus notes from his spot on the couch in the living room, wherein he’s doing some sort of human exercise program. Sans just beams in reply, hopping up the stairs two at a time to get to his room. “WHAT’S HAPPENED?”

Papyrus knows. He just wants to hear Sans say it.

“bringing them over later this week. you’ll see.”

(im srry im a writer not graphic designer :3)

anyways, i meant to do this for reaching 1k but then more ppl followed me nd here i am at 1.2k almost half of what it was after my first ff, and it’s almost my nine month anniversary of this blog so i wanted to do this now !! i wanted to say thank you all for following me, and sticking with me even after i decided reader fics werent what i wanted to write anymore and to the people that always support me !!

i lov all of you sosososo much, and im so greatful to everyone!! i never thought id get this far nd it still baffles me what people read my fics and actually like them ?? anyways, i’ll get on with it now. since tumblr sucks, if we are mutuals from a side blog then im srry it doesnt show up :/// also sometimes it doesnt show some mutuals ?? just know i lov u !!! ((nd if any of u wanna talk pls come message me !! chances are if were mutuals i wanna talk 2 u but im too shy :’)))

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anonymous asked:

Hello, Tia! I really like your art, it's very pretty to look at! I especially love your braces!Chara headcanon as an Undertale fan myself. But, what if Frisk had braces too? And have you seen Madoka Magica? What are your thoughts on it if you have? It's okay if you don't want to answer this ask if you're too anxious or anything, I understand. Keep on being creative kiddo! Hope you're doing well! :D

ahhh thanks a lot!!! i havent seen pmmm yet, tho a lot of my friends say that it’s pretty good so it’s on my “to watch” list! that list’s pretty long tho, and i dont have much free time at the moment, so idk when i’ll do it :0

as for your first question– tbh i’ve been thinking about that p much since the day i drew my first braces!chara,, they’d deffo look cute w/ them, that’s for sure!! 

as for the reactions and ect., i think frisk would be very exited about getting braces at first

but then, not w/out charas help (who’d definitely be jealous of frisk since their braces arent, y’know, permanent ghostly braces) they’d quickly realise that having braces isn’t exactly very exiting

…but then chara’d probably apologise for scaring frisk & would. idk. reassure them that braces are still not, like, the worst thing that could possibly happen to them and help ‘em out and stuff??


hey everyone!  its commission time again, and this time im trying to raise funds for my room at kalahari for next years colossalcon.  its gonna be a big expense, and im paying it off bit by bit, but my one job paycheck isnt gonna cover everything(i am getting some help from my mom but i dont want to make her pay much since its my room)

SO, that being said, if you would be so kind as to spare a little money and help a gal out, it would be IMMENSELY appreciated!  you also get some art out of it so that’s good too.  :P

there are a few rules about how my commissions will go this time around

-i will NOT be doing fully detailed pictures.  i simply dont have the skills i feel like i need to do anything more than flat colors.

-no shipping pictures!

-NO nsfw

-and if you ask for underlan you will be ignored

-any extra characters will double the price, so please be aware of that!

-please keep it simple, im still practicing and anything too complex will be rejected

-i will not be accepting money through paypal.  i will, however, be accepting it through an app associated with Square, and will give you the information you need to send the money as soon as the commission is complete!

-ill only be taking on a couple at a time, so if you send a commission and dont receive a reply, you are likely on hold!  please be patient, as i have a job and a busy schedule outside of tumblr.

-please send your commissions through the MESSENGER SYSTEM or through SUBMISSION.  your commission MUST have a full body full colored reference and an explanation of what you want the character to be doing.  written descriptions will not be accepted, as my imagination isnt very good at working with just words pff

and that should be it!  any help would be so appreciated and if you read this, thank you!  if you cant afford a commission, but would still like to help me out, please REBLOG this post!  spreading the word would be a HUGE help!  thank you guys so much, and i hope to see those going to colossalcon next year!

mooncactus  asked:

What do you want and NOT want for spx?

