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Hi! I'm on anon bc I mainly worry about that sort of thing, heh. Besides this, I'm asking about, specifically, Sterek - in the sense that I don't really ship it myself, and I wanted to say that regardless of this, and that you do - your blog is brilliant. In general, your posts on the TW fandom and the various ships within are perfect and I agree 100%. Mainly, I'm asking about the sterek, or more specifically Stiles/Derek from actual canon tw, because I could never see anything other than (1/?)

Derek being physically aggressive towards the younger and weaker (in the sense of physical strength) human - a person in a position of power over another abusing that power. In a sense. Since, whenever I watch the show I can’t help but see that, I was hoping you could either explain in that great way you usually do that makes things make sense, or at least point me in the direction of posts that have already done so, how exactly their friendship developed(because, yes, I don’t think I could(2/?)

ever ship it romantically). Mainly I’d just like to see another’s less biased point of view/take on their dynamic, so as not to alienate a serious amount of my fanfic readers despite the fact that it’s probably gonna end up as Stalia(oh the horror, that gets like 0 reads ever)I don’t want to sideline any characters that are important, such as Derek, and when I watch the show I can never get his character and his dynamic with Stiles down in my head because it’s screaming at me not to like him 3/?

And I hate that, because I never like to despise a character without good reason to; I don’t want to misrepresent the dynamic, I have to repeat, when I get to later seasons. It’ll also help me understand him more, I think, and I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long anon ask, oops. I’m on anon mainly bc of a worry of this being received negatively, as I’ve seen this sort of query being done in the past for related topics. Ehrm, that’s it, thanks for reading this even if you don’t answer.4/4

Derek is pretty violent with everyone, including Stiles, in the first two seasons. Fandom has taken this violence and projected sexual tension onto it to justify the ship, but if we’re going to count every instance of violence as belligerent sexual tension, then everyone on this show has foe-yay with everyone else.

The thing is, Derek was trying to do the right thing - he just didn’t really consider things like collateral damage or value of life in the process. When Scott was Bitten, Derek did try to help Scott learn to control his wolf…it’s just that he also lied to Scott about a potential cure for lycanthropy in order to manipulate Scott into helping him. Neither of these somehow negate or undermine the other.

Similarly, in Season 2, Derek felt responsible for the kanima, and thus wanted to kill it before it could kill anyone else. The problem is that he wasn’t considering the life of the human who was the kanima without knowing, and he was jumping to conclusions and nearly killed the wrong person (Lydia) because she might be the kanima. Derek wanted to build a pack, and ended up dragging three new teenagers into the mess, two of whom would still be alive if he hadn’t. But, they were also extremely isolated before they were in a pack, and never seemed to resent Derek for turning them, even when (in the case of Boyd, at least) it got them killed.

Derek tries all the time, and tries really damn hard. He also fails all the time, and fails really damn hard. Most of that failure all traces back to tunnel vision - he gets so focused on one problem or factor, he never really thought about anything else. Isaac called him out on this in Season 3A - Derek was wallowing about Cora’s life and Jennifer’s betrayal, which meant he was forgetting about all the other stuff going on that needed to be dealt with.

Derek also tended to presume to know best in the first two seasons and diving head first into problems. A lot of his development in Seasons 3 and 4 was taking a step back to think through the circumstances, and/or taking guidance from those around him. Whether he was the alpha and taking guidance from his betas (i.e. following Boyd’s plan against the alpha pack, listening to Isaac calling him out, etc.), or when he was a beta again but following others’ leads (following Scott as an alpha, taking proverbial marching orders from Allison in 3B, following the Sheriff’s lead and Braeden’s lead in Season 4, etc.), Derek always did better working with someone else instead of trying to lead on his own.

To put it another way: Derek really sucks at being King Arthur, but he makes for a fantastic Merlin.

Derek was a wonderfully supportive and empathic individual. Because he struggled with being an alpha, he was a confidante for Scott when he struggled to be a (true) alpha. Derek went from tunnel vision, brooding, and wallowing in the first few seasons, to learning how to use “human” self-defense mechanisms in Season 4 when he realized he wasn’t healing and seemed to be losing his lycanthropy (and his strength and senses with it). IIRC, he never just sat down and listened to someone pour their heart out on him in the first two seasons, yet Season 3 opens with him doing exactly that, and this is something he continues to do throughout the rest of his time on the show.

I’ve said before that “quiet” =/= shy or introverted. Derek is never the kind to talk a lot in the show. In the first two seasons, this manifested as him doing things without really telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. Later, this manifested as him listening to people. He didn’t have to change this part of who he is, he just learned to be more empathetic and productive about it.

Derek’s story also plays into one of the central themes of the show. The werewolf symbol of revenge is the spiral, but here’s the thing about spirals: if they aren’t stopped, then they’ll go on forever. Derek could’ve kept pursuing vengeance for his family, but chose not to, and came out better for it. This is highlighted by the nogitsune in 3B, when Derek is infected by one of the flies. Yes, Kate was already dead, but Kate was one person and his family was way more than that. He could’ve kept going, he could’ve murdered Allison and Chris just because they were Kate’s family (the same way his family died just for being werewolves/in a werewolf pack), and the nogitsune nearly pushed him to do that. But instead, Derek ended the spiral of vengeance, recognizing that Allison and Chris had nothing to do with Kate’s murder, and how different they were from Kate (regretting their own participation in Hunter psychosis, trying to change the family motto and M.O., etc.)

Derek’s story is very much one of someone grieving tremendously and suffering from horrific trauma. But, it’s also one that shows that one’s own trauma can end up hurting those around them (the fact that Derek was traumatized and suffering for the first two seasons doesn’t change the fact he engaged in a lot of manipulative and abusive behavior at the time). And, Derek’s story is the process of recovering from grief and trauma, and learning to let go of anger in pursuit of one’s own well-being.

How this relates to Sterek in particular, I’ve written about here and here, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions on it. :)

And here are some fics which capture Derek’s character really well:

See You on the Other Side - Derek doesn’t swoop in and save the day - but he does help Stiles, and he learns to share with Stiles and take help from others.

The Nightmare of My Choice - Long-distance relationship FTW.

Starts with “F”, Ends With “U” - Fantastic way of Derek using his own experiences to help Stiles with his current abuse, and a great exploration of Derek’s trauma that doesn’t tokenize it or reduce his abuse to stereoptyes of what abuse actually entails.

Okay, I think I’ll loose half my followers and be yelled at by almost everyone in the fandom, but fuck that, I’m doing this post anyway.

Guys. Guys, guys, guys. GUYS. Could you please tell me why everyone is just shitting on Andrew’s face, like,  EVERY TIME his name is mentioned in ANYTHING ?! I know LWA is about witches, so mainly if not only girls and that a lot of yuri shippers here don’t want to see any guy but seriously, don’t you think it’s going to far ? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Dianakko shipper and I don’t want to see het bullshit in LWA either. I was scared EVERY TIME I saw that Andrew would be in an episode, especially after ep10 because, let’s be honest, the beginning of this ep was pure bullshit. But in ep6 as well as in ep17, the ones that really matter since ep10 was pretty much a joke from the producers, he has been nothing but a good boy, considering his upbringing. I mean, the guy was raised in a family that hates witches and that won’t allow an 8 year old to learn to play piano (which is just stupid), so yeah, guess he suffered quite a lack of “useless” things such as FUN and never talked to anyone not thinking like him (or when he did, his father said something like “They are fools that we need to guide on the right path, no matter what they say : this is what us, statesmen, are here for.”). So yeah, in ep6 and before, when he and Diana met as children, he was a real dick with witches. I won’t deny that.

But ep6 and 10 (even if it was full of bullshit in the beginning) came and he changed his view on witches, leading to him defending Akko and Amanda in ep17. The guy has grown up and is now an ally. A FRIEND for Akko, even if they don’t always get along and still argue about some things. And seriously, aside from Akko blushing a bit when she met him in ep6 (I won’t talk about ep10’s beginning, I consider it as a joke from the producers’ and nothing else, but even in ep10, after the first part in the ballroom, there’s no more romantic interaction between them : the scene at the fountain gave Andrew hope and courage, their little interaction at the end was nothing more than two buddies acknowledging their good work at solving a problem), so aside from that, there hasn’t been any real het bs. Sure, you can quote one or two things, like Akko’s look to Andrew at the end of ep17, but the look itself only means what you want it to and I chose to believe that it was just Akko being grateful for Andrew’s help with everything that happened.

So I get why everyone is mad that there might be a SLIGHT CHANCE of getting Akkandrew scenes, we’re not here for that, clearly, but if you look at it objectively just 2 minutes, the “romantic scenes” are, like, 1/10 of their interactions so far. And it’s a really, REALLY little part of EVERYTHING that happened in the anime and that is going to happen.

And now, for ep19 : yes Andrew is here, yes he might get some screentime, no it doesn’t mean it will ruin anything. I mean, come on guys, you’re better than that ! Even if Andrew DOES have some role in the ep aside from taking Akko to Diana’s house and explaining her what’s going on (like the aunts taking over the family and their positions about prestige and witchcraft), it doesn’t mean it will ruin the interactions between Akko and Diana ! I understand you’re worried, but saying things like “shit head will ruin the ep” or “I thought it was going to be an ep about Akko and Diana, but now Andrew ruins it” is just stupid and really annoying. Another character being there, even if it’s a boy, doesn’t mean the focus of the ep will be on him or that he will ruin scenes between the two girls or anything like that ! There are 10 screencaps from the ep that have already been released and Andrew is in only one of them, just like Diana’s aunts, so don’t you think it’s a bit early to say his presence will ruin everything ?

