since her parents are separated

is it too much to ask that your heroine not get shafted? 

because leia’s gotten the short of the stick since before her vision even cleared. 

  • lost birth parents before she knew them 
  • was separated from her twin brother before she knew him
  • lost her home planet and adoptive parents at 19 (both at the same time/she watched it happen)
  • lost han
  • was taken and chained by jabba 
  • wasn’t given the opportunity to talk to anakin/vader in his moment of redemption–even if she wouldn’t have wanted too, it wasn’t a choice she was given (and he owes her a lot)
  • lost her son
  • lost han (again)
  • was essentially abandoned by her brother
  • possibly lost her daughter
  • lost han for good (cause he’s dead and never coming back)

and not once have we seen her truly breakdown, she just gets right back up to fight another day. i don’t think it’s too much to ask that she’d have one good thing happen in her life–that wasn’t temporary