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To the people asking why on earth Phil promoted tinder, I don't think he actively seeked out to collab. I think Phil may have had the idea to read his old dating emails for a while and I'm sure random apps and companies message both dnp every month and tinder happened to email Phil and he just put two and two together for this video. He obviously doesn't use it or has any interest since he didn't even take the time for the usual 'I love this! Look how easy it is!'

YA HE DIDNT EVEN DOWNLOAD THE APP like this video had nothing to do with his current relationship status

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a couple of things: i love that you're a bit older than most simmers here and that you aren't ashamed of it. i know people who are afraid to tell people their age because apparently it's unacceptable to be over the age of twenty five and still be a gamer. also, i love your sims and your style. i don't know if you upload to the gallery or are comfortable with sharing but i'd love to have freddy in my game if/when you retire him. :)

Aww, thank you sweet nonny! I don’t really get why one should suddenly stop playing when reaching a certain age. Sure I don’t play that often anymore as I did 10 years ago, but that has more to do with my job & kids than my age. 

I have some sims up at the gallery (origin ID Saartje77) and some here at my download page.

I don’t mind sharing Freddy, since I probably won’t play him as much as he deserves.

I’ll put him up soon.

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do you perhaps have a big comprehensive list of herbs and their uses? i want to write it all down in my book of shadows so i don't always have to search for it

Hey there!

My current favorite list of herbs is an herb compendium I downloaded from a Tumblr blog; it has a crap ton of plants and resins / incenses listed in a Microsoft Excel document, including botanical and alternate names, as well as planetary and elemental associations. Sadly, I can’t find the post right now, and I am not okay reposting that, since it wasn’t my work and I can’t source / credit the original poster.

I also like to write down lists from books I’ve borrowed from the library. The book of herb correspondences I’m working on now (from the Excel document I mentioned) is my third or fourth list of herb associations. I like to have multiples resources for the same things to cross reference. 

@ashesforeverashes says I should draw little pictures of what each plant looks like at the bottom of each page for that book, and maybe even make sigils for each, but that sounds like a lot of work. xD

I do have some other herb lists floating around on my blog, though, that are still good and will serve the purpose.

Pick one and have at it! :D

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hellooo ~ do you have any recommendations (classes/books) on animation? I see a lot of process images from animation but I don't fully understand want i'm seeing. I come from concept art, been feeling unsatisfied with just still images lately. animation seems to be a whole other world, so I'd love any recommendations from you :)

The best class would be to download a gif you like and watch it frame by frame to understand how it’s done. Observation is the main key to animation, I would say, but since I’m not that good in animation, I might not be the best to answer you.

I feel like animation is a kind of main quest to a final boss in which you’ll have to surround you with really good people to help you and give you critics to improve and finish that level, to finally understand that there is an infinity of levels.

There is no TRUTH regarding animation except to try… a lot ! 

You have to make mistakes to understand how to be better. If you want to try photoshop animation, there is this tutorial.

The very first animation I made was drawn on transparent sheets because I didn’t know light tables existed, took me 6 months because I wanted it to be perfect and I didn’t even know how to make a gif.

You always have to start somewhere !

Good luck with all of this !

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Hello! I'm a very new person to The Arcana, so I hope you don't mind if I ask a couple questions. First, since you're aiming for a PG-13 rating, would you rather not be notified of anything nsfw? I was also wondering if you had a relative time of when the art book would be released to non-kickstarter backers? I totally would have backed if I had known about it. Thanks for making this wonderful game and I hope you have a great day!

1. We are adults so that’s really up to you!

2. The artbook will be available to buy as a PDF download as soon as it’s finished. Extra physical copies will be available after all the Kickstarter copies are sent out.

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First, I would just like to say HOLY FRICK YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! *ahem* seriously, your work speaks for itself. I'll admit, I downloaded the UTM songs from somewhere else just so I could play accurate versions in the car. And so far, I'm LOVING the Genocide package (I don't care what anyone says, I'm looking forward to Path Of Neo the most!). But, since I kinda feel obligated to ask a question, can I do massive updates to the UTM TVTropes page(s)? Please?

I mean unless the edits are along the lines of “THE INTERNET MAN EATS TWENTY DICKS” I don’t have a problem! Keep in mind, people editing the TV Tropes page, I have a TV Tropes account and see you. And judge you.

Also, Path of Neo? Here you go!

- Alex


well, this is what I have done so far in my foray into Julian’s house. I still have to exit out of the game and download a ton of cc I’ve bookmarked ups sooo things are gonna change in some ways yup. And my decorating method is very all over the place; a lot of these rooms aren’t even done being color coded fully as you can see :P (bathroom is literally the first run through with items so nothing matches the way I want yet for instance ayyyee) But still, hope you like the peek! also that’s a lot of ivy maybe too much ivy i dunno we’ll see also the rooms are sort of small for good picture taking so….