As far as we know, he might as well make his coming out, say he sees Akko as an annoying little sister and give her advices to talk to Diana and ask her out on a date.

And if you didn’t see it already, I’ll ask you to please read this really nice analysis of @darthcontusion that was made 2 weeks ago where it explains clearly how Andrew is not as shitty as some people make him look like.

And if you’re not convinced yet, think about Gamagori in Kill la Kill. The guy was deeply in love with Mako, but it never stopped Trigger from giving us really nice scenes between her and Ryuuko and in the end, Gamagori’s feelings didn’t ruin anything. NOT. A. THING. (Mako didn’t even notice them and only saw Gamagori as a great and reliable senpai)

One doesn’t have to hate and shit on the face of a character to support a ship. Andrew being a white (I don’t even know why we talk about his skin colour, seriously) and potentially straight guy doesn’t mean it will ruin anything between Akko and Diana because BREAKING NEWS ! It’s not how it works. So please, let Andrew breathe and start insulting Diana’s aunts ‘cause THESE ONES seem to be real bitches. Just give Andrew a chance, I know he’s a nice guy deep inside.

I Care For You

Request: Can I request Murphy/reader story, where she’s always sticking by his side and comfort him, but he couldn’t believe she is doing it without any profit. But then something happens and he believes her? Wanna lots of comforting for John😻

Request plus: Could you do a murphy imagine? It doesent matter what its about!

A/N: I got these two requests, and since the first one perfectly fit the second one I decided to combine the two! (hope you don’t mind) anyways, this was really fun to write, so thank you for the request! Both of you!

Warnings: relentless teasing. abusive remarks.

Originally posted by hedajohnmurphy

“Why are you so nice to me?” 

Looking up, you stared at John curiously. That was a rather odd question. “I’m not quite sure what you mean, John.” You responded, tilting your head cutely. John shook his head, thinking over his words.

“I mean, you’re always sticking by my side. Standing up for me and comforting me, what’s the catch?” He wondered, and you could tell by just looking at him that he was uncomfortable with what he was admitting. And you understood, since you landed on the ground you’d been by John’s side. You stood up for him when everyone in camp was talking shit about you. You weren’t sure why, you just did.

“I’m not sure.” You admitted, shrugging as you smile sincerely at him. “I just do.”

“I don’t understand.” He shook his head, baffled. “There has to be some profit. No one just helps another without any kind of reward.”

“And why not?” You objected, standing up. You knew John, he had trouble with his emotions and he was good at expressing himself. You understood and it made sense, but this was ridiculous. You didn’t mean anything by what you did except to help him. He seemed… sad and you didn’t like the thought of that.

“Because everyone i’ve ever known has always had some kind of internal goal.” He spat, staring heatedly at you. You gasped, confused. 

“Well, I don’t.” You said honestly. “And nor will I ever.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“C’mon, John. What gain would I earn by having you distrust me?” You insisted, shaking your head unbelievably at him. He stayed silent for a moment, pondering over his next words as you crossed your arms over your chest.

“I don’t know,” He whispered, looking up at you. “But… I just can’t.”

“Well learn to.” You retorted before walking out of the drop-ship.

“Well, look-ey here.” You tensed, shoulders becoming square as you stopped moving. You sighed, not wanting to deal with this prick now but you knew he wouldn’t leave you alone. He never did.

Turning you faced him, leaning on your back heal in annoyance and crossing your arms. You might have looked unimpressed but inside your heart was beating frantically in fear, you hated him so much sometimes. “What do you want?” You spat.

“Come on, Y/N. I just want some friendly banter.” He spoke, Jake was his name. One of the delinquents that had come to the ground with you, only thing is you knew him long before. You two use to be friends, before he turned into a jerk and used everyone of your insecurities that you’d told him, against you. 

“You never want just “friendly” banter.” You countered.

Jake smirked, walking closer to you. “You’re right.” He admitted, bringing his hand up to cup your cheek. You flinched from the stroke of his finger, uncomfortable with his closeness and wishing that anything would allow you to walk away. You’d gone a bit off from camp, more towards a secluded area, stupid you.

Sighing, you released your tense shoulders. “Jake, please. I need to do things.” You said, but your eyes were behind him when you caught sight of John. You hadn’t really spoke to him since yesterday after he confronted you, but still, you could see his eyes on you. And you wished he would come over here.

Jake noticed that your attention was on someone else, and turning he too saw John. He chuckled, before turning to you. You looked at him, scared of what he would say. “Oh, Y/N…” he sighed, shaking his head dramatically, “still fantasizing that he’ll actually love you.” He teased and you tensed once again.

“I-I do-”

“Cut the bullshit, Y/N/N.” He said, using the nickname you hated. “We all know you’d wish he’d return some of the feelings you share for him. Hell, you’d wish anyone to love you.” 

“Shut up, Jake.” You said, hating the words he said. 

He tightened his grip on your chin, leaning in but his voice was no where near quiet. “What, is little Y/N scared no one will ever love you? Scared you’ll die alone? Scared because you’re really just an afraid little girl who can’t do shit and only whines?” He nagged.

You narrowed your eyes, anger and embarrassment the two emotions you felt. Yet you said nothing and let him continue to talk. “Isn’t that why your parents left you?” He asked,

You stared, teary eyed at him. You shoved his hand off your chin and pushed him out of the way, walking past him and quickly making your way to your tent. You could hear Jake’s laugh as you ran off, but missed the way that John followed you.

Until you heard a twig snap and turned to see John, you gasped, wiping your tears. “J-John…” You stammered, trying to walk away before he grabbed your arm, effectively stopping him.

“That’s why.” Silence followed, except for your sniffles. You wiped your tears away. “That’s why you help me.”

“I-I.. uh.”

“You help me because you know what it’s like to be alone.” You were speechless, not quite sure what to say before arms wrapped around you and you were engulfed by warmth. You’d never ever expected a hug from John, he just wasn’t the type but you relished in the feeling.

“Thank you.” He whispered against your neck. You finally hugged him back, sniffling in his shoulder. 

“You’re welcome.”

The Female Gaze

I think, in the end, it was about the women, not the gay. I think the groundbreaking new thing BBC Sherlock wanted to do was to strengthen and re-evaluate the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions. But that went horribly wrong.

Mofftiss always said they wanted to right something with their adaption that everybody else did get wrong. Well, what could that have been, as Holmes has even been portrayed as a mice? We all hoped for Johnlock… as this has been a reading of the canon especially appreciated by female/queer fans, because it takes into account a somewhat different interpretation from the cis white het male reading. Sherlock Holmes is somewhat ideal as a character to captify female readers - as he retorts to thinking and talking and not to violence in the first place to solve a problem, which are classic female strategies. Holmes mostly employs his brain and not his fists - which sets him apart from most male action / crime solving heros in a way women can relate to (but remember Gatiss’s poem, advocating a more physical Holmes? Making him into a cis white male het hero…?) 

But as S4 clearly showed us that Johnlock wasn’t the goal - what else could have been the new, groundbreaking thing everybody had gotten wrong before?

Especially around TAB, but also before, Mofftiss talked excessively about the role of women in Sherlock Holmes adaptions; that the Zeitgeist when the stories had been written didn’t allow for many strong female characters. TAB was sold as a story about strong women and their empowerment - which sparked anger, because the women were portrayed as murderous furies. I’ll return to this later. The point here is that there were even panels at Sherlocked in 2016 harping on “Women in Sherlock”, emphasising their importance.

So, I think what Mofftiss felt necessary for a modern adaptation was to strengthen the role of female characters. Only, the brave thing then would have been to make Holmes and Watson both female. Which Mofftiss didn’t.

This got very long and is therefore continued under the cut.

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Are You Okay? (2) - Tom Holland x (f)Reader

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

Words: 1920
Pairing: Tom Holland x (f)Reader
Featuring: HAZ BRUH, and RDJ
Warnings: Swearing, lil bit of angst, getting hurt a bit, kinda hate
Requested: kinda
Authors Note: THIS WAS FUN YES

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“So, do I need to get you the run down on our little Tommy before you attend the premiere?” Haz teased you as you two were sitting at breakfast in a random little diner, waiting for Tom to get back from the bathroom.

You rolled your eyes, “I think it will be fine, I’ve been working with him for a while.”

He chuckled, “I guess you aren’t wrong.”

“Can I get that on recording?” You laughed. The press tour was still going on and after the event at the hotel, not much had changed. You and Tom still acted as you were before, which led you to realize why so many people asked if you were dating. You two were already affectionate around each other; you just didn’t realize it.

The premiere was coming up in just a week, and you were starting to get nervous. Would anyone actually care that you two went together? Would you have to kiss? Would it end up being more awkward than being just friends?

“You look worried,” Harrison caught you attention, bringing you back into reality.

