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I have a question! Do you by any chance sell anything especially jewelry, that works in support of mental health. Such as a semicolon bracelet or anxiety/depression awareness necklaces?? No problem if you don't, it's just something I'm in the market for right now.

Yes I do!! It’s something I struggle with too, so having jewelry that pertains to it has always been important to me. I’ve been wearing a serotonin necklace ever since freshman year of college and sometimes it even makes me remember to take my meds on time :)

you can find the semicolon necklace here

and the serotonin necklace here, the serotonin ring here, and the serotonin earrings here :) 

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.

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I've been questioning whether I like girls and guys for a while but I don't know what to do or if I should come out or just keep it all to myself. Things have been this way since grade 9 & now I'm almost graduating and still unsure of myself. Any advice?

It’s perfectly natural to be curious. Give yourself the opportunity to explore your emotions and your sexuality. You don’t need to share anything with anyone until you’re comfortable or ready, but what you’re feeling right now is nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not alone.

Who's There? + Mayday Mix
Wolf 359
Who's There? + Mayday Mix

I feel like someone’s probably done this, and probably better than me, but I couldn’t find it?

Spoiler Alert: Don’t listen if you’re not caught up through Episode 30: Mayday

so, me doing audio editing is like a pterodactyl trying to do open heart surgery with a sledgehammer. But I wanted to hear these tracks synced up. Best listened to with headphones, ‘cause in your right ear you’ll hear Who’s There?, and in your left, Mayday

I synced them as well as I could, there was like a twenty-some second discrepancy between them at one point, and again, pterodactyl with a sledgehammer, so. Enjoy?


That’s right. You’re insignificant. But though you were nothing but, a half-assed would-be suicide, you’ve harbored the intent to kill me, letting it fester for over a year… And in just half a day after you saw the news, you smoked out my location, and came here! That’s right, you came here! Yes, you came here! Could anything be more amazing than that? You’ve turned on expectations over their head. Thanks to you… Thanks to you, now I remember! Now I remember how I started! Oh, that’s right… Yes, that’s right… Ever since I came into contact with something beyond human, I might have been underestimating humanity. But look! Behold, Izaya! Do you see now Izaya? Just how magnificent humans are? I don’t really understand, but there’s one thing I can say, you’re the lowest kind of human. That’s fine by me! No matter how much you hate me, I still desperately, almost insanely, more than anything, more than anything, more than anything, love you!  

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5sos don't deserve that award plain and simple. Kesha has been working her ass off and she just put out some killer music. After it all, she deserves it more and I don't care if that makes some of you mad. 5sos have been going downhill since 2015 and haven't put out anything in so long. They shouldn't even be nominated for things right now. They could be great if they fixed their priorities like britts said. I'm not voting for them over a hard working women when all they currently do is party

I hope they can get their shit together man 

Listen….that Instagram is a MESS, no one deserves that, I do feel bad for Vilde, and the Pepsi Max girls can honestly go off and rot somewhere for all I care BUT I fucking hate how they’re making Vilde this “victim” and Sana the “bad guy” since she started all this without realizing it when it’s like no??! Vilde was still a shit friend to Sana who purposely talks crap about her behind her back and she’s still Islamaphobic as hell. Sana would never in a million years ever do anything to purposely hurt Vilde but now she’s gonna have to be the one to ask for an apology and make things right when it should be the other way around?? Idk this is all just such bad and messy writing.

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i don't want to sound rude or anything, but i'm just curious if there are any ml fics you're consistently working on/updating right now? i don't really keep track of fics since i don't keep ao3 opened or have an account. and i know you been having some mental health problems, plus i'm not sure ucf is even out yet (or if you still go there) since i graduated forever ago, so if you're still there rn you're probably working on finals on top of everything???? idk

I do go to Ucf, but this will be my last semester before I transfer to Valencia to work on my degree program! As far as fics go, none of mine are officially “cancelled” per se, but I am putting them off until I have the time/emotional capacity to do them. I’m in the process of moving both schools AND apartments, as well as fighting the big fight against my depression (today marks a month of medication and consistent counseling, go me!!), so writing about two fictional teens kissing isn’t really at the top of my priorities right now 🤷🏻‍♀️ my fics WILL be finished one day, but I can’t say for certain what day yet. Thank you all for your patience and understanding that I am an actual person ❤️

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Honestly Ariana and Miley's friendship makes me so happy??????? Like???? They love and support each other so much and it's so pure and bright and i just !!!! Like if their friendship was a colour scheme it would be pastel blues and yellows (bc those are the brightest/happiest colours imo) i love them a lot

Miley was talking to Nick Grimshaw yesterday and was like “I’m in this with her forever like, I want to keep making music for the rest of my life and I know she does too, and this event, if she wants to make it an annual thing, if she wants to do it every year or in different places, I’ll be right there with her always, like i promised her that and i keep my promises, and i think she’s found her real job now, her purpose, to help people” and i teared up a little bit like!!!! girls supporting girls!!!! is so beautiful!!!! and i love it!!!!