You have his barely started study that connects to the master bath of his bedroom, and then also connects to said bedroom ayyyeee

Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)
Oh Sunshine - Beautiful (cover prototype)

Hey everyone///// so…I have worked on a piano arrangement of Beautiful by Oh Sunshine lately, and since it’s not anime related, I was wondering if people would maybe be interested for a score….? (like a “guitar chords” version or a full score?). If yes, I would post a full cover with a download link for it ^/////^

This audio is only a quick extract of how it would sound, so you can have an idea sorry for the little mistakes I still have to work on the synchro piano/voice/////

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i want to download photoshop, but i don't know which one that i should dl. i'm using windows 8 and i'm asking you since you have a lot experiences in ps. which one should i dl?

okay, so for some reason i couldn’t find the download for the ps i’m using now, which is cs5 however i’ll give u the link to their cs6 download ( which is actually better, it’s just a newer version. ) it’s by the same people who uploaded the software i use now, i trust it personally. it gives you the option of 32 or 64 bit, just make sure you download the right one. i have a few others in mind that also work, so if this doesn’t do it for you, feel free to come back. link.

In the near future...

FBI: Miss, we found some questionable material on your computer…
Me: *thinking* Oh shit, all that music I illegally downloaded back in middle school…
Me: *out loud* I don’t know what you’re talking about.
FBI: May we come in?
Me: *thinking* FUCK! How did they find out! It’s been like ten years and at least five pcs since…
Me: *out loud* It’s cool, I have nothing to hide
FBI Agent: *opens laptop* Would you mind explaining this?

Me: *sweats nervously*
FBI: You do realize this is a 15 year old, right?
Me: I don’t know how that got there!
FBI: Riiiiiight

  • Me: *finds out that the server is back up*
  • Me: *gross sobbing* God Seven, defender of justice, thank you for answering our prayers

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stay strong mod lili -pat pat-

(Thanks, I’m trying really hard to resist the urge to download the game and play it right away at the moment…Bc since I did buy the game and own a physical copy of it -even if I don’t have it in my hands for now-…It’s not illegal. So I could…But…I don’t know if I should…>_<

-mod lili)

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I recently found Nabila make up but unfortunately majority of her links are dead. I don't usually try to do this but I really liked her stuff. I saw that you had done an edit of bad medicine and listed her in your WCIF so I'm hoping you have something. Icarus & isis eyeliner and eye shadow, We've got company v2, Whisper it lipstick, Bad medicine lipstick. I did read that you've got troubles so if you can't upload now that's fine. Thanking you advance for any help.

For you, anon, I have looked through my downloads folder for all of my Nabila content. Since she said she wouldn’t mind other people sharing her stuff once she’s gone, I’ve uploaded it all for you. HOWEVER, in the height of my simming days, I definitely had way more of Nabila’s content than I do now. I actually only have a few different pieces. I didn’t go through Nabila’s LJ to see if any of these downloads were still active, but if her links are slowly going dead, then it might be helpful to throw things up preemptively. Here’s what’s in the download:


[Nabila] Insatiable - AM & TM Formal Suits

[Nabila] Overload - AM & TM Casual Suits


[Nabila] Newsea J153 - Retexture

[Nabila] Peggy 5538

[Nabila] Raon 95 Retextured


[Nabila] 4 AM - Mouseyblue Doll Lip Recolours

[Nabila] Chere Lilith

[Nabila] Hypertronic Superstar - Bruno Dazzle Dust

[Nabila] Remember The Name - Guylashes


Note: If there were pictures in the original downloads, I no longer have them. Also, it’s very possible that some sets (especially the makeup) may be missing files, as I tend to only keep certain colors.


I found out today that Amazon lets you download your entire order history as a spreadsheet. So out of curiosity I requested mine.

I signed up for an account in 2004. Since then I have spent $80,511.11 on Amazon! Holy shit!

That’s an average of ~$500/month or ~$6,000/year.

Now obviously I don’t spend $500/month on Amazon, but larger purchases (video game consoles, all the parts to build five production PCs over those years, TVs and surround sound systems, everybody’s Xmas presents) are going to push that average up. Plus, you know, all those CDs/Super Deluxe Edition boxsets I can’t seem to stop buying.

Also for the first three years of DFTBA we didn’t have a business account so I made all the supply purchases through my account with DFTBA′s card, this would include a lot of expensive laser printer toner and shipping labels and every year for Christmas we used to give our top 25 selling artists gift cards so that added a bit each year for those three years.

According to Amazon’s listed “retail price” though, my purchases would have cost me $218,206.78 before their savings/discounts. So there’s that I guess.

I should probably hide my Amazon card from myself for a month or two.

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SLBP Ask Meme. All of them.

Why do you do this to me @guacameowle 😂? (It’s okay, I had fun answering these.)

Answers under the cut bc there’s a lot of them.

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December Pokémon Challenge 8/31

surf’s up!

A lil help, maybe?

Does anyone know where I could find that video of Adam singing Ignition (Remix) + Sunday Morning at a Voice event, a couple years ago? I’ve been looking for it like crazy, since it’s been deleted from youtube (all the ones left are in bad/moderate quality).

This was the day: