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i just realized that i’ve been awake since like 11AM and i haven’t posted anything today yet so here’s just a post today to remind y’all that i’m alive and (hopefully) healthy

Thank you :)

I no longer do milestone for my following count ever since I reached 150 followers or so because of the amount of porn blogs and irrelevant blogs that followed me. It make me feel like some of my followers aren’t really there.

However, I tried my best to block them one by one, and now I just want to say thank you for the genuine 1400 followers of mine.

You guys are awesome. No art this time though, I had no time to draw anything.

i saw this post at like 2am and i had to rush to my computer to draw this hell…..horrible jean passione 

listen do you guys know how great it is that trevor daley won another cup!!! i come from the same neighbourhood that he grew up in and there has never been enough funding to support hockey in communities full of primarily children of colour like ours, so you can imagine how all the kids here have been in love him ever since he, a person of colour playing hockey, brought the cup here last year!! there aren’t a lot of athletes or role models coming out of regent park let alone be 2-time champs!! representation matters and you don’t have to be a pens stan to support the success of black hockey players!!!

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So, I've wanted to write a book for a while now. I have an idea and a basic plot, but I don't quite know how to start it. Any advice?

Wow… you’re at the Exciting Part. :)  …No, seriously: this is the point from which everything flows, from the novelist’s point of view. It’s an exciting place to be, and at the same time SO intimidating, because GOD can anything happen from here onward.

(I’m assuming that we’re talking about fiction, BTW.)

Anyway. After 50+ books I know what I do at this point – pretty much – but that’s not going to do you a lot of good, since many of the opening moves in the game for me are now accordioned together into something that happens very fast and in which the individual movements and sequences can be kind of difficult to tease out for an observer. Let me instead describe to you how I would work this kind of situation out when I first got started selling books to editors.

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I have a question! Do you by any chance sell anything especially jewelry, that works in support of mental health. Such as a semicolon bracelet or anxiety/depression awareness necklaces?? No problem if you don't, it's just something I'm in the market for right now.

Yes I do!! It’s something I struggle with too, so having jewelry that pertains to it has always been important to me. I’ve been wearing a serotonin necklace ever since freshman year of college and sometimes it even makes me remember to take my meds on time :)

you can find the semicolon necklace here

and the serotonin necklace here, the serotonin ring here, and the serotonin earrings here :) 

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alright, so this is a very very simple question... but since geisha are mysterious and lots of people have prejudice against them, i don't want to simply google this and find an answer that's not exactly correct. so here's the very simple question; what is it exactly that geisha do? why are people prejudiced against them? thank you so much! sorry i couldn't ask anything more interesting...

Your question is not boring at all! A lot of people wonder what a Geisha’s job intails and have prejudices or misconceptions against them, so it’s actually a great opportunity to refute them.

Let me first explain what Geisha do as part of their job. Geisha are highly-skilled traditional Japanese entertainers and artists. They are trained in traditional Japanese dance, singing, several instruments (shamisen, several drums and flutes, some even play the koto and the kokyū), the tea ceremony, ikebana and calligraphy. They take lessons at a special Geisha-school in their district every day and continue to do so throughout their entire career, as they view art and performance as an ongoing process.

Geisha-in-training are called Maiko (dancing child) in western Japan and hangyoku (half jewel) in and around Tokyo. You sometimes also find the more general term oshaku. They dress much more colorful and flashy than their older Geisha sisters to highlight their youth and childishness. A girl becomes a Maiko after about 1 year of training as a Shikomi, most Maiko debut at age 15 or 16 directly after completing the mandatory 9 years of primary and middle school and are ages 15 to 21 (22 is the max), hangyoku usually debut after high school and are ages 18 to 25. After that, the girl stays a Maiko for about 5 years and then, after her completed apprenticeship, becomes a Geisha and is considered a fully-fledged artist. A woman usually becomes a Geisha at age 20 or 21. Geisha dress much more subdued than Maiko to symbolize that they are adult women and they are quite easy to tell apart once you know what you have to look out for. Geisha are called Geiko (”woman of art”) in western Japan.