“What? No…”

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My thoughts on the new episode of the 100 DNR

Let’s talk, Warnings long post ahead, I’ve got alot of feelings on this episode and all the characters.

DNR: Meaning. Do not resuscitate, This episode title has alot of meaning, if you look closer, obviously with all the teenagers that want to be left alone to die (more on that just now.) But also, on the clans, don’t bring another commander back to life.( @parapluiepliant I saw your post, so obviously credits go to you for that one.) Don’t bring the peace back to life. That’s what I got from the title, I don’t know if anyone else picked up on that.

Clan War: Now we all know since Lexa died, there hasn’t been a commander to bring any peace, and now with the Prime fire on its way, and only one bunker for all the clans and the Skaikru? No way there isn’t going to be a fight. A fight for survival a fight for each clans people, who will continue the human race?

Emori: I loved the Emori scenes this episode, she was so afraid they had left them behind, forgotten her and Murphy. Because that’s all she knows, she’s a mutant, a freak. To many or all of the clans. A outcast, but not anymore, Murphy and all the other delinquents that have met emori don’t see her that way, she has found a home, (Obviously just before the world might end this happens.)

Murphy: Can I just say that when he first came on screen in episode one of the 100, most of us were like nah we don’t like him, his probably not going to last, but here he is, and his character development is so pleasing to watch unfold. He used to hide his feelings from everyone, now his basically just telling everyone and emori herself how much he loves her? And this is so nice to see, he went from a character that was hated and who all the other characters hated to a character most of us like? And I just

Raven:Oh raven raven raven, one of my first favourite characters, it’s been a tough and long road. She’s walked through hell and is still going. But it seems like her adventure is coming to a end, I don’t want this to happen. But she has gone through enough pain. Maybe it’s time for her to have peace. Although it will be sad. Very very sad.

Monty: Monty won’t give up, his always been a fighter, and he won’t give up on his loved ones, it was sad seeing him try and get harper to go with him. And then he stayed behind because that’s what he does, he doesn’t give up. And I really hope he gets jasper and harper to change there minds. Because I wouldn’t survive there deaths. So go monty!

Jasper: He was a fighter, then Maya died and now he just feels pain. Emotional and mental pain. And just wants it to end, I don’t want this to happen because it’s jasper. Awkward jasper, and it’s sad to see him just give up. But I also somewhat get why he wants to, I just hope monty gets through to him.

Harper: Harper, has been through enough. She doesn’t want to fight tooth and nail for any hope anymore, she wants to be at peace, but girl you can’t leave monty all by himself. So you better not die, because you can fight through this too.

Bellamy: Bell, he blames himself for alot of things, plus he also just wants peace. He doesn’t want his people to suffer anymore. I think from the first season Bellamy to this seasons Bellamy. It’s been a long road, but the character development is so good. I really liked the scenes he did have in this episode.

Clarke: Let’s all just admit, she really wants that flame. Partly to be connected to Lexa and also it might have been the only way to save the clans from war, but she has changed alot from season to season. Now she will do anything to save her people. But I still liked her scenes and I still like her character.

Roan: Ice king, he has definitely warmed up a little, I mean Clarke called him her friend. Aw, but him and Clarke are not so different they both want to save there people, they both want to survive. Since I saw Roans character, I really liked him. I hope his character continues to develop.

Ilian: We got some cool ilian scenes in this new episode, I really am excited to see where his character goes, I mean he has sheep but his a warrior too? Nice.

Octavia: Okay Okay okay okay, Octavia. She went from a girl that used to hide under a floor to a warrior to a assassin. She has been through alot and yet she still fights, but she doesn’t fight for her people. No she just fights to fight, I am interested to see where her character goes, she is one of my favourite characters. Trust me I have alot more to say on Octavia (I’ll probably make a post just for her.)

Murphy and Raven: Okay, let’s just say they went from hating each other. To not really hating each other. And now to this, they hugged, Murphy apologised. And this scene was just so beautiful, they are just sooo Ahh.

The kids that want to die: I was surprised to see so many of the delinquents and non delinquents that wanted to stay behind and give up, I mean I guess I get it. But also…Why?

Emori and Murphy: They are one of my fave ships, so cute. So Ahh, they went from sort of enemies to lovers, and I really like how there relationship has developed.

Octavia and ilian: They also went from I hate you to I like you, I don’t ship them. But they are cute, and I found it kind of nice to see Octavia trying to be normal. But obviously she’s a warrior, and now we’re on a cliff hanger on what’s happening with there relationship.

Bellamy and Clakre: Back together, as leaders as friends. I liked there scene it was nice to see them together again, and I can’t wait for some more scenes.

Bellamy and Octavia: I’m really hoping they fix there relationship, it was sad to watch Octavia beat up Bellamy and then them fighting. I am hoping they will make up, although I know there relationship will never be the same again.

Okay so we have come to the end, there are alot more characters and ships and friendships but I just wanted to address some of them for now. Thank you for reading, do add on or correct me if I’m wrong. No offence meant if I did offend anyone.

So all in all, I really liked this episode and it’s definitely one of my top 10 episodes in the series. Ah I can’t wait for the next episode.

I’m just going to tag a few people I guess, ( @bellamyblakesgun @the-princess-and-the-king @mrsbellamy-blake @as-inevitable-as-morning @bl-ake @niylah @bobmorlee @iamkstewteam )

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give us the horror stories of the 2012 pjo ive forgotten them all

oh my god i have so many horror stories about 2012 pjo, including stuff that i experienced personally. most of this post is probably gonna seem unbelievable, but its all true. if youre ready to hear about how everyone hated piper, takaraphoenix’s fucked up yaoi, nico di angelo’s 3729424 girlfriends, and bulleted lists that document how awful fanfiction was, then click the read more button

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Elizabeth what are your Rogue One thoughts/review!

Hello, anon!

While, obviously, I have been screaming my feelings, I can try for something a little more disciplined.

I loved Rogue One, without question. I think it was a great movie, though a flawed one, structurally. I’ve been squeeing, so I’ll get to the boring criticisms:

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Romance in One Piece

It’s a much debated subject and there are usually a few different views that divide the fans. We have the ones who say there should be no romance in One Piece at all, those who thinks a little is ok or doesn’t care either way, and of course the shippers. Who to various degrees wish or think that certain pairings will eventually become canon.

In this post I want to talk about where I stand when it comes to romance in One Piece as well as a few of the topics most talked about in regards to including romantic themes and relationships into the manga. Mostly I just want to stand against all the comments I’ve seen where people immediately think that romance is and would be a bad thing in the case of One Piece.

I have quite a few things I want to talk about, so let’s jump right to it.

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HOW TO PLOT WITH OTHER ROLE PLAYERS. So after a few conversations with different people - I realized people really don’t know how to plot. I pride myself on having a lot of plots on every rp I’m in.  This also goes over how to approach other rpers for plots, how to help plots progress, and coming up with interesting plots with out the use of plot bunnies. Please like/reblog if you found this helpful!

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Why I hate Rose Tyler

I don’t like Rose because she’s selfish, unlikable, self-centered, entirely codependent on The Doctor, many of her actions is like that of a sociopath and she never develops as a character at all and really if there is one person in all of Doctor Who who does not have a life outside The Doctor it’s Rose. She was likable with Nine(despite that she treated Mickey like shit) but annoyingly obsessive with Ten. She may be a good companion for Nine and Ten but she treats people like playthings then tosses them away like they’re nothing to her unless it suits bringing her closer to her precious Doctor. Because of Rose leaving the fans wouldn’t give Martha(who is an awesomely underrated companion) a chance and treat her like an abomination. She pretty much turned Ten from a ancient alien who travels the universe for fun into a love sick human with emotions and the forced unbearable romance between her and Ten which then resulted in fans going “OMG Rose is the only one true love for The Doctor” I’m sick of it, I’m sick of the fans and I’m sick of Rose Tyler.