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I'm just as mad as everyone and I love sense8 more than anything right now but "they can't even give a real reason"? They're doing that nonstop since all these campaigns began, "not enough viewers" is a valid reason. Especially for a show that is expensive to make like sense8. I know on tumblr it may seem like everyone loved the show but y'all have to realize that a progressive show like that is still a no-go for many.. So really, please stop ignoring their reasons, you don't have to like them..

They haven’t been doing that AT ALL since the campaigns began. They only responded yesterday and I’m sorry but no, it’s not a real reason. They cancelled the show before it met the month after the premiere of the second season. You cannot possibly cancel a show less than a month after its premiere because of “viewership” if we’re being honest. It wasn’t given at least 2 months to calculate the amount of viewership. No one is ignoring their reasons, we just know better. And IF it was because of viewership, it was never advertised so the blame is on Netflix and they deserve to bashed for such nonsense when they’ve been cancelling shows with representation non-stop because they’re “too expensive” yet they never promote them.

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Hi, uh, if you don't mind, I'd love to see more of that killugon celebrity au you wrote a while back. If you do want to write more for it, I don't wanna force you to write it right away, since you're already pretty busy at the moment. If you want, you can just ignore this message completely, cause I don't wanna force you to do anything. I just thought I'd mention it cause I really liked it. But yeah, that's all, bye.

So…I find this kind of funny bc I wrote the celebrity au months ago, and then out of no where I got two requests for it in one week haha

But I’ve been seriously slacking for requests considering how many I have sitting in my inbox right now, so I hope this makes up for that slightly! Sorry for the wait guys ^^;

Killugon, modern celebrity au! (Part one)

“Alluka!” Killua shouts as he runs down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Alluka?! Do you see that crowd of people out-”

Killua stops short at the bottom steps, dread pooling into the bottom of his gut.

“-side?” he finishes after a beat.

“Brother!” Alluka jumps up with a radiant smile and the stranger sitting across from her twists around in the wooden chair. His caramel-gold eyes brighten the second they land on Killua.

“Killua!” Jajaken says loudly and something deep within Killua’s chest flutters at the all too familiar voice.

God damnit. He thought he was done with this crap.

“…you,” Killua says. “Jajaken. Why are you here?”

“Killua!” Alluka gasps as Jajaken pouts. “Don’t be rude!”

Killua presses his lips together tightly. Right. Alluka likes this guy. He better play nice or he would definitely hear it later.

“And my name is Gon Freecss, not Jajaken,” the celebrity points out. Killua just makes a face at Jaja- Gon, his name is Gon- and slowly pads into the kitchen. 

He ignores the weight of Gon’s gaze digging into the side of his face as he reaches for the filled coffee pot. He says, “That doesn’t answer my first question. What the hell are you doing in my house?”

Alluka immediately chirps, “He’s visiting! Isn’t that right, Gon?”

Killua nearly gags. His sister sounds like a love-struck teenager.

Gon’s laughter reverberates around the small room like bells though, like he doesn’t mind the attention, and why would he- Jajaken is a international star. Meeting him accidentally nearly a week ago now after passing out and falling into his arms on the red carpet had been surreal enough. Turning around and seeing the guy sitting at Killua’s kitchen table, all bursting grins and caramel skin and melodic voice-

Killua’s face starts to grow warm and he inwardly curses. He’s so stupid. God.

“I am visiting, but I have a question to ask, actually,” Gon admits, tone almost shy. He peeks at Killua and the pale teen’s stomach flips. 

What was going on?!

“I, um. I wanted to know….Killua, would you like to spend the day with me? I only have a few more days here and you offered to show me the sights of Yorknew when we met last week.”

Killua’s mind whirls. He had said that, sure, but. He never expected Gon to take him up on the offer! He’d assumed the famous freckled teen had other, better things to do than follow Killua around.

But the way Gon stares at him, gaze shinning with something that Killua recognizes as curiosity-eagerness-hope-

“I’ll take you anywhere you want for lunch, it that will convince you,” Gon offers and Killua straightens.