Geisha entertain at ozashiki, Geisha-parties, at ochaya, tea houses or sometimes high-class traditional restaurants called ryootei. They will dance and perform music at the party and have discussions about art, music or current events with their clients. Depending on what kind of party you want it to be, Geisha can also perform drinking games and have the party become more lively. All in all, a Geisha does everything in her power to make sure that her clients have a great time.

Geisha live in designated Geisha-districts, called hanamachi or kagai (”Flower towns”). Before WWII even small towns had their own hanamachi and Geisha lived and worked everywhere across the country. The most famous Geisha were and still are from Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Niigata, Kanazawa, Nara and Atami.

Maiko and young Geisha live at okiya, Geisha-houses. The proprietress, the okaasan (mother) treats them like their own children and raises them to become independent and successful Geisha. She pays for their lessons and living expenses, which the girl has to pay back during her career. Once her debts are settled, she becomes independent and moves out of the okiya. An independent Geisha has to have her own collection of high-class, handmade kimono, obi and hair ornaments and are very succesful.

Historically, Geisha entertained mainly wealthy merchants and sometimes aristocrats and later on also politicians. During the Edo-Period, the merchant class was big and very wealthy and had the means to support them. At their height around 1900 over 80,000 of them worked in Japan. Today, Geisha still mostly entertain wealthy buisnesspeople. Their numbers are down to about 1,200, but have been slowly rising over the last 10 years after a rapid demise in the eighties and nineties.

A lot of people, especially in the west, still think that Geisha are high-class prostitutes. This has several reasons and I’m going to talk about the most important.

1. The most important reason for the misconception stems from the time right after WWII. During this time, Japan was occupied by American soldiers after they had lost the war to them. A lot of big cities were destroyed, many people had died during air raids or from starvation, the economy was in shambles and many men had died during the war or were still missing. It was a time of despair for most Japanese and many women were forced to become prostitutes to survive and often even support their whole family.

Most of the clients of these women were American soldiers, because they belonged to the few people who could still afford to pay a prostitute. Back then, Geisha were a symbol of Japan already, being popular postcard-models and appearing in a lot of fiction of the time, so most American soldiers knew a little bit about Geisha.

They could, however, only rarely tell a Geisha apart from an ordinary women wearing a kimono. Since kimono were still the everyday-wear of the time, they thought the women they were sleeping with were Geisha and the women soon realized that they could achieve higher prices when they presented themselves as Geisha to the soldiers and started acting the part.

When the occupation ended and the soldiers returned home, they told their friends and family that they had had a (sexual) relationship with a Geisha in Japan and that is an important reason as to why this misconception spread to fastly across the west.

2. Another reason is the so called “double registration”. As I’ve said before, hanamachi used to exist all over Japan. The vast majority of Geisha lived a pretty good life: Although their schedule was extremely hectic and live was certainly not easy, they could achieve financial independency and fame and meet a lot of influential people and form conncetions through their work. Geisha can also work for their entire lives, if they want to do so. There is no retirement-age for Geisha, so they had a very secure job.

Geisha could also retire and start their own okiya or tea house or start working at a restaurant or a tea house as a server. They also often got married to rich and influential men.

However, not all Geisha had it so well. There were some small towns in which Geisha were struggling to survive, because the economic situation was so tough. The towns lacked enough wealthy merchants and visitors to support them. This was the reason why Geisha in some towns were forced to become registrated as both a Geisha and a prostitute to survive.

While these Geisha were still artists like the Geisha in bigger, more economically stable towns and cities, they also had to sleep with their clients to make extra money to survive.

A lot of these poor, small town were Onsen-towns, seaside-resorts that were unpopular and lacked a steady stream of visitors.