Maybe I should explain. At first I liked her in the beginning, she was a good companion to Nine in series 1 but after a while she just seems so bad as a companion. There are sometimes where I like her like from stopping The Doctor from killing the last Dalek something he might regret(well not really since The Fifth Doctor regretted not killing The Daleks when he had the chance and The Seventh Doctor manipulated Davros into blowing up Skaro and talked a Dalek into killing itself), she saved The Doctor from The Daleks, she saved Jack and that allowed him to change Torchwood in The Doctor’s name and for the better, she saved Donna in Turn Left and brought Donna back to The Doctor to warn him, she stopped “The Beast(refuse to call this Satan because there would at least be interesting dialogue between The Doctor and Satan), and she did make him better(not really since The Doctor is and has always been a mysterious mad alien anti-hero who travels the universe for fun) in a way. But let’s get to why I don’t like her. Okay at first she seems perfectly normal. She has a good job, a mother and boyfriend who loves her but one fateful day when The Autons appear she meets The Doctor. The problem? She may love The Doctor but she treats people like playthings and tosses them aside when she’s done with them. How she treats Mickey. For series 1 she has this stupid boy on her string and he is so hopeless that he doesn’t know or has any choice or say in the matter. While he was her boyfriend she ran off with a stranger she just met, left him alone without so much as a goodbye and he was to blamed for her year of absence, everyone including Jackie thought he killed her (‘cause really, it’s a bloody MIRACLE that Mickey’s still alive after that long given how Britain can be in situations like that, especially when it’s a black man accused of killing a white woman). and when she see’s him all she says is “I was gonna call you and I’m sorry” at that moment it made me impossible to like her. and she gets all whiny when he says he moved on because she expects him to wait for her like a loyal lapdog wow just wow. Jackie her mother. She leaves her without so much as a goodbye, lets her worry for a year,  she can’t trust Jackie enough to just tell her where she’s been. She doesn’t have to tell the police or whoever else, just her mum. And she doesn’t. Nor does she ever thank Mickey for keeping her secret for a whole FREAKING YEAR and ruining his life! That’s some freaking dedication. That guy needs a medal. and finally The Doctor. At times Doctor/companions romance is love/hate for me but the bad thing in Rose’s case is they shove it down our throats. 99% of the time, The Doctor or someone else had to rescue Rose, or if she did the rescuing, she screwed up things worse than before. From a psychological perspective, with The Doctor just returning from the Time War because of this dependency thing. He HAS to rescue her, without killing her. Now Nine and Rose together I liked because Nine and Rose brought out the best in each other where Ten and Rose brought out the worst in each other. But I found this on why I find Ten/ Rose unbearable “I think That Rose took the war-torn, conscienceless Ninth Doctor and helped him realize his human side. Then the human-like Tenth Doctor and Rose became arrogant and started to think of themselves as gods. That is why The Tenth Doctor is unbearable to me. You know, surprisingly enough, I was just thinking about this a while back and I realised what was bothering me about Ten and Rose’s relationship; and why the majority of us can see it was so toxic for both of them. Not only was Rose attempting to treat Ten like a human, Ten was attempting to treat Rose like a Time Lady. Think about it for a moment. Anyone who’s watched Classic Who as well as New Who will get what I mean immediately. Ten treats Rose exactly like he treated Romana. Which he should never have done. Sometimes he puts Rose in situations requiring abilities and intelligence far beyond human capabilities. And Rose tries, because, like a lot of The Doctor’s companions, she wants to impress him and make him proud. But Rose can’t do the majority of these things, and it’s not fair of The Doctor to have made her attempt them. It allowed Rose to put unrealistic expectations upon herself And over time, you see The Doctor realizes this. But he can’t bring himself to stop until it’s too late and Rose refuses to leave him for her own safety. This is the fault of Ten. He’s become too human-like and thinks Rose is now his equal, like Romana was to him previously. But The Doctor is not human and Rose is not Time Lord. They are not equals. This is even more saddening when you bring the time-locking of Gallifrey into it. The Doctor is desperate for someone to be like him, survivors guilt, he doesn’t want to be alone. Rose’s fault is she wanted The Doctor to be human. The Doctor’s fault is he wanted Rose to be a replacement for his lost people, so, with the hive mind of a Time Lord, he adapted to what Rose wanted. And Rose wanted a forever, and that could never be.”  I may ship certain Doctors with certain companions(Three x Jo, Four x Romana, Five x Nyssa, Six x Peri, Eight x Charley, Nine x Rose, Eleven x River and The Doctor x TARDIS) but I just prefer to the idea of the original director during the First Doctor’s era that The Doctor should be and should remain asexual and it just feels wrong and out of character that The Doctor falls in love with his companions, to me it should just be best friends traveling time and space in The TARDIS like Sarah Jane Smith, Ace,  and Donna Noble.

Now let’s talk about the things she does episode wise that isn’t the way she treats Mickey, Jackie and The Doctor.  Father’s Day. I hate this episode because I hate her. So Rose saves her dad, something that the Doctor told her she couldn’t ever do. And yeah, if my dad died and I had a chance to save him, I would want to as well. She isn’t evil or bad for wanting to save him, she’s just stupid for actually doing it. When the Doctor tells her he’s going to leave, she says, “You don’t scare me! You’ll come back!” like she’s so fucking entitled that he’s beholden to her. And when she finally realizes what she’s done, she gives him a half-assed apology because she knows that’s all she has to give him.

Bad Wolf/Parting of the Ways. She’s not too bad in this, except for raping the TARDIS and all. She does genuinely want to help the Doctor and Jack save the people on Satellite 5 and she does listen to what the Doctor tells her to do, except for the whole stay home part. And now, I”m going to give her a little leeway right here. Because if I was in that situation, I’d try whatever I could to save the Doctor too. That makes sense. But the poor TARDIS is like “Um, sweetie, no.” and Rose doesn’t listen. And no, I’m not going to blame her for the Doctor regenerating because she wouldn’t have known that was going to happen. That isn’t her fault. She was trying to help.

But when the Doctor DOES regenerate, she refuses to accept it. And yeah, I admit that it would be weird and probably scary if you didn’t know it was coming. And not to mention confusing. But she spends the whole Christmas episode whining to her mom about how he left her. He explained this to you, he’s the same person. AND HELLO, HE DID IT TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, YOU UNGRATEFUL TWAT.

And season 2 is when she starts getting really bad. I can deal with her in season 1, but I can’t even watch season 2 because of her. In Tooth ANd Claw she makes a bet with Ten that she can make the Queen say "I am not amused” yeah this would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that there was an assassination plot AND A FUCKING WEREWOLF THAT WAS FUCKING KILLING PEOPLE! She’s mildly annoying up until School Reunion, when we see the brilliant Sarah Jane Smith return. Rose gets stupidly defensive for no reason, like she should be the only one who’s ever traveled with the Doctor. She knows how old he is, it’s not ridiculous that he’d be friends with other people. Get over it. She treats Sarah Jane terribly because of this. To her credit, they’re friends at the end, but that doesn’t discount the way that Rose acted.

And then we have The Girl In The Fireplace. Rose gets pissy because the Doctor finds himself friends with Madame de Pompadour. Rose obviously feels threatened by her, because she treats her like crap too. And now Mickey is with the group, though Rose is basically still ignoring him. (The Doctor does feel some attraction to her, but Madame de Pompadour is freaking brilliant.) And she doesn’t treat Rose the way that Rose treats her.

And in the two Cybermen episodes, she gets clingy over her dad (who isn’t her dad) who she thinks is also beholden to her in someway. He isn’t her real dad, but she acts like he should adopt her or something. She assumes he’s going to automatically accept her, and when he doesn’t, she gets all hurt like it’s his fault. And then, she suddenly gets upset when Mickey leaves, like she actually cared whether he was there or not.

Fast forward to The Impossible Planet, where the Doctor is faced with the most horrifying thing imaginable: living a normal life. Rose automatically decides they’re going to be living together, something that The Doctor doesn’t say anything about. The idea of being forced into one place and time is something he hates, but she’s happy to back him into a corner as long as she gets her fairytale.

And oh god, Love and Monsters. Rose gets mad at Alton for upsetting her mum. UM, WHO HAS BEEN THE ONE UPSETTING HER MUM FOR THE LAST TWO SEASONS? AND TREATING HER LIKE SHIT? Oh yeah, Rose has.

And Doomsday. She was trying to help the Doctor save the world and got trapped in the parallel universe. Okay. She gets credit. Credit where credit is due. EXCEPT HOLY GOD, THE BEACH SCENE. “I can’t come to the beach and see you, if I do it will blow a hole in spacetime and both universes will collapse.”

And what’s her answer? “So?”

SO?!?!?!? FUCKING ‘SO’? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? “I don’t care about killing my family and trillions and trillions of people, destroying all the planets everywhere and taking away all the days that never came, I just want to hug you.”

REALLY? Okay, I get that you’re sad. I’d be sad too. But I wouldn’t jeopardize the future of my family and two universes for fucking sentiment. And, FYI, she’d be killing the Doctor too. He kind of lives in one of those universes.

AND REALLY Rose was prepared to leave her mother, father and Mickey in a parallel universe. She was willing to throw away her family, friends and old life just to be with her precious Doctor. Hell Rose would sacrifice everyone, anything and everything in the universe to be with her precious Doctor and you know it’s fucking true.

So, fast forward to the end of season 4. She is responsible for Donna’s death in Turn Left. She whines and complains that Martha is there with the other companions and she isn’t but that’s not what gets me about Rose in series 4.  She builds a fucking dimension cannon to do EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD HER NOT TO. I am 100% convinced that if Davros & The Daleks weren’t involved with series 4, then it would be Rose’s fault that the universes are collapsing and the stars are going out because Rose couldn’t stay put, she couldn’t be content and so codependent and so sociopathic that she’d be willing to sacrifice trillions and billions of lives just so she could be with her precious Doctor. But anyway, she builds the cannon and jumps back to her original universe. She puts trillions of people in danger, AGAIN, because she can’t live without her man. And then she gets a stupidly undeserved happy ending.

