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25 of the many details about Kim Jongin

Detail #12: His drawings ranges from a cute random doodle to a semi-detailed one.


No matter what happens, I’ll keep on moving.
       Until this life runs out of me, I’ll keep on walking.

happy birthday, hope! ♡ @kamuisyato


The Queen of Flame and Shadow, the Heir of Fire, Aelin of the Wildfire, Fireheart…

She burned through each title, even as she became them, became what those foreign ambassadors had hissed when they reported on a child-queen’s growing, unstable power in Terrasen. A promise that had been whispered into the blackness.


“…At my secret session, Taylor told us when she wrote Delicate, she had this image in her mind of Gatsby running through his mansion searching for Daisy. After listening to the song I understood why- it conveys that fragile hope, uncertainty, vulnerability, and desperation…”

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Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Hot Potato Soup’


my werewolf– my second skin

Ritsu is such a polite boy uwu… (from this @cutbu comic)

how the teasers are released(?)


minhyun (9) + jihoon (2) = 11
jaehwan (4) + guanlin (7) = 11

possible next paired teasers*:

jisung (8) + daehwi (3) = 11
ong (5) + woojin (6) = 11
daniel (1) + bae jinyoung (10) = 11

* it seems they are paired as hyung + maknae. so whoever is released among jisung, ong, and daniel, it is sure that the ones paired to them will be released the day after. 

last to be revealed:

sungwoon (11) = 11

edit: when ymc saw your theory so they decided to post the teasers randomly


Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.


#HappyDoyoungDay U(•ㅅ•)U 
↳ Doyoung Limitless era selca icons, feel free to use~ ♡