Although the vast majority of Geisha never sold sex and even the majority of Onsen-Geisha (Geisha working in said Onsen-towns) never did, this tarnished the reputation of Geisha.

Prostitution was outlawed in Japan in 1956, so doube-registration doesn’t exist anymore today.

3. The whole mizuage-issue. I’ll have to go deeper into history with that one. First of all, there are junior and senior Maiko. Junior Maiko wear the wareshinobu hairstyle and a predominately red collar, senior Maiko wear the ofuku hairstyle and a predominately white collar. Today, a girl is promoted from junior to senior at age 18, before WWII, when Maiko were still much younger, this happened around 15 or 16; generally when a girl was starting to look older and was deemed a young woman by her older Geisha-sisters.

When a junior Maiko becomes a senior Maiko she has her mizuage ceremony (”hoisting the water”). During this ceremony, the topknot of her wareshinobu hairstyle is symbolically cut open by friends and okiya-family-members. The okaasan and the girl hand out presents to ochaya she frequents, okiya she has relationships with and some close clients and she’ll start to wear the ofuku hairstyle and a whiter kimono-collar afterwards. It is a simple coming-of-age ceremony symbolizing that the Maiko is recognized as a young woman from then on. Historically, this also meant that a Maiko was now old enough to marry and proposals could be made, which she could accpet or decline at free will.

However, Oiran also had a ceremony of the same name. Oiran were high-class prostitutes in old Japan and are extinct today. They were also highly-skilled artists and trained in the arts of the nobility. They had a coming-of-age ceremony of the same name (why the name is the same as with Geisha is unknown, but it’s probably because the quarters of Oiran and Geisha were close by), that intailed the ritual deflowering of the young Oiran by a man who paid highly for being her first sexual partner. This ceremony was also performed by yuujo, ordinary prostitutes, and some double-registered Geisha.

This gets confused a lot, because these two ceremonies have the same names and is one of the most persistens misconceptions when it comes to Geisha. The novel and movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” also mixes this up and portray mizuage completely wrong, so I would highly advise you to not watch it, at least not until you’ve gathered some futher information.

4. Danna. Danna are people who sponsor one particular Geisha they are fond of and monthly pay her a privately agreed on amount of money to help her pay for her lessons and other living expenses. While danna are very rare today, back before WWII most Geisha had a danna, because there were so many poeple willing and able to sponsor Geisha back then and it would have been a sign of unpoularity if you didn’t have one.

People interested in becoming a Geisha’s danna can inquire via the proptriess of the teahouse they meet her at if she would be interested. If the Geisha shows interest, okaasan, Geisha, the proprietress of the ochaya and the possibe danna will get together and discuss the finances. If they come to an agreement, the Geisha will accept him as her danna. A Geisha can always end the relationship and pursue another, if she wishes to do so.

Being a danna has certain adavantages. Your inquiries to see the Geisha will always be handled first before anyone else’s and you can also “buy out” a Geisha’s time and spend it with her in a more private setting or just buy her some time off (Geisha have very little time off, especially during odori-season).

It is also a status symbol and a great way to show off one’s wealth and influence. One has to consider that, during the Edo-Period and even for a long time afterwards, Geisha and the arts they performed were seen as modern entertainment, just like we see movies, shows or pop-music today, so Geisha were very popular, famous and interesting for a lot of people. It was after WWII that people started to see Geisha as symbols of old Japan. Being the danna of a talented Geisha who would entertain oneself and one’s friends was a major status symbol.

There are two things that made westeners suspicious about this: Firstly, before WWII, pretty much all danna were male. This is a fact, because men held almost all economic power back then and were the only ones with the means to support Geisha. Westeners of that time had an extremely conservative and moralistic view of sexuality and many considered themelves to be superior to the “dirty and immoral” Japanese people, so they immediately thought that Geisha had sexual relationships with their danna and that they were bascially waiting to be “bought” by a man. (Today, a large and increasing part of Geisha’s customers are female.)