People often complain that Moffat’s companions have no life outside The Doctor, but really? They do. ALL the New Who companions have lives outside The Doctor except for Rose. If there is anyone in all of New Who who does not have a life outside The Doctor, it’s Rose Tyler. That’s right the very first companion of New Who and the one that most of you love and the one I absolutely despise has no life outside The Doctor. Now why do I think this? Now before The Doctor she DID have a life outside The Doctor but her job at the shop ended when the Autons attacked. But ever since The Doctor? Nothing she has had no life outside The Doctor. Oh sure she may go visit Jackie from time to time but other than that? She has nothing. She is clingy and obsessive over The Doctor. In Doomsday she was practically insulting herself, putting down her old life and acted like she didn’t matter till she met The Doctor(and people call Moffat sexist) and she practically told Jackie that the 19 years of life she gave her didn’t matter and all she needed was The Doctor, all she needed was a man! She has no character arc, she has no development, she does not care for ANYONE except The Doctor, she treats everyone who is not The Doctor like puppets on a string as a means to an end to help her get to The Doctor and tosses people like old used toys when she’s done with them, she acts like her old life, Jackie and Mickey do not matter, and she was willing to destroy billions and trillions of lives just so she could be with The Doctor

 I’m sorry if I offended any fans of Rose but I really don’t like Rose, I liked her when she was traveling with Nine but that’s it. I liked Billie Piper as The Moment’s Conscience and the sassy personality it had(and wish Rose was more like it) I like Billie as an actress and a singer. Again I’m sorry if this offends her fans but I just don’t like Rose.

viridescent skies - 3

part three of ageswap au where Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is Qui-Gon’s former padawan and Obi-Wan is the shiny new padawan on the block; TPM au.
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part 6a - 6b |

cw: tatooine; cw: sand; cw: tusken raiders; cw: gore; disclaimer: views of PoV character do not reflect the author’s opinions; a/n: quicker bonding through trauma!!! literally everyone needs therapy D: 

The Jedi seem to prefer to pretend that their little initiates popped into existence out of nowhere. Little to nothing is ever said of the younglings’ origins, other than what may be surmised. A Jedi’s home should always be the Temple, unless their circumstances do not permit it.

Anakin’s circumstances do not permit it. He likes it no more than the Jedi do.

For a place that he only spent six of his twenty-five years on, there is nothing else that inspires the same weighted dread in Anakin’s heart; if he could only stay away, he would, but the Force seems to conspire to drag him back. It’s a curse that haunts and hunts him, nags his heels and bays like something hungry just about to catch its prey. He hates Tatooine.

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genderfluidluffy-deactivated201  asked:

kassali or sinju,, 001


001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

i guess not long after kassim’s first appearance. childhood friends ships are my faves, and there’s so much angst in kassali i mean



I JUST CAN’T— these two are too much im so in love with this ship…

  • my thoughts:

they love each other so much! no matter how much kassim has tried to hate alibaba, he doesn’t truly hate him, he’s just envious of how much of a good person alibaba is. but he actually loves that about him. alibaba is like a sunray in the dark— it burns your eyes which are used to oscurity, but it’s still a light and if you give it a chance instead of shutting your eyes, eventually you’ll be able to see more clearly.

alibaba too always admired kassim, but they never knew this about each other and it led to lots of miscommunication.

i think they both have reasons to feel guilty towards the other. alibaba left to live with his father, the king, and never came back — leaving kassim and mariam in poverty all alone, which caused mariam to die of starvation. that’s also alibaba’s fault, because he didn’t think about them when he was filling his stomach with all the nice food of the royal palace.

kassim, on the other hand, tried to kill him and everyone he loves out of revenge (because his anger was justified at the beginning and so were his intentions — that is, starting a revolution — but then as he fell into depravity he started losing focus of that and making it all about hate and revenge).

but in the end they forgave each other and i think that’s what matters. i also like to think that kassim’s last words, which he couldn’t finish saying, were meant to be something along the lines of “We’re in love, aren’t we?”

  • What makes me happy about them:

They’re childhood friends! And also, the fact that even though they’re so different and at the same time so similar, they care about each other a lot, to the point of crying during their final fight. They went through a lot, but they still trust each other, even though the trust they put in each other ends up betrayed by both parties (kassim hoped they’d be together forever, but alibaba left when they were kids; alibaba trusted kassim with his plans of revolution, but kassim betrayed his trust; kassim trusted alibaba to stay by his side until the end, but alibaba sided with aladdin and the others instead; etc).

  • What makes me sad about them:

tfw half of ur otp is dead,..

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

none so far? i’ve even seen some kassim→alibaba dubcon and it still doesn’t seem so ooc to me, honestly. it’s just one way to interpret kassim’s character, and the darkness that was flowing through him as he fell into depravity.

  • things I look for in fanfic:

slice of life stuff is more than enough for me! but also angst and introspection.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

i like alimor!

and idk about kassim… maybe with judal? that could be interesting. i can’t really imagine them them together romantically though… idk haha

  • My happily ever after for them:

KASSIM SURVIVE S and joins alibaba and the others! everyone glares at him at first, and kassim feels very unwelcomed, but eventually everyone starts believing that he’s changed and one day the two of them get married and kassim carries alibaba around bridal style while traditional music plays and everyone is laughing and clapping their hands aaahhhh ♥

i also headcanon kassim to be the type who would give alibaba cheesy nicknames and call him is “babe” or “boo” or even call him “alibabe” kdjsfjff

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

kassim is the big spoon most of the time, because he feels safer like that, being used to watch his back and feeling like in that position he can both respond more easily to an attack and protect alibaba with his body. even if they’re in a safe place. no place is 100% safe, kassim has learned.

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

holding hands, sparring with each other, competing at literally anything, drinking together and having fun!


  • when I started shipping it if I did:

since the very first appearance of judal! i mean honestly they’re so obvious. judal is so ambiguous when he’s around sinbad, and he says all these ambiguous things

also the scene where judal pretends to cry??? and sinbad immediately reaches out for him even though he’s his enemy?

THE GENUINELY CONCERNED LOOK IN SINBAD’S EYES… like seriously, sinbad always looks ad judal is this way that is just so sad but never hateful. sinbad doesn’t hate judal, even though he probably should. and judal doesn’t hate sinbad either. he actually wants sinbad by his side, he wants to conquer the world together with sinbad. judal is an overgrown child, he’s capricious and he WANTS sinbad.

it’s like impossible not to ship them at least a little bit like please

  • my thoughts:

i think i said everything above lol

  • What makes me happy about them:

again i think i said everything above haha. but i really love just how much judal clearly wants sinbad by his side. and i love how sinbad (along with kougyoku) seems to be the only one who understands that judal is not okay, that judal is in pain. he can see through judal’s façade. they know each other much better than it might seem at first.

  • What makes me sad about them:

that they will never be 100% canon :-))))

  • things done in fanfic that annoys me:

i haven’t read many fics about them (there aren’t that many magi fics on ao3…) so i wouldn’t know ;;

  • things I look for in fanfic:

pls just. break down judal’s psychology. i want to see introspection, i want to see angst, i want to see all the aspects of this complicated relationship. i don’t necessarily need smut for these two (but that’s always appreciated) but i want good interactions, i want judal teasing sinbad and sinbad tensing up, knowing he can’t resist him forever. i want them to break down each other’s defenses, slowly.

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 

idk much about hakuju since i haven’t caught up with the recent chapters, but it sounds like an alright ship so why not? i’d say hakuryuu for judal.

and for sinbad, i also like sinja so yeah, i’d say ja’far.

  • My happily ever after for them:

This one is hard… it’s hard to imagine them after all the angst and teasing and not being able to quite reach into each other’s hearts. I honestly don’t know what to say here. Judal doesn’t look like the type who would just settle down or get married but maybe, who knows, he might even do it if it’s with sinbad. but marrying sinbad would mean that judal would become king too, and a whimsical one at that, causing lots of problems to the country. sinbad still doesn’t know if marrying him was a good idea after all.

  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:

big spoon sinbad of course! judal looooves to curl up against sinbad and feeling him breathe against his back~ judal loves feeling protected. he’s never had a mother or anyone like that to be that close with or feel that warmth that says “i’ll protect you no matter what”, so it’s incredibly good for him to have sinbad spooning him!

  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:

flirting probably lol i feel like that’s one of the things they’re really good at. they flirt all the time. everyone wonders if they will ever get tired of doing that but NO

anonymous asked:

Why do you like sq? If you like emma why would you want her to be with someone who ruined her childhood? Regina plain up abuses emma - why do you not like killian or captain swan anymore? Im unfollowing you cos you ship sq now ...

You’re completely entitled to unfollow me for this and I understand why, if you’re a CS shipper. Thank you for following me up until now and I hope you enjoyed my blog! Actually, I’m so glad I’ve got this ask, because I’ve been thinking about how confusing it might be to some of my followers that I converted from being quite a hardcore CS shipper to SQ practically over night, so here’s why (warning: this will be long and anti CS): 

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Dangan Ronpa Mastermind Headcanons

So yeeeeah, I’ve been thinking about how to make each of the Dangan Ronpa cast a Mastermind, and here’s the end result. Strap in everyone, ‘cos this is gonna be a long (and spoiler-iffic) post! Seriously though, it’s  nearly 3,700 words so… uh…

Lots and lots of spoilers for the first Dangan Ronpa game past the read more!

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So my erstwhile friend of too-long-to-count Mr. Feel (aka @thefeelofavideogame ) doesn’t want to be known as a “RWBY Guy”, this makes sense, RWBY is a very frustrating goddamn show, in so many damn ways. I’m doing him a favor of listing a bunch of problems with RWBY that he can just reblog for his followers since he doesn’t wanna deal with that shit.

Now, SOME CONTEXT: I’ve watched all of RWBY Seasons Volumes 1-3, I’ve seen maybe like, two episodes of RWBY Season 4. I know it had been improving but recently took yet -another- nosedive, and have written massive, massive amounts of words on the subject of RWBY’s incompetence, so I’m probably going to regurgitate a lot of points here that I’ve already ranted about to my friends in private to keep the word count from being too apocalyptically long.

I’m also going to be directly comparing RWBY to what it -wants- to be: a shonen-style anime romp, instead of any sort of high literature, just in case people think I’m some pretentious ass and not, y'know, a total nerd myself.

This list is not comprehensive, but is probably a good list of major production/storytelling faults. I’d need to do a whole series on this to talk about all the things wrong with RWBY, but a few major points of discontent, in no particular order:

1. Terrible, Terrible Pacing

Pacing makes or breaks a show for a ton of people, and RWBY’s pacing, for a show, is ridiculously awful. I’m gonna be rolling a lot of my issues into this large point, because RWBY has a problem with both set-up AND follow-through on points it tries to present. It does a lot of things wrong with this, in that it tries to blow past a lot of setup just to get to ‘the good part’, which is the kind of mistake you say fanfiction writers and NaNoWriMo novels make. You have to establish things if you want people to get emotionally invested! You can’t just force these four people together into a team, say 'okay, they’re a team now’, and then not elaborate on how they actually feel about each other at any point! Does anyone know what Team RWBY thinks about each other? Not really, because you get a laundry list of traits, get them referenced once, and then they assume for you to fill in the blanks. It’s sloppy and lazy.

Sloppy and lazy describe a lot of the other plot points RWBY puts forward. The show continually tries to introduce a cool new thing without even beginning to resolve the thing they’d already attempted to put forward. This gets really frustrating in the way they put forward the climaxes of the various seasons, because do you want to know how many times the members of the MAIN TEAM are relevant in a given finale?

0. 0 times. Twice they get pre-empted by a Cool New Thing, and the third time is supposed to be the Time They Lose And Everything Goes Wrong, Oh No, except you don’t CARE because they’ve accomplished NOTHING! They’re a vehicle for action scenes, nothing more. It’s not even a problem of runtime, because the Volume 4 episodes are now the length of your usual anime episode! They just don’t know how to effectively use their time.

Part of the problem with this, is…

2. Massive, massive cast bloat

Mr. Feel didn’t get far enough in for this to matter, but RWBY has a -huge- issue with introducing new characters for the sake of having new characters. To wit You have basically two teams full of main characters, which is four characters apiece. The cast does eventually slim down, only to add about three more characters for each one they trim off the list. And, as of this writing the cast is all over the fictional world, splitting the focus indefinitely to a point where the narrative is impossible to follow. A bunch of characters are superfluous, such as Neptune, -possibly- Sun, and basically Everyone They Introduce during the Tournament Arc. It gets to the point where they introduce new characters and can’t develop the ones they already have, with some… notable exceptions. Nearly all the main characters are about as flat as cardboard when it comes to personality, with viewers expected to fill in the blanks, only to never get any reward for inferring these character traits, because, again, RoosterTeeth is terrible at follow-through on their series.

But I’ve been talking like the foundations aren’t rotten, when they are, due to the fact that-

3. They ignore the basic ideas around what makes shonen fighting good

Okay, so, an unrelated friend once made this metaphor about how Shonen Fights should work, and I’ve been using it ever since, it’s how I tackle so many fights, and why I tend to dislike a lot of the fighting around RWBY.

The best Shonen fights are like puzzles. What I mean by that is that, at any given point, you know what your heroes have access to, and how each part works, and the excitement comes from not only learning what tools the heroes’ opponents have at their disposal, but also figuring out how exactly the heroes’ tools will come into play. Now, you may be thinking “Shonen break the rules with sudden power-ups all the time”, and I posit that, no, they really don’t. So long as something is alluded to being in the Hero’s toolbox, they can use it, even if this means it’s, in narrative context, a 'new’ power. The most iconic example I can think of, of that rule playing out, is Goku going Super Saiyan on Namek. It’s alluded to a bunch of times that the only thing Freiza is scared shitless of is a Super Saiyan. Vegeta tells Goku he doesn’t stand a chance unless he’s a Super Saiyan. From that point on, the idea of 'becoming a Super Saiyan’ is a tool that’s added to Goku’s 'toolbox’, that he eventually uses against Freiza.

RWBY doesn’t play by these rules. Everyone has a boatload of powers at their disposal - Aura, Dust, Semblances, and trick weapons - but none of them feel really well explained or well-distinguished. Dust can be combined in a bunch of different ways! Okay, how? Why do crystals and powdered dust both exist? What causes Semblances to exist or not? How -exactly- does Aura even -work-? Not only that, but then they introduce new powers, like Ruby’s 'Silver Eyes’, and then refuse to elaborate on them, treating them as exercises for the viewer.

Not only that, but the fights just. Don’t feel 'dynamic’, there doesn’t ever feel like there’s a change or a moment where things shake up. To make a videogame-based example, a lot of bosses tend to have 'Phases’ in it. These phases are well-defined, because they involve changing the way the players and the boss have to move. RWBY doesn’t do that. All the interesting different stuff is just different 'strings’ of combos, like in fighting games, which feel downright uninspired when you have to many different ways you can approach fights. Nope, just a varied combo string.

But all that could probably be forgiven if they just…


Look, I get it. Everyone hates pandering unless they’re the one being pandered to. That’s how it’s always been, that’s how it’s likely always going to be. But there’s a level of -advanced- pandering that goes on in RWBY that is absolutely cringe-worthy on every level.

There’s throwaway characters based off of company in-jokes, the 'combat’ technique names are named after fandom’s ship names, the inclusion of a character just so a prominent member of their staff could voice a character whose existence is downright superfluous. Making a character more important than they seemed because fan reaction was popular. It goes as far as like.

Okay. I would be perhaps be the last person to talk about queerbaiting, as a straight white dude, and given certain fandoms’ overuse of the term, it’s been relatively diluted recently, but RWBY’s actions of pandering can be straight up queerbaiting, because, as it turns out, people wanted a narrative focused on girl heroes, and what they got was every plot beat being soaked up by dudes as each of the main team is effectively damselled in their own way. And yet they still try to spin it as the 'girls’ story’. It’s honestly kind of disgusting, and a topic for another post, but the real thing that probably makes me the most mad is…

5. Nobody at Rooster Teeth knows what they’re doing with the show, and never have

Don’t get me wrong. Monty Oum is an inspiration to me as someone who primarily works in creative space, trying to make creative things. Monty Oum was a creative force that will be sorely missed in this world. But Monty made one singular, huge fuckup which has kneecapped RWBY even worse than the show could ever do to itself.

There’s no story bible.

For those of you who don’t understand what that is, it’s exactly what it says it is. If you don’t know what something does, you refer to the story bible. If you don’t understand what the plot’s beats are supposed to be, you refer to the story bible. Over, and over, and over. Having a singular document to refer to is vital in a whole bunch of different areas. Game Design Docs, Story Bibles, Production Diaries/Bibles, they’re all more or less the same concept over different areas.

From what we know of the behind the scenes, there was a lot of stuff Monty had in mind that he just. Didn’t tell -anyone- else working on the show. He couldn’t have known he would have died so young, but that’s exactly why bibles exist. They’re there as contingencies, you make them so that, in case you aren’t there to work on something that’s so completely -you-, people can follow what you had in mind. So many things got dropped, shifted, moved around with Monty’s death that the show spent all of Volume 3 trying to recuperate, while gradually trying to salvage the show, but it’s clear they didn’t know what to do with a lot of pieces, and are just hoping that people are forgetting about them.

This is, quite honestly, inexcusable even for a 'semi-professional’ work. You can’t keep ideas to yourself. You have to share them, workshop them, write them -down-. That’s the only way anyone’s ever going to know what you’re going with, and a lack of a story bible is as much at fault for why RWBY is so frustrating.

I wanted to like the show, I really, truly, honestly did, but it’s made me so mad at every turn that I can’t even enjoy when it -tries- to improve, because I know it’ll continue to disappoint.

Don’t watch RWBY.

Theories/Thoughts on KaiStal

I don’t know if this is going to end up a theory or a look into how I feel, but if someone would take the time to read it, it would mean so much to me.

I got into the Exo fandom roughly a year and a half ago in August 2014. I was fresh into the kpop world, new to dealing with real people and actual scandals. Yes, I am one of those fans who found out about kpop through the anime fandom. That is beside the point. When I became a fan, I never knew how much a group of people I didn’t even know could affect me. Earlier in that year - which we know as a tragic time for all of kpop - Kris had his whole contract nullification thing. Around the same time, the Baekhyun and Taeyeon issue was brought up. I didn’t have to suffer through that. I was in the fandom and knew the basics about Exo by the time Luhan decided to follow Kris. I was [am] a HunHan shipper, but because I was an amateur fan, I wasn’t that affected.