I kind of want the resurrected person to be skul. Mostly because I’m just desperate for val taking him out for food he wouldn’t have had when he was alive. Feeding him indian and laughing at his shock. Watching him freak out over cola. Learning how he has his coffee. That shit.

I’d also take the resurrection being anton and ghastly, because that was just not fair

But I really don’t want the resurrection to imply his family. I’m quite happy over here on the good ship valdug. 

which like. that. naturally. i want valdug. it doesn’t have to be explicit, i dont want the series to turn into a set of romance books. but just little things. death bringer, kotw levels of shippiness would be enough to satisfy me, even if its not stated outright that they’re A Thing. but i would like it to be out there that they’re A Thing, all the same

i want china trying very hard to get back into skul’s good books after the family reveal, because i like china and i want her to be putting a lot of effort into redeeming herself and fixing her relationship with skul, and by god is he going to make her work for it

i want alice to know skul better than she knows val. i want it stated or implied that skul has been putting a lot of effort into building up some kind of neutral-if-not-positive relationship with val’s family while she’s been gone

weirdly, i want more fergus. give me fergus interacting with skulduggery.

i also don’t want omen messing up the dynamic between skul and val. like, my feelings for omen at the minute is kind of like when the doctor regenerates and you’re just automatically predisposed to dislike the new doctor until he proves himself. that’s how i feel with omen. if he’s gonna be there, i want him to have his own dynamic with skulduggery and his own dynamic with valkyrie, and most of all to make me like him. which means the closeness between val and skul, issues resulting from her ditching him for america not withstanding, needs to stay untouched

and im kind of hoping it’s not darquesse coming back, because her storyline was nicely tied off in tdotl. and i can stick to my headcanon that after val dies, way way into the future, skul lets lord vile go off to find her and they kick ass in that alternate dimension together

also yeah i want them sorting out their issues. five years is a pretty long time. he’s probably missed her horrifically and is kind of stung that she left him so long. she’s feeling like shit for going. these two have serious codependency issues, the longest they’ve been apart since they’ve known each other is his year in the faceless ones’ realm, and that wasn’t by choice and he hallucinated her all the time bc he missed her so much. she barely ate, slept or did anything else re: self-care bc she missed him so much. five years. every time he called her he begged her to come home. i need them talking it out. and vulnerable skul. i dont want him just playing it off as ‘it doesn’t matter’ or joking about it. i want him to actually be upset about it. 

we had some nice hints in the last phase at val getting to the point where she’s recognised as a capable detective in her own right, not just bc she’s “skulduggery pleasant’s partner/sidekick/combat accessory” and i want more of that in spx. 

at the same time, i want skulduggery absolutely fucking people up for attacking her or flinging shit at her about darquesse. he’s missed her. she’s healed a little more than he thinks she has, and she was expecting all this when she came back. possibly he’s overcompensating just a little. 

what do you want/ not want?

anonymous asked:

hello hey hi um i dont know what to ask but i rly want to be ur friend u seem like a cool person?? soooo, which kpop song is your all time favorite? (not necessarily got7)

ofc u can be my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ummm oh boy it’s really hard to choose 1 song because kpop is a genre with so much diverse music but?? since my bias group is shinee i’d have to say anything from literally any of their albums ??? it’s really difficult to choose haha

anonymous asked:

i'm not trying to start drama but i don't know anything about s.e hinton as a person and you seem to have info. can you explain how she's rude and why you don't like her? :O

ok so sit tight kids i’ve been working on this for AN HOUR bc i started and i just got angrier and couldn’t stop so i’m putting it under a cut bc it’s long and ranty

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for the second time, please excuse this crappy banner i dont have photoshop access atm :’( so I’ve reached 400?!?! lil ol me?!?!?! thank you guys so much for following me, I love and appreciate each and every single one of you <3 since I didn’t do anything for my 300 follower milestone, i’m going to try to make it up with this one :) blacklist #ganj celebrates 400 if you don’t wanna see this on your dash!