Secondly, some Geisha DID have romantic relationships with their danna. Mineko Iwasaki, Japan’s most famous Geisha of the 20th century described this very well in her book “Geisha of Gion”: “You can’t put talented, beautiful, elegant women together with rich and powerful men and expect nothing to happen. Romantic entaglements happen all the time, some leading to marriage and others to heartache.”

Of course some Geisha fell in love with their clients and vice versa. This was accepted and even encouraged in the hanamachi, as these relationships might lead to the birth of a girl who could also become a Geisha one day.

So if a customer and a Geisha had romantic interest for each other, the man, if he had the financial means, naturally would try to become the Geisha’s danna. By being her danna he could spend more time with her and support the woman he loved in her career, so this was completely logical.

However, the majority of Geisha and danna didn’t have any sexual or romantic relationship. If they did, it was based on mutual attraction for each other and was not forced in any way. Both parties could always end the relationship at any time and enter another, if they wanted to.

The fact that Geisha are very private and don’t talk a lot about their profession adds to the “suspiciousness” in the eyes of a lot of people.

In fact, Geisha are so “mysterious” because they are supposed so remain exclusive. A lot of their regular clients book them because the are so exclusive and they can be sure that nothing that happens or is said at an ozashiki ever leaves the room. If Geisha became accessible to everyone, they would lose a lot of customers.

Geisha today are torn between doing publicity-work, being more accessible and understandable to the “common” people and getting new applicants, while still keeping an aura of exclusivity.

I hope I could answer all of your questions! If you have more, feel free to ask them! Have a nice day!


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(I haven’t done anything like this since 2010… )

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Hello! I was wondering if I could have some headcannons with Izaya and Shizuo, where they see their s/o cry for the first time and how they would handle it? I really don't want to bother you if you're busy, so it's okay if you can't. Thank you!

You’re not being a bother, thank you for requesting!


- it’s the very first time he sees you crying so he’ll definitely watch you first without doing anything despite being taken aback by it.

- it’s not until you’ve almost completely calmed down that he makes his presence known like “Oh my, what do we have here? ___ is crying all by themselves.”

- he would be very nonchalant about it too, since crying is part of being human after all

- he wants to know what made you cry and if you haven’t felt crying at all until that moment at all or just suppressed it

- when he is done he helps you up and offers you to stay at his place. He will tell you that he likes your crying side too, he loves every aspect of humans, but he might just hint that he prefers you smiling, and it’s his way of saying he doesn’t want to see you cry much.

- Oh, and he’ll definitely help you with the reason that made you cry…with his own means


- the second he hears you sobbing he is rushing to you as fast as he can

- panic, fear and anger are all over his face as he kneels down next to you and doesn’t know where to place his hands at all

- he doesn’t know at all how to handle it, because it’s you and because this is the first time he sees you crying and doesn’t want to do anything that might make it harder on you

- “What’s wrong, ___? Are you hurt?! What happened?! He asks as if he’s yelling at you but he’s just very worried

- carefully takes you into a soft hug, both because he wants you to know that he’s there for you and for himself, because your crying face pains him too much

- won’t ask any questions at all after you’ve calmed down unless you start talking and focuses on getting you to feel better with warm drinks and sweets he bought for you

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Do you ever draw ?? If so, where do you post your art and sketches ??? Curious since I don't see your art often on this blog

Anything that I’ve drawn and posted on this blog is either tagged:

  • #promo art - any and all drawings related to or promoting W2H
  • #concept art - drawings specifically related to production, or hashing out ideas
  • #holiday art - celebratory holiday drawings
  • sometimes more than one of these tags will apply, but those are the ones I use and what they mean.

I also have an art tag on my personal blog, which you can look through right here.  It sometimes includes W2H doodles, but there’s lots of other stuff as well.