Time passed, and soon enough I considered myself a pretty die-hard fan of Exo and kpop as a whole. I was used to various scandals and rumors popping up about those I stanned, but was realistic enough not to believe in every little thing said. For some things, well there are sure signs that tell you that it’s true. It was expected for Tao to consider leaving, for him to be “next”. When CMB/Exodus came out and things about his father starting surfacing, I knew something was going to happen. I was on the rocks about what to believe, but in my heart, I was sure he would try leaving. And as we all know, he managed to break away and go on with legal processes. Our fandom, yet again, was distraught. Through the statements from Yifan, Luhan, and Tao (and possibly Yixing), we’ve seen a glimpse of how the company works. There are a lot of other things I could talk about with this whole ordeal, but I want to stick to the main topic here: SM’s true intentions and how they cover it up, and what to believe and what not to.

So yesterday, Dispatch released photos of Kai and Krystal on a supposed date. (I’m saying supposed because I don’t want to assume truth on this post just yet.) They claim that the two are seeing each other, and were spotted on February 17th at a restaurant the Jung sisters frequent. We know that they’ve been close friends since trainee days, and have had close interaction with each other due to shoots and other events. There are many reasons why people would ship KaiStal as lots of fans do. Just an hour or so later, SM confirms the rumor. They said that just this Spring, Jongin and Soojung started noticing each other as something more than friends, and have begun dating. These are the facts, so now I’ll get into suspicions.

KaiSoo, one of the so called “Royal Ships” of the Exo fandom. This ship may be (dare I say) the biggest and most popular, rivaling ones like ChanBaek. I used to wonder why. I went and found a bunch of old moments from the Mama, Growl, and Overdose eras, otherwise, early KaiSoo interactions. I’m young, but I like to think I’m an observant person. In their actions of holding each other’s hands, saying things like ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re the most handsome’, holding stares that speak essays. Everything I saw screamed pure love to me. Genuineness in everything they did was evident. Go ahead, try a rebuttal with the classic “just best friends”. I don’t know much about Korean society, but I know it takes a really, really strong bond for guys especially to have so much skinship in public, or even at all. You could use my argument against me too, I guess. They have a lot of touching moments with the other members too. Yeah, well there is definitely something about KaiSoo that is different. There were some things I saw that even the best of friends could not share. You know that whole thing about the way someone looks at the one they love? This is heavily applicable to them. Jongin, we know, already has this thing with staring at people intently when they’re talking. But there’s a clear difference with the way he does with Kyungsoo. There’s a certain amount of emotion that goes into it. Like Kyungsoo is his entire world and he couldn’t bear to lose him. Label me delusional, but I call it so. Kyungsoo, in return glances at the other in a way that no friends do. When they gaze at each other? There is a level of fervent intensity in that stare. Intimacy that seems too private to intrude on exudes from their eyes. There is a whole lot more I could expand on with “intimate moments” and touches they share, but for the sake of time, I’ll cut it short.

Lately, there have been more staged looking interactions, things that seemed more like fanservice. Take the concerts held during the North America tour, or generally Exolu’xion #2 as a whole (starting in March 2015). I don’t want to over-generalize, because I do have to use these times for a shipper’s standpoint as well, but very, very recently it seems a shift in the “relationship” has occurred. I don’t doubt their love (you don’t have to agree with me, but I’m using my opinions to justify), but before, if someone has to suffer an unrequited love, it would be Jongin. He simply seemed too in love to not be just that - in love with Kyungsoo. With Jongin’s injury, we’ve seen a plethora of domestic KaiSoo moments. Kyungsoo watching Kai on the high-risers while he stands on the ground, Kyungsoo bringing chairs to wherever for Kai to sit where he deems comfortable, Kyungsoo helping to remove articles of clothing that would be far too painful or difficult for Kai to do on his own. Now, as it seems, Kyungsoo is the one who would have to have the one-sided feelings.

Okay, there are two theories that I have on this, and every last bit of “evidence” I have stated supports both of them.

One: Kyungsoo and Kai were [are] secretly together and SM is trying to hide it with the KaiStal scandal. SM is in no way stupid. They don’t always make the most humane decisions, but they are clever and highly intelligent. There is no possibility of them not knowing about KaiSoo. Shippers and moments alike. In fact, there might have even been a time where they believed it was good for publicity, and we all know SM loves that. Anyway, as I said before, KaiSoo may be the most shipped pairing in the fandom. If their moments were as genuine as they look, SM must have had to have brought it up to them in some way at some time - likely sometime recently. So here we have a couple that knows what is at stake, but continues to secretly date each other, with at least the members’ and the company’s knowledge. Time passes, and they lay low. Yes, I’m referring to when there was a huge dryness in the KaiSoo fandom. Last year in the summer or sometime around there. But then they return, and there are much more fanservice moments for sure. Okay, everyone loves that and everything is good. But as time goes on, SM realises what could really happen, because they’re starting to look too real. The group could lose popularity for having a homosexual couple within it. So they start lowkey with hiding it. I got the idea from another Tumblr user, but I don’t remember which, so this is a disclaimer. Kyungsoo was casted for the movie Pure Love. Starring alongside Kim Sohyun, he plays a boy in love with her character. This role would make more people who might have believed he was gay look more realistically. He’s a guy in his mid-twenties, he probably has a thing for girls. Obviously, that didn’t do much to calm the fandom, and perhaps they had Kai do Choco Bank for the same reason. That dreaded kiss scene at the end of the series, right? Again, another stab at the straight attempt. Well, even after that, a lot of fans were insistent on them being real. What else to do than tell the fans straight to their face that Kai is dating someone else? That’s where the KaiStal thing comes in, and here we are now. One more thing though… If what Dispatch says is true, then they’ve had those pictures since the North American concerts. Well, it’s been over a month since that has happened. Surely, SM knew about it. Perhaps they wanted to wait until after the promotions were finally over to release the news. Perhaps they were waiting all this time to “confirm” a relationship between Kai and Soojung. It would divert attention from KaiSoo, and lead people to think it fake. Again, there’s more I could elaborate on, but it would get very confusing. This is already scrambled enough. And the Secret Night for Lotte, there was definitely something wrong with Jongin, as is expected. It was painfully obvious that he had been crying, or didn’t get much sleep. His eyes were puffy and no fake smile could fool us. Before you attack, it could just me be, but Kyungsoo as well looked close to crying, or just there was something off about him when they did “Sing for You”. But then, as I stated earlier, Jongin had that stare with Kyungsoo again. I understand that this is something that is very, very assuming, but maybe this is a cover up. Jongin is a great actor, but there was no hiding (or even a need to hide) his devastation. Kyungsoo was more subtle. You could tell that there was a ridge between them too. Kyungsoo, while singing, looked over at Jongin, who was watching him. Jongin averted his eyes like it was shameful or wrong of him to be looking at Kyungsoo. Like usual, it seemed like there were thousands of things he wished to say. Like he was begging for something with his eyes and actions, even if he doesn’t realise it. UPDATE: I read another article saying that the KaiStal pictures were supposed to be released in June or July last summer, but SM made a deal with Dispatch to wait until after Exolu’xion. Whether that’s true or not, no one can really say. However, if this is reality, then there’s something very off. Supposedly, the pictures were taken on February 17th. Well if they were meant to be released last summer, things don’t add up. It’s possible that the person who wrote the article meant that KaiStal as a whole, and not specifically the photos from a couple months ago. EDIT: Also, something about the group makes me suspicious. Like for real, Chanyeol seems to know something. His most recent post, the one about D.O. being a hallucination, is odd to me. It was right before the news was released, and the post itself kind of made me think of things that have happened in the past. This is more just me pointing something out, the explanation can be saved for another day.

Two: Jongin and Krystal have recently started dating and SM wants to use it for popularity/publicity. There are two conspiracies I have with this one, but I’ll only write one out. Krystal became a trainee back in 2006, and Jongin in 2007. They were both born in 1994. They’ve known each other for a long, long time. Naturally, they’re going to become close friends. This is already a known fact between both fandoms, regardless of what you ship. Given their closeness, it wouldn’t be an unusual thing to start seeing KaiStal as a couple. They would look cute together, and it makes sense. Besides, if you think practically, they’re like 22 or 23 years old now. Of course they’re interested in that, especially with deprivation from it. There isn’t much I can say on this one, because I can’t analyze Soojung’s personality. I don’t know a whole lot about F(x) as a group, not to mention Krystal individually. However, what I’m sure of is that they’ve had interactions for business. The fashion shots with Taemin from earlier this year (or was it late last year?), SMTown concerts with everyone there, Kai’s involvement with her group a while back. They see each other enough. It does make sense that they could harbor romantic feelings toward each other. The only thing I don’t get (and really this is just a personal thing) is how you go so long only as friends, and all of a sudden have feelings for the other. I did say they see each other for business, and according to articles, they use vacations or breaks for outside dates, but that really doesn’t give time for “contemplation”. They don’t see each other every day, and probably don’t even get to go on dates for weeks, sometimes months at a time. So I don’t understand how you just work it out like that. There’s another thing that I choose not to believe in, but may be the case here. That saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. If that’s true for them, then I see how it would work. If not, then I don’t completely comprehend it. I went off on a tangent, so let’s get back to the company and how they might have worked things. Let’s say everything being said is true, and Jongin and Soojung really have started dating this Spring. Well what is happening for the company right now? Exo has finished their promotions up until the rumored Summer comeback, Taemin’s solo activities are done (I think?), F(x) is also finished. There’s not much going for SM right now. And of course, money and marketing is a big deal.  Let’s not forget about our SM Rookies and the NCT (New Culture Technology) thing they’re planning. They need people on board, they want business. How do you attract the most attention from a bunch of fans? Take something very important to them and make it a reality. They release the fact that KaiStal is together. After all, Exo is nearing the four year anniversary and they’ll be able to date soon. Although, I don’t know what the real policy is, given that BaekYeon was something. Anyways, this is also a possibility.