“Anywhere?” he asks, trying to keep the excitement out of his tone. “You’re not lying to me, are you Freecss?”

Gon’s smile is bemused. “Mhm, anywhere you want.”

Killua’s heart pounds. Anywhere, Gon said. That means he can drag Gon to that new super expensive chocolate store downtown and make him buy all the sweets Killua could ever want… 

“Is that a yes?” Gon asks.

Okay, sure. Why not? If a celebrity wants Killua’s attention, he isn’t about to say no. 

“Yeah,” Killua says as a grin starts to tug at his lips. “It’s a yes.”

Gon’s entire face lights up, like Killua had just told him he won the lottery. “Great! It’s a date then!”

Killua’s smile freezes in place. Wait, what?

“A…date?” he says weakly and when Gon laughs again, Killua’s mouth goes dry.

How could laughter sound so stupidly nice like that?!

“Yep!” Gon says happily. “Go get dressed and we’ll head out. Okay?“

Killua doesn’t know what to say to that. But then Alluka jerks her head to the stairs and Killua’s feet somehow start to move of their own accord.

He’s passing the front door again when he hears Gon say thoughtfully to his sister, “We should probably go out your basement though, if that’s okay with you. I don’t want the paparazzi to see us leaving. I could always tell them Killua is just someone I keep running into, but I’d rather avoid them all together…”

Killua’s head spins and he takes a deep breath to steady his pounding heart. If this is what the morning was like, today was sure to be one hell of a day.

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What about an omegaverse klance AU where Lance ends up getting pregnant. Lance is devastated but learns to accept it and it gets all domestic and cute. But then angst (bc y not) and the stress of back to back missions cause a miscarriage (you don't have to write anything I just wanted to share ideas💕💕💕)

Oh hello! 

Your idea is so ??? great??? i looooove it! thank you for sharing this idea with me♥    to be honest, i do want to write this!  and i was planning of not answering this ask until i had it done!  But i have other stories right now, and i’m trying to traslate one to english…. So, you get idea!  

Maybe when i have some free time i’ll give it a try!  this is good angst. ♥  just imagine the reaction of the team!  And just picture this: 

Since the miscarriege, Lance becomes really queit. He’s just… Not himself. Nobody is, of course. Everyone is affected. But Lance… He can’t sleep, he can’t eat, he talks to no one but Keith. And the only thing he does is crying. 

Keith is no better. He gets into a really bad feral mode. The first few days he lets absolutely no one get close to his omega. 

He sometimes cries in Shiro’s shoulder. Refusing himself to break in front of Lance, because the omega already was in a delicate state and needed him to be a strong figure. Or so he thought of course. 

Idk that’s all i have for now lol 

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Hi! I don't know how to ask this but... could you maybe write something fluffy and soft? Maybe with winteriron? I'm kinda in need for fluff and nice things, kinda had a pretty bad morning and I think the rest of the day is either going to be as shitty or worse so... not entirely looking forward to it x). I just really love your writing and what you do is so nice and good, and just good for the soul, really. Thank you for writing all you write! And you don't *have to* just asking! Lots of love!<3

I’m really sorry you’re having a tough day! I can’t write anything out for you right now (I would if I could!) because I’m going to be out for a while, BUT, there’s a Winteriron fic that’s been sat in my google docs since February now. It’s not finished, and probably won’t ever be, and it’s a really rough draft- but there are some pretty fluffy moments in there, so if you want to read it then the link is here

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Hi, I want to ask for some advice. Sorry I don't speak English well. I'm a Muslim girl. I can't fast right now because "I'm sick" (you know, that time of the month). Today I went to the gym to work out. And I drank some water, and some other Muslims saw it, and felt like they where judging me. I felt very bad about it :/ what should I do?

As Salamu Alaikum Sister ♡

Your English is just fine ♡ Ma shaa Allah

You don’t have to do anything, some people can be very judgmental, but you didn’t do anything wrong especially since you cannot fast anyway ♡

As Muslims they should be the ones ashamed as they should not be concentrating on potential sins by other people, they should be concentrating on themselves. They don’t know why or why not you are fasting and shouldn’t assume you are doing something wrong ♡ it’s not for other people to judge ♡

Unfortunately, people can be like this, so if you want to avoid people being suspicious of you, rather don’t drink or eat very publicly during fasting times ♡ we cannot help other people’s thoughts ♡

I hope my answer has helped you, Ameen ♥

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I just wanted to let you know that I have a ton of respect for you. Since I have followed you, you have always been open about your personal life which is something I'd be terrified to do (hence me writing this through anon). Every time I see you get hate, it breaks my heart because you are nothing but kind to people and you don't deserve anything but good. I am so sorry for the bad that has come your way but I am so grateful for you, your personality, your openness, and your blog!