I have a porftolio blog too, which I don’t actually use to interact with people; it’s merely a site to link other professionals/potential employers to.  You can check that out here.

Unfortunately I don’t have all of my art in one place, ‘cause I kind of curate which arts go on which blogs, but hopefully this explains it a bit!  I’m also going to try to get back into the habit of posting art regularly, ‘cause I haven’t been doing it as frequently as I used to.  

Hope that helps!

Kuroko's first kiss.
  • Kise: Nee, nee, Kurokocchi, have you kissed anyone-ssu?
  • Kuroko: Eh? Kiss?
  • Kise: Yes, yes-ssu. Have you?
  • Aomine: What kind of question is that, Kise?
  • Kise: I was only wondering. I bet Kurokocchi was popular back in Elementary, right, Kurokocchi?
  • Kuroko: I was not popular ever since I was born, though.
  • Aomine & Kise: Eh?
  • Kuroko: Since I'm invisible among the others, it's hard to take their attention on me.
  • Aomine: You're right. Though, like what Kise said, have you kissed anyone?
  • Kuroko: I have... not.
  • Aomine & Kise: Eh?! Really?
  • Aomine: No kidding! Not even on the cheek?!
  • Kuroko: Why are you surprised about it?
  • Kise: Kurokocchi!! You're almost at the age where kissing another person is legal-ssu!
  • Kuroko: I don't see the problem of that. I bet you two haven't kiss anyone other than yourself.
  • Aomine: I've kissed someone though!
  • Kuroko: Aomine-kun, yourself is not include of 'someone'.
  • Aomine: Oi!
  • Kise: Pft, lame, Aominecchi.
  • Aomine: 'ch, I bet Kise hasn't kiss anyone.
  • Kise: I do! I do-ssu. I kissed a ton of girls, though. But not in the lips!
  • Aomine: Player.
  • Kise: Eh?!
  • Kuroko: Disgusting, Kise-kun.
  • Kise: Eeeh!?
  • Murasakibara: Eeeh, what are you guys talking about? Let me join~
  • Midorima: It seem that you three are talking about nonsense crap-nodayo.
  • Kise: Well, Midorimacchi is quite a egotism.
  • Midorima: That doesn't make sense at all, Kise.
  • Aomine: We were talking about if Tetsu had kissed anyone.
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin kissed someone?
  • Kise: No, if he had his first kiss taken.
  • Midorima: So, have you?
  • Kuroko: No, Midorima-kun.
  • Midorima: I see. You are too young to share your germs.
  • Kise: Huh?
  • Aomine: Wait, wait. You sound like you kissed someone!
  • Midorima: I have. I always do it before leaving the house.
  • Everyone: No way! You?!
  • Midorima: What's to be surprised about? Everyone do that.
  • Kuroko: Could it be that Midorima-kun is living in the same roof with a girl?
  • Midorima: Huh?
  • Kise: I never knew that Midorimacchi is that type of guy-ssu.
  • Aomine: Does she have a big boobs, Midorima?
  • Murasakibara: Does she know how to cook, Mido-chin?
  • Midorima: You all misunderstood this-nodayo. Of course I'm living in the same roof with my mother and my younger sister.
  • Everyone: ... oh.
  • Midorima: Why do you all sound so disappointed?!
  • Akashi: What's this? A private meeting?
  • Midorima: Akashi!
  • Akashi: Hmm, you guys are talking about kiss, huh? That's a rare topic to talked about.
  • Aomine: So, Akashi, since you are here, have you kissed anyone?
  • Akashi: Hm? I did.
  • Everyone: Eh?! Who is it?!
  • Akashi: Tetsuya.
  • Kise: Kurokocchi?!
  • Aomine: What?! Oi, Akashi, don't make anything up!
  • Akashi: I'm not making things up. Ask Tetsuya.
  • Midorima: Is this true, Kuroko?
  • Kuroko: Yes, it is.
  • Kise & Aomine: But you said you haven't kissed anyone?!
  • Kuroko: Oh, I thought we're talking about kissing girls since Kise-kun is here.
  • Aomine: Gender doesn't even matter, you know.
  • Kuroko: I'm sorry.
  • Kise: Kurokocchi's first kiss is Akashicci?!
  • Midorima: I didn't expected that.
  • Murasakibara: Papa-chin and Mama-chin~
  • Aomine: Oi, what the hell...
  • Akashi: Tetsuya's lips is only mine. Just saying... Let's go, Tetsuya.
  • Kuroko: Yes, Akashi-kun.
  • Kise: ... Uu.. I was hoping to get Kurokocchi's first kiss, though.
  • Aomine: Same here.
  • Murasakibara: Eeehh~ So we all have the same intention?
  • Kise: Even Midorimacchi?
  • Midorima: Yes-nodayo.
  • Everyone: That guy always wins, though.

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since i have actual proof backing up my accusation im going to cheat and say both wHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW HUH

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Dear Phyn, do you watch MCU movies? Do you know a lot about MCU ver. Tony Stark? Recently I’ve been thinking and I can’t help but realize that both Tony Stark and Mick Rory have a lot of similarities in common. They’re both my underappreciated babies. Mick was treated poorly by the legends teammates, and I didn’t see any better on Tony’s condition. Hey he literally changed the Stark Tower (personal) to Avengers Tower (team) for the avengers. [CONT]

(2) And I would like to think Tony also contributed a lot in their suits and weapons etc., but no appreciation was shown towards Tony (at least not in the movies). When anything shit happens, both Tony and Mick are the one quickly to be blamed, regardless of their previous contribution and the truth. I’m so disappointed with both the avengers and legends team where they can just simply pointing their fingers at the others and think that they themselves are free from any responsibility.

(3) In Age of Ultron, although the one who created Ultron was Tony (and don’t forget Bruce Banner helped him too, I know it’s because Tony asked him, but did he put a gun at Bruce’s head and forced him to do it? No. Bruce was an adult, he can made his own decision), but who actually pushed Tony into taking that final desperate step? Wanda. Without Wanda toying with Tony’s mind, he won’t even come up with this crazy idea, and yet I never saw Wanda apologized to Tony and the others *shrugs*

4) I also notice that both Mick and Tony have psychological issues. I think the symptoms were clear enough in the movies and TV shows. PTSD (both have been abducted and tortured), self-destructive behavior/suicide attempts (“I shouldn’t be alive, unless there’s a reason”) etc. (that’s all I can think for now, this is your forte after all, I love reading your analysis post) BTW both of them also have alcoholism issue (not sure Tony counted as alcoholic, but he does drink a lot in Iron Man movies)

(5) Oops didn’t thought I’d write so much, but this is just my personal opinion, actually I want to hear your opinions (even a whole new meta post, if I’m lucky enough?) regarding the common similarities between Tony and Mick. Of course you can reject my request if you haven’t watched any MCU movies, or you’re a Tony Stark hater. (You aren’t, are you?) Lastly, thanks for reading my (too long) ask. I hope my grammatical error didn’t confuse you, since English is not my first language. :)

Leaving this here in case anyone else wants to chime in or take off with this discussion, though sorry I don’t have anything personal to add ^^;

no readmore cause I’m on mobile, just talkin here

but damn do I feel so behind and generally incapable, with art and otherwise(mostly art atm since I’m mostly on break, but I have still been too afraid to work on music for the most part as well rip). feels like I’m not really able to make anything worth a thing and that I’m not gonna catch up to competent folks/ just don’t have it in me to begin with. I’ve been trying to practice a lot n make some headway, but the lack of significant progress even with a lot of effort is.. pretty disheartening and makes me wonder if competency is achievable. I’m hoping that tryin to just, get excited for making whatever instead of thinking about how much ground I need to cover will help, but who knows.
idk, I just feel like I can’t match up to anyone but I just can’t give up on wanting to try even tho I feel like garbage in comparison and like I never will make anything decent or get anywhere.