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again, I love you all so much??? you brighten my day <3

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anonymous asked:

aaaa help i just finished s4 of DM and i need soft fluffy puzzleshippy feelings everything hurts please tell me lovely post canon things

When Atem comes back Yugi takes him out everywhere.

They hang out with their friends a LOT, especially at first.  They go places and just generally do stuff together. Getting Atem acquainted to just being a person again, and just reconnecting. Enjoying being together in a way they never thought they could.

And Yugi and Atem go out alone often, too. Just to a cafe, an arcade, to get burgers, checking out new game stores, the park. Any place they can get some privacy during the day that isnt just stuck in their room. Atem is used to the modern world, but theres still a lot of stuff he didnt get to do while he was sharing bodies with Yugi.  And Yugi just loves watching him get to do those new things. 

They both do this Awkward Staring Thing but they do it at different times.  Neither one of them notices for a while.

Yugi does it when Atem is trying something new and learning to be a person again.  Especially when Atem is happily engaging anything that isnt Yugi, and Yugi just kinda stares and watches him be hapy.

Atem does it whenever Yugis distracted with pretty much any task. Homework, mostly.

Atem likes watching Yugi interact with kids who look up to him, even if it still sorta makes Yugi a bit shy, hes gotten much better with it.
Watching Yugi just sort of blend in at arcades and have fun playing against other people and beating them.  He always wins.  So he prefers to play with Atem because at least Atem can beat him half the time.

Yugis favorite food is Hamburgers.  I wonder if Atem would prefer hot dogs?

Atem has a never ending beef with Pigeons since that one time in the park. Fuck pigeons man. They dont know when to quit.  He glares at them. Daring them to try anything.  Yugi thinks this is hilarious.

  He likes fish though. He likes fish ponds and feeding fish.  Fish are contained. Posses self control.  Yugi likes watching Yami feed fish.

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The thing is: when you've been sexually harrassed and abused a good number of times in your life, these ship wars are legit so insulting. The PTSD is strong within me but I always thought Sheith was v cute. Seeing antis scream the p word wildly is really what got me and made me wonder if I was in the wrong fandom :/ older men have been treating me like shit my entire life, i dont need anyone telling me that shiro isnt anything but pure and full of light especially since i use fandom for escape

Antis legit don’t realise how much damage how they are does they argue they’re doing it for CSA survivors etc yet in turn are hurting them more

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Im trans male and now that beach season is coming I was wondering if you have any advice on dealing with dysphoria since I dont have access to binders or anything like that.

I can’t remember the last time I was on an actual beach, so I’m afraid I don’t really have much advice to give.

If any of my followers have any advice for anon, please do feel free to add to this post!

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Im a bi female (I have a huge preference for girls though) about 5'8 I like to be outside and love bird watching though I'm prone to anxiety attacks when away for extended periods of time. I like to play videogames more than anything, being cozy in bed and playing an adventure game is the best!! I love seafood like shrimp and fish but other than that I dont eat much meat. ty in advance ^^

I ship you with Marin!

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  • she’s a very good cook and enjoys cooking you stuff; since she lives in an island, the seafood is always fresh, so it tastes amazing
  • will sing to you to calm you down
  • birds such as seagulls come flocking towards her and you’ll have the time of your life petting them

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why do you hate kurotsuki that much?

hhhhhhh oh boy

i used to be so indifferent towards it? like i wasn’t really into the ship itself but i could deal with it. but idk it just somehow exploded in popularity and i don’t understand why?? i get it being a ship, i really, really do. i just dont get the incredible popularity, especially when bokutsuki is an incredibly rare ship and yet bokuto has had just as much interaction with tsukki, not to mention he’s had a very large influence on him and the similarities between bokuto and akiteru have been drawn up in canon (tsukki has a brother complex, you can work with it when it comes to bokuto come  on) plus even bokuto’s teammates have pointed in canon that bokuto seems to have special interest in tsukki. so i guess i’m a little bitter towards it for overshadowing a ship that deserves way more attention than it’s been given (kurotsukiboku tho aaayyy)