Can I just say how moved I am by your ask? This isn’t me being funny or anything, I’m serious right now. Thank you for that, all of that. You’re amazing and I love you. I really needed to hear all that — times have been not so great for me. 💜

It’s no secret that I have had a hard life (I think everyone knows my story by now) but I try to remain positive (well, as best that I can) through it all. Cause life is just too damn short. Too goddamn short to be angry and nasty all the time. I spent most of my late teens/early 20s strapped to a hospital bed, flicking the world a middle finger and giving up. What life is that? For anyone?

We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, I probably know that better than most, so why waste it being cruel? Why waste it on things that we don’t like or don’t matter? Fill your life with the good stuff, the stuff that leaves you with a shit eating grin and a stomach full of butterflies.

However, don’t ever let anyone walk all over you and make you feel like dirt. Hold your ground and respect yourself. You’re worth that.

Be good. Be kind. Be smart. Love life.

We Don't Talk Anymore - 4/4

You all know how I feel about posting on mobile but I haven’t been feeling well and my laptop is upstairs so mobile’s just gonna have to do for right now…

It had been over a year since she’d last heard anything from Ashton Irwin. When the awful spilt had happened with the infamous drummer, she made sure to up and leave Australia and cut out any form of communication he could possibly have with her from changing her number to blocking him on every form of social media. It took a bit to adjust to the new life style and season changes, up and moving from warm and sunny Sydney to always cloudy London town, but she was adjusting, for someone that had left all her family and friends behind that is.

Y/n was making her way down Oxford street in a hurry, coffee in hand since she was already late to meet this blind date Stasha had set her up on. It was her way of ‘helping’ the girl get over her obnoxious feelings for the drummer that she never could seem to get over. She took a quick glance at her phone noting the time and how she was much later than she should’ve been, mostly due to Stasha once again sticking her nose where it shouldn’t have been. She looked up in time to see a man walking out of the Cumberland, stopping short almost avoiding her, but almost wasn’t good enough because in an attempt to save her beloved white chocolate mocha from starbucks, she spilled it all over the blonde in front of her.

“Christ,” he hissed pulling the shirt from his chest so it wouldn’t burn his skin, y/n looking up at the sound of the familiar ‘Straya voice meeting the bright blue orbs that belonged to Luke Hemmings.

“Oh no…” she mumbled getting an awful feeling inside when he finally recognized the girl in front of him.

“I…y/n? Is that you?” he asked furrowing his brows together as she looked away from him towards the door quickly catching a climbs of the brown mop she knew belonged to Ashton making its way through the lobby of the hotel.

“I need to go, Luke,” she said trying to walk by the 6’4 penguin, only to be stopped by his wingspan crushing her in a tight hug. “Or not.”

“We missed you so much!” he said excited, completely oblivious to the fact that his best mate, her ex boyfriend, was making his way through the doors to the lobby looking at him confused as he crushed a random girl to death.

“Luke mate, I don’t think the girl can breathe,” Ashton teased as he watched Luke let her go, his expression changed when he caught a glimpse of her side profile, heartbeat quickening as his stomach dropped completely. “Y/n…? W-what….how long have you been in London?”

“Long enough,” she mumbled looking at him for a moment seeing the heartbreak in his brown eyes killing her slowly as she wanted to reach out and make the hurt go away.

But who would do that for her?

“I…I’ve been trying to call you…we really need to talk,” he said reaching out grabbing her hand. “It’s important.”

“I’m late for something, Ashton…I can’t just stop my life to accommodate you,” she said throwing the jab he knew was coming as he let go of her frowning more, if possible. “It was nice seeing you,” she mumbled starting her walk once again as he sighed.

“If you change your mind…my number hasn’t changed,” he said watching her form walk away without any response. “I fucked up…”

Magazines, radio ads, tv commercials…she just couldn’t escape him, and after ten years of friendship and three years of a relationship, she didn’t want to escape Calum, but she wasn’t really given a choice. Not when he up and left her for his opening act, not even two weeks after the devastating split. And what made it worse was the three month old girl cradled in her arms nearly the spitting image of her father.