Classic Avengers + Guardians Phrase Meme Part I
  • "Why oh why does the alarm always go off when I'm in the shower?"
  • "If you'd gotten up at 0600 like I did, you'd be dressed and ready by now!"
  • "More interference! What's going on?"
  • "God, Mother, and's awesome!"
  • "Never have I beheld so massive a construct!"
  • "It's big, too!"
  • "It just popped up outta nowhere--right smack in our orbit!"
  • "We may need some high-powered help!"
  • "I hate to desert you at a time like this, but I have some urgent business back on Earth."
  • "Why be a pessimist?"
  • "Well, I'm no help figuring all that out...but while you are here, maybe you can give me some advice."
  • "Sometimes I-I feel like I'm not man enough to be a super man."
  • "Assuming, of course, that we get back alive!"
  • "Then shut up and get into the ship!"
  • "Since you bozos took your sweet time getting here, we don't have time for anything fancy."
  • "Look for a sticker that says 'Made in Japan'."
  • "We'd better do a quick recon on this place!"
  • "Why am I the only one without a partner?"
  • "I hope this place is as deserted as it seems. I'm new at dealing with little green men."
  • "Just do as I say if we meet any resistance."
  • "I suspect his resentment is growing and getting personal."
  • "Hey! It talks!"
  • "You better calm down or I'll have to blast you!"
  • "I've never seen anybody move like that!"
  • "Just come a little closer, my little chickadee, and we'll see who takes care of whom!"
  • "Why such a subtle entrance?"
  • "I used to dream of meeting you!"
  • "Look, I'm sorry if I'm staring. I-I never met people from other planets before!"
  • "What'cha been doing with yourself, handsome?"
  • "What can we do? How can we stop this?"
  • "I'm so excited for you, darling. Your first show!"
  • "Speaking of strange, I wonder what's with this weirdo?"
  • "I don't want to go up on a murder rap!"
  • "Not making a decision is making a decision, you know!"

I was asked on how to do a ‘painted’ background, but I don’t really have anything to say there. Just practice, practice, practice! Instead, I’ll just do a sidescroller map so here’s essentially what goes in to doing them. Internet connection is weak here right now, so I can’t do much. Sorry!  

First, create a parallax tileset and upload it to Resource Manager<Graphics/Tilesets

The pink area is where the player character can walk.

And after!


Okay, so something I’ve been working on since forever it seems. there is one more but it’s on the site. if you’re interested I would love to see what you got. I hope you guys like them. If you have a suggestion, I would gladly be open to it as long as I am able to.  You can get them here at my redbubble store greymushroom 

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Jackson didn't do anything wrong dreads can be worn by anyone, black people are always moaning about something like be glad your idols have taken a liking to you and styles you have making them more mainstream

just say u hate black people and go lmao. fuck outta here with that bullshit. i’m not even gonna bother trying to explain anything since you’re clearly an ignorant piece of shit. fuck you.


Sherlock shoves John against the wall, his hands cupping John’s face.

“Do you not see what this is? How can you not after all this time?” Sherlock’s forehead is pressed to his, and his lips are dangerously close.

John can feel the heat of Sherlock’s breath on his own. John could push him away easily but his arms are frozen to his side. Surely this must be a dream.

“I know you don’t feel the same, but John, please, you must know the depth of my feelings for you.” Sherlock’s eyes have fallen shut and his statement is fallen by a sob. Tears glisten as they fall unheeded down those uncanny cheekbones.

A tear, warm against his chilled skin, falls on John’s nose and, as if by magic, he is able to move again. He closes the short distance between their lips, and is rewarded with a soft gasp of “oh” as he slowly, but deliberately shows Sherlock how wrong he is this time.