thing is i could deal with it when kurotsuki used to be just snarky sex and bad jokes. but somehow people have been trying to work them into fluff and romance and i just??? don’t get how they’re doing it because??? even tho kuroo teases tsukki, tsukki has never shown kuroo anything beyond respect as his senior and mentor or complete and utter annoyance. and i guess it somehow annoys me that people are trying to make kurotsuki work with elements that aren’t even suggested in canon? though granted, a lot of ships work with headcanons the thing is, most of the time the headcanons have basis to work on and well…

i dont know. look, i like their relationship in canon. i like the mentor/student thing they have going on. i think it’s great tsukki has a mentor to teach him how to be better in his position since they share the same one, cos bokuto and akiteru can only teach him so much as wing spikers.

and as far as shipping goes, i really like the idea of kuroo > tsukki. but not even like… kuroo being in love with him or anything. just wanting to get in his pants and there being like a 645834983024896235% chance that he wont. ever. and throw in boku > tsukki too where kuroo and bokuto watch the megane babe walk past and then they look at each other like “aaayyy”

the thing is i dont hate a single ship in haikyuu? there’s many i’m indifferent towards but i never dislike. kagehina was close but i dont dislike it enough to get angry at it every time i see it like i do kurotsuki (tho some kagehina shippers make me very…..)

so i guess my hate for kurotsuki stems from a bitterness and how i just dont get how popular it is, and then just disagreeing with the way everybody else seems to ship it. i don’t know.

i guess the ship just managed to grind my gears enough for me to actually feel hate for it.

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Salty ask: 14,15, 16

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?
We need to really chill out. And people who have been following the show since S1, and been on tumblr since then, do not have the automatic right of being correct for ALL the things, ALL the time. The ‘casuals’ are just as inclined to an opinion as a ‘stalwart’.
Coz damn, do some people feel entitled!!

15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show?
Manga, dont know much abt that, do we have one for Sherlock?

16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?
I would have Steve Thompson included as a writer overseeing the scripts for S4. Coz damn he was good in S1 and S2.

i dont have much to be proud of. i dont always feel proud of anything. but my art has come so far. i still remember the first time and drew something and tried so hard. i was so young, and i was reading warrior cats and i sat down and drew cinderpelt. and i still have it. and i have come so fucking far since then. my art has grown and changed and evolved as i have. and i am so proud of how far ive come.

i try not to worry about things part by choice and part by worrying so much for so long thats so draining that you just dont have the energy to care enough anymore…..not worrying doesn’t necessarily save any stress while currently going through bad things and its not the same as being optimistic….i cant ever think that things are going to go well, also part by choice and part by experience necessitating that. and i still worry but i try not to since “constantly considering all the bad things that could happen” pretty much covers it and worrying doesnt do anything but wreck the time during which bad things might not be happening……but the thing is its always like “what will help me Hack my anxiety enough to accomplish this would-be unintimidating, simple task” and its like stressing out about the disastrous effects of Not Doing It only makes things harder… sometimes entering panic survival mode helps but that really cant be a good answer to getting everyone through their anxiety roadblocks. so far as i know the only way through is to try and stop worrying about it, aka pretend to stop. which i can hardly ever do regardless of how i think worrying doesnt really help that often. theres the unhelpful fact that theres always the anxiety loop of having to delay things because you’re too anxious, and the delay makes you more anxious about it, repeat infinitely. i guess it helps that im just prepared for disaster. kill me, sentence me to 200 yrs for my heinous crimes. if only i was already rich enough to pay someone to be a personal assistant solely in terms of doing extremely everyday tasks as a sort of filter for me. or being deceased would work too. i s2g

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I like your blog, but, a personal question: What do you think of Alexander II of russia?

thank u anon x also i gotta say i’ve never read anything about him i’ve only really seen him mentioned here and there so i dont want to pass judgement on him as a tsar/leader/person but from what i have gleaned he seemed to be pretty progressive domestically but his foreign policy was much more of its time. again don’t quote me on that because i really don’t know much about him but russian history is really something i should look into in more depth since all i know is the ussr. if u have any opinions/book recommendations i’d love to hear them