Honestly, if this is a ploy by SM for whatever reason. I feel so bad for both Kai and Krystal. This is basically the company treating them like objects. Like pawns for them to play to their advantage. It’s disgusting, and I really hope the best for them individually or together (whichever is the case).

Like I stated earlier, there is a lot more I’d like to say, but for the sake of being reasonable and mature, I’ll keep those to myself. I don’t want to be attacked for any of this, so I’ll write something else to ensure that (hopefully).

1.This is just a random girl who stans Exo giving her thoughts on the nature of the KaiStal rumor. None of what I say (opinion-wise) is fact unless stated.

2.I am a hardcore KaiSoo believer, so this is really biased. Don’t take it personally, and please don’t hate me for sharing what I think.

3.We all have varying emotions and perspectives on the issue. Please respect others and refrain from bashing their personal beliefs and possibly what they ship. Everyone should be able to speak without being adhered for it.

4.No matter what you have to say about this relationship, you should not be spreading hate around. You can be disappointed and mad, you don’t have to support them. However, sending hate or doing anything that would be considered I guess cyberbullying, is unacceptable. They are still people, even if they are idols. They have the right to date without being attacked.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater. Kim Jongin is my ultimate bias, and I will love him forever. This is just me sitting in a puddle of tears, compiling my emotions on the topic. I’m just a sensitive teenage girl, love me please.

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There are some bellarke shippers who say that clarke had sex with lexa because of bellamy's rejection in 3.05. So when octavia came to Polis and talked to clarke in her room for clarke to say goodbye to lexa she was reminded of bellamy through octavia and that's why she kissed lexa and then made love to her (because she was reminded of bellamy). what do you think?

I imagine you are referring to this.

And this, which is part of a much longer “analysis”.

What I think, you ask. Well, I think that I am angry. I am ridiculously angry to see that, after 6 months, the relationship between Clarke and Lexa is still being invalidated, dismissed, made to be about someone who is in no way involved in it. That’s right. Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy aren’t and never were in a love triangle. Just like Clarke, Finn and Bellamy never were. Because Bellamy IS NOT a love interest for Clarke. Ship what you want, see what you want, but those characters are canonically nothing more than partners who deeply care about each other. And with “nothing more than” I don’t mean that their relationship isn’t important; it’s extremely important, it’s one of the core relationships in the show. But as of right now, in the show, in CANON, Clarke and Bellamy are NOT in love. And to twist and bend canon events to make it look like Clarke is all over Bellamy and Lexa was just rebound is frankly gross.

But let’s look at that, shall we? What does that say?

To be honest, she never really responded to Lexa until Bellamy rejected her, tore her a new one, and handcuffed her. It was only after Bellamy rejected her that she turned to Lexa.

But if you really want to look for Clarke’s feelings towards Lxa, they were very reserved and even cold, until one specific point in time. And that is when Bellamy rejected Clarke and handcuffed her and made her feel like he hated her. And THEN, all of a sudden, Clarke was soft and welcoming towards Lxa.

It takes some guts to ignore not one, but two episodes to call Clarke cold towards Lexa. Is she reserved? Sure, because she’s had her heart broken. She never responded to Lexa? Was never soft or never showed care and affection? Mmm I think we’re not watching the same show. The entirety of 3.04 shows the audience that Clarke, in fact, HAS feelings for Lexa. That’s the whole point of their storyline for that episode. Rebuilding their relationship despite the past, and showing us a softer side of Clarke for the first time since the beginning of season 3. They show us the lengths Clarke is willing to go to in her attempts to protect Lexa. LEXA, the girl. Not just her political position. Clarke always wants to keep her people safe, but in this particular instance, when Lexa’s life is in grave danger, Clarke literally says

It’s literally a line in the show, you cannot ignore it. Clarke then proceeds to try to manipulate Roan, puts her own life in danger trying to kill Nia. When all her attempts fail and she realizes she cannot stop the fight, she angrily tells Lexa that she refuses to sit aside and watch her die. But what happens instead, right before the duel? Clarke shows up anyway. She quite literally storms through the crowd: Lexa could die here, she can’t not be there. And throughout the whole duel, we are spectators to the wide range of emotions that go through Clarke as she watches Lexa. The horror when she witnesses the brutality of the fight, the relief when Lexa gets the upper hand, the sheer fear when Lexa falls and it seems Roan is really going to kill her, the happiness when Lexa eventually wins. Clarke almost looks ready to cry when she smiles in relief. I’m not making it up, you can find tons of gifs about this entire scene.

And even later on, during the bedroom scene, Clarke is welcoming and kind and soft with Lexa the entire time (it is also worth mentioning Clarke’s surprised face when Lexa tells her she’s come to thank her, not to gloat, since Clarke is used to everyone rubbing it in her face whenever she’s wrong or fails, but that’s a story for another time). Clarke initiates everything in that scene; the whole conversation happens because Clarke welcomes Lexa into her room, to do what? To take care of her. She even flirts with Lexa.

Does she shut down at some point? Does she hide behind the “I was just doing what was right for my people” excuse? Sure. Because she isn’t ready to face her feelings for Lexa, feelings that are already there. And she is well aware, that’s why she retreats. She is slowly starting to accept them, though. She is growing more and more comfortable with them, with Lexa and the attraction she feels for her. As proves the opening scene from 3.05

They are at peace. The enemy was defeated. Clarke isn’t worried about the safety of her people here, she is wondering about what Arkadia means to her. Lexa reassures her and supports her: she knows how much Clarke’s people mean to her, and she tries to calm Clarke’s concerns by making her see the positive things she has done for her people. “You bring them justice.” Stubborn Clarke is stubborn, though, and she doesn’t feel that heroic, so she answers “YOU bring them justice.” To which, Lexa replies “We bring them peace.” Peace. Everything they’ve always wanted. They are doing this together. WE. And what does Clarke do? She smiles. She likes the idea very much.

So, back to the first question… to say that Clarke wasn’t receptive to Lexa until AFTER her argument with Bellamy is simply wrong. To say that she was using Lexa as rebound after being “rejected” by Bellamy is wrong again, but also maddening. First of all, the rejection isn’t a romantic one. You can talk about rejection in the sense that Bellamy chooses Pike over Clarke, but there is no romantic subtext there. Clarke is heartbroken by Bellamy’s words and actions, of course. Because the person who offered his support when she had to pull that lever and offered her forgiveness, has turned against her and blamed her like everyone else. She’s not heartbroken because she thinks she lost Bellamy’s romantic love. After that, when she is in Polis with Lexa, she isn’t thinking about Bellamy at all. Or better, she is thinking about him as one of her people. After Pike & co. attack the village, the Sky People are skating on thin ice and Clarke obviously is worried. She is worried about Bellamy, yes. Just like she is worried about her mom, and Raven, and Octavia etc. People she cares about. Bellamy is part of that group.

Octavia’s words to Clarke don’t remind her of Bellamy. They remind her of the duty she believes she has towards her people. It’s slightly (enormously) different. She wants to stay. But she feels she has to go. That is Clarke’s character.

ABBY: “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father.”
LEXA: “You’re driven to fix everything for everyone.”

It’s in Clarke’s nature. She cannot stay, but she wants to. The entire love scene is more a promise than a goodbye when you think about Clarke’s words to Lexa. “Maybe someday, you and I will owe nothing more to our people.” It’s frail hope, but it is hope nonetheless. Making love is what they can have for now. Maybe someday, in the future, they will be able to have more.

Bellamy and Bellarke for all that matters, have NOTHING to do with this moment. And stretching canon to make it seem like everything is about him and his relationship with Clarke–while at the same time dismissing the importance of Clarke and Lexa’s relationship–is awful and angering and needs to stop.

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do you think jason eventually realized why damian didn’t high five him back and started to put his hand lower but damian still didn’t do it bc it was a concept now (and he didn’t wanted to admit it was because he couldn’t reach jason’s hand)


As a matter of fact Jason’s still in the dark on that one because 

  • His high-five style doesn’t involve looking at the person he’s high-fiving (it’s much cooler without eye contact), so he’s never noticed that his hand is too high
  • He doesn’t actually expect Damian to high-five him, just because that doesn’t seem like something Damian would do, and
  • Every once in awhile, Damian does actually high five him back, but only when nobody else is around and he can climb something without getting called on it. It’s only happened a handful of times, but the fact that it has happened throws Jason off the trail.

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so I’ve never read the comics but I’m in love with batfamily and want to know more and better about them. From where do you think I should start?

Yeah yeah absolutely! I generally start people off with Under the Red Hood and the n52 Batman and Robin, but there’s a beginners’ post here and a beginners’ tag here, and if you have any specific questions, you can 100% message me about it. I love helping people find comics. Good luck!

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