“Bella,” y/n sang as she rocked the little girl from side to side trying to keep her calm as she prepared a bottle, her boobs sore and tender from pumping the night before not wanting to even think about the little mouth latched onto her trying to feed. “You get to see Grammy today while mummy works on a few things. Isn’t that exciting?”

She may not have told Calum about the small inconvenience to his life, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to keep her from the rest of his family, who still couldn’t understand why he would throw away one of the best relationships he’d ever had for a girl that couldn’t even compete with his ex. Joy loved having Bella around, even agreeing to watch the girl every Tuesday and Thursday regularly while y/n worked to make an honest living.

She slept most of the ride over, and by most, she fell asleep just as they pulled into the drive of the Hood household. The good thing about Joy was she was always prepared when it came to watching Bella having toys and spare diapers around, but y/n had extras just in case.

“Hi joy,” she said walking into the house knowing it was unlocked just like it was every Tuesday, setting the diaper bag on the floor right by the door as she kicked it closed behind her not noticing the familiar hair that belonged to her ex and his girlfriend seated on the couch, their forms just out of her line of vision, automatically ready to walk to the kitchen where Joy usually was. “She just ate so she should be fine for a bit. I made a couple of bottles that are in the diaper bag, and there’s-,”

“What the fuck?” Calum asked startling her as she nearly dropped the carrier, head turning to see him standing from the couch. “What the hell’s going on?”

“Calum quiet down. She’s asleep,” joy scolded taking the carrier from y/n. “How long do you need me to keep her?”

“Um…I have the training thing and I really need to go shopping so it shouldn’t be too long, but a nap couldn’t hurt,” y/n said trying to ignore that Calum was right there near her for the first time in a year. “About four?”

“How about five and stay for dinner?” Joy asked not really giving her a choice, y/n nodding before quickly leaving the house without so much as another word spoken before nearly breaking down in the car.

“Mom…whose kid is that?”

“Oh my god….oh. My. god…” y/n mumbled as she looked at the name at the top of her snapchat lost its bold pink lettering showing that he had opened the picture. “Oh my fucking god” she groaned laying back on her bed tugging at her hair. Stressed was an understatement. She was full blown freaking out and there was nothing she could do to fix it.

Sending nudes wasn’t something she had really ever done before, but when you’re lonely and the guy you like’s been asking for them, you just kind of decide it’s a great idea, even if you know it shouldn’t be done.

And then… you accidentally send them to the wrong person.

Her phone started vibrating repeatedly, and she didn’t need to look at the caller ID to know it was Luke calling her about the risque photo now a distant memory to them both. The only thing saving her is the fact he was halfway around the world in the middle of a tour, so there was no way he’d come knocking on her door anytime soon giving her time to let this blow over before she saw him again. In three months

Her phone started vibrating again, this time indicating the slue of texts coming in one by one.

Answer the phone.
We need to talk y/n
Is everything okay back home?

She sighed leaving his messages on read before turning her phone off hiding it in the drawer in her nightstand. It’s bad enough she just sent these personal pictures to someone they weren’t intended for…but of all people, it just had to be her best friend and crush.

“Just….just ignore him y/n…he’ll just forget about it and you two can pretend this never happened…” she mumbled to herself as she closed her eyes sighing once again.

“I haven’t seen Michael around lately,” y/n’s older brother stated as he tuned the strings on his guitar. “Are you two fighting?”

“Not exactly,” she mumbled trying not to think of the last time she had seen him…the two of them naked, drunk, in Calum’s bed. His face buried in her neck a he fucked her slowly hitting every spot perfectly as she moaned his name, tugging on his blonde hair in pleasure. She knew the way he had taken his time with her it wasn’t just sex to him…and that scared her a hell of a lot more than it should’ve.

She tried to shake the thought out of her head, reminding herself she’s the one putting distance between her and Michael, starting when she left him lying there without saying goodbye, ignoring his texts and calls for the week right after, and purposely missing out on hanging with him and the guys.

“It’s not like you two to avoid each other…what happened?” he asked knowing it had to be serious, because even during a fight, he would still show up on their doorstep, the two going upstairs to argue before finally making up.

“We had sex and now it’s awkward,” she explained sighing softly, her brother chuckling slightly at how she tried to play it off. “It’s not fucking funny.”

“It only took you two three years to finally get together. So, why is it awkward? Was he bad or something?” She shook her head rolling her eyes at him.

“No…it was great…but he’s my best friend and you don’t fuck your best friend…that’s not supposed to happen.”

“Sis…we all know that you and Michael have a thing for each other so get over yourself,” he huffed strumming the his guitar as the doorbell rang, y/n jumping up from her place on the couch opening the door to reveal the blond standing at her door, snapback turned on his head as he stood there nervous as hell.


I was asked on how to do a ‘painted’ background, but I don’t really have anything to say there. Just practice, practice, practice! Instead, I’ll just do a sidescroller map so here’s essentially what goes in to doing them. Internet connection is weak here right now, so I can’t do much. Sorry!  

First, create a parallax tileset and upload it to Resource Manager<Graphics/Tilesets

The pink area is where the player character can walk.

And after!

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Unnie, since I loved your drunk!svt headcanons can you do a got7 one??? They've been taking over my life with their damn teasers for Turbulence and Jinyoungs never seemed so fine I don't know what to do

with Real Got7 on netflix they have really been swerving into my lane lately. and tbh i forgot how bad their hair used to be and now it’s like damn beautiful in comparison.

anyway, drunk!Got7, here i go…

Jinyoung: the grumpy drunk. gets pissed off with anything and everything around him when he gets the right amount of booze in his system, and he whines about it like a small, angry toddler. suddenly his shoes are too tight, and Jackson is more annoying than ever, he’s horny but he doesn’t want anyone to touch him, the music is too loud, but don’t dare turn it down when it’s his favourite song, and he’s starving but nothing is the right food. so when this happens (unless you’re JB) it’s pretty much just easiest to put him in the corner and let him sulk out his toddler tantrum.

Mark: the slutty drunk. he may be a quiet little peach on the regular, but gets a couple of drinks into him and uses this as an excuse to get his slut on. and no one bothers to stop him. some nights he could end up on his knees in the middle of a party with a gorgeous guy’s cock in his mouth, or take two or three girls back to his room in a night. (and in the morning will return back to the quiet little mouse he is, pretending that no one even heard their screams of pleasure as he pounded them into the mattress.) 

Jackson: the worst kind of frat boy drunk. bugging everyone else to take shots, always wants to smoke up when he’s drunk (off someone else’s stash), gets incredibly horny and touchy feely, and likes to scream really loudly at random increments for no apparent reason. can hold his liquor fairly well, but doesn’t know his limit – so every single time he drinks way too much for his body weight and ends up passed out in a puddle of his own vomit, or loops someone into taking care of him, which will be a long, painful night for them.

JB: the brooding drunk. depending on how drunk, could very easily snap and get into a fight – but only if he thinks someone is ‘getting in his face’, or is mistreating his boys. Gets very stony faced and no one can really tell what he’s feeling, if he’s happy, horny, or about to cut a bitch. But he likes to keep his drinking under control so that he can still take care of his boys when they’re dancing, hooking up, or puking their guts up.

Bambam: the “random” drunk. when he gets drunk enough, you never know what’s gonna happen; the only dance move he knows is dabbing, when he speaks it’s complete babbling gibberish, he is always the one who recommends junk food runs/sloppy, greasy take-out runs, says he is going to do parkour and rolls sideways onto a couch, basically a hyper mess as a drunk.

Yugyeom: the peaceful drunk. he gets a good buzz going quickly and just smiles a lot, but doesn’t talk much or get very chatty while drunk. perfectly content to sit and listen to other people chatter on, cuddle with other people if they want to cuddle, and maybe even dance with other people if they want to dance (and will break out his slutty slut dances if he does). a pleasant drunk, but very lazy, and likely to curl up and fall asleep somewhere if there’s not much activity going on.

Youngjae: the giddy drunk. so happy and giggly, smiling 10x more when intoxicated (if that’s at all possible for him), laughs at absolutely everything, even when it’s not funny, and gets very hyper and happy about everything. doesn’t hold his booze very well at all, and reaches his full capacity after about one or two drinks. very easily loses his balance and stumbles on his feet, meaning he tends to stick to sitting; when he does stumble, he finds this incredibly hilarious and his laughter just makes it harder for him to get up.

(this was too much fun to write tbh)


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hey i'm sorry if i'm bothering you but i don't know who i should ask right now. do you perhaps have any motivational thing to say to someone who wants to be a musician? i have this maschine mk2 since last january and i still didn't manage to create anything mainly because depression is holding me back and i really want to be a producer in the future and write my own lyrics and so on but i have no motivation at all i cant even get out of bed and i feel so helpless idk sorry if i'm annoying

Just listen to music you like until you get that feeling™ when you really love the song you’re listening to. When you’re in that mood, try to recreate that song (you won’t be able to). You will instead create a song that has the same feel of that one song you love, but